LPG GAS STOVES

1.   Vendors are requested to carefully study all the terms and
     conditions of the empanelment offer before filling up the form. In
     case of doubt written clarifications should be obtained but this shall
     not be a justification for late submissions of the bid or request for
     extension of due date. Offers should strictly be in accordance with
     the specified terms and conditions and specifications.

2.   Before filling the Annexure–II, vendors are advised to read the
     details in each column and accordingly provide correct, complete
     and precise information in the designated column or space
     provided therein. In case the space provided is insufficient and
     additional space is required, a separate sheet may be attached.

3.   Please fill the forms neatly, clearly in Block Capital Letters.

4.   Wherever block options are given and vendor to choose the option,
     please put tick (√) mark in the box most appropriate to the vendor.
     If more than one Box is found to be appropriate to the Vendor, then
     the Vendor may tick (√) all such boxes under each head. Ensure
     that selections are not contrary.

5.   Do not leave any column blank. If the particular item is not
     pertaining to the Vendor, please write “Not applicable” or “NA”.

6.   Incomplete, partially complete, not clearly filled forms or forms
     giving incorrect information are liable for rejection without any

7.   Submission of Application does not automatically guarantee
     Empanelment, BPCL also does not take any responsibility for loss
     of any form in transit, mail etc. No queries on phone or otherwise
     shall be entertained regarding status of the Empanelment offer. In
     case BPCL needs any further information from Vendor, the same
     will be communicated to the Vendor.

8.   BPCL reserves the right to call for additional information or / and
     check, verify the information provided and statements made in the
     application. BPCL also reserves the right to inspect the premises /
     facilities to confirm the manufacturing / delivery / storage / quality
     control capabilities mentioned in the Application.
9.    BPCL reserves the right to reject any or all applications without
      assigning any reason whatsoever. BPCL’s decision shall be final
      on all matters.

10.   All the enclosed documents along with the covering letter will
      form part of the application.

11.   Vendors shall return the completed sets duly signed and stamped at
      the bottom of each page in token of having read, understood and
      accepted the conditions.

12.   All entries in the documents shall be written in permanent ink or
      typewritten and there shall be no cutting / correction or over
      writing. Corrections if any should be attested under the full
      signature of the Vendor.

13.   When person signing the documents is not the sole proprietor or
      Partner, or Director of the firm, original Power of Attorney or a
      notary certified copy thereof authorizing such person to act and
      sign on behalf of the Vendor shall also be enclosed with the
      application form.

14.   It shall be understood that every endeavor has been made to avoid
      errors which can materially affect the basis of empanelment and the
      successful Vendor shall take upon himself and provide for risk of
      any error which may subsequently be discovered and shall make no
      subsequent claim on account thereof.

15.   Vendors shall submit their offers without any deviations or counter
      conditions or subjective conditions.         Offers received with
      deviations / counter conditions / subjective conditions shall be
      liable to be rejected and no further correspondence on this issue by
      the Vendor shall be entertained.

      Vendor’s signature on the documents is considered as total
      acceptance of the terms & conditions and hence “acceptance” need
      not be mentioned on each page of the application.
16.   Acceptance Of the Offer By the Corporation :

         a.      Any terms and conditions attached / printed overleaf of
                 the Vendor’s offer will not be binding on BPCL.

         b.      The Corporation reserves the right to reject any and / or
                 every application without assigning any reason
                 whatsoever and / or empanel one or more Vendors and /
                 or carry out negotiations with any Vendor in the manner
                 considered appropriate by the Corporation. Corporation
                 also reserves the right to reject any Un-workable offer
                 received by them.
         c.      Vendors may have to attend the concerned office of the
                 Corporation for discussions / clarifications if required at
                 their own cost, in respect of their application without any
                 commitment from the Corporation.

17.   Applications submitted after the due date and those not in the
      format or not in conformity with the prescribed terms and
      conditions or specifications shall be summarily rejected and no
      further correspondence / enquiries shall be entertained on the issue.
      The Corporation shall take no responsibility for documents
      received late due to postal delay and no claims on this account shall
      be entertained.

18.   All empanelment documents shall be submitted in sealed covers,
      boldly super scribed on the outer cover with closing date / time and
      sent by Registered Post / Courier so as to reach at the below
      mentioned address or drop in the Application box kept in Beyond
      LPG Section, Bharat Bhavan III, Ground Floor before the closing
      due date / time.

