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Volume 80, No. 1                                      Wilberforce University                                      September 13, 2007

This month on

Thurs. Sept. 13
• Alpha Phi
Alpha Womens
                                                                       Wilberforce leaders break ground for new dorm. (from left) Student
Sat. Sept. 15
                                                                       Representative to the Board of Trustees Bashan Horsley, Chairman of the
• Black Women
                                                                       Board of Trustees Col. William R. Lee, President Rev. Dr. Floyd H. Flake,
    United F.R.O.P.                                                    Miss Wilberforce Athena Hall, and Mr. Wilberforce RoShawn Perry. Page 2
                        There’s a new sheriff in town! Get the scoop
Mon. Sept. 17
                        on Provost Hardaway. Page 2                                                                         Music
• Vote for Class
  Officers                                                                                                                  Preview
                                                                                                                            Page 8
Wed. Sept. 19
• Male

Wed. Sept. 19
• Bible Study

Thur. Sept. 20

Mon.-Fri., Sept.
• Midterm
Welcome New
                                                                                       Fall Icebreaker 2007:
  Returning                                                                            Back to the 80’s
  Students!                                                                            Page 6
                         Top 20 Hottest Jobs in America: Which
~New Mirror              one is right for you? Page 7
 Page 2 Sept. 13, 2007 The New Mirror

   Campus News
                      Welcome our new Provost
BY Latrece ‘Azure’ Forester
Staff Writer                                                                                  but different. Therefore, I am taking time to learn about what is here now. I believe
                                                                                              strongly that excellence exists here. The reputation of the University is strong out
           It is my pleasure to introduce to some and invigorate others about a               there in the market place. Over the recent years, as I have traveled around and have
  sophisticated, as well as phenomenal woman, by the name of Patricia L. Hardaway.            spoken of Wilberforce University, people responded by telling me how much they
  She is alumni of the Wilberforce University family who graduated with the class of          respect and admire the University. If you receive an e-mail from me, you will note that
  1969.                                                                                       it concludes with the phrase… “In All Things… Excellence!!” I adopted this phrase
           In her years of attending this institution, Mrs. Hardaway was Sociology major      when I became the Chair-woman of the University’s Board of Trustees in November,
  as well as an exchange student at Radcliff College. In addition, she was involved in        2006. I want to expand and enhance the excellence that I’ve found here.”
  a variety of organizations which include The Wilberforce University Choir, Sigma
  and Omega Honor Society and Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities                 Now that we have gained knowledge             about this astounding woman who is
  in 1969. Furthermore she is also a member of the “Beautiful” Beta chapter of Delta          striving for the advancement of this university, welcome and embrace her back to her
  Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated.                                                          original collegiate home. She is all for Wilberforce University and its rich heritage
           After gaining her bachelor’s degree, Mrs. Hardaway continued on in higher          and legacy.
  education by earning a Master’s Degree in Public Works at the University of Pittsburgh
  along with a Law Degree from Benjamin and Cardozo School of Law in New York
           Mrs. Patricia L. Hardaway has been a faithful Wilberforce University Board
  Chairperson for quite some time, moreover, the first woman to chair the board. She
  has now advanced to upholding the Provost position here at Wilberforce University
  where she would like to “continue the work that has been done to put the university
  on sound footing.”
           I have had the honor and the privilege to become acquainted with this
  admirable woman of achievement. Learning about her has encouraged me to enlighten
  others about her love to continue the legacy of the dear old WU. She would like to
  communicate to the Wilberforce student body by stating:

  “As a graduate, I am really aware that it is very easy to compare everything with the
  way it used to be. I realize that things are different… not worse or better, necessarily,

                Groundbreaking moment for WU

             August 21st marked a day of recognition for Wilberforce
   University. Not only was it another President’s opening
   Convocation, but it was also the Groundbreaking ceremony for
   the Living Learning Center (LLC).                                                                                                                                President
             If you are not already aware, the LLC is the new dormitory                                                                                             Flake and
   that is to be built and ready to move into next fall. According to
   Rev. Dr. Floyd H. Flake, the new dorm will house 190 people,
                                                                                                                                                                    ‘Break Ground’
   offices and academic study areas. Even though it was announced                                                                                                   at new Living
   that the dorm would be finished by next semester, President Flake                                                                                                Learning
   found it necessary to tell the students, “Please understand, the                                                                                                 Center site.
   money is coming, we just don’t know when.” With the expectancy                                                                                                   (photo by
   of a $257,000 dorm rehabilitation budget and a national campaign                                                                                                 Gaelyn
   in place to help fund the LLC and Henderson Hall, money has                                                                                                      Cunningham)
   definitely become a priority.
             Another notable mention was the fact that a record-
   breaking number of freshmen have registered this semester. With
   a total of 720 traditional students, a massive 370 are freshmen!
   This is the largest entering class Wilberforce has seen since
   Flake’s presidency. Vice President of Institutional Advancement,
   Marshall Mitchell, making his first appearance since a recent
   surgery, and President Flake both have high hopes of these large
                                                                            SEE GROUNDBREAKING PAGE 3
                                                                                                                            Page 3 Sept 13, 2007 The New Mirror

