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					Concerts and Events in June

The majority of the links in this document are in English!

Tickets to nearly all concerts and performances mentioned below can also be bought here:
Amberg: newspaper "Amberger Zeitung" - ticket service 09621-306230
Nürnberg: Kultur-Information at the Nürnberg-Info, Kopfbau, Königstr. 93, 90402 Nürnberg, Ph 0911-231-4000
          Theater- und Concertkasse Karstadt, Königstr. 14, Ph 0911-213-2050
Online:   Oberpfalzkarten (more local events)
          Eventim (Germany-wide, partly in English)
          Argo-Konzerte (many events in Franconia but not restricted to this area)
          TicketOnline (Germany-wide)
          Mittelbayerische (Germany-wide)
          Konzertkarten (Germany-wide)
          Der Kartenvorverkauf (Regensburg)
          Tickets Concertbüro Franken (many events in Franconia)
Weiden: newspaper "Der Neue Tag" ticket service, ph 0961-85550

If you don't like to drive into Nürnberg because of the fast traffic and the rude German drivers, there's a great
alternative: the train! All train stations that are part of the “Verkehrsverbund Großraum Nürnberg” = VGN (English
and German homepage) offer special tickets. Click on this interactive map to see which locations are part of the
VGN (only available on the German page). Amberg, Freihung and Vilseck are VGN train stations, for example. At the
participating train stations, you can purchase a special VGN family ticket for regular trains that take you straight into
Nürnberg city center / Hauptbahnhof = main train station.
In Nürnberg, the VGN ticket allows you to use all buses and S- and U-Bahnen (over- and underground trains) within
Nürnberg's city limits for free! This way you could visit the zoo in the morning and do some shopping in the
afternoon, for example. And then comfortably travel back home without having to worry about traffic.
But that’s not all: if you purchase a VGN ticket, some establishments offer you a reduced entry fare - including
the Nürnberg zoo!

Fri., 03 June, 13:30: Rock im Park in 90471 Nürnberg, Zeppelinfeld, along Zeppelinstraße. Tickets.
Rock im Park is another HUGE open-air Rock festival, twinned with Rock am Ring in 53520 Meuspath (next to
Nürburg / Eifel), Nürburgring (ca. 165 km / 100 miles NW of Landstuhl, held at the Nürburg Ring race track, hence
the name).      Tickets.
For more information, see their Homepage (partly in English) and YouTube.

11 - 16 June: Roxette on tour in Germany but not in Bavaria.       Tour overview with ticket option.

Sun., 12 June (Whit Sunday) 6 p.m.: Bon Jovi, in 80809 München, Olympiahalle, Spiridon-Louis-Ring 21 /
Eingang Ost (east entrance). Tickets can be bought online. The whole tour goes from 10 June - 24 July. Tour
    The only parking places are at the Olympiapark: 80809 München, Olympiapark Parkharfe, Spiridon-Louis-
Ring 100. It is highly recommended you use the excellent public transport system.

Tue., 14 June, 7:30 p.m.: Elton John & Band: Greatest Hits Live, in 80809 München, Olympiahalle, Spiridon-
Louis-Ring 21 / Eingang Ost (east entrance). Tickets. The whole tour goes from 14 - 23 June Tour
    The only parking places are at the Olympiapark: 80809 München, Olympiapark Parkharfe, Spiridon-Louis-
Ring 100. It is highly recommended you use the excellent public transport system.
Tue., 14 June, 6:30 p.m.: Kings of Leon - their only concert in Germany, in 14053 Berlin, Waldbühne,
Glockenturmstraße 1. Tickets.

Wed., 16 June, 8 p.m.: Ozzy Osbourne in 80809 München, Olympiahalle, Spiridon-Louis-Ring 21 / Eingang
Ost (east entrance). Tickets.
    The only parking places are at the Olympiapark: 80809 München, Olympiapark Parkharfe, Spiridon-Louis-
Ring 100. It is highly recommended you use the excellent public transport system.

