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					                                                                     Norwich Area Association
     Minutes of Area Council meeting held on 22         February 2010 in conference room 4, Rosebery Court at

     Present - Geoff Sinden (Chairman), Martin Dutton (Treasurer), Carol Timson (Secretary), Sue Bull
     (Membership Secretary), Crumpton Clarke (HMRC), Alan Crabtree (Retired), Laura Edwards (HMCS), Helen
     George (Buying Solutions) and Luke Roberts (BDE, Eastern Region).
1.         Chairman’s welcome and opening remarks

1.1        Geoff welcomed everyone, especially Luke Roberts who has just been in the job of Business
           Development Executive, Eastern Region for 2.5 weeks. Geoff went round the table
           introducing members of the committee.

2.         Apologies for absence

2.1        Apologies were received from Emma Hermon, Business Support Manager and Dave Prince,
           Secretary, Eastern Region.

3.         Minutes of the last meeting on 2009

3.1        Item 11.5 – Kew Gardens. Correction, should read “Concessions price is £9.80 and children
           up to 16 free.”.

3.2        Item 12.2 – Thursford 2010. Correction, should read: “2008 to 2009 and applications for
           tickets to go in by 4 January 2010.”.

3.3        Subject to amendments under 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3 Helen proposed the minutes are accepted,
           seconded by Martin.

4.         Matters arising

4.1        All actions in the action table, apart from the ones discussed within the minutes, were

4.2        Item 5.2 – Replacement of Membership Secretary’s computer. Sue‟s computer was
           purchased in 2002 so is due for renewal. However, Sue would probably have to work with
           different software than she is using at present. The meeting discussed and agreed that we
           should wait until Richard Ashcroft visits Sue regarding his Access membership database. A
           new computer may become a necessity.
           The meeting discussed disposal of the old computer when a new one is purchased. Luke              LR
           agreed to find out what CSSC‟s policy is on disposal of electronic equipment.
4.3        Item 5.2 – Visit by rep from Hunts AA. Geoff reported that he is organizing the visit and he
           has this in hand.

4.4        Item 5.6 – Cinema Tickets. Geoff reported that only 7 members had responded to the
           invitation to express their preference for vouchers for the Odeon or Vue cinemas. 4 for
           Odeon, 3 for Vue. Geoff and Crumpton have very few Odeon tickets left.
           Geoff explained that vouchers for the Odeon are not accepted for 3D films, members have to
           pay full price. Vue do accept vouchers but there will probably be a surcharge – how much is
           unknown. Head office purchase Vue tickets in multiples of 50 at £4.40 each but from next
           month (March) we will be able to purchase vouchers direct through Parallel Promotions.
           Members can enjoy 4 hours free parking (as available at Riverside) but children‟s tickets are
           not available with Vue.
           The meeting discussed and it was agreed that Geoff should initially purchase 100 Vue tickets,
                                                          1                                           v2/23.3.10
        monitoring usage and opinions.                                                                       GS

4.5     Item 5.8 – Incident Control Card’ (ICE). Everyone confirmed they had received a card.
        Carol confirmed that she had amended the NAA Organisers‟ Check Sheet and agreed to
        issue a copy to each non-committee event organiser prior to the event.
        David Hayday had asked if he could use it as an example of Good Practice in the upcoming             CT
        copy of V News. The committee agreed as long as Richards Coaches details were removed.
        Carol to „clean‟ a copy and send to Alan for publication on the CSSC website. Geoff asked if       CT / AC
        a date could be inserted to show when the document is updated.

4.6     Item 5.9 – Visit to Head Office. Alan has this in hand. Carol reminded him that she would            AC
        like to be included in the visit.
4.7     Item 5.1 – Photographs on the web of Sue and the committee. Not actioned to date but
        the committee decided to wait until after the AGM in March. Alan to organise at the first
        committee meeting after the AGM.
4.8     Item 5.12 – Historic Houses Corporate Membership. There is no possibility of obtaining
        corporate membership to the National Trust in the foreseeable future once our current
        membership expires on 28 February 2010. Geoff to liaise with Martin for a cheque for
        corporate membership of Historic Houses and send it with a completed application form.

4.9     Item 5.13 – Letter of complaint to David Hayday. Crumpton did not send the letter and now
        considers it too late to do so. No further action.