                                                                                                                           News In
                               The New Mirror                                                                               Brief
            Opinions expressed by writers are to be considered their own and not necessarily                        WU leaders to fellowship together
    those of the division or the university. Letters to the Editor are welcomed, but must bear
    the signature of the writer. Maximum length is 300 words, and all letters are subject to                           The 2nd annual Wilberforce University Student
    editing. They may be postmarked to the address below or hand delivered to a Mirror                         Leadership Conference will be hosted on Saturday,
    staff.                                                                                                     September 29, 2007 from 10-4 p.m. in the Multiplex.
                                                                     Mirror Staff                              For more information, please contact Dean Carter at
         Mirror Mailing Address:                            Editor-in-Chief: JaNae’ Bates                      ext. 5611 or e-mail at
          New Mirror Newspaper,                              Copy Editor: Sierra Austin
         1055 North Bickett Road,                           Photo Editor: Felema Graham                               Appraised writer speaks at CSU
          Wilberforce, OH 45384                                reporters and Writers:
      Phone Number: (937) 708-4534                      Latrece ‘Azure’ Forester, Korey Hines,                         Acclaimed author, Michael Eric Dyson,
                  E-mail:                                Cyrilo Ileso, Crystal Lewis, Tiffany                  spoke at Central State University August 28 for their                          Pearson, and RoShawn Perry.                        convocation. He discussed topics related to current
                   Join                                  Layout: JaNae’ Bates and Varsellis                    college student issues and connected them to problems
       Facebook group New Mirror                                      Cummings                                 of the past. Several times he was caught reciting
                   News                                       Advisor: Dr. Tanya Morah                         (thoroughly) lyrics from rappers and related it to how
                                                                                                               we can use our past and present role models to become
                                                                                                               better people.
             The Mirror is looking for talented writers, reporters and photographers to join the
    staff or contribute work. Please contact editor for further inquiries.                                                   Gas up closer to home
    If you are interested in advertising with this publication please express interest via the                         A Speedway gas station is scheduled to be
    above information.                                                                                         built in Wilberforce, near the Post Office on CSU
                                                                                                               campus. The groundbreaking service took place in late
                                                                                                               August. The gas station has been favorably fought and
                                                                                                               petitioned for over the past several years. It is thought
                                                                                                               to be a beneficial aspect to the small, collegiate town
                                                                                                               of Wilberforce, Ohio.

                                                                                                               Former WU student sentenced in vehicular homicide
 GROUNDBREAKING CONT. FROM PAGE 2                                                                                      Steven Tyrone Johnson, 20, was convicted and
                                                                                                               sentenced to six months in jail and five years probation
numbers coming recurring every year, including          Wilberforce’s rich history of was mentioned often      in Greene County Pleas Court August 14. This
spring semesters.                                       as each leader gave a quick speech of the past
                                                                                                               was a result of the fatal car crash Oct. 6 that ended
          Other happenings revealed included the        and future. “Wilberforce is definitely a part of the
Wilberforce University’s Choir to record with           future but the giving back starts now,” Student        Wilberforcean John Ikechukwu Nze’s life. Johnson
gospel artist and minister, Donnie McClurkin, a         Government Association President, Amanda               and Nze were both University Choir members. Johnson
$2 million anonymous gift to the university for         Pratt stated during an emotional speech as she         immediately began serving his sentence. Johnson’s
scholarships and three WU students, studying            was on the verge of tears.                             attorney, John Paul Rion, said he would petition the
abroad in England, Spain, and Italy this past                     The notion of students giving back
                                                                                                               court to let Johnson attend a college in Kentucky later
summer.                                                 and directly getting involved in the university’s
          President Flake’s purpose of mentioning       progress continued as Student Trustee, Bashan          this year and finish the rest of his sentence later.
all the wonderful achievements of the university        Horsley stated, “We must dedicate ourselves to
was to tell Wilberforceans that “A student              upholding the name of Wilberforce University.”
                                                                                                                      Wilberforce Self-Defense Workshop.
graduating from Wilberforce University has the                    Mr. Wilberforce RoShawn Perry,                       Wilberforce University Chief Police Officer
capabilities and abilities to function anywhere         discussed how his personal experiences at the
                                                                                                               David Fox will starting a Self-Defense Workshop. The
in the world.” He gave a spirited speech on             university affected him, stating that, “This
“unapologetically, representing our founding            experience is worth a lifetime,”                       workshop is aimed at showing young men and women
fathers [of the university]” by filling the gap                   Miss Wilberforce, Athena Hall, spoke         self-defense tactics as well as provide a good workout.
between black professionals and our Caucasian           about how uncomfortable times are necessary to         To participate registration is required, look for the
counterparts.                                           the growth of a college experience.                    registration table in the Allen Commons Student Union
          At the actual groundbreaking ceremony                   The ceremony ended with the
                                                                                                               September 10th -14th and 17th-19th. Keep your eyes
that took place on site, student leaders voiced their   customary turning over the dirt in the area that
outlooks on the new dorm and student responses.         the construction will begin.                           and ears pealed for more information.
Page 4 Sept. 13, 2007 The New Mirror

