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The Foundation Office at Fifth Third Bank


									The Foundation Office
at Fifth Third Bank

                  annual report 2007
Trustee Foundations
 Jacob G� Schmidlapp Trusts ���������������������������������� 2                   Helen G�, Henry F� and
                                                                                   Louise Tuechter Dornette Foundation ������������� 5
 Charlotte R� Schmidlapp Fund ���������������������������� 3
                                                                                   The Kvetko Family Foundation ���������������������������� 5
 Eleanora C�U� Alms Trust �����������������������������������������4
                                                                                   Charles E� Schell Foundation
 Butler-Wells Scholarship Fund �����������������������������4
                                                                                   for Education����������������������������������������������������������������� 5
 Bertha Langhorst Werner Trust ���������������������������4
                                                                                   The Stillson Foundation �������������������������������������������6
 Charles Moerlein Foundation ��������������������������������4

Family, Co-Trustee and Agent Foundations
 Clement and Ann Buenger Foundation ����������� 7                                  William S� Rowe Foundation ��������������������������������10
 Dallas W� and Helen B� Bowyer                                                     The Ettlinger Memorial Trust Fund �������������������10
 Charitable Trust ������������������������������������������������������������ 7
                                                                                   The Alfred J� Rendigs Memorial Trust �������������10
 John Hauck Foundation������������������������������������������� 7
                                                                                   Otto Luedeking Trust ����������������������������������������������10
 Carl F� Hertenstein Foundation����������������������������� 7
                                                                                   Mary Martha McGee Foundation �����������������������10
 Highfield Foundation������������������������������������������������� 8
                                                                                   George A� Schaefer, Jr� and
 The Richard D� Hannan                                                             Betty Ann Schaefer Foundation ������������������������� 11
 Family Foundation������������������������������������������������������ 8
                                                                                   The Louis and Melba Schott Foundation ������� 11
 Clarence W� and Martha Ensminger
                                                                                   Lillian I� Sullivan Trust ����������������������������������������������� 11
 Educational Foundation������������������������������������������� 8
                                                                                   Margaret E� Sullivan Trust��������������������������������������� 11
 Luther Foundation ������������������������������������������������������ 8
                                                                                   Warrington Family Foundation �������������������������� 12
 The Wanda Muntwyler
 Foundation for Animals �������������������������������������������9               Corale B� Workum Trust ����������������������������������������� 12
 Harry J� and Edna D� Husman Foundation �����9                                     Three Arts Scholarship Fund������������������������������� 12
 Elma Margaret Lapp Foundation ������������������������9                           Mae Ward Scholarship Trust �������������������������������� 12
 Arthur L� and Ermille Ehlers Trust �����������������������9                       Edgar K� Springman Scholarship Fund ��������� 12
 Ohio Valley Foundation��������������������������������������������9               E� Paul and Garnet Thompson Trust ���������������� 12
The Foundation Office
at Fifth Third Bank
Founders of private charitable foundations realize that what begins
as a small seed can grow into a great bounty. The Foundation Office
at Fifth Third Bank believes that with great care and attention, the
bounty can reap rewards for generations to come.

Cultivating the establishment, administration and          and procedures, and offering administrative and
growth of private foundations is precisely the             investment services to help trustees and board
mission of the Foundation office at Fifth third            members meet their fiduciary responsibilities. It also
Bank. the Foundation office works with individuals         works with clients to assist them in complying with tax
and corporations to help them grow healthy, strong         and other applicable laws.
foundations that will make a lasting impact in the areas
that their founders and benefactors deem important.        Fifth third Bank has the ability to act as sole trustee of
                                                           foundations where Fifth third handles all investment
the Foundation office serves as trustee, co-trustee or     and administrative duties, including grant analysis
adminsters over 70 private and corporate foundations       and gifting. It also can act as co-trustee or as a silent
which grant over $30 million annually to worthy chari-     administrative agent handling a foundation’s back-
ties across the united States. the foundations have        office operations.
assets from $200,000 to $200 million and support a
variety of causes ranging from educational establish-      the Foundation office at Fifth third Bank is a
ments to arts organizations and from basic-needs           member of the Council on Foundations, the Council
organizations like shelters and counseling centers to      on Michigan Foundations, and the ohio Grantmakers
environmental projects and animal rescue efforts.          Forum and abides by the guiding principles of these
the Foundation office offers comprehensive services
that range from helping clients take the first step        For more information about starting a family or
toward establishing a family or corporate foundation,      corporate foundation, please contact your Fifth third
to developing mission statements, creating policies        private Bank representative.