19.   General:

              No unsolicited correspondence will be entertained while the
              empanelment is under finalization.
The terms “BPCL” “The Corporation” and “The Company”
in the appropriate context means Bharat Petroleum
Corporation Limited, the Company registered under
Company’s Act 1956 and includes its successors and

The terms “BIS” in the appropriate context means Bureau of
Indian Standards.

The term “IS” in the appropriate context means Indian

The term “OITC” in the appropriate context means Oil
Industry Technical Committee.

The term “OMC” in the appropriate context means Oil
Marketing Companies viz. M/s .Indian Oil Corporation
Limited, M/s. Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited and
M/s .Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited.

The term “CPSU” in the appropriate context means Central
Public Sector Undertaking.

The term “PSE” in appropriate context means Public Sector
                                                            ANNEXURE I

TERMS AND CONDITIONS                       FOR    EMPANELMENT            FOR

1.   The LPG stoves are to be manufactured in strict conformity with
     IS-4246 Latest. The design drawings duly approved by BIS,
     material specifications and thermal efficiency parameters are to be
     furnished along with the Application Form.
2.   The standard models would be allowed as per technical
     specifications below:

     Sr.No.   Package             Economy        Premium   Standard      Standard

     1.       Model Names (By     MODEL 1        MODEL 1 – MODEL 1 – MODEL 1 –
              manufacturers)                     OVAL      OVAL      OVAL
     2.       PACKING             7-in-1         5-in-1    4-in-1    2-in-1
              (corrugated box)
     3.       No.of Burners      2           2             3             4
     4.       Standard     Body  625 mm x 650 mm x         765 mm x      505 mm x
              Size by vendors.   300 mm x 60 330 mm x 50   350 mm x 50   520 mm x 50
                                 mm          mm            mm            mm
     5.       Stove        Body 0.6 mm       0.6 mm        0.7 mm        0.7 mm
              Thickness (SS)
     6.       Pan Support - MS Powder        Powder        Powder        Powder
                                 Coated (260 Coated (260   Coated (390   Coated (520
                                 gm)         gm)           gm)           gm)
     7.       Gas Pipe           16 guage MS 16 guage MS   16 guage MS   16 gauge MS
                                 pipe        pipe          pipe          pipe
     8.       Gas Cock           Brass       Brass         Brass         Brass
                                 (minimum 80 (minimum      (minimum      (minimum
                                 gms)        80 gms)       80 gms)       80 gms)
     9.       Mixing Tube - Big – 140 Big – 140            Big – 160     Big – 160
              ALUMINIUM          gms & small gms & small   gms & small   gms & small
                                 120 gms     120 gms       140 gms       140 gms
     10.      Burner         Top Big – 150 Big – 150       Big – 150     Big – 150
              (Brass)            gms / 130 gms / 130       gms / 130     gms / 130
                                 gms         gms           gms           gms
     11.      Leg           Bush 40 mm high  40 mm high    40 mm high    40 mm high
     12.      Gas Knob           Bakelite    Bakelite      Bakelite     Bakelite
     13.      DIP (TRAY) SS      NO          SS            SS           SS
     14.      Thermal            68%       & 68%       &   68%        & 68%         &
              Efficiency         above       above         above        above
3.   In addition to the above, manufacturers would be allowed to
     include one / two additional models of their choice for each of the
     categories of hotplates (i.e. 2 burners, 3 burners & 4 burners), the
     minimum specifications for which will be as under :

           Stainless Steel Stove body Guage – not less than 0.7 mm
           Brass top burners – Big Burner not less than 150 gms and
           small burner not less than 130 gms.
           Gas Cock (valve) – not less than 80 gms each.
           Aluminium mixing tube – Big not less than 120 gms & small
           not less than 110 gms.
           All other specifications as per BIS standards IS – 4246 latest.
           Thermal Efficiency – 68% and above.

4.   It is obligatory on the part of successful Vendor to ensure BIS
     Licence No., Batch No. and other mandatory details as per BIS
     requirement are mentioned on the Gas stoves.

5.   After initial review of the application submitted by the Vendor,
     technical team from BPCL shall be inspecting the facilities of the
     vendor. If BPCL finds it necessary, a 3rd party inspection can be
     taken up for sample of hotplates.

