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					                                   Rasa Lotus Wedding Package

                                               Rasa Lotus
                                     Lotus is the purity of love that entwines two souls
                                               RM 1,388.00++ per table of 10 persons

•	 Design	your	own	eight	(8)	course	Chinese	Set	Dinner	menu	                    •	 Complimentary	two	(2)	nights	stay	in	a	Rasa	Premier	Room	
     or	a	Buffet	Dinner	style	menu                                                   inclusive	of	a	complimentary	fresh	fruit	basket	and	breakfast	
•	 One	(1)	bottle	of	wine	per	table                                                  for	two	(2)	persons	at	either	the	Feringgi	Grill	or	the	Spice	
•	 Free	flow	of	soft	drinks	and	Chinese	tea	throughout	the	                          Market	Café
     dinner                                                                     •	 Complimentary	usage	of	a	Tea	Ceremony	room	inclusive	of	
•	 Decorated	ballroom	with	red	carpeted	aisle	and	elegant	                           coffee,	tea	and	cookies
     chair	covers                                                               •	 Special	room	rates	will	be	extended	to	wedding	guests	staying	
•	 Fresh	floral	wedding	decorations	in	the	ballroom	–	six	(6)	                       at	our	resort	to	a	minimum	of	ten	(10)	rooms
     floral	stands	with	candles	along	the	red	carpet,	floral	wedding	           •	 Complimentary	food	tasting	prior	to	the	wedding	for	a	table	
     arch	at	the	entrance,	single	flower	stalk	on	all	guest	tables	and	              of	ten	(10)	persons	will	be	arranged	upon	receipt	of	deposit	
     a	deluxe	floral	centrepiece	for	the	bridal	table                                and	confirmation	of	the	event
•	 Complimentary	backdrop	for	multimedia	projection                             •	 Use	of	our	intimate	private	gardens	for	wedding	photography
•	 Mock	wedding	cake	with	freshly	decorated	flowers                             •	 Complimentary	car	park	for	all	guests
•	 Champagne	fountain	inclusive	of	two	(2)	bottles	of	sparkling	                •	 Choice	of	elegantly	designed	wedding	invitation	cards	(two
     wine	for	wedding	toast                                                          options) for	your	selection
•	   Complimentary	use	of	our	PA	system                                         •	 One	(1)	hour	pre-wedding	dinner	reception	with	crudités	and	
•	   Elegantly	packed	wedding	cake	pieces	for	guests                                 nuts	inclusive	of	free	flow	of	aerated	drinks	(Coke	and	Sprite)
•	   A	pair	of	magnificent	ice	carvings                                         •	 Complimentary	signature	Rasa	Asramadana	treatment	for	two	
•	   Food	presentation	tailored	to	the	occasion                                      (2)	persons	at	CHI,	The	Spa

