NELSON-MATTER FUR by pengxiang


									                                                                                                                                                                GRAl'JD RAf-1L

                                  (iRAND                  HAPIDS,                       MICll., ~OV:EMBEH

NELSON-MATTER                                                                                                FUR                                                                        CO.
                                                           GRAND RAPIDS. M I H.

                              BED-ROOM and DINING-ROOM
                                                                      COMPLETE SUITES
                                                          in Mahogany,                    Circas"ian         'Valnnt       and Oak.

 If   you have    not   one in your   liitore, a simple    reque   .. t   'W'"l.lJ   briIl2   you   our magniiicent       new- Cataloane       of   12x16   inch    Pdge    groups,     show-
 ing   suites    to JUatch.   With    it, e, en the   Ino ..t Illoderate              sIzed    fnrn1ture    store   can    shoW'" the   best    and   new-est   furniture    satisfactorily.
                                        -    -   ----------------,

"THE PORTER"                  Jr. 5 INCH JOINTER
                                       It is built with the same
                                       care, accuracy, and feat-
                                       ures that are embodied
                                       in "The Porter" Hand
                                       Join ters which        are
                                       known the world over.
                                          The steel      lipped
                                       ground tables which
                                       can be withdrawn from
                                       the cylinder; traversing
                                       mclines for guaging the
                                       cut; the tilting guage for
                                       beveling, mitering, etc.;
                                       and the Round Safety
Cylinder are all identical features of the larger machines.
When furnished upon the iron bed (shown in cut), any style
of motor can be attached.     The style of current, cycle or
phaze is immaterial. The machine is furnished with or with-
out the countershaft, or stand, just as is desired.
for the cabinet room, pattern shop, manual training school
or any place where small or narrow jointing or buzz planing
is done. It requires but little power, small space and runs at
high speed; and say-don't you know that
           50% OF YOUR WORK
is within the range of this machine. You ought to be inter-
ested in this machine and our catalog T. will tell you all
about them.

                      GRAND   RAPIDS,       MICH.
                                                         WEEKkY         ARTISAN                                                         1

Beautiful Bird's Eye Maple
                       JUST THE THING TO DELIGHT
                       THE LADIES AT CHRISTMAS!

                                                            There is nothing quite so dainty~so feminine-so                  charm-
                                                         ing for Christmas, as a Bird's Eye Maple Dressing Table.
                                                            Light,    airy and cheerful, it goes to the hearts of the
                                                         ladies, and it is the ONLY LIGHT-COLORED FURNI-
                                                         TURE THAT IS ALSO HIGHLY ARTISTIC.
                                                            The NORTHERN           has made Maple a leading line ever
                                                         since starting in business. We
                                                         are in the heart of the Maple
                                                         country, where the finest Ma-
                                                         ple in the world grows, and
                                                         with our standard lines, using
                                                         Maple as a base, we are able to
                                                         pick ONLY THE           CHOIC-
                                                         EST PIECES        for N at u r a I
                                                         Map I e finishes.     Therefore,
                                                         when you buy Natural       Bird's
              No. 1152 Dresser.
   Made in Oak, Mahogany and Blrd'.-eye   Maple.
                                                         Eye Maple from the NORTH-
                                                         ERN,     you are sure of the
creme de la creme~the                     finest   III   the country.
  But you must have artistic shapes too-the                          airy beauty of Bird's
                                                                                                 No. 1197 Dressing Table.
Eye Maple is completely lost if it is not made up in beautiful designs.                        Made   1D   Oak, Mahogany   and Bird'.
                                                                                                              Eye Maple.
  We also give you moderate prices. That is what will sell with
you-beautiful wood, designs and workmanship, at moderate prices, coupled with PROMPT
DELIVER Y ( and that means everything when you get near Christmas-nobody                                        beats us at that
part of the game).

                                 Full information given In courteous letters about
                                 anything that interests you. Write us frankly, freely.

     Northern Furniture Company                    SHEBOYGAN,            WISCONSIN
2                                             WEEKLY                 ARTISAN

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       LUCE FURNITURE                    GRAND               RAPIDS,                MICH.
                                                                                            COMPANY                                      II



   Manufacturers of COMPLETE lines of MEDIUM PRICED DINING
                               and CHAMBER FURNITURE.
   Catalogues to Dealers Only.
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~--_. ..                     _. ..  ..     .- - - ._. . . - - - -- ------------------------~

       luce-Redmond Chair Co.,ltd.        BIG RAPIDS,                            MICH.

                                              High Grade Office Chairs
                                                  Dining Chairs
                                              Odd Rockers and Chairs
                                               Desk and Dresser Chairs
                                                   Slipper Rockers
                                                Colonial Parlor Suites

                                                   Dark     and Tuna     Mahogany
                                                          Blrd's   Eye   Maple
                                                            ::J<!tartered Oak
                                                          ClrCI1SSJI111 WI1t1Jut

                                         Our Exhibit you will find on the
       fourth   floor,   East Section, MANUfACTURERS' BUILDING, North Ionia Street
                                              GRAND RAPIDS,                MICHIGAN
                 "Exhibit in charge of   J.   C.   HAMILTON,              C. E.      COHOES,   J.   EDGAR   FOSTER.
                                                                                                                   I   It   t   ND RP..r b 10
                                                                                                                   '-'"PUBLIC LIBRlRY

31st Year-No. 20                 GRAND RAPIDS. MICH.• NOVEMBER 12. 1910                                                 Issued Weekly

  They        Are       Required         to Serve   as Apprentices    and                                 Are      Thoroughly
                                       Trained  for Their  Occupation.

CWlitten for the Dry Goods Economist by Ge01ge Rob111son                 change four times m one year than to remain in one place for
head of the foreign departments          of the \Vanamakel     stores)   four years.
      The "obsci vmg pel son" was surprised to notice through                   A man who has been tlllough this course of training in
 the lal ge dcpal tment St01e of New Y 01k that seemmgly a                the old country appreciates just what it means, for well he
 maJonty of the salesmen were I11sh; yet the same thmg                    knovvs what hes between the start and the certificate of rec-
would be found tl ue m Clllcago, Plllladelpllla, Boston or any           ommendation at the finish. One youthful aspirant for mercan-
of our large American cities.          This is especially so in the      tile honors was apprenticed to a Belfast house, and trembling
 fabnc depal tments, where an actual knowledge of the con-                With fear lest he would not be competent to fulfil the duties
 structlOn of the matenal becomes a substantial           asset to the   required and might be returned to his parents in disgrace,
 man behmd the counter.                                                  he asked an older boy, who had been longer on the job, just
      These are the men who have learned their business on                V\ hat was expected     of him, and was told in return that if he
 the other Side of the water and have answered the call for              was sufficiently expert in the art of sprinkling damp tea-leaves
ti amed salesmen from the greatest and most remunerative                  on a dusty carpet and could handle a broom well enough to
 field m the vvorld      Imagme the feelings of an American boy           sweep them up agam he had nothing to fear for the first three
 at the age of ±ourteen or fifteen If he were told that he must          months at least.       It may be added that the new apprentice
 work fm four years Without pay. 01 the consternatlOn of his             acquires a personal knowledge of the uses of the dust-cloth
 father at the Idea of paying a fee of $500 and donatmg his              as well.
son's sel vices at the same time. This is preClsely what hap-                   By the end of the third month the "new boy" has come in
 pens to the Insh lad when he decldes-or           rather hiS parents    and the first boy is advanced one point further up the scale
 deCide for him-that       a bUSllless career, and not a professional    of leal nlllg-which      means that he goes to one of the cash
 one, IS to be hiS lot Thus the young man makes hiS start m              desks dotted about the shop, and there he learns how to ac-
the busmess        world, impressed                                      curately make change         These desks are numbered from one
 (and generally subdued) by the                                          up, according to the location and importance in the house and
fact that his father has paid out                                        a boy is advanced from the lowest to the highest only as he
a good round sum of money and                                            implO\'es in accuracy and rapidity.
eApects only one thing in return:                                              In the course of a period in which a boy serves in the
that he shall learn that particular                                      various cash-desks he is required to report at the end of the
business, and le'lrn it thoroughly                                       business day to the head cashier-who           is usually the treas-
 from the ground up.                                                     urer-with      hiS balanced accounts showing the amount of cash
    If an Amcncan         lad goes to                                    taken in for the day in hiS section, and it must be absolutely
vvark at thiS age, the thought in                                        correct.    If the vouchers do not agree he is given opportunity
hiS mmd IS revenue only, and if                                          to look over the sales-checks, and if an error has occurred
he casts in IllS lot with a dry-                                         which he cannot account for he must give a proper and satis-
 goods house it is because the im-                                       factory explanation to the management.
 media te wages al e a little better                                            By the time the boy has finished with these desks he
 than he has been offel ed in any                                        pretty nearly knows how to make change and balance simple
 other place     It is just a "job" to                                   accounts.     After thiS he goes to the counting room and credit
 him; nothing       more.     And the                                    office of the firm      This finishes the first year and the sales-
 ne"t week he will as carelessly                                         men of the futm e has not yet handled a yard of merchandise.
 and cheerfully leave it for a place                                           At the beginmng of the second year he is asked if he has
 in an office or a canning factory                                       a preference for any particular department,          and, if he has,
 for fifty cents a week more. This                                       It is usually arranged to place him there.        But this same boy
 boy is much more likely to                  SALESMAN   BY ACCIDENT.     has a long way to go before he becomes a salesman or gets a
                                                       WEEKLY            ARTISAN

chance to actually sell good.., In",tead, he I~ gl ac lothly per-                FOI the whole foUl years that the Iri'3h hoy is "serving
mitted to become valet to the 1eal "pald sale~men."         lIe is              tune" the only incentive held out to him I~ the plomlse of
obliged to arrive an hour ear her than the saId "1eal salesman,"           a position at the end of hi" t11ne, with a PI111ce1y 111come of
remove the covel~, dust the countel s and generally prepare                £16 a year-equal     m our good, hard-earned Amencan money
the department    for the merchandIse    display \"hlch 1", made           to $7820.     But long before the four years have expired he
fresh every mornmg aftel the al nval of hiS chIefs                         has heard from some of his old associate" who have gone to
      During the day he IS now behmd the counter pel ton111ng ,\merica and are bemg paid as salesmen five and SIX tunes
the duty of stock-boy and I ecel \ mg lesson~ m callng for the             more than he could possibly earn for a g ooel many year'3 to
stock. Even the correct manner of placmg a pm m a bolt of come. Hence, his own preparatIOns for fitting al e generally
ribbon is not too small a thmg to be taught thI::' boy               Thus  completed by the time his certificate is handed in.
is instilled mto hIS young mind a spmt of economy, thnft,                                                    Thus Ireland Im,e'3 one more
and regard-which        i::. clo'3ely akin to rev erence-for     hiS mer-                                 of her trained young men and
chandise.     I Ie must all the time keep hh eye", dnd ear", open                                         while these boys may start at the
to learn how to addres::. a cu::.tomer, ho\\ to walt on a LUS-                                            bottom of the ladder in thiS coun-
tomer and to intelligently         pI e"ent and dI"play the merdldn-                                      try by no means all of them re-
dise for a customer.                                                                                      mdin there.      You will find them
      The "observmg        person" ::.a\\ the other da), m gomg                                           among the best buyers, managers
through a large department           St01e m ~ evv York, a sale.,mdn,                                     and e\ en proprietors     in some of
supposed to be servUlg a customer             lIe had one hand m his                                      the ~Teater stores 111the United
pocket, he leaned agam~t the ~helf fixtm e, dnd b::. legs v\ ere                                          State'3, and the rungs of their lad-
                                                                                                          ders have been their Old World',>
crossed.     The customer \\dS lookmg at the goods, but he
made no effort to assI"t the would-be purchaser. not e\ en                                                training, their apphcation to the
                                                                                                          business,    their enthusid'3m and
taking the trouble to appear mterested-whlCh                 1 esulted  m
                                                                                                          last but not least, their good
the customer actually selhng herself from the ~oods that
                                                                                                          health    and regular     habits,   ac-
were on the counter, m plam VIew The lad m the Insh shop
                                                                                                          quired during their apprentice-
could never have learned such salesmanship,              f01 such mdIf-
                                                                                                          '3hip-( for the boys are boarded
ference to customers or merchandise IS unkno\\ n there Some-
                                                                                                          and lodged by the firm and under
time::. this slovenly salesmanslllp come", about from the mdol-
                                                                                                          their    supervision    generally    in
lence of the buyer himself or hIS assl~tant, for men are otten
                                                                                                          charge of one of the managers)
lIke geese 111 this respect and follow theIr leadel and as the
                                                                                                          and subject to stnctest discipline
head is so it is down the line This indIfferent salesman who
leaned against the shelf-fixture may have lost the chance to                  THE TRAINED    SALESMAN     after, as well as during, the busi-
                                                                                                          nes'3 hours       They are required
make a friend for himself as \\ ell as for hIS house              Hel e is
                                                                            to be in their rooms hy 9 o'clock at night, when the superm-
indIcated the great opportumty to a good man possessmg tact
                                                                           tendent makes a per'3onal investigation          of each room and
and expenence.        All customers, of course, cannot be treated
                                                                            looks for each boy, yet aside from thIS, a hberal time is
alike. Some will enter mto conversatIOn freely, \\ 111leothers
                                                                           given for recreatIOn.
will resent too much explanatIon.            But It IS always permiS-
                                                                                  Many a \\ eak boy, startmg his apprenticeship         in these
sible, when deahng With senSible people, to pre",ent certain
 interesting facts. If a ::.alesman IS showmg a garment, or an              shops, takes out at the fil11~hinto the busmess world strength
article, or, 111 fact, any piece of goods, fabnc or othen\ Ise, and         and health as a result of the outdoor sports in whIch the
can give his customer some mformatIOn regardmg the con-                    boy s are encouraged to engage         "Mollycoddlelsm"     does not
struction of the article or fabnc it goes far m estabhshmg                  flourish under the same 1 oof WIth fifty 01 sixty boys, all pure
confidence and may pave the way to mtroduce other Items for                 Insh, and mostly flom the farms, and the puniest lad soon
sale. A knowledge of the merchandise, though, IS necessary                  finds that he hkes cncket, football and baseball, and in the
in that case.                                                              four years he accumulates blood, and bone, and muscle to aid
                       Real Business-Builders.                             him in hIS battles with the world.
      Whether      the salesman is a foreigner or born in th1s                   While we believe our methods in this country are far
country, and whether he is behind the counter m ~ ew York                  in advance of the old country's stores in general merchandis-
or in any other city, if during hiS leIsure hours he WIll make              mg, yet there 1'3much to be said of a salesman from the Em-
it a point to inquire from the older people behind the counter              erald Isle. He is taught that he should make customers feel
and to make a careful examination of the merchandIse he Will that the VISIt to the shop is an honor, and he Impresses you
always have some httle bit of mformatlOn to give whIle he is                that It is a great pleasure to show the goods and you can
waiting on the trade that will make him personal fnends and                 Just trust him to fulfill his duty to his firm by selling you
 also friends for his house.         This IS the kind of people that       all he can, for SELL IS wntten 111capital letters on his very
 really build up a business.                                               bram      \Vell he knows that If he fails to make a sale tho
       It is not necessary to agree with a customer any more               aisleman or the buyer, ever on the watch, will ask the reason
than it is to agree with a person In any other phase of life.
                                                                            why; f01 they m turn, are expected to be sufficiently alert to
 If he has a careiul knowledge of the merchandise                and im-
                                                                           keep track of pi acticall y every transactIOn between the sales-
par~.I it in a clean-cut, pobte mannel the customer leaves the
                                                                            man and the customer.
counter WIth an impreSSIOn of havmg been properly served.
                                                                                 Thus a salesman IS constantly kept keyed up to his best
      Today, in N ew York, as well as 111 any other city, the
young Irishman will be taken on in preference to the Ameri-                 efforts, and, on the other hand, a buyer IS actually in touch
can applicant for the same pOSItion. Not because the Irish-                wIth his merchandise      and the daIly demand of his depart-
man is better liked, but because the management              usually de-   ment      But, mdependent of this, there is a feeling of loyalty
tects the ear-marks of a better groundwork,            though probably      m the hearts of all these men, salesmen, aislemen and buy-
ignorant   of its sources.                                                                     (Continued    on Page    6.)
                                                  WEEKLY             ARTISAN

                                                                     for membership m the charter commISSIOn elected in Grand
                                                                     Rapids on ~ ovember 8        MI Irwm has studied municipal
                                                                     government sevel al ) eal s and is well qualIfied for service on
                                                                     the commISSIOn. He wIll be a leader m the \\ ork to be done.
                                                                                                * * * *
                                                                           The E. O. Bulman ManufactUrIng company, manufac-
                                                                     turers of wood and metal speClaltIe~ are building a new fac~
     J B Van SClver and hIs buyer, A F RoellIg, of Camden,           tory on Broadway opposite the plant of the Imperial Furni-
N. J , were in Grand RapIds this week, buymg furmture                ture company     The building \\ III be made of concrete, 50XI5°
                          * * * *                                    feet, one-story, and WIll be completed and occupIed early in
      Z Clark Thwmg of the Grand Rapids Veneer \\T orks.
                                                                     the new year.
\\ ho has been east on a bus mess trIp for several weeks, re-
turned home last Wednesday
                                                                                                * * * *
                                                                         Hon Edwin F Sweet. who was elected to fill a seat in
                          * '" '" '"                                 Congress by the people of the Grand Rapids dIstrIct. has been
     W H MIller of Marshall FIeld & Co. ChICago, was in              for many years a stockholder in the Oriel Cabinet company
GI and RapIds thIs week, lookmg for some of the good thmgs           and its vice president  He is an able and honorable gentle-
m furnIture sUItable for holIday gIfts                               man    He served a term as mayor of Grand Rapids a few
                          * * * *
      The managers of the Tanne\\ Itz Machme \Yorks report           years ago
a good demand for theIr products and a pleasmg mcrease in                                      * * * *
                                                                           The \Vaddell ),Ianufacturing company WIll in the near
theil busmess in the past fe\\ months.                               future start m on the enlargement and improvements of their
                           * *   *   *                               plant. \\ hich \\ hen completed \\ ill about double their capacity
     \Y ork has been started on the constI uctlOn of the large       for turning out carved moulding. furniture trimmings, rope
addItIon to the plant of the ImperIal Furmtme company,               moulclIngs. etc All of the wood knobs and handles have the
whIch is to be completed early m the spring                          "no-kum-Ioose" fastenmgs. the only thing that will absolutely
                          * * * *                                    prevent the knobs and pulls from coming off.
     ),1  A Heyman of the Heyman company, home furn-
ishers. has gone east on a bus mess trIp      His partIcular ob-
                                                                                        New Factories.
ject is to pick up bargains in rugs, carpets and draperies.
                                                                         Charles Ruebekam and Charles Holmees are orgamzll1g
                          * * *       *                              a company to establIsh a casket factory at Traverse Clty,
     Among the furmture buyers who have visited Grand
RapIds factories this week are Mr and Mrs E S Crosby elf             Mich.
                                                                           The new factory of the Pier & Felch Chair company,
Topeka, Kan, and John LeslIe of vVmnipeg, Man.
                                                                     Brattleboro, Vt . is expected to be ready to start business about
                          * * * *                                    the middle of December.
      John \Vaddell of the Waddell Manufacturilw b company '
•                                                                          G A Harper, G W Landon. D VV. Berry and H. E.
IS up in the nOIth \\ ooels, deel huntmg. He went away before
                                                                     Denme have mcorporated the Central Closet company to es-
electIOn belIevmg that the country IS safe no matter who may
                                                                     tablIsh a ne\\ factory at Kokomo. Ind        Capital stock, $75,-
be elected.
                          * * * *                                          The Dedell Furniture company of Marion, Ind., are to
      J 01111 Heberger of the Standard Furniture company,
                                                                     establIsh a new factory at Muskogee. Okla. in accordance
'Cmcmnatl. \\ as m Grand RapIds thIs \\ eek The Standard's
                                                                     with a contract WIth the Muskogee Industnal Development
lme, strengthened and enlarged considerably will be exhibited
hel'e as usual, in January.                                          company.
                                                                           The \VISCOI1S111  ChaIr company of Port \Vashington, are
                           * * * *                                   erecting a branch factory at Sheboygan        The bmldmg will be
     Glaml RapIds' manufacturers      are not antlclpatmg any
                                                                     :;6 x I40 fEet. t\\ 0 stOlles. and \\ III be med mamly in manu-
'>hortage of coal thIs fall or wmter     Coal dealer'> here have
laId m lal ge supplIes and shll)ments are commo- in more reou-       factunng wood novelties.
                                                b            b
arly no\\ than they \\ el e a month ago
                                                                                     New Furniture Dealers.
                           * * * *                                          G D Allyn has opened a ne\\ furniture store at Lyndon-
      \VIlllam S Emery. the well-known veteran furniture
'lalesman of Gland RapIds. Mich. has !S0ne to Bo'>ton to re-      \ Ille, Vt.
mam a \\ eek or t\\ 0 after \\ hich he \\ ill visit his son in New       BradlEY & Flanal;an. have opened a large. new furniutre
York and then go to Flonda to spend the winter.                   store at \Vellington, Tex
                                                                         The J K \Val d Fml1ltm e and Hard\\ are company, are
                           * * *      *
      The Luxury Chair company's orders and shipments in new dealers at Richwood, W. Va.
October wel e larger than in any other month since they be~              The Home Furnltme company have opened a new house-
gan busmess and judgmg from the number of orders booked           furnishmg store in Spnngfield, Mass.
last \\eek November IS lIkely to be a better month than Oc-              The Cooper-Preston    Fm mtme company, incorporated,
tober for their business                                          with capital stock fixed at $2:;.000. are new dealers m Birm-
                                                                  ingham, Ala      M F ),ifcCdrty IS president and trea~urer;
                            * * *    *                            Robert A Preston, vice-president and general manager and
     This week the Hot Blast Feather company shIpped a full
tar of mattresses. pIllows and springs to one house in X orth- Robert Stnckland, secretary.
                                                                          vV G Buttedy, formerly a member of the furniture
ern MIchigan      ThIs IS the thIrd carload ,>hlpped to the '>ame
home thIs year      TheIr trade m southern ~1ichlgan is grow~      fIrm of Baumam1 & Co, of 152c1 street and Second avenue.
                                                                   Nc\\ York a'> taken a ten year lease on the five-story bu Ilcl111g
 mg rapidly and theIr city trade i~ ah\ a) ~ good
                                                                   at 445 Tremol1t avenue, the Br01n, \\ hlch he WIll stock \\ Iih a
                            * * '" *
      Robert \V. Irwin was anlOrtg the successful C:1ndldtl,tes full line of new up-to-date furl1iture, cnl'p~ts, etc,
6                                                   WEEKLY             ARTISAN