                                                                                                       2007 Annual Report   1
    Trustee Foundations

    2007 GRAnTS: $4,476,500        ·   2007 MARkeT VALUe: $69,686,879

                                                     Disputes. although he received many             1908, the country’s first fund solely
                                                     accolades throughout his multi-faceted          committed to empowering women. as
                                                     career, Jacob G. Schmidlapp is most             a loving tribute to his late daughter,
                                                     renowned for his work in philanthropy.          Charlotte, he was able to afford women
                                                     Douglas Kneer once wrote that Jacob G.          the opportunity to exist beyond the
                                                     Schmidlapp “was an enlightened reformer         narrow constraints of the day and ensure
                                                     who used his business knowledge in the          their own futures.
                                                     progressive tradition to improve society.”         In 2007, the Jacob G. Schmidlapp
                                                         Devastated by the tragic loss of his       trusts funded many deserving organi-
                                                     wife, emile, and daughter, emma, Mr.            zations that have rightfully reaped the
    The Jacob G. Schmidlapp Trust made a $15,000     Schmidlapp was moved to improve the             benefits of one man’s desire to change
    grant in 2007 to the Muntu Dance Theatre in      lives of others so that his family did          the world.
    Chicago, IL. The Muntu Dance Theatre performs    not, as he said, “live in vain.” In 1903, he       Included among them are:
    authentic and progressive interpretations of
                                                     created the first trust bearing his name,      • $75,000 to Cincinnati Works in Cincinnati,
    contemporary and ancient African and African-
    American dance, music and folklore. In the       which he used to re-invest in the com-            oH, for their job placement program;
    Bantu language, “muntu” means “the essence of    munity that he loved. His entrepreneurial      • $30,000 to the United Jewish Council
    humanity,” which is precisely what the Theatre   genius and steadfast compassion helped            of Greater Toledo in toledo, oH, to
    performers hope to express in their work.        to improve society one life at a time.            support the construction of the Vera
                                                        as a pioneer of social reform, one of          & leo Sekach Community Services
                                                     Mr. Schmidlapp’s greatest achievements            Building, which will house offices and
       For over 100 years, the Jacob G.              was the Model Homes project. Created in           a child care facility;
    Schmidlapp trusts have been carefully            1906, this set of homes became the city’s      • $24,000 to the Ronald McDonald
    planting seeds of change. By investing           first housing project. Startled by unlivable      House Charities of the Bluegrass in
    nearly $4.5 million in support of education      conditions of tenement housing, Jacob             lexington, KY, to support their free
    and health and human services in 2007,           G. Schmidlapp became determined to                dental service program;
    the trusts have harvested community              eradicate societal inequities by providing     • $25,000 to the Ann Arbor Arts Center
    development and societal transformation.         affordable yet beautiful housing to low-          in ann arbor, MI, to support the Center’s
       Born the son of illiterate German             income families.                                  art for Kids Scholarship program which
    immigrants in piqua, ohio in 1849,                  Jacob Schmidlapp believed that                 provides meaningful employment and
    Jacob G. Schmidlapp was a self-taught            if people could take pride in their               job training to low-income/at-risk teens;
    businessman who ran the family grocery           surroundings, crime would be decreased.        • $5,000 to the First Baptist Learning
    store at age 12. By age 27, he founded           He was often quoted as saying, “this is           Center of Marco Island in Marco Island,
    union Savings Bank, which merged into            not a class interest but a community              Fl, to support the construction of a
    Fifth third Bank in 1919.                        interest.” By 1960, the Model Homes               playground for the Center’s afterschool
       Considered to be a close friend and           project encompassed over 400 housing              children; and,
    confidant to president taft and andrew           units in Cincinnati’s most impoverished        • $50,000 to the Clinton Memorial
    Carnegie, Jacob G. Schmidlapp served             neighborhoods, thus changing the face             Hospital Foundation in Wilmington, oH,
    as Director of the Carnegie peace Fund           of the city.                                      to support Foster J. Boyd, M.D., regional
    and treasurer of the american Society               a true visionary, Mr. Schmidlapp cre-          Cancer Center.
    for Judicial Settlement for International        ated the Charlotte r. Schmidlapp Fund in

2   The Foundation Office at Fifth Third Bank
                                                                                                                       trustee foundations