Student Views
                            Learn from Vick’s Mistakes                                                                                   can come with a high price. You must
                                                                                                                                         always remember that you cannot
C. LEWiS                                                                                                                                 help those who do not want to help
Staff Writer you did not know before, you
           If                                                                                                                            themselves.
 should know by now that dog fighting is                                                                                                           As college students you
 illegal. Yet, that alone is not the mistake                                                                                             are learning that success comes with
 that is putting an abrupt halt on Michael                                                                                               sacrifice. You are the one residing in
 Vick’s career.                                                                                                                          Askew, Jackson, Wright and Valentine.
            Where did Vick go wrong? Vick                                                                                                You are the one sitting through History
 did not take to heart the age-old saying                                                                                                of the W.U. with Mrs. Brown and writing
 “you are the company that you keep.”                                                                                                    twelve thousand papers throughout the
            In 2005, Forbes Magazine                                                                                                     course of a semester for Mrs. Wingard.
 ranked Vick number 33 of its Top 100                                                                                                    You are the one who will be attending all
 Celebrities list. Vick had endorsement                                                                                                  of those convocations and daydreaming
 deals with Nike, Coca-Cola, and                                                                                                         through Saturday morning Prep for Co-
 Rawlings. Many noted Vick to be one                                                                                                     Op.
 of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.                                                                                                    In a few years, the diploma you will
 After Vick’s codefendants, who were                                                                                                     receive will have your name on it. Your
 his friends, provided information linking                                                                                               college career may not be a $130-million
 him to the case, Vick plead guilty to                                                                                                   contract with the Atlanta Falcons but it
 federal dog fighting charges. Vick later                                                                                                is a wonderful investment. It does not
 allegedly admitted to providing money                                                                                                   make you better than those who did not
 for a dog fighting ring.                                                                                                                attend college, but it does make you
            Loyalty and friendship are two                                                                                               different. Every decision you make after
 important things in life. Post graduation,                                                                                              graduation will reflect your career, which
 many of you may want to help some of                                                                                                    in turn reflects your future.
 your friends who did not receive the same                                                                                                         So learn from Vick’s mistakes
 opportunities that you have. Although                                                                                                   and realize what may seem like
 this is a very kind gesture, remember it                                                                                                something petty and a quick come up for
                                                                                                                                         your friends, could be a career ending

Flag football displays sports potential
                                                              have another sport to absolutely humiliate Central State     really take notice and realize how much of a success
 GARRICK WILLIAMS                                             in) but mostly just for the pure sake of having a football   that this whole flag football thing really is and try to
 Staff Writer                                                 team.                                                        build upon this by giving the student body what they
                                                              Look, maybe I am getting carried away by this whole          want: A real football team. So are there high benefits
         When you hear the phrase, “flag football” you        flag football thing and I’m not suppose to look at it in     upon the administration for giving us a football team?
 immediately think of a finesse sport. A sport in which       this way, but I happen to be one of those people who         Yes. Flag football proves it.
 those who play it aren’t, “Man” enough to play the           likes to find the deeper meaning of something, even if
 professional version of the sport. But here at Wilberforce   it is as simple as flag football. However, these young
 University we have no traditional football team. As you      men that participate in the sport have the dedication
 all may very well know, we have Men’s Basketball,            that any other normal football team would have. They
 Women’s Basketball, Cross Country, Cheerleading, and         sometimes practice daily from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. and
 also Golf. But nowhere in that assortment of sports do       they really out a lot of effort into it. Sometimes they
 you see the word football. This is why the sport Flag        have 2 to 3 games or scrimmages in the same week!
 Football means so much to the young men who play it,         Mind you, they still have classes and I’m sure, plenty
 and more importantly to the school.                          of homework to complete. They have to know how to
 Yes, I said flag football. This is the same sport that, if   balance their time so they can avoid any mishaps with
 you played it when you were younger, you had the right       their academics.
 to be criticized, mocked, and even made fun of. That         Day after day when our flag football teams are practicing
 doesn’t work here at Wilberforce. This is a school in        and working hard they just continue to give us countless
 desperate need for a football team, (mainly, so we can       examples that they have the characteristics and the
                                                              makings of a football team. The administration should
                                                                                                                              Page 5 Sept. 13, 2007 The New Mirror