..    -_   ... -----                                                     ---------_._---------                                  --~
                                                     A. PETERSEN & CO., CHICAGO I      MANUFACTURERS       OF THE                           I

                                                                BEST MADE and LEADING LINE of

                                                                OFFICE DESKS                                                                I
                                                                                        IN THE COUNTRY.                                     I
                                                          Our attention to every detail from carefully selected and matched lumber          I
                                                     to the finished product has given the Petersen Desk its Leadership.                    I
                                                          SEND FOR CATALOGUE.                       FULL LINE.         RIGHT PRICES.
I                                                                                                                                        -I
'--   --- .                    ----_._--------                               ------ ._--------                                             ...

el s ahke, to their Ellm, to Vv  hlch the} came as bo} sand              \\ hethel     lon"Uoth1y    01          to theIr surroundings.
remained as men to teach 111 theu tUIn                                  1 Tence It de\ oh ee, upon the buye1 to createan atmosphere in
      When a merchant on this side opens a stOle to the pub-            IllS depal tment of lo} alty to the busmess and of activity in
lic it is presumably With the obj ect of seilIng his \\ ares, } et      the busllless    Tine, W1II elImmate, very often, the seeming
the attitude of some of the people behind the counter m some            md1ftcl ence on the 1 11 t of the people behmd the counter m
of our New York stores, at tunes, makes It hard to belIe\ e             meetm£; eustome1 s that ha\ e come actualIy into the store to
this.   Customers frequently   complalll of llldd"tel ence-"ome-        pUIeha-,e pi 0\ 1ded the') are sho\\ n the nght goods m the
times amountlllg    to positIve rudeness-on     the pal t of the        l1£;ht \\ a\
salespeople.                                                                                        How    to Train   Oneself
      A timid woman,   gOlllg mto a shop to make a p\llcha-,e                 If the   \mcflean-bcl1n   salesman \\hu has d11fted tll10ugh
requinng    time and dlscnmination,      such as a coat, SUIt 01        \ alloth mOl e 01 less agl eedhle Jobs fiJ1Cb hunself aeCldentalIv
hat, is often made to feel so unimportant,        If not pO-,ltl\ eh    hehmd the cuunter, \\ 1thout the eall) tIammlS of the l11"h
"cheap," that she walks out of the stale feelmg aII the tIme            lad as a toundatIOn, b} makmg good us,' ef hIS tune and hIS
that the very article she I eaIl} \\ an ted \\ a" thel e It someone     \\ It'' there 10, ample oppot tumty    fO! hIm hel e m the gl eater
had only gIVen a lIttle attentIOn and shO\\n a lIttle mtele"t           ~to! ee, to stuch and knO\\ the lSood" he "elIs      DUflnlS leisure
               What    Department   Head   Should   Do.                 hOlUS he can usualI} select some Imee, of meh~hand1"e from
     Buying the goods, placing them on the counter and ~l\-             the fi" tm e~ 1earrane;e them and exaLlme them, carefulIy
ing a salesman a book al e not ah\ d}" pi oductl\ e ot the (le-         1epldl1112, them on the sheh e::" and m "0 dcmg he IS all the
sired result.   Short talks by the bu}el of the depaItment              tIme leal nm~        F\ er} customer he walts upon, every time
respectmg the ments of the goods he has to selI-\\ Ith \\ hKh           he shcm" hIS 2,cwds-vvhether         a "ale IS made or not-If     hIS
he IS, or ought to be, thoroughly        famlha1-mIght      result      m111d 10, on the hu::,mess he learns somethmg new each time
in qUIcker sales and cleaner shelves, hence better profit at            He must not attempt to gIVe a long, dry story about an arti-
the end of the season.                                                  cle he IS selhng
     A buyer has a moral responslblhty     re"tIng upon him m                  But he n111"t keep one thought 111hIS mmd clearly: that
addItion to hiS prescnbed     duties of suppl) mg the pi opel           the \ 1"lt01s to hiS department       may not ha\ e come to buy,
merchandise   for hiS department,   as e\ er} one IS susceptible,       and IS not oblIged to buy m thIS "hop, but that It IS withm

                                                    RICHMOND                   TABLET                 CHAIRS
                                                           "SLIP SEATS"

                                                               AND      THE

                                                          MOST SANITARY

                                                    RICHMOND CHAIR CO.
                                                                RICHMOND,       IND.
              No. 100 DOUBLE CANE SEAT                                                                    No. 100 GENUINE LEATHER SEAT
                                                      WEEKLY        ARTISAN                                                         7

his jurisdiction  and his responsibilIty to his house to enlist
her sympathy and in tel est her. HIs sale may not be made at
thIS moment; he may not hay e the exact llght artIcle whIch
may SUIt her taste, } et he can establIsh a confidence in her
m111d that vv hen "he th111ks aga111 uf th111gs to buy in that
IlllC she \\ 111ImmedIately th111k of hIm.
                 Salesman         the Great Factor.
     A film may ad\ ertt"c and a film may spcclahze and may
pro\ Ide the best mel chandlsL and the best buyel s in the
world, but unle,;s the 111dnIdual man behllld the counter de-
votes lnmself to hI'; bus111e,;s conscIentiously,   so as to gIve
the best that IS m hun at e\ ery tm n, and unless he wIll stand
up loyally for hI" depal tment and the goods he has to sell
and wIll keep posted as to the demands made upon him as
he comes datIy III contact wIth the customers,        the depart-
ment cannot hope to get the results It IS entItled to       Some-
one has said:
      "If you work for a man, in hea\en's name work for him.
If he pays you wage,; that supply your blead and butter,                 Mr. Salesman. on the interest you take in your sales, on
work for him; speak well of hIm, stand by him and stand by          the efforts you put forth, on the methods you employ in your
the instItutIOn he represent,;   If put to a p111ch, an ounce of    department     and on the way you handle yourself largely de-
loyalty IS worth a pound of clevelness         If you must vllhfy   pends your success.
 condemn and eternally dIsparage, why, resIgn your position,              Opportunities   lIe as thick as blackberries   in the mer-
 and when you ale en the outsIde damn to your heart's con-          cantile field of America.    There are more good executIve po-
tent     But as long as yOU are a part of the instItution do not    SItions today in the greatel stores of this country than there
 condemn It. If yOU do you are loosenlllg the tendrils that         al e competent men to fill them; sometImes a man may oc-
 hold you m the instItutlOn, and 111the first high wind that        cupy a positIOn and yet not fill it.
 comes along you wIll be uprooted         and blown away and              The lIttle "God of Chance" sits on the stairs and beck-
 probably you wIll never know why"                                  on,;, but the cross-legged salesman below him stares vacant-
      Advel tis111g m newspaper"    I eache,; the e) es and S0111e- ly into ,;pace and never looks up.
t1l11e"the mmds of the buymg publtc. and an ad may be lead,
scrutml7ed    or cntIused,  accordmg to the confidence estab-
 bercd m the mIDd cf the readel 111the film whose name ap-
                                                                                    Has More Than His Share.
pedr,; thereon     That advel ttsement may bnng a customer                C. Fredenck Eckfelt, presIdent of the Mound CIty Chair
to the store, but It WIll not always sell the goods. V/hen a company, St. LoUls, Mo , secured a decree of dlvoce recently
customer enters a store after readlllg the ad and is dIrected       and a few hours later marned Mrs. May Louise Powell, a
to a certam sectlOn, then It depends entirely upon the mer-         plomlllent society lady, who was recently dIvorced from James
chandIse and the man beh111d the counter          Here he can do     L. Powell, a wealthy raIlroad contractor.       A few day later
 mOl e good, 01 more harm, as he deSIres and as he puts hIS          the caUl t dlSCO\el ed that thel e had been colluslOn in the di-
 m111d and lIfe !ilto hIS wOlk    It 1-- novv up to him to do or \ orce proceedmgs        and set a~lde the decree.    Therefore Mr.
                                                                     Ed.felt has a surplus of wives on his hands.

                                                                                                                           ----_.   -.,
 I                                                                                                                                    I
               No. 550                                                                                                                I

 I Price $8.75

     Palmer MaDufaduriD~
     1015   to 1043 Palmer Avenue,
            DETROIT, MIC".
         .... - .        ••••••         •   r   _
                                                                                                                                 ----   --~~~~~~~~-.

•                                                                   WEEKLY             ARTISAN

                                 Every Dealer Who Sells

            Folding Collapsible Go=Carts

       For your own protectIon avoId buvlng any folding collapsIble go carts lot lIcensl d under FERRIS and LEITH
    PATENTS.     By seeing that the tag shown here IS on even folding CollapsIble Go-Cart you handle you will

                                Avoid infringement prosecutions,
                                Handle only goods made by the most reputable makers,
                                Handle Go=Carts for which a demand is created by a big
                                   national advertising campaign.

                                                                                    FERRIS and LEITH           PATENTS      so completely cover
                                                                               every VItal feature of folding collapsIble go-carts that It IS Im-
                                                                               pOSSIblefor any maker to manufacture them WIthout USIng
      licensed Go{art                   839230          Pec 25          1905
                                                                               some of the features covered by these patents.
                                                                                    The only persons or concerns lIcensed by us to manufac-
          PATENTED                      840188               Jan    1, 1907
                                                                               ture collapsIble go-carts are the follOWing named companIes:
                                        857971         June 25          1907
       Licensed and protected
                                        861475          July 30 1907           American Metal Wheel & Auto        Lloyd Manufacturing   Co.
          by and under the
                                        863972         Aug         20 1907       Company.                         Sidway Mercantile Company.
                                        913345         Fcb         23   1909   Children's Vehicle Corporation.    Streator Metal Stamping Co.
                                        914010        Mareh 2 1909
                                                                               CoIlier-Keyworth  Company.         Sturgis Steel Go-Cart Co.
                                        918250         Ap,oi       13 1909
                                                                               Fick~ Ce:rriage & Reed Co.         Toledo Metal Wheel Co.
                                        925151          June '5         '909
                                        925152          June 15 1909
                                                                               Fulton Manufacturing Company.      H. N. Thayer Co.
                                        925741         June 22, 1909           Gendron Wheel Company.             E. R. Wagner Mfg. Co.
                                        927089               July 6, 1909
                                                                                      All mfnngers WIll be prosecuted   to the full extent of the
                                             Other Patents    Pending
                                        None Cenulne Without Tnl. Labe'
      748869        Jan 5, 1904                                                     Through our advertISIng the pubhc WIll be adVIsed that
      771386       _Oct 4,1904
      789310        May 9, 1905                                                go-carts contaInIng the most deSIrable features are hcensed
      800471       Sept 26,1905                                                under FERRIS and LEITH        PATENTS,     and cautIOned to
      None GenUine Without thiS labcl                                          look for the Label.
                                                                                    We wIll protect both the dealer and the publIc, and by
                                                                               ehmmatlng the unscrupulous        manufacturer   we Insure the
     REDUCED REPRODUCTION Of FRONT                                             dealer a better profit, put the go-cart bUSIness on a legItImate
     AND BACK OF L.ICENSE TAGS. x)o;:.                                         baSIS, create fixed values, and educate the publIc to these
                                                                               values. LOOK FOR THE TAG.

                                    PERRIS and LEITH
    Suite 630 Marquette                  Building                                                                          CHICAGO
                                                       WEEKLY              ARTISAN                                                     ,
            Th(·~··D"l.lmmern and lIis Trunk.                              "
       Ihe 1111,lCUlstomed tl,1\ eJIel I'; ltkel) io have a llUl1lbel of   I
pleces of hand hlg~age io ]00], ahel dn(] bother about, but
the (!l ummel, i1 ,1\ el1Jn~ all the i1111e,t11e,; to ,;pal e h11n,;el£
all such trouble      On the platfoI111 of a 1all road ')tat1On stooe!                                                        For
,1 trunk   not one of the cardboard vallety Vvlth g111gel l ead   b
cornel') that \\oule! tall apalt If vOU (hopped It off a \\agon                                                          $9.25
but a 1 ugged t1unk that \\ oulc1n't even bounce If you sltd 1t
off a loaf      \\Then the owner of the trunk came ,dong he
placc(l a h,mcl bag he \\a') carr) 111gon the platform for ,1                                                            we will
moment and unlocked the ,;ohel 100k1l1g trunk and ihl ew lb                                                              ship this
hd hack Then he dloppee! the bag mto a compal t111entwlthll1                                                             Dresser
which It jmt fitted, and then out of another compartment                                                                 in Satin
\\ hich 1t just fitted he IJfted and ')et el()\\n on the pt1tfCllm a
sample case Then he dlopped the tlunk hcl and locked the
                                                                                                                         any finish.
                                                                                                                         to match.

                                                                                                                         Mail your

                                                                                      CHAS. BENNETT FURNITURE CO.,
                                                                                                CHARLOTTE.   MICH.
                                                                           ....-. -   .                                         ...-....
 Moon Tune, June TIme, Summer TIme, Spoon TIme, or Any Old TIme
      DeSIgned by Frank Burton, Student In the Grand Rapids
                        School of DeSIgning                                I                                    HERE
trunk, and the next 111111ute was off with the sample case to
see the people he wanted to call on 111that town
                                                                                                                 IS A
      When he struck a town he dIdn't have to bother over
lugging his handbag around WIth hIm or leavmg it somewhere                 I                                    CHAIR
or getting it checked; he Just dropped it 111 hIS t1unk, and
that's where he carried hIS sample case except when in actual              I
                                                                           I                                   THAT'S
use. He could get all hIS belong1l1gs into one piece of baggage,           I
his trunk, and the check for that he dropped 111 his pocket
      Of course not all drummers can get theIr baggage into
                                                                           I                                      A
this compact form. There are men who take along ten, fif-
teen, twenty trunks, a double truck load of baggage.         But                                               SELLER
usually the man on the road has some scheme to save himself
all unnecessary trouble; and few men are mOle resourceful
than this drummer.-Ex.
                                                                                                                     FOR THE
       Desi~ns of Japanese School Furniture.
      A sketch of the Japanese school furniture as used in the                                                        PRICE
elementary schooh ha,; been forwarded to \tV ashington by
Consul-General    Thomas Sammons, of Yokohama.             This
                                                                                            No 83.
school furnitUle 1S made of pine. and is painted or stained a
reddI')h blown color    The desk,; and seats are each intended
for the me of two children      The price of each seat is nomi-
nally $5, but heavy discount') are allowed on large orders. No                        GEO. SPRATT & CO.
nails or screws are used in the construction of this school
furniture.   The design will be loaned to interested firms who
                                                                                            SHEBOYGAN,           WIS.
address the Bureau of Manufactures.                                                                                                    .i
  10                                                         WEEKLY               ARTISAN

                  "ART FOR LIFE'S SAKE"
                                                                                                                                                      ·.....       ~

  How Business            Men May Assist in the Progress                                 UNION FURNITURE                                                CO.
                              of Art.                                                                                             ROCKFORD,          ILL.

         Prof. Charles H. Caffin of N ey York CIty lectured                 re-
  cently at the Ladies' Litel ary club house, Grand Rapids, on                                                                    China Closets
  "Art for Life's Sake."          He saId that the word "art" is from
  the Greek "ar" and means to fit or to shape.
  used copper and bra"s for helmets
                                                                 The Greeks
                                                   and shIelds fittmg and
  shaping them for the purpose of using in warfare.                    Conse-
  quently art begun m thIs way, thlOUgh CIaftsmanshlp                    Flom
                                                                                  I                                               We lead in Style, Conftruc!bon
  this beginning        It was gradually       e>..tended to other thmg"          I
                                                                                  I                                            and F mi.h. See our Catalogue.
  The speaker saId that that is \\ hy \\ e are takmg up techm-
  cal schools -to leal n craftsmanshIp,           leal mng how to fit and
                                                                                                                                  Our lme on permanent exhibi-
                                                                                                                               tion 3rd Floor, New Manufact-
  shape articles for practical u"e. In al t fitness must be com-                  I                                                             Grand Rapids.
                                                                                                                               urer. BUlldlllolll.
  bined with unity and harmony                 thus producing       a perfect
                                                                                  ~----------_                   _     .                                                 -"
  whole.                                                                          mgs did not and do not fit our present day needs," he de-
         Art, contrary      to the generally      accepted    idea embraces       clal ed. 'The modern skyscraper    IS the nearest approach   to
  not only painting and sculpture, but also archItecture,               musIc     plogless   m art, although   many mistakes   have been made
  and ltterature.       A man may be an artist in any lme to whIch                The beauty    of the skyscraper  lIes in its height and pro-
  he appltes himself.        The business man of today can so fit and             pOl tIOn".  The French were the first to acknowledge       this
  shape hIS business as to impro\ e it in every \\ a y. By the                    -,t\   Ie
  addItion of new and up to date machmery                  and methods and              The speaker "aid that Louis H. Sullivan after he ha-d
  by stnvmg        to bettel the condItIOns of hIs workmen,           by aId-     const! ucted the audItorium      in Chicago realized this fact. The
  ing m publtc reforms, the beautIfy mg of a Clt\ \\ ith hand-                    Campal1lle m Venice is a perfect specimen of architecture               of
  some structure",        publtc playglOunds       and palks and by look-         thIS type     The ploportlOns      of the shaft, the placing of the
  ing after the public health.                                                    bllck at angles, so as to cast shadows, produces a beautiful
         For a contrast to fitness, unity and harmony              in al t and    effect. The appltcation      of art to the conditions of life around
• in everything       about us Mr. Caffin spoke of the unfitness             so   u" \\e ale no ah\ay-, suffiCIently aware of .
  often observed in publIc buildmgs              whel e lack of umty and                The al tIst who can bring home to us a sense of the
  harmony       are very eVIdent and pamful, to a degree                ;\s an    beautIful   and give us inspiration         has done a great thing.
  illustration     he mentIOned an office bmldmg now being erec-                  Thel e are two classes of artists, the natural and realistic.            It
   ted on Michigan         avenue, Chicago, dIrectly OppOSIte the Al t            I" from the latter that inspiration         comes.     Frans Hals was
   InstItute.     It IS cut up mto cubby hole" ltke an office filmg               a natmahst,     Rembrandt    was famous because he painted what
  case by the great number               of \\ mclo\\ s. "cubby holes fot         he sa" about hIm-beauty           in SImple things.       His paintings
  lawyers, some for doctOl" and others, all plamly labeled," he                   of old people are famous not because of the sitters but be-
   said.      The speaker then pt oceeded to dl5CUSS the faults ot                cause he pamted old age itself.
  the new Pennsylvania           raIlroad statIOn in New York, where                   Mr Caffin said that the best American               painters   today
   the style of a Greek temple has been followed only multiplied                  al e the landscape      pamters,    because    they bring before our
  about a thousand times, making it unfit m every way for the                     mmds condItIOns        now eXIsting all about us in our own
  purpose.      Travelel s gomg in OppOSIte dIrectIOns al e bound to              country and so they are a part of our existence.            The import-
  col1tde and "say things" as the dIstance bet", een the pIllaI c;                ance of teachmg chIldren these facts cannot be overestimated
   of the facades IS small-gO'         et ned by the Ideas of pioportIOll'3       ChIldren    learn so eaSIly and quickly,           that we can easily
  used in a Greek temple.               Mr. Caffin saId that a raIlroad           teach the next genel ation to be better than ours and more
   station was no place to set up a Greek temple, where the                       progressIve 111 al t, also to feel the need of more art about them.
  anCIents went to worshtp thea' clteties                                               The lecture pleased the audIence greatly,            especially   as
          "The architecture     of today should be constructed         for the    },Ir Caffin, had a humorous         way of expressing       some of his
   needs of today and not hark back to a dead age whose build-                    Ideas on old fogyism in art.
   ,,-                                                                                                                                                                    ..
                                                          FREEDMAN CONVERTIBLE DIVAN BED
                                                                       A Revolution in Parlor Bed Construction. An Immediate Succe...
                                                                                        FuJI Size Bed in Divan Space.

                                                                                                        SIMPLEST IN ACTION.
                                                                                                        LEAST SPACE.
                                                                                                        STRONGEST BUILT.

                                                                                              Supercedes all other Interchangeable Parlor Beds.
                                                                                                    SEND FOR ILLUSTRATIONS             AND PRICES.

