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									 Please note: This is an edited version of the Annual Report. All Financial Data has been
   removed. If that information is desired, please contact the church office for details.

Annual Report of the Congregation

        All Saints Lutheran Church

        Thanks be to God!
            All Saints Lutheran Church
          Congregational Annual Meeting
                  January 17, 2010

Call to Order
Opening Worship
Opening Remarks

    I.    Approval of 2009 minutes

    II.   Review of 2009 Plan

    III. Introduction of 2010 Plan

    IV. Review and approval of budget

    V.    Elections

    VI. Mission Endowment Fund

    VII. Discussion of Mortgage

    VIII. Election results

Closing prayer

                            2009 Highlights
January 25   Congregational Annual Meeting – ELW Hymnals dedicated

February     Cupid for Cans – Sunday School teamed up with Calvary Lutheran
             and St. Paul’s UCC to collect 425 items for St. Andrew’s food pantry

March 14     Pastor Joy Mortensen-Wiebe spoke at the Women’s Coffee Break

April 21-    From Houses to Homes – 6 women traveled to Guatemala to build
May 2        a home

May 5        Mather/Daughter banquet – 150 women attended – This year
             featured a picture taking fundraiser to benefit the breast cancer

May 17       Graduation Sunday – graduates received a handmade quilt

May 31       Project Linus – 21 blankets were made and delivered to Project
             Linus which is a non profit organization that provides blankets to
             children in the hospital

May          Expand & Enhance the Worship Experience Team conducted a
             worship experience survey

July         8 youth and 2 adults attended the ELCA National Youth Gathering
             in New Orleans

August 3-6   VBS – Crocodile Dock at All Saints – 141 youth

August       Katherine Sommer leaves to serve with the ELCA Young Adults in
             Global Mission project for one year.

Sept. 13     Sunday School Rally Day and Ministry Fair

October      Mitten Tree – Sunday School Children collected hats, mittens and
             scarves which were given to the Boys and Girls Club of Oshkosh

Nov. 15      Celebrate Generosity Sunday

Nov.         The Outreach Team delivered 23 Thanksgiving boxes within our
             church and community.

December     Adopted 7 families from the Salvation Army’s Adopt a Family
             program and 5 children from Senda de Amor Church.

Dec. 20      Sunday School Christmas Program

             Changes in Membership
11-30-08     Chloe Grace Mellgren (Not listed in 2008)
1-25-09      Lauren Michelle Klinger
2-1-09       Bryce John Yager
2-8-09       Dylan Andrew McDonald
4-5-09       Zahara Elizabeth Merrill-Howard
6-7-09       Rylie Renee Stratton
6-14-09      Benjamin Carl Schoepke
7-12-09      Myles Adam Zirbel
             Bryce James Westergard
7-19-09      Flyn Daniel Reiland
8-9-09       Olivia Rae Moderson
             Eli Timothy Basiliere
9-13-09      Sophia Grace Johnson
             Sullivan William Clausen
9-20-09      Scout Whitney Achterberg
             Lane Roger Achterberg
10-11-09     Ryan Patrick Sadowska
             Legend Eja Stevens
11-8-09      Tyler Drew Mellgren
12-6-09      Aiden Matthew Gonwa
12-13-09     Logan William Beahm
New Members
David, Joey Berkley; Helen Dillman, Lynn & Andy, Cameron, Elizabeth Jones;
Daniel & Erin, Zach Kelm; Joan & Tom Klauke; Tony Logemann; Kim & Bill
Marheine; Michael & Stacy, Joshua, Grace Martin; Tifany, Ross, Caity McVey;
Mike & Sarah O’Connell; Katie & Dan Reinbold; Mark & Sally Sanders; Tara &
Rick, Evan Schiessl; Mike & Candie, Paris Stevens; Pat Warning

