; The Province Of Alberta
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The Province Of Alberta


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									                                          The Province Of Alberta

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The Province Of Alberta

By Dave Lympany

The Province of Alberta is approximately 255,200 square miles in size and boasts incredible

scenery and abundant natural resources. It is situated between the provinces of Saskatchewan to the
East and British Columbia to the west, with Northwest Territories to the North and the state of
Montana, USA bordering the south.

Alberta is in the Mountain Time Zone which is Greenwich Meantime −7 hours. Between the months of
April and October Daylight Saving is in effect and the difference is GMT −6 hours.

There are two main cities, Edmonton (The Provincial Capital) in the north and Calgary in the south.
Edmonton is located approximately 300 kilometers north of Calgary, with a healthy rivalry between the
sports teams and the populations in general. There are several other Towns and Cities that have a lot
to offer including Lethbridge, Red Deer, Brooks, Medicine Hat and Fort McMurray to the far north.
The Provinces landscape is extremely varied and provides a multitude of Recreational Possibilities.
From flat open prairies, raging rivers, turquoise lakes and majestic glaciers to the awesome beauty of
the magnificent Canadian Rockies.

Not surprisingly, the most prized assets of the province are the Banff and Jasper National Parks,
coupled with the pristine Kananaskis Country. Banff is by far the more commercial with the Mount
Norquay, Sunshine and Lake Louise ski hills close by. The town is a beautiful place but becomes fairly
crowded during the summer and winter with tourist/skiers flocking to the town. Bears are a fairly
common sight all around the area and there are often deer roaming around.

The world famous Ice field Parkway offers one of the most breathtaking drives in the world as it winds
through mountain passes and past enormous Glaciers and emerald blue lakes. Be warned,
photographs and video's do not do justice to the scenery as to appreciate the enormity of the area you
have to stand there and take it all in. Once you complete the drive, you will have passed the Columbia
ice field where snow coaches will take you for tours on the Glacier. The Town site of Jasper awaits at
the end of the parkway and offers a less commercialised mountain town experience. The stunning
Maligne Lake and Maligne Canyon are a must see and there are sight seeing tours up the Jasper
Tramway to the Whistlers summit (2470m high). Please note that you will need a valid park pass to

                                             The Province Of Alberta

stop in any national park or to drive on the Ice Field Parkway.

Alberta has the lowest overall taxes in Canada (Provincial tax rate is 10%) and is the only province that
doesn't have a provincial sales tax. It boasts one of the worlds most vibrant and competitive economies
that thrives on the back of massive oil and gas resources with the massive Oil sands projects in the far
north promising more Oil than Saudi Arabia! The recent mad cow crisis has damaged the famous Beef
industry though this will hopefully be resolved soon. The Provincial Government actively encourages
Business Development and investment; this in turn fosters the economic growth and performance that
is leading Canada's economic recovery. Alberta is now debt free as a Province after paying off over
$20 Billion mainly due to the massive oil and gas revenues. As with all the Provinces, Alberta
regulates its own Education System. Currently, the education budget is receiving a great deal of
attention from Albertans who are pushing hard for more investment. Also, the money previously used
for debt servicing will now be made available for infrastructure investment - billions of dollars have
been allocated to this.

The Provincial agency for assessment of foreign qualifications is The Edmonton based International
Qualification Assessment Service (IQAS). This service is critical to enable Canadian employers assess
your education and was also a requirement for the visa application when we applied.

Also on the self regulation list are Driver Licensing, Workers Compensation Board, Social Welfare
Program and a Provincial Nominee Immigration Program. Professional regulation is also governed at a
Provincial level − all the information can be found through our "Job search" pages.

The major political concern for the Alberta Government (headed by long serving Premier Ralph Klein
and his conservative party) is the Provincial Healthcare system. All Canadians want extra funding to
forestall what is perceived as a deteriorating service. I must admit that it is definitely better funded per
capita than the UK for instance. The Federal Government is paying out several billion dollars to help
out over the next few years and the Provincial Government is making it a priority as well.

Alberta has a rich history from the prehistoric days of the dinosaurs, the time of the first nations ruling
the land, through western settlement and the journey towards independence. There are several world
heritage sites in Alberta with the main two being the very impressive Royal Tyrell Paleontology
museum near Drumheller and the Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump site near Lethbridge.

The Tyrell museum is a world leader on Dinosaurs with some fantastic displays that are a treat for any
family. The Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump is an amazing interpretive centre that demonstrates how
the native Indians joined together at certain times of the year for the big buffalo jump where they
skillfully drove herds of buffalo over a cliff. When successful enough food was gathered for the
participants to get them through the winter and all parts of the buffalo were used. Unfortunately, the
arrival of the western settlers destroyed this way of life with the buffalo hunted to near extinction.
Alberta is a fantastic place to live or visit and the sheer number of Canadian s moving to the Province
is testimony to the lifestyles on offer. With the future promising increasing revenue's from the Oil and
Gas industry and massive investment Alberta is the place to be. The majestic rockie mountains provide
fantastic recreational possibilities that are virtually unsurpassed anywhere else in the world.

                                           The Province Of Alberta

More information on living and visiting Alberta can be found at


The author immigrated to Canada in 2003 and has constructed a free information website


about Canadian Immigration and life in Canada based on

his family's experiences.

Healthcare In Canada

By Dave Lympany

Healthcare in Canada is a vital subject for anyone moving to or residing in Canada. The Federal
Government does provide some funding from the taxpayer for the health system, however, each
Province is individually responsible for its own Healthcare system.

There is a basic free system (Alberta, BC and Ontario charge the residents a healthcare tax or
premium to pay for this!) that every legal resident and citizen of Canada is entitled to which includes
access to a family doctor and most hospital treatment (definitely emergency care). This is governed by
the Canada Health Act (1984) which lays down the basic entitlements of free coverage. Prescription
drugs and supplies are provided in the hospitals in most cases as long as you remain an in patient.

The costs start to mount up for prescription drugs and medical supplies when you are not in hospital.
Drugs are bought from the pharmacy at the standard cost which for specialist drugs can run into
hundreds of dollars for one course of treatment. Other medical services will probably not be covered
such as Physiotherapy, chiropractic treatment and massage therapy. Custom made medical supplies
such as knee braces or orthotics can cost over a thousand dollars to purchase in some instances.

The amount of coverage and standard of Healthcare in Canada is described in detail on the main
Government site but does vary between Provinces however.

Each Province also has its own regulations for the practitioner's qualifications and even nurses will
have to recertify if they move between Provinces. This does cause confusion to new migrants to
Canada as most foreign qualifications just may not be enough and will most likely result in some level
of retraining. Dental treatment is normally NOT included in the healthcare system and you will have to
pay for treatment.

Many Canadian employers offer fairly comprehensive benefits packages that include coverage for
Prescription drugs and other services such as physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment though this is
most often only up to 80% of the cost. As each Province has different rules for qualifying times to gain
access for the free service ensure you thoroughly research your Province of choice via the links above.

                                          The Province Of Alberta

If your employment doesn't come with coverage or you wish to improve it you will need to take out a
private policy

If you require short term coverage for when you first arrive in Canada, make sure you have a proper
policy (travel insurance may not be sufficient) and CHECK you are covered.

For detailed information please visit


The author immigrated to Canada in 2003 and has constructed a free information website


about Canadian Immigration based on his family's


This PDF eBook is for free information distribution/sharing only, it cannot be sold.

                     This Free E−Book has been brought to you by Natural−Aging.com.

                 The Province Of Alberta

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