2007 GRAnTS: $2,230,933           ·   2007 MARkeT VALUe: $31,639,074

                                                       was dividing the country. as women were         areas of math and science.
                                                       fighting to attain the most basic rights,           In many ways, Charlotte r. Schmidlapp
                                                      Jacob G. Schmidlapp was working to               is still alive. Her presence can be felt
                                                       ensure their futures.                           throughout the generations of women
                                                          after losing his daughter, Charlotte,        who have reached for their dreams
                                                       to a tragic automobile accident while           as a result of the Fund’s support. She
                                                       touring France, Mr. Schmidlapp endowed          will continue to live on, as her Fund
                                                       the Fund so that he could “enable               remains a powerful agent for change and
                                                       young women to fulfill the wise, tender,        empowerment in the lives of young girls
                                                       courageous womanhood of which she               and women.
                                                       gave such promise.”                                the Charlotte r. Schmidlapp Fund
The Charlotte R. Schmidlapp Fund made a                   affectionately referred to as his            made over $2.2 million in grants in 2007,
$7,500 grant to Girl Scouts of Glowing Embers         “best friend and confidant,” Jacob G.            including:
Council in Kalamazoo, MI, in 2007. Here, two           Schmidlapp wanted other women to               • $150,000 to the Cris Collinsworth
girl scouts are working together to plant a tree at
the new Girl Scout Program and Training Center.
                                                       have the same opportunities in life that          proScan Foundation in Cincinnati, oH, for
                                                       he would have afforded for Charlotte.             the pink ribbon empowerment program;
                                                      although birthed out of grief, the Fund         • $25,000 to Healthnet, inc. in
   the Charlotte r. Schmidlapp Fund                    became a source of great pride for Mr.            Indianapolis, In, to support the
enabled young women and girls to                       Schmidlapp as he watched young women              Homeless Initiative program that serves
experience growth in many ways in 2007.                achieve self-sufficiency as a result of           1,300 women ages 18-75;
Whether it was educational, financial, or              his support.                                   • $24,000 to MacCormac College
personal growth, the Fund continued to                    What started out as a $250,000 Fund            in Chicago, Il, to fund scholarships
bring about new opportunities in all of the            had grown to over $31 million in assets           awarded to females from female-
lives that it touched.                                 in 2007. the Fund began by awarding               only high schools to attend
   It was on the first day of 1908                     interest-free loans to aid young women            MacCormac College;
that Jacob G. Schmidlapp, visionary                    in pursuit of higher education. In 1919, the   • $150,000 to ohio northern University
businessman and president of a Fifth                   Fund gifted its first award to a not-for-         in ada, oH, to support an endowed
third Bank predecessor institution,                    profit organization, the YWCa.                    scholarship in Charlotte’s name; and,
created the Charlotte r. Schmidlapp Fund                  today, the Fund supports organizations      • $5,000 to Dress for Success Central
to memorialize his young daughter.                     that are committed to empowering                  Florida in Winter park, Fl, to support
   the Fund was created to “ennoble,                   women and improving their lives.                  the development of a professional
empower and uplift,” young girls and                   Currently, the Fund concentrates on               Women’s Group.
women just as the Suffrage Movement                    making gifts that support women in the

in MeMoRiAM: JoAn R. HeRSCHeDe
                                              In 2007, the Charlotte r. Schmidlapp Fund lost a great friend and advocate when Joan r. “Joni”
                                           Herschede passed away suddenly at the age of 67.
                                              Joni served as Chair of the Charlotte r. Schmidlapp Fund Distribution Committee. In addition to
                                           attending regular committee meetings, Joni took her leadership out into the community by representing
                                           the Fund at various grant presentations and celebrations, including hooding the Charlotte r. Schmidlapp
                                           Scholarship recipients at the university of Cincinnati’s Medical School graduation.
                                              Heidi Jark, vice president and manager of the Foundation office at Fifth third Bank, said, “Joni had a
                                           great passion for the mission of the Fund and was a tireless supporter of young women. through her work
                                           at the Fund, she ensured that deserving young women received financial support but she’ll be remembered
                                           more for the relationships she fostered with the Fund’s recipients. She will be greatly missed.”

                                                                                                                                2007 Annual Report     3
trustee foundations

    2007 GRAnTS: $100,000          ·   2007 MARkeT VALUe: $3,279,920

                                                          Frederick H. alms, the husband of         and reflected the beneficence of she and
                                                       eleanora C.u. alms, owned and operated       her husband during their lifetimes. after
                                                       the alms & Doepke Department Store.          specific provisions for memorial buildings
                                                       through hard work and determination,         at the university of Cincinnati, the art
                                                       Mr. alms emerged from modest begin-          Museum and the purchase of land to be
                                                       nings to become a millionaire and            added to alms park, the remainder of the
                                                       practical philanthropist.                    alms estate was left in a perpetual trust
                                                          Mr. and Mrs. alms were patrons of         for charitable and educational purposes.
                                                       art and music. Great credit is given to         Mrs. alms stated in her will that she
                                                       them for Cincinnati, ohio’s prominence       had “close to her heart the welfare of
    The Kentucky Symphony Orchestra presented the      as a musical center. Mr. and Mrs. alms       her native city of Cincinnati.” the people
    premiere of Oz with Orchestra in 2007, funded in   made gifts to all the charities of their     of Cincinnati continue to benefit from
    part by the Eleanora C.U. Alms Trust.
                                                       day, including hospitals, homes for the      the trust created by eleanora C.u. alms.
                                                       aged, orphanages and youth-serving           In 2007, the alms trust supported
                                                       organizations.                               several organizations, including the
                                                          the trust, created when Mrs. alms died    Cincinnati arts association, Cincinnati
                                                       in 1939, was dedicated entirely to charity   opera association and the Fine arts Fund.