Fri., 17 June, 3 p.m.: Motörhead & Guest in 96215 Lichtenfels, Schützenplatz, Schützenstraße 10 (ca. 40 km /
25 miles NE of Bamberg). Tickets. Did you know that Lemmy turned SIXTY-FIVE on Christmas Eve 2010?

17 + 18 June: Feuertanz-Festival (Medieval Music Festival) in 91183 Abenberg (near Roth / Schwabach), at
Burg Abenberg castle.     With a grand medieval fair and performances by: Schandmaul; Saltatio Mortis;
Schelmish; Rabenschrey; Vroudenspil; Dudelzwerge; Dunkelschön; and many more. Tickets available from
Extratix. Photos from last year's event can be viewed here.

22 June - 17 July: Tollwood Summer Festival in 80809 München, Olympiapark, Spiridon-Louis-Ring 100. It is
highly recommended you use the excellent public transport system.
Right next to a vendor market is the large tent where there are daily theater and music performances (GE with
EN option at top left corner) by national and international stars. And the best thing: around two-thirds of the
performances are FREE! In 2011, you can watch Bryan Adams, Ich + Ich, Schmidbauer & Kälberer, Wir Sind Helden,
the Austrian Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung, and many more. All details and tickets are online.

Fri., 24 June, 8 p.m.: Status Quo in 90762 Fürth, Stadthalle, Rosenstraße 50, ph 0911-749-120.            Tickets.

Fri. - Sun., 24 - 26 June. Show: "Stomp" in 90478 Nürnberg, Meistersingerhalle, Münchener Str. 21, ph
0911-231-8000. Stomp (in EN) has no words –it has little or no melody in the traditional sense. It's all about
rhythm! Stomp is a group of people, with very strong personalities, who work together using simple building blocks
to create beautiful rhythm. There are several Stomp companies currently performing around the world: up to three
working from the UK and two in North America. Each company has its own style, its own feel: this is because even
though the show is very tightly choreographed and orchestrated, there is a lot of room for every performer’s own
personality to shine through. The show is as much an expression of eight individuals with very strong personalities as
it is a vision of rhythm.
Shows: Fri., 24 June, 8 p.m.. Sat., 25 June, 4 p.m. and 8 p.m.. Sun., 26 June, 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. Tickets are

Fri. - Sun., 24 - 26 June. Blink 182 on tour, in Frankfurt, Berlin and Essen. Tour overview with ticket option.

Sun., 26 June, 8 p.m.: The Eagles in 80333 München / Munich, Königsplatz.
(Arguably) the BEST band in the world (only GE) is coming to Germany next June! Tickets.
The whole tour goes from 19 thru 28 June. Tour overview.

June 2011
01 - 05 June: Altstadtfest = Citizens Fest in 91522 Ansbach, city center. Lots of food, drinks, good
music (Bavarian-style) and fun for everyone!

Thu., 02 June: Christi Himmelfahrt = Ascension Day and German Father's Day. All German
stores and authorities are closed. 40 days after Easter Sunday, the Christians celebrate Christ's ascension
as Corpus Christi Day. It is one of the oldest Christian fests, the day was already celebrated in 400 A.D.
A more recent tradition was the custom of pulling a statue of Christ on a rope up in the air and through a
hole in the ceiling, mimicking Christ's ascendance. For safety reasons this custom was prohibited in 1965
and has become forgotten since.
But not forgotten are the German fathers: in order to give them something equivalent to Mother's Day,
the German authorities decided to assign their Father's Day on Corpus Christi Day. Traditional Father's
Day activities include riding the bicycle or taking a long walk with the whole family, taking care and
entertaining one's Godson, or simply going to a Stammtisch (men meeting regularly at a specially
reserved table at a guesthouse).