Edna (Fredi) Giesler, Bailey Rose Staerkel; Eric & Traci, Mackenzie, Carley, Reid
Oleson; Randy & Renee Bronecki; Bruce & Donna, Daniel, Ethan, Allison Nelson
Briana Bain, Olivia Buehler, Kristina Kairis, Renee King, Jessica Kraase, Tommi
Mangan, Shannon McInnis, Brady Mollon, Kate Pawelkiewicz, Jacob Ristow,
Courtney Schaumberg, Trista Tyson, Elida Wiebe
Transfers/Removed to Old Friends List/Responsibility List
Mary Dekker, Sara Hansen & Grace, George Gilles, Herbert & Edna Henne, Pam
Pfister & Grace, John & Sonja Macho & Jacob & Jonah, Jeff & Joanie Beem &
Jared, Mike & Melissa Knutson, Christopher Prey, Shawn & Angela Krueger &

                    All Saints Lutheran Church
                        Oshkosh, Wisconsin
              Annual Congregational Meeting Minutes
                         January 25, 2009

The meeting was called to order by President Pat Barker at 10:50 am. Eighty-
seven voting members were present. Opening remarks were led by Pastor Darin.

The minutes from the 2008 annual meeting were approved.

John Coniff gave a power point presentation that reviewed the 2008 Business
Plan and presented the 2009 Budget Highlights.

A motion was made, seconded and carried to approve the Summary of the 2008
Spending Plan as printed.

Pat Barker introduced new A-Team candidates: Joanie Beem (three year term),
Sarah Hopkins (three year term), and Bob Plank (one year term).

A motion was made to elect the A-Team candidates, synod assembly
representatives, Lutheran Homes representative, and Endowment Committee
members as per printed ballot. Motion was seconded and carried. Synod
assembly representatives are Marlene Meilke and Dave Koch; Lutheran Homes
representative is Paula Rae Rost; and Endowment Committee members are Dale
Monsour, Jean Polka, Fred Redman, Kathy Redman, and Grant Beckfield.

Fred Redman gave a report on the Endowment Committee activities and invited
members to participate.

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting, seconded and carried. The meeting
was adjourned at 11:25 am. Pastor Darin closed with prayer.

Respectfully Submitted,
Peggy Coniff

                              Pastor’s Report
To All The Saints,
I look back at 2009 and get a sense of God’s goodness and of the Holy Spirit’s
work among us here at All Saints. Among many highlights I count an increase in
ministries carried out by members of our congregation. These include:

    1. A group of six women from All Saints who traveled to Guatemala and built
       a home for a family in need.
    2. The expansion of the Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) ministry and the
       addition of MOMS Next group.
    3. A young woman of our congregation who is giving a year to serve with the
       ELCA Young Adults in Global Mission project.
    4. The development of an All Saints Personnel Team.
    5. The growing leadership of youth in our weekly worship.
    6. Our youths’ participation in the ELCA National Youth Gathering in New
    7. The work of the Enhance and Expand Worship Experience (EEWE) Team
       which, among other things has greatly increased the participation of
       youth in our worship.

As I look ahead to 2010 I remain convinced that the God who has brought All
Saints this far will continue to lead, prod, and bless us. Among the highlights I
am eager for in the coming year are the following:

   1. A positive shift in our staffing. By moving Deb Sieth to the new position of
      Ministry Coordinator and hiring a part time office assistant we have
      developed a cost efficient and effective way to meet the needs and call of
      our membership and ministry growth.
   2. Working with the EEWE Team to develop a midweek worship service.
   3. Continuing to grow and enhance all of our worship.

Of course, the greatest blessings that God has put in front of me as pastor are
people such as the dad who approached me last Sunday to ask if he could
volunteer for our confirmation ministry next year, or the third grade boy who
recently asked me if he could be baptized. What strengthens my faith the most is
to witness the Holy Spirit’s work as people like you are gathered here to worship
and praise God, and to carry Christ into your world.
God’s Blessings to you,

Pastor Darin

                    Administry Team President

It’s been an honor and a privilege to be a part of the leadership team at All Saints.
Your Administry team approached the year with a strong sense of ministry and
purpose. Like any year, 2009 presented our congregation with both success and
joy, and of course, challenges. In a year that will be remembered as the great
recession, All Saints continued to grow. We continue to grow in membership and
more importantly ministry. We set out the year with an ambitious plan. Here is
a quick recap.

