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									                                    JAVIER F. GARCIA III

Associate Professor                                                      Home:
Dauch College of Business and Economics                                  1326 Coachman Court
Ashland University                                                       Ashland, OH 44805
419.289.5734                                                             419.281.1430


1990 Post-graduate studies in international marketing and banking.
I am required to take at least six credit hours of legal training every year.
1988 International School of Banking - University of Wisconsin at Madison
1985 J.D. concentrating in international law from the University of Akron
1981 M.A. on international economics from the University of Toledo
1978 B.A. in Economics and Political Science from Ashland University
1974 B.S. in Linguistics and Politics from the University of Costa Rica


1980 – Present Associate Professor of Economics – Ashland University, Dauch College of
Business and Economics, Ashland, OH.


Undergraduate Courses:
Business Law I and II                            Conversational Spanish
Economics of Government and Business             Economics of Labor
International Economics                          Comparative Cultural Studies
Cross Cultural Studies                           Comparative Economic Systems
Comparative Cultural Economics                   Principles of Macroeconomics
Principles of Microeconomics                     Introduction to Business/Economics

Graduate Courses:
Economics Foundations                            International Business Management
Fundamentals of Economics


Work with the Department of Commerce setting multinational corporations on free trade zones in Costa
Rica (2003 - present)
Set up multinational corporation in free trade zones; Productos sanitarios de Costa Rica S.A. ( 1999 -
Informal advisor for World Trade Organization concerning areas of comparative law Civil vs.. Common),
international and Antitrust law - (Switzerland)
International Arbitrator; ALTRA (Alliance of Latin-American Cinema, Television, and radio Artist. (
1998 - present).
Interpreter for international organizations and private businesses, legal intern Ashland County Juvenile
Court; Lemmerman House, and Safe Landing House, both in Summit County, Ohio. (1982-84).
Consultant to midsize corporations. American Woods Products, The Sharon CompaniesLTD.
Architectural Metals, Spartan Corporation, Essential Corporation, Sanitary Products, and BPL
International. (1980- present).
Assistant to Vice Chairman, Anglo-Costa Rican Bank, Costa Rica. (1974 - 1978).
Executive Director : Ashland University Center for International Business Services ( AUCIBS) (1997 -

Professional Memberships :

Inter American Bar Association, Academy Of Legal Studies In Business
The International Anti-Trust S.B.A (1980- 1998)
Ohio International Business Professionals, American Economic Association, Private and Public
International Law Association
International Federation of Business Education, International Atlantic Economic Society
Midwest Economic Association
Latin American Association of Business in Free Trade Zones
La Raza (legal organization), ( 1980-189)
Latin American International Association, Ohio Association of Economists and Political Scientists
American Academy of Legal Economists
Chairman of the Anti-Trust Division (1990-92)
The American Association of Forensic Economists; Rotary International (1980-2002)
American Field Service (1973 - 2001)
Phi Alpha Delta International Law Fraternity, International Law Society, and Omicron Delta Epsilon
Economic Honorary

Professional Meetings Attended:

American Law Association, New York, 2008
Academy of Legal Studies in Business; Oxford, Ohio, June 2008
AEA annual meeting;, New York, N.Y., January 2008
Midwest Economic Association Annual meeting; Chicago, March 2008
Mansfield Chamber of Commerce, Federal Reserve and Economic changes, May 2007
International Development of Law, Politics and policies, Akron, July 2007
American Business Law Association; Baltimore, August 2007
International Business and Economic Research, Reno October 2007
2000 ALSB Annual meeting Baltimore 8/2000 - 2007
The 18th. International Conference on Free Market Economies and Individual Rights in Costa Rica
(2006). Among its list of participants were Milton Friedman leading free market economist, exiled
Cuban Carlos Alberto Montaner, Ramón Diaz head of Mont Pelerín Society of Nobel Economists,
Charleston Heston, , Douglas Ginsburg, Richard Hammer and Christian Michel. Topics of discussion
included: Market solution to environmental problems, autonomous communities in market economies,
alternatives methods of taxation, and poverty and individual freedom in Latin American market
Analysis of Central American Markets for the Service and Distribution Industries (2007)
The Legal Environment Of International Business (2006)
International Finance and Monetary Systems (2006)
Government Controls Over International Trade (2006)
International Law (2006;1999)
International Dimensions of Culture (2006)
International Business and Market (2006; 1998)
Intellectual Property Rights (2007;1997)
Economic Block (1996, 1997,1998, 1999)
International Antitrust (1989-1999)
International Plastics Exposition (1991, Mexico)
La Raza annual meeting (1989, 90)
World Trade Convention (1990, 91)
American Marketing Association (1991- 1999)
Conference on Declaration of Peace Zone and Cooperation in Central America (1991, Costa Rica)
Ohio Association of Economists and Political Scientists (1990-94)
AALE (Association of Latin American and American Entrepreneurs) National Convention (1991)
Ohio International Business Professionals -- seven meetings a year (1989, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 1998-99)
Summit County Bar Association and University of Akron meetings on the legal profession -- three
meetings a year (1990,1999)
Rotary International (1999) Bucyrus, Ohio.

Papers Presented:

2008 Managing Cultural Differences in Latin America. International Business Professionals.
2008 Cullture and the Business Behavior of Elites in Latin America. Latin American Business and
2008 Challenges for the Pan-American Cooperation. Latin American Business Association
2008 Doing Business with the Central American States. MBA Students
2008 Outsourcing: The 21th. Century Globalization Trend.
2008 Global Outsourcing
2007 Intellectual Property Rights
2007 Financial Management of Small Multinational Corporation; International Business Professional
Organization, Miami, Florida.
2007 The United States in a Global Economy, Miami Florida.
2007 Analytical Comparison of the Common Law ( UCC) and Civil Law on the applicability of Choice of
Law Clauses of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.
2007 Doing Business in Costa Rica, Cleveland, Ohio.
2007 Direct Foreign Investment in Latin America in the 21th. Century. Latin American Business and
Economist annual meeting, Miami , Florida
2005 - 2006 Multicultural Behavioral Differences and Global Business Environment
2006 The Eurocurrency, Latin American Business Professionals meeting, Miami, Florida
2006 Global Production and Global Marketing; Is it Global or International Business? Midwestern
Economists, Chicago, Illinois.
2006 The Legal Environment of International Business, Latin American Business and Economists.
2006 Government Controls Over International Trade. Columbus, Ohio
2006 Going Global: Why? AEA annual meeting, New York, N.Y..
2005 When Cultures Clash in International Business, Akron, Ohio.
1999- 2005 Economic Regional Organizations
2005 Expatriate Programs: Key to Success. Akron, Ohio
2005 Establishment of Business Operations in Developing Countries. Cincinnati, Ohio
2005 International Intellectual Rights.
2005 Transfer of Intellectual Rights in the International Market
2005 Counter trade
2005 Conceptual Issues and Organizations of International Marketing Research
2005 Methods of Entry and Entry Strategies in the International Market
2005 The Japanese Challenge, a Cultural comparison among Japan, The United States and Germany.
2005 Product Policy and Planning in the International Market
2004 Economic Integration and the New Emerging Markets
2004 Tricultural Model for the International Market
2004 Breath of Task of International Marketing Research