 - 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.: Vendors Market: Kirschenmarkt in 97348 Markt Einersheim, Von-
Rechteren-Limpurg-Straße (ca. 13 km / 8 miles SE of Kitzingen). Various stalls, petting zoo, poultry
exhibition, raffle, Bavarian music, and of course plenty of food.

 - 10 a.m. - 10 p.m.: Lake Fest (Citizens Fest) in 91278 Pottenstein (in the beautiful Fränkische
Schweiz), Lake Schöngrundsee.

 - 2 p.m.: Citizens Fest in Pollanten, fire station, Amselweg 2 (part of 92334 Berching, ca. 42 km /
26 miles west of Hohenfels).

02 - 05 June:
  - Africa Festival in 97070 Würzburg, "Mainwiesen" fest site along Mainaustraße between the two
bridges “Brücke der Deutschen Einheit“ and “Friedensbrücke“.
The Africa Festival (in EN) has been taking place for 21 years and it has become Europe’s biggest
festival for African music and culture. Over the last 21 years, more than 1,400,000 visitors from Germany
and other foreign countries have come to Würzburg's Mainwiesen to witness the cultural wealth of Africa
and to participate in Africa's zest for life.
Because of its great success in Germany, the Africa Festival has now found a few copiers of varying
quality. To avoid confusion, the name and logo are now licensed. The dancing figures with the name
Africa Festival will now and in the future be a guarantee of a high quality in music and background

 - 11 a.m. - 7 p.m.: Vendors Market: Landhaus-Tage in 97355 Castell (ca. 20 km / 13 miles east
of Kitzingen). In Castell, you are asked to follow the direction signs and/or the guidance by the fire
brigade. You will be guided to the nearest free-of-charge parking place in the immediate vicinity of the
The Casteller Landhaus-Tage (only GE) offer a large variety of exquisite goods for everybody: plants,
decorations and furniture for your garden; furniture for inside; elegant décor for inside and outside;
exclusive accessories and "Landhaus" fashion (a toned-down version of traditional Bavarian clothing,
suitable for everyday wearing); select beauty products; and precious artefacts by well-known artists.
The castle's vinyard and wine shop will be open as well.

Sat., 04 June: Today is Hug-Your-Cat Day. You don't have a cat? Easy to change: The month of
June is also "Adopt-a-Cat" Month. But please gather information first as to what pets in general require.
They're not a doll you can put on a shelf when you grow tired of them. They require constant attention
and care, and you have to be willing to give both. If you are not, it is wiser not to get a pet.
Today is also Old Maids' Day. I wonder why they're on the same day?? :>>

  - Jura2000 Half Marathon in 92339 Beilngries (ca. 45 km / 28 miles SW of Hohenfels)
The 21.1 km long route leads around and through Beilngries in several rounds. Instead, you can also
take part in a 14 km or a 7 km run. All details will be announced online (only GE). Spectators will be
treated to a fun entertainment program before, during and after the race.

 - 8 p.m.: Country & Western Evening in 92249 Vilseck, in the tent on Ziegelanger fest site.
04 + 05 June: Hoffest (Wine Fest) in 97346 Iphofen at the Winzerhof vineyard, Einersheimer
Straße 47, ph 09323-875-930 (ca. 11 km / 7 miles SE of Kitzingen).

04 - 07 June: Pfingstmarkt = Street Market in 95448 Bayreuth, Maximilianstraße

Sun.,05 June: Today is World Environment Day (dates from 2010). Nobody can survive without a
healthy environment - help to keep it safe for your children!

 - 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.: Pfingst-Jahrmarkt = Street Market in 92318 Neumarkt, Volksfestplatz,
Festplatz 1 (ca. 45 km / 28 miles west of Hohenfels).

  - 11 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.: Stock Car Race near 92339 Beilngries, namely at the race track along the
road between Irfersdorf and Aschbuch (ca. 45 km / 28 miles SW of Hohenfels). Qualifier for the
German and Bavarian championship. Details will be announced on the Homepage of "Crash-Club
Irfersdorf" (only GE).
Admission: 7.- Euros pp. Families: 17.- Euros. Children under 8 are free.