                                          All	rates	are	subject	to	prevailing	service	charge	and	government	tax
                                     Rasa Lotus Wedding Package
                                                         Chinese set dinner menu selection
1st	Course                                                  3rd	Course                                                  6th	Course
Five Dish Combination                                       Poultry Please choose one (1) item                          Vegetables Please choose one (1) item
Please choose five (5) items                                p	 Roasted	Chicken	with	Spices                              p	 Braised	Mushroom,	Sea	Cucumber	with	
p	 Marinated	Baby	Octopus                                   p	 Roasted	Duck	with	Szechuan	Pepper	                          Pacific	Clam
p	 Marinated	Top	Shell	with	Pickled	Young	                     Sauce                                                    p	 Braised	Sliced	King	Shell,	Sea	Cucumber	
   Papaya                                                   p	 Braised	Chicken	with	Chestnuts	and	                         with	Assorted	Mushroom
p	 Salad	Prawn	with	Mix	Fruit	Cocktail                         Lotus	Seeds                                              p	 Braised	Chinese	Cabbage,	Mushroom	and	
p	 Seafood	Deli                                             p	 Steamed	Chicken	with	Chinese	Herb                           Sliced	Cuttlefish
p	 Spicy	Fish	Cake                                                                                                      p	 Scallop	with	Fresh	Mushrooms	and	Greens
p	 Century	Egg	Roll                                         4th	Course                                                  p	 Braised	‘Yu	Foo’	with	Sea	Asparagus	and	
p	 Kerabu	Cuttlefish	with	Crystal	Shrimps                   Fish	-	Promfret	or	Grouper                                     Pacific	Clam
p	 Wok	Fried	Fish	Fillet	or	Eel                             Please choose one (1) item
p	 Wok	Fried	Chicken                                        p	 Steamed	Fish	‘Teow	Chew’	Style                           7th	Course
p	 Steamed	Bean	Curd	Skin	Roll	with	                        p	 Steamed	Fish	with	Chicken	Essence                        Rice or Noodle
   Chicken	and	Prawn	Filling                                p	 Deepfried	Fish	with	Chili	Apricot	Sauce                  Please choose one (1) item
p	 Deep	Fried	Seafood	Dumpling                              p	 Steamed	Fish	with	Pickled	Vegetable	                     p	 Yong	Chow	Fried	Rice	with	Honey	
                                                               Sauce	‘Choy	Heong’                                          Roasted	Chicken,	Prawn	and	Spring	Onion
2nd	Course                                                  p	 Steamed	Fish	Sweet	and	Sour	Sauce,	                      p	 Fried	Rice	with	Prawns,	Salted	Egg	and	
Soup Please choose one (1) item                                Taiwanese	Style                                             BBQ	Chicken
p	 Szechuan	Hot	and	Sour	Soup	with	Fish	                                                                                p	 Braised	Crispy	Egg	Noodle	with	Assorted	
   Lips                                                     5th	Course                                                     Seafood
p	 Braised	Eight	Treasure	Seafood	Soup                      King Prawn	-	Two	Preparations                               p	 Glutinous	Rice	with	Chinese	Wax	Duck	
p	 Braised	Sweet	Corn	Soup	with	Crab	                       Please choose two (2) items                                    and	Dried	Shrimp	in	Lotus	Leaf
   Meat                                                     p	    Wok	Fried	Prawns	Mongolian	Style
p	 Double	Boiled	Black	Chicken	Soup	with	                   p	    Wok	Fried	Prawns	with	Marmite                         8th	Course
   Fish	Maw,	Mushroom,	Dried	Scallop	and	                   p	    Wok	Fried	Prawns	Szechuan	Style                       Dessert Please choose one (1) item
   Ginseng	Root                                             p	    Crispy	Fried	Prawns	with	Bisnori                      p	 Hot	Soy	Bean	Milk	with	Glutinous	Rice	
                                                                                                                        p	 Snow	Fungus	with	Sliced	Coconut	
                                                                                                                           (served	Hot	or	Cold)
                                                                                                                        p	 Chilled	Honey	Dew	Sago	with	Coconut	
                                                                                                                           Cream	and	Vanilla	Ice	Cream
                                                                                                                        p	 Double	Boiled	Pear	with	Rock	Sugar
                                                                                                                        p	 Sweetened	Peanut	Cream	with	Pancake

                                                                  The Lotus buffet dinner
Cold Appetisers                                             Soup                                                        Hot Asian Dishes
•	 Marinated	Salmon	with	Spiced	                            •	   Cream	of	Wild	Mushroom,	White	Truffle	                 •	 Kambing	Kurma	(Lamb Kurma)
   Remoulade	Sauce                                               Oil	                                                   •	 Green	Curry	Chicken
•	 Chicken	and	Beef	Cold	Cuts	with	                              Selection of Rolls and Butter                          •	 Nasi	Putih	(White Rice)
   Mustard                                                                                                              •	 Wok	Fried	Beef	with	Onion,	Celery	and	
•	 Pressed	Chicken	Terrine                                  Hot Western Dishes                                             Mongolian	Sauce
•	 Peppered	Tuna	with	Sweet	Lime	Dressing                   •	 Beef	Mignon	with	Chive-Shallot	Sauce                     •	 Stir	Fried	Koay	Teow	Noodles	with	
                                                            •	 Pan	Fried	Salmon	with	Cherry	Tomato	                        Shrimps
Special Salads                                                 Vinaigrette
•	 Thai	Minced	Chicken	Salad	with	Cilantro                  •	 Braised	Red	Wine	Chicken,	Carrots	and	                   Desserts
•	 Penne	Pasta,	Shrimps,	Mussels,	Black	                       Mushrooms                                                •	 Baked	Cheese	Cake
   Olives	and	Herb	Pesto                                    •	 Roasted	Mediterranean	Vegetables                         •	 Crème	Brûlée
•	 Three	Bean	Salad	with	Citrus-Cumin	                      •	 Potato	Wedges	with	Curry	Powder                          •	 Lemon	Bavaroise
   Dressing                                                                                                             •	 Bittersweet	Chocolate	Raspberry	Tart
	    International salad bar with                                                                                       •	 Assorted	French	Pastries
     selection of dressings and condiments                  Coffee or Tea                                               •	 Strawberry	Flan
                                                                                                                        •	 Warm	Brioche	Pudding	with	Vanilla	
                                                                                                                        •	 Fresh	Seasonal	Fruit	Platter

              Minimum	of	25	tables	of	10	persons	per	table		|		Maximum	of	32	tables	of	10	persons	per	table		|		Set	Dinner	is	only	available	at	the	ballroom
                                                           Prices	are	subject	to	change	without	prior	notice

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Description: Cooking methods is important. Although fish is a low-calorie meat, but when the cod pieces made ??of fried fish, beef balls and the heat may have almost the same! However, the steamed cod low calories more. Therefore, the steam is the most suitable cooking method. Not only a lot less oil, but generally like the way steam braised way less than a lot of sugar.