                                                                                       FREEDMAN BROTHERS                                              & CO.
                                                                                                      Manufacturer.   of Upholatered    Furniture.
                                                                                              Factory, 717.731 Mather St., CHICAGO .
   ..                                                                                                                                                          •   •••    ..11
                                                WEEKLY            ARTISAN                                                    11

                                   Are very popular with the Furniture Trade.

        $2~                                                                                                      $2~
         Each                                                                                                     Each
           Net                                                                                                     Net

                                         No. 46, Single Cone, $2 Each, Net.

                 We manufacture a full line of Single and Double Cone All Wire Springs.
                                           SEND      US    YOUR          ORDERS.

   SMITH &, DAVIS MFG. CO., St. Louis
               A Weekly House Organ.                              two weeks two days were dedicated to the people and pro-
     Seaver Brothers, who conduct a big department store in       ducts of each of six countries, viz., France, Ireland, Italy,
Brooklyn, celebrated the twenty-first anniversary of the          Germany, England and the United States. Following the
foundmg of their business, dm mg the third week in October.       opening "ad," a page "ad," with suitable heading, was de-
The original store was a very small one, but step by step the     voted to each of these countries, and in each "ad" there were
firm have built up an establishment which is the large::,t of     offered hnes of merchandise for which the country in ques-
its kind In their section of New York City. An anniversary        tion is famous.
sale is a regular event WIth thIS concern and this year's sale,        In addItion to the newspaper "ads," a colored placard,
we understand, has resulted in a business considerably ahead      beanng the words "Congress of Nations," was placed in
of that produced by any similar sale in previous years.           every window and at various points throughout the store.
     The sale was advertised in a weekly newspaper entitled       The placards also indicated what nation was being honored
"South Brooklyn Home Talk"-a publication started by the           on each partIcular day. Flags of the nations, too, were con-
firm eight years ago in order to reach the local public. The      spicuously displayed throughout the store, small flags being
average edition of this paper runs to 16 or 20 pages. It is       placed where goods made in foreign countries were being
pubhshed and dIstributed on Wednesdays, and, when con-            exploited.
sidered necessary (as in the case of this anniversary sale), a
four-page special edition is issued and delivered by carrier,     ,.. ......     -----_                 ......            ..
just as is the regular edItion. This newspaper plan, by the
 way, has been found more resultful than ordinary circulars.
     Seaver Brothers own their building and the site and re-
cently purchased and added an adjoining building, giving
 them a total frontage of eighty feet. The twenty-first anni-
 versary was also celebrated by the employees, who presented
 to Daniel B. and C. A. Seaver, the members of the firm, a
 handsome loving cup, with their congratulations and best

            Had a "Congress of Nations."
     Hahne & Co, house furmshers, Newark, N. ]., recently
just concluded a two weeks' "Congress of Nations." This
was described in the opening "ad" as a "tribute to the people
of all countries, by the state's greatest store." During the       ...........     - ....   --_   ...                       . ..  I
 12                                                          WEEKLY             ARTISAN

 FURNITURE               IMPORTED              IN ARGENTINA

fJnltf'd Stlltes Furnish Most of thf' Desk and
                  Office Fixtures.

       J D \Vhelple\ commelclal agent of the L~nlteel St.1tc,
\\ ho recentlv Ietm ned flom a prolonged m\ e~tH;atJC)n at hU~l-
ne'Ss affall S 111 At g entma reports that Jlnpol ts ot fml1ltm e Illli
that country are e:\.tensn e It I'S estImated that dbout IMlf of                               THE WORLD'S BEST SAW BENCH
the fm nlttu e used IS Il1lpOlted       1he cheapel g I dde'S al e I11dde
largely 111 the countl y, plmcipalh        flam pme I ecen ed flo!l1 Ihe
 U111ted ~Iates as the natne \\oods ot \Igenllll<l <lIe 111u~th
too hal d fOI \\ 01kmg uJl I11tOf111     nltul e e~JleC1a1h \\ hel e 1111111
l11um cost IS <111o1nect          I he f111   nltul e nM Ie 110m "01 th ~           _
i\ll1etlcall pmes IS 110t \ <tt11l~hed hut II edled h~ hth \\ Ith oIl
01 \\a"     so that It has all11o~t the appeal an c ot an ullhl11~hed
al tIde      Such fmllltul e IS fOI ~<11ee\ el \ \\ hel e m \1 !;e1Hmd
and IS the kmd mosth u~ed m the a\ el age home
        L\ 'Small amount of hlgh-gldde           hUl1lt\1le h al'So mallU-
factm eel 111the Repubhc       fOI \\ hlCh pm pose some of the natl\ e
haul woods ale employed            ThIS is not fil1lshed \\ Ith a hl!;h-
~lo'Ss varntsh a~col d111g"to the method most 111 \ og ue 111the
United States        Instead, \\ax onh IS emplmed             tubbed m at
co'St of much bme and pams bv hanel untIl a ~ott anel \ eh et\
appearance      is obta1l1ed, far mOle elegant and altbtlc,          \\hele
the qualIty of wood and \\01kmanshlp                is ~ood, than a hlgh-
varnish finish       One fUll11tut e house m Buenos All e'S emplo\,
some 300 men in ItS facto! \ anel makes fUI nltLtre both of the
cheaper anel more expenSI\ e SOlts It al'So eloes a lat ~e amount                 BUIlt WIth double arbors, shdmg tabl. and equIpped complete WIth taper pm
of the upholstel y \\ ark on ImpO! teel gooels           Leathel and othel        guages carefully graduated,     Th:s machm e represents the heIght In saw bench con-
                                                                                  strudlon    It IS desIgned and bUIlt to reduce the cost of sawmg stock.
uphol'Stery matellal IS comparatn ely cheap m Argentma,                 and                              WrIte us for descrIptIve   InformstlOn.
by attend111g to tIllS end of the \\ ork Itself, the house 111ques
tion 'Saves large sums in customs duties
                                                                                  THE TANNEWITZ WORKS, ~fc~:m:;PIDS.
              Largest   Part of Imp07 t, From E1l1 ope                                  Imports   from the Ul11ted States are almost entirely in
       For the fi\e-)ear      pelloel 1904 to 1908 fml1ltme \\as Im-            the \\ aj ot office fUll11tUl e, book shelves, and the 1Ike, In that
pOl ted to the amount of $6,177,175,              Argentll1e gold (Sr of        field om manufactUl el 'S have all but a monopoly of the trade
\\ hich equals $0965         U mteel States mone))             A.ustlla fl11n    -\1 !;entll1e fUll11tUl e dealers SelY that in no other country    has
Isher the largest        mell\ Idual share, \\ Ith the Ll1lted SLlte,           the mattel of office eCjUlpment been worked out on such prac-
second        L\ustlla'~ contllbutlOn     IS lalgeh      111the \\ a\ ot hel    tIcal and comprehensl\ e ll11es Roll-top de:,ks, sectional book
we11-kno\\ n bent\\ ood fml11tm e            England      ~upples mam al t      ,beh e~ I e\ oh l11~ bookca~e~, fill11g cabl11eb, and the 1Ike from
Ide'S of the MISSIon sty Ie          FI ance fml11shed the bulk of the          L nlted State'S factol1es al e all exceeell11gly popular
most expensn e and ornate creatIons               ItalIan ImpOl ts hay e no             Ot LOUlse tIllS IS a bU~1l1ess wlllch does not extend much
espeClal 111dlvlllual note, but 0\\ e then place pl1l1cipall) to the            oUblcle the CIties, and as Al gentll1a IS an agllcultUl al country.
1,11!;e ItalJan element 111 the populatIOn and the consequent de-               \\ Itb a populatIOn of only about 6,000,000           l11habitants, the
mand for al beles £Iom the home countt y,                                       tl ade h not capable of 111defil11te expansIOn except as the

                                                                                                         Rockford Chair and
                                                                                                            Furniture Co.
                                                                                                                    ROCKFORD,                 ILLINOIS

                                                                                                            Dinin~ Room Furniture
                                                                                                            BUFFETS,      CHINA       CLOSETS       and TABLES

                                                                                                           Library Furniture-LIbrary   Desks, LIbrary
                                                                                                        Tables, LIbrary Bookcases, Combination Book-
                                                                                                        cases, Etc.
                                                                                                          Our entire lme WIllbe on exhibition in January
                                                                                                        on the thIrd floor of the Blodgett Building,
                                                                                                        Grand Rapids, Mich.
                                                             WEEKLY               ARTISAN                                                                          13

                                                                          Your Continued                                   Success Depends
                                                                          on the QUALITY of Your Goods-
                                                                       It's after a bed or chair or table leaves your store that It counts for or against your
                                                                            future trade.  Every Stow & Davis table you sell is a constant adveltisement
                                                                          of your rehabllllY.        Our   tables resist wear-quahty     is bUllt m, along with the
                                                                          style and hand rubbed fimsh that make our desIgns so attractive.
                                                                                Our new catalog, showmg some of the handsomest Colonial                and Flanders
                                                                          dmers ever bUllt,   IS   in press.   You wIll Just naturally   want these top-notchers   in
                                                                          your own store, for your best trade.         Send in your name for an early copy.

STOW & DAVIS FURNITURE COMPANY,                                                                                      Grand Rapids, Mich.
PERFECTION      TABLE TOPS.                                                DINERS.                                                OFFICE     AND BANK TABLES.

country grows           But new methods are evelY\\ here displacing               offel ed    England at pI esent supphes most of these goods. In
old ones m the Argentme bus mess world, and with thIs move-                       the mattel of brass bedsteads, as III other kinds of furniture,
ment there is a natural demand for up-to-date                   office eqUlp-     the chief objectIOn to U11Ited States goods seems to be what
ment                                                                              is regarded as theIr extreme plall1ness,          In brass bedsteads, as
       \Vlth thc exception of office furniture          and book shelves,         in other household       articles, the taste tends toward the very
United State" manufactUl es al e not popLllar and do not prom-                    lUXUrIOUS and ornamentation         IS strongly in demand.       English
ise to obtam much foothold, unless our styles undergo con-                        manufacturers     have catered to thIS taste without stint. Several
siderable mochfication or An;entine           taste changes         At present    bra"s bedsteads      from that country       \\ el e "een, for instance,
French influence is strong upon the country                    The demand         ornamented     at the foot and head WIth rIsing suns (the coat of
1" £01 01 nate pdttern"      and "howy ltpholstery m colored fabrics.             arms of Argentina)          and otherWIse 1Jberally provided         WIth
Lotm XV tl pe may be said best to leple"ent the prevallmg                         decoration.
ta"tes       GlIded f1l1l11tme and pIeces \\ ith elabO! ately carved
\IOOCIlIOlk ale ~lcatlv ddmired              The arts and uafts          move-
ment. \\hiLh hds lateh made ~Ieat heacl\\ay                  111 the Untted          "BEAVER," "GINDERELLA," "DOCKASH"
State" has not found so much ,1" an echo 111 .\lgf'ntl11a                                             STOVE HEADQUARTERS
  fhe SImpliCIty of such furmture \\ould, at the ple"ent t11ne, at                                         "'THE LINES THAT SELL"
lea~t. find moderate appreciation
       One feature of the lmpO! ted furmture most seen 111 "\1 g en"
                                                                                              NoteIMPERIAL                 BEAVER-one            of many.
tll1C\ IS the attention        to mIrrors        Vvardrobes      and clothes
presses are largely used-"\rgentina             houses are, for the mo"t
part, 1l1ade \\ llhout closets-and         the doors of these are invar-
iaIl eq111pped \\ Ith full-lem;th m11101"           \\ ashstancls,     bureaus,
and the 11l"e ,lie al"o hbelalh          eq111pped \\lth lo)kn)         glasses
  \nothel     appdl e'lt tendenc\ IS tcm a1 cl bl~ al tIde" of f n mture
 Ene 111" ,u e lhudlIl l.ll ~e ancl con"ldel dhl) hi" "el than those
m \ o~ue m the LJmted State" \1 hel e tile cont! aLtm~ Sl7e of
utI ap,lIt111cnt" ,1I1cl flcCjllent 111()\111~"1],[\c tcncled to popu-
 la 11/e } ~hi C1 ,11ld Ie"" l umbel "ome models
        11 h douhulli If 1.:111ted St,l'e" 1l1dnufd( tUI ('I" \Iould find
 It pi olIi.lhk to (ompete f()] the \1 ~ent1l1c fm nltul e trade 111
 the l111c" \\ hel C I, lU opedn natIon" al e nO\\ "U111111eand with
 ,u tICle" of ,1 e, 1111 ldl ndtm e
                    1                   0111al11ental cal \ '110 and inlaid
1\ 01k al e lIttle unclel stood    !1l this count 1 v, and th~ attempt to
 tUl n out !1loclels all n ellch 1111es\\ auld plohahh           I esult in the
 p10cluctlOn of al tICles oi e,cess!\ e cost
       The mattel of fi11lsh ahead)      alluded to, IS also a point                                                13est, They Stctnd the 7est,"
,1~,]"1"L .\01th \l11e\Kan tm11ltme as no\\ largely made,       The
                                                                                          HIS is the IMPERIAL BEAVER..               It is the finest cooking
hl~11-\alnlSh fi11l"h, "0 ~enelal 111 the U111ted States, is little
u"ed b\ Fm opean manufacturers,          and suffers in comparison
                                                                                     T        range made anywhere in the world.
                                                                                              We think so, and so will you when you see its advantages:

\\ Ith the soft 011 and \\ <1X fi111shes usually employed for theIr                           Study the- above picture.    The glass oven door is guaranteed
best ploducts                                                                        not to break.      No heat lost when you look at your bakmg.          This
                                                                                     range holds its heat longest, saves 250/0 in fuel, and has unusual hot
       011e Idllet\     of fmnltme        111 whIch om manufactmers        are
                                                                                     water capacity.
lO1l\pcll11~ \\ Ith "eJ11IepI01l11<,eof "ucce"" 111 \rgentll1d Ie, bras"                      It is the best-looking range built-and  wears as well as it looks.
hed"tead"       'I hc"e ,11 C much less popul.u ,wd much less used                   Send for samples and see it-but      we warn you that no other kind will
Ihele l11<1n111thc l'11Ited ~t.1te" hut ale 21aclu,tllv-'...,
                                                                  0a111ltW 1Il
                                                                                     ever satisty you again, if you      :0'
                    \ll1CIll,l\1111dll\lfactmeJs    h,ne pJoc1uch on sale
Lt\Ol,   1\01111

\\Imh ('1l1pI1l [noI,lhl)          In JllllC ,mcl <ju,lht) \\11h ,111y othel'>
                                                                                     W. D. SAGER,                       330-342 No.Water St.,CHICAGO
14                   WEEKLY   ARTISAN

                   YOU CAN
       DECEMBER lOth

          If you place the order
        with us by November 15th

              GRAND RAPIDS, MICU.
                                                                                          WEEKLY                ARTISAN                                                                        15

                 News Items of 1883 Reprinted.                                                                  f- -------- --- ---- ------- -- -----------.-~
     From the Michigan      Artisan   for November,      1883-The
Forest City Furniture
ceived seventy carloads
                         company     of Rockford,   Ill., have re-
                           of walnut lumber from their mills                                                    !          Sheboygan Novelty Co.
in Kentucky,  to be manufactured    into furniture.
                                                                                                                                                  SHEBOYGAN, WIS.
    The A. S. Herenden        Furniture   company  of Cleveland
have secured contracts    to furnish three large hotels in New
York-the    St. Marc, the Wellington    and the Hamilton.                                                                  tJlOrder your hol-
       The      cabinet makers of Pans, France,                                 are           using   yellow               iday goods early,
pine    III   the manufacture  of furmture                                                                                 so as not to be dIS-
     The Gland RapIds Furmture      company have bUIlt a fac-                                                              appointed III deliv-
                                                                                                                           ery. Our
tory upon the sIte of the one destroyed by fil e last Apnl, and
have commenced     operatmg   the same.
                                                                                                                           Music Cabinets,
      Ames & Frost have III COUl "e of erection a large                                                brick
                                                                                                                           Ladies' Desks,
factory on Blackhawk   and Cherry street, ChIcago.
       Koenig        & Gamer              of ChIcago,               have added                a foldl11g bed               Bookcases, etc.,
to their hne.
                                                                                                                           are just the things
    In the trial of a law suit at Cleveland    recently a wit-                                                             for holiday gIfts.
ness interested  in a varnish factory testified that in three
                                                                                                                           Write for Catalogue.

                                                                                                                           tJlLady's Des k
                                                                                                                           No. 305 is a goed
                            MR. COUNTRY                                                                                    one. but we have

                             MERCHANT:                                                                                     many more to select

                       .                                                                                                   from.

                hOUses, large cIty stores and other a~sslve
                    W,th the aId of FISH'S Co operatIve AdvertlSlng Sernce you can keep
                the trade In your town, and tn your store, and not lose It to matl~ordel;'
                                                                                                                                                         Lady's Desk No. 305.

                    Ow SerVlce..lSnot an expenrneJ;lt, but IS m actvil and successful use by
                                                                                                                                 ••                                         ••   a •••   ~_.   _ •
                ~houS<mdsof &alers In the central West
                    Ful out the Coupon bel<\w and         m..
                                                         i1It t<>-<lay It won·t obligate you
                to anythmg

              L.FISH F. CO., 1901-11 State Street, Chicago                                                                                -_. - -
                                                                                                                    ...-.-----~~------~-_._--_ .
                                                                                                                                       •   a.a    •    ••••••••     _ •••

                             Merchant.'        C?-e~ratioe      Adverttsing Service

                               £. FISHF


                               ".- ---------_.)
                               oW"",,. m...

                                                            INCREASE COUPON

                                                                                      ·   I

                                                                                                                            Quality                   and    Economy
                                      A Chicago Propo6ItlOn

                                                                                                                                        Two excellent reasons for using the
 years the company owning                            the same had disbursed  dividends
 amounting   to twenty-five,                         thirty and forty per cent.
     The Phoenix Furniture
 a designer of Chicago.
                            company have engaged Asa Lyon
                         He will commence work on January
                                                                                                                             Excelsior or World's
 1, 1884.
      WIlham H. Rouse
 road for the Wolverine
                                               is securing many good orders on the
                                               Chair and Furniture  company.
                                                                                                                                 Fair Polish
        An expression    of luxury has been found by a lounge                                                                on high grade furniture. We claim to sell the best and
 hung    from the ceiling by chains of Indian brass.                                                                         most economical polishes, and have proved it by their
      George L. Withers & Co., have opened                                       an agency            for the                being the Standard polishes for 25 years of use in the
 sale of furniture in St. Louis.                                                                                             furniture manufacturing trade.
       H. L. N eidringhaus'                      furniture store in St. Louis was de-                                            Get our prices and send for sample before placing
 stroyed by fire recently.                        Loss $90,000; insurance $51,000.                                           your next order.
      Unele John Fuller                         the veteran              explorer  for furniture
 dealers in the northwest,                      will continue            his work in that region
 next year.
         H. R. Leonard              is preparing                  to open a stock                of furniture
                                                                                                                             GEO. W. LIGHT MFG.
 in Detroit.
      While the year 1883 has been a dull one in the furniture
 trade and none of the factones   of Grand Rapids have been
                                                                                                                                 2312 W. Van Buren St., CHICAGO.
 operated fully, they produced goods which sold for $4,184,000.                                                          ... .

