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Eagle Express Newsletter



                                 Eagle Express Newsletter

                                 V O L U M E      1 ,   I S S U E   1                                    F E B R U A R Y      2 0 1 0


     Senior Parent
                             Message from the Dean of Instruction                                                                       Eag
       Meeting Date!         Happy New Year! What a              school schedule and bus            conditions. Eventually, these
                             great remaining four months         schedule.                          conditions extended into the          A
     Parent/ Teacher       of the school year we have to                                          eastern communities and
                             look forward to. Within the         The school would like to           parents were understanding          Fre
                             Four Corners region, this           thank parents for their            of our decision.
     NWEA Charts           abundance of precipitation is       understanding of the               In times of inclement weather        Se
                             not only welcomed, but              decisions that were made the       and 2 hour delays, please
     Research Paper        needed, especially in light         week of January 18 regarding       refer to the television news
       Due Dates.                                                                                                                        S
                             that last year, the region had      keeping school in session until    channels of KOB, KOAT, and
     Students of the       below average levels of             Saturday, January 23 and           KRQE for school updates. In
       Month.                precipitation. The major            resuming school on Tuesday,        addition, radio stations are
                             snowstorm of 2010 which             January 26. We also thank          also alerted in the
     Next IEC & PAC                                                                                                                    Pr
                             occurred during the week of         the parents who called and         Farmington, Window Rock,
       Meeting date.
                             January 18th was indeed one         provided weather and road          and Gallup area when major
     Upcoming Events       of the largest snowfalls we         condition updates throughout       school decisions regarding
       at Prep!              have experienced in several         the week. When the CIRT            inclement weather and
                             years.                              team made the decision to          altered school and bus
                                                                 expand the school week into        schedules take place.
     INSIDE                                                                                                                               G
                             During times of inclement           Saturday, we had several
                             weather, the school’s Critical      parents on the eastern side of     Mr. Tohtsoni
Assessment             2     Incident Response Team              the Navajo Nation who did          NPS Dean of Instruction
Information                  (CIRT), meets and monitors          not quite understand our
                             the weather. From these             decision, since they had sunny                                         Res
Class News             3-5   discussions, decisions are          days. But on the western side
                             made on whether there is to         of the Navajo Nation, many                                             Ext
Counselor              6
Notes                        be a 2 hour delay, early            communities were
                             release, or changes to the          experiencing blizzard-like                                               U
Summer                 7

                             NPS Welcomes New Federal Programs Director
Programs &

Teacher                8-9
                             Greetings everyone! My name is      degree from Fort Lewis College     office and make your presence
Gifted &               10-   Roxanne Lee, I reside in Upper      and earned a Masters of            known. Have a blessed day!
Talented                     Fruitland, New Mexico. My clans     Education degree in Curriculum     Roxanne Lee
                             are Hashtl’ishnii, Ma’ii            & Instruction from Arizona State
Residential,    12-          deeshgiizhnii, Tachii’nii and       University.                        505-326-6571 ext.126
Sports & Extras              Bitahnii. I graduated from NPS in                            
                                                                 I look forward to meeting,
                             1995 and have been welcomed         visiting and working with the
                             back with great enthusiasm!         Navajo Prep community. So
                             I received my undergraduate         please feel free to come by my
                   PAGE        2

                                               NPS Reading Assessment

                                                                         This past month every student at Navajo Preparatory School was        Fr
                     W A ead  in
                    N E R ingW ter2010
                                                                         tested in the areas of Reading, Mathematics, and Language Usage.
 3                                 228.5                                 We will test again in the three areas of Reading, Mathematics, and
                   227.2                       227.2                     Language Usage in May. Navajo Preparatory School utilizes the
28                                                                                                                                              S
 2    224                                                                Northwest Evaluation Association for student assessment. The
                                                                P en
                                                               N SM a    results of the NWEA testing have been used to drive instruction        C
                   224.9           225.6                        a en
                                                               N t' Ma   and also to predict students’ results on state assessments.
 2                                                                       We are pleased to see that at each grade level of 9, 10, and 11,       P
                                                                         reading scores are increasing above the national average. We are
     F m
      resh an     S h m re
                   op o o          J io
                                    un r        e r
                                               S nio
                                                                         pleased because last school year, reading scores were becoming
                                                                         stagnant as the students progress each grade level, while the
                                                                         national mean increased. This year, we have instituted 15 minutes     Te
     Charts both indicate that our
                                                                         of reading within each class and this strategy appears to be paying
     Navajo Prep students at                                             dividends.
     grades 9, 10, and 11 are
     achieving above the national

