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					                       JORDAN COMMONS CONDO ASSOCIATION, INC.

                                Board of Directors Meeting

                                      20 January 2011

Jordan Commons Website:

Approved Deck Stain: Cabot # 9205.

Board Members Present: Al Vescovi, Mary Ann Huska, Tim Olsen, Bob Woolf

Northeast Property Group: Chris Myers

Unit owners present….(1)

Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM.

Minutes of the previous meeting:

1. No comments/discussion.
2. Motion to accept December 2010 minutes: Mary Ann; 2nd. Bob. Motion Passed.


1. The apparent discrepancy in the street lighting costs satisfactorily explained.
2. Unit #6 door charges to be further refined.
3. Gutter cleaning charges: The charges for 2010 were historically consistent when
   explained that charges paid had overlapped from other years resulting in 2010 charges
   appearing high.
4. Motion to accept: Mary Ann; 2nd. Tim. Motion passed.

Old Business:

1. Per the electrician through Chris, the current metal halide bulbs (and probably ballasts)
   will be phased out. We will then have to replace one or both. The possibility exists that the
   new bulbs will not fit into the current bulb housings, and we will be faced with
   replacing the bulb housings and quite possibly the poles too. All in the name of increased
   energy efficiency. This will decrease our electricity bill (but will probably take years to
   recover the cost of replacement parts).
2. The cardboard dumpster: Al will weigh the cost of purchasing a dumpster for cardboard
   vs. the cost of continuing to pay Waste Management to pick up the cardboard. The town
   of Waterford would pick up cardboard at no additional charge to Jordan Commons.
   Al will have the info at the May meeting.
3. Hinged doors needed for emergency access to the basements of ranch buildings will cost
   approximately $150.00, per Chris. Some doors have been done. NPG action item: to
   survey the number of remaining access doors that need to be replaced.
4. Storm drain cleaning: Postponed until spring.

New Business:

1. Small entrance door in dumpster gate near Bldg. #12 doesn’t close. NPG action item:
   to evaluate.
2. Per Al, to replace all screens (approximately 800) in all units in the complex would cost in
   the range of $10,000.00 at Johnson Hardware. An arrangement can be worked out
   wherein each unit owner can clearly mark their name and unit number on each screen and
   leave them at the pool house for pick up on a case by case basis when a screen or screens
   need to be replaced. This could begin in May. Further discussion and details to be worked
   out. This would minimize a lump sum cost as the replacements would be carried out over
   a period of time.
3. Kurt has agreed to sign the hold harmless clause promulgated by the Association’s
   insurance company. This is being done in response to insurance requirements to assure
   retaining our current insurance cost for the remaining years 2 and 3 of our 3 year coverage
   agreement. This would reduce Jordan Commons’ premium by about $1,500.00.
4. Of Note: Jordan Commons Condo Association has been approved by H.U.D. This is
   additional assurance that is of value to purchasers when they apply for a mortgage.
5. Snow shoveling between cars of ranch unit owners or un-numbered spaces is not a
   contracted service, nor is shoveling out around townhouse unit cars. It is up to unit owners
   to move their cars or shovel it themselves. If there is a demonstrated health issue, contact
   NPG for guidance and assistance.

Directors Reports: None

Correspondence/Bids: None

Motion to adjourn: Bob, 2nd. Tim. Motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM.

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