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									What is indigo?

indigo is comes from Spanish for indigo. "This color is blue with a purple color combination,"
said Dr. Erwin Tb Kusuma, SpKJ, a child psychiatrist with the deepening of the spiritual in the
field of mental health, to GATRA.

It is said if a inderakeenam indigo, his IQ is above average, and putting bijaksana.Tinggal only.
And, itulahyang now keen to do the west. Until, a school for children indigosudah many
bertebaran.Di Indonesia? That is being contemplated by those who care to indigo, including Dr.
Erwin. Number of children indigo in Indonesia may not have been in the hundreds. But, from the
little that, if it gets a perfect guidance, it is hoped they will become the front pemimpinmasa
wise, humorous, and love peace.

The characteristics of Indigo Children/Kid

Erwin said, indigo children can be marked intelligent and creative. In the past the condition was
blue. Only, when he was born, a small physical, mental and spiritual sematang not. Other
features are easily recognizable is a high spiritual abilities. Mostly indigo children can see things
before they happen or the past. Can also see the creature or fine materials that are not captured
by ordinary sense of sight. "The ability of such spiritual territory included in the ESP (extra-
sensoryperception) aka the sixth sense," kataErwin. According to him, the ability of ESP to
explore space and time.

When the body was indigo children somewhere, at the same time, he knew what was happening
in other locations. It's called the ability to explore space. When he's talking now, about an event
that will happen in the future, this is called browsing time. Indigo children and their parents
usually ask many questions to answer will be overwhelmed. For example, why this, why be so.
He will be surprised to some extent, which is considered unreasonable. "Why should school
hours? "If parents do not understand that indigo child, the child generally tend rebellious,
aggressive, and mischievous. Not a few who later clashed with the will of her parents. If parents
are still authoritarian restrict spiritual activities indigo children, sianak certainly would revolt.
Therefore, parents must answer imperesi-imperesi raised the child.

The definition of "indigo children", quoted from a book "Indigo Child" written with Lee Carroll
and Jan Tober. In the book, he uses the word "indigo" to describe all the new children entering
the earth. However, indigomenampakkan a psychological trait that completely new and different
from the others, and have behaviors that are very different from most of amazement as before.
They have the same uniqueness, so people who interacted with each other they need to change
attitudes and adjust the pattern of education of these children.

Here are 10 great characteristic "Indigo child" according to the Magnum in his blog post:

1. They have the smell of royal birth, and often memanifestasikannya
2. They have a sense of "this is where I should", and will merasasangat ganjl when seeing other
people do not think so
3. "Self-esteem" is not about, they often tell parents about "who they are"
4. They will not do specific things, such as marching sequence is a difficult thing for them
5. Against the rigid and does not require creativity, he was not accustomed to
6. Whether at home or school, they usually can find a better way of working, so they are
regarded as a destroyer of the discipline, has been running
7. Usually they introvek (hiding feelings), felt there was no one in this world who can understand
8. They never stingy on personal needs
9. The ability of "inner eye" they are generally very strong, can immediately find out adult games
10. Easily lost in addiction and other bad habits. In The Care and Feeding of Indigo Children, Jan
Tobler said at least 10 characteristics of indigo children.
1. Non-kompromisits against the prevailing system. Often they find means more precise
2. Loner. Sometimes it is difficult to socialize
3. Came into the world with a feeling of wanting to share
5. Fully understand his right to exist in this world. They just wonder if there is rejects
6. Feeling he was not the primary.
7. Difficult to accept the absolute authority for no reason
8. It's hard to wait their turn
9. Not like things ritual. Or things that do not require creative thinking
10. Not respond to rigid rules (eg: wait until her father came home)
11. Not ashamed to ask for what they need.
In addition, in the book The Indigo Children, Doreen Virtue, Ph.D., mentioning also some
characteristics to identify children's special talents, namely: Very sensitive.
1. Energy is very excessive.
2. Easily bored.
3. Need someone with a more stable emotional condition and comfortable to be around him.
4. Having your own choice to learn, especially for reading and math.
5. Easily frustrated. Because, generally they have a lot of ideas, but lack the resources or people
who can help them.
6. Learning by means of exploration.
7. Can not be silent unless they are united in something that suits their interests.
8. Such fears have lost or abandoned by their loved ones died.
9. If the first experience a failure, they may give up and make the learning blocks permanently.