                                               What do These Charts Mean?                                                                      Re

                                               The charts illustrate each grade’s RIT score from the NWEA test in                              Ex

                                               reading and mathematics. Based on normative data from every school in
                                               the United States that administers the NWEA, the national mean is
                appears to be                  determined and this data is also included on the charts. There is no
                                               national mean data for 12th grade because not enough data information is
                       paying                  available to make a statistically-sound measurement.
                                               Reading and Mathematics are the two subjects that are tested for the
                   dividends”                  New Mexico Standards Assessment (NMSBA). The NMSBA is the state
                                               test that then determines the school’s Adequate Yearly Progress. This
                                               test is administered to Juniors and this year will be administered over a
                      J. Totsoni               three day period from March 30 to April 01, 2010.

                    N EM
                     W A athem - W r 20
                              atics inte 10
                                                                                        NPS Math Assessment
                                                                                This chart on Mathematics indicates that our 
                                      244.4                                     Navajo Prep students at grade 9, 10, and 11 are 
25                                                     242.1                    achieving at above national average.  Again, there is 
       237.8          239.1
 4                                                                  N SM a
                                                                     P en       no national mean data for 12th grade because not 
                                                                    N t'l Man
                                                                     a e
                                                                                enough data information is available to make a 
25                                    238.5                                     statistically‐sound measurement.   
       232.5                                                                    As with the Reading scores, our 12th grade students’ 
 2                                                                              scores are decreasing. 
       resh an
      F m            op o o
                    S h m re            un r
                                       J io             e r
                                                       S nio

                       EAGLE               EXPRESS         NEWSLETTER
 VOLUME         1,   ISSUE        1                                                                                      PAGE   3   Ea

                                  Freshman Academy                                                                                  F
Spring semester is finally here and freshmen have settled in their new classes. From the Fall 4
quarter, there were 19 freshmen who received a 3.0 GPA or higher. These students were: Cheyanna
Sheperd, Leilani Howe, Danielle Coleman, Diandra Bird, Damon Clark, Joe Fernandez, Gabrielle
Fultz, Bianca Calnimptwea, Stormy Max, Courtney Nutloius, Breanna Thompson, Justine Yazzie,
Waylan Stevens, Shanelle Yazzie, Lyshellrae Begay, Kaitlin Pine, Jasmine Jishie and Deaunabah
Yazza, Destinee Yazzie.
Students who received a GPA of 3.0 will not be required to attend study hall beginning spring 1st
quarter and will have to maintain that to stay off the study hall list.                                                              P
To help your child succeed in their studies, please talk to them about their class work and time
management as we are finding through our Academy meetings that students are not using their
planners and not doing their homework. You can help by checking their planners, and checking their
grades through Nasis.
With your continued support, we all can make a difference in your child’s education. If you have any                                Te
questions or concerns you may reach me at or 505-326-6571.

January Freshman of the Month                                                                                                       Re

Leilani Howe is from Kirtland                                                                                                       Ex
                                                     Shane Benally is from Rock Point, NM. He likes to play
NM. She likes to read books and
                                                     chess and enjoys climbing. About NPS, “I like the
likes to be around people.
                                                     Navajo Language class.”
About NPS, “I like how people
easily interact with others
and it is a nice place to be”
Her plans after she
graduates is to attend college                                                                                “I like how
to become a pediatrician.
                                                                                                              people easily

                                                                                                              interact with

                                                                                                              others and it’s

Junior Class Raffle Ticket Winners                                                                            a nice place to

