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					2005-2006 Grant Awards
Blount County Education Foundation

December 9, 2005 Grant Award Announcement
The Blount County Education Foundation is pleased to announce the awarding of the
following grants for the 2005-2006 school year. Grants are awarded to 83 projects in the
amount of $56,967, an increase of $7,000 over last year!
Corr Wireless Endowed Grant
Karen Gamble & Elaine            Locust Fork Elementary School  On the Level
Blountsville Lions Club L. L. and Avis Norman Endowed Grant - In Memory of Curtis Holly
Amy Butts                        Blountsville Elementary School Fill „er Up! Work Stations to Fuel Learning
Senator Hinton Mitchem Endowed Grant
Deborah Butler                   Cleveland Elementary School    Making Meaning
Senator Jack Biddle Endowed Grant
Lisa Hargett                     Hayden Middle School           Now Showing: A Reader‟s Theater Ticket to Fluency
Representative Elwyn Thomas and Representative Jeremy Oden Grant
Kellie Camp                      Southeastern Elementary School History!! The Greatest Show on Earth

WCRL/WKLD GRANT Honoring WCRL/WLKD for the outstanding support of the Blount County Education Foundation.
Grindl Weldon                       Locust Fork High School          Now, That‟s a NOVEL Concept!

CURRENT YEAR GRANTS – These grants have been made possible through contributions this year.
Assurity Life – Steve Faulker Grant
Olivia Scarbrough                   Cleveland Elementary School      Graph It? No Problem!
Alabama Education Association Grant
Stoney Beavers                      Cleveland High School            Survey Says!
Birmingham Coca-Cola Grant
Kathy Johnson                       Cleveland Elementary School      Wishing to “Read Well”
Blount County Board of Education Members Grant
Sharon Lee-Blocker                  Blount County Career Technical   Look Out World Hear I Come – Computer Certified
Blount County Education Association Grant
Kim Malone                          Southeastern Elementary School   Ready, Set, READ!
Blount County Treasure Forrest Association Grant
Derrick LePard                      J. B. Pennington High School     E-LAB-orate Life Science
Blountsville Elementary School Grant
Carol Pullen                        Blountsville Elementary School   Read Well – That‟s for Me!
Alan Blankenship Grant
Deborah Peoples                     Southeastern Elementary School   Look Mom! I Can Read!
Blount County Commission Grants
Paige Latta                         Appalachian High School          All Aboard the Reading Station
Karen Richards                      Cleveland Elementary School      You‟ve Just Entered – The Literacy Zone
Karen Dewberry-Holt                 Hayden Elementary School         Hear to Read, See to Read, Speak to Read
Kathy Carr                          Southeastern Elementary School   Pass the Headphones, Please
Tammy McMinn                        Susan Moore High School          Victory over Verbs in Spanish
Century 21 In Memory of Sylvia and Kenneth Copeland Grant
Nancy Bullard                       Blountsville Elementary School   Double Dipping – Two Scoops for Me, Please! Literacy
Cleveland High School Brandon Palmer Memorial Social Studies Grant
Larry Thigpen                     Cleveland High School              MAP (Make a Point) in History
Cleveland Town Grant in Memory of Henry Pass
Amy Wilemon                       Cleveland High School              SMART: Smart Mathematical Analysis and Reasoning with
Colonial Bank Grant
Paula Kretzchmar                    Cleveland Elementary School      Reading with Franklin
Community Bank Grant
Suzette Johnson                    Hayden Middle School              Accelerate Learning in Mathematics
Jeff and Twanna Hallmark Grant
Victoria Gable                     Locust Fork High School           Technically Speaking
Hayden Lions Club Grant
Kimberly Harbison                  Hayden Elementary School          Literacy Alive with the Big Five