   Expand and Enhance the Worship Experience (EEWE)
   Activate the Membership (ATM)
   Purchase and integrate the new cranberry hymnal
   Re-establish/revitalize the property and grounds team
   Establish a permanent and more active stewardship team
   Create a congregation website

The hymnal and website initiatives were carryovers from 2008 and have been
fully implemented. You will remember that in the fall of 2008 we had a
visioning event. This event provided a framework for the future direction and
development of our congregation. Two major initiatives were formed, EEWE and
ATM. They presented their plans to the A-team in late summer. Their proposals
will be the mainstay of our business plans for approximately the next 3 to 5 years
or until the objectives have been achieved.

We were making good progress on reestablishing property and grounds and
stewardship until quite frankly we were hit with a major challenge. Even though
we are current and have been current our mortgage lender has requested that we
take our business elsewhere. As a result of this challenge we have had to change
direction with our 2010 business plan. The EEWE and ATM initiatives will
remain at the forefront of our efforts. These initiatives are at the heart of All
Saints meeting the ministry needs of our members and providing the framework
for future growth.

In addition we will have to put considerable effort in to having a stewardship
program that reflects our current reality: a program that meets our potential and
our needs. Finally we will need to understand all possible solutions to the
mortgage issue, choose the best one and secure implementation before our
current financing comes due in July of 2011. Be assured, we will be in constant
communication with you as to all possible options, and all possible outcomes.

              …Administry Team President con’t
As such or 2010 business plan will be limited and focus on four areas only.
 Expand and enhance the worship experience
          o Establish an alternative worship service
 Activate the Membership
          o Increase awareness of and participation in our many ministries
 Establish a more permanent and active stewardship team
 Establish a mortgage team.

It truly is exciting to be a part of a growing congregation. It truly is exciting to see
our ministries grow and meet the needs of an ever increasing number of people in
their personal walk with Jesus. We might be tested as a result of the mortgage
issue, but we will not be distracted from leading this congregation forward.
I, and my colleagues on the Administry team are committed to that.

There is a Bible passage in the hallway. It says, ―With God all things are
possible‖. We agree. Thank you for being a part of the community of believers
called All Saints.


John Coniff

        Summary of the 2009 Spending Plan
   All Saints Lutheran Church-Operating Budget

   The Financials have been removed from the online
    version of the annual report. This information is
   available on the kiosk in the church and also upon
             request from the church office.

Print copies of the Annual Report with the financials are
also available by contacting the church office.

The 2010 Proposed Spending Plan for
           All Saints Lutheran Church

                            Mission Statement
                  Anchored in God’s word, love and grace,
               we are disciples called to share the Good News.

                         Message from Pastor Darin
Some of the basic and faithful assumptions about church finances are—that everything
we have comes from God, that Christians give as an act of faith and thanksgiving to God,
and that God turns our offerings into ministry. This narrative budget tells the story of
how the financial offerings given at All Saints become ministry. It connects real life
stories to the dollars and cents of budgeting so that we can see the fruits of
congregational giving and the Holy Spirit’s work.
Your offerings at All Saints are never just about paying bills; they are an act of faith on
your part and they enable All Saints to live out the call God gives us to share his word,
love and grace. This narrative budget helps to tell that story.

     The Financials have been removed from the online
      version of the annual report. This information is
     available on the kiosk in the church and also upon
               request from the church office.

Print copies of the Annual Report with the financials are also available by contacting
the church office.

Worship and Music

“Yet you are holy, enthroned on the praises of Israel.”
                                                    Psalm 22:3

On any given Sunday at All Saints there are people who are at a high point in
their lives, people who are experiencing grief and pain, people who are carefree,
and people who are bearing great burdens. The Holy Spirit gathers each of us
here so that we can thank and praise God and so that we may receive God’s
healing and hope.