 1.   Eagle Blanket donated by Theresa Gonzalez—Frank Tallis Kayenta, AZ
 2.   iPod Shuffle donated by Ariel Shirley— Shayna Begay Cortez, CO
 3.   $45.00 Outback Gift Card donated by Meryl Chee—Deionna Smith Aztec, NM
 4.   $45.00 Outback Gift Card donated by Meryl Chee—Marie Johnson Farmington, NM
 5.   Traditional Teen Outfit donated by Wilfred Jumbo—Sharon Yazzie Kayenta, AZ
 6.   Traditional Girls Outfit donated by Wilfred Jumbo—Elaine Kimble Ft. McDowell, AZ
 7.   $50.00 Red Lobster Gift Card donated by Ariel Nephew—Jimmy Garnanez Shiprock, NM
 8.   Earring & Necklace Set donated by Monique Hatathlie—Carol Tom Farmington, NM
 9.   $25.00 Safeway Gift Card donated by Nicole Lansing—Diana Begay Longview, TX
 10. Sheepherder’s Special donated by Cheyenne Antonio— Elaine Kimble Ft. McDowell, AZ
 11. Slow Cooker donated by Lani Padilla—Derrick Shepard Ganado, AZ
 12. Tool Set donated by Teverrick Chee—Lorraine Lansing Shiprock, NM
 13. $50.00 Cash donated by Alexis Archambault—Juan Charley Dzilth-Na-O-Dith-Hle, NM
    PAGE    4

                       Class of 2010 College Goal Sunday!

                       What: College Goal Sunday
                       Who: Anyone Considering going to college
                       (FAFSA – Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
                       When: Sunday, February 21, 2010
                       Time: 1:00-3:00pm
                       Where: San Juan College
                                Hosted by Financial Aid: 505.566.3394/3541
                               East Classroom Complex
                       What to bring:
                                2009 IRS 1040 Tax Returns
                                W-2 Forms
                                Other 2009 Income & Benefits Info.

                       For more information visit:                                                  T

                                               Senior Parent Meeting                                R

                         There will be a meeting for the senior students’
                         parents on Friday, Feb. 12 at 11:30 in the lounge
                        area of the Betty Ojaye Student Center. This will
                        be a short informational session to bring everyone
                          up to date on the plans for graduation and the
                                            senior trip.

“Intelligence is
                     San Juan College Early Admission Program
 knowing what
                     Early admission is for high school juniors or seniors who are currently
to do when you       enrolled in high school at least half time and have established residency
                     within the four corners and who wish to take college classes while they are
   don’t know        still in high school. College classes taken under early admission count only
                     for college credits and will not count toward high school credits. Early
  what to do.”       admit students are admitted as non-degree seeking and are therefore
                     limited to no more than 7 credits per semester. Non-degree admission
      -Art Costa     status students ARE NOT eligible for any financial
                     All documents must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the start
                     date of the semester in which the student is interested in enrolling.

                     For more Information contact:
                     Michele Peterson
                     San Juan College

VOLUME        1,   ISSUE     1                                                                                PAGE   5

                                   Senior Class Seed Gathering
 On January 8th the Senior class ventured out into the snow to gather seeds at a location off the La Plata
Highway. Nicole Yazzie’s uncle had informed her of a program funded by BHP which selects groups such
as school classes or Boy Scout troops to gather four winged salt bush seeds. The seeds are used to replant
native vegetation on reclaimed mine lands. The company pays the groups for the seeds collected so this is
an excellent fund raising activity for groups.

The class applied and was selected as one of the groups this year. There was some difficulty determining a
date which would work for the class and the company. January 8th was finally selected. Trevor Harvey
came to the school in December and made a presentation on safety at the site and precautions and
preparations the students should take as they collected the seeds.                                                   Eagle Expre

The class left school to arrive at the location at 9:30 that morning. The temperature was 16o F.                         Assessm
Approximately 28 seniors and sponsors and 13 family members bundled up and walked about ¼ of a mile
off the road down to the location. The group used recycling waste baskets to collect the seeds which were            Freshman C
then poured into sacks the company provided. The group collected 15 bags of seeds in about 5 1/2 hours
before and after lunch.                                                                                               Senior New

BHP brought in a grill and cooked lunch for us. The original plan was to have sack lunches until BHP                     Senior Cla
informed us that they would provide a hot lunch. It was greatly appreciated. They cooked hot dogs,
hamburgers, and beans along with chips and even brought pies for dessert. The hot food really hit the spot
on the cold day!