Hayden Town Grant
Barry Kim Hargett                  Hayden High School                Meeting the Technological & Visual Needs of Algebra Learners
Hometown Bank Grant
Robin Edmondson                    Appalachian High School           The Magic Formula – FLUENCY!
Mike and Audrianna Johnson Grant
Darlene Smith                      Blountsville Elementary School    Making Fitness Fun!
Jerry Jones Grant
Kelly Morton                       Cleveland High School             Show Me Science
Rick Lathan Architect Associates Grant
Patricia Bellew                    Appalachian High School           Quick Reads
Locust Fork Town Grant
Yvette Busenlehner                 Locust Fork Elementary School     Manipulating the Mind
Ivalee McCay Memorial Grant for a Science Classroom by Becky McCay
Nancy Caffee                       Cleveland High School             In Focus
Medical Center Blount Grant
Mike Johnson                       Cleveland High School             Play It Fit
Oneonta Discount Building Supply Grant
Lisa Sloan                         Hayden Elementary School          Literacy CENTERS – Creating Excitement Now To Ensure Reading
Ronda Posey                        Susan Moore Elementary School     All Aboard: Building Literacy-Rich Learning Stations
In Honor of Linda Parker Grant by Dr. Shelly Vail-Smith
Amy Williamson                     Hayden Elementary School          Loving Literacy Centers
Vera Vaughn Grant by Linda Parker
Julia Wall                         Hayden Elementary School          Sail into Literacy II
Peoples Bank Grant
Christopher Chambers               J. B. Pennington High School      Listen Up and READ!
Regions Bank Grant
Cindy Augustine                    Hayden High School                Literature for the Inclusive English Classroom
Reynolds Paint and Carpet Grant
Deanna Jones                       Cleveland High School             Seeing is Believing: Technology to Enhance Reading and Writing
Alex Smith and Dalton Nesmith Grant
Belinda McCay                     Locust Fork Elementary School      Sally, Dick, and Jane Were Right
Ron Stephenson Memorial Grant by the Family
Karen Bradford                    Susan Moore Elementary School      LEAP 24/7: Learning English and Progressing at School and at
Wal-Mart Grant
Jessica Puckett                    Appalachian High School           Language Learners
Peggy and Sherry White Grant
Sandra Sorrow                      Cleveland Elementary School       If That‟s What It Takes!

GENERAL FOUNDATION GRANTS – These grants are made possible by the many supporters of the Education Foundation.
These grants include grants funded through the Blount County Board of Education Employee Giving Program.
Teacher                            School                            Grant Project Title
Janice Lowe                        Appalachian High School           Getting Ready to Read
Jennifer Reid                      Appalachian High School           Chicka Chicka Boom Boom…We‟re Reading in our Room
Kelly Cornelius                    Appalachian High School           Follow the Red Brick Road
Jennifer Walker                    Appalachian High School           Kindergarten Collections
Debra Nolen                        Appalachian High School           We‟re Gaining Momentum!
Vikki Brown                        Blountsville Elementary School    Now I Get It!
Annette Protz                      Cleveland Elementary School       The Road to Decode
Sandy McElvey                      Cleveland Elementary School       Build a Reader: One Word at a Time
Janice Mallon                      Cleveland Elementary School       I‟ll Take Teaching for One Thousand
Denise Lybrand                     Cleveland Elementary School       Read Well – Lea Bien
Kathy Gilliland                    Cleveland Elementary School       Now, I Get It!
Terri Nelson                       Cleveland Elementary School       Can You Hear Me Now?
Sharon Vise                        Cleveland Elementary School       Rolling into ARI
Donna Baba                         Cleveland Elementary School       Focus on fluency throughout the Curriculum
Chris Puckett            Cleveland Elementary School      Getting Fit for Literacy with Earobics
Judy Tatum               Cleveland Elementary School      Write to Read/Read to Write
Kim Bryan                Cleveland Elementary School      Literally Literacy
Linda Williams           Cleveland High School            Literacy Leaps with Literature
Christy Weems            Hayden Elementary School         Get REAL with Fluency – Reading Enhanced by Audio Literacy
Tami Bamberry            Hayden Elementary School         World Series Reading
Ruth Smith               Hayden Elementary School         Leaping Leap Pads! It‟s Fun to Learn!
Paige Givens             Hayden Elementary School         Learning to Love Books
Dr. Shelley Vail-Smith   Hayden Elementary School         Creepy, Crawly, Flippy, Floppy: Hands-on Science, Math, Reading
Linda Parker             Hayden Elementary School         Fast Food Math
Billie Akers             Hayden Elementary School         Science Literacy Center
Tracie Sorenson          Hayden Elementary School         Shaping Readers with Shared Reading
Lynda Wilder             Hayden Middle School             Got MILK? Get Math! - Manipulatives Impact Learning &
Debra Landrum            Locust Fork Elementary School    Hearing on the Round
Sonya Humber             Locust Fork Elementary School    I‟ll Take Math for 200, Alex
Frances Douglas          Locust Fork High School          FUN-damental Reading
Joyce Waid               Locust Fork High School          A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
Marcia Butler            Locust Fork High School          Reading Rescue
Wilma Guthrie            Southeastern Elementary School   P3 (Physical Science – Phirst & Phast)
Barbie Self              Southeastern Elementary School   Giving Voice to English Language Learners
April Hudson             Southeastern Elementary School   Jumping for Literacy Centers
Darlene Lambert          Southeastern Elementary School   Bigger is Better!
Brenda Beasley           Southeastern Elementary School   Listen My Children and Ye Shall Hear
Ruth Stewart             Susan Moore Elementary School    Awareness and Phonics

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