Fall Fashion Dos and Don’ts
                                                              Guys: Go for straight leg jeans. No, they’re not tight!     and if that’s what you like, go ahead (I’m not a fan
BY: SHAUNTiNA LiLLY                                           Wear them with a vest and you’re good to go.                though)!
Bowling Green Correspondent                                   Girls: Homecoming is around the corner and what             Ladies: Waist belts have come and gone. They’ve been
                                                              better way to steal the show than to wear a skinny          worn to the max, done wrong, and are retired! Try a
          Before school supplies and class schedules          dress? Beyonce may label this as a ‘freak-um dress,’        thin belt. They look great on loose fitting shirts and are
came into mind, back to school clothes seem to be our         but call it what you want! It’s a form fitting dress that   a breath of fresh air.
priority. Starting fall semester with fits from last school   accentuates all of your curves and is needless to say,      Guys: Try a belt adorned with studs and detail. Are
year just won’t cut it. And besides, most of those styles     sexy. If you decide to wear a short skinny dress, it’s      skull belts ok you ask? Yes, for a limited time only
are probably out anyway. Don’t fret. I have some back         best to wear kitten heels to turn down the volume.          though. The rockstar look is not here to stay…
to school fashions that will have all eyes on you!            Guys: as far as a fitted (Pro Models), these are fine       Girls: Hang up all of your candy jewelry ladies
Girls: As you may already know, the ‘babydoll’ look           to wear, but when the snow starts coming down, put          because it’s not happening! Metals, such as silver and
is in. For all of you who aren’t familiar, this look is       them away. And please, get the right size fitted. Too big   gold are fine to wear. Pearls are great too (the cream
the loose fitting shirt style. Usually, form fitting at the   looks ridiculous, but too small is even worse.              pearls, not the blacks, reds, pinks, and yellows) and
top with capped sleeves, babydoll shirts can be paired        Girls: Some may not be in love with this new fad but I      they give a classy edge. Stop with the hair-store, door
with leggings or skinny jeans. Try to steer away from         think it’s a keeper. The trapeze dress is what everyone     knocker earrings. Go for the exclusive ones, the extra
wearing flare or boot cut jeans with these tops. Tight        is trying to get her hands on. You’ve seen it on TV-        big and hollow triangle shaped door knockers. It may
leg pants balance it out.                                     it’s the boxy dress that does not fit your body like a      not be easy to find these in the stores, but they’re all
Guys: OK, if you haven’t noticed, the tall tee and            glove, but it draws attention to other features. The        over the internet.
baggy jeans look is a done deal. Polo is in full effect.      trapeze dress is usually a mini, and is best to be worn     Guys: Stop wearing humongous earrings! When
Try to wear more sweaters than jackets. Dressing like         sleeveless. If you don’t have killer legs, this look may    they’re that big, they’re obviously not real diamonds;
a ‘dope boy’ is not hot anymore; the preps have taken         not be for you…                                             besides they make your ears droop terribly and we
over.                                                         Guys: Those hoodies that you thought were so live           all know you have a pencil eraser holding them in. If
Yes, ladies and gentlemen it’s officially back. The           last winter must be laid to rest. Everywhere I turned       you’re wearing the cubic zirconias, wear them small.
design that your mom dressed you in when it was time          last fall, I saw a hoodie embroidered with crazy details    Chains on your jeans are fine to wear too, but don’t
for school pictures; plaid! You’ve seen it last summer        and outrageous colors. Go for cardigans and low cut         wear them too long.
(and this one too) usually on shorts. It looks great on       v-neck sweaters, in solid colors such as reds, oranges      Both: Mix unusual colors this fall season. Don’t focus
men and women and this fall, it’s going to be all over.       and greens.                                                 on gray, black and camel. Mix purple with brown,
Plaid coats, dresses and even accessories are a must.         Girls: As for shoes, platforms are back believe it or       pink with tan and red with black. Try to stand out! Just
Girls: Low rise jeans are gone with the wind. High            not. Mary Jane pumps, patent leather pumps, and             because the weather starts to get frigid, doesn’t mean
waist trousers and jeans are in. This is a style that         thick-heeled shoes are hot right now. Cuffed boots are      you have to focus on dreary hues. Opt for a fire red,
hasn’t been picked up too quickly, but if you sport it,       in with metallic detail and also ankle boots.               canary yellow, bright pink, or green wool coat.
everyone is bound to follow. Match them with a blouse         Guys: 6 inch Timberlands are a necessity. NO                With this style advice you’re bound to have the flyest
tucked in and complete the fit with a thin belt. You’ll       eurodubs, eurohikers, or field boots. I noticed a lot       attire at school. But remember not to focus too much
be the talk of the class.                                     of guys wearing those Nike boots last fall and winter,      on your clothes; education comes first!