At 3 p.m. everyone walked back to the bus and cars to return to school or home. The temperature had                   Programs
warmed up to a balmy 28o F and many had wet feet from the snow so it was good to get on the bus or in the
car to warm up.                                                                                                          Teacher

The 2010 Senior Class would like to thank BHP for the great opportunity. The class earned $5000 dollars as           Teacher Up
result of all the hard work that day. They would like to extend thanks to Nicole Yazzie and her uncle who
made us aware of this opportunity and helped get the application in on time. The seniors would also like to              Gifted &
thank Trevor Harvey who served as the liaison between the class and BHP. The class would like to give
special thanks to the parents, siblings and family members who gave their time to help the class. Without
their efforts we would not have been so successful.

The class earned $5000 dollars as result of all the hard work that day. The money will be used toward                Residential,
paying for their Senior Trip to California.
                                                                                                                     Extras & IEC

       PAGE       6

                           Notes From The Counseling Office


                                The Junior Class Seminar is scheduled for Friday, March 19th, beginning at 1pm.
                       There will be speakers who will discuss financial aid planning, scholarship, mentorship,     S
                       college applications, essay, and summer programs. The Academic Counselor will also
                       discuss with students and parents the four-year plan that set personal academic goals and
                       mandated graduation requirements. So come Parents and find out who are Junior Class
                       Officers and Sponsors and see what they are doing as a Class. So mark your Calendar,
                       Remember March 19th, from 1 to 3:30 pm.                                                      P

                                                                             Believe it or not, we are fast        Te
  “Higher GPA          approaching end of the school year! Find out how your student(s) is performing. Plan to
                       attend the Parent Teacher Conference on Friday, February 12th, and keep in
  means more           touch with your child’s teacher by email, phone, and NASIS (NPS student information
Opportunities”                 Seniors must remember that final grades will be factored into an admission
                       decision for a college they choose to attend. Selected college/university should have NOW
                       in their possession the ACT/SAT SCORES, College APPLICATION and FEE WAIVER,
                       ESSAY, TRANSCRIPTS, Certificate of Indian Blood (CIB), Money Deposit for dorm,
                       AND OTHER ESSENTIALS AS REQUIRED.
     Clair Kirk
                                SCHOLARSHIP! SCHOLARSHIP! SCHOLARSHIP! Information will be
NPS Counselor          available to students and parents during Parent/Teacher Conference on Friday, February
                       12th. Financial Aid Counselor from Navajo Nation Scholarship & Financial Assistance
                       Office will be in attendance to assist with Scholarship Applications for College, Summer
                       Programs and Chief Manuelito Awards. Remember Students……… Higher GPA means
                       more Scholarship Opportunities!!!!!

                                             Know Your Testing Schedule
                                 Seniors should know the dates they will be taking the ACT, SAT, Subject
                         Test and/or AP exams. Parents, please check with your seniors to find if they have
                         taken these exams. Test dates are:
                          ACT Test Date: April 10, 2010        Registration Deadline is March 5, 2010
                          SAT Test Date: March 13, 2010        Registration Deadline is February 5, 2010
                          SAT Subject Tests: May 1, 2010       Registration Deadline is March 25, 2010

                                  Juniors will be taking the State New Mexico Standard Based Assessment
                         during the end of March 30th to April 1st. NMSBA measures, reading, math, science,
                         social studies, and writing skills. Test scores are compared to standards as well as
                         Grade-Level expectations. Performance of each student is one of the source for AYP
                         determination for high schools. We also need at least a 95 percent student
                         participation. So parents, encourage your students to do well, free from stress and
                         having a good appetite during test week.