 - 2 p.m.: Horse Fest in 92249 Vilseck, Ziegelanger fest site. Organized by the "Pferdefreunde
The horses will meet in Breite Gasse at 1:30 p.m. and parade to the Ziegelanger at 2 p.m.

 - Half Marathon in 91541 Rothenburg. All details will be announced online (only GE), but at the
moment you can only find 2010 data.

Wed., 08 June: Today is Best Friends Day.

Thu., 09 June: Today is Donald Duck Day in honour of the character's first appearance in a cartoon.

09 - 20 June: Bergkirchweih (Beer Fest) in 91054 Erlangen, Bergstraße / An den Kellern
(between Nürnberg and Bamberg). Open daily 10 a.m. - 11 p.m., on Sundays 11 a.m. - 11 p.m. The
most popular fest in Erlangen! Don’t miss the fun fair rides and the obligatory beer. Tapping of the first
keg is on 9 June at 5 p.m. Here you’ll find more on the history about "den Berch", and here is a short
and sweet program overview (both in GE).

10 + 11 June: Open Air: Just Rock, in 92690 Pressath, "Kiesi-Beach", Böttgerstraße (only the
GREEN arrow is correct; ca. 7 km / 4.5 miles north of Grafenwöhr).

10 - 13 June:
  - Karneval der Kulturen (Carnival of Cultures) in 10967 Berlin-Kreuzberg, Blücherplatz (start).
Large parade on Whit Sunday, 23 May! Berlin is a city with a large international population. Among the
3.4 million inhabitants of the German capital, 450,000 do not have the German citizenship. Many more
have a mixed ethnic background. The concept of a carnival (homepage in German and English)
focuses on the cultural richness of Berlin, highlighting the often hidden treasures of its international
cultural scene. It is HIGHLY recommended you use the excellent public S-Bahn and U-Bahn service
(overground and underground trains) as parking is difficult there. A U-Bahn station is right next to the
start of the parade on Blücherplatz.

 - Days of Old Music in 93059 Regensburg, various locations in the city center.
14 concerts at historical locations, with music ranging from the Middle Ages to Romanticism. In addition,
historic music instruments are on sale. All details are online, including the various locations (both links
only in GE).
  - Historic Play 1631 "Der Meistertrunk" (The Master Draught) in 91541 Rothenburg. With historic
Arts and Crafts Market on Grüner Markt and Kirchplatz. The whole history of this play can be found on
their Homepage (in English), as can be the complete program.

10 - 14 June: Volksfest in 92334 Berching, Volksfestplatz, Am Festplatz (ca. 42 km / 26 miles west
of Hohenfels)

10 - 20 June: Volksfest in 95448 Bayreuth, Volksfestplatz, Friedrich-Ebert-Straße
Two fest tents, around 50 rides and lots of activities like fireworks on the first and last days, a family day,
a "Miss Volksfest" pageant or even a boxing event make this Volksfest (only GE) a great attraction for
the whole family.

11 - 13 June, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.: Garden Days in 92339 Beilngries, Sulzpark, Hauptstraße 24 (ca. 45
km / 28 miles SW of Hohenfels). An ideal exhibition to find the latest trends for your garden, both in
plants and decorations. The park where the Gartentage (only in GE) are held has its name from the
little creek Sulz which crosses the city. Admission 7.- Euros pp, children under 16 are free.

Sun., 12 June: Pfingstsonntag = Whit Sunday

12 + 13 June:
 - 9 a.m.: Model Helicopter Convention in 92339 Beilngries (ca. 45 km / 28 miles SW of
Hohenfels), Paulushofen subdivision, "Modellflugplatz Obornik" (name of the airfield / owner),
Hatzenäcker. A large variety of model helicopters can be viewed on the ground and in the air: small
electric helicopters, beautiful training models, replicas of original machines and a turbine helicopter over
3 meters large! The event takes place in all weather conditions. Free entry!

