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ACCEA Letter 2012


									                                                         Dr K-L Kong
                                                         President, BOAS
                                                         Department of Anaesthesia
                                                         City Hospital
                                                         Dudley Road
                                                         Birmingham B18 7QH

July 2012

Dear Colleague

The British Ophthalmic Anaesthesia Society (BOAS) ACCEA Nominations 2012

As you are aware, BOAS is registered with the ACCEA as a recognised nominating
specialist society for Bronze, Silver and Gold awards. This letter is being distributed
to all consultant members of BOAS to ensure that all those who wish to apply for an
external level 9 (Bronze) Award, or higher, are aware of what needs to be done for
consideration in the 2012 round. Anyone whose name was submitted last year will
have to enter the process once again, unless they hear they have been successful
from last year (results may be announced in August 2011).

Details of the Awards system, including the scoring system, can be found on the DH
website at It is essential that potential
applicants look closely at the criteria for these awards to ensure that they have a
realistic chance of fitting the profile that ACCEA is looking for. The Royal College of
Anaesthetists and AAGBI web-sites and also
contain a section of detailed advice on the ACCEA process including PowerPoint
presentations that can be used if necessary.

All applications have to be made by the individual concerned. Support may come
from nominating bodies such as Trusts, Colleges or specialist societies (ACCEA
recommends that no more than three such areas of support are used). Whilst BOAS
will naturally take account of what people achieve in all areas of activity, it is most
able to assess excellence in work carried out in the wider remit of the NHS.
Excellence achieved locally is already rewarded by the Employer Based Clinical
Excellence Awards, but if colleagues feel that they make a significant contribution to
the wider NHS they should apply through the BOAS process. We must emphasise
that any application should be submitted through your local Trust and Regional
processes as well (the same application form should be used), as the better the
triangulation the greater the likelihood of success. Your form will need to be
completed by your employer at a later stage, so their support is vital.

We would therefore welcome applications from those candidates who consider they
would be eligible for national Bronze, Silver or Gold Awards and who will be
supported by their Trust.
        Consultants wishing to apply will need to submit their applications (in word
        document), to us by mid-day, 30th September 2011 at the very latest.
        Applications must be submitted by email to: Late forms will
        not be considered.

        The 2012 online application forms and guide is not expected to be available until later
        in the year. Therefore those wishing to be considered should use the 2011 forms
        available on the BOAS website. The 2011 guide is available on the ACCEA website
        and should be adhered to.

        BOAS Council will appoint a panel of at least five members to evaluate applicants.
        This panel will include consultants with and without a national award, and one or
        more lay representative. Each panel member will assess and score each application
        individually using the U, 0, 2, 6, 10 scoring system. The ACCEA criteria for
        assessing, scoring and ranking applications will be strictly adhered to. A ranking
        meeting will be convened in October/November to rank applications. At this meeting,
        the panel will be making its decision on the basis of application forms. A ranking list
        setting out the nominations in priority order together with the citations for all the
        candidates will then be submitted to the ACCEA by the closing date. The whole
        process takes place electronically, therefore applications to your Trust and regionally
        must also be submitted in this manner. The BOAS panel does not need to see Part
        2 of the form, which is completed and signed up by the employer.

        You may be aware that the Clinical Excellence Awards Scheme has been under
        review by the Review Body on Doctors’ and Dentists’ Remuneration (DDRB).
        Amongst other issues, the DDRB has also been asked to consider whether the 2012
        Round should include applications for new awards and whether it is run for renewal
        applications only. We shall obviously keep you informed of developments as we
        become aware of them.

        If you have any questions or require any further information please do not hesitate to
        contact myself, Professor Chandra Kumar or Professor Chris Dodds.

        Yours sincerely

        K-L Kong

        K-L Kong
        President, BOAS

President: Dr K-L Kong, Honorary Secretary: Dr Shashi Vohra, Honorary Treasurer: Mr Tom Eke,
Past President: Professor Chandra Kumar
Council Members:
Dr Keith Allman, Professor Ezzat Aziz, Dr Jo Budd, Dr Peter James, Dr Jonathan Lord, Dr Hamish
McLure, Mr Aidan Murray, Professor Peter Shah, Dr Roger Slater

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