How to Animate Your Own Show

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					How to Animate Your Own Show

Sure, we see animation on TV all the time. It can be fun if you use the
correct steps. Animation is basically a lot of pictures put together to
create the illusion of rapid movement. When you photograph the pictures
and show them by flicking them very quickly, it will look like the
picture is moving.
Edit Steps
1. 1

Schedule some time.
Schedule some time. Animation takes a lot of work; it's not something
that can be done in five or ten minutes.
2. 2
Come up with a plot for your show. Before you start animating, you'll
need to think of characters, setting, etc.
3. 3

Draw sketches.
Draw sketches. You should know what your characters and setting look like
before you start animating. If you're new to animation, start with stick
figures on a solid color background.
4. 4

Begin with a simple animation.
Begin with a simple animation. Someone walking or waving or getting blown
by the wind are good places to start. Draw the person in a normal relaxed
position on one page. On the second page, draw almost the exact same
image. If you are drawing someone walking, draw the leg sticking slightly
further out than the last picture. If you're drawing someone waving, draw
their arm slightly more raised than the last image etc.
5. 5

Draw the   image on the third page very similar to that on the second page,
but with   the leg/arm slightly raised etc.
Draw the   image on the third page very similar to that on the second page,
but with   the leg/arm slightly raised etc.
6. 6

Keep doing this until the action is complete.
Keep doing this until the action is complete.
7. 7
Once you have mastered a simple action, move onto more complicated ones.
Use enlist some of your friends to help you with voice-overs, or add
speech bubbles into your animations.
8. 8
Show your family and friends! Upload it to youtube, email it to your
family and friends, or even make it into a DVD.
Edit Tips
You may want to cut out several pieces of one sheet to save paper.
If you want to delve into professional animation, don't dismiss this
article. This is how all the greats started out!
If you've already done this before and if you have the hang of it,
practice more just to be on the safe side.
Attend an animation course and learn how to handle more advanced
If you want to work for a professional company like Nelvana or Sopwith
Productions, that's fine. But make sure you have a lot of personal
Watching a lot of animated shows is very important. Make sure you know
what kind of style of animation you want to do before delving right in.
Before you animate, script out what you want to draw. Then you can refer
back to your script when you're ready to do the art.
It might make it a quicker job if you know your way around computer
programs such as Animation Pro, Image Ready or Flash to create animation.
Edit Warnings
Animation is not as easy as it looks! So look ready for your hands to get
tired, you may get bored, ect.
It's a tedious job. If your fingers get tired, then take a rest and
continue later.
People may not take you seriously if you just show up at a studio and ask
to be hired. You need to have some animation samples with you, like maybe
a short film you've created.

Edit Things You'll Need
Some free time
Several pencils or pens
Maybe some color pencils or markers
Computer with animation program

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