 - 10 a.m. - 10 p.m.: Lake Fest in 91278 Pottenstein (in the beautiful Fränkische Schweiz), at Lake

Mon., 13 June: Pfingstmontag = Whit Monday = holiday. All German stores and authorities are

  - 8 a.m.: Pfingstritt = Pilgrimage on Horses in 93444 Bad Kötzting (ca. 92 km / 57 miles SE of
Weiden). The Pfingstritt (excellent information but only in GE) is one of the largest suplicatory
processions on horses in Europe and goes back to a vow in the year 1412. In Steinbühl village, around 7
km from Bad Kötzting, a man was on his deathbed and asked for the last rites. As it was late at night,
the priest professed himself unable to ride to the village without any protection as the path led through
woods where both bears and highwaymen were hiding. Therefore, upon his plea, the Kötztinger lads
escorted him to Steinbühl. After everyone returned to Kötzting safely, they all vowed to repeat this ride
every year. And this is how it’s remained. Every year on Whit Monday, over 900 riders are moving
praying on preciously decorated horses and in old Trachten (traditional costumes) from Kötzting to
Steinbühl, accompanied by the tolling of church bells. This unique procession is led by the cross-bearer,
followed by the lantern carriers, fanfare blowers, priest, sacristan, and ministrants. Behind them ride the
"Pfingstbräutigam" (more info below) and his two bridesmen, plus last year's Pfingstbräutigam with
the town's colours and his bridesmen. And behind them are all other participants, many of whom carry
with them memorial flags for long-time participation. During four stops, the priest delivers the Gospel
and blesses the fields with the monstrance.
After a special church service at the pilgrimage church St. Nikolaus in Steinbühl and a break for horses
and riders, the procession moves back to Bad Kötzting at noon. The religious part of the pilgrimage ends
in a festive ceremony with blessings, the passing-on of the Tugendkränzchen (see below), the
awarding of long-time participants, and the Te Deum (hymns).
The Pfingstbräutigam ("Pentecost Groom") must be single, catholic and a resident of Kötzting; he is
appointed by the city priest upon a suggestion by the city authorities. After his appointment, he can
select his Pfingstbraut ("Pentecost Bride") and two "Bridesmen". After the pilgrimage, the "Groom" will
entertain his supporters and friends in his (parents') home. At around 4 p.m., the "Bride" will be picked
up for the "Bride's Parade". Together with all the lads, the couple parades through the festively
decorated city to the "Haus des Gastes" where a fake "wedding" takes place. It is only pretence, not a
real wedding. Like the "Groom", the "Bride" and the "Bridesmen" must be single, catholic and from

The "Tugendkränzchen" (garland of virtue), locally also called the "Pfingstkranzl" (Pentecost garland),
is a filigree work made from gold and silver wire. During the procession, the priest carries it attached to
his chest crucifix. The garland is the most prized possession of any Kötztinger citizen. At the end of the
Pfingstritt / procession on Stadtplatz, the priest hands over the garland ceremoniously to the "Groom"
(who presumably gives it to his “Bride”).

14 - 16 June: Peak nights for the Lyrids meteor shower (low-rate, around 10 meteors / hr). Viewing

Wed., 15 June: Today is Smile Power Day. ""
You can watch a lunar eclipse today, greatest eclipse at 20:12:36 UT (add 2 hrs for Germany).

Fri., 17 June: Today is Fresh Veggies Day. And tomorrow ... see below.
Today is also World Jugglers' Day. Did you know that juggling helps your brain? Why not learn it?

Fri., 17 June oder Sun., 19 June??, 6 p.m.: Beach Party in 92249 Vilseck,
Höhenschwimmbad (swimming pool), Max-Reger-Straße.

