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spelling tac tac toe


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                                            Spelling Tic-Tac-Toe
Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night you will choose one activity for spelling homework for a total of three activities
 each week. You may go vertically (up & down) or diagonally, but not across. You must complete three activities each week –
         they do not have to be in a row. On Thursday nights your homework is to study for Friday’s spelling test.
                Dictionaries and thesauruses can be borrowed from school if you do not have them at home.

Type or print your spelling words into a      Print each word twice. Next to it,      Write your spelling words in rainbow
      list in alphabetical order.              write the word in cursive twice.      colors (each letter a different color).

Write a story using all of your spelling      Write a sentence for each spelling     Create a comic strip using your spelling
words. Check your words off your main          word. Make sure they are FIFTH            words in complete sentences.
list as you go, and underline your          grade sentences (at least seven words
spelling words in the story. Be creative!              in a sentence).                    Underline each spelling word.

                                            Underline the spelling word and circle
                                                 the verb in each sentence.

Cut the words out of the newspaper or       Tell what part of speech each word is.   Look up the definition of your spelling
  magazine. Make a spelling collage.          Example: Noun, verb, preposition,      words in the dictionary and write down
                                            adjective. You can use the dictionary                their meaning.
                                                         to help you.

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