                                                              is ‘Honesty’ thinking outside the ‘Box’?
BY: LATrECE “AZUrE” ForESTEr                                                               I have asked a couple of Facebook users their opinions on this feature and there was
Staff Writer                                                                               a variety of both positive and negative views of this matter. Wilberforcean Shenita
                                                                                           Williams says, “It is good resource because it allows you to express some things to
If you do not have a Facebook profile, now is the time to signup because of its            people that you have always wanted to share, but then you have people who take this
new unique twist made accessible to its users. Facebook has made some interesting          opportunity and abuse it.”
upgrades to keep its members attention and excitement to utilize their website.            Student, Tiffany Strong says, “If you can’t deal with what’s in the box, step outside
Before, everyone had the same basic setup on their profile which included pictures,        the box. It is not a mandatory feature!”
albums, and general areas to leave messages. There are now ways to be original in          The ‘Bold’ Timothy McElwain agrees with Tiffany and adds, “If people use the
personalizing your profile such as, slideshows, videos, creating quizzes to distinguish    honesty box, then they should be prepared for the unexpected.”
whether friends know you as well as they say, sending graphic gifts to acquaintances       This “Honesty Box” has stirred up a lot of controversy and discussion here on
or significant others, and news feeds to keep you updated about your friends as well       Wilberforce University’s campus alone. If you are an individual that has been
as social events that are taking place. But, what seems to be the most talked about        receiving those unpleasant and cruel memos in that peculiar box don’t let it stress
new feature Facebook has provided to its users is the “Honesty Box”.                       you out. Just remember that they are just words. And if you have not received any
The “Honesty Box” is an area where other users can confess how they truly feel             negative feedback keep your guard up because users can be cruel up there. To other’s
about that particular person, but what makes it even more exclusive is that the            who have not utilized this truthful box try it and see what people truly think of you.
writer is able to express themselves anonymously. The viewer can only determine            Once you have utilized it and received feedback, ask yourself this question: How do
whether the sender is male or female, by the pink or blue highlight over the message       you feel about this unique cube?
(unless the sender chooses to also remain gender ambiguous). The messages are not          (Facebook Footnotes is The New Mirror’s new outlook on one of WU’s hottest
viewable to anyone other than the user of that profile, but sometimes it is not easy to    crazes. Gotta Facebook topic you wanna see in the Mirror? Send it to Wilberforce_
cope with what is inserted in that four-sided figure. Some people find it amusing, but     Mirror@yahoo or join the New Mirror News group on Facebook. Be Heard!)
there are others that just can not deal with the criticism they are receiving.
Page 6 Sept. 13, 2007 The New Mirror

                   Mr. and Miss WU reignite the dream
 BY CYriL iLESo                               Ms. Helen O’Neal McCray, Professor of
 Staff Writer                                 English, gracefully imparted some words
                                              of wisdom to the crowd and immediately               Mr. and Miss
                                              after, RoShaine Perry shared a poem                   Wilberforce
           August 28, 2007 marked the                                                              smile for the
                                              entitled “What’s Your Purpose?” that
 44th anniversary of Dr. King’s “I have a                                                               camera.
 Dream” Speech. It was also a day Mr.         received a standing ovation.
 and Miss Wilberforce, senior, Roshawn                 The guest speaker for the
 Perry and junior, Athena Hall, would host    night was Dr. H.F. Taylor III, who
 an assembly that focused on the theme of     is the pastor of Tabernacle Baptist
 “Reigniting the Dream and Living Above       Church in Lima, Ohio. The crowd
 the Influence.”                              listened attentively as Dr. Taylor spoke
           Held in the Lower Lecture          on “Glory found in a common place,
 Hall, the assembly began shortly after its   wisdom found in unexpected things in
 intended time with a warm welcome from       life, and real spirituality found in the
 Perry, a word of prayer from junior and      seemingly unholy.” When asked what
 2nd Attendant to Mr. Wilberforce, Jordan     inspired him the most from the message
 Gay, and a scripture reading from senior     senior, Varselles Cummings answered,                                                                             Students
 and 2nd Attendant to Miss Wilberforce,       “The three D’s; destiny, definition, and                                                                         listened to the
 JaNae’ Bates. Ashley Causey, also a          determination, and how they all work                                                                             interesting
 senior and 1st Attendant, gave special       together in order to live a dream.”                                                                              presentation.
 thanks to all participants in attendance              The assembly ended with a
 including faculty, staff and students.       charge by Provost, Attorney Patricia
                                                                                                                                                               (Photos by
           “We need to take heed to the       Hardaway, and closing remarks by Dr.
                                                                                                                                                               Cyril ileso)
 sacrifices that were made for us,” were      Messer, VP of Student Development and
 the words of encouragement from 2nd          Enrollment Management, as she reminded
 Attendant, Ade Milner as he introduced       Wilberforce students to remember their
 the video that would play.                   Code of Honor.
           The film shown was short and                RoShawn gave the last remarks
 included a humorous, but necessary           and when asked what inspired him to
                                                                                                    From Left:
 episode from the Boondocks along             compose such an event he replied, “I had                roShawn
 with footage of the painful struggles of     a burden on my heart. I don’t like the fact            Perry, Dr.
 Dr. King and the gruesome aftermath          that our generation is loosing its honor,             H.F. Taylor
 of Emmet Till’s death. “Remember the         respect, and dignity. I think we need to             iii, Provost
 Struggle,” were the words left on the        remember, as a people, who we are.”                       Patricia
                                                       Hall’s expectations for the night            Hardaway,
 screen as the video ended.
                                                                                                   and Athena
           Members from the Gospel Choir      were, “For someone to be inspired and
                                                                                                Hall celebrated
 filled the atmosphere with their heavenly    want to do more with the opportunities                   this 44th
 talents as they sang a musical selection.                                                        anniversary