  16                                                                                         WEEKLY              ARTISAN

                                                                                                                         \ contnbutor     to One of the monthly furnitm e maga7ines,
                                                                                                                  IJ1 Ch~UI""lI1~ the art of Y\ Ilham     :\;fonls says'   "Morns    was
                                                                                                                  the l11stlgatol (,,!1\ not the ong1l1ator?-Ed            ArtIsan)    'of
                                                                                                                  t11e ellts and CIa it-., "t\ Ie He 10\ ed the beautiful,    the tenclel
                                                                                                                 ,me! tlue       \nd \et '[aliI"    bl11It fur111ture "bload and big"
                                                                                                                   I he "tatement 1" S!anclelOlh     If 1\101 ns' fml11tm e was "broad
                                                                                                                   lne! lm~ \\ hel em dld he e'Cpl ess the al ts and crafts idea)
                                                                                                                  1 t h e\ 1dent that the contllbut01 IS not famtliar with Morns
                                                                                                                  fm nitme      "DI~ and hlOad" ale not essential details in hIS
                                                                                                                 ,11 t    On the conti ell\ \\ hI Ie hIS \\ 01k is stl ong, utillt\ and
                                PUIILISHIEO    II!:VII!:RY   SATURDAY   ay   THI!
                                                                                                                 heelut\ p1edo111111atem the expl esslOn of hls lCleas

                     MICHIGAN ARTISAN CeMPANY
                                         ---             --
                                                                        ---         -
                                                                                                                      Lon~ hetOle the hollda\s vou'II be moving a lot of heavier
               OTHER COUNTRIES 5200             PER YEAR.           SINGLE COPIES 5 CENTS.                       ~Clods that ma\ ha\C seemed a bit back'Aard, a"aiting          a hint
 PU.LICATION         O~~ICE.    10a-112 NO"'TH               DIVISION    ST,        G"'AND   RA~IOS,   MICH      of \\ 1I1tel    I\h\ a\ s the expected season seems to linger, but
                                A   5    WHITE          MANAGING EDITOR                                          it !;ets the I e \\ Ith both feet to those prepared for It, and the
 Itnterei   .. lecond cia .. matter, July 5, 1909, at the post office at Grand RapId.,             Mlchll'lln
                                                                                                                 man" ho bul1ds no" fOI business in table linens, kItchen things
                                   under the act of March 3, 1879
                               CHICAGO RI!:PRESENTATIVI[ E LEVY                                                  and h()111epi etb ml:;s \\ 111be ready to trim attractive windows
                                                                                                                 befOl e Thanksgi\ m!; tnTIe and \\ in some lively sales by sug-
         The Walter & Beck" 1th Fm nltm e companv of Portldnd                                                    ~estion 1eadmes"         Let this man be vou     Give a pri/e to any
   Oregon, strongly         favor the plan plOposed by certall1 manu-                                            in \ OUI employ \\ ho can, in time, supply an acceptable thought
   facturers   to fix the retaIl seIIll1g pnces of al tlcle~ ~old to                                             tOl no\ el \\ 1l1d()\\ display app10priate to the day and effective
   dealers.   To bring about uniformity                ll1 1etall pllce~ It "auld                                In ~e1l1l1g goods
   be necessary for all manufactLll el S to co-opel ate ll1 the 1110\e-
   ment, which would seem at first thought                      to be ImpOSSIble                                        The mel chant s of Los Ang eles decided to have opening q
   The manufacturers           of furl11tme ale located 111 al111o~t e\ el \                                     of all the stOles associated in their orl:;a111Lation simultaneous~
   state of the union, and then ll1tel ests al e so cll\ el slfied th'lt It                                      h     The plan" as put to the test on September 26, 27 and 28
   would be difficult to assemble the111 and 0ll:ia1117e them a~ a                                               PI i7es "el e offel ed fOI the most suitable announcement            "f
  composite body          In the considel atJon of such an 01 ~al1l7atIOJ1                                       the e\ ent     Especial    \\ indo\\ displaYs \\ ere planned       The
  the anti-trust     laws of the states and nation vvould naturally he                                           \\ hole city and in fact all of Soutllern Caltfornia     took an in-
  taken into account.           Among the evils the ''''alter         & Bech 1(11                                (erest in the plan and the stores were crowded with shoppel s
  company would have destroyed                   ale the ~iving a\\ay practI-                                    The dealers In fm nitm e and aIIled lines participated     leu zely in
  cally of leadel s as an mclucement                 fOl dealel s to hm othl1                                    the e\.J1Jbit and all \\ el e pleased and satisfied "ith the out-
  goods, and the sale of new goods to second hand amI 1llnk                                                      come      1 he plan IS \\ 01tlw of a trial in other cities
  men, who turn theIr new l:;oods on a five pel cent basis as a
  decoy by the aid of which they unload second hand furl11-                                                             It's over  Conl:;1 ess will he divided politically and radical
  ture at a profit of from 100 to 200 pel cent                    In enU111elatm!;                              Iel:iislationls l1TIpos"ihlc Teddv is locked in his kennel at Oyster
  the advantages        that would follo\\ the adoptIOn of the plan                                             Da\ and the people \\ ill thlow politics to the clogs and do
  suggested,     the firm says'        "A "pecltled mil11111um sellm~ pI Ice                                                                      m
                                                                                                                hU~11le~s fOl the sake of bu ... ess      There wiII be more or less
  placed on an article by the manufactm el "ould l:iual antee Ib                                                discussion over the a\ ailabilib       of cel tain men for the nomi-
 quality to the retailer and enable the manufactul el to ~ell hI ~                                              natlODS of the se\ era1 pal ties f01 preSIdent. but it will be con-
 output to high class trade             The numbel of shoppel sand bal                                          fined to the P011tlCld11S The people \\ ant to do business and
 gain hunters who bother the merchant                     and their sale ... people                             business \\ ill be clone
 by trying to obtain an article for nothml:; and finalh ].m 11lg
 second hand goods of a junk deale I at a C0st conslclel abh
                                                                                                                      The hI!; stOJ elan        not I ema1l1 hig \\ hen the cm nel 01
 higher than ne" goods could be b0ught frll IS lal ~e "Ithout
                                                                                                                l11anal:(el "atlsfiecl \\ Ith \\ hat he h~h aClomphshed,   lests on hIS
 doubt. the plan \\ auld be, if put mto use, of g I eat \ ethle tr
                                                                                                                lam els     H1S conduct affect" his emplo\Cs, \\ ho become care
 manufacturers        and dealel sand         \\ hIle the chfficulties to he en-
                                                                                                                les" 01 nel:ilectful1l1 their tleatment     of cu"tomel s, who neglect
 countered     in the creation of an OIgan17ation are manv they
                                                                                                                the "tock 'l11d CIeate ch~uI del 111 the IOlltllle of the bllsllless
 are not unsm mountable               The attitude of the fil m 111 I e~al d                                    Tn snch a moment the weIl mandgecl httle StOIe becomes the
 to shoppers and bargain              hunters      is wlong        No up-to-date                                bIg stOle
 merchant      despises the shoppel sand              bal ga1l1 huntel s       It IS
only through shopping and bargain huntmg that mam people
                                                                                                                        '\ \ el \ \ alnable ach ertls1l1g stunt \\ as pulled orf I ecently
 qualify themselves          for buymg the things thev need 111 then
                                                                                                                lw the Standald           Fmnitme     compan),   111 Seattle, 'Vash      In
 homes or for their personal use, intellil:;entlY                     1\ dub all
                                                                                                                one of the lar!;e shO\\ \\ Iw10ws a numbel of \\ 01 kmen con-
merchants       0\\ e to themselves         IS to teach the shoppel sand
                                                                                                                Stl ucted davenpOl ts and steel couches             and in anothel     relt
bargain hunters that qualitv not price should l:(oyel n m the
                                                                                                                mattrc"ses       \\ el e made     It is needles'> to state that CW\\ ds
purchasing      of goods         A more important dUb of the mel chant
                                                                                                                \\ Itnessed the opnat1on of the window factories.
is the making of friends for the stOIC                      If the shoppels and
bargain hunters ale made to feel that their \ iSlts to the stOI e
                                                                                                                       Hondma"             an export tax of $5 00 per 1,000 feet
of a merchant al e not desil ed, the sl10ppel sand hal ~al11 hnl1-                                                              c
                                                                                                                1 JO;lld 111ea~11l on l11,lhogam    shipped fl0m that countl v dncI
ters will exe1 t an l11AUenle a11l0n~ t11ell fllend~ 1nd ,ll1/1111nt                                            S-t pel T 000 feet on oth<:1 cah111et \\ClOelS Thele\     a (,(,,<, 111
:1l1CC~ that"     111 injme the 111elchant 111 the l~tllll !tHI!1 (I[ 111111\                                   \\111(11 t11e rrJ1el~!1el CULllllh pet\" the t,t' ...
people "h()~c flicnd"hip           ,l1Id "lIJlJl()J( (ltC\ f](ul       I hl up (I)
date 111erchant'          '11e" and ~1 ,mt" mOlC than 01 d111,11 ll)l1      \                                          Illc t111l1l:;'1
                                                                                                                                      th,lt 1 el11ellll J(ltl~C"L   III the h,lI1d~ (If 1he clenlel
sidcr:i~:"n to f,p , ppel" ,ll1e! 1),[1 ~all1 ImntpI ~                                                          IIH{H,lIc tlw lllCapclclt\ of the make)
                                                          WEEKLY                              ARTISAN                                                                              17

          Germans Fostering Canadian Trade.
      110m \VInUlpeg comes the IepOl t that the 1emoval of the                                r                      ~             $2.50
Gel man surtax by the Canadian GoveinmeI1t has affected the
volume of >\n1e11Can1rnpOl " Into westel n Canada to a COI1-
                    The full effect of the abohtlOn of the SUI
lMs only 1ecenth become appal ent wIth the placmg of orders
                                                               tax                            : MARVEl; ::.:':::'
                                                                                              !  0 US                              QuarterSawed
                                                                                                                                   Veneer .eat.
by Canachan merchants fOl the en:,uing year            Dunng the                                                                   HeIght
past fell' months \\ estel 11 Canada has been introducecl to many                                                                  of back 24
                                                                                                                                   Inches   WIdth
Gelman films thlough aLtne commiss10nels I\ho have Come
                                                                                                                                   of seat 20
to ,:>ee them"eh es the needs of the people and the Opp01tun-                                                                      Inches                        No 210.
ItJes f01 GenTIan goocls TIle fil st eVIdences of German trade                                                                     FInished Golden Oak          Shipped K. D.
actIvIty are found In 01namental bI ass and copper ware, such                                                                               flat   Weight 23 pounds

                                                                                                                         r.JIorwlIfolluloct!JnllR rat
                                                                                                                                Grand Rapjds.l1ich.

                                                                                              tnbutlOn to b111ldup the trade       Catalogues accomplish httle,
                                                                                              11nless thel al e pl esented by ,:>omeone wIlo can intelligently
                                                                                              descnhe tl'e ;11 LLles depIcted, callmg attention to their value
                                                                                              and 1rnplessll1!Supon the merchant their salablhty

                                                                                              List of Kilns Being Installf'd by the Grand Rapids
                                                                                                                      Veneer Works.
                                                                                                    Clmsty Bl othel s & Co Amhel st, N S, 2; The Canada
                                                                                              \\ ooc!em\ale company, St Johns, ~ B, I; Haley Brothers
                                                                                              company, St J O]111S, N B, I, Halev & Son, St Stephen, N
                                                                                              B , I , Blmel Spoke and \uto \\ heel company, Portland, Ind ,
                                                                                              2, P E KlOehler, X clpelVIlle, III 2. Lincoln Manufacturin15
                                                                                              company, Kell Y 01 h (j H allIS, McHel1l y & Baker, Elmira,
                                                                                              NY,      I, Schumann Plano company, Rockford,           Ill, I; Get
                                                                                              man & Judd company Muskegon, -:\1Ich. I; Standard Furni~
                                                                                              ture company, Herkimer, N Y, I; R H Coop & Son, Old
                                                                                              ham. England, I W1l1cIsor Furniture company, Ltd, \Vind-
                                                                                              sor, N S, I; Lal kin company of America, Memphis, Tenn,
                                                                                              4; Yratson ManufactUlmg company. N \Voodstock, N H.,3;
        Made by Rockford    Frame and FIxture   Go , Rockford,    IlL                         National Casket compan}, LOlllsville, Ky, 3; VV. M Ritter
                                                                                              Lumber company, Ritter, XC,          3 Verm(mt Spool and Bob-
as teapots, U1 ns, hot-water kettle':>, tl ays, and va"es of vanous                           bm compan} Blllllllgton, Vt, 2 Ene BUllal Case company,
designs, eel tam lmes of mechal11cs' tools, alcohol stoves for                                Erie, Pa, I, and the 1\ B Chase Piano company, Norwalk.
burning denatul ed alcohol, and dl ess goods and velvets            In                        Ohio, 2
these Imes Gel many seems ah eady to possess an advantage                                           Tl11s makes f01 t\ 1ulns at pI e"ent helllg lmL1llecl. and
0\ el commelc1al competitors                                                                  there etIe a lalge l1Umhel of nrc1e1s 111 jJlO,:>pelt some of 1\11ich
      \\ estelll Canada It 1S ':>a1d, ffeI'-, at the pI e':>enttnne an
                                      o                                                       al e be1l1~ bool,ecl almost el ery dcly
e,ceptIonal OppOItU111tyfor Ame1Ican-made goods, but, lIke
C\ 1'1 othel mal ket    It must he fostel cd The U mtecl States                                             ~le,lt ,1 nellsslty to the lclbinet
                                                                             (, USS\\ 01 d':>a1e almost ,1':>
IS he1hlc to lo':>ethls meltket  lal ~ely thlough mattentlOn         It n1clhcI II ho h;),:> m':>ed IllS thumh \11th ,1 h,1l11111U 01 I1Mllet.
WIll do lIttle good to adveltlse 01 seek tll1ou~h catalogue ch'-,~ cls ,11 e teal S to a II oman

    -                                                                                                                        ----------------------
      WE MAKE REFRIGERATORS IN ALL SIZES AND STYLES                                                                                                                                 II
I                             Zinc Lined. Porcelain Lined.                                                                                                                          I
I,                 White Enamel Lined.                      Opal-Glass Lined.
 I•        You can increase your Refrigerator Sales by putting                                            III   a
I              line of the "Alaskas."                                                                                                                                              I
           Write for our handsome catalogue and price lists.
I     THE ALASKA REFRIGERATOR               COMPANY,             EXCI~S~~8u~~;~~:;:~or
                                     ---'_._~_._----_ _--_. __ ......._,
                                                                              MUSKEGON, MICH.                                                                                      It
l                          New York Office, 369 Broadway, L E Moon, Manager.
                                                    Me              Ilk   "'   ............                                                               ........   I   ••   __   ..
18                                                            WEEKLY                 ARTISAN

      GREAT INCREASE                        IN LUMBER CUT

Oak Furnishes                  About Ten
                             the Total.
                                                       Per       Cent       of       i "Grand Rapids
                                                                                                                                 Caster Cup Co.
                                                                                                        2 Parkwood Ave.• Grand Rapids, Mich.

       Statlst,c" pl1blJ"hec1 b) the depal tment of commel ce and
labor last Tuesda)            shrm that the lumbel cut 111the L~11lted
States Chll111g the calendal vear 19°9 \\ as 44,585 11111110neet
boal cl mea "11l e as aga111st 3~ 224 11111lJonfeet 111 1908 and
                                                                           f                                                                                                    ,
4.0 2:;f 11111hollfeet 111I C):J7 Th1s ,\ as an 111~1a ~e ot 3-+2 pel
ccent 0\ el 1908 dn 1 of 10 8 pel cent 0\ e1 19°7                                                                                                                               •
       The ~u')~ tant lal 111C1                                   'S
                                  ea"e 0, el tl1f' 1\,0 ])1e~ecl111 ) ea 1" \\ a"                                                                                               I
0\ no <11 fell      of t11e m 11\ ldual .,tates "hem mg a decreased cut                                                                                                             I
The fi'Sl1les fOl 1908 anJ 1907 ,Hle collected b\ maIl dnrl                                       W" are now putting out the best Caster Cups WIth cork bases ever
                                                                                             ofiereu to the trade.  These are fimshed 10 Golden Oak and Wh1te Maple                 I
\\ h1le mc1u l111gthe com111e1cTal mIlls 01 the countl,
many ca~e" crn er the small nelghbOl hood mIlb \\ ho~e output
                                                                     dld 11')t 111           In a hght fim'h
                                                                                             Iture rests
                                                                                                                These goods are admIrable lor polished floors and furn-
                                                                                                           They will not sWlllat or mar.
\\as comumed            local!)    The lelatl\eh      lalge llLlease     111the                             SIze 2}{ Inches .,.  $4 00 per hundred                                  I

nU111bel of mll1::, 1epOl t111g fOl 1909. tJg ethel \\ 1th the 111-
                                                                                                            SIze 2~ 1O~hes .
                                                                                          Try a <lampl, Ord'r
                                                                                                                                  5 00 per hundred
                                                                                                                                                  FOB       Grand Raptd6
crea se 111the cut fOl that veal \\ as clue lal 2,eh to the fdCt that
the field force of the cen"us bl1l eau. \\ hlch \\ a" engd2, ed 111
gathenng        statistics of all bl an hes of manutactl1l e th10ugh
                                                                            mg for the entIre Umted States betvveen these years           The in-
out the Ul1ltecl Scates "eCl1leel 1etl1l ,1S f10m pI actJcalh e\ el)'       crease" 111 th1S g10Up of states, both 111the number of mIlls
sa\\ 111111 11opel atlOn clullng the \\ hole 01 elll) pal t of 19°9
             1                                                              and 111cut, \\ ere due undoubtedly       111 large part to the many
II 1tl10ut 1egarel t'l lt3 "lze. and 11l thlS II av thel e ha, e been       small 111111s remote locahtJes WhlCh were reached by the
included many small m111s not c)\ el ed b, the mall census 111              agents 111 1909, but whlch are elJfficult to canvass by mail.
the pl ececlJng ) eal s                                                     The lllmted output of mllls of thlS class and S1ze, however, IS
      1 he gl eatest pOl tl0n of the 11111d "e h tound 111the south-
                                          e                                 almo"t II lthout exceptlOn consumed in the immediate vicinity
el n states and LOnS1QS lell g eh of ,e11O\\ p111e In the 2,'1          our of ltS manllfactul e, and hence exerts httle or no ll1fluence on
of coa"t state,. from Vlrg111la to Te"as,          l1lc1thl\ e together     "uppl} and pt Ices in the generallllmber       market of the country.
\\ lth \1 kansas and Oklahoma.       thel e stanels j)lObabh not less              The pl0port1On of the total lumber cut of the country
than n111e-tenths of the pl esent supply of \ ellow p111e stump-            contllbllted by N evv yO! k and the New England states did not
a2,'e The plOpOl tlOn of the total cut of lumbel 111the l-l1lted            \ al) matenally     clUJ ing the tin ee years, bell1g 9 per cent 111
States contllbuteel b) thIS glOUp. tog ethel \\ Ith KentllCk) and           19°7,96 per cent in 1908, and 7.5 per cent in 1909.
Tennessee,    ha" been steadlly 111creasmg ell1l111g 1 ecent ) eal "               The 1elabv e importance      of the Lake states-Michigan,
In 1907 then output \\ as 17.834 mIlhon feet, 01 443 pel cent               ::\1111nesota and \Viscons111-ll1     lumber production     continues
of the total, 111 1908, 15,056 ml1110n feet, or -+53 pel cent of            to deCl ease steadl1y, as the supply of white-pine          stumpage
the total, awl 1111909 22,057 ml1l1On feet 01 -1-95 pel cent of             gl 0\\ S less    These states contnbuted        13 6 per cent of the
the total     Yello\\ p111e, 111clud1112,the se, el al "peCle" long-        total lumber cut of the Umted States in 1907, 13.2 per cent
leaf, shortleaf,    loblolly Cuban. etc, constItuted        '-ub"tantJalh   111 1908, and 123 per cent in 1909.

the same per cent of the total cut of lumbel 111 the~e ~tate~ 111                  The PaClfic coast states, w1th an output 28 3 per cent
each of the th1ee )ears, furl11shmg 72 per cent 111 1909. 728               ld1ger 111 1909 than in 1908, and 22 per cent greater than in
per cent m 1908, and 724 per cent 111 1907. The large In-                   19°7, nevel theless contributed       a smaller propol bon of the
crease 111 the number of 1111llsrepOl tmg f10m thl" regIon 111 total cut of the country in 1909 than 111 either of the preceding
 1909 over 1908, from 12,824 to 23,255, amounted to nearly                  years, the per cent for 1909 being IS 5 for 1908, 162 and for
hv o-thirels of the total mcrease 111the nU111bel of n1111s1epOl t-         19°7, 168       Douglas fir vvas far 111 the lead as lumber material

                                   ---------------.~--- ----------------_._._---_._~--~
     Lentz's Big Six
                 No. 694, 48 in. top.

                 No. 687, 60 in. top,

                  Others 54 in. top.

