interview by changcheng2


									Amanda Nicoll

January 23, 2008

Interview #1 Findings

       My interview subject is my mother.   It was hard for her to

answer some of the questions that were in this interview because

their really is not any one left on her side of the family to

ask.    She did know that her mother had come here in 1947 from

Scotland.    At the time she was just five years old.    She had

come here with her parents, her two siblings, and her aunt,

uncle, and their daughter.    This was our entire family at the

time, so no one had been left behind.

       They had come to America to have a better life.    They were

very poor so they had to save up money for a while so they could

all come here at the same time.    They had come to America by

ship so they could not bring a lot of possessions with them.       As

my mother recalls their might be a lace table cloth somewhere in

our attic that was brought over with them.

       America had given them much better opportunities than

Scotland.    My mother’s grandfather had gotten a job as an

electrician in the union in NYC.    The schools in the city had

been much better than the schools they have previously been to.

Coming to America had been a very wise move for my family to do.

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