 Icebreaker Fall 2007: Back to the 80’s
 BY roSHAWN PErrY                                                                           of people occupied the center of the gym floor the entire night. For many of the
 Staff Writer                                                                               freshman, this was their first major Wilberforce party, so at 1:00am they were able to
                                                                                            witness the Greeks stroll around the gymnasium floor. The National Pan-Hellenlic
                                                                                            Council represented in great numbers and they showed the rest of the crowd how it
          With much surprise, the Fall 2007 Icebreaker was a huge                           goes down 80’s style.
 success. This year’s theme was much different from the norm, encouraging                             One of the features that made this event a great success was listening to
 all students to take it back to the 80’s. The Icebreaker was planned and hosted            the sounds of State Famous DJ OPZZY. Odis Parker, being his birth name, came
 by Wilberforce University’s Student Government Association. Students from                  to us from Columbus, Ohio and he goes by the stage name OPZZY. After being
 Wilberforce and surrounding colleges packed the Alumni Multiplex to enjoy a night          a DJ for about eight years, Odis Parker has acquired substantial experience from
 of taking pictures, dancing, and listening to a variety of music from today and the        college events, weddings, and family reunions. College events being is specialty, he
 80’s.                                                                                      has also traveled to work in cities like New York, Kentucky, and Indiana. Parker’s
          There was much anticipation at the doorway of the Multiplex to see what           profession as a disc jockey is only a side occupation. During the day, he works as
 everyone had worn as 80’s attire. The ladies stepped in wearing an array of colors,        a manager with Enterprise car rentals, and he also runs an entertainment business.
 side ponytails, spandex, headbands, and jewelry. The gentlemen wore track jackets,         When ask what is the best part of being a DJ, he said, “Feeding off the crowd and
 big chains, colorful t-shirts, and of course, the fresh sneakers. Popular 80’s brands      watching other people enjoy themselves, that’s fulfilling for me.” It was obvious
 and logos like ADIDAS, Reebok, and the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air were visible                that the students really enjoyed the music he played, and Icebreaker 2007 proved
 on clothing and posters. Many of the students really took on the spirit of the 80’s        to be different because according to OPZZY, “there is always a different vibe when
 creating a fun, safe, and exciting event.                                                  playing at an HBCU. It’s going to be crazy because I’m here.”
          SGA Secretary, Ashley McGhee ‘09 said, “The marketing of the event was
 the most essential and tonight proved that our efforts were a success.” A large crowd
                                                                                                                               Page 7 Sept. 13, 2007 The New Mirror

