9th Frankfurt Tengu Tournament

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					         9th Frankfurt Tengu Tournament
             (with DAN and KYÛ- Examinations)
                     10 - 11 June 2006

Tengu: Japanese mountain spirit who teaches the art of swordfighting
(after Tengu-geijutsu-ron, published in German under the title of
" Zen in Art of Using the Sword" )

Organizer:             Katana - First Dôjô for Kendô and Iaidô in Frankfurt am Main e.V.
Location:              Sport- und Freizeitzentrum Frankfurt-Kalbach
                       Am Martinszehnten 2, D-60437 Frankfurt-Kalbach

Sat., 10 June           09:00           Hall opens / Registration
                        09:30           Shinai control
                        10:00           Competition begins

Head referees:         Louis Vitalis, 7.DAN (NL)
                       Tetsushi Abe, 7.DAN (Hungary)
                       Jolanda Dekker, 6.DAN (NL)
                       Ryutaro Kamemoto, 6.DAN (Austria)

Sessions:              - Individual Kyû Tournament
                       - Individual Dan tournament
                       - Team Tournament (3 Person with at least one member of Kyu Grade)
                       *) Precise details of the sessions will be made known on the day of the tournament
Note:                  Kyû are not allowed to start with 2 Shinai (nito)

Referees:              available Dan present

Costs:                 EUR 13,- per Kendôka (including teams)

Registration by:       01.06.06 - only written registrations using the included form will be accepted

Payment:               Per bank transfer by 01.06.06 to the account of Katana e.V.
                       Account Number: 155 994 / Frankfurter Sparkasse BLZ 500 502 01
                       *) For the people from outside of Germany – cash at the tournament

BBQ:                   There will be a BBQ dinner for all participants who register in advance
Costs:                 EUR 8,- for food and drink, payment at location

Accomodation:          Accomodation with sleeping bag and isomat is possible upon registration
Costs:                 EUR 3,- for accomodation with breakfast, payment at location
                       *) Accomodation on Friday night (without breakfast) possible only upon registration

Sun., 11 June          09:30           Kyû examinations
                       10:30 -12:00    Ji-Geiko
                       13:30           Dan examinations (up until 3rd Dan)

Organizer:             Hessischer Kendoverband e.V.
Dan-Examinations:      More information under www.dkenb.de. Registration only at the location

The organizer assumes no liability of any kind.
Werner G. Elb / Vorsitzender Katana e.V.
Register with:
Katana Frankfurt e.V. c/o Kazuko Kumpf
Nördlinger Weg 12, D-65931 Frankfurt a.M.
or by e-Mail : kazuko@kumpf-ffm.de                                      IMPORTANT
                                                                      Please fill out !!!!

                                                                  Number of Participants
Registration Tengu-Cup 2006
                                                      BBQ:            ______

Kyû-Tournament                                        Accomodation (Fr) :          ______
       Last Name                 First Name    Kyu
                                                      Accomodation (Sa):           ______


                                                      Association (Club)

        Last Name                First Name    Dan    _____________________                  ____ _

                                                      Zip Code / City



Team1 - Name:                                         Fax-Number
    Last Name       First Name           Dan   Kyu

Team 2 – Name:
    Last Name       First Name           Dan   Kyu


Team 3 – Name:
    Last Name       First Name           Dan   Kyu

                                                     Request receipt? yes/no

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