    BUTLeR-WeLLS                                       BeRTHA LAnGHoRST                             CHARLeS MoeRLein
    SCHoLARSHip FUnD                                   WeRneR TRUST                                 FoUnDATion
    2007 GRAnTS: $63,000                               2007 GRAnTS: $37,500                         2007 GRAnTS: $140,000
    2007 MARkeT VALUe: $819,152                        2007 MARkeT VALUe: $1,177,879                2007 MARkeT VALUe: $2,263,469

       Florence adelia Butler Wells directed in           the Bertha langhorst Werner trust            Charles Moerlein was an engineer
    her will the establishment of a scholarship        was established to aid “needy and worthy     in a Cincinnati, ohio, brewery started by
    fund to memorialize her parents,                   young persons requiring assistance in        his grandfather and was a man dedicated
    rachel and John Butler, as well as her             securing an education in music or art”       to helping neighbors in the community.
    husband, Charles Wells. the fund awards            at the College-Conservatory of Music or      His commitment to the community
    scholarships to “worthy and deserving              the art academy of Cincinnati. annual        resulted in the establishment of the
    young men and women of good                        grants are made to these institutions        Charles Moerlein Foundation at the time
    character, in obtaining either collegiate,         which, in turn, select qualified students    of his death in 1966.
    scientific, technical, musical or vocational       to receive scholarships.                        Since that time, grants have been made
    education.” Scholarship recipients must               education was important to Bertha         for religious, charitable, scientific, literary
    be residents of ohio, pennsylvania,                langhorst, a school teacher who inherited    or educational purposes according to Mr.
    Indiana or Illinois, with preference for           a small amount of money from her             Moerlein’s wishes. In 2007, the Moerlein
    residents of piqua, Cincinnati or Miami            parents and saved throughout her lifetime.   Foundation supported Cancer Family
    County, ohio. In 2007, 55 students were            Her trust was established at the death of    Care, Haven House emergency Shelter,
    awarded scholarships.                              her second husband, al Werner.               Jesuit Spiritual Center at Milford and
                                                                                                    Mother of Mercy High School.

4   The Foundation Office at Fifth Third Bank
                                                                                                                     trustee foundations

HeLen G., HenRy F. AnD LoUiSe TUeCHTeR DoRneTTe FoUnDATion
2007 GRAnTS: $956,625           ·   2007 MARkeT VALUe: $13,464,664

                                                         Helen G. Dornette was a Mariemont           many organizations to be beneficiaries
                                                      resident with a lifelong history of chari-     of her foundation. additionally, she gave
                                                      table giving. While she had no children        her co-trustees the opportunity to select
                                                      of her own, Helen Dornette supported           organizations that might fit within her
                                                      organizations that benefited children.         areas of interest. Fifth third Bank, as
                                                      She also was very fond of nature and the       trustee, continues to fulfill Ms. Dornette’s
                                                      conservation of nature’s beauty. prior to      charitable intentions through her founda-
                                                      her passing on February 23, 1998, Helen        tion. In 2007, grants were distributed
                                                      Dornette established the Helen G., Henry       to support a number of organizations,
                                                      F. and louise tuechter Dornette Founda-        including Save the redwoods league,
The Dornette Foundation supported The Nature
                                                      tion in honor of her parents. upon her         Starfire Council of Greater Cincinnati and
Conservancy in 2007. The Nature Conservancy           death, the foundation was funded with          Valley View Foundation.
is the leading conservation organization              over $13 million. Ms. Dornette designated
working around the world to protect ecologically
important lands and waters for nature and
people. Pictured is Helen Black, a lifetime Trustee
of the Conservancy.

THe kVeTko                                            CHARLeS e. SCHeLL FoUnDATion FoR eDUCATion
FAMiLy FoUnDATion                                     2007 GRAnTS: $50,000       ·   2007 MARkeT VALUe: $6,869,097
2007 GRAnTS: $500
2007 MARkeT VALUe: $317,437
                                                         Charles e. Schell came to Cincinnati as     pursue what Mr. Schell called “a practical
                                                      a young man determined to put himself          education.” the Charitable Foundations
   Kirk and Colleen Kvetko believe
                                                      through law school. He became attached         oversight Committee selects colleges
giving back to the community that has
                                                      to the local community and left much of        and universities to be the recipients of
supported them is the best way to show
                                                      his estate to benefit the collective good of   grants to set up Charles e. Schell Student
their deep appreciation. Having moved to
                                                      the Greater Cincinnati area.                   loan programs. the colleges then lend
naples, Florida, in 1992 when Mrs. Kvetko
                                                         In his will, Mr. Schell outlined a trust    the money interest-free to students.
relocated to run Fifth third’s Florida
                                                      to be used for the “educational benefits       the individual recipients are asked to
operations, the Kvetkos found themselves
                                                      of citizens of ohio, Kentucky and West         repay their interest-free loans to create
immersed not only in the goals of Fifth
                                                      Virginia and adjoining states.” Mr. Schell’s   a revolving loan fund at the college to
third, but also in the community that
                                                      generosity and vision enables students to      benefit future students.
welcomed them with open arms. their
foundation benefits programs in the
Southwest Florida region they have come
to love, as well as assists individuals who
are awarded scholarships by the Florida
Bankers educational Foundation to
pursue careers in banking.

