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					                   Top 10 Argumentative Essay Topics

Argumentative essays can be a lot of fun. Yes, for many this is a tedious task but it

can be absolutely interesting. If you look around, you will come across with many

online essay platforms and custom writing services. Are you wondering what this

is all about? This arises from the need to cover a space for writing and creative

writing for young people, neglected space in the curriculum and should be

strengthened with incentives and guidelines for the development of creativity and

storytelling ability of the debutants. You need to find an interesting topic! This is a

must - a space for reading and writing from the perspective of creation can be

easily reached. Read on to learn more.

You might as well start gathering data, many options are out there, even tutorials

cover an introduction to basic techniques in the management of narrative,
argumentative, exploratory and poetic texts. Experts pay attention to creativity as

essential focus of different teacher proposals to allow the play of language as a

means of expression and social and personal maturation and development of the


Below we share the top 10 argumentative essay topics:

   1. Terrorist attacks in the U.S.A.

   2. Ways to stop terrorism.

   3. Discuss human cloning and explain why this wrong.

   4. Refer to human cloning & link it with family values.

   5. Write about how greenhouse may help and or affects as a result of


   6. Discuss pollution, why this is like a demolition of the earth.

   7. Why anorexia is actually a cause of weight loss?
   8. Refer to domestic violence: why it should be punished.

   9. Abortion is right or wrong?

   10.Discuss media violence and why it has an extremely negative effect.


The main goal while sharing top topics, is to get you inspired. It is about "learning

to write" and, above all, learn to enjoy the act of writing and reading. Thus the

literary work from the disinhibition, the release and freedom of speech already

working with avant-garde movements of the early twentieth century (automatic

writing, exquisite corpse, collage, etc) to interdisciplinary of contemporary artistic

language (ratio text and image, performance). If you write about an interesting

topic, you and your readers will enjoy it.


Not forgetting the technical and stylistic matters, and knowledge of the basic

tools of the craft of writing, you will be able to finally develop a great

argumentative essay. The proposal to meet these objectives is based on a

dynamic methodology. You should gather enough data to properly support your

The top topics tend to encourage both individual creativity and the most playful

language, such as collective work and activities of criticism and sharing of texts

and poems. You can discuss with your partners at college and ask your teacher or

professor, too. Options are infinite! As you know, the presentation by the

professor of content on narrative theory, techniques and style, continues with the

practical exercises on theoretical assumptions and are usually explained. This will

provide the necessary materials to each student.

Are you ready to start writing your argumentative essay? Do you believe a fun

and interesting topic may improve your writing performance?

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Description: Getting ready to write an argumentative essay? If you have a hard time coming up with a topic for your essay check out top 10 argumentative essay topics along with examples.