We have begun plans for adding a midweek worship service in 2010.

Ministry Highlights:
* Pastoral leadership in worship and preaching
* Choir and music                 * Worship bulletins
* Funerals                        * Weddings
* Baptisms                        * Advent & Lent worship
* Scripture readers               * Ushers and Greeters
* Worship resources

Outreach Ministry- Mission
“And the king will answer them, „Truly I tell you, just as you did it to
one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to
me.‟”                                          Matthew 25:40

God’s people exist in order to serve each other and those who are not yet part of
the body of Christ.

 A great strength of All Saints is that we respond generously in times of need. In
2009 All Saints responded to several families in need, within and outside our

Your congregation also tithes a portion of the total offerings to give to the larger
Church through our synod. These offerings are used for ministries locally,
nationally and globally.
Ministry Highlights:
* Growth of Mission Endowment Fund
* Annual Youth Summer Mission Trip
* Salvation Army Adopt-a-Family
* Meals delivered to families in need
* Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS)

Christian Education
 “So faith comes from what is heard, and what is heard comes
through the word of Christ."                  Romans 10:17
As a congregation we promise to help grow the faith of those who are baptized
here as well as all the saints who are here. We primarily do this through fantastic
Sunday School, VBS, and Confirmation Ministry.

Ministry Highlights:
* Sharing Vacation Bible School
  with neighboring congregations           * Adult membership classes
* Bible study, discussion groups           * Confirmation classes
* First Communion instruction              * Discipleship Groups

“If we are living in the light of God's presence, just as Christ is, then
we have fellowship with each other."                   1 John 1:7

Whether it is at a Lenten soup supper, coffee after worship, or one of our weekly
Bible studies, a primary way that we grow our faith is by spending time with
other Christians.

Ministry Highlights:
* MOPS                                            * Eat With 8 fellowship
*Quarterly women’s gathering                      * Weekly women’s Bible study
* Wednesday Lunch and Learn Bible Study

“… this grace was given to me: to preach to the Gentiles the
unsearchable riches of Christ, and to make plain to everyone the
administration of this mystery…”
                                               Ephesians 3:8-9

They are not nearly as exciting or heart warming as personal ministry stories but
equipment, supplies, telephone, fax, email service, printing and postage, etc. are
vital tools for effective in its ministry. In 2010 we are also making a positive shift
in our staffing by moving Deb Sieth to the new position of Ministry Coordinator
and hiring a part time office assistant.

Ministry Highlights:
* We have developed a cost efficient and effective way to meet the needs and call
of our membership and ministry growth.
*Newsletters, bulletins, communications in general.

Church Home
 “Then all the people gave a great shout, praising the Lord because
the foundation of the Lord's Temple had been laid." Ezra 3:11b

Our building is a tool that not only supports the ministries of All Saints but also
provides space and opportunity for several community services. It allows us to be
a positive force in our community.

Ministry Highlights:
  * Volunteers who care for the building
  * Repairing the lighted cross on the exterior of our building

Compensation Packages

“Remember your leaders and honor those who first taught you the
word of God. Think of all the good that has come from their lives,
and trust the Lord as they do." Hebrews 13:7

Ministry Highlights: Nurturing of the congregation, worship planning and
leading, preaching, education, spiritual leadership, pastoral care, working with
ministry teams.

Stewardship & Finance
There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit. There are
different kinds of service, but the same Lord. There are different
kinds of working, but the same God works all of them in all people.
There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit.
                                                   1 Corinthians 12:4-6

Members and friends have much to offer for the ministries of All Saints. We
worship God through the giving of our tithes and offerings. We join millions of
Christians all over the world in joyfully responding to God’s goodness through the
giving of our financial resources. God uses our giving to grow our mission and


“No one lights a lamp and puts it in a place where it will be hidden,
or under a bowl. Instead he puts it on its stand, so that those who
come in may see the light.”
                                                             Luke 11:33

―Word of mouth‖ is an important way for members to get the word out about
Saints. Many people who visit our church for the first time are here because a
friend or neighbor invited them. In 2009 we developed a new website and we
seek to grow it as a marketing tool in 2010.