                                                                                                                               2007 Annual Report   5
trustee foundations

    THe STiLLSon FoUnDATion
    2007 GRAnTS: $463,667         ·   2007 MARkeT VALUe: $8,462,184

                                                          although she and her husband had no        therapeutic riding and Horsemanship.
                                                       children of their own, Hermine Stillson        She established the Hermine Stillson
                                                       wished to improve the lives of Greater         Foundation and selected Fifth third Bank
                                                       Cincinnati youth. Born in Cleveland, ohio,     to serve as trustee after her death in 2002.
                                                       in 1907, Mrs. Stillson had fond memories of       In 2007, the Stillson Foundation made
                                                       her days as a bank teller there, which she     grants to several organizations, including:
                                                       attributed to both her affinity for helping   • $10,000 to the Muscular Dystrophy
                                                       people and because that was where she           Association in Cincinnati, oH, to support
                                                       met her husband.                                 a summer camp program for kids;
                                                          the Stillsons lived in both Cincinnati     • $10,000 to Reading for Life in
                                                       and england before settling in the               Cincinnati, oH, to support the printing
    The Stillson Foundation supported the Cincinnati
                                                       Cincinnati community of Madeira. Mrs.            of “When Mama reads to Me” children’s
    Nature Center (CNC) in 2007 with a $50,000
    grant to grow its partner school program.          Stillson loved to travel and she bowled          books for free distribution;
                                                       until she reached 86. one of her favorite     • $10,000 to the ohio River Foundation
                                                       pastimes, however, was gardening. She            in Cincinnati, oH to support the river
                                                       saw and felt the need to nurture all             explorer program which teaches kids
                                                       living things—plants and children—and            about conservation; and,
                                                       was an active volunteer and supporter         • $15,000 to Ballet Tech Cincinnati
                                                       for a number of area organizations,              to support their leaping for literacy
                                                       including Cincinnati Children’s Hospital,        program.
                                                       Camp Stepping Stones and Cincinnati

6   The Foundation Office at Fifth Third Bank
Family, Co-Trustee and Agent Foundations

CLeMenT AnD Ann BUenGeR FoUnDATion                                                               DALLAS W. AnD
2007 GRAnTS: $760,225         ·   2007 MARkeT VALUe: $19,519,216                                 HeLen B. BoWyeR
                                                                                                 CHARiTABLe TRUST
                                                      the Clement and ann Buenger                2007 GRAnTS: $30,940
                                                                                                 2007 MARkeT VALUe: $735,745
                                                   Foundation was established in 1989 with
                                                   the belief that their assistance should
                                                   help people help themselves. Mr. Buenger,        Dallas and Helen Bowyer lived in Mason,
                                                   president & Ceo of Fifth third Bank from      ohio, on land that was dedicated to Mrs.
                                                   1979 to 1989 and chairman from 1989           Bowyer’s family just after the Civil War. Mr.
                                                   to 1993, served as a volunteer leader of      Bowyer arranged for a charitable trust to
                                                   various civic and charitable organizations.   benefit the endowment fund of the Center
This collage by Bob Kelly, KPG Creative,              Foundation directors, ann M. Buenger,      for research of endangered Wildlife of
represents the essence of The Harmony Project,     Michael K. Keating, William J. Keating,       the Cincinnati Zoo, Shriners Burn Hospital
which was supported by the Buenger Foundation
                                                   and Charles S. Mechum, Jr., will continue     for Crippled Children in lexington,
in 2007. The project is a celebration of pioneer                                                 Kentucky, and the ohio Masonic Home in
women who opened the “sports” door to today’s      making grants to deserving charitable
                                                   organizations in Greater Cincinnati that      Springfield. as trustee, Fifth third Bank
young women by having the courage to play
at Xavier University and the University of         further these purposes.                       selects charitable organizations in the
Cincinnati before they received any recognition                                                  Greater Cincinnati area to be recipients of
from the NCAA. The collage depicts the pioneer                                                   one-fifth of the income.
athletes, today’s young athletes, and the event
that brought them together–the Xavier University
vs. University of Cincinnati Skyline Chili
Women’s Crosstown Shootout in December.

JoHn HAUCk FoUnDATion                                                                            CARL F. HeRTenSTein
2007 GRAnTS: $429,500         ·   2007 MARkeT VALUe: $14,849,873                                 FoUnDATion
                                                                                                 2007 GRAnTS: $588,620
                                                                                                 2007 MARkeT VALUe: $12,499,375
                                                      Frederick a. Hauck created a
                                                   foundation in 1989 to ensure that his
                                                                                                    at the death of Carl Hertenstein and
                                                   charitable interests would continue
                                                                                                 his wife, Genevieve, the trust estate
                                                   long after his death. Mr. Hauck was well
                                                                                                 established the Carl F. Hertenstein
                                                   known for his contributions to historic
                                                                                                 Foundation. Cornell university, the
                                                   preservation, civic organizations and
                                                                                                 united Way and Community Chest
                                                   education. Income from the foundation
                                                                                                 of Greater Cincinnati, the Greater
                                                   is distributed to the Cincinnati Historical
                                                                                                 Cincinnati Foundation and the university
                                                   Society, ohio Historical Society, Historic
                                                                                                 of Cincinnati are recipients of annual
                                                   Southwest ohio, rollins College, Xavier
                                                                                                 income from the foundation. they, in
The John Hauck Foundation supported the            university, the university of Florida and
Save the Animals Foundation in 2007. In this                                                     turn, annually distribute the funds as they
                                                   other deserving charitable organizations
photo, volunteer Diane poses with Andy, a                                                        determine to be in the best interests of
                                                   selected at the discretion of the trustees.
rescued Beagle.                                                                                  the groups they serve.
                                                      the trustees are Fifth third Bank, John
                                                   Hauck, e. allen elliot and narley l. Haley.

