; ALBERTA CRIME STATISTICS Official crime statistics provide a
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ALBERTA CRIME STATISTICS Official crime statistics provide a


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									       ALBERTA CRIME STATISTICS                         crimes are committed by people who know each                to the victim;
                                                        other, particularly those who know each other           ➢   level 2 includes sexual assault with a
   Official crime statistics provide a useful
                                                        through illegal activities involving gangs or drugs.        weapon, threats to use a weapon, or
   picture of crime in Alberta, but they often
                                                                                                                    causing bodily harm;
   don’t tell the entire story. For example, not all    We also know that violent crime is not only a
                                                                                                                    level 3 includes sexual assault that
   crimes are reported to the police, so there is       problem in urban areas, but also in many rural
                                                                                                                    wounds, maims, disfigures or
   likely more crime than the reported numbers          areas in Alberta.
                                                                                                                    endangers the life of the victim.
                                                        In 2005, 59 per cent of violent crimes were             ➢   Level 3 sexual assaults are often
   The crime rate is a key indicator of social and      committed in areas outside of Edmonton and                  referred to as aggravated sexual
   economic well-being within a society and             Calgary, with rates being the highest in areas              assaults.
   indicates how many crimes have been reported         surrounding Hobbema and Fort McMurray.
                                                                                                               Other sexual offenses include such crimes
   to the police per 100,000 people.
                                                        Homicide                                               as sexual interference, invitation to sexual
   The crime rate includes all Criminal Code                                                                   touching, sexual exploitation, incest and
                                                        Homicide, the most serious of all criminal acts,
   offenses, such as property crime, violent crime                                                             offenses in relation to juvenile prostitution.
                                                        includes first and second degree murder,
   and youth crime, but does not include traffic                                                               It is important to note many sexual offenses
                                                        manslaughter and infanticide.
   violations or drug offenses.                                                                                are not reported.
                                                        Impaired driving causing death, dangerous driving
   The Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics                                                                  In 2005:
                                                        causing death, criminal negligence causing death
   provides the most current crime statistics. The
                                                        and attempted murder are not included in                ➢   Alberta’s sexual assault rate declined by
   most current year available is 2005.
                                                        homicide rates.                                             10 per cent and fell below the Canadian
   The good news was in that year, Alberta’s                                                                        rate for the first time in almost 10 years
                                                        In 2005:
   overall crime rate declined. Still, it remained
                                                                                                                ➢   More than half (56 per cent) of the
   higher than the national average.                     ➢   Alberta’s homicide rate was 3.3 per 100,000
                                                                                                                    sexual assaults reported in Alberta were
                                                             people; 64 per cent higher than the Canadian
   While this rate was the lowest of the four                                                                       committed outside of the major cities of
                                                             average and third highest of all the provinces
   western provinces it was still the fourth highest                                                                Edmonton and Calgary.
   overall.                                              ➢   Close to half (44 per cent) of Alberta’s 109
                                                             homicides were committed outside of the
                                                             major cities of Edmonton and Calgary.
By the Numbers                                           ➢   Edmonton recorded the highest                          ➢     Internet based sexual exploitation of
                                                             homicide rate of the nine largest cities                     children and youth allows pedophiles to
Many Albertans are concerned about the criminal
                                                             in Canada, at a rate of 4.3 per 100,000                      anonymously contact children and youth,
justice system’s ability to respond effectively to
                                                             people. This was its highest rate                            and it also supports the collection and
violent crimes, especially because statistics tell us
                                                             since 1981.                                                  distribution of child pornography.
that Alberta’s violent crime rate has been higher
than the Canadian average for the last 10 years.        Sexual Assault and Other Sexual Offenses                    ➢     Studies suggest that 20 per cent of
Violent crimes include homicide, attempted                                                                                children and youth who use the Internet
                                                        The Criminal Code classifies sexual assaults
murder, assault, sexual assault, other sexual                                                                             have received an unwanted sexual
                                                        according to the seriousness of the incident:
offenses, abduction and robbery. Many violent            ➢ level 1 causes the least physical injury
    Family Violence                                          of all the provinces and 27 per cent higher than    ➢   Edmonton has the highest fraud rate of
                                                             the national average                                    the nine major cities in Canada
    Family violence can include many Criminal
    Code offenses, such as assault, sexual assault       ➢   Alberta’s rate for youth charged with fraud         ➢   Banff, Grande Prairie, St. Paul, as well as
    and homicide. Family violence is not a specific          was the second highest in the country and 52            Hobbema all have higher fraud rates than
    offense.                                                 per cent higher than the national average               Edmonton.
     ➢   In 2004, Alberta had the highest rate of        ➢   Alberta’s rate for youth charged with drug         Impaired Driving In 2005:
         spousal assault against women                       offenses was 6.8 times higher than in 1996,
                                                                                                                 ➢   Alberta’s rate of impaired driving
     ➢   From 1975 to 2004, Alberta has generally            and the third highest of all the provinces.
                                                                                                                     causing death was above the national
         had the third highest spousal homicide rate
                                                        Property Crime                                               average, despite a significant decline
         of all the provinces.
                                                                                                                     from its 2004 and 2003 rates
                                                        Property crimes include breaking and entering
    Youth Crime
                                                        (residential, business and other), motor vehicle         ➢   Edmonton’s impaired driving causing
    Youth crimes include Criminal Code offenses         theft, theft, possession of stolen goods and fraud.          death rate has declined over the last
    committed by youth who are 12 to 17 years old.      Mischief (e.g. vandalism, graffiti) and arson are            three years and has remained below the
    They are dealt with under the Youth Criminal        defined as “other Criminal Code offenses” and are            national average since 1996
    Justice Act.                                        not included in property crime rates.                    ➢   Calgary’s 2005 impaired driving
    Youth under the age of 12 cannot be held            In 2005:                                                     causing death rate was also above the
    criminally responsible. Over the last 10 years,                                                                  national average and was up from its
    Alberta has generally remained within the top        ➢   Alberta’s property crime rate was above the             2004 rate.
    four provinces for the number of youth charged           Canadian average and the fourth highest of all
    with violent crimes.                                     the provinces

    In 2005:                                             ➢   Alberta’s motor vehicle theft rate was third
                                                             highest of all provinces and significantly
     ➢   Alberta’s overall youth crime rate                  higher than the Canadian rate
         declined significantly, mostly because of
         a decline in property crimes                    ➢   Of the 21,231 motor vehicle thefts in Alberta
                                                             in 2005, almost half (44 per cent) occurred in
➢    However, Alberta’s youth property crime rate            Edmonton
     remains the third highest of all the provinces      ➢   Edson, Fort McMurray, Grande Prairie,
     and is 43 per cent higher than the national             Leduc, Red Deer and the communities
     average                                                 and areas around High Level, Hobbema
                                                             and St. Paul all recorded motor vehicle
➢    Alberta had a 33 per cent higher rate than the          theft rates well above the provincial
     rest of Canada for youths accused of homicide           average
➢    Although the number of youths charged with          ➢   Alberta’s fraud rate was well above the
     motor vehicle theft in Alberta was at its lowest        Canadian average and the highest of all
     in 10 years, the rate remained the third highest        the provinces

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