Building Loan & Expenses

In the past we have had two budgets at All Saints – the General Budget which
covers day to day ministry expenses, and the Building Budget, which covers our
mortgage costs. As of 2010 we have moved to one, unified budget in hopes of
streamlining our bookkeeping and reducing the confusion which sometimes
comes with a two budget system.

(A line item budget is available on the kiosk and also in the office.)

2009 was another exciting year for our youth at All Saints. We started the year
by reaching out to our community through the ―Cupid for Canned Goods‖ food
drive to benefit St. Andrews food pantry. This year we decided to join with St.
Paul’s UCC and Calvary Lutheran hoping to increase the amount of canned goods
donated. Decorated boxes were placed throughout all churches to collect non-
perishable food during the month of February. With everyone’s generosity we
were able to donate 425 food items.
The 08/09 Sunday School year ended in May with the very popular Bible Bingo
Bash. The kids love the game and it has become the traditional end to the Sunday
School year. Thank you to all who donated prizes and helped make the Bingo
Bash a success.
Summer of 2009 brought another fun-filled week of Vacation Bible School. This
year VBS was held here at All Saints with St. Paul’s, Calvary Lutheran and Our
Savior’s Lutheran all participating in the theme Crocodile Dock. All Saints was
―rocking the dock‖ at Crocodile Dock VBS 2009! What do you get when you mix
141 excited children ages 3 – 12, 80 awesome adult and teenage helpers, many
hungry crocs, a crazy fisherman named Skeeter, Bugs and Boils for snacks, a
wacky wind-up whistler craft, raft races, the popular Chadder the Chipmunk
adventures, and Pharoah?? You got it, chaos! But this was God’s chaos also
known as God’s love! It was shared by all! We look forward to a ―High Seas
Adventure‖ VBS at Calvary Lutheran in 2010.
September brought the beginning of a new Sunday School year with 122 children
registered. We have 19 teachers, 3 youth helpers, and 2 musicians sharing their
love and time. We thank each and every one of these wonderful volunteers for
their commitment to teaching our children about our Lord. Throughout the year
our wonderfully creative Sunday School teachers continue to teach our children
about God and his amazing message. You never know what you will find on a
walk through the classrooms on Sunday mornings; our teachers keep finding new
and exciting ways to illustrate the day’s lesson.
In October the Mitten Tree was placed in the coffee bar. Thanks to our
congregation’s generosity for donating items including hats, mittens and scarves
to keep local families warm this winter
The children’s Christmas Program was held on December 2oth. All Sunday
School students were able to participate in the Christmas story. This year it took
a traditional feel with the older students narrating the story while the younger
children dressed the part and sang the songs. Afterwards we sang Happy
Birthday to Jesus and celebrated with cake and cookies in Hallelujah Hall.
A huge thank you goes out to the Christmas Program volunteers and everyone
who helped put together such a wonderful program.
As our Sunday School program continues to grow we feel God’s presence guiding
us every step of the way. We look forward to sharing His message in 2010.
God’s Blessings to all, The Sunday School team.