                                                                                                                          2007 Annual Report     7
family, co-trustee and agent foundations

    HiGHFieLD FoUnDATion                                                                                 THe RiCHARD D. HAnnAn
    2007 GRAnTS: $183,000           ·       2007 MARkeT VALUe: $4,873,122                                FAMiLy FoUnDATion
                                                                                                         2007 GRAnTS: $79,800
                                                                                                         2007 MARkeT VALUe: $840,251
                                                             the Highfield Foundation was created
                                                          in 1990 by Samuel Benedict. Mr. Benedict
                                                                                                            the Hannan family believes education
                                                          began a career with procter & Gamble
                                                                                                         is the boulevard to a higher quality of life.
                                                          in 1924 and he retired as Corporate
                                                                                                         richard D. Hannan, Jeanne M. Hannan
                                                          Secretary in 1962. He was active in
                                                                                                         and Kenneth r. Wurtenberger serve as
                                                          community service in Cincinnati, ohio,
                                                                                                         trustees of the foundation.
                                                          and served as a Hamilton County park
                                                          Commissioner for 22 years. He also was
                                                          active with Children’s Hospital and the
                                                          Clovernook Center for the Blind.
    Through the generous support of individuals
    and organizations like the Highfield
                                                             Mr. Benedict and his wife, Betty, lived     CLARenCe W. AnD
    Foundation, McLaren Regional Medical Center           at Highfield, their home in Cincinnati,        MARTHA enSMinGeR
    in Flint, MI, broke ground in 2007 for a new          which they bequeathed to the Hamilton          eDUCATionAL FoUnDATion
    Medical Education Building. Once finished,            County park District. Grants from the          2007 GRAnTS: $8,100
    the $6 million, 40,000-square-foot facility will                                                     2007 MARkeT VALUe: $171,762
                                                          foundation are distributed to deserving
    provide enhanced learning opportunities for
    physicians in McLaren’s Internal Medicine and         charitable organizations as recommended
    Family Practice Residencies, improve access to        by family members.                                the Clarence W. and Martha ensminger
    care for both the uninsured and underinsured                                                         Foundation provides funding for loans
    patient populations, expand the Medical                                                              to worthy students to attend college or
    Center’s Pulmonary Rehabilitation program
                                                                                                         vocational school. the loans are targeted
    and encourage healthy lifestyle activities with
    a walking trail.
                                                                                                         to help students from rural appalachian
                                                                                                         communities in Clermont, Brown and
                                                                                                         adams counties in ohio.

    LUTHeR FoUnDATion
    2007 GRAnTS: $1,937,500             ·    2007 MARkeT VALUe: $43,248,767

                                                             narley l. Haley and Fifth third Bank           Ms. luther and her father, Howard
                                                          serve as co-trustees of the luther             B. luther, developed a relationship with
                                                          Foundation, officially known as the ethel      Fifth third Bank in 1960 that began with
                                                          Wright luther, Howard Bourne luther            personal tax preparation services and was
                                                          and Frances ramsey luther Charitable           expanded to a trustee role. Ms. luther
                                                          Foundation, established in 1990.               died in March 2000.
                                                             Frances r. luther had been accus-              In 2007, the luther Foundation
                                                          tomed to making generous annual gifts all      supported over 45 organizations, including
                                                          of her life. She made certain that, upon her   Children, Inc., Hoxworth Blood Center,
                                                          passing, annual gifts would be commensu-       Inner City Youth opportunities, Salvation
    The Madcap Puppet Theatre received funding
    from the Luther Foundation for its Hats Off Series
                                                          rate to her previous level of contributions.   army and YWCa of Greater Cincinnati.
    at the Cincinnati Art Museum. Pictured is “Once
    Upon a Clock,” one of the shows in the series.
    Photo by Philip Groshong.