4.10    Item 5.14 – NAA Christmas Dinner. Thanks were recorded to Carol for a well organised
        and very enjoyable evening.
4.11    Item 6.1.3 – New Group – JURA. Geoff had talked to Laura and explained the group had
        been       set      up      by     the       Ministry     of      Justice        Recreational
        Association. Laura has been appointed Chairman of the eastern region group. She has to
        find a Treasurer and Secretary from her own department. NAA CSSC cannot have direct
        input into JURA but we can be invited as representatives from other associations. Laura
        appealed for help in setting up a constitution. Helen offered to put her in touch with a
        representation from OGC Sports and Social Club to get a copy of their constitution.
4.12    Item 9.1 – John Innes Institute. At the Eastern Region December meeting it was mentioned
        that John Innes staff should be invited to the „Civil Service in the East‟ Roadshows. Geoff will
        talk to David Prince about this action. Martin confirmed we have a small number of NAA
        members working at the Institute.
4.13    Item 14.2 – Membership Secretary Roles and Responsibilities information sheet. Sue
        was told how to access the template roles and responsibilities information sheets on the
        CSSC website to assist her in drawing one up for a Membership Secretary. Sue to send to
        head office when complete.

5.      Reports

5.1     Secretary’s Report (items below were not within the report)
5.1.1   The meeting agreed that Carol should apply for a „Companion Pass‟ for English Heritage,
        thus allowing members one free admission to their attractions in the East.
5.1.2   Helen offered to look at the sample of Suffolk AA‟s Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire and
        tailor it to meet NAA‟s needs. She will circulate for comment once complete.

5.1.3   No-one wanted to take up the offer of a Familiarisation Weekend at Windsor.
5.1.4   Carol highlighted one or two events that Suffolk AA are holding and will look into the
        possibility of offering something similar to NAA members.

                                                     2                                               v2/23.3.10
5.2     Treasurer’s report (items below not within the financial statement or report)

5.2.1   Martin asked if there were any questions regarding the financial statement – there were none.
5.2.2   Nothing has been heard from Will Hill regarding a refund against the Whisky evening. Carol
        to contact Will.

5.2.3   Martin explained his thinking behind the comments under item 2 in his report (cash v
        cheque). The meeting discussed the proposal of only accepting cheques which was not
        seconded and therefore not put to the vote.
        Geoff and Luke reported that all organisers of events should be issuing receipts when
        receiving payment from members and would therefore be introduced following the AGM.

5.2.4   Under item 3 in his report, Martin explained why he proposed we should have a consistent
        policy on standardizing subsidies. Carol agreed saying this would fall in line with the recent
        AA Roles and Responsibilities guideline – item 3 – Funding. Following discussion the
        committee agreed to carry on as at present, deciding the level of subsidy of events/activities
        on a case by case basis.
        However, it was agreed that event organisers should provide, well in advance of any meeting,
        to all committee members, the costing and recommended charge of a proposed event in
        order that this information can be digested by the committee before the meeting.

5.3     Membership Secretary’s report (comments below not on the report)

5.3.1   Sue apologized for the lateness of her report due to problems with her computer.
5.3.2   „Welcome letters‟ have been sent out to new members and an up-to-date list of current AMs
        to committee members. Sue to resend the AM list to Helen. A quote from some of the AMs
        who did not renew was „it was not worthwhile renewing because when they had applied for
        places on a trip there were none available‟. The meetings discussed and everyone agreed
        that, for the most popular trips, ie London Day Out and Thursford, members need to be quick
        to apply. Other events have been slow to fill or even cancelled. Event organisers do not
        accept names before an event is advertised in the newsletter.
5.3.3   The meeting discussed the possibility of attendees at the AGM not being current CSSC
        members. Various ideas were considered to overcome the problem with the committee
        agreeing that Sue should get a current list of members from Pat Linstead shortly before the
        AGM, both in hard copy and on disk. Sue will check people against the list/disk as they arrive
        and sign the ‟AGM Attendance Register‟ to confirm they are current CSSC members.
5.3.4   It was decided that Sue should obtain a copy of the „lapsed‟ members list from head office
        and „flag‟ members „lapsed‟ dates.