6.   BPCL reserves the right to empanel the LPG Stove manufacturers
     for a particular model of LPG Stoves as decided by them. No
     correspondence in this regard will be entertained.

7.   Delivery of goods is to be made at the premises of Bharatgas
     distributors situated at various locations in different states in India.

8.   Corporation reserves the right to cancel the empanelment of a
     manufacturer before the expiry of the contract in case it is
     established that the LPG Stove manufacturer has been indulging in
     malpractices / manufacturing and supplying of LPG Stoves not
     meeting the BIS specifications or violating the agreed terms and
     conditions or such other grounds considered by the Corporation to
     be in contravention of the terms and conditions of the empanelment
                                                       ANNEXURE II


1.   Name of the Firm / Company                   :

2.   Full Postal Address with Pin Code            :

     Office                                       :

     Factory                                      :

     Tel No.        (Office)                      :
                    (Factory)                     :

     Fax No.        Office)                       :
                    (Factory)                     :


3.   Constitution of the firm                     :

     a.       Sole Proprietor                     :
     b.       Partnership–Registered before the
                           Registrar of firms     :
     c.       Pvt. Ltd. Co
     d.       Public Ltd. Co.
     e.       Joint Sector
     f.       State Government Undertaking
     g.       Central Government Undertaking
     h.       Co-operative Society

     Certified copy of Partnership Deed / Memorandum of Articles of
     Association to be enclosed.

4.   Name & Address of the Proprietor / Partners /
     Directors with % of share holding as per format
4a.   Details of Proprietor / Partners / Directors in the Format below.
      Additional sheet may be attached if needed.

      Sr.No.       Name & Position Address        & Experience (No.
                   held in Organisation Phone No.   of years)


4b.   Whether any collaboration (Either Financial or Technical with
      foreign or indigenous firm.       Yes / No.

      If Yes, give particulars of the Collaborator as per the following.

      Sr.No. Name of the firm       Address, Tel. No, Details      of
                                    Fax No. Mobile No. Collaboration
                                    & Contact Person

5.    Date & Year of Establishment / Registration :

      (Certified copy of the registration, Certificate
      issued by Registrar of Firms / Companies
      to be enclosed)

6.    Registration / Licence No.
      Date & Validity

      a.    Under Companies Act                      :
      b.    Under Partnership Act                    :
      c.    NSIC                                     :
      d.    DGTD                                     :
      e.    ISI / BIS                                :
      f.    ISO                                      :
      g.    DGS & D                                  :
      h.    Central Excise Dept.                     :

            i.       State Sales Tax                 :
            ii.      Central Sales Tax               :
            iii.     Sales Tax Exemption status      :
      i.     EPF / ESIC (for contract labour)        :

      Copies of registration certificates for all above to be enclosed.
7.    Capital Investment (` in crores)                :

8.    Income Tax Clearance Certificate (ITCC)        : Year ITCC Date
      No. and Date for the last 3 years                     No.
      (07/08, 08/09 & 09/10)

      Xerox copies of ITCCs and audited P & L a/c for the last 3 years to
      be enclosed.

9.    a.     Name of Bankers & Full address          :
      b.     Whether the unit has gone to BIFR       :
             (If yes, provide details)

      In case of 9a and 9b, please also attach payment of challans for the
      last one financial year.

10.   Bankers’ Certificate indicating Credit
      Worthiness (in value of the firm to be
      Enclosed in a separate sealed cover            :

11.   Annual Turnover in the last 3 years along      :
      with audited Balance Sheet


12.   Range of products                         :
      (Technical specifications for each model to be provided as per
      format given in para 2 of Annexure I. You may attach extra sheet
      if required)

12a. Brand Name of product                           :
     (Brand registration certificate to be attached)
13.     Production Capacity of LPG Stoves            :

14.     Year of commencement of LPG stove            :
        Production and year wise details

15.     Weekly off of the unit                       :

16.     No. of persons employed                      :   Office   Factory

17.     Organogram enclosed                          :
        (indicating the quality / production Managers
        and QC engineers / Supervisors with

18.     Whether the LPG stoves are completely        :
        manufactured at Manufacturer’s factory?
        If `No’, list of major components bought
        and source for the same.

19.     Whether approved by or regularly visited by :
        any third party inspection agencies. Please
        attach relevant certificates to this effect.