Why the indigo child?

Many theories that address this issue. The need to observe what actually happens in this indigo
children, such as the ability of the sixth sense / sixth sense. This capability could be learned and
mastered by lay people or people instead of indigo, so it is not merely the gift of God. Such
strong vibrations of the earth brought many changes. One is the increasing number of children
born spirited mature (old soul) that has a special talent. How to educate them not to feel
depressed and weird because unlike his friends? Natural phenomena apparently not the least
affect other things. Time goes so quickly become one indication of the changes that occur on

In addition, the emergence of gifted children with an old soul or old soul, also a sign of earth
changes so quickly. Lately we are often plucked by so many children who have a different
mindset with his age. Reasoning power they tend to be older, but he was not yet to reach teens.
Another time we were struck by the children who have extraordinary sixth sense sharp, so that
the child is not normal to feel himself as not the same with his friends. The phenomenon of the
birth of children is already enabled over a long time there. Sebastian Bach and Albert Einstein
can be categorized as an indigo child. Bach's music that was created as a type of music called
indigo children. He created the music while daydreaming, just like Einstein who received
formula while being filmed.

The existence of gifted children is indeed realized, since the 1990s. The experts call them indigo.
The emergence of indigo children, according to Tom, was not free from the influence of changes
in the vibration of the earth. In 1970 until the 1980s, the resonance of the earth around 7.83 Hz.
In 2000 to 8.5 to 9 Hz, whereas in 2004 had reached 13.5 Hz. Metaphysically, the faster the
vibration of the earth which will cause a phase, which led to the increase in level to a higher

In theory, the faster the vibration of the earth which will make the earth getting warmer and the
temperature increase. These increases also result in significant changes, thus requiring a certain
person to balance it. The birth of gifted children is what will help the vibrations of the earth runs
smoother, more seamless. Birth they intended to change the world order in order to become more
comfortable. Indigo children come into the world with a variety of missions. Taken way too
diverse. Can pass the arts, education, science, sports, "It all depends on their mission,? he said.
Indigo children are mostly a battering ram the wrong order. Because the charge of untruth
straighten it, they are generally born with a type

Opinion Psychologist

Psychologists from the University PadjadjaranBandung, Dra Sawitri Supardi Sadarjoen, advising
parents to "normalize" children ini.Sawitri actually suggest to "blunt" the ability of the child. The
trick? By giving the sense that what is known the child was merely coincidence that the child
will suffer with the advantages it has. Sawitri reasoned that it would make the child the ability to
be unrealistic and lazy. But usually, an excess of indigo children can explore space and time.
According Soewardi, indigo children the magic happens because there are errors in the
performance of his brain. Or in other words, the system is disturbed his brain working.

Child and adolescent psychiatrist, Dr. Erwin Kusuma Sp.KJ Tb (K), make sure nothing is wrong
with indigo children. According to him, indigo children was normal. "They're just different
course", he explained. Before starting the practice of medicine at the Clinic Pro-V on the Road
Lieutenant Soeprapto 60, Central Jakarta, Erwin explained what it is indigo children, and what
differentiates them. Responding to the view that indigo children have blunted its ability Erwin
opinion disagrees with that view. "Not exactly that. Indigo children was normal just different
course. I do not recommend ". He said. According to Dr. Kusuma SpKJ Tubagus Erwin, children
growing up like that everywhere in the world, past the boundaries of culture, religion, tribe,
ethnic group, and the limit of any man-made for the reasons that attracted the attention of many
tertentu.Fenomena hand, because the paradigm of human psychology, the children were
considered "weird". This view arose because humanity already been considered as being static,
never changing. "In fact, all of God's creation is always changing," said Dr. Erwin. As law, the
public tends to understand evolution but only relating to the past. "Emergence phenomenon of
children with such capabilities are part of a new evolution of human consciousness, which is
slowly emerging on earth, especially since the beginning of a spiritual millennium around the
year 2000 which called The New, The New Age, or The Aquarian Age.Semua is a manifestation
of God's greatness, "tegasErwin.Fisik indigo children together with other children, but he thought
the old (old soul) so that not infrequently shows the nature of people who have adult or older.
Often he did not want to be treated like a child kecildan not follow procedures or procedures.
Many indigo children also have a sixth sense which is more powerful than ordinary people.
Intelligence above average.