2004 Reasons to be Involved in International Business
2004 Globalization. What it means to your company.
2004 Methods of Entry and Entry Strategies in International Markets
2003 "The Asian Markets;" "NAFTA;" "Current Trends in the EU."
2003 Reviewer for Terpstra's International Dimensions of Marketing, 2nd Ed. Assessor for Lekto's
International Legal Dimensions of Business, 1 Ed.
2003 "Trading with Latin America: It is Opening Up."
2003 1492-1992 Rediscovering Europe Through Our Exports
2003 The Impact of the Free Trade Zone to American Business: Hot Tamales and Apple Pie: Would the
U.S. - Mexican Trade Mix Work?; the Future of Plastics Industry After the Trade Zone Agreement
2003 ARCOPE (Ashland and Richland Counties Organization for the Promotion of Exports)
"The Future of the Mexican Plastic Industry after the Free Trade Zone" -- Guadalajara, Mexico's
International Plastics Exposition (1991)
"Intellectual Rights and the Free Trade Zone" -- Manzanillo (1991). University of Michuacan, Mexico.
Lecturer at the National University of Costa Rica (1991) on the "Uruguay, Gatt."
Also participated in meetings and conferences with the Norwegian delegation on the proposed peace zone
in Central America (1991)
Cleveland World Trade, Cleveland, OH, 1989, 1993, "International Joint Ventures and Foreign Trade
Presented to the American Marketing Association on "Marketing in 1992 European Community"; also on
"1492-1992: Rediscovering Europe Through Exports" (1991)
Latvian and Lithuanian Delegations sponsored by Ohio Edison in
Cleveland and Medina, Ohio. "Benefit of Export and Import Agreements" and
"Government Regulations and Agreements" (1990)
The Ohio Marketing Club, Canton, Ohio. (1990) "How to Enter the International Marketing Successful."

Publications 2005-2009:

"Economic Cultural Dimensions, Importance of Chronemics in Culture, Strategy, and Behavior in
International/Global Business Management". The Journal of "Cross Cultural and Inter cultural
Management and Communications: An International Journal."
"Doing Business in Costa Rica"
"Global Vs. International Business"
"International Dimensions Of Culture"
"International Business" a textbook to be use for the graduate classes .
"The Future of the Mexican Plastic Industry Under NAFTA," "Careintra Magazine."
MBA 509, International Business.

Other Research Activity:

Extensive research on foreign acquisitions, mergers, sales, buyouts and takeovers, joint ventures,
licensing, free trade zones, economics organizations, international logistics, exchange rate and currency
convertibility and translation

Analysis of Latin American Markets for the services and Distribution Industries (2003 - 2008)

International Finance and Monetary System (2003 -2008)

Government Control Over International Trade (2007)

Tratado Libre De Commercio Centroamericano y de Estados Unidos, 2007

NAFTA Central America Countries. Dissolution of the central American Common market and weakness
for Costa Rica. 2004

Created international business and trade awareness programs

Reviewer for Terpstra's International Dimensions of Marketing, second edition, 2002 & 2004

Assessed Litka's International Legal Environment of Business, first edition, 12001 & 200395


During the past twenty - five years, I have actively advised companies in the areas of environmental,
operational, and functional variables as well as market and product research analysis, joint ventures,
mergers and acquisitions, international logistics such as freight forwarding and packing, exchange rate,
finance and currency convertibility, methods of entry and exit strategies, and legal organization of
international business and finance.

During the past two years, I have advised the following companies: GL International, American Woods
Products, Nelfish Advance USA, Nelfish Advance A/S Denmark, Claire Corporation, Sparta
Corporation, Johnson & Johnson (international division), L.M. Manufacturing, Ltd., Scotia bank,
Essential Corporation ( international division), Tropical Wind Cargo, DHL International, FlaPac
Corporation, Mansfield Bag and Paper, 3M corporation, National Elevators, Intel Corporation, COMEX,
Sanitary Products S. A. de Costa Rica, J.P. Fiomar S.A., Pláticos De Mexico, Kimberly-Clark de Costa
Rica, Proctor & Gamble, Associación de Cafetaleros Lationoamericanos, and BPL International.