Top 20 Best Jobs in America
                  :and what you need to get thembasketball or football recruiters you see     Median: $93,700. Top Earners: 98,700.        by conducting research and analyzing
BY JaNAE’ BATES                                 at school but someone just as important.      90% make at least $54,000.                   law sources as well as preparing legal
Editor-in-Chief                                 Their duty is to recruit, interview, check             This is another one of those        documents. You will need an associate’s
                                                references, make offers, and conduct          great paying jobs… yet, with more            degree and two to five years of
          Attention all college students:       orientation for new employees. It             money comes responsibility. If you want      experience.
This is the answer to your prayers; you         may require a bachelor’s degree, but          to work in this business, you are going
can thank us later. Here is a composite         generally jobs are more concerned with        to need at least an associate’s degree       13.     Network Administrator (Entry
of the top 20 through 11 jobs in the            how much experience you’ve had in the         and one to four years of experience in       Level) Median: $48,100. Top Earners:
USA according to Money Magazine and             field you are recruiting for. It might take   a related field. Also, not only will you     $58,900. 90% make at least: $36,200 Don’t fret: You’ll get the top      5 to 7 years to get here, but it is worth     need interest in business, but a general                I am sure that you’ve heard
ten as long as you keep reading The New         the investment, this is a career that’s job   knowledge of pharmaceutical drugs is a       ‘the future is in computers’. It is no
Mirror.                                         growth has become very rapid over the         plus.                                        coincidence that there are several
This will tell you what jobs are hot, how       past ten years.                                                                            computer-centered careers on this list;
much they pay and what do you have to                                                         15. Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor      here is the first one. The responsibility
do to get them.                                 17. Real Estate Agent Median $41,300.         Median: $49,400 Top Earners: $81,200.        of an entry level NA is to set up and
As you read this, keep in mind that             Top Earners: $109,900. 90% make at            90% make at least: $24,400                   configure internal and external networks.
according to Forbes, the average                least $20,400                                                                              They also recommend upgrades and
American family’s salary is a little over                                                                                                  provide technical support. This is having
$46,000 a year; these jobs represent a                                                                                                     huge job growth and all you need is a
single person income. Most of these                                                                                                        bachelor’s, no experience necessary. I
careers, even on their lowest days, pay                                                                                                    guess, with it being entry level, it is your
more than the family median.                                                                                                               experience.

20. Public/Private School Teacher                                                                                                          12. Massage Therapist Median: $44,300.
Median Pay $47,500 Top earners                                                                                                             Top Earners: $63,300. 90% make at
make $64,100 and 90% make at least                                                                                                         least: $27,400
$36,100.                                                                                                                                             This is actually having a
          Okay, so I know this doesn’t                                                                                                     massive job growth. If you think you
sound like the dream job, especially                                                                                                       have magic at the tips of your fingers and
when you think back to your high school                                                                                                    can help others relax this might be for
teachers complaining that they don’t                                                                                                       you. Also, there is no college necessary
make enough money to handle hoodlums,                                                                                                      for this career choice, just a high school
but in actuality, it is considered one of the                                                                                              diploma or equivalent. Of course, you
most fulfilling and challenging jobs in                                                                                                    need to be certified… you can’t just rub
America. Requires a Bachelor’s degree,                                                                                                     on anybody.
2-4 years related field experience and
generally some sort of certification.                                                                                                      11. Marketing Specialist Median:
                                                                                                                                           $52,400. Top Earners: $68,400. 90%
19. Sales Representative Median Pay:                                                                                                       make at least: $37,600
$86,600 Top Earners make: $91,200 and                                                                                                                This job will require you to
90% make at least $49,900.                                                                                                                 bring creativity to the table. You will
           This is a top-paying job that                                                      If you like to stay fit and enjoy helping    be responsible for designing, creating,
requires lots of creativity. If you are         If you don’t mind working on commission       others to do it too, this is perfect for     and delivering marketing programs
competitive and a salesperson at heart,         the majority of the time, this is a great     you. This industry has high growth           to support the growth and expansion
this might be for you. Basic duties are to      job for you. Many times, the individual       expectancy and a high fulfillment level.     of company products and services. It
develop new prospects and interact with         determines how much they make by how          Usually, a bachelor’s is needed as well      generally requires a bachelor’s degree in
existing customers to increase sales of an      much they dedicate themselves to selling;     as certification and two to four years of    marketing and 2-4 years of experience.
organization’s products and/or services.        hence, the huge difference between top        experience. So start pumping weight!         This job seems to be worth the effort
Requires a minimum of an associate’s            earners and minimum earners. This is                                                       since it also holds a high growth
degree with 3-6 years of experience in          also a job recommended to be fulfilling       14. Paralegal Median: $53,700. Top           expectancy as well as being extremely
the field.                                      and challenging. Generally, you need          Earners: $64,900. 90% make at least:         fulfilling and challenging.
                                                an associate’s degree and certification;      $39,200
18. Recruiter Median Pay: $60,800 Top           overall experience might boost your                     If you like law, history and       (Look out in early October for the Top
Earners: $ 81,100 90% make at least             salary cap.                                   legalities, but not quite sure about being   Ten… It may be the light to your career
$43,700                                                                                       a lawyer, you may want to consider this.     path!)
         I am not quite talking about the       16. Pharmaceutical Sales Representative       Paralegals generally support attorneys
                                                                                                                             Page 8 Sept. 13, 2007 The New Mirror