According to Lanny Kuswandi, relaxation program facilitator at the Clinic Prorevital, quoting
Dr. Erwin, "There is a type of humanist, conceptual type, the type of artist, and the type of
interdimensional. The approach to them is also different, "he continued.

But because it is considered "weird", not infrequently mistaken diagnosis and treatment rely
more on drugs. "There are indigo children who are considered autistic, ADHD (Attention-Deficit
Hyperatictve Disorder) and ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). Though the signs are different,
"continued Erwin. Errors of this kind also occur in the U.S., because many experts consider the
children were suffering from "disorders" that should be eliminated.

New phenomenon of indigo children

Research in Russia showed that about 95 percent of children born since 1994 are "indigo
children". It can be proved by a blue halo around the organs in the body mereka.Fungsi these
children also have experienced changes in their immune system that is stronger many times than
people in general, are immune to disease, even AIDS can fight disease, and their DNA is also not
sama.Para scientists suspect, that may be due to variations in genes, thousands of citizens of the
earth is not classified as "old man" again, a new human species was born, although the
development of this process is slow but it is believed truly emerging.
Characteristic of psychological and behavioral "Indigo children" is very unique and odd, and
thus, they need a new pattern of education. Should not ignore their request, otherwise, might
result in intelligence and mind species "new man" is going haywire. Maybe they open a
pioneering new age, masib something we do not know. The phenomenon of "indigo children" is
a lot happening in front of us.
There are several cases of the emergence of "indigo children" in some countries. For example, in
Latvia, there is a beautiful little girl, she liked to tell the scenery on the way in the middle of the
universe at midnight. When he was 5 years old, his father in astonishment found himself
knowing a lot of knowledge about the universe. Although he did not believe in saying his son,
but when he was repairing his old car, always get a hint of the little girl. "I do not know how he
could know, but he always knew the part that was wrong with his car," he said.

Borische typical "Indigo Children"

In a region in Russia, in 1997 was born a boy who is not unusual. When his mother gave birth to
a sunny morning, everything seemed a little odd. His mother said, "It all happened so fast, so far
I have not felt any pain, Boriska was born. When the nurse showed me the baby, the boy just
stared at me with that look a gynecologist, but I know a newborn may not focus on any point,
"said Nadezhda Kipriyanovich confession, mother Boriska.
When the mother brings home Borische, known to the child is less and less as usual. He almost
never cries were never sick, at the age of 8 months, he was able to pronounce the words as a
whole, there are no mistakes in pronunciation and grammar. So also in the treat toy given his
father, he could also use the principles of geometry and accurately re-assemble his toys.
When Boris the age of 2 years, he began to scribble a few things in blue and violet. Psychologists
who detect the results of scratch-coretnya mention, maybe he is trying to paint a circle of light
that the human cast. Yet also the age of 3 years, he was able to explain a number of knowledge
related to the phenomena of the universe to his parents. His mother said, "He can mention all the
names of the planets in the solar system, even the name of an artificial satellite; can even
calculate your name and number of galaxies. Initially, I felt it rather appalling, I think what my
children have problems with his soul. However, I decided to check for a moment whether the
names mentioned were true or not, and after I found a number of books on astronomy, which he
mentions was what was right ".
In connection with that ability, Borische became popular in his hometown. The people are very
curious, how could he know so much about astronomy. Not long after, Boriska again began to
tell of human crimes. He could draw someone walking on the highway, and asked him to stop
and stay away from narcotics, even telling the men who moved about, so do not deceive his own
wife. This little astrologer even remind people about the disaster, plague and others that will
soon arrive in the human world, the act or this odd behavior makes their parents more confused.

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