G.M. - feasibility of opening robotics plants in Brazil and Argentina, market research analysis and joint
venture agreements.
Rubbermaid - setting up licensing agreement for the sale of plastic containers
Proctor & Gamble - study of business blunders in Latin America; pinpointed problems with
advertisement and translation, currency convertibility
Ralston Purina - recommended packaging and container size for food products and powder drinks to
Latin America and improvement in distribution channels
Colgate-Palmolive - revised distributor agreements and government regulations of consumer goods in the
toiletry and cosmetic industries
Cooper Industries - coordinated sales agencies and collection of letters of credit in the oil industry in
Borden Corporation structured products' costs and price analysis for the possibility of exportation or
local production of condensed milk in the E.C. and Latin America
Plásticos de Mexico de C.V. - aid to set up market distribution of hoses, toys, surgical globes and
prophylactics in the U.S. market and Germany
Salver de Occidente - drafted exclusive distributor agreements and translation of documents for output
contracts of P.V.C. and other raw materials
Fábrica Nacional de Licores de Costa Rica - study on setting up distributors of "Cafe Rica" in Northern
American Wood Products - advised and accompanied company executive on Latin American trips.
Great Lakes Forest Inc. - Export Hardwood from Ohio to Korea and Japan.
National Latex - Contract agreement drafting and translation, market research on joint venture in
Sanitary Products Corp. - Setting a joint venture with Korean and Costa Rican investors - importation
of polyurethane bags from Costa Rica
Archway Cookies, Inc..- Translation of legal documents ; revision of packaging labeling and
instructions, storage and container quality in Puerto Rico.

BPL International- Regional Manager - Providing bulk packaging loops and all kind of packaging
services to coffee, bean, cement and sugar industries in Latin America.
Sanitary Products Costa Rica - supplying chemicals, cleaning supplies, and equipment to the Costa
Rica Market through a free trade zone. Central American distribution of Advance products.

In addition, I have done consulting for medium sized corporations to set up joint ventures, agencies,
licenses and exporting/importing products such as: veneer, yucca, leather goods. pottery, sewage and
water pumps, souvenirs, shoes and boutique articles from Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico, Colombia,
Peru, India, and Syria.

Individual consulting on interpretation of foreign laws, treaties, rules and regulations and translations.

Shareholder and legal consulting for Productos Sanitarios International; Joint venture holder and manager
consultant of Sanitary Products Costa Rica and regional manager for BPL International.

Professional Growth Activities:

1998 - present International Private Arbitrator
1999 - present WTO advisor
1996- present International Arbitration Advisor
1992- present Executive Director of Center for International Business Services
1987-90 Chairperson of the Economics Department
Liaison and interpreter for organizations such as the Contadora Group on Peace for Central America
Legal intern

Seminars, Training Programs:

EU and U.S.A. Antitrust laws and Regulations: Analysis and Comparisons (2009)
International Finance and Monetary systems (2009)
Government Controls Over International Business (2008)
The Legal Environment Of International Business (2008)
Global Production and Global Marketing: Is It International or Global Business? (2008)
An Analysis Of Central American Markets For The Services And Distribution Industries (2008)
Foreign Trade Zones (2008)
International Joint Ventures (2007)
Intellectual Rights (2007)
NAFTA Impact on U.S.A. Economy (2007)
Seminar in Akron, Ohio on Antitrust, Intellectual Rights and Immigration Law (2006, 2007)
Conferences on Trade Liberalization in Miami, Florida (2006)
Latin America Integration Conference, San José - Costa Rica (2006)
World Trade Organization and Expatriates Conference and Seminar, Miami, Florida (2006)
Seminar in Columbus, Ohio, for a business consultant firm entering the international arena. (2003 - 2006)
Mexican Chamber of Transformation; "Regulations on U.S. Products." (2004)
Galion Business and Professionals, "Entering the International Market Successful." (2004)
School of Business Retreat (1989-2004), Westerville Businesses (1990); "International Business

Professional Presentations, Speeches:

Tratado Libre de Comercio, PROCOMER, 2009.