           EAGLE      EXPRESS      NEWSLETTER
VOLUME       1,   ISSUE      1                                                                                   PAGE   7   Eagle

2010 Student Essay Contest


The State Bar of New Mexico announces the 2010 student essay contest, sponsored by the                                       Sen
Modrall Sperling Law Firm. The contest is open to high school juniors and seniors across the
state. The awards include scholarships as follows: first place $1000 (with an additional $100                                 Se
going to the first place winner’s classroom), second place $500, and third place $250. We are
hoping that by including information about the standards and benchmarks that teachers will use
the essay contest as a teaching tool in their classrooms. Teachers may also request the results
of the scoring rubric for their students.
Below is a link to all the information teachers will need for the essay.
STUDENT ESSAY CONTEST LINK:                                                          Te
 Kasey Daniel, Esq.
 Director, Public and Legal Services Department                                                                             Teac
 New Mexico State Bar Foundation
 (505) 797-6053 | Fax (505) 797-6074|                                                         G

                                                                                                          “Shoot for
                                                                                                          the moon.
                                                                                                          Even if you
 Summer Program Opportunities                                                                             miss it you

 Dine College has a great summer opportunity for Native American students who are interested in           will land
 cancer and diabetes prevention research. The Summer Research Enhancement Program dates are
 from June 1, 2010 to August 7, 2010. Dine College will cover room/board, books/materials, and
 students will receive 7 transferable credit hours. A $3,500.00 stipend is also dividedly distributed
 throughout the program. The deadline to apply is February 26, 2010.
                                                                                                          the stars”
 Students can go to and click on the Summer Research Enhancement Program icon or go
 directly to for more information.                    -Les Brown

 Summer Science Program
The Summer Science Program (SSP) is one of the oldest and most successful
summer enrichment programs for academically gifted high school students.
SSP takes place at two college campuses: New Mexico Tech in Socorro, NM,
and Westmont College in Santa Barbara, CA. Enrollment at each campus is
limited to 36 students, mostly rising seniors from around the U.S. and the
world, chosen through an admissions process very similar to that of selective
colleges. A program fee is charged for the six week residential session, with
generous need-based financial aid available. For complete information
including prerequisites and application instructions, visit
   PAGE   8

                 All School Reading Program Update

                 As part of our school wide initiative to improve reading skills of our        F
                 students we are once again providing students with a book to read and
Teacher          Students will have a choice of one book from a list of approximately 20
                 recommended by their peers and staff that will be purchased for them by
                 the school.
                 Students will then read and discuss with others as well as present their
Updates          book in a spring semester class later this semester for credit.
                 It is hoped that by giving students a wider selection to choose from that
                 they can own and read-that interest in reading and discussing their book
                 with others will spark a love of reading for pleasure amongst all students.
                 So students—get those forms turned into your Homeroom Advisor as soon
                 as possible!
                 Parents/Guardians: please ask your student about his/her reading choice       T
                 and encourage reading at home too!

                 Mrs. T. Michael, Reading Committee Chair


                 Mrs. Manning’s Class and their Story Telling Puppets                          E

                                     Stormy Max
                                     Twins’ Story

                                      Nakisha Antonio
                                      Coyote & Bobcat

                                      Darwyn Largo
                                      Coyote & Skunk

       PAGE      9

                                               Nihe Iina Department


                        New Mexico/Arizona History                                                                      Fre
      Research          The topic of the research paper is "Leaders of New Mexico/Arizona". Students have
                        chosen two prominent historical or current leaders to research. These are leaders they feel      Se
    Papers for          made great contributions to either New Mexico and/or Arizona. They will gather
                        information about each leader and in their research paper, make the argument that one
                        leader has/had a stronger impact than the other.
       Mrs. Joe         Feb. 19, 2010- Thesis Statement
                        Mar. 5, 2010 - Outline                                                                           C
                        Mar. 12, 2010 - Rough Draft #1 (3 pages)
       and Ms.          Apr. 15, 2010 - Rough Draft #2 (4-6 pages; In-text citations; Works Cited Page)                  Pr
                        May 7, 2010 - Final Draft & Research Portfolio (4-6 pages; In-text citations; Works Cited
         Duffus                            Page; Portfolio)                                                               T

