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					                                                            Mats Bergman
                                           Professor of Economics, Södertörn University

                                          Research interests and publications

                                     Antitrust, competition law and policy, law and economics
                                                    – published and forthcoming

          “Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? or Measuring and Evaluating the Effectiveness of Competition Enforcement”, De Economist,
        “When Should an Incumbent Be Obliged to Share its Infrastructure with an Entrant Under the General Competition Rules?”,
    Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade, 2005
        “An Econometric Analysis of the European Commission’s Merger Decisions”, forthcoming in International Journal of Industrial
    Organization, 2005. (Joint work with Maria Jakobsson and Carlos Razo.)
        “Den svåra beställarrollen”, SNS Förlag, 2005. (Joint work with Jan-Erik Nilsson and Roger Pyddoke.)
        “Payment-System Efficiency and Pro-Competitive Regulation”, Economic Review, 4, 25-52, 2003. (Swedish Riksbank, Stockholm.)*
        “Missbruk av dominerande ställning på avreglerade marknader”, Europarättslig Tidskrift, 6, 21-39, 2003.*
        Competition Law, Competition Policy, and Deregulation, Swedish Economic Policy Review, 9, 93-128, 2002.
        “Lärobok för regelnissar – en ESO-rapport om regelhantering vid avreglering”, ESO, Swedish Ministry of Finance, Ds 2002:21.*
        “The Role of the Essential Facilities Doctrine”, Antitrust Bulletin, 46, 403-434, 2001.
        “Prohibition Against Losses? The Commission’s Deutsche Post Decision”, European Competition Law Review, 22, 351-354, 2001.
        “The Bronner Case: A Turning-Point for the Essential Facilities Doctrine”, European Competition Law Review, 21, 59-63, 2000.
        “Antitrust, Marketing Cooperatives and Market Power”, European Journal of Law and Economics, 4, 73-92, 1997.

                                     Industrial organization and forest economics – published

        “The Relative Importance of Actual and Potential Competition: Empirical Evidence from the Pharmaceuticals Market”, Journal
    of Industrial Economics, 51, 455-467, 2003. (Joint work with Niklas Rudholm.)
        “Large Investments in the Pulp and Paper Industry: A Count-Data Regression Analysis”, Journal of Forest Economics, 8, 29-52,
        “The Impact of Generic Competition on Brand Name Market Shares - Evidence from Panel Data”, Review of Industrial
    Organization, 19, 425-435, 2001. (Joint work with Thomas Aronsson and Niklas Rudholm.)
        “A note on N. Economides: The Incentive for Non-Price Discrimination by an Input Monopolist”, International Journal of Industrial
    Oragnization, 18, 985-988, 2000.
        “Imports of Pulpwood and Price Discrimination: A Test of Buying Power in the Swedish Pulpwood Market”, Journal of Forest
    Economics, 5, 354-378, 1999. (Joint work with Mats Mats Nilsson.)
        “Measuring Oligopsony Power. An Application to the Swedish Pulp and Paper Industry”. Review of Industrial Organization 10,
    307-321, 1995. (Joint work with Runar Brännlund.)
        “A Note on the Application of the Restricted Generalized Leontief Profit Function”, Economics Letters 40, 177-180, 1992. (Joint
    work with Runar Brännlund.)
        “Differences in Final Felling and Thinning Behaviour Between Owner Categories in Sweden”, Scandinavian Journal of Forest
    Research 7, 269-283, 1992.
        “Supply Risk Management Under Imperfect Competition - Empirical Applications to the Swedish Pulp and Paper Industry”,
    Empirical Economics 16, 447-464, 1991. (Joint work with Karl-Gustaf Löfgren.)

                                                          Other - published

        “The Restricted Profit Function and the Application of the Generalised Leontief and the Translog Functional Forms”,
    International Journal of Production Economics, 49, 249-254, 1997.

* Non-refereed journal article or monograph.

Docent in Economics, University of Umeå, April 1997.
Doctor of Philosofy: Economics, University of Umeå, March 1993.
Bachelor of Science: Business, Administration and Economics, University of Umeå, April 1990.
Bachelor of Science: Economics, University of Umeå, February, 1988.

Professor of Economnics, Södertörn University, 2005-
Professor of Economics, Uppsala University, 2007-2009
Visiting professor, Göteborg University, 2003-2004
Researcher, Uppsala University, 2002-2003
Senior economist, Econ, 2001-2002
Chief economist, Swedish Competition Authority, 1997-2001 and 2004-2007
Resarcher and teacher, Stockholm School of Economics, 1997-1998
Resarcher and teacher, Umeå University, 1993-1997
PhD student, Umeå University, 1988-1993

Intermediate and advanced industrial organization, Göteborg University, 2004, Södertörn University, 2003-
The economics of competition law, Stockholm School of Economics (undergraduate-level course), 1999
PhD-level Micro economics, Stockholm School of Economics, 1997
PhD-level courses in Mathematical economics, Micro economics, Industrial organization and Game theory, Umeå University, 1993-1997
Advanced undergraduate macroeconomics, Umeå University, 1993
Introductory micro and macro economics, Umeå University, 1989-1993

Have been visiting researcher at: Stockholm University, 1993 and 2004; University of Wisconsin at Madison, 1994; The Research Institute
of Industrial Economics, Stockholm, 1999 and 2000
Co-advisor for Sofia Lundberg, Reza Mortazavi, Niklas Rudholm, Pål Sjöberg, Nikolay Angelov, Per Holmberg, Maria Jakobsson, and
Mikael Nordberg
Opponent for: Magnus Arnek, Uppsala, 1999-10-12 (fil.lic.); Maarit Kallio, Helsinki, 2001-11-23 (PhD); Magnus Willesson, 2007-06-15
(PhD); Kjetil Andersson, 2009-12-04 (PhD)
Have made referee reports for: American Economic Review; Scandinavian Journal of Economics; Journal of Industrial Economics; Forest
Science; Journal of Forest Economics; Natural Resource Modelling; Silva Fennica; Economica; International Journal of Industrial
Organization; Minerals & Energy; The Journal of Economic History; Utilities Policy
Participation in internationel conferenses (with presentations): Econometric Society European Meeting, European Economic Association’s
annual meeting, EARIE’s annual meetings et cetera.

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