         8 Foot Duostyles

                     ANY FINISH

               CHICAGO     DELIVERIES

  Lentz Table Co.
              NASHVILLE,      MICHIGAA

--------------------------~---                                                           ._----- - ----_. ------                                                          ._--..4
                                                        WEEKLY            ARTISAN                                                           19

              ..-- _ .._ ..- -_..._-_._-_._-_ ...__ ---- - _.,. ---'.._._-_._._------._--------------------

                                                         Chicago's Best and Most Effective Line

                                                                         BEDROOM FURNITURE
                                                                         in Mahogany, Walnut, BIrd's Eye M.ple   and Ouartered   Oak

                                                         Can be seen throughout the year at         J. J. Hall & Son, 187 Michigan Ave,      I
                                                         Peck and Hills Co., Wabash Ave. and 14th St. and in Our Catalogue,                  I
                                                         sent to any furniture dealer on request.                                            I

                                                                  HORN BROS. MFG. CO.                                                        f
                                                                           1114·1156 W. Superior St., Chicago.                               I
                             •••   a.a   •••••••   _.             _
                                                                             .__ .__ ._-_.--._----------------------------------~
m these states dm mg the thl ee years, the productIOn from                 in which years it formed 33 8 per cent and 32 8 per cent, re-
thIs species constitutmg 68 I per cent in 19°7, 66 I per cent              :,pectlve1y, of the total Douglas fir lumber, which 1ankecl next
m 1908, and 685 per cent m 1909 It contnbuted 792 per                      to yellow pine in 19°9, vv1th a reported cut of 4,836 m11110n
cent of the total productIOn m \¥ashlllgton in 1909, and 832               feet, formed 1°9 per cent of the total oucput 111      thai year, a~
per cent m Oregon, vvh1le redwood formed 456 per cent of                   aga111st I I I per cent 1111908 and 11 8 per ceat 1111907
the total output m California.                                             \Vh1te pine, WIth an outlut of 3,9°0 m11hon feet, contllbutec1
      Of the total pioductIOn of lumber III 1909 softwoods                 88 per cent of the total in 19°9, as against IO I per cent 111
supphed 33,875 mlllJOn feet, or 76 per cent, while hardwoods                1908 and IO 4 per cent in 1007        The 1eported cut of oak
contubuted IO,693 mtlhon feet, or 24 per cent. Softwoods                   lumber 11119°9, namely, 4,446 l1111hol1     feet, \vas substantIally
contnbuted I per cent less of the total productlOn m 190q                  larger than the output of thIS species 111    either 1908 or 1907
than III 1908 and 1907, m each of whIch years they formed                  It formed IO per cent of the total 111 1<;09, as aga111:,t83 per
77 per cent of the total                                                   cent 1111908 and 92 per cent in 1907 A steady decrease 1')
      The 1eported cut of yellow pine in 1909, 16,277 milhon               noted in the propOl tion of hemlock lumber 111the total pro-
feet, constItuted 36 5 per cent of the total lumber output ThiS            ductIon durmg the last three years        It formed 84 per cent
proportlOn Vvas substantIally larger than m 1908 and 1907,                 of all lumber in 19°7, 76 per cent 111  1908, and 68 per cent 111
                                                                            1909     A slmtlar showl11g \\ as made by spruce, \\ h1ch de-
,..            ..... ..   . ..--------------.,                             clined from 43 per cent of the total 11119°7, and 42 per cent
                                                                           111 1908, to 3 9 per cent in 1909     ·Western pllle showed little

            ~OTTINGI                                                       val iatIon 1n actual or re1atn e productlOn 111 the three year')
                                                                           Its contnbutlOn in both 1907 and 1908 f01med 38 per cent of
                                                                           the total, and in 1909, 3 4 per cent The cut of lumber from
                                                                           no other species reached as much as 3 per cent of the total
              Drying lumber liberates steam and                            output 111  any of the three years, though a substantIal increase
                                                                           111 the production     of hickory lumber was sho\\n for 19°9,
              acid in the kiln. That is why your
                                                                           when a cut of 338 million feet was reported.
              unprotected kiln depreciates faster                                VVashlllgton leads all the sta,tes m production, with 3,-
              than other buildings.                                        ~63,000,000 feet board measure, closely follo\\ ed by Louisi-
                                                                           ana w1th 3,552,000,000 feet, MlssisS1ppi IS third, North
                                                                            Caro1111a fourth and Arkansas fifth         lVI1chigan \\ hich \\ as

            EBONOID                                           1
                                                                           first a few years ago is now tenth. It's cut last year was only
                                                                            1,890,000,000 feet

            Kiln Coating                                                        Phillipine Wood for Kwang Hsu's Tomb.
                                                                                 A mag11lficent mau:,oleum 1Sto be bm1t to mark the 1est-
                                                                           lllg place of the late "Son of Heaven"-the    Chlllese Emperor,
              Protects the inside of a wood, brick                         K wang Hsu The f01ests of the Onent \'Yere searched for the
              or concrete building, stops the rot-                         best and most durable \OV ood, and, after much competition, a
              ting process, is fireproof and cheap.                        Manda lumber company has won \OV hat 1S descl1bed as the
                                                                           nchest commercial pri7e of recent years in Ch111a The prell-
              You know you ought to coat your
                                                                           mlllary contract for the matena1 ha:, now been signed by tv, 0
              kilns with Ebonoid at once.                                  of the Chmese impena1 princes, and It p10\ 1des 111the first
                                                                           place for the shipment of 5°,000 feet of Philtppl11e hard \vood
                            Sold by                                        On 1tS arnval at Peklllg \\ ork IS to start fm tin' 1th on the
                                                                           mausoleum among the tombs of the M 111gdynasty near the
                                                                           capital    For the huge pd1ars of the mausoleum glant trees
            Grand Rapids Veneer Works                                      wd1 be taken from the M111dunao forests. Some of them, al-
                    GRAND RAPIDS, MICH.                                    ready cut, a1e 60 feet h1gh and 4 feet III d1ameter, \ve1ghmg
 Ar •••••                                                         ---~     over 17 tons.
20                                                                                                                       WEEKLY              ARTISAN

        An Important                                     "Fellow                                        Servant"        Decision.            ••                                                                            ---------------1
        That the hablhty of the employer for the acts of hb ~er-
vants extends beyond the 1 esponslblhb        t01  acclClent, to the
employe lesu1t1l1g flam the neghgence       of a fello\\    1, demon-

'it rated by the deClslOn of the :\ew YOlk COc11t of apj)eal~ 111
the ca'ie of Mary \ Hogle         a~a1l1st the FI<lnkll1l Il l11ul le-
tunng      company   of SYl acuse an autom(1)\le     U)\lell n     I he



                                                                                                                                             ..-------------- --------~--_. .-----~                                                                        I
                                                                                                                                             men \\ auld not \\ a1 rant the Jury ll1 findmg 1t gUllty of suf-
                                                                                                                                             fel111g 01 mall1ta1l1111~ a llU1'ianCe, but \v hen the practice be-
                                                                                                                                             came habItual     and the l11J1.HYd11ect, substantial     and \vell
                                                                                                                                             Lno\\ n 1 thmk the c1ut\ of the defendant became absolute and
                                                                                                                                             that It \\ a~ ~11l1t\ of suffell11g a nUlsance to contmue on Its
                                                                                                                                             land If It chd not prevent the eVIl"

                                                                                                                                                           Boycotting Vftrious Trude Schemes.
                                                                                                                                                     I he ketall J\Ielchallts' associatlO11 of 5t fo",eph, Mo, has
                                                                                                                                              l,lopted d I uk fOl hlddl11!:; members to give pnzes, premiums or
                                                                                                                                             1(11l1ll11'~1(11l~ dll\ k1l1d, 01 to ent;'a~e 111 an) contest that will
                                                                                                                                             ,111uth ()! mdneetl)        hung letlllns, tlade 01 leceipts to arty

                                                                                                                                                                                    The Modern Prtscilla for November, 1910'

'The Man of the Hour," or The Alarm Clock," According to Yom PolItiCS
                                                                                                                                                  Buy Correct Furniture at Correct Prices
      Deslgned by Frank Burton, a I::ltudent In the Grand RapIds                                                                                            MAKE ONE DOLLAR DO EXACTLY THE WORK OF TWO
                          School of Deslgmng                                                                                                                                          You owe It to yourself - to your
                                                                                                                                                                                      famIly-to investigate thIS proposl-
                                                                                                                                                                                      tlOn You take no fisk Satisfaction
                                                                                                                                                                                      IS guaranteed
court holds the company llable fOI an 111JUl 1 e"ultl11~ 110111
the throw 1I1g by Its emplO\ es of metal spikes and holt, mto                                                                                                                                                Send for Catalog, No. Il. Today
the yards of the pla1l1tlff despite the tact tlldl the empll\ e'                                                                                                                                             It explaInS how by puttmg the as-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 sembled pIeces together-just     a
had been thleatened        '11th dlschal!Se 111 la,e the plaetJcc \\<\'                                                                                                                                      lIttle effort on your part, a pleasant
                                                                                                                                                                                                             form of recreatlOn - you can place
not stopped       Judge Vann \\ ho \\ 1 ote tIle oj)1111on" 1\ ,11K                                                                                                                                          high grade, solId oak furmture
                                                                                                                                                                                                             nght In yOU! home for less than
defendant    flll ni~hecl the p1.lee fl0m \\ 111chand the l1lecln~ \\ lth                                                                                                                                    half your local dealer would charge
\\ hlch habItual tI espasse'i, cdkulatecl to mfllct pel sona1 1111111 \                                                                                                                                      you      We 9uarantee to do thiS

\\ el e committed     on the aclJom1l1!:; ]JIeml"e" (i 1he pLlI111 I n                                                                                                                                          Three Reasons Why You Should
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Nol HeSItate
The defendant kne\\ of the j)lacLlce and Lne\\ th It It hdd e "-                                                                                                                                               FIRST I [we misrepresented one
                                                                                                                                                                                                             thmg MODeRN PRISCILLAwould
l"ted f01 a Ion!?,"tIme, and \\ htle some effllJ t" \\ 11 C mark tl\ P\ e                                                                                     THIS BUFFET - $22 50                           nol accept tillS advertIsement
\ cnt It the C\ II Lontl11uec1 and e\ en g 1 e\\ \\01 se        \11 'el [-                                                                        We have tumJturefor  every roorn w thehome chl'boroffice     ~rcor..D    Our guarantee of sat
                                                                                                                                                   Only one of the 75 remarkable barb 'llnS offered In our   lI;;factlon    or   your   money   returned
'donal tIespass of tl11Skl11c1commItted bv the defendant',         \\olk-                                                                                          CATALOGNO 11           protects you In every way. You
                                                                                                                                                                                          have absolutely nothIng to lose
                                                                                                                                                            We have been m bUSInessfor ten years - doublIng our output each
,                                                                                                            -----------1               I
                                                                                                                                                year ThIS alone proves our relIablhty
I                                                                                                                                       I                        BROOKS MANUFACTURING                                      COMPANY
       The Good Old Reliable Work Bench                                                                                                 I
                                                                                                                                                4911 Rust Avenue                                                            SAGINAW. MICHIGAN
                                 THAT NEVER'GETS                                                  OUT OFlSTYLE.                         I


                                                                                                                                                                 A STRONG ONE B'ROMSAGINAW
                                                                                                                                             NotICe how cle" erly they nlake It appear that theIr goodE'and methods are
                                                                                                                                                            endorsed by the publ1shers of the magazine
                                                                                                                                        •I   1l1Unbel 01 film 01 firm-membel              The I ule also I)1ovldes t.hat
•                                                                                                                                       I
I                                                                                                                                            members must nut gIve lebates, discounts, premiums, tradm
I                                                                                                                                       I    "tamps, ~treet (dl tIckets or any ~l!t" whatevel             to mdlvldual
•I                                                                                                                                      I    ell" tom el" ll1aklll!:; pIli cha "e~ A rule has also been adopted,
I                                                                                                                                       I    tu the effect that membel s of the aSsoClatlOn shall nut give
                                                                                                                                              (1, l1lell \(Jlh ]JIl/l" O! pI Ull1llm~, III la~h ()\ 111el hclll(h-.c. EOI

       C. CHRISTIANSEN, 2219 Grand Ave., CHICAGO
                                                     l\1aO)           YCdrs 1\ldde t.xeJuslvt'lv               b\
                                                                                                                                        I    dill l()nte~t, Llll (111lll<'l1llll1ent 01 hel/dl, ell"o th"t Icque-.t-.

I                    Also manufacturer of the ChIcago Truck fOl \Voo,h\()[k,ng flLtones
                                            Send fOI Latalogue
                                                                                                                                             I )J "uell dOll It1\)ll~ etl
                                                                                                                                              111 \\lliln~.
                                                                                                                                                                              mll~t he llM(le dn cd to the ,1"~OLl<ltl011
                                                                                                                                                                 \\ll11lUPOll the ,l"solldtIOll,   If It (llc!Ol"C" the
   ......                          ~                                     ~                                          ~               _
                                                                                                                                        I    (,ll1c,e. \1111 11dlldk the I UIU( ,,1 <II! (l t b) 1 (,I-.h -.uhsu IpllOn
            •   .,    .....   _il!I'lIY   ......         ~    .....          '!'   ......   'I'   ...
                                                                                                              WEEKLY        ARTISAN                                                                                                   21

                                                                                                                            ~             .~~   .~~~8~8~~          __   .~'_'~'_.   __   '-     + •••
                                                                                                                                                                                                    '-----------------~     II   ••       1
                               Lower Pric('s on Rugs.
      All of the hIe, carpet and lUg hotl'ie~ ll1 the east opened
lle\\ Illle~ for the ~pl1ne,- tJ ,Ide Ll"t l\Tomla) mUl11me, Buyers
\\ele m attendance       ,It an unu'mallv calh hoUJ        In OIlC 1,\1 1;C I
                                                                                                                            i DOETSCH and BAUER CO.
                                                                                                                                                1534-44 Greenwood                   Terrace,        CHICAGO
house ll1 pal tlculal It VI'as stated that bl1ye1 s began to put 111 I
an appearance       a~ early as 7 30.       The p11Ce" named on the         I-
                                                                            I                                                               All previous efforts eclipsed
new lme" \ el tfied pI edlctIOns made some tll11e ago          The p11n-                                                                              ----        in our new lme of ----=~--=~
llpal 1111e", lUg s ha\ e been 1educed flO111 2 scent s to $ T 00
CLlch, \\ l1Jle carpets] ema111 on the same ])llCe level a" that of
the "eason just clo"ed        In some ([uarte]" It \1 as 1athel chfficult
                                                                                                                                                PARLOR FRAMES                                                                             I
to e,et at just \\J hat had been clone 111the way of namme,- pI ices,
and f01 the fi1st h\ 0 weel,,, of the se,l"on at least It IS believed                                                       I                         wh1ch 1Slarger and more effective than
                                                                                                                                                               we have yet offered

                  ~OOOSEWINGg.:                                                                                                      Now ready for inspection at our factory
flI               e:                                                                                                                      Take Southport Ave car to Greenwood Terrace, thence west 10 factory.
  .               J'                                             MAC"'NES ..                                                         or Clybourn Ave car to Ashland Ave, thence north 10 Greenwood Terrace.
                               TO BE SOLO AT

                            Our name engraved on thIS
                            Sewmg IVlachme will be a
                     daily remillder that when you
                     are III need of Furniture, Rugs 01'
                Stoves you should patronize Gross-                                                                                                          .by carryingthe
                man's and save from 2S to 30 per cent
        un any single piece of Furniture        or on a                                                                                                         ONE~PIECEPORC£LflIN{INED
        complete Home Outfit.
                          Have You Ever Heard
        Of a drop head Sewing Machme                                     whIch        IS guaranteed
        10 years by the manu-
        facturer, and equalh
        as good as any $35
                                                                                                                                                                        WRITE                 FOR   CATALOGUe:
        machme on the market, to
        sell at thIS ridICulously
        low pnce of $2 98 ?
                                                                                                                                                              GRAND RAPIDS REFR1GERATOR                                           Cg
                                                                                                                                                                        GRAND RAPIDS.                             !"fICH.
            Why We Do It
        It 15 our aim to have you VISlt eUhel
        of our two new and most beautiful
        turmture stores. located awa} from
                                                                                                                            •                                                                                                             ~
        the downto\\ 11 hIgh rent dIstrtct, and
        once you enter (JUT stores you are convll1c~d
        of the low pnces prevailIng and the stand, TO
        qualIty ot our merchandlsc
        That we may 1dd your name dn10ng our lIst
                                                                                                                            I   I
        of satlsfJed customers we ask }'QU to buy horn                                                                          I
        us a smgk pIece of Furniture         Rug or a
        Stme Just\a sample order to th .. amount ot                                                                             I
        $2000 and vou are entitled to thiS high
        grade $35 on Sewmg Machme for $298
            Positively Only One Macnlne to a Customer
            Furmture selet.ted for future ddlvery                                           :l~:
                                                                                                               -                I
        entitles you to a Se\\mg Machine prO\lde<l1                       atef;t   ropro cd nechant n    very ught              I
         1 dep,.)SIt    is made                                           runnng      1hecabmet::l hefi~selected                I
           Open      Evemngs     Except       Wedne"day   and   Frrda)            e~a~a~ f$UI1 2\ 0 9att~8'h
                                                                         =-;-:r'il~\                                    I       I
                     Liberal CredIt Extended
        Newlyweds must not fall to VISIt our com
        pletdy furnished flat at the MIlwaukee avenue
                                                                         cbme      Regu1ll.r value

                                                                                            lS  guarantel"d : do_ he
                                                                         roughes and fin(:~t kmd or ork that may
        StOfL and learn ho\\ to flJrnIsh your home

                                                                         be !f'qwred     A \\'fltten guarantee fqr 10
         correctly                                                       )ears IS glver! '\'lth each mach nc

                  h6~~                GROSSMAN'S                                                      h~~~                      ,
         1530-32 MIlwaukee Ave.                                          3231-3:7 Lmcoln                       Ave              I
                               Near   Robey                                                "'\leat Bo=lmont
                                          A Sample Advert1sement
that \ alues \~111be rathel 111 egular     ~lanufacturel   s were very                                                          I
much alSamst nam111g anv reductIOn" as they are well aware of                                                                   I
the Ltct that cal pet II ools al e I11gh, as compal ed \\ Jth last                                                              I
yeal, and that 1t doe" not look a" If the law matenal \va" gOll12,                                                              t
to be any lowel £01 some tIme to come                                                                                           I
      At the salesl 00l11~ of the Alexandel      Smlth & Sons Car-
                                                                                                                                I THE           "ELI"            FOLDING BEDS ~~tf'rl~I~N~~~

                                                                                                                                I Li «"0:""iVlooi' L L'E'R"'"& u'co.
pet (0l1lpany, the new pllces announced         on Monday mornmg
shcmecl 1edl1ltlon" of 50 cents each on 12 -1- !\'(mmstel          lUgS,
 SO cents on velvct PalIsades and $1 00 each on Wllton lUg".
Carpet" were 1epoJ teel at pllces sImllal to those in force
dUlln~ the past "eason        rl he new price lIst announces        that                                                                                     EVANSVILLE.                      INDIANA
                                                                                                                                                                  Wnte lor cuts and pnces
on orders placed after January        I, advances    wlll be ask!:'d all                                                                   ON SALE           IN FURNITURE           EXCHANCE.            EVAN.VILLE.
along the line.
                                                                                                                                •                                                                                                     •   •
                                                                                                                                              -     -   ---~~~~~~---.

22                                                              WEEKLY              ARTISAN

.....   -----------------_... ..                                           . --                   --~~_._. -_._._._. __ ._~-~---_._-_._._._-_.-. - .- -~
                                                                                                                    _. _.

                                  ISN'T IT TOO BAD-
                 People wonder where their profits are gOing when the trouble usually hes In poor equip-
         ment.   A httle foresight In the begmnmg would have saved them dollars--a         hule more money Ill-
         vested at the start III "OLIVER"     "QUALITY"       eqUipment.
                 Some manufacturers of wood workmg tools slight their output by puttmg In poor matenals-
         employmg poor workmen-simply         to be able to make a little more profit.   'Ohver" tools are bUllt
         along machIne tool hnes -careful-accurate-durable       - safe.
                 Some purchasers fall to mvestlgate thoroughly before plaCIng their order      Some unscrupulous
         salesman tells them to purchase somethmg-they      go ahead-find    out too late they are wrong-lose
         money, whereas a letter addressed to us would have procured our catalogs - set them thInkmg-
         saved them money.

                 ISN'T THAT TOO BAD.

                                                                                                                               "OLIVER" No. 60 Saw Bench.
                                                                                        SURFACE PLANERS                        SAW BENCHES
                                                                                        HAND JOINTERS                          SWING CUT.OFF SAWS
                                                                                        SANDERS                                BAND SAWING MACHINES
                                                                                        WOOD TRIMMERS                          BORING MACHINES
                                                                                        CHAIN MORTISERS                        SAFETY CYLINDERS
                                                                                        LATHES                                 VISES, CLAMPS, ETC., ETC.