20.     Details of various machines                  :

21.     Power availability from source               :

22.     Alternative power source                     :

23.     Marketing Network                            :

        Please provide complete contact details and address with PIN code
        of Marketing Office, Branch offices, stockists, CFAs distributors
        through whom supplies to distributors would be effected.

Place         :                          Signature & Seal of the Company

Date          :

Please furnish following details in the appropriate part based on your
organizational structure.

        Organisational Structure    Part of the Form applicable
        Sole Proprietor             Part-A
        Partnership Firm            Part-B
        Private / Public Ltd. Co.   Part-C
        Other details               Part-D


         (Application where Manufacturer is Sole Proprietor)

1.   Name of the sole proprietor                   :

2.   Address                                       :

     Office                                        :

     Residence                                     :

3.   Telephone / Mobile No.                        :

4.   State whether manufacturer is related to any :
     of the Director(s) of BPCL

5.   If `Yes’ to 4, state the name of the Director :
     and manufacturers’ relationship with him/her.


       (Application where Manufacturer is a Partnership Firm)

1.   Name of the Partnership Firm                    :

2.   Address                                         :

     Office                                          :

3.   Telephone / Mobile No of the partners           :

4.   Name of Partners                                :

5.   State whether any of the partner is a           :   Yes / No.
     Director of BPCL

6.   If `Yes’ to 5, state the name of the Director :

7.   State whether any of the partner is related     :   Yes / No
     to any of the Director(s) of BPCL

8.   If `Yes’ to 7 state the name(s) of Director (s) :
     and the concerned Partner’s relationship
     with him / her


     (Application where the Manufacturer is a Public / Private Ltd. Co.)

1.     Name of the Company                             :

2.     Address of                                      :

       Registered office                               :

       Principal / Corporate office                    :

3.     State whether the company is a Pvt. Ltd Co. :
       or Public Ltd. Co.

4.     Names of Directors of Company                   :

5.     State whether any of the Director of your       :   Yes / No.
       Company is a Director of BPCL

6.     If `Yes’ to 5, state the name(s) of Director(s) :

7.     State whether any of the Director of your       :   Yes / No.
       company is related to any of the Directors
       of BPCL.

8.     If `Yes’ to 7, state the name(s) of Director    :
       and the concerned Director(s) (of the
       Vendor) relationship with him/her.


1.    Please specify if any of the Directors,  :          Yes / No
      Partners, Owners are Ex-Employee of BPCL

      If yes,

      Name                                            :

      Designation                                     :

      Location                                        :

      Year of retirement / resignation / separation
      From BPCL.

2.    Please specify if any of the family members :       Yes / No.
      of owners, partners, Directors are Employee/
      Ex.-Employees of BPCL.

      If yes,

      Name                                            :

      Designation                                     :

      Location                                        :

NOTE         :     In case any information / details / document submitted
by the vendor is found to be incorrect, vendor shall be solely responsible
for the same and corporation may initiate suitable action as deemed fit.
                                                        ANNEXURE III


1. LIABILITY OF BPCL           :

  Commercial terms including Annual Channel Access Fee of Rs. 10
  lakhs to be paid to BPCL would be advised to vendors selected for
  empanelment. Such vendors would be required to execute Annual
  Agreement with BPCL.

  The successful Vendor should note that subsequent to empanelment
  by BPCL, the models and pricing would be finalized and the same
  conveyed to the Distributors. Vendors are expected to offer best
  prices. Any change including discount or scheme without written
  approval of BPC would not be permissible. The Agreement for the
  purpose of supplying LPG Stoves to Bharatgas distributors shall be
  between successful Vendor and BPCL.

  The successful Vendor should note that BPC is merely facilitating the
  placement of LPG Stove manufactured by successful Vendor at the
  Distributors' premises so that the same is available to interested
  customers at a reasonable price.

  The role of BPCL will be limited to ensuring the quality requirement
  based on random sampling from the Market / Distributor. If needed re-
  inspection of factories of successful manufacturer will be carried out
  and suitable action will be taken, in respect of suspension / termination
  of empanelment based on the inspection report.

2. QUALITY CONTROL / SUSPENSION                    :

  a. The successful Manufacturer is required to adhere strictly to the
     quality control / inspection procedures by Bureau of Indian
     Standards and advices given by the Corporation from time to time.

