; 5 Tips and tricks to prevent email hacking
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5 Tips and tricks to prevent email hacking


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									SOLUTIONS BY iFixo
5 Tips and tricks    From the day we create our email account, we start
                    fearing the email-hackers. Email-hackers have been
                    in existence for too long. Even though we think they

to prevent email    are evil but we must accept that they represent the
                    minority of IT Gurus. A little bit of IT skills and a
                    touch of evilness makes up a hacker. But, you must

     hacking        be aware that a few tricks and a bit smart steps on
                    your part can ensure that your email account stays

                    We always hear the horror tales of people having
                    their accounts hacked. If you think such things
                    happen to those who don’t know the tactics of using
                    the internet, you are mistaken. If email is your
                    medium to communicate with your clients,
                    employees or your business partners, you need to be
                    a hawk-eyed scrutinizer. Hackers are shrewd and
                    smarter than you can think. If a hacker has the
                    intention to hack your email, he can do it with some
                    very easy steps. So, make sure your email account is
                    safe from the hands of hackers. This blog teaches
                    you everything – the steps, the tricks and some
                    smart tips to prevent your email from getting
   Steps to       Here are some steps to prevent your email address

safeguard your   from getting hacked.

                 Hide email ID – Hide it by going to Edit

Email Address    Profile>Contact Information>Clicking on the icon
                 beside your email address> checking 'Only Me'.

                 Change email address – There is an option to change
                 your primary email address. This option will allow
                 you to create an address that will only be known to
                 you by going to Account Settings>Email> and
                 changing your primary email to the new one and
                 after this step remove the previous email ID.

                 Update anti-virus - Update your antivirus and anti-
                 spyware software regularly because this makes new
                 viruses detectable.
                 Don’t use unknown links - Do not download things
                 from unknown links or links in email accounts or chat
                 boxes. If you need help to install safe and reliable
                 anti-virus software, call iFixo.
Tricks to prevent   Here are some smart and useful tricks that can keep
                    out the hackers from hacking your email account.

your email from     Strong passwords: This is the best trick. Creating a
                    password that can keep your hackers guessing, is the

 getting hacked     best possible way to prevent email hacking. Hackers
                    are experts at programming computers and easy
                    passwords can be dangerous. Use longer passwords
                    that are difficult to crack. Use as many combinations
                    possible to create your password and this can make
                    your password safer. Do not use common words,
                    phrases and numbers and combine different types of
                    characters till you think it is difficult to crack.

                    Generic usernames: Don’t use generic usernames. If
                    you are using common words for the usernames
                    such as “admin”, “administrator” or “Site Owner”, it
                    means you are making the job for the hacker, easier.
                    By using such common words for your username,
                    you are increasing the success rate of the hacker.
Tricks to prevent     Use https while logging in: Prevent yourself from
                    logging into normal http as it is prone to hackers and
                    always use https when logging into your email
your email from     account. Https demotes hypertext transfer protocol
                    and enhances security layers for your email account.
                    It has the capability to protect your valuable
 getting hacked     information from hackers and can prevent your
                    information from stealing.

                    Change passwords frequently: Strong passwords are
                    not enough; you need to change them frequently.
                    Make it a point and duty to change your passwords
                    at least once a while. Keeping the same passwords
                    for life can be dangerous. This kind of exercise also
                    makes your browsing through internet safer.

                    Do not leave important emails in the mailbox:
                    When you need to receive a confirmation email from
                    a website that you have signed up with and need to
                    keep the information contained in the email, write
                    the details down on a notepad. You must write down
                    the information or print out the details of the email
                    and delete it immediately to prevent any personal
                    information from being derived by the hacker.
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need to do?   the steps below:

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