                                                                                                          ADDRESS           DEPARTMENT        "0"

                                                                                   OLIVER                       MACHINERY                                   CO.,
                                                                                                  GRAND RAPIDS, MICH., U. S. A.
                                                                                   BRANCH       OFFICES-
                                                                                   lot National Bank Bldg , Chicago, III.       1125 Welt Temple St, LOl Angeles, Cal.
                                                                                   No 50 Church St, New York CIty.              PacIfIc Bldg., Seattle, Wash.
                                "OLIVER" No 61 Surfacer
e.                                             _
                                                   ---~------_ _ ..._----_._-----
                                                             ..-.                                                                    _   ..       --- _ .....-. - ....   I

             Buildings That Will Need Furniture.                                     000, \\'lllJam        SIegmann,      6527 Mmnesota         avenue, $2,500;
      Residences-Grand         Rapids,    )'llch -S      DeGroot,        \Vest       CalOhne ElChkol n, 3523 Tennes~ee                 avenue, $2,500; Minnie
Leonal d and Da'ls streets, $3,000, C. E Baxter, 86 ~ubU1n                           Schultze, 5444 Ridge a, enue, $3,900; C. P. Hed, 2010 Forest
avenue, $2,500, H A TOI en, 126 La1kms a, enue, S2 800, L                            a, enue S3,300; LOl enz Rett1er, 3971 Flora boulevard,                     $10,-
P. Oltman, 454 Fountam          street, $2,500, \V E ChamptOn, 137                   000
Reynolds avenue, $2,500                                                                    East St Lotus, Ill-Robert             Cunningham,       811 Ohio ave-
      Atlanta,   Ga -G      M HilliS, 27 11echal11c street, 89,500,                  nue, $5,200; Dr Geolge P. Adams, 635 North Thirty-third
R. S. Monis, 194 Stetlmg street, $3,;00. ~Its )'Ial) E Can-                          c;treet, $-+,700
non, 18 Bovv ie stt eet, $2,800; ),11-- E S Gllffin. 4-+ South                             De.., :\Iome,." Ia -Herman         \\-llk, 1264 Fourteenth         street,
Gorden street, $7,000; G H GllLlm, 47 South GO!den stl eel..                         S3,6oo, ),1 Thiel, Este,., street and \Ventvvorth                avenue, $3,-
$4,000.                                                                              ;00, Petel Sc..hemenauer, 1606 Thirty-siAth               street, $4,000.
      Detroit, l\Itch-\Vdham         Halt, Forest and Trumbull             ave-            Denver,      Co1 -James         0'Dllscoll,     Douglas      place     and
nues, $10,000; J \V Gill, 711 Hamdton             street, $2,500; GeOlge             Boulevard       F, $3,500; Edward           Cook, Yates and Twenty-
A Erskine, 108 \V estmm ster street, $4,000; Clemens Fbher,                          se, enth streets, $3,800, H. J. Clowd, Ash and Twenty-third
975 Joseph Campau street, $3,800; \Vl1ham Leslle, Burlm-                                      ,
                                                                                     sheet __ $5,000, ),IlS M. W. Jones, King and Forty-second
game and Hamilton streets, $3,000; E G. Villerot, 295 ?\ atlOn-                      "ireets, $3,000
al avenue, $4,350; Frank LeWIS, 73 Larchmont                 street, $3600                 Indlanapohs,        Ind.-O.     P. Ensley,      La Salle and Thir-
      ChIcago, Ill-R       E. Hollowell, 7604 Emerald avenue, $5,-                   teenth street, $2,800; Lyman H. Pnce, 3047 Broadway,                         $3,-
000; Patrick      Feeney,    State and Nmeteenth           street, $6,000;           250, G M. \Vedd1e, Bismarck               and Washington         streets, $3,-
Henry T. \Vol£, 6040 \Vood street, $7,200, M Powers,                         120     000; Ella Getz, Gray and New York streets, $3,000.
Kensmgton      avenue. $4,000; Miss Hattie \Vmchell, 5951 East                             Ene, Pa -D.          H. Comstock,       Tvventy-elghth     and Parade
Circle avenue, $4,000; P. 0 Hulton,               6148 Vernon         aiellUe,       Stl eetc;, $2,500, A KnoII, Eighth and Parade streets, $4,000.
$6,500; \V. H. Croft, 6757 Bennett              avenue, $18,000, H. S.                     Trenton,    ::.J. J -M      M. Martinett,    346 Edgewood        avenue-
Smith, 7221 Pa1mel avenue, $5,000, Olaf Kl111gen, 4207 Hirsch                        $3,000. Isaac Lenzner, 416 Randall avenue, $8,500.
street, $4,000.                                                                            Bll1ghamton,        N Y -IV.      E Clark, 200 Robinson            street,
      Cmcinnati,    0 -1. Y Cooper, Salem and Menlo streets,                         $2,500. B. B Bundy, 28 Judson street, $2,500.
$4,000; \Vtlham Gerhard, Ernst stteet and State a'enue,                     $5,-           Mmneapohs,          Mmn -Anthon)          Moore, 1406 Eighteenth
500,"\    J Scott, 2428 Maplewood avenue, $3,800; E. L Hell1s-                       a, enue, $3,000, Rosa M Selb, 15 Barton avenue, southeast,
heimel,384     !\laska avenue, $3,800; LOUIse \-onCostello,               Dan-       $6,000, P K Bal bour, 3805 Lyndale avenue, south, $3,500;
Iels and Euchd avenues, $4,000, John 1Iahlenkamp,                  Can I and         John Fager, 3902 BlaIsdell avenue, $5,000; Ludwig Welker,
Geiger streets,      $4,000, Charles      Reuter,     Fisher     street and          2101 Sixth street, $3,750; Alft ed Boik1und, 3906 Second ave-
MIgnon avenue, $4,500.                                                               n ne, south, $3,000.
      St. Louis, Mo -l\lary       E. Duxbury,      5352 Julia street, $4,-                 1Il1waukee,       \Y ls.-Oscar    Brochman,      State and Twenty-
                                               WEEKLY            ARTISAN                                                                       23

r--~A'DDELL MAN~'FAcTuRI~~"~o-~-1
I                               I           Grand Rapid •• Michigan

I                                                                All Knobs and Pulls have the

                                               No-I1um-Loose Fasteners                                                                          ,
II                                             The largest manufacturers of Furniture Trimmings in Wood
I                                              in the world. Write us for Samples and Prices.   Made in
                                               Oak, Walnut, Mahogany, Birch and all Furniture Woods.
~                                                                                                                                              4I
third streets, $7,000; Nicholas Lauer, Buffum and Concordia      $2,900; Mary E. Beasley, 3727 Terrace street, $2,500; VV.D.
streets, $7,500; Mrs. Emily Koepke, Locust street and Louise     Frae, 3717 Tracy street, $4,000, F. M. Hobbs, 4409 St. John
avenue, $4,000; Mrs. Henry Gattman, Summit avenue, near          street, $3,000; J. H. Graham, 2920 E. Twenty-eIghth sheet,
Belleview place, $10,000; J. M. Schneider, Mitchell street and   $5,000.
Twentieth avenue, $2,700; Theodore Hauseman, Forty-first              Hammond, Ind.-J. V. Slodda, 1110 Columbia avenue,
and Meineke streets, $2,800.                                     $4,000; H. J. \Vnght, 360 Plummer avenue, $2,500
     Portland, Ore.-Albert    Larson, Minnesota avenue and            Dallas, Tex -Mrs       J. S. Terry, 219 South Harwood
Shaver street, $3,000; G. B Raymond, East Forty-elgth and        sh eet, $2,500; Lou Leedom, 532 Reiger street, $3,000; Mrs.
Schuyler streets, $3,500; H. V. Carpenter, Montgomery and        VV.T. Moore, Flora and Leonard streets, $3,500; R. S. Geen,
Upper drives, $4,500; W. O. NIsley, East Forty-eIghth street,    San J acmto and Mahlda streets, $3,500.
and Kelly avenue, $4,000; Mrs. L. E. Hamilton, 149 Seventh            J acksonvl1le, Fla.-Capt. A. B. Potter, Osceola and Oak
street, $3,000.                                                  streets, $4,000.
      Newark, N. J.-Luigi Perna, 637 North Sixth street, $12,-        St. Joseph, Mo.-Mrs. Rachel Watson, Isador and Elev-
000; Alfred Schmidt, 74 Garrison street, $4,800; Peter Trani-    enth sheets, $6,000; VV. F. Uhlman, Folsom and Osage
son, Third avenue and FIfth street, $25,000; Emma E. Lyon,       streets, $3,650.
869 South Eleventh street, $8,000; William A. Dennis, 19              Lomsville, Ky.-Mrs. A. Holtevert, 2310 \Vest Jefferson
Randolph street, $7,500; Maria M. Eiselle, 55 Farley avenue,     street, $3,000; W. C. Reederer, 1124 Hilliard street, $2,700.
$8,000; Helen Mersfelder, 388 Seymour avenue, $4,000; Abby            WIchita, Kan.-M. E. Eshelman, 1015 Litchfield avenue,
Eppinger, 784 South Twelfth street, $5,000.                      $3,000; V. E. Appleby, 1020 North Waco avenue, $2,500.
      Los Angeles, Ca1.- J. A. Patterson, 711 Frostless Belt          Miscellaneous Buildings-St.           k
                                                                                                       ::vIal 's EpIscopal church
road, $3,500; Gertrude McCaffery, 1221 West Seventh street,      vestrymen are bmldmg a $10,000 chapel at 1218 AddIson
$3,000; R. R. Crabtree, 445 East Twenty-eighth street, $3,-      street, ChlCago, Ill. The Fnst Umtanan Chuclh society are
000; LIla A. Young, 807 Golden street, $3,250; A. A. Burn-       bul1ding a $25,000 church on East FIrst street, Duluth, Mmn.
and, 806 South Bonnie Brae sstreet, $2,800; J. E. Calhoun,       The German MethodIsts are bmldmg a $30,000 church on
 322 West Forty-first place, $5,000.                             Greenwood avenue, Tlenton, N. J. Bartmann & Pretschold
      Syracuse, N. Y.-D. P. Bennett, 259 Midland avenue, $4,-    are bmldmg a $10,000 theatre on North avenue and Twenty-
 800; N. H. Young, 111 East Corning avenue, $4,800; Charles      SIxth street, Ml1waukee, \VIS. The Orpheum Theatre com-
 Quackenbush, 1226 Cannon street, $5,000; H. S. Slocum, 808      pany of Portland, Ore., ale remodelmg and refurnishmg their
 South Salina street, $4,500; Lena Markert, 620 Court street,    theatre on Mornson street at a cost of $20,000 R R Thomp-
 $5,000.                                                         son 15 electmg an eight-story hotel bmldmg on ThIrd, Pme
      Schenectady, N. Y.-c. L. Hensler, 321 Glenwood ave-        and Ash streets, Portland, Ore., at a cost of $40,000. The
 nue, $5,800; Conrad Hartung, 728 Stanley street, $3,500;         Board of EducatIOn of Newark, N. J, are erectmg a FIrst
 Francis Neverman, 606 Christler avenue, $4,000.                 ward school bmldmg in Crane and HIgh streets. The 1. N.
      Toledo, O.-W. H. Kontz, 1425 Huron streeth, $2,500;         Poe estate is bmldmg a three-story brick hotel at 422 St.
 Frank J. Welzbacher, 28 Parkwood place, $2,800; E. 1. Bayer,     Clair street, Toledo, 0 The Belmont :Ylethodlsts of Roanoke
 Melrose and Rosalmd avenues, $3,500; George Zimmerman,           Va, are bmldmg a $25,000 church.
 Princeton drive, $2,500.
      Omaha, Neb.-Pryor     Nelson, 2505 Pinckney street, $2,-
                                                                                                         FURNITURE      MANUFACTURERS
 500; George W. Snyder, 1712 South Central boulevard, $4,-
 000.                                                                                                          Send for samples of our
     Seattle, Wash -F. M. Barnes, 2742 Thirty-eighth avenue,
 southwest, $2,700; F. R. PIerce, 1160 Eighteenth avenue, $3,-                                             Celebrated Nickel Steel
                                                                                                              Sword Tempered
      Peoria, Il1.-Harry Spangler, 350 Columbia terrace, $3,-                                            BAND SAW BLADES
                                                                                                          Warranled   In    every partICular
 200; Samuel Gordon, 268 North Garfield street, $5,000.
                                                                                                         Best proposilion     on Ihe markel.
      Spokane, Wash.-George     Gutschen, El718 Gordon ave-
 nue, $2,800; T. VV.Mornson, E826 Twenty-sixth avenue, $4,-                                              FRANK W. SWETT & SON
                                                                                                         Mfrs of band saw blades and tools
 000; E. D. Tifft, E3608 FIrst avenue, $2,500.                                                           1717 1719 W. Adams SI ,Chicago
      Kansas City, Mo.-Samuel Brenn, 3512 Chestnut street,
24                                                              WEEKLY           ARTISAN

           Cur SurpJu!'> Changed                 1n Shor1age.
       rl he CUllent 11l11letllJ of the AmellCll1 RLllh\ ,1\ ,l"SOCI                 IDEAL STAMPING AND TOOL CO.
ation "hows that the numbel of Hlle heIght               Ull" d<:ued"td
                                                                                                                                          SOCKETS, DOWELS,
I apidly m the t \\ 0 \\ eek s CO\el ed by the 1epOl ts         1 he de
                                                                                                                                           TOP fASTENERS
crease dUlmg the last half of Octobel \\as -+ 506 Celt"              11m
                                                                                                                                             and GlIlDES
cuts the numbel of SUIplus cals do\\ n to 29, 131 \\ l11ch IS
                                                                                                                                        for Extension  Tables.
 r ,765 cal s less than last} eal at thIS tIme
                                                                                                                                             Also special stampings
       ShOl ta~ es have mCI eased 1,377 cal s flOm the fi~ UIe of                                                                              In steel and brass.
two weeks ag 0, the shol telg es now bemg 2 I ,896 calS           '\t the                                                                                Write for
                                                                                     NO KUM.OUT TABLE SOCKET       Patent applied for
same tlUle last \ eell thc h~Ule \\ a" 3(),o,6 cal s The ledudl0n                                                                              samples            and prices

m the '1\11  plus IS lal ~eh III miscellaneous    C,ll" \\ hlch shu\\ I
deC'lease of 3 68~      rjhe Llt~c"t Ilem ol Illuea"es 111 the "hOll
                                                                                     465 N. Ottawa St., Grand Rapids, Mich.
al:;es, IS m ftlt caIson     the sO\1theln I acIds
       PUI chases of lonstluctlOn      matel Jal and eqUIpment for               U     ted IV o1l1d be fal 1 eaChllH:; I t was also su~gested
                                                                                     CLl                                                              that
lC) T I bv the 1.1111ad S 1 S (()mlll~
                      o                  closel to I elll/atlOn   hut IS         '-,t I 0111'- <Illl CIlI"elS boost the Clt) III the adveri1slllg mattel
lIot \ et ,m al101llpll"hu I fed        \ l1umhel at the lOad" al e              \\ hIe h thcv L,tl IJ11t <Illcl III the11 aclvC'1lIsements     which ap-
                                                                                 pl,l! 111 1 he 11l<I~Ll/1l1e"tll1 ol1ghol1t the countIy.

                                                                                            Strength of Sears-Roehuck                                    Stock.
                                                                                         On the (h] ca~ a E xchan~ e Seal s- Roebuck   stock aftel
                                                                                 le,llll1m; lX.zy ha~ leleded to 1790 A financIal writer on a
                                                                                 ( lnc,\£;() pape1 declale" thele IS an agreement  among the ('hl-

                                                                                                                                   Thirty Days'
                                                                                                                                  Free Trial to
                                                                                                                                        We don't ask yon to
                                                                                                                                                     p'ty a cent

                                                                                                                                                Oul Products;
                                                                                                                                               exammed the
                                                                                                                                             artIcle selected
                                                                                                                                             WIth    your    pur-
                                                                                                                                          chase and are con-
                                                                                                                                         villced we gIve you
                                                                                                                                         about don ble the
                                                                                                                                         value that        yon
                                                                                                                 No 15                   could get at a. storo
                                                                                                            L\l.dy Washlog              for the Bame money
                                                                                                              too BoudOir
                                                                                                            Desk chOice of                      r~ar~~
                                                                                                            Quarter sawed              Pro due ts 0 f your
           Made by Sheboygan    Novelty Co Sheboygan,           WIS                                         Golden Oak or             selectIOn and any
                                                                                                           genuine Mahog  4           article m our Cats
                                                                                                              aoy Veneer              log glven WIth a $10
                                                                                                           Given With a $10          purchase, on tlurty
considerIng    purchases, and several have asked for bids on                                                  purchase of            days' trIal      You
                                                                                                            Larkin House-            then pay $10, If satis-
cars and ralls     A few have made small purchases.      The steel                                          hold Supphes             fied If not~ we WIll
                                                                                                                                     l emove goods at our
                                                                                                                                     expense     r efn nd
mIlls have opened books for orders,         In the plans for pUl-                                        treight charges and charge you nothing for a
                                                                                                         reasonable amount of Products used m tnal
chase that a number of the roads have made all-steel cal"                                                \\ e guarantee satisfaction

constitute  a bIg Item    rj he lOads al e adoptmg- the all-steel                                          Get Our Free Catalog
cars fOI both passengel    and fI eIght tI afflc   1\ext yeal WIll                               af~u~8           I~S?~~t::i~~~nOdtI3~:crltl~::H
                                                                                                 of the 1700artlCles of Wearmg Apparel ann Housefurmsh
                                                                                                 ing offered you to choose fl om  Send today Addles8
show a big jump m the all-steel tI ams bemg opel ated
                                                                                                 Depa-nment        L.;rrki'n C",.                   BUFFALO,
                                                                                                              tf W est~of-the MissiSSippi Send to
                                                                                                  LARKIN      CO            Dep. 71          PEORIA,        ILL
                 Plans to Boost St. Louis.                                                          SImply FIll In, Cut Out and Mail ThIs Coupon
      At the Octobe!     meetmg    of St. LoUIS Sales :YIanagers'                                    Larfdn C.a. Mail free Catalog No. 72 and
assocIatIon    It was suggested   that If all 'st Lams salesmen                                  explain how I can furnish my home or clothe myself
                                                                                                 out of present cost ofllVing. (G. P. 157)
would concentrate      theIr eftorh     on a certam     state at one                             Name'                                          _
time and boost St. Lams and hel industries           1t would aid St.                            St. and No. or R. D.                                         _
Lams materIally      m extendmg     tIade relatIOns.     FOI example                             P.o.                                Stafe
if all the tlavelIng salesmen out of St. Lams making the state
of Iowa would get together and set a eel tain week in whIch                                        :3ome of the Strongest            Larkm Ideas

to swarm down upon the merchants            of that state and talk
nothing but St. Lams goods to these merchants                the effect          cago officers of the company and their immediate               entourage
                                                                                 that no stock shall be dIsposed of within a certain period;
, -------------- ---_._---_._------ "
,                                                                                that is, the interests indicated have obligated themselves             not

                          LOUIS HAHN I,
                                                                                 to liquidate a shal e' of their holdings for a specified time-a
I                                                                                SOlt of vel bal esclow \\ hlch IS as binding as a written escrow

I                                                                        ,
                                      154 Llvmgston St.                  I       because no stock could be 11quidated without the cognizance
                                  GRAND     RAPIDS, MICHIGAN             ,       of the compan} '1 offiCIals
                                                                                                                      The telm of this agreement
                                                                                            It is supposed to extend anywhere from three to five
                                                                                                                                                     is not


I                                    l'ltl7ens   1elephone   1702        I

                                                                                 years     \Vith thIS lctlge amount of stock VIrtually tied up, it
                                                                                 J', not so clIfficult ,IS It \\ auld  at first appear to keep the market
                                     DESIGNS                              ,,
                                                                           ,,    "trong.
                               and Details of Furniture                     ,,         Wi"e men \\ III not try to pull a table leg befol e the varn-
                                                                         ~       ish is dry.
      Laukamer Brothers have purchased Thomas DavIson's                    The Quake1 CIty Metall1c Bed company, PhIlade1ph1a, who
 fUImture store in Mankato, Minn.                                      chscontmued busll1ess on account of finanCIal ernbarrassment,
       The Crex Carpet company of Hartford. Conn, hay e m-             report the1r hab1lltles at $60,200, assets, $52.967. mcluchng
clea:;,ed theIr annual chvldends, flam 2.0 to 3 per cent               fixtures, machmery, etc Most of the credItors hay e agl eed to
       Fort SmIth, Ark, papers state that R A Re1t7 has de-            accept 25 cents on the dollar.
cIded to move h1s furl1lture factOly flam EvanSVIlle, Ind. to                 N A \Valcott. \\ ho has been elected by the Pm to RIcans
Fort Smith.                                                            as delegate m the Umted States house of RepI esentatJve",
       \\'J1IId1TI Cald\\ ell has purchased the Osbourne fUlniture     \va" fOlmerly m the fUl11lture bus111essat POltsmouth, N H.
store m \Vest Some 1 VIlle, Mass, and presented it to hIS son,         He \vas a pal tner of R Clyde M aJ geson 111the POl tsmouth
Fred Caldwell.                                                         Furmture and Cal pet company.
       Thomas H BI 0\\ n, far neady twenty-) ears a fUl11l1111     e          Manager Charles Lugrin of the Atherton FmUlture com-
dealel and undertaker at ;\1arlboro, Mass, ched on No\ embel           pany' cham of thirteen stores, accompanied by one or more
4, aged 48 years.                                                      of hIS assistants, has been buying rugs and carpet:;, 111New
       Simon R LaPlace, furniture dealer of Deep River, Conn.          YOlk this \\ eek and may be expected to appeal in the western
has doubled the SIze of IllS store by rentmg and remodelmg             fml1lture markets dunng the coming week
an adjommg building                                                           Gershenowitz & Berg, furnIture dealers of 1378 FIfth
       Congressman John H Boehne of EvanSVIlle, Ind. who               avenue, New York, have filed a voluntary petitlOn m bank-
\\ as Ie-elected last Tuesday, is president of the Globe FU111l-       ruptcy      They schedule their liabJ1ities at $75 I and estimate
ture company of that city.                                             their assets at $675, including stock worth $350 that was
     The Panhandle Mattress and FUI11ltUl company of Ama-              tm ned over to trustees for creditors in October
rillo, Tex. recently mcorporated, have filed proof of full pay-               The stockholders of the Siegel-Cooper company and
ment of theIr $25.000 capital stock.                                   Greenhut & Co, of N ew York, al e to meet today to consider
      The furniture dealers of Memphis, Tenn, have orga11lzed          and vote on a proposition to merge the two big concerns in a
an associatlOn mainly for the pUIpose of securing enforcement          smgle corporation to be called to Greenhut-SIegel-Cooper com-
of the law relative to moving furniture.                               pany       If the merger is effected the capitalintJon     WIll be
      J H. Kentnor, treasurer of the SmIth & Davis Manufac-            $6,000.000.
turing company, St Loui:;,. Mo , spent the greater part of Oc-                The furniture for the new $500,000 court house at Shar-
tober on a vacation trip in Texas and Louisiana                        on, Pa, will be made from the special designs made for the
      The Courts Furniture company of Cincinnati, 0, has               court house at Youngstown, Ohio. last year         Every piece in
been mcorporated by B A and M L Courts. Harold S Bis-                  the Youngstown courthouse will be duplicated and the cost
hop and Walter Schmidt             Capital stock, $10,000              will be just half of the $28,000 paid by the Youngstown
      At the special town meeting last Monday the freeholders          county commissioners.
of Brattleboro, Vt, voted by a large majority, to exempt the                  Isabelle Chapman has started suit against the N e\V Eng-
Felch & Pier Chair company from local taxation for a pellod            land Chair company to collect damages for the death of her
of five years.                                                         husband. a fireman \vho lost his life in the fire that destroyed
      The Sa11ltary Mattress company of Malshfield, "V/is . has        the chair factory and jail in New Haven. Conn, la"t April
been incorpol ated         CapItal stock, $5°,000; of which $40,-      Her claIm is based on the allegation that the fire was clue to
000 is owned by C H Stack, K \V Doege, C. G Engstrand                  the 11legal presence of gasoline and benzine in the chair fac-
and F VoHmer.                                                          tory      She has attached all the property of the :\ ew England
      The Sterling (Ill ) Hearse and Carriage company. manu-           Chair company, which, at the time of the fire was owned hy
factl11ers, have incorporated their busmess           Capital stock,   the Ford & Johnson company.
$IO.OOO.       owned by A A \Volfersperger, C E BenSll1gel                    ::Yreekins, Packard & Wheat, leading furnitnre dealers
and H C Newell.                                                        and house furnishers of Springfield, Mass, have recently filled
      Contracts for supplyll1g furnIture and office fixtUl cs for      se, eral contracts of unusual importance       Amon~ them were
the ne\\ customs house in San FI anClSCO. Cal, hay e been              ordet s for the entire window shade equipment of the big new
awarded to the H S Crocker company and the Ruckel Fullel               office building of the Fore River shipbuilding company of
company of that city.                                                  Quincy. secured in competition with the leading Boston houses,
      The habllities of the Edwards-Ihrig        company. manufac-     and fOJ the solid maho!:;anv fm niture for the ne\\ office butld-
turer,> of caskets. mattresses, beel springs, etc, of Oskosh.          1l1g of the Springfield Gas Light company and fOl the Sprrng-
IVis. \\ ho wel e declal ed bankrupt recently. al ereI'm ted at        field Fiye Cents savings bank        Each of these la'3t two con-
$62,6 r4 \\ ith assets estimated at $78,586                            t! acts mclucled a massiYe dll ectors' table in solid mahogany
       MI s L Cohen of New Yark City, has announced the                \\ hich \\ CIe made in the firm's own workshop
engagement of her daughter, Miss Anna, to Samuel IV Prus-
"Ian. head of the Grand RapIds FurnIture com pam and the                      The 1eftections cast bv a mlrror          do not provc that It IS
Hub Furniture company of Boston, Mass.                                 \\ Jthout a flaw.                                              , '1 ;,'v'
       The Foy & Starr company, dealers 111mantals at 902
~fam '>treet, Cincinnati, 0 . have leased the adjo111m~ bwldll1g.
occupIed by Joseph \Vuerst as a mattress factory Mr \17uerst
                                                                                          THE   ~ndttpARLOR
                                                                                          NEWA..U                      BED
1'3no\\ located at 129 East Twelfth street                                                          Need not be moved
                                                                                                    from tbe waIl
       The Burlington (Vt) Furniture company, who decided                                           Alway. ready wit h
                                                                                                    bedding in place
to go out of busine'3s because they were unable to lenew then"                                      So .impl., 80 easy, a
                                                                                                    child can operate it,
leasc or SeCllle other suitable quarter'3, have sold their '3tod.                                   Hall roomy war-drobe
in bulk to the McQue ...      ton Pm n1hwc and Cat pet company of                                   box.

