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					                                      Introduction to Business Analysis
                            An Overview of Business Analysis Techniques and Methods

Business Analysis represents a critical factor in project success. Especially in the IT world, disconnects can exist between the
producers of the solution, the developers, and the business users who need the functionality that the project will provide. The
Business Analyst is the conduit between these two worlds, bridging the communication gap with their unique grasp on both sides of
the equation.

This two-day course, designed around the six knowledge areas identified by the International Institute of Business Analysis as
Enterprise Analysis, Requirements Planning and Management, Requirements Elicitation, Requirements Analysis and Documentation,
Requirements Communication, and Solution Assessment and Validation, will introduce you to the complex world of the BA and
prepare you for further training.


This course should be attended by project managers,                    Requirements Modeling
executives, functional managers, business analysts,                     • Business Analysis diagrams
programmers interested in expanding their effectiveness, and            • Use Case diagrams
any other individuals involved in project work.                         • Entity Relationship diagrams

COURSE FEATURES                                                        Technical Skills
                                                                         • Structured Query Language
Through instruction, dialog, real-world examples and exercises           • Programming Concepts
drawing from the experience of both instructor and attendees,            • The Web
upon completion of this course you will:
    • understand the philosophy, methods and terminology               Documentation and Delivery
        of business analysis,                                           • Documentation Features
    • be able to describe the six knowledge areas of the                • Development Lifecycle
        IIBA’s Body of Knowledge,                                       • Requirements Document
    • understand the BA’s focus on requirements elicitation,            • Testing and Quality Assurance
        documentation and communication
                                                                        • Communication
    • understand the importance of solution testing, and
    • understand the depth of knowledge needed to be a BA.             Program Number:            BAI00I
                                                                       Duration:                  2 days
COURSE OUTLINE                                                         Time:                      8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Definition of Business Analysis                                        KNOWLEDGE AREAS ADDRESSED
 • Role of the Business Analyst
 • IIBA Definition                                                     This course addresses the following knowledge areas of the
 • IIBA Body of Knowledge                                              International Institute of Business Analysis’ A Guide to the
 • Track Outline                                                       IIBA Body of Knowledge:
 • Project Objectives and Scope                                          • Enterprise Analysis
                                                                         • Requirements Planning and Management
Requirements Elicitation                                                 • Requirements Elicitation
 • What are requirements?                                                • Requirements Analysis and Documentation
 • Where do we go to elicit requirements?                                • Requirements Communication
 • How do we elicit requirements?                                        • Solution Assessment and Validation
 • What can go wrong?
 • What can we do to fix the problem?

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