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flyer - euromed


Flyer is the HTC Mobile World Congress 2011 in Congress, the official release of its first Tablet PC. The exhibition debut with the Android system the other Tablet PC different, Flyer did not use the mainstream of Android 3.0 version of the system, but equipped with a formal announcement about the Android 2.4 version of the system, while HTC Sense UI also appears in the tablet computer.

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									PPRD South Programme
Management Unit
                                                                An EU Funded Programme
c/o Italian Civil Protection Department
Via Vitorchiano, 4 - 00189 Rome, Italy
                                                                Un Programme financé par l’Ue
Tel +39 06 6820 2674
Fax +39 06 6820 2811

Pierluigi SODDU
PPRD South Executive Director

PPRD South Co-director

PPRD South Co-director

PPRD South Consortium
Dr. Agostino MIOZZO
Italian Civil Protection Department

Colonel Philippe NARDIN
Direction de la Sécurité Civile Française

Major Général Hussein SAIED
Egyptian Ministry of the Interior,
General Administration of Civil Protection

Colonel Mustapha EL-HABIRI
Protection Civile Algérienne

International Strategy for Disaster
Reduction, UN/ISDR

European Commission
Head of Sector Environment
EuropeAid Co-operation Office

Katharina ERLER
Programme Manager PPRD South
EuropeAid Co-operation Office
katharina.erler@ec.europa.eu                 www.euromedcp.eu
The Programme                                            Programme Objectives                                                                                         Frequency                     Mediterranean Landscape
                                                                                                                                                                     of disasters
                                                                                                                                                                in the Southern
Euro-Mediterranean cooperation in the field of            The purpose of the Programme is to contribute to the        Specific activities                                                             The Mediterranean region is particularly
Civil Protection (CP) started in 1998, under the         development of improved civil protection prevention,        aimed at achieving                                                             vulnerable and exposed to man-made and natural
umbrella of the Barcelona Process, with two EU-          preparedness and response capacities at international,      the Programme’s goal                                                           disasters, which have a devastating impact on the
funded programmes: a 5-year Pilot Programme              national and local levels. These objectives will be         include moreover                                                               environment, affected populations, resources and
which aimed at improving cooperation in the area         pursued over 3 years through four broad areas of            the establishment                                                              infrastructure and could critically undermine the
of civil protection between EU Member States and         activity aimed at:                                          of a network of                                                                region’s efforts towards sustainable development.
the 12 Mediterranean Partners, and the “Bridge”                                                                      permanent National
Programme, whose objective was to improve the                                                                        Correspondents.                                                                It has become clear that climate change is
reciprocal knowledge of and strengthen political                                                                                                                                                    a serious threat which demands an urgent
confidence among the regional Civil Protection                                                                        The PPRD South                                                                 response. The evidence gathered leads to the
partners.                                                                                                            Programme will also                                                            conclusion that benefits of strong and early
                                                                                                                     contribute to bringing                                                         action far outweigh the economic costs of
Building on the experience of the previous                Risk assessment                                            the Mediterranean                                                              inaction.
programmes, with a budget of 5 million Euro,              By developing national                                     Partners closer
the new 3-year EU-funded Euromed Programme                and regional risk                                          towards the European                                                           The most significant risks in the Mediterranean
for Prevention, Preparedness and Response to              assessment tools such                                      Union Civil Protection                                                         include:
Natural and Man-made Disasters (PPRD South)               as risk review, risk                                       Mechanism in
                                                          maps, CP Operational
aims at further improving and building on the             Manual.                                                    accordance with the
results achieved by the previous two programmes                                                                      Joint Declaration of
by contributing, in particular, to the development                                                                   the Paris Summit for                                                           • Seismic activity
in the Mediterranean region of a civil protection                                                                    the Mediterranean in                                                           • Hydro-geological events such as floods and
culture based on prevention rather than response.                                                                    2008, which states                                                               flash floods
                                                                                       Prevention and                that: “A joint Civil                                                           • Forest fires
PPRD South is a regional programme, launched in                                        preparedness                  Protection programme                                                           • Urban and industrial disasters such as
March 2009. It is managed by a consortium led by                                                                     […] linking the                                                                  explosions, chemical accidents or toxic
                                                                                       By organising training
the Italian Civil Protection Authority, together with                                  workshops, study visits       region more closely                                                              gas leakage
the UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction                                   and technical assistance,     to the EU Civil                                                                • Maritime pollution (oil spills)
(UN/ISDR) and the Civil Protection Authorities of                                      by sensitising the creation   Protection Mechanism                 %                                         • Tsunami-related risks
                                                                                       of national platforms for
France, Egypt and Algeria. The Programme works                                         disaster risk reduction       is one of the main                                                             • Disasters caused by extreme meteorological
jointly with the National Civil Protection Authorities                                 and by supporting             priorities of the                     36    Flood                                conditions
of the beneficiary countries of Jordan, Lebanon,                                        regional cooperation.         region”.                              12    Industrial Accident
Morocco, Syria, the Palestinian Authority, Tunisia,                                                                                                         5    Landslide
Turkey, Israel, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia,                                                                As the main priority                   9    Storm
Montenegro and observer countries of Mauritania           Response                                                   for the regional                       5    Wildfire                            Seismic activity in the Mediterranean region
and Libya.                                                                                                           civil protection                       4    Drought                            is quite important, with earthquakes of a
                                                          By improving the coverage                                  cooperation in the                                                             magnitude higher than 6 or 7 on the Richter
                                                          and the coordination of                                                                          15    Earthquake
                                                          existing warning systems                                   Western Balkan and                     7    Epidemic Insect
                                                                                                                                                                                                    scale occurring frequently, causing the death of
                                                          and of the relevant                                        Turkey candidate                                                               thousands of people and extensive damage to
                                                          operational centres and                                                                           7    Extreme Temperature
                                                                                                                     countries is their                                                             buildings.
                                                          implementing simulation
                                                          exercises.                                                 involvement in the
                                                                                                                     EU Civil Protection                                                            Submarine slope failures and gravity-driven
                                                                                                                     Mechanism, the PPRD                                                            mass movements occur frequently. Droughts
                                                                                                                     South Programme                                                                and desertification cause coastal flooding and
                                                                                                                     aims also to help                                                              erosion around much of the Mediterranean basin.
                                                                                       Information/                  prepare their full                                                             Frequency of water shortages and a decline in
                                                                                       communication                 participation in the                                                           water quality pose new risks of public health.
                                                                                       By improving the              Mechanism through                                                              All these aspects could have detrimental effects
                                                                                       information and               training programmes,                                                           on food security, economic activities and political
                                                                                       awareness of affected         exchanges of experts,                                                          security.
                                                                                       populations regarding
                                                                                       risk exposure, prevention     simulation exercises
                                                                                       and response.                 and workshops
                                                                                                                     on early warning         * Source EM-DAT: the OFDA/CRED International
                                                                                                                                                Disaster Database. http://www.emdat.be Université
                                                                                                                     systems.                   Catholique de Louvain-Brussels-Belgium.

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