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The Industrial Revolution


									                              The Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution affected the world in many ways when it occurred first in Great
Britain it caused problems and spread out through the whole world creating an era of
machinery and pollution. Most labor was replaced with machines and products where made
quickly, poor people got jobs easily and the rich where getting the benefit. People didn’t take
notice of their actions and the pollution spread very quickly animals and plants where being
killed and destroyed, many species became endangered. Diseases spread throughout the world
like cholera, typhoid and typhus which killed people, which caused devastation to everyone.
Cities became more populated and crowded, so the problem got worse. People and the
environment affect each other and they always have.

The era of machinery not only polluted the environment but it also caused people to create
dangerous products that affected on environment and the society which caused problems like
global warming, global warming is an activity in which the Earth’s average temperature
increases; global warming can also cause the melting of glaciers in the sea which can cause
floods that kill hundreds of humans from the worlds society and that of course affects the
environment too. Factories, machines and vehicles produce thick smoke which spreads in the
environment and that can cause acid rain which destroys crops and plants and other creatures,
that all effects on our lives and on the lush healthy environment and ecosystems which were
there in the past.

Many machines where invented in the time of the industrial revolution, the first reliable steam
engine was made in 1775 by James Watt; Thomas Savery created the first crude steam engine
in 1698, Thomas Newcomen improved on the design. But, it wasn’t until James Watt improved
on the steam engine. A steam engine is basically a machine which is able to capture the energy
of steam to move machinery. The steam engine was central to the industrial revolution. Steam
engines were used to run locomotives and steamships.
Cholera was a disease everyone feared at the time of the industrial revolution it was very
popular, it could spread easily and quickly. An attack of cholera is sudden and painful, usually
the disease affected those in city’s poorer areas, but the rich didn’t escape this disease. Cholera
wasn’t the only disease that created great problems but smallpox made a major problem in
cities even after the vaccine was invented, the reason was because many people ignored the
fact that they have develop a vaccine. Typhoid and typhus were also feared and very common
like cholera in the industrial revolution, Typhoid was caused by infected water while typhus was
carried by lice.

The great revolution was a change no one can forget, it changed people’s lives and made a big
difference that affected the environment and society. The problem is that the people are too
attached to this life after the industrial revolution which causes dangers for everyone and
pollutes the world which makes it a lifeless land full of diseases and disasters. People would be
suffering and dying trying to find a drop of water to drink and a small piece of food to eat while
they are regretting what they have done and asking themselves why they ignored this and
didn’t take any action to save the world. People have to take notice now because the world
can’t wait anymore it is out of resources.
                   Plan. Locate. Use. Self-reflect

                          PLAN: Questions to keep in mind while planning

  What is my goal? Writing an essay about the environment and society and the industrial revolution.

       What materials will I need? Computers and useful resources from many different sources.

                How much time do I have to get it done? I have to get it done on April 4

              What steps to the process can I plan on taking in advance to get this done?

                      What will happen next? Plan some resources and websites

Select appropriate questions above and use them to plan what you are doing.

                    What will I do on Each Day? See the list of lessons on top
What resources do I have, where are they located? I have the bibliography save on the laptop
and the Internet which I can research from.


The purpose of this assignment is showing what we know about the industrial revolution.

What Criteria will this be assessed by? Criteria A and D

What are the important statements of achievement in the highest level of each criterion?

_Knowledge is important you must also make your work organized and neat and present it


Where will I look for information? (All the work you have already done) In bibliography.



Plan about the idea of the paragraph and start writing it.
Self Reflect

Achieving the highest level.

What does the highest level of each criterion call for? _A wide range of information and high
quality of work.

What have I done in my work to display this? I will try to make the work competeble with the

                       Questions for evaluating outcomes or making decisions

                                    Is there a better solution to...?

                                  What would I do different next time

                                       How would you feel if...?

                                    What are the consequences..?

                                What influence will....have on our lives?

                                   What are the pros and cons of....?

                                      What are the alternatives?

                                      Do my results make sense?

                                     How accurate are my results?

               Use these Question stems to develop a future goal whenever you reflect!!!

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