Curtain Wall Connections to Concrete Frames Curtain Wall by dfgh4bnmu


									CURTAIN WALLS                                                                                         Notched steel         Steel column                 Fill cells of
                                                                                                      adjustable                                         CMU solid with
                                                                           Steel column               anchor (typ)                                       grout or mortar
                                             Fill cells of
Concrete masonry curtain walls can           CMU solid with                Adjustable
                                                                                                     1 in. (25 mm)
                                                                                                     min. clearance
                                                                                                                                                         Horizontal joint
                                             grout or mortar                                                                                             reinforcement
be designed to span either vertically or     Horizontal
                                                                                                     Preformed                                           as required
                                                                           1 in. (25 mm)             rubber control                                      (discontinue at
horizontally between supports. They          joint reinforcement
                                             as required                   min. clearance            joint                                               control joint)
can also incorporate reinforcement to
increase lateral load resistance and
the required distance between lateral
                                                                                                            Fill cells of CMU solid
Anchors used to provide lateral              Fill cells of
                                             CMU solid with
                                                                           Steel column                     with grout or mortar                     Steel column
                                                                                                1 in. (25 mm)
support must be sufficiently stiff in the    grout or mortar
                                                                           Adjustable           min. clearance
                                             Horizontal                    anchor               Horizontal                                           Adjustable
out-of-plane direction to transfer lateral   joint reinforcement           1 in. (25 mm)        joint reinforcement                                  anchor
                                             as required                   min. clearance       as required
loads to the frame and be flexible
enough in-plane to allow differential
movement between the curtain wall
and the frame. In addition, Building
Code Requirements for Masonry
                                              Curtain Wall Connections to Steel Columns
Structures (TMS 402/ACI530/ASCE5)
includes specific corrosion-resistance          Horizontal joint                                  1 in. (25 mm)
                                                                                                                                      Horizontal joint
requirements to ensure long-term                reinforcement
                                                as required
                                                                                                  min. clearance
                                                                                                  Concrete slab                       as required
integrity of the anchors, consisting            1 in. (25 mm)
                                                min. clearance
of AISI Type 304 stainless steel or             Steel angle
                                                welded to
                                                                         Adjustable                                                   Adjustable
galvanized or epoxy coatings. Anchors
                                                                         Fill cell of                                                 Fill cells of
are required to be embedded at least            Concrete slab            CMU solid with                                               CMU solid with
                                                on metal decking         grout or mortar                                              grout or mortar
1½ in. (38.1 mm) into the mortar bed            Steel beam
                                                                                                  Steel beam

when solid masonry units are used
(ref. 1) to prevent failure due to mortar
                                                                                           1 in. (25 mm) min.
pullout or pushout. Because of the                                                         clearance                                  Horizontal joint
                                                 Sleeve                                    Concrete slab                              reinforcement
magnitude of anchor loads, it is also                                                                                                 as required
                                                 Steel angle
recommended that they be embedded                welded to
in filled cores when using hollow
                                                                                           Steel beam                                 Strip anchor installed
units. As an alternative to completely           Concrete slab
                                                 on metal decking                                                                     in masonry head joint
                                                                                           Fill head joint                            (spot weld where
filling the masonry core, this can be                                                      solid with mortar                          anchor engages beam
accomplished by placing a screen
under the anchor and building up 1 to        Curtain Wall Connections to Steel Beams
2 in. (25 to 51 mm) of mortar into the
core of the block above the anchor.
                                             Curtain Wall Connections                                                      column
For both concrete and steel frames,
                                             to Concrete Frames
the space between the column and
the masonry should be kept clear of                                                                                        slot
mortar to avoid rigidly bonding the
two elements together. The following                                                                                       Dovetail
figures show curtain wall attachments                                                                                      anchor

to concrete and steel frames.

For more information on curtain
walls see NCMA TEK 5-6A Concrete                                                                                           Adjustable

Masonry Curtain and Panel Wall Details                                                                                     channel slot
available free on NCMA member
sponsoring web sites. See www.ncma.
org for sponsoring members and links
to their e-TEK sites.                                                                                                      column

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