Manchester, N. H.                                                        CHICAGO. Erie & Sedgwick                  NEW YORK, Norman & Monitor.
26                                                    WEEKLY            ARTISAN

     Most Atfractive Inducements for Car Load Buyers
I    Are Off€ red by the
            Manufacturers of Cl amber SUites, Wardrobes. Chiffoniers, Odd Dressers, Chifforobes

            Manufacturers of Kitchen Cabinets, K D. Wardrobes.     Cupboards and Safes, in ImitatIOn
I           golden oak, plain oak and quartered oak.

I          Manufacturers of Mantel and Upright Folding Beds. Buffets, Hall Trees, China Closets,
     Combination Book and Library Cases.
            Manufacturers of Sideboards in plaIDoak, imltalion quartered oak, and solid quartered oak,
            Chamber Suites, Odd Dressers, Beds and Chiffoniers In Imltalion quartered oak, lJ"Qltalion
            mahogany, and Imitalion golden oak.

            Manufacturers of the "Superior" Line of Parlor, Library, DmIng and Dressing Tables

                                                                                                         Made by The Karges Furniture   Co

            Manufacturers of "Hygiene" Guaranteed Brass and Iron Beds, Cnbs. Wire Springs and Cots

                 Evansville is the great mixed car loading center of the
                 United States, made so by the Big Six Association .

...                                                                                                                      ••••••••            a.a   •••
                                        WEEKLY             ARTISAN                                                  21

    Made by Bosse Furmture   Compauy.                                         Made by World   FurnIture   Compauy

                                          Made by Bockstege FurnIture   Co.

~    ...••....•...                                                 .. ..-_ .. _ ...---------------- .....

Z8                                                             WEEKLY               ARTISAN

                P. A. Peterson for President.                                       pI eSlc1ent of the Rockford    Manufacturers'    and Shippers' as-
      Rockord, Ill, N ov 10- P A Peterson,        the \\ ell-kno\\ n                SocIatIon     He has taken a deep 1l1terest in good CItizenshIp
fur11lture manufactUl er, has been noml11ated tOI PI eSldent of                     and sel \ eel on the hazardous   machmery     commiSSIOn app01l1t-
the Illl1101s ManufactUl ers' assoClatlOn, \\ hlch \\ 111 holel Its                 ed by GO\ el nor Deneen \\ hlch dre\\ the factory 1l1SpectlOn
annual l11eetl11g 111 ChlCago Decel11bel 2    :\1I Petel son \V dS                  hIll passed by the leglslatul e He IS also a member of the em-
                                                                                    plO\els, lJabl11t\ commlSSlOn that has drawn a bIll to submIt
                                                                                    to the ne\.t genel al assembly

                                                                                                              Furniture Fires.
                                                                                            fhe Beal :\J attl ess factory at Plymouth,            1'\ H, was
                                                                                    hm neel on :\0\ embel 4 II Ith a 10% of $8 000 to $10,000 and
                                                                                    (ll1h $-!-000 1l1surance,

                                                                                            1 he mal11 bmlcl1l1g m the plant of the [<'01 SmIth (AI k )
                                                                                    ]. Ul111tUle :\1anufactunng        assouatlOn    \\ as destroyed    by fire
                                                                                    on :\ member 3         Loss, $30,000. fully msul ed
                                                                                            The chall stock factory owned by John E A Keyes at
                                                                                    \Jell 111\ :\1111s :;; H \\as totally destloyed           by fire on No-
                                                                                    \ em1JeJ 5        Loss about $4.000        111surance, $2,25°,
                                                                                             I he stock of \\ Illl1drth & Co , furnIture dealers, of K eyV-
                                                                                    P( II t R I \\ as badl) damaged by smoke and water dUrIng a
                                                                                    hI c 111 the \bl ams block m:;; ovembel 4 TheIr loss IS fully
                                                                                    IT1SUl  ed
                                                                                            Ecll\ aHl Olson fUl111tUle dealer and uncle! taker of Coon
                                                                                    \ .dle\ \\ I~ \\ a" burned out completey on Kovember 4 Loss
                                                                                    S3 'j0o pal tlalh              e
                                                                                                             1l1SUl d     He expects      to make arrange-
                                                                                    ments to resume business.
                                                                                            The BIshop Furniture        company, dealers, Grand Rapids.
nOl11l11ated by a C0l11111ltteeselected b) the boal d ot elll cct Jl ~              \1lch       lost about $1,000 by fire last Monday             111ght   The
Mr Peterson      came to RocktOl d \\ Ith hIS pal ents III 1852                     bla7e \\ as 111 dn adJol111ng bu11cl111gthe upper stOlY at whIch
hvecl on a farm for fifteen yedl" anel el11bal keel 111 the l11anu-                 IS used bv the BIshop company for storage purposes                    Fully
factunng   busmess by orgal11Zl11g a fUll11ttll e factOl \     He IS                111sured

                                                                Minnesota   Retail Furniture
                                                                   Dealers'  Association
                                                             OFFICERS-PreSIdent     J R Taylor, Lake Benton, Mmn , Vlce.Presldent, D R Thompson, Rockford, Mmn ,
                                                                         Treasurer, B A Schoeneberger, Perham, Mmn Secretary, W L Grapp JanesvIlle Mlnn

                                                             EXECUTIVE     CO\l\lITTEE-Chalrman,      Geo KleIn, Mankato Mlon, 0 SImons, Glencoe, Mmn, W, L
                                                                                            HarrIs Mtrmeapol1s, Mlnn ,C Danielson Cannon Falls

               "Eureka-We             Have Found It...                                                    Association          Jottings.
        FOl the last t\\ 0 ) eal s the hm In!; C01l1111lttech,lI c hcen                   Do you reallze that Chnstmas          tl111e 1\ 111ch I" the furl11-
lookl11g fOl a 1l11eof da\enpolh-one                 thaI 11<l~\ \(1 1 l.;c)Od~     tllle dealels' hane"t.     IS only SIX week:'. a\\ay"       No\\ are you
anel stl11 has the pllce        \ \ e ha\ e SCOlU the mal keh tlmc and
                                                     eel                            pI epal111g tOl th"t hal \ est, so that you \\ III get your share of
agam       \\'1111e \\ e \\ el e able to get plel1t\ of llllcs at a J111ce          Chnstmas      bth111e"s)    Do not you th111k about It no\\ ?
the values \\ el e not thel e To get both comibllled ha" heen a                           Most of the pI ogres SlYe dealers al e beg1l1l11g to reahze
much hardel        PIOposltlon       than most of the membel s \\ ould              that upon the success ot thell Chllstmas              season's bus111es",
leah7e                                                                              depends the pl0fit makmg of the yeal, and thel efOl e, plan
        These people al e an old estdbllshed fil111 ha \ mg a J epu-                and can y out ad\ ertls1l1g campaigns           \v hlch WIll make the
tdtlOn beh111d them that the\ cannot affOl el to l()~e h\ J1uttl11g                 consumer      at Chllstmas     tIme thmk of ftUl11tUl e msteacl of
out shabby stuff but al e \\ 111l11g concede the qUd ntltl pllCe                    somethmg else        It can and is be111g done each year. and most
If \\e can sho\\ them the bus111ess X 0\\ It IS up to the mem-                      e\ el) busmess pI esents posslbl!ltJeS that the ftlll11tUl e bus111e""
bers to shOll them OUl heal ts al e 111the Ill?,ht place                            does along thIS 1111e. so It IS up to each 1l1ChVldual metllbel to
       The spnngs        ale of the ~ualanteed            (Om!1 ULtl011     ] he    make the most of this OppOI tumty by commencing                 now, and
Chase leather IS gualanteeel            fOl a .' eal     fhe iJ lmc~ ,II e \\ ell   don't be aflalc1 to beg111 to talk Chllstmas        presents llght aftcI
made and full SlLe The fim~h I~ C'-.cellent Jl1 Lilt e\ e1\ thUlg IS                the first of December.
first class as to 111atel1al and \\ 01 kmanshlp                                           The advertJsmg      helps the association     furnishes you. help
       Evel \ 111embel should place an 01 del tOl at lea~t t\\ 0 01                 vou to accompllsh and carry out advertising            stunts whIch you
11101 of these da\ el1p01 ts and \\ hen \ ou sec the qualltl ) all                  as mcll\ Idudl deale I \\ auld never hope to be If you had to ~et
\\ 111duphcate your order                                                           up the oll~lnal       So make good use of it.
       The C01111l1lttec IMS put the club 111) Olll hands nO\\ ~o                         \,"ould a state-wide      collectIOn bureau intet est \ ou a" a
to work                                                                             ll1c111\)el of OUl .1~"OCJatron? J f so, let the officers know.
       FreIght    late~ to :\f1l1ne<;ota tran"fcI          8IC pel hundred                If you dues and subscnptlOl1s are not paId up for the
                                     THE BUYIKG COil1MITTEE.                        past year, l"n't It tIme that they were?
                                    MINNESOTA                                              RETAIL FURNITURE                        DEALERS'                    ADVERTISING                HELPS

                                                                                                                                                                                            No. 227
                                                                                                                             No. 208
                                ~o 218                                                                                                                                     1- hIS davenpol t has a quartered        oak
                                                                                                           Note hf"avy carved foot          ThIS IS not
          ThIS        IS a fine automatic                         davenpOl          t    in                                                                             al m and front ana has a full SIze auto
                                                                                                        f'mbossed     as is usually     the ('ase with
    the         golden            oak        or     Eng l1sh         finIsh               It                                                                            matic bed 48 x 74         It also has a large
                                                                                                        thIS kind of da\ pnports       has a wardrobe
    has        d.   fme         \\ ardluLJe         fOI    bed<hng            and        by                                                                             \\ anlrobe for the beddIng         Just notlc€"
                                                                                                        for beddIng back drops sO as to make a
    Just uloPPIng           bac k you have a most
                                     thE.                                                                                                                               thE' swell front and back         It CPI talnly
                                                                                                        beJ. 47 "( 7 2   It 18 a finp pIeCE' of fUIni
    comiol  table                 bed
                              It certaInly    IS a fill(                                                                                                                IS wor th the money      you pay for it     '1'he
                                                                                                        tUI e at a nloderate     PIlC€     Frame made
    pIece   of futllitute    the frame    beIng   fIttul                                                                                                                irame IS nlade of quarteled        oak and is
                                                                                                        of solid oak and IS fitted WIth gualantef>U
    \\ itll gual anteeu   ~tLel constructIOn       Natf                                                                                                                 fittpd \\ Ith guaIanb:.-ed steel COhitructlon
                                                                                                        steel constIuctlOil     sprIngs all tenlpered
    the IHd\ ~ cal veLl foot anu the swdl                                                                                                                               sprIngs 011 tempered         Note the heavy
                                                                                                        It can be had In golden oak finIsh only
    front     It IS a davpnpol t that you wIll be                                                                                                                       can lngs not beIng embossed as IS. usual
                                                                                                        "ught    150 pounds
    pI Dud          of when             standIng           upon      your        flOOI b                                                                                ly the case wIth    thIS kInd of davenports
    '" t'lght             1')0 pounds                                                                                                                                   ,Veight     150 pounds

          to memhe-rs r41 No 218 in VPlona                                                           PIlce to IUt mbet~   r-l{) No 208 In Velona       MPOD         Pnce to mt'mbers F43 No 227 In Verona                 MR.AT
PI 1(E'                                                                                 UK J J
111C(' to membf'IS                 I 41 No          218 In Cha,;;;c                     ?>II{   .H   1 lIce to members    r4J No 208 In Chase         UPOE          PncE' to members F43 No 227 In Chase                  MR.AT
                                                                                                     Pucp to men1bers     J'iJ 1\0 208 In Leather     KA.EIH        l-'rice to Hlembers F43 No 227 In Leathe1             KA.FF

                                       No. 238
          \ stlongly                constructed automatIc                           daY                                                                                                         No. 2%4
                                                                                                                               No. 236
     E'nport              Its    frame         IS fitted          \\ lih    gualan                                                                                           ThIS   IS a handsome    quartered oak dav
                                                                                                             \ beautiful    automatlC   davenpoi    t fur
     b::((1         stE'E'l      coush        uctlOD         v.lih         011      t0m                                                                                 enport       contaInIng   a large wardrobe for
                                                                                                         nIshed In thf' Early EnglI<;h only              Its
     pel pd <;pllng~                     It contaIns              a large        ward                                                                                   the    beddIng    and   by   USIng   the   automatIc
                                                                                                         <) Inch posts .11 e made of .$olId oak          Its
     lobe and by                   USIng          the automaiw                attaLh                                                                                    attachment     you have a 48 x 74 bed         It
                                                                                                         frarof'   IS fitted    V\Ith guazanteeJ.     steEl
     ment           It Lau be                turue-d        Into     a cmnfOl t                          lonstl uctlOn    ,\ Ith 011 tempered     springs               IS a well constructed      pIece of furnIture,
     able           bed              Nott..         its    swell       fI ont           and                                                                             the frame beIng fitted WIth the guaran-
                                                                                                         It has a largf' wardrobe         In connectIOIl
     loun(hng               top         It     IS   a  magnificent pieu                                                                                                 teed   stef'l   constructIOn       It IS not
                                                                                                         fOI    beddIng and by Just drOPPIng the
     of        furnIture             at a           moderate   price and                                                                                                f'mbossed     as 18 usually    the case WIth
                                                                                                         b<1ck you ha, e a full sIzed bed.            It IS
    one         )'OU       \\111     be- very             ploud       of    In      your                                                                                davenports      but 1S a well put up pIece
                                                                                                         a 10\ EJy pIece of furnIture      and WIll add
     hallIe            \\ eIght              225    pounds
                                                                                                         greatl3- to the appealance       of any room                   of furniture      and one you can depend
                                                                                                                                                                        upon     WeIght, 225 pounds
                                                                                                         "eIght      225 pounds

PrH'e to members F43 ~o 238 HI \ e-rona                                                 l'II 1]\1    Pnce to memberb F43 No 236 In Verona              A)I.TE       PrIce to members F43 No 224 In Verona                 AT.FK
Plll...€'to membeis T'4~ No 23" In Chdsc                                                l'II.H1                                 3
                                                                                                     Pllce to Inembers F41 No ... 6 In Cha~G           AM.TE        Price to members F43 No 224 m Chase                   AT.FK
PIIU to members F43 No 238 In I f'ather                                                 KRPI         PI Ice to merubers F43 No 236 In Leathel          KOPJ\I       PrIce to members F43 No. 224 In Leather               KO.P~I

                            No. 237                                                                                          No. 202                                                      No. 220
          t\ handsome     davenport  In solId quar                                                          Another good automatIc        davenport   for                  Another   well   constructed    automatic
     tered oak        There   IS no competItlOn      to                                                  the money made of SJlId qual tered oak                         davenport finished III quartered     oak.    It

     thIS    pIece      Its arm and front are 5                                                          and   WIth   a polIshed   finIsh    It has :it 6               has a SIX Inch arID and a large         ward-
     lucht's    and   If )-OU WIsh to make a bed                                                         lnch arm      haVIng a nIce wardrobe         fOI               robe In connectIOn with same for the
     out of same         by the automatIc     attach                                                     beddIng-    If you are to use It for a bed                     beddmg and by Just droppmg the back
     ment you can have the most comfort                                                                  1»  lettIng the back down you can have                         down you can have a comfortable            full
     able bed, 47 x 74 WhICh has a large ward-                                                           a bed 48 x 74         .rhe frame fitted with                   sIzed bed   Note the rounded corners and
     lobe     In connection     With same    for the                                                     gua,ranteed    steel construction      and  the                tufted top and front      Its frame IS fitted
     beddIng      the flame IS fitted WIth guar-                                                         011 tempered     sprIngs    IS somethIng    you                WIth guaranteel   steel construction    and is
     anteed steel constructIOn        It IS a daven-                                                     can "ell be pIoud of          Weight    225 lbs                somethIng that IS well worth the money
     port that :}    au can well be proud of and                                                                                                                        and a lInece of furniture that you can be
     IS surely worth the money you pay for                                                                                                                              proud M WeIght, 225 pounds.
     It    ·Welght. 225 pounds

PriCe to membeIS r43 No 237 in Verona                                                   AA.AK        PrIce to memb6ls F43 No 202 in Verona             AR ET        Pncf>.to members F43 No 220 In Verona .•. M:F.PA
Price to members F43 No 237 III Chasc                                                   AA.AK        PrIce to members F43 No 202 1n Chasc               R ET        Price to members F43 No 220 in Shasc    • MF.PA
Price to members F43 No 237 III Leather                                                 KI.IA        PrlCe to members F43 No. 202 in Leather          .ER.TR        Price to members F43 No. 220 in Leather •. KP.AT
     30                                                 WEEKLY          ARTISAN

QUEER FACTS ABOUT SHOW                                  WINDOWS   ttre1y of men and boys       Children often find their way to this
                                                                  en trancing spot.
                                                                        One day a little mother aged about 9 had camped out on
Attract Admiring Crowds One Minute.                          Are
                                                                  the doolstep of the blld store vvlth her charge and her em-
                    Deserted the Next.                            broldel y. She sat where in pauses of embroidery she could
                                                                  catch peeps at the monkeys while the baby trotted about on
      In the shoppmg dlSh !Cts the ebb and flov\ of the wmdow
                                                                  the doorstep and a small boy seated opposite dispensed valu-
gazers is a thing to pU7zle 0\ er. At a certam ttme there \\ 111
                                                                  able mformatlOn a" to the customs of tigers.
be a faIr sized crowd befO! e a shop \\ mdO\\ and 1ll fi\ e
                                                                        A charactensttc    sIght before the blrd store wmdows IS
minutes it wlll have dIssolved, and appal entl} not a creature
                                                                  the \ ery young father and mother who have come to show
passmg cares to throw a glance m that dtrectlOn.
                                                                  the cockatoos to baby.        Perhaps it is needless to say that
      This phenomenon    is common to all shop \\mdows, but
                                                                  baby is usually asleep.
there are pecuhanties   about the crowds whlch dlfferent wm-
                                                                        The toy shop wmdows are very popular with men and
dow dlt>plays attract. For mstance. a lead1l1g attractton 111 one
                                                                  VI' omen  of all ages and of course wlth the children who are
appears to be the vacuum cleaner demonstratlOn,          but the
                                                                  brought to see them         The 'pon your word children, those
curious thing about the throng \\ hlch pl es"es ltS composlte
                                                                  \\ ho are stIll ) outhful and unconscious,     always show their
nose agamst the glass lS that there lS scarcely e\ el a \\ oman
                                                                  dehght m the same manner.          They seem quite overwhelmed
in it. Sometllnes a bnde or a bllde to be, wlth her man m
                                                                  at first and pay no attention to the grownups who urge them
tow, wlll stop to gaze at the du<:;t devourel, ]Jut she looks at
                                                                  to look at the mmlature automobiles       or flying machines.   In
i"t with the same ecstattc "\agueness \\ Ith \\ hlch she re~ards
                                                                  absolute sl1ence and wlth open mouth their round eyes travel
in passing a set of old Enghsh       slh el or one of Russlan
                                                                  11 om group to group of toys, when all of a sudden there will
                                                                  sound a shriek of glee and "Oh, the little bed!" or "The
      The notdble housekeeper,   the woman v\ ho usually buys     httle chail!" or some tnflmg thing that happens to strike
the machine, rarely looks that way, WIllIe men stand en-          thelr fancy.
tranced for ten or fifteen mmutes, watchmf; the cleaner eat             Boys of all ages, flom 8 to 80, are smitten with the
up the powder that IS stlewn on the fioO! to leplesent dU'ot      gIant kl1lfe dlsplayed m the toy shop window.          This knife
      "I suppose it's the mechal1lcal SIde of It that 1l1telests  has a sa\\ and a corkscrew and blades of about seventeen
them," a passmg woman was heal d to sa}. "fol \\ e all kno\\      dlfferent SIZes, and some day sume small boy outside is gomg
that any man WIll SIt m a room ttll the dust Ilses and bune~      to dlssoh e the thlck plate glass wlth the might of his yearn-
him rather than be bothered ",ith cleanmg"                        mg for that helolc kl1lfe.
      Women are often seen gomg mto the bll d stores and are            Gro\\ n folks are mtel ested in the toy shop windows and
probably the best customel s of these shops, but the cro\\ d betray cunous remams of sentiment.              One fat, well groomed
before the bird store w1l1dow is agam made up almost en-

                                                                  man \\ hom old fashlOned ladles would have called a man
                                                           ------------                       ----~-_.--_._._._._-_._
                                                                                                                    ..                _---   ,
                                                          FOUR NEW

                                                          TRADE MARK REGISTERED


                 BARONIAL                                       OAK STAIN                                          in acid and oil.
                 FLANDERS     OAK STAIN                                                                            in acid and oiL
                 S M 0 K ED 0 A K S T A I N                                                                        in acid and oil.
                 EARLY ENGLISH OAK STAIN                                                                           in acid and oil.
                                                 Send for finished samples, free.
                            Ad-el-ite Fillers and Stains have long held first place in the estimation
                            of Furniture Manufacturers and Ma.ster Painters.    In addition to the reg-
                            ular colors the above shades offer unusually beautiful and novel effects.