                        World History and Geography                                                                     Tea
                        The topic of this research paper is revolutionary leaders. Students must choose two leaders
                        who have made an impact on the world and determine who made the greater impact on the             G
                        world. Leadership styles and characteristics will be researched and evaluated. The required
                        length of the paper is 6-8 pages in length, with in text citations, and a Works Cited page
                        that follows MLA standards. Any paper that does not meet the required number of pages
                        will not be accepted.
                        February 1, 2010-Topic
                        February 16, 2010-Thesis statement
                        March 8, 2010-Outline and note cards                                                            Ext
encourage your
                        April 1, 2010-Rough draft
                        May 3, 2010-Final draft                                                                           U
  students to

  come in for           U.S. History and Geography
                        In this Junior-level class, students will identify a topic in U.S. History and create an
assistance when         argumentative thesis. The topic must be creative and unique. All student’s currently in U.S.
                        History have been provided an extensive list of possible U.S. History topics dating all the
writing papers.”        way back to the 18th century. The required length of the paper is 6-8 pages, with in text
                        citations, and a Works Cited page that follows MLA standards. In addition the students
                        will be responsible for turning in a portfolio with the paper that includes the rough draft,
                        copies of internet cites, a listing of where they got their resources from and they must have
Frank Pecoraro
                        an electronic version of their paper also submitted (either through email or on a flash
Writing Tutor           drive). Any paper that does not meet the required number of pages will not be accepted.
                        January 22, 2010-Topic
                        February 5, 2010-Thesis statement
                        February 19, 2010-Outline and note cards
                        March 4, 2010-Rough draft
                        April 1, 2010-Final draft

                        Navajo Culture
                        This research paper can be used as an opportunity for students to further explore any facet
                        of Navajo Culture. Because “Navajo Culture” is such a broad topic, there are a wide range
                        of sub-topics to choose from. Students must choose a topic that can be researched and
                        Jan. 22, 2010 – Thesis Statement
                        Feb. 4, 2010 – Outline
                        Feb. 18, 2010 – Rough Draft (3-5 pages, in-text citations, and works cited page)
                        Mar. 19, 2010 – Final Draft & Portfolio (4-6 pages; In-text citations; Works Cited
                                           Page; Portfolio)

    PAGE   10

                   Gifted & Talented Programs
                   Members of the Youth Leadership G&T program are busy as ever! Here are two
                   projects we completed at the end of the Fall semester:
   What is
                    Youth Council Constitution and Bylaws – youth leadership students this year
    “Youth             decided to officially revise and adopt a constitution and bylaws that will
                       serve as governing expectations for our group. This process will also allow
Leadership”            our group to re-affiliate with UNITY (United National Indian Tribal Youth).
                       We are still in the process of finalizing these documents. Our goal is to
     up to?            finalize the documents and present them before Student Senate, get Board
                       approval, and forward them to the UNITY office to complete the process.          Eag

                    Reading Activity – on Dec. 9, 2009 youth leadership students traveled to the Ojo
                       Elementary School and conducted small group oral reading and reading
                       activity with 2nd grade students. Each student chose a book to read and          Fr
                       conducted reading activities that included: graphic organizers, origami
                       making, poetry writing, and illustrating pictures.                                S

                   In addition to the numerous activities and projects completed so far, we have the     S
                   following projects planned for the Spring semester:
                   1. “Hope for Haiti” – sponsor a Bake Sale and all proceeds will be donated to         C
                   the Haiti Relief through the local Red Cross chapter.
                   2. Shiprock Senior Center – help serve lunch and play “Din4 Bingo” with elders        P
                   at the center.
                   3. Earth Day Campus Clean-up – get NPS students involved in acknowledging
                   the importance of respecting our environment and being individual caretakers of
                   our campus
                   Building a Bread House – construct a bread house on campus that can be used to
                   cook traditional foods
                                                                                    Submitted by:
                                                                                    Mrs. Joe, Sponsor



