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									                            Internet Marketing
                                   Service Overview
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                     I      nternet Marketing
                            Service Overview

                             Internet marketing is the activity of promoting your brand, products or services on
                             the internet. It is a “paid for” activity and is therefore distinct from Search Engine

                                i-Marketing Asia specialises in 5 core internet marketing activites:
                                • Pay per Click Advertising (PPC) – search engine advertising.
                                • Email Marketing – newsletters and online direct mail.
                                • Online Advertising – banner advertising.
                                • Article & Press Release Distribution - distribute content and increase exposure
                                • Social Media Marketing - Blogs, Vlogs, Youtube, Flickr etc.

                                Who will benefit?
                                Companies who are looking for new customers and/or are looking to build their online
                                presence or brand equity. We have delivered to companies that are:
                                - Large and small
                                - Profit and not for profit
                                - Business to Business
                                - Business to consumer
                                - Local and international organisations

                                Pay per Click Marketing for organisations where:
                                • The market is large and there is just too much competition to appear
                                  high in the natural search engine listings.
                                • The product is seasonal or is a short term offering.
                                • A product launch is time dependent.

                                Email Marketing, for organisations who:
B   usiness Online
                                • Want to provide reassurance to existing customers.
                                • Want the opportunity to promote other related products to existing customers.
                                • Have purchased an email database for “opt in e-mail advertising”.

                                Online Advertising, for organisations who:
                                • Need to build product or service awareness.
                                • Have a geographically spread target market.

                                 Article & Press Release Distribution, for organisations who:
                                • Need to build online awareness of their products and services
                                • Desire to develop good quality links that are indexed
                                • Wish to generate referral traffic

                                Social media Marketing, for organisations who:
                                • Need to build online awareness of their products and services       • Wish to generate referral traffic        • Wish to develop online credibility
Tel +44 (0) 208 1234 164        • Want to develop a “buzz” about their brand
 Tel +66 (0) 898 740 040
                                Their are a myriad of different ways to generate awareness, referral traffic, links and
                                to communicate with your customers online. i-Marketing Asia has extensive experi-
                                ence in all forms of online and internet marketing.

                    I   nternet Marketing
                        Service Overview

                           Pay Per Click Marketing
                           Ad copy and selecting the right keywords
   i -Marketing
                           is essential, rather than, deep pockets.

                           Developing effective copy within a limited
                           space is a unique skill. You need to
                           identifying what the customer is thinking
                           and how he will try and find you.

                           PPC charges are steadily increasing so
                           it's more important than ever to manage
                           your campaigns effectively & efficiently.

                           For this service we will:
                           • Identify your requirements - corporate,
                             product or service level.
                           • Provide keyword analysis.
                           • Produce campaign plans.
                           • Set up campaigns on Google Adwords
                             or Yahoo Search.
                           • Provide detailed performance reporting
                             and recommendations.

                           The recommended number of bid terms
                           will vary accoding to the business sector
                           and size of target market.

   uilding                 Email Marketing
B  usiness Online
                           Email marketing campaigns can be             The email tool enables us to:
                           cheap and easy to deliver, but they can      • Develop an online database.
                           also be detrimental to your brand.           • Send out HTML emails at a moments
                           We can design and build e-mail               • Develop emails with hyperlinks to
                           campaigns to reflect your company core         enable measurement.
                           values and then distribute, no matter how    • Measure click through rates and hard
                           large or small your contact list. And then     and soft bounce rates.
                           to complete the circle we provide report-    • Identify what information is the most
                           ing facilities.                                effective.
                                                                        • Identify customer interests.
                           i-Marketing Asia’s proprietary email tool    • Rectify landing pages at a moments
                           provides customers with the ability to         notice.
                           send out HTML emails at a moments   notice. As long as the email has    appropriate hyperlinks then our
Tel +44 (0)208 1234 164    customers can measure their customer’s
 Tel +66 (0)898 740 040    interaction with that email. This provides
                           real time analytics and is invaluable in
                           improving not only the campaign
                           message but also the website landing

                    I   nternet Marketing
                        Service Overview

   i -Marketing             Online and Rich Media Advertising          Article & Press Release Distribution

                            Rich Media advertising maximises the       News websites such as Google News
                            use of colour, imagery and page layout     and MSNBC Searchbot receive millions
                            by using Adobe flash to develop online     of site visitors per day. These sites
                            adverts.   i-Marketing Asia develops,      display their articles and press releases
                            executes and measures advertising          in their site and list them in the search
                            campaigns using the following ad types:    engine results.

                            Expanding : An ad which changes size       Writing optimized articles and press
                            and which may alter the contents of the    releases and then distributing them
                            web page.                                  online can have the following benefits:
                                                                       • Increased website traffic from the top
                            Floating : An ad which moves across the      search engines and related online
                            screen or floats above the content.          publications.
                                                                       • Higher search engine rankings on your
                            Wallpaper : An ad which changes the          target keywords.
                            background of the page being viewed.       • Increased link popularity from the high
                                                                         ranking news services.
                            Pop Up : A new window which opens in
                            front of the current one, displaying an    Most press releases are written to obtain
                            ad or entire web page.                     an emotional response rather than to
                                                                       achieve higher search engine listings.
                            Pop Under : Similar to a Pop Up except
                            that the window is loaded or sent behind   i-Marketing Asia does the following:
                            the current window so that the user does   1. Keyword research to identify target
                            not see it until they close one or more       phrases.
                            active windows.                            2. Production of draft produced using

Building Online
 usiness                    Peel Down : An ad which when clicked
                            “peels” off revealing an ad underneath.
                                                                          target phrases.
                                                                       3. On final approval, distribution to each
                                                                          online wire service.

                             We operate a range of pricing models:

                             Pay per Click Marketing:      Set up charge plus % commission on spend.
                             Email Marketing:              Set up charge plus charge per email.
                             Rich Media Advertising:       Cost dependent on client brief.
                             Press Release Distribution:   Charge per item and distribution fee.
                             Social Media Marketing        Charge per project.    About i-Marketing Asia
Tel +44 (0)208 1234 164    i-Marketing Asia is a marketing agency assisting companies in developing online
 Tel +66 (0)898 740 040    business. Based in Asia, we bring together professional, qualified European marketers
                           and strong technical skills which when linked to the low Asian cost base provide
                           exceptional value. Using technology as an enabler and creatives designed to appeal
                           to your target audience we optimize websites and develop marketing campaigns to
                           make your products and services more visible.


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