6.      Grants and financial assistance

6.1     Current applications.
6.1.1   All requests for grants within Martin‟s report agreed.

6.1.2   Item 2 in Martin‟s report „Grants‟ regarding clarification whether a member who pays
        Membership Plus can claim a grant for both himself and his wife when they take part in a
        CSSC golf competition. The meeting agreed that the member can claim for both.
        The meeting also confirmed that we have agreed in the „Grants and Subsidies‟ information          MD
        sheet to pay a grant of £5 to members who attend the Centre Parcs Days this year.
7.      Annual General Meeting – Wednesday, 10 March 2010 at 5.30pm, Maddermarket Theatre Bar
7.1     The meeting agreed that Carol should order a buffet for 30 persons

7.2     The proposed new Constitution was discussed with the following comments:

                                                      3                                            v2/23.3.10
7.3   NAA CSSC‟s assets (Geoff and Sue‟s computers and printers) were written off in the first

7.4   Amendments and additions to items in the draft new Constitution discussed and agreed as
      1.1    „The CSSC Norwich Area Association‟
      2.1    Remove „”‟ after „membership of the CSSC‟. ( I picked up this typo and meant to
      mention it. I should think many other AA‟s have!)
      3.2    Insert „The Membership Secretary of the Association‟
      7.1    Add to officers: Membership Secretary
      9.3    Add: „Nominations for election and motions for the agenda of the AGM …‟ and
      „Such nominations for election and motions must be signed by two ordinary members‟.

      Carol to send a draft of the above list to Geoff and Martin for approval before sending to          CT
      David Hayday for approval in time for the AGM.

7.5   Other items discussed:
      2.1     (b) The word organisations – what did this mean? The meeting discussed and agreed
      that CSSC members of departmental associations are also full members of CSSC and
      therefore our newsletter informs our members of our activities.
      4.1     The committee discussed and agreed to leave unchanged „The CSSC shall regularly
      make available to the Secretary of the Association lists of those members.‟
      5.1     This is to be highlighted and tasked by Sue to inform AM‟s, who are
      husbands/spouse/partners, their membership is to change to „Family Member‟ at renewal.              SB
      7.1     To note in the minutes that future committees to keep a check on the balance of
      representative members from departments/organisations in order to prevent any one
      department/organisation being overly represented which may influence decisions taken.
      8.1     Following discussion the committee agreed leave the list of signatories of any
      Association accounts unchanged.

7.6   Geoff reported Anthony Sinden is prepared to be auditor for next year.

8.    Current Events
                                                  th                                                      AC
8.1   Tour of BBC Studio, Norwich – 11 October 2009. Helen passed over to Alan, for
      publication on the web, a disk containing photos taken at the event. Alan to check on the
      rules, with head office, regarding publishing pictures containing minors before requesting
      them to be put on NAA‟s page.
                                        th             th
8.2   Pantomime – Robin Hood – 9 and 16 January 2010. Another successful event. 2
      persons did not attend because of the bad weather but a refund was not available because
      the performance was not a sell-out.
8.3   Go Karting – March/April 2010. Crumpton has had 13 expressions of interest from CSSC
      members. Agreed that the event should be offered to guests/non-members. The meeting
      discussed what transport should be used and it was agreed that Crumpton should investigate
                                                                   th                          st
      hiring a coach with driver. Potential dates are Wednesday, 24 March or Wednesday, 31
      March 2010. Agreed charge is £25 for members and £35 for non-members.
                          th                                                                              HG
8.4   Kew Gardens – 15 May 2010. Helen has 40 people wanting to go to Kew.
                                             th                                                           GS
8.5   Bowls Taster Day – Saturday, 10 April 2010. Geoff has only received interest from 4
      members but it was agreed the event should progress. Unfortunately, those attending will not
      be able to use any of the other facilities at the venue.
8.6   Jersey 2010. Geoff reported 23 persons interested in the trip. It is proposed the group
      depart in the afternoon and take a morning flight home. Geoff originally planned the trip for a
      Thursday to Sunday but is going to look at the possibility and expense of extending the trip to
      Thursday to Tuesday. Hotel cost is £160 per person for 5 nights. Flight = £115 per person
      including taxes but this may change. Collection by coach from airport to hotel and hotel to

