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					                                                                                     Final Draft

                                     S-VOX Foundation

Thank you for visiting the home page of S-Vox Foundation. While we work on a more
informative and descriptive website, here is some information about the current status
and direction of S-Vox Foundation.

If you would like to be put on a list to receive additional information when the Foundation is
in full operation please email:

As a federally incorporated registered charity, the organization has its roots in the broadcast
industry, specifically operating Vision TV: Canada’s Faith Network/Reseau Religieux Canadien.
With the sale of Vision TV in 2010, the Board of Directors undertook to use the funds from the sale
to continue the original vision of the organization not as a broadcast vehicle but as a public

Future of S-VOX Foundation
The Board of S-VOX has completed its work on an interim vision and direction for the organization.

      We aspire to a Canadian society, which is committed to supporting spiritual
      understanding, respect and engagement.

      S-VOX Foundation is dedicated to supporting Canadians, and in particular young
      Canadian adults, in their spiritual exploration by developing and providing
      individuals and communities with the resources necessary to create acceptance,
      inclusion and engagement, primarily using the power of existing and emerging
      communications technologies.

      Guiding Principles
        We believe in supporting young adults by promoting, cultivating and nourishing
         spiritual values and initiatives through the use of existing and emerging
         communications technologies.
        We believe in pluralism (with a focus on Faith) as a fundamental Canadian
        We believe in supporting Canadians to learn about, discuss, and celebrate their
         spirituality in a safe and inclusive environment.

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                                                                                    Final Draft

     Target Community
     The S-VOX Foundation will initially focus its efforts on young Canadian adults, aged
     18-30. In particular, the Foundation will direct its effort towards those young
     adults seeking to explore their own faith and spirituality and those wanting to
     develop a greater understanding of Canada’s spiritual diversity.

     Initial Program Objectives
         S-VOX will strive to educate the public, specifically young Canadian adults,
          about Canada’s spiritual heritages as well as the right of every Canadian to
          freedom of conscience and religion.
         S-VOX will partner with qualified donors (in consultation with 3rd party
          experts) to produce and distribute religious broadcasting, film, sound and
          print materials as well as digital and interactive media in all its current and
          future forms.
         S-VOX is dedicated to becoming a trusted national voice and a centre of
          excellence on spirituality and media, in particular, developing expertise as to
          how charities work with digital media companies. S-VOX will establish best
          practices for these interactions.

Governance - Board of Directors
The members of the Board of Directors of S-VOX from its prior corporate life, as an operator of
specialty TV channels focusing on spirituality and wellness, has agreed to continue through the
first phase S-VOX’s life as a public foundation. They are committed to the vision, mission and
objectives of the organization and are searching for a CEO who shares their passion and vision for
Canada. The board members are as follows:

           Dale Godsoe, Chair                                   Robert Ottenhoff
           Susan Millican, Vice Chair                           Umeeda Umedaly Switlo
           Peter Lyman                                          Jacques Bensimon
           Laurence Ginsberg                                    Anthony Lloyd
           Stephen Kakfwi

The Board has responsibility for the stewardship of the S-VOX Foundation and has adopted a
formal mandate setting out the Board’s stewardship responsibilities as detailed in the Board’s
Terms of Reference. These responsibilities include strategic planning; risk management / internal
controls; CEO recruitment, selection, and performance assessment; investment management; grant
making; monitoring organization performance and governance of the organization.
The Board’s mandate / terms of reference are in alignment with the best practices of good
governance and oversight of the organization.

Governance - President and CEO
The President and CEO will report to the Board of Directors and be responsible for directing,
managing and planning the business and affairs of the Foundation to achieve its strategic
objectives within the budget approved by the Board. The President and CEO is also responsible to
the Board to facilitate the operations and deliberations of the Board.

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                                                                                     Final Draft

Interim Administration:
The necessary administrative work of the Foundation to complete the close of the sale, transfer of
assets and migration to a foundation legal entity is being undertaken by the Board, consultants and
a part-time CFO, who will remain on the team until at least the appointment of the new CEO.

Legal Entity:
S-VOX is currently a federally incorporated registered charity; however effective August 31st, 2011,
Canada Revenue Agency has approved the re-designation of S-VOX as a public foundation.

Goals and Expectations

Year One
The first year of the CEO’s mandate will mainly be about setting up the organization and recruiting
staff. This process will also allow the Foundation to begin the process of reaching out to other
organizations and communities to build close working relationships and partnerships.
The offices will be established in the Toronto area. The Foundation’s legal entity and operational
policies will have been formalized, and a strategic plan and a budget will be developed for board
approval. An initial website will be launched to create an information / promotion outlet for the
Foundation, as well as providing a channel for soliciting grants.
A small number of pilot grants will be under review by year-end and will become the focus of trial
and evaluation (both of the foundation’s processes and objectives).

Years Two through Five
By Year Five S-VOX will have established itself as a meaningful player in Canadian community as a
supporter and leader of spiritual understanding, respect and engagement.
With a staff team of 3 to 4, an administrative budget of approximately $500K and annual grants in
the range of $1.2M to $1.5M; S-VOX will have a robust slate of funded projects and others in
development and will be viewed as a centre of excellence for its expertise in pluralism and
Additionally, the Foundation will have created numerous best practices for reaching out to and
facilitating dialogue with young Canadian adults through existing and emerging communication
vehicles. Other organizations and various levels of government, seeking to work with young
Canadians, will seek after this expertise.

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