8   The Foundation Office at Fifth Third Bank
                                                                                          family, co-trustee and agent foundations

THe WAnDA MUnTWyLeR FoUnDATion FoR AniMALS                                                               HARRy J. AnD eDnA D.
2007 GRAnTS: $125,750          ·           2007 MARkeT VALUe: $2,125,653                                 HUSMAn FoUnDATion
                                                                                                         2007 GRAnTS: $10,000
                                                                                                         2007 MARkeT VALUe: $221,757
    as a young girl growing up in Chicago,                extend her family’s efforts to strengthen
Illinois, Wanda Muntwyler was surrounded                  the human-animal bond and to prevent
                                                                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Husman specified that,
by pets in a family of animal lovers. after               animal cruelty. although Mrs. Muntwyler
                                                                                                         for at least 20 years, income from their
reaching adulthood, marrying and moving                   died in 2000, her work to benefit animals
                                                                                                         foundation should benefit students in
to oak park, her interest flourished with                 continues through her generosity.
                                                                                                         need of financial aid at local schools. In
the encouragement of her husband,                           the foundation’s income is exclusively
                                                                                                         2007, St. ursula academy, St. Xavier High
who cared for abandoned animals at his                    devoted to charitable or educational
                                                                                                         School, Summit Country Day and ursuline
Southside business. recognizing this                      activities that directly affect the care of
                                                                                                         academy received scholarship funds.
family tradition in her later years, she                  animals in the state of Illinois.
established a foundation that would

eLMA MARGAReT LApp FoUnDATion                                                                            ARTHUR L. AnD eRMiLLe
2007 GRAnTS: $3,000,013                ·    2007 MARkeT VALUe: $67,834,162                               eHLeRS TRUST
                                                                                                         2007 GRAnTS: $87,858
                                                                                                         2007 MARkeT VALUe: $1,979,258
   Fifth third Bank administers the elma                  she created a perpetual trust that makes
Margaret lapp Foundation, which has                       annual awards in her name.
                                                                                                            the majority of the income from
grown significantly from approximately                       over time, with effective management,
                                                                                                         the arthur l. and ermille ehlers trust
$12 million in 1982.                                      the value of those gifts will increase to
                                                                                                         goes to the Greater Cincinnati
   Ms. lapp, heiress to a Cincinnati                      give far more help to the institutions than
                                                                                                         Foundation. the remainder is paid to
brewing fortune, lived her latter years                   Ms. lapp likely ever imagined. the causes
                                                                                                         a number of nonprofit organizations,
in new York City at the famed plaza                       she valued during her life will continue to
                                                                                                         including Hyde park Community united
Hotel but never forgot her native city of                 be supported by her foundation.
                                                                                                         Methodist Church, City Gospel Mission
Cincinnati and its institutions. In her will,
                                                                                                         and Clovernook Center.

oHio VALLey FoUnDATion
2007 GRAnTS: $305,000              ·        2007 MARkeT VALUe: $8,060,836

                                                            When John rowe, John Warrington                 as the foundation has grown, so has
                                                          and William McGrath started the ohio           its ability to assist worthy organizations.
                                                          Valley Foundation, it was their plan to give   In 1946, the first grants from the ohio
                                                          assistance to worthy organizations in the      Valley Foundation totaled $900 to four
                                                          Greater Cincinnati community through           organizations.
                                                          small grants for capital improvements.             Fifth third Bank is privileged to serve
                                                          the trustees of the foundation today are       as agent for the ohio Valley Foundation.
                                                          phillip C. long, Carolyn McCoy, leigh          In 2007, funding included grants to
                                                          prop, George a. Schaefer, Jr., thomas J.       abilities First, Cincinnati Shakespeare
Students at Family Service’s International Family
                                                          Schiller, Bob Sullivan, and Dudley F. taft.    Festival and Beechwood Home.
Resource Center use the technology lab to reach self-
sufficiency by learning how to speak English and
search for employment. The Ohio Valley Foundation
made a $25,000 grant to the organization in 2007.

                                                                                                                                   2007 Annual Report   9
 family, co-trustee and agent foundations

     WiLLiAM S. RoWe FoUnDATion                                                                      THe eTTLinGeR
     2007 GRAnTS: $60,000         ·   2007 MARkeT VALUe: $1,403,165                                  MeMoRiAL TRUST FUnD
                                                                                                     2007 GRAnTS: $196,746
                                                                                                     2007 MARkeT VALUe: $6,710,201
                                                          William S. rowe, chief executive officer
                                                       of Fifth third Bank from 1963 through
                                                                                                        the ettlinger Memorial trust Fund
                                                       1980, dedicated himself to loyal service
                                                                                                     was created at the death of Mr. Isaac
                                                       for the Greater Cincinnati community. Mr.
                                                                                                     ettlinger in 1953. In his will, Mr. ettlinger
                                                       rowe was trustee of many philanthropic
                                                                                                     directed that the net income and
                                                       organizations, including the Children’s
                                                                                                     part of the principal of his estate be
                                                       Home of Cincinnati, Children’s Hospital
                                                                                                     distributed annually to the united
                                                       Medical Center, the Convalescent
                                                                                                     Way and Community Chest of Greater
                                                       Hospital for Children, and the Cincinnati
                                                                                                     Cincinnati. Chest agencies eligible for
                                                       Institute of Fine arts. His unswerving
                                                                                                     funds are those working “for the relief of
                                                       commitment to charitable causes
                                                                                                     and providing food, raiment and shelter
                                                       continues in his memorial trust. the
     Joy Outdoor Education Center received a $20,000                                                 for indigent blind persons, regardless of
     grant from the William S. Rowe Foundation
                                                       trustees of the foundation are Whitney
                                                                                                     their age, race or creed.” assistance is
     in 2007. Founded as a summer camp for             long, George a. Schaefer, Jr., phillip C.
                                                                                                     not limited to material relief but includes
     disadvantaged kids in 1938, Joy Outdoor           long, and Carolyn McCoy.
     Education Center today operates year-round,                                                     all forms of service that are designed to
                                                          Civic Garden Center, College of Mount
     serving children, schools, families, businesses                                                 benefit the indigent blind.
                                                       St. Joseph, and Creative aging Cincinnati
     and organizations.
                                                       were among the grant recipients from the
                                                       William S. rowe Foundation in 2007.