   Enhance and Expand the Worship Experience Team (EEWE)
Team Members: Kelly Wheeler, Laurie and Janek Cieszynski, Janet Clark, Lois
Gruetzmacher, Marlene Mielke, Karen Scheuermann, Jill Schaumberg, Pastor
Darin Wiebe, and Sarah Hopkins.
The EEWE team was created in March of 2009 to address one of the two main
areas needing enhancement according to the Allen-Olson Consulting retreat
concerning All Saints. Our task is to identify areas of improvement and to create
objectives with strategies to enhance the worship experience, as well as
understand what and how true worship is desired by God.
EEWE Team Actions to date:
   Identified our own personal ideas, suggestions, wants/needs, concerning
    the worship experience (spring)
   Created, administered, and analyzed a congregational survey (summer)
   Reported and proposed an action plan to the Administry Team (summer)
   Worship education session taught by Pastor Darin (summer)
   Youth Ministry Volunteer Coordinator position created and started
   Worship music enhancement changes via congregational feedback (fall)
   New bulletin format (currently being addressed)
   Initiating an alternate worship service (currently in the planning stages)
From our survey, we identified four main areas of interest from our congregation
members: Musical styles and Genres Appreciated/Enhanced, Youth Involvement
Increased, Alternate Service Times Offered, and the Use of the Screen
Increased/Bulletin Enhanced. The EEWE Team has discussed at length each of
these and has formulated objectives and strategies for each area. Some of the
strategies have already been implemented and some are still being worked on and
The Youth Ministry Coordinator position has been beautifully executed by Laurie
Cieszynski. Her dedication and willingness to coordinate youth volunteers for the
worship services has been amazing! She also is creating schedules for youth
doing skits, musical performances, and possibly youth- planned and run events.
Our main focus as a team right now is implementing the new alternative service.
Some of our initial ideas are as follows: Wednesday evening service in
conjunction with Confirmation, worship style different than Sunday, attracting
new members that cannot attend on Sundays, possible start date of April 14th
(first Wednesday after Easter), and possibly offering a group opportunity for
post-Confirmation-age members and/or a parenting ministry group meeting
after the service. Again, these are just initial ideas and are yet to be determined.
We welcome any ideas and suggestions, and invite all members/attendees of All
Saints to help us in making the worship experience here God-worthy! Join us for
our upcoming meetings, Sundays after the second service on: Feb. 7th, March 7th,
March 28th, and April 11th. For more information, please contact Sarah Hopkins
at 303-0513.

                            Personnel Team

Members: Sarah Hopkins, Pastor Darin, Wendy Miller, Jann Clark, and Ed

Function Statement: The Personnel Team focuses on the Human Resources
aspect of All Saints Lutheran Church as an organization. In doing this, it
provides leadership, guidance, and documents pertaining to issues related to:
creation and changes in personnel policy, staff positions and issues, ministry-
related operations and management issues affecting the organization so All
Saints can best be equipped to fulfill its mission.

History: Initially, the team was referred to as a ―Personnel Task Force.‖ Key
members were recruited during 2008 by the Administry Team for the purpose of
fulfilling the 2008 All Saints’ Business Plan goals of 1) Establishing a Personnel
Committee and 2) Conducting a Staffing for Growth Study. After those initial
months of conducting the staff study, recommendations and findings were
presented to the Administry Team in September of 2008. Of those, the highest
priority proposed was creating and initiating a Ministry Coordinator position and
a part-time Administrative Assistant position. The Administry Team
commissioned the Personnel Team to create job descriptions for these positions,
as well as to create an Annual Performance Planning & Appraisal Review form
and an Application for Employment form. Upon the Personnel Team’s
recommendation due to her history and expertise and then the A-Team’s request,
Deb Sieth was offered the position of Ministry Coordinator in December 2009
and interviews were held at the same time for a new administrative assistant
position. A candidate has been chosen and the new positions will transition soon.

Currently: The Personnel Team is finalizing the formal aspects of the new
positions, and receiving feedback from Pastor Darin concerning the user-
friendliness of new annual review form. The Personnel Team will work with the
Administry Team and other teams as necessary, in communicating effectively
their findings and recommendations. Also, we continue to review current
practices from the business world, as well as within the non-profit and ministry-
related business practices. The Human Resources, Legal, Administrative,
Pastoral, Lutheran ELCA experience, and Organizational Leadership
backgrounds of Personnel Team members has proven to be valuable when
creating documents, proposals, and discussing what aspects of Personnel would
best serve All Saints at this time. Anyone with experience or serious interest in
serving All Saints within the realms of the Personnel Team would be welcome to
contact Pastor Darin at 426-4142


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