Sat., 18 June: Today is Eat-Your-Veggies Day. When you start eating them every day, your body will
crave fresh veggies! Need a side dish to go with the main course, your veggies? Well, today is also Go-
Fishing Day ... ;D
To top it all, it's also National Splurge Day! Why not treat yourself to an excess amount of delicious
veggies (e.g. in a curry)?

18 + 19 June:
  - 2 p.m.: Citizens Fest in 92660 Neustadt a.d. Waldnaab, Lindenstraße. This Neustadt is just north
of Weiden. Next to the outdoor stone oven, a little fest takes place with food and drinks - and lots of
lovely, delicious fresh bread straight out of the oven.

 - Fishermen's Fest in 92249 Vilseck, Ziegelanger fest site
Open Sat. at 7 p.m. with Bavarian music. On Sunday: fishing competition in the morning, then lunch
with all kinds of fish specialities. In the afternoon awards ceremony and more music.

 - Traditional Summer Fest in 91171 Greding, Heroldanlage am Stadtgraben (ca. 55 km / 34 miles
west of Hohenfels). The "Stadtkapelle Greding" (brass band) who organize this fest every year, will
entertain the audience while they can enjoy the delicious food. Starts on Sat. at 7 p.m., Sun. at 3 p.m.

Sun., 19 June: Today is Father's Day in the U.S.
 - 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.: Street Market "Kirschenmarkt" in 97340 Marktbreit, Altstadt = old city (ca.
11 km / 7 miles south of Kitzingen).
Tue., 21 June: Today is the longest day of the year - it's Summer Solstice!

Thu., 23 June: Fronleichnam = Corpus Christi Day = German Holiday. All German stores and
authorities will be closed. Fronleichnam (Corpus Christi Day) is a religious holiday specially celebrating
Jesus Christ's resurrection of the dead. It is the traditional day of "Fronleichnamsprozessionen", religious
processions through the city streets, lead by the priest. Many people decorate their houses with young
beech trees and other religious symbols if they lay along the routes of the procession.

24 - 26 June:
  - Altstadt-Fest (Citizens Fest) in 92237 Sulzbach-Rosenberg, Altstadt = old city / Luitpoldplatz
(ca. 20 km / 12.5 miles south of Vilseck)

 - Bürgerfest = Citizens Fest in 93059 Regensburg, historic city center. Closest car parks are at the
Dultplatz, Am Europakanal; and neighbouring "Oberer Wöhrd" along Pfaffensteiner Weg.
The citizens' fest in Regensburg only takes place every other year and is a major event put together by
volunteers. Initially intended for only the actual residents of the historic city center, the fest is now
attracting thousands of visitors from " outside". At every corner, in nearly every courtyard you'll find
performances, music, comedy, and lots of other entertainment. And of course plenty of foods and drinks,
especially the famous "Regensburger Würstln" (sausages).

 - Music Festival "Umsonst & Draussen" in 97082 Würzburg, "Talavera" fest site between
Mainaustraße and Georg-Eydel-Straße.      It's been nicknamed the Woodstock of Würzburg: on three
days everybody can listen and dance FOR FREE at this fun open-air festival. The program is listed
online (only GE, dates still from 2010).

25 + 26 June, 10 a.m.: Fishermen's Fest in 92339 Beilngries, at the Schattenhofer brewery,
Hauptstraße 44
Good food and fresh fish dishes will tickle your tongue.

Sun., 26 June:
 - 11 a.m. till late in the evening: Citizens Fest in 92637 Weiden, Altstadt (historic city center) /
pedestrian zone.

  - 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.: Street Market and Open Stores on Sunday in 97332 Volkach, Altstadt = old
city (ca. 17 km / 11 miles north of Kitzingen). With a Flohmarkt on Weinfestplatz (square).

Tue., 28 June: Today is Paul Bunyan Day. Largely unknown in Europe, Paul Bunyan is a giant in North
America! :D

Wed., 29 June: Today is Camera Day - get your camera out and share your photos with the world!

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