          The Ad·el·ite People                                                                                      CHICAGO-NEW YORK
                     Everything   in Pamt Specialties   and Wood Fmishing   materials.   Fillers that f111. Stains that satisfy .

i-                        ....
                         ._ _. . ---------.-.-.-.--------.------.------.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-----------~
                                                                        WEEKLY                    ARTISAN                                                                                                    31
                                                                                                   ---------_._-_._._._.--_.                                            a               •
                                                                                                                                                                                                      ... - .~

                   Wood Bar Clamp Fixtures, Per Set SOc.
                                                                                                30 000   •
                                                                                                                               Steel Rack
                                                                                               Sold on approval and an un con
I                                                                                              dltlonal money back guarantee

I                     PaotentMalleable Clamp Fixtures.
                                                                                                                                                                            STEEL    BAR CLAMPS.
                                                                                                                                                              We sohctt prtvllege of sending samples and
                                                                                                                                                            our complete catalogue
I                                                                                                                                                                                                                t
     E H SHELDON          & CO Chlcal(o III                                                                                                                                                                      I

         Gentlemen -We are pleased to state that the 25 dozen Clamp FIxture, VI hlCh
     we bOuRht of you a httle over a year ago are gIvIng excellent se"'Vlce We are
     well satisfied wIth them and shall be pleased to remember you whenever we want
     anything additional In thiS line               Yours trulv                              RAPID ACTING WOODWOBItEB'S                   VISE No ~
                                                                                                                                                            E. H. SHELDON
                                                                                                                                                                328 N. May St., Chicago .
                                                                                                                                                                                                e;, CO.
         SIOUXCIty. Iowa
         _. __ ._.        •
                                                        CURTIS SASH & DOOR CO.
                                                               •                   • __   --- --------
                                                                                            •                                   ------.-----------------~                                                        ..

about town stopped before the window and eyed gloomily a                                           hnger at the garment and turnmg an adoring eye on his wife
row of so-called natural dolls        These dolls have m contra-                                   saId:
dIstmctlOn to the old type a natural chIld's face and a homely                                           "Mother, I kind of thmk you'd look good in that gownd."
one at that, with small eyes, large mouth and a sunburned                                                There is one fact establIshed beyond doubt.   In the best
complexion.                                                                                        SOCIety show figure ladles do not wear heads. Just as much
     "Are those the dolls chIldren play with now?" saId the                                        of them as IS needed to show off a gown IS all that is toler-
man. "vVell, I swear!       I lIke dolls to have bIg blue eyes and                                 ated 111the hIghest CIrcles, and their smlrkmg, long eye1ashed
flaxen curls."                                                                                     rosy faces wIll soon be no more seen in the shop windows.
     Of course when it comes to shops where hats and gown:"                                        Pel haps it's Just as well, for they have been known to lead
are sold there IS scarcely ever a man seen looking in the                                          to complIcatIOns.
wmdow unless he has a profeSSIOnal interest in such matters.                                             Some mce women new m N e", York were rather doubt-
By some queer process, though, the! e is almost never a                                            ful anyway as to whether or not it looked countnfied to stop
cro",-'d before these '" indows. yet scal cely a woman passes                                      and stare at the store windows.       However, they deCIded to
Without looking in if only for a glance           The attItude of                                  take the chances on a good long stare at a handsome gown
women toward the exhIbits IS usually a distmctly personal                                          dIsplayed on a show figure with a seraphIc waxen head and
one     Would or \\ ould not the garment or hat be becoming                                        an elaborate COIffure. At that moment the shew man clImbed
to them, they seem to ask. If in their estImation it would                                         mto the window and started to remove the gown from the
it IS desil able   If not it IS an abomination.                                                    wooden model.       As he slIpped the frock from ItS shoulders
     Occasionally a suffering husband is taken along to sym-                                       the three women who had been watching him grabbed each
pathIze.    He is lIkely to be elderly, well broken and from out                                   other's hands and fled gasping "Oh, horrors!      He's undress-
of town. One such husband. \\ om and weary but still on the                                        111gher right before everybody!"
Job. was heard to answer to an indistinct murmur of "Marked                                              It has been obsen ed that the folks who seem to enjoy
$13, such a bargain !"-                                                                            the pretty dIsplay in the candy shop w111doV\snever go in to
     "\Vell, go m If you want to. I'll wait right here for you.                                    buy. It may be that they are not allowed to eat candy and
Right here, mmd I" And he is probably still patIently wait-                                        are attendmg a BarmeCIde feast. Those who buy candy walk
mg before the hat store wmdow V\ith hIS WIfe's jacket over                                         mto the shop WIthout any hankering inspectIOn of the win-
hIS arm                                                                                            dow and come out WIth pounds of candy whIch they prob-
     An unbelievably chanmng thing happened before a fash-                                         ably eat themselves and digest excellently.
ionable dressmaker's     shop window the other day. There was                                            As often as not the persons who seem to get the deep-
dIsplayed a gorgeous gown m the very extreme of skimpi-                                            est pleasure out of the w111dow dIsplays of the pIcture and
ness. Peenng ealnestly at It stood an elderly couple from                                          book shops are shabby half grown lads. They hang about
the country; he lean and ascetIc looking, she fat and kmdly                                        these w111dows and gloat over the bargains in fine edItions
but with a very grave and absorbed face.                                                           and the reproductions     of old masters WIth the air of con-
     Of cour:"e the passe! by thought that they were sadly                                          nOIsseurs.   Perhaps they're only killmg tIme while they are
condemning the shockmg taste of modeln dress and was sur-                                           supposed to be doing important errands, but maybe they're
pnsed and delIghted when the man pointed with a long lean                                          buddmg gemuses.        \Vho knows?- New York Sun.
                           ,                                                                     .                                 .            ,                      .            . .-----1
~ .
                                                       "THE            BEST           IS THE                        CHEAPEST"

          BARTON'S GARNET PAPER                      Sharp, Very Sharp, Sharper Than Any Other.
                  SUPERIOR TO SAND PAPER.                                     It costs more, BUT It Lasts Longer; Does Faster Work.
                 Order a small lot; make tests; you will then know what you are getting.                                   WE     GUARANTEE                     SATISFACTION.                   Furniture
          and Chair Factories, Sash and Door Mills, Railroad Companies,                   Car Builders and others will consult their own interests                       by using               it.   AI.o
          Barton's Emery Cloth, Emery Paper, and Flint Paper,                               furnished in rolls or reams.
                                                                              MANUFACTURED                             BY

          H. H. BARTON & SON CO., 109 South Third St., Philadelphia, Pa.                                                                                                                                          I
    ...                                                                                                                                                                                     •    •               .4
32                                                        WEEKLY              ARTISAN

             --------------- ••
,                                                                             "ome p0111b dIe IepOlted a<, exceedll1gly eager to do bu<;ine<;..,
I Miscellaneous                     AdvertiseIllents.                    •
                                                                         •I   hut no actual 1 eductlom ha\ e been repoded clll!1I1gthe week
                                                                              e\.cept on <;omeof the lem e1 gI aclec;of sou the 1n oak.
                       SITUATION     WANTED
     Man age 39 wants posItion wIth large concern as factory
     manager or assIstant to general manager.     IntellIgent, edu-      •                              Chicago Notes.
     cated, honest.   HIgh grade executive, good address and cor-        •
                                                                         I          ChIcago \0\ J I-On the afternoon of November 22, a
     respondent.      Systematizer, cost accountIng, pIece work          I
     Good mechanIc-Iron     and wood      Many years charge large
     chaIr and furnIture plant. A "lIve wIre"
     Box No 2, care Artisan.
                                                  Best references
                                                              11 2-19
                                                                         I    cl1"a..,trol1" fIl e took place m the parlor furniture plant of
                                                                              John KJlllllleth & Co, 835 North Wood street, which wa~
                                                                         I    ct1111O'itentll ely destroyed       The fire stal ted on the second
                             WANTED                                      •
     PosItion as travelIng salesman.     Salary or commIssIon            •
                                                                         I    floor and soon -,pread throughout the entIre building, which
     Thoroughly understand furnIture busIness Best of reference          •
     Address Y, care Weekly ArtIsan                  11 12-19-26         I    \\ as a fall! stOl} structll! e. The fire occuring in the a fter-
                                                                         I    non the entll e force of help vv       e1e 111 the factory and a num-
                       POSITION      WANTED                              I
     A successful salesman W1th 25 years establIshed trade In            •I   bel \\ el e mal e 01 les<; 111Jll! ell 111 mak1l1g theIr esceape, some
     Central TerrItory is open for a posItion January 1, 1911, wIth      I    of them havll1g Jumped from the second and thIrd story win-
     a good case goods or chaIr house. Have the very hIghest
     recommendations.     Will go into any territory.      Address       I    do\\ s     Great presence of mmd was shown by theIr book-
     W. H. J. care Weekly Artisan.


                         One who thorougWy understands
                                                      11 5-12-19.

                                                                              keepe1, \\ ho It IS 1eported, 1an through the factol y on leal n-
                                                                              mg of the fit e gIving the alarm, and after retUlnll1g to the.
                                                                              office took the tnne and precautIOn to place the books of the
     office and store fixtures, and specIal order work. To the rIght     I
     man this is a rare opportunIty.     Address, (statIng expenence     I    cancel n 111 the <;afe and turn the combination lock
     and where you have worked), "Supenntendent,"            Care of
     Weekly Artisan, Grand RapIds, MIch.                            tf   I          X \1 GI een of the Green Manufacturing company, par-
                                                                         I    101 fr ame manufacturers,         had qUIte an unusual experience
                            WANTED.                                      I
     Commercial salesman for Indiana and Illinois to sell Parlor         •
                                                                         I    Iecenth \\ hlle out wIth a party of frIends in hiS automobIle,
     and Library Tables.  State territory covered and lInes car-         I
     ried. Address "Map", care WeeklY Artisan.              9·3tf        I    he \\aC; suddenly oldered to hold up his hand<; by a motor
                                                                         •    c\ dbt polIceman, who informed hnn that he \Vas under ar-
     Traveling- salesman to carry a line of Reed Rockers and                  Iest tOl bl eakll1g the speed law           The \\ hole party was led
     Chairs III IndIana and Illinois. State territory covered and             to a neal by polIce statIon and after, N NI -\\ Ith tears 111 hIS
     lines carried. Address "Near", care Weekly ArtIsan.      9-3tf
                                                                              e\ e<; mfOlmed the Judge that he was cleln eong repaIr pieces
                        POSITION    WANTED.
     A salesman of ability furnishing best of references and at               to a customel he \\ as dIscharged and told not to exceed the
     present engaged, desires a change. Thoroughly acquaInted                                              1
                                                                              "peedlJl111t agall1 It 1<; ema1kable hO\v p10mpt some of these
     with the trade of New England and New York states and can
     guarantee results.  Address C. A. R., Weekly Artisan. 7-23tf             Chlcag 0 tl ame makel <; are 111 the dehvel y of repaIrs by aut.
                              FOR SALE.
     A nice clean stock of Crockery in a live West MichIgan                                            Index to Advertisements.
     town of 10,000 population.  Would also rent store if desired.             \dam"         & ~ltmgCompany                                                30
     Address "See" care Weekly Artisan.                  5-28tf.                         Rctngel atOl Company                                              17
                                                                               \1,1,,).. 1
                                                                               B Iml, \\ 1 & John Company
•                                                                        •     Bdrton, H H & 50n Company
                      New York Markets.                                        Bennett, Cha'i FUfmtufe Company                                              9
                                                                               rhg 51, elf Loadmg AS~oClatlOn                                           2627
      New Y 01 k, N ov II - PeculIaI condItIOns al e noted 111                 Blh" }Iachllle \Vork-,                                                  Cover
 the l111seedall tr ade. The gavel nment report, Issued \ \ ednes-             ('hIla 0 Iflrrol and ~rt Glass Company                                     11
                                                                               ChnstIan sen C                                                             20
 day ,shows a shortage of over ten mIllIon bu~hels m the flax-                 Doet'ich & Bauel Company                                                   21
 seed crop, but lI1stead of hardenmg prIces weakness IS more                   1errls & LeIth                                                              R
pronounced.      The cald lates have not been changed, but                     11 eedman Brother, Company                                                 10
                                                                               Gnnd RapIds Rlo\\ Ploe nul Dust Arrester Company                        Covel
 whIle raw 011 IS quoted at 98 cents, most of the tJansactIOns                 Grand RapIds Ca'iter Cup Company                                           1R
ale made at 9S @ 96 cents and la1ge lots ale aVallable at 94                   Grand RapIds Refngel ator Company                                          21
                                                                               Grand RapIds Veneer Works                                                  19
cents. Ten-barrel lots have been sold dUrIng the week at
                                                                               Hahn, LOUIS                                                                24
95 cents. Smgle-boIled IS quoted at 99 cents and sold at 97,                   Horn BrotheT'i :Manufactunng Company                                       19
double-boiled at $1 WIth most of the sales at 98 cents                         T deal Stam<)mg and Tool Company                                           24
                                                                               Kmdel Parlor Bed Company                                                   25
      Turpentme has been qUIet and steady, through the \\ eek                 T entz Table Compan}                                                        lR
at prIces rangmg from 7972 to 80,%. Today It IS quoted at                      T llzht George W IIanutactunng      Company                                IS
                                                                              Luee Furmture Company                                                        2
80 cents here and 76;/2 at Savannah       The demand IS lIght,                 Luce-Redmond ChaIr Company                                                  2
the bulk of the bus mess bemg 111small orders from dealers.                   \hrvel     Vfanufactunng    Company                                         17
      The demand for goatskms IS less than normal and bUSI-                   II Iller ElI D & Co                                                         21
                                                                              IIlscellaneous                                                              32
ness IS qUIet. AlrIvals have been smaller than usual for the                  ~ehon-Matter      Furmture Company                                       Cover
past two weeks and, so far as known here, will be so for                      1\[ orthern Furmture    Company                                              1
                                                                              Ollyer M:achinery Company                                                   22
some time, so there is not lIkely to be any great accumulatIOn
                                                                              Palmer \1anufacturing       Company                                          7
of stocks PrIces are steady, no changes havmg been reported                   Petersen A & Co                                                              6
in last week's figures.                                                       Porter, C 0 \Iachmery Company                                            Cover
                                                                              RIchmond Chair Company                                                       6
      Shellac contmues strong, with a slIght advance 111    prIces            Rockford Chair and Furniture Company                                        12
for T. N. and the olange grades. D. C. IS quoted at 27 @                      Royal ChaIr Company                                                          7
28 cents; V. S. O. 24'% @ 2S; DImond I, 24 @ 25; fine                         Sager, W D                                                                  13
                                                                              Sheboygan Novelty Company                                                   15
orange, 23 @ 25; brIght orange, 21 @ 23; T. N., m cases,                      Sheldon, E H & Co                                                           31
20,% @ 21-m bags a cent lower. Bleached, fresh, 21 @ 22;                      SmIth & Davis Manufacturing Company                                         11
                                                                              Spratt George & Co                                                           9
kIln drIed, 26 @ 27.                                                          C;tmv & Dav I, Furmture Company.                                            13
      The hardwood lumbe1 markets are dull at all points and                  C;\\ett, Frank W & Son                                                      21
                                                                              Tanne\\ itz Works                                                           12
predictions of lower prIces are now heard more frequently                     UnIOn Furmture Company (Rockford)                                           10
than at any trme dur111g the past year. The demand is less,                   \Vaddell 11anufacturing Company                              .   .          22
                                                                              \Vard, A 0          .     .                                          .      20
except in the large cities, than it was In October. Sellers at                White Printing Company •........••..•..•...............•.•.•                14
    f     Buss
    , Tilting

t Table Saw
          furnished   with   or WIthout
              BOrin!! Attachment.

         Weigbt Net, ] 200 Ibs.
         Carries Saws up to 18
          inches in diameter.
         Self-oiling bearings for

          countersbaft and loose
          pulley--tigbt and loose
          pulleys 9;/Z and lOin.
          diam.--drive pulley 20
I         in. diam., 6 in. face.
         Pat e n t e d device for
f         locking tbe table.
I        Made so tbat the boring
I         attachment    may be
1         added later witbout

          any machine work or
          expense whatever to

                                                                                      Manufacturers       of Latest Improved Wood·Worklng Machinery.
}   The Buss Machine Worhs, Holland and Grand Rapids, Mich., U. S. A.
'--.~._-------. - - - - - - --~-----------------_._------_._-----------------------------------'
              -                                                                                                                                        •••     a   .......

        ----------------------------- -- ---------_.------- --_. ----------------------------

                 HAND \IRCULAR            RIP SAW            MORTISER                        COMBINED      MACHINE

                                                      Complete Outfit of HAND and FOOT POWER MACHINERY
                                                                  WHY   THEY   PAY THE    CABINET    MAKER

                                                          He can save a manufacturer's profit as well as a dealer's profit.
                                                          He can make more money wIth less capital Invested.
                                                          He can hold a better and more satisfactory      trade wIth hIs
                                                          He can mannfacture !U as good .tyle and finIsh and at as low
                                                     cost as the factones
                                                          The local cah!Uet maker has been forced !Uta only the dealer's
                                                     trade and profit because of machlne manufactured goods of factones
                                                          An outfit of Barnes Patent Foot and Hand-Power        Machinery,
                                                     remstates the cabmet maker wIth advantaJ{es equal to hIS competitors.
                                                          If desIred, these machines WIll be sold on trwl   The purchaser
                                                     can have ample time to test them In hI' own shop and on the work he
                                                     wishes them to do. JJ"crlptlv, catalo(/u. and prIce list free

             No 4 SAW (ready for cross cnttmg)        W. f. &. JOHN BARNES CO. 654 Ruby St •• Rockford,                 III.

                                                                                                                                 No.4 SAW (ready for npplnC)

              No ~ SCROLL SAW                       FORMER   OR MOULDER                                HAND TENONER                            N~ 7 SCROLL   SAW

.. .....
---------_._-------- ----_. -_.-._._- -- - ..... . .- _..                                       .   - ..

        Oran~ Da~Ms Dlow Pi~e
        THE        LATEST     device for handltng
              shavings and dust from all wood-
        working machines. Our nineteen years
        experience in this class of work has
        brought it nearer perfection than any
        other system on the market today.       It
        is no experiment, but a demonstrated
        scientific fact, as we have several hun-
        dred of these systems in use, and not a
        poor one among them. Our Automatic
        Furnace Feed System, as shown in this
        cut, is the most perfect working device
        of anything in this line. Write for our
        prices for equipments.


        EXHAUST    FANS              AND   PRES-
        SURE   BLOWERS              ALWAYS    IN
                     Office and Fa.ctory:                                                                            !
           20&-210 Canal Street
          Citizens   Phone   1282   Sell. Main   1804
                                                            OUR AUTOMATIC FURNACE FEED SYSTEM                        I
,,- .                                 -------------------------_._----------_._
                                                        •   ••••••    •   w   ••   _   ••••••

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