The Excursions in Burgos

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					The Excursions in Burgos
Burgos makes it to the list of Spain’s most famous places and has several places with touristic value. It has
the route believed to be where Saint James walked and it is true to say that pilgrims hold this route with
so much importance with some coming from far and wide just to identify with it. Some of the places
worth visiting while on the famed Saint James way include the following;

Belorado: it has a beautiful square and upon which the wall ruins can be seen. There are also very
attractive arcades making the perfect ground to spend some quality time in. Redecilla Camino is also a
place to behold on the way.

Villafranca: this is a mountainous landscape that is very beautiful and bound to take your breath away.
Adventure lovers will find the place very enticing and ideal for them to have some fun activities as they
can take hikes or climb the mountains found here adding a spice to the wonderful view.

Olmillos: it has a castle dating back to the 16th century and happens to still be very beautiful and strong.
You can have a great view of the towns from the castle making it all possible to enjoy the wonderful
nature of Burgos. You might also want to check out the Itero from where a famous eleven arc bridge

Northern Villages

Apart from the attractions found on the Saint James Way, Burgos also has several villages worth visiting
and are divided into the Northern and the Southern villages. The northern villages worth checking out

Briviesca: this village has a sanctuary but is most popular because of the stone bridge that is very old but
still very strong the location of this capital city of Catalona makes it stand out.

Frias: this village shows pure medieval times and the high rock castle dominates the landscape. You will
find it quite interesting.

Medina: it is home to Alcazar, a very impressive castle and which forms one of the major attractions

Puentearenas: it has palaces and Romanesque abbey dating back to the 11th century. You will also find a
12th century temple and church all of which are worth checking out.

Southern Villages

The most popular villages include las Vinas that has a visigothic church, Covarubias conserving its rich
history in a beautiful palace and Los Infantes that has an interesting monastery. Lerma and Penaranda are
also worth visiting because of their historic value.

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