     Stage-wise inspection is to be carried out as per scheme of testing
     of BIS and minimum skilled manpower required at each stage of
     inspection should be employed by the manufacturer.
b. In case any lapse in quality is detected by officers / representatives
   of the Corporation, or if any lapse is reported by any statutory
   authority, like complaint from any source, malpractice detected by
   any authority etc., the Corporation reserve the right, without
   prejudice to the other provisions of the Agreement between
   successful Vendor and Distributor, to order suspension of
   production and supplies of the LPG Stoves by the successful
   Vendor at any time during the currency of the Agreement.

c. Such suspension orders will be intimated in writing through FAX,
   Courier or Regd. Post by the Corporation to successful
   Manufacturer. On receipt of suspension order successful
   Manufacturer shall carry out detailed analysis and investigate
   various factors responsible for failure of the LPG Stoves.

   Corrective action to be taken for a particular type of failure should
   be identified and implemented by the successful Vendor. The
   successful Vendor shall submit the report duly verified by BIS for
   revocation of suspension to the Corporation.
   The successful Vendor will be required to complete all actions
   necessary to obtain clearance from Corporation for resumption of
   production and despatch at the earliest but not later than 15 days
   from the date of suspension.

   If the clearance is not obtained from Corporation/statutory
   authorities within the said period 15 days, the Corporation shall
   have the right solely at its discretion to delete such manufacturer
   from the empanelled List, without prejudice to any other right as
   may be available to the Corporation both under law and the terms
   and conditions contained in this agreement for the recovery of the

d. Despite the order of suspension if the successful Vendor produces
   and / or despatches any LPG Stoves, the Corporation / their
   Distributor shall be entitled to refuse taking delivery of such items
   and successful vendor shall not be entitled to claim any damage or
   compensation for any loss that may occur to them, from the
   Corporation. In such cases, the Corporation shall take necessary
   action which may be deemed fit against the successful
   Manufacturer including cancellation of empanelment for
   manufacturing LPG stoves for the corporation.

  The Gas Stoves shall be supplied to the respective Distributors as per
  orders placed on the official website The
  successful Vendor shall ensure supplies within a week of receiving the
  firm order and update BPCL with the despatch details.


  a. In respect of the components which are required for the
     manufacture of Gas Stoves, the successful Vendor shall from time
     to time during the currency of this contract inform the Corporation,
     the list of such items including the names and addresses of the
     suppliers of such items and the measures taken for ascertaining the
     quality of such items.

  b. The successful Vendor is exclusively responsible for procurement
     of all raw materials conforming to applicable specifications to meet
     the supply as per delivery schedules.

  c. LPG Stoves manufacturer shall procure raw materials and
     components from reliable and reputed parties only.


  The successful Manufacturer is fully responsible for obtaining BIS test
  certificates for the LPG Stoves supplied by them, at their own cost.

6. DESPATCHES           :

  Adequate protection by way of proper packing, etc. shall be made by
  the successful Vendor to ensure that the LPG Stoves reach the
  destination without any scratches or damage. It is obligatory on the
  part of successful Vendor to print details like model No, MRP Price,
  Date of Manufacture on the packing Box containing the LPG Stove.

  The LPG Stoves shall be guaranteed by the successful Vendor for a
  period of 12 months minimum from the date of purchase by customer
  against manufacturing defects. Each package of LPG stove shall
  contain Instructions to customer at least in two languages and
  Warranty Certificate / Card.

8. JURISDICTION         :

  The court in the city of Mumbai alone shall have jurisdiction to
  entertain any application or other proceedings in respect of any dispute
  arising under this Empanelment process. In case of any dispute in the
  interpretation of the terms and conditions of the Empanelment offer /
  Agreement, the decision of the Corporation shall be final.


1.    Application form duly completed, signed and stamped
2.    Memorandum of Article / Partnership Deed
3.    Copy of RC / Certificate of Incorporation
4.    ISI-CML
5.    C.E. Registration Certificate
6.    LST / CST Certificate
7.    ITCC and Balance Sheet for 3 years
8.    Banker’s Certificate
9.    Copy of drawing for Single and Double Burner
10.   Organogram
11.   List of Suppliers
12.   SSI Registration
13.   PAN
14.   Price Bid
15.   Sales Tax Clearance Certificate

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