The ‘Who’s Hot?’ Music Preview                mixture of social awareness and hip-hop
                                              groove in this project. The single titled
                                                                                            to the latest and greatest in your music
                                                                                                                                                             Kanye West
BY: KorEY HiNES                               track “The People” sums up the album
Staff Writer                                  greatly. This album is for the people
                                              to listen to, not to merely hear. You’ll
While summer heat is rapidly winding          gain some powerful social insight. The
down, the music charts are just getting       production staff is very accredited and
warm. The summer brought about some           extensive. Kanye West and Paul Simon,
great music no matter what genre of           are just a couple of many talented
music you listen to. The iTune play list      producers who worked on this project.
will be flooded with some of these hot        Common’s album is currently a top seller
new albums and artist from school in to       on today’s Billboard record charts.
school out.                                   Two of the music media’s favorite and
Amy Winehouse, the United Kingdom‘s           most controversial stars are back for an
sultry talented vocalist released a very      album release dual. Kanye West‘s new
solid project entitled “Back to Black” in     September release project “Graduation
December of 2006. During June of 2007,        Day” and 50 Cent’s new September
Winehouse’s album reached great heights       release project “Curtis” are said to be
in the American music market. The single      debuting the same day. These two great
titled track “Rehab” by Winehouse, was        artist and entertainers are sure to corner
one of witty nature. Winehouse has a very     the music market on that day. Kanye’s
classic soulful voice and her album is of     two singles released from his album              Amy Winehouse
old school meets new school wave of           “Stronger” and “Can’t Tell Me Nothing,”
sound. This project has a 1960’s kind of      have been Billboard single chart toppers
feel but Amy is addressing many comical       already. The G-Unit mogul, however has
young adult issues. Back to Black is truly    not done bad for himself with his first
an album one can play in its entirety at      two singles “Straight to the Bank” and “I                                                                     50 Cent
just about any event.                         get Money,” topping the charts as well.
Some of the critics that say rap music has    They are both quoting their records as
a negative connotation behind it will be      being the “prospectable number one
highly enlightened by common sense.           album of the year,” and rightfully so after
Not one of their literal senses but the       such hot singles. This is a very good and
rapper Common has created an album            healthy musical competition, which will
of sheer wizardry. The album entitled         foster nothing but great publicity for the
“Finding Forever” which debuted June          hip-hop music culture.
of 2007, breaks down those negative rap       All these great new albums and singles
stereotypes and focuses on music.             that are out today make it impossible for
Common has good solid quality music           today’s music lover to not be entertained.
on this album. He created the perfect         Remember to stay focused and stay tuned

       WU holds promise for new school year… I think
Greetings Wilberforceans!       Letter from the Editor                                                The groundbreaking ceremony/service was excellent and inspiring. Will it
                                                                                            formulate into real action? Who’s knows. This was actually groundbreaker number
          Another year another issue. As I have embraced the campus and emerged             two. The first one supposedly happened some time last year but I have yet to speak to
myself (completely!) in work, academically and organizationally, I realize that we          someone who witnessed it. There are even rumors that the first ground-breaking took
have had a pretty decent start. I must say that I am mighty proud of the WU. We have        place in a different location. Either way, I am optimistic about the new dorm (though
gained a freshmen class larger than the rest of the school combined, we have had a          I wont be here to see it) because Wilberforce is overdue for expansion. This is a great
fight-free Ice Breaker and the (visible) groundbreaking for the new dormitory.              school and it is time that more people knew it. However, I must point out that we
          But let us break this down. Yes, the freshmen are taking over, so we are          have been lied to before. That Communication Lab that was to open November of
obviously great at recruiting but we need to work on the other ‘R’ of student population:   2006 still hasn’t materialized and the Mac Lab is still un-treaded territory by many
retention. It is wonderful that so many high school, class of 07 graduates decided to       students promised to utilize it. Only time will tell.
come to our great and magnificent university, but why aren’t they staying? Now that                   In the end, I think no less of my school because we must all remember
they are here, I pray that there are some plans to keep them and the upperclassmen          that this place is what you make it. I believe that I have made my matriculation
around.                                                                                     here extremely valuable and I hope that you all do the same. Until next time, take
          If you ask someone “How was the Ice Breaker?” you will most likely get a          advantage of all your opportunities and stay true to yourself.
nonchalant or hesitant “It was okay.” Why? Because it was set up just like a Central
State party; lights on, music low, dancing minimum, and security high. This isn’t a         Be Blessed,
question of whether the extra precautions were necessary, but more of why can’t we          JaNae’ N. Bates
have fun even when it is?                                                                   Editor-in-Chief

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