The United States in a Global Economy, 2009.
Financial Management of a Multinational, 2008.
The World Class Multinational, 2008.
Government Controls Over International Business, 2007.
Establishing of Business Operations in Latin America, 2006 -07.
Ohio Marketing Club, "Joint Ventures: How to Create Them." , 2007.
Latvian, Lithuanian, and Estonian Delegations in 1991 on "Improving Business Relations with the State
of Ohio." (See above topics).
Presented seminars on international business and marketing and on Costa Rica's economy for MBA
programs in Costa Rica, DCCC, University of Akron, faculty enrichment sessions and retreats, American
Bar Association, Area Chambers of Commerce, Rotary, Lions, Altrusa, Kiwanis, Mothers' Clubs, and
church organizations. (More details provided upon request).
Papers and seminars presented at the University of Costa Rica, National University of Costa Rica,
Autonomous University of Guadalajara, University of Honduras.
Cleveland Trade Association, Cleveland, Ohio, 2006.
Ohio International Business Club, Mansfield, Ohio, 2006.
Latin American Business Association , Miami, Florida, 2006.

Institutional Services Performed:

Director Of the Center for International Business Service (AUBIS)
Faculty Senate Senator
Institutional Tenure and Promotion Committee
Representative of the College of Business and Economics to the Academic Review Team
Doctorate Dissertation Advisor
Doctorate Advisor and Reviewer
Advisor to Five Undergraduate Honor Thesis
School of Business and Economics Building Committee, (2001-2002).
Academic Review Committee, (2007)
Advisor to 12 undergraduate students and 12 graduate students.
Reviewer for the Psychology department, (2005-06).
College of Business and Economics Building Committee
Review & selecting committee for "Garber Chair" on Grants for economic education, (2005)
Grant writer for International Development "Tappan Foundation", (1999 -2006)
Grant writer for "Cleveland Foundation", (2006)
Catalogue Review Committee, (2008)
Internationalization of College of Business and Economics Committee, (1998- 2008)
Independent Studies Advisor, (1999 - present)
ADHOC Board of Trustees Committee - "Town & Gown" to assess community and university relations,
Executive Director of Ashland University A.U.C.I.B.S., (1990-2004).
Chairperson of the Economics Department (1987-90).
Cleveland Grant Foundation Committee (2001-2007).
Search Committee Finance, Spanish and Economics (2002-20031).
Active advisor to students majoring in Economics as well as foreign students (1980 - present).
Liaison to Admissions office and the Ashbrook Center (1995 - 2001).
Departmental committees: tenure and promotion, curriculum, textbook selection, etc.
Institutional Planning and Review Faculty Forum committee (2005-06)
Faculty Forum International committee (1989-90) (1991-93) (2005-2008)
Good Hope Banana Split judge (1988-90)
Spring Fest coordinator (1987-91)
Fashion show faculty participant (1988-89)
Draft grants for Ohio State and Ashland University to teach economics in Spanish (1990)
Committee member to draft grant to apply to United Nations to send Central American students to
Ashland University (1989)
Coordinated a session on "Wellness" to all campus chairmen meeting (1988)
Conducted a session on "Internationalization of Curriculum" to all chairmen meeting (1989)

Recognition and Honors:

Outstanding Faculty awarded by the International Student Organization
Member of the Royal Spaniard Society (Honorary)
Outstanding Teacher Award voted by student body (CAB)
Maude V. Rutt recipient
JESSUP International Moot Court Finalist
Recognition and award by the Chamber of Industrial Transformation of Jalisco, Mexico
Graduate School of Banking Scholarship (University of Wisconsin at Madison)
Award by CAREINTRA (Regional Chamber for the transformation of industry in Mexico)
Ashland University Faculty Recognition Award

Professionally Related Community Activities:

International Arbitrator Advisor
World Trade Organization Consultant
Board of Directors of the Good Shepherd Home and Villa, Inc.
Translator to the Court System, City Police Department, and Hospital
Financial advisor to the Lutheran Church of Ashland
Community service through Rotary International including MESA program to supply medical equipment
to Guatemala and Honduras, equipment to the National Museum of Costa Rica, foreign exchange student
advisor, and fireworks for the fourth of July
Richland Chamber of Commerce and Professionals. (1990) "ARCOPE (Ashland and Richland Counties
Organization for the Promotion of Exports.)"
WTO ( World Trade Organization) Unofficial translator.


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