     THe ALFReD J. RenDiGS                             oTTo LUeDekinG TRUST                          MARy MARTHA MCGee
     MeMoRiAL TRUST                                    2007 GRAnTS: $404,230                         FoUnDATion
                                                       2007 MARkeT VALUe: $13,999,024
     2007 GRAnTS: $3,625                                                                             2007 GRAnTS: $8,043
     2007 MARkeT VALUe: $104,319                                                                     2007 MARkeT VALUe: $197,027
                                                          otto luedeking owned a men’s store
       the alfred J. rendigs Memorial trust            in Cincinnati, ohio, in the 1920s. the            Mary McGee lived a frugal and simple
     was established by august rendigs, Jr., in        trust was established at the time of his      life yet she established a charitable
     memory of his son, alfred James rendigs.          wife’s death in 1989. Grant recipients        foundation. Her foundation supports
     annual income benefits united Cerebral            in 2007 included emanuel Community            organizations that were important to Ms.
     palsy for the maintenance and repair of           Center, Children’s Home of Cincinnati,        McGee in her lifetime, including religious
     the alfred J. rendigs Building on Victory         and lifesphere.                               organizations and churches which serve
     parkway that houses adult programs.                                                             the low-income population in Cincinnati.

10   The Foundation Office at Fifth Third Bank
                                                                                    family, co-trustee and agent foundations

GeoRGe A. SCHAeFeR, JR.                                                                         THe LoUiS AnD MeLBA
AnD BeTTy Ann SCHAeFeR FoUnDATion                                                               SCHoTT FoUnDATion
2007 GRAnTS: $260,000         ·   2007 MARkeT VALUe: $1,057,988                                 2007 GRAnTS: $70,000
                                                                                                2007 MARkeT VALUe: $1,970,797

                                                   Fifth third Bancorp Chairman George
                                                                                                   Charles and Melba townsend created
                                                a. Schaefer, Jr. and his wife, Betty,
                                                                                                the louis and Melba Schott Foundation
                                                established their foundation in 1997 to
                                                                                                to honor Melba townsend’s parents.
                                                fund charitable initiatives of interest
                                                                                                Created upon the passing of Mr. and
                                                to the family in Greater Cincinnati. Mr.
                                                                                                Mrs. townsend in 2003, the Foundation
                                                Schaefer became president of Fifth third
                                                                                                exists to provide assistance to youth, with
                                                Bancorp in 1989 and served as president
                                                                                                emphasis on youth in primary school
                                                and Ceo from 1990-2007.
                                                                                                through junior high school age who
                                                   as active volunteers who have
                                                                                                are disadvantaged because of medical
                                                long supported numerous charitable
The George A. Schaefer, Jr. and Betty Ann
                                                                                                condition, economic status, or family
                                                organizations, Mr. and Mrs. Schaefer
Schaefer Foundation supported Seton High                                                        background. the Foundation funds
                                                created their foundation as a complement
School in 2007.                                                                                 programs that develop self-confidence,
                                                to that work, as well as a way to involve
                                                                                                disciplined living, and an appreciation
                                                their children in philanthropy.
                                                                                                of music. the Foundation also makes
                                                   In 2007, the George a. Schaefer, Jr.
                                                                                                grants that are aligned with Mr. and Mrs.
                                                and Betty ann Schaefer Foundation
                                                                                                townsend’s pattern of giving throughout
                                                supported several organizations and
                                                                                                their lifetime.
                                                educational establishments, including
                                                the College of Mount St. Joseph, elder
                                                High School, national underground
                                                railroad Freedom Center and the taft
                                                Museum of art.

LiLLiAn i. SULLiVAn TRUST                       MARGAReT e. SULLiVAn TRUST
2007 GRAnTS: $255,795                           2007 GRAnTS: $116,742        ·   2007 MARkeT VALUe: $3,587,077
2007 MARkeT VALUe: $4,279,312

                                                                                                   the Margaret e. Sullivan trust benefits
  annual income from the lillian I.
                                                                                                Mercy Hospital Mt. airy and Mercy Hos-
Sullivan trust benefits the american Heart
                                                                                                pital Western Hills for general operations;
association, Hamilton County unit of
                                                                                                Miami university for the Sarah Sullivan
the american Cancer Society, Cincinnati
                                                