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					Navarra Spain
Spain has various regions and cities most of which have unique things and activities to offer to tourists.
This country is actually among the most visited in the world as people travel from other parts of the world
to come and behold the beauty that the country holds in its many regions and beautiful cities.

The regions hold natural grounds from where people can enjoy many activities and also have monuments
and attractions of great historic value to the country. This means that tourists looking to visit the country
for pleasure as well as those visiting it for educational reasons will all have something to gain from the
region of choice. Each region has plenty of amazing things in store for those who have the will to explore.

Navarra is one such region in Spain. Its capital is Pamplona and borders Spain. It has towns that are quite
beautiful and well preserved medieval walls. Other attractions within the region include Olite and Estelle
Roncesvalles and Tudela all of which have wonderful sceneries bound to make any vacation here worth
spending some money and time on.

The capital is very charming and the major attraction here is the event involving running of bulls. The
festival has been in existence for a long time and is still famous and calls tourists from all over the world.
The Navarrese carnivals are also quite great attractions and you will find hundreds of foreigners taking
part or witnessing the events.

The main attractions however include the Pyrenees mountain ranges ideal for adventure and other fun
activities and La Riviera plains that have beautiful fertile valleys and lagoons both of which make an
amazing landscape that will surely take your breath away. The region is also home to natural reserves
with the Parque Natural and Reserva Integral being the most outstanding of them all. Some of the
activities you can enjoy while here include fishing, mountain climbing and hiking.

In essence, Navarra is ideal for people who love nature and a liking for green holidays as it is mainly made
of natural landscapes. It is always advisable to take some time in exploring more grounds while here as it
is highly likely that you will find other spots that are worth glimpsing. Always ensure that you are aware
of the weather condition before travelling as a way of ensuring that you pack everything that will be
necessary during your vacation in Navarra.

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