                                                       4                                           v2/23.3.10
       airport = £10 per person. Cost of coach tour of the island on Sunday is £430 = £20 per
       person. Total cost (without subsidy) is £300 per person. Geoff will talk further with Flybe on
       flights, availability and costs. Looking at offering the trip as a package. Last trip to Jersey
       members were charged £160pp plus deposit, non-members £211pp plus deposit.
                                           th                                                              GS
8.7    London Day Out – Saturday, 13 March 2010. Fully subscribed. Everyone has been
       asked to be at Rosebery Court for 8.15am for a departure of 8.30am. Coach to leave London
       at 7.45pm.
                       th                                                                                  SB
8.8    Thursford – 26 November 2010. Sue has applied for 40 tickets and is waiting to hear if we
       have been successful.
8.9    BBC Gardeners World – 18 June 2010. Only 4 takers so it was agreed to drop the event.
                                                th                              th      th               GS/CT
8.10   Cricket: One Day International on 8 July and Test Match on 29 or 30 July 2010.
       Geoff and Carol to liaise on collecting monies. Coaches booked. Discussed and agreed to
       provide a subsidy of £5 on the ticket price to members. Non-members pay full cost of ticket
       plus £10 towards the cost of the coach. Full cost ticket price for ODI is £35 and the Test £45.
8.11   Mid-week London Day Out. Jean Lawrie is interested in organizing the event for October
       2010. The meeting agreed that Jean should prepare an article for the next newsletter.
8.12   Tour of BBC Studios in 2010. Helen has this event in hand.
8.13   Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas Market. Geoff has discussed the trip with Richards
       Coaches and the proposal is to offer a day trip, leaving RC at 8am, arriving Birmingham
       12noon. Departing Birmingham at 6pm, arriving in Norwich approx. 10pm. Helen suggested
       offering a combined trip to the Clothes Show (3 to 8 December 2010). Geoff and Helen to
       liaise and prepare and article for the next newsletter.

9.     Future Events
9.1    Swimming Sessions. Laura has had difficulty in finding a pool that can offer a convenient
       time. Possible venues: Norwich High School for Girls: 1 hour pool hire £27.50; £40 will
       cover hire and a lifeguard. Norwich Pool: only time is 8 to 9pm. Cost £60. Barton Turf pool
       is small (only 6 people at a time). The meeting agreed for Laura to go ahead with the
       Norwich High School for Girls pool and prepare an article for the next newsletter for
       expressions of interest.
9.2    Ten Pin Bowling. Hollywood Bowl is expected to re-open this year. Laura will prepare an
       article for the newsletter asking for expression of interest for a ten pin bowling evening.
9.3    Geoff has proposed and has been in discussion with head office about a short break with
       entertainment trip to Potters. This would be offered regionally or nationally. Geoff to discuss
       further with Luke.
9.4    Martin asked for views on whether an overnight trip to France would be viable. The meeting
       agreed to shelve until next year.

9.5    Edinburgh Tattoo. Geoff reported only 12 people expressed an interest in the trip so it was
       decided to drop the event.
9.6    Sue proposed a trip to Dickens World, Chatham, Kent. The meeting agreed in principle
       and asked to investigate the details and make a proposal of cost/charge to the committee.
9.7    Helen proposed and will investigate a trip to Hatfield House.
9.8    Laura asked if head office/Eastern Region were looking to organise a visit(s) to the Olympics
       in 2012. Luke said that this is in hand but he will liaise with Laura.

10.    Newsletter

                                                     5                                              v2/23.3.10
10.1   Sue has had no contact from her contact but there were no email rejects on the DWP email
       addresses when the last newsletter was sent.
10.2   42 members questioned why they had received a copy of Suffolk AA‟s newsletter. The
       meeting agreed Sue should continue to send these out by email and explain our agreement
       to advertise each others‟ events in the covering note.
10.3   Proposed dates for the preparation and publication of the next newsletter will be sent out by
       Sue before our AGM.
10.4   Geoff has the purchase of A5 envelopes for newsletters etc. in hand.

11.    Any other business
11.1   Helen asked if a trip to Prague would be viable. Luke to investigate on behalf of Eastern
       Region members.

12.    Date of next Area Council meeting
12.1   6 April 2010 at 4.30pm in conference room CR3, Rosebery Court.

       The meeting closed at 7.30pm.

 Geoff Sinden
 Chairman, NAA CSSC

                                                  6                                               v2/23.3.10

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