                      More G & T News….
        PAGE   11

                                                       ¡HOLA ESPAÑA!
                     This coming Spring Break on the 25th of March 2010, the Gifted and Talented
                     Advanced Spanish and Enrichment Club from Navajo Prep is planning to do an
                     educational tour of Spain. Mr. Rodgers, the G&T Sponsor/Spanish Teacher and
                     his wife Megan will be the chaperones along with four Senior students;
                     Consuelo Gurule, Bianca Peshlakai, Rochelle Shorty and Casey Tom who have
                     been planning and fundraising for this trip since the beginning of last year.
                     They are looking forward to expanding their study of the Spanish language,
                     culture and history as they visit the cities of Madrid, Barcelona and the Basque         P
                     Country of Northern Spain. Upon returning, each student will report to the
                     school and the Board the Trustees their experiences. Each participant would
                     like to thank the Navajo Prep Administration and the members of the Board for
                     approving this trip. ¡BUEN VIAJE!

                                Movie and Magazine G & T
                        If you are interested in the following: Watching weekly                              Re
                        movies, seeing your drawing, poems, cartoons or movies
                        published in the literary magazine, or direct/produce your                           Ex
                        own film! Look no further because your chance is upon
                        you! For officially joining be sure and get parent
                        permission formsigned! If you need a form you can obtain
                        one from Mrs. Manning, Dodge Hall 255.

Spring 2010               New Moon Run

New Moon                  Cultural Significance: Elders encourage running toward the east
                          to greet the morning sun and receive its many blessing. To
Runs:                     promote a healthy lifestyle focusing on physical endurance, mental
                          strength, and spirituality.
1. Jan. 15                To Participate: Meet in the Hogan at 5:45 am on the morning of
                          the run. After a brief morning prayer, participants run/walk to the
2. Feb.19                 Apache Elementary School and back to campus.
3. Mar. 19                New Moon Run T-Shirts: People who participate in at least two
                          New Moon Runs will receive a t-shirt.
4. April 16
                          Chizh !d4n!!
5. May 14                 I am looking for people who would be willing to donate woods or make a
                          cash donation to purchase woods our campus. I use the Hogan on New Moon
                          Run mornings and during the last run I noticed that we have depleted our
                          supply. If you are interested in helping us, please don’t hesitate to contact me
                          at or (505) 326-6571.
                          Submitted By: Mrs. Joe

             EAGLE    EXPRESS      NEWSLETTER
     PAGE    12

                                                  ~Residential News~

                     Upcoming Event 2010
                     Outdoor Activity Trip                                                                            F
                     Durango Mountain Resort
                     February 10, 2010 Sponsored by
                     School Wellness Advisory Team

                     Our school will enjoy recreational
                     activities like Cross Country Skiing,
                     Snow Shoeing, Skiing,
                     Snowboarding and Indoor
                     Recreational Activity. Parents must                                                               P
                     sign consent form and activity fees
                     due Feb. 1, 2010. Letters &
                     Activity Info issued to students/
                     parents week of Jan. 4.

                       SPORTS: Golf is Back!!!!
                       After taking the season off for Golf this past Fall, Navajo Prep is excited to announce that
                       the Golf program will be returning this Spring for both Boys and Girls. Some of the            Re
                       golfers returning from last year’s team will be Ivan Willeto, Sanyon Curly, Michael
                       Buffalo, Anthony Jojola, Kalvyn Etcitty and Macklin Begaye. Coach Scott Rodgers, in his        Ex
                       8th season would like to see more students of all grades, but particularly girls and
                       freshmen, try out for Golf this year. There’s no experience necessary, as plenty of on the
                       job training will be available. Official practices will begin the first week of March if we
                       can keep the snow off the Golf courses. If interested, contact Coach Rodgers via email
              or call 505-326-6571 x301.
                       Don’t forget that a Doctor’s Physical will be necessary before any student can participate
                       in High School Athletics, so get that done and will see you on the links!


PARENTS:             Spring 2010 Parent/Teacher Conference Feb.12, 12:00-3:30
REPORT CARDS            1. Parents: Sign in with the receptionist.
                        2. Please note important contents in student’s packets.
WILL BE GIVEN           3. Visit each of your student’s classes, the library, and residential halls.
OUT DURING              4. Lunch will served from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm in the cafeteria.
                     You will have the opportunity to:
PARENT TEACHER              Meet and greet your student’s spring term instructors, academic
                                advisors, and counselors.
                            Meet and greet your student’s residential advisors.
FRIDAY FEB. 12!             Receive information about your student’s class activities.
                            Receive the expectations of your student’s courses.
                            Spend time getting to meet other parents.
                            Receive NWEA short cycle assessment scores for your student.
                            If you wish, you may attend classes with your student in the morning
                                and get to experience what a day as a Navajo Preparatory School
                                student is like.


       Celebrating Black History Month!                                                                         A


                                   Please join Navajo Prep in Celebrating                                      Se

                                   Black History Month on February 22,                                         S

                                   2010 @ 6pm in the Roost of the old                                          C
                                   administration building!                                                    Pr




  The top reasons for preteens and teens to smoke are:
         To be cool                                                                                         Res
         My friends encouraged me to smoke
         I wanted to experiment
         It helps me to be thin                                                                               U
         I’m around people who smoke all the time
         It helps me to relieve my stress

  Parents can be a key influence on a child’s decision not to smoke. You can
  give your child the tools and support the needs to make better choices.

                                 IEC & PAC Meetings
Indian Education Committee Members:       I would like to thank all the parents who are committee members!
1. Rose Woody, IEC Chairperson            Your hard work and dedication to improving academics and
2. Nadine Chatto, IEC Vice– Chairperson   student life at Navajo Prep are commendable. I look forward to
3. Sarah Litson, IEC Secretary            facilitating your suggestions and concerns in a positive and
4. Dabra Gonnie, IEC Member-at-Large      efficient manner.
                                          I would also like to extend a welcome to other parents who are
Parental Advisory Committee
                                          interested in the committee meetings. Come out and join in on
                                          the discussions!
1. Michele Peterson, PAC President
2. Ronald Weston, PAC Vice-President
                                          Next Meeting IEC: Sunday Feb. 28th 4pm
3. Tammie Wilson, PAC Secretary
                                          Next Meeting PAC: Sunday Feb. 28th 2pm
4. Vacant, Member-at-Large
                                          See You There!!!
                                                                                  Roxanne Lee
                                                                                  Federal Programs Director
                                                                                  IEC & PAC Coordinator
                                                                                                Eagle Exp

  Navajo Preparatory School Inc.                              NPS MISSION
  1220 West Apache St.                                        STATEMENT                         Freshman
  Farmington, NM 87401
  Phone: 505-326-6571                               The mission of the school is to educate      Senior N

  Fax: 505-564-8099                                 talented and motivated college-bound          Senior C
  E-mail:                          Navajo and other Native American youth
                                                    that have the potential to succeed in         Counse
                                                    higher education and become leaders in
                 “Yideeskaagóó Naat’aani”           their respective communities. The school     Program

                 Leaders Now and Into the Future.   provides a rigorous academic program           Teache
                                                    based on a strong foundation of Navajo
                                                    philosophy supported by a residential       Teacher U

                                                    environment that enhances individuality       Gifted
                                                    and independence.      This mission is
                                                    reflected in the School’s motto,                 G&
                                                    “Yideeskaagóó Naat’aani” Leaders Now
                                                    and Into the Future.                        Residenti

                                                                                                Extras &



                               ~Upcoming Events~
February 2010                                           March 2010
03—End of 1st Quarter Grading                           05—Half Day School / Staff In-Service
05—Half Day of School / Staff In-Service                05—End of 2nd Quarter Grading
10—Snow Day in Durango, CO                              19—Junior Seminar
12—Parent Teacher Conference (No Bus Run)               22-26—Spring Break
15—President’s Day No School
28—IEC Meeting 4pm NPS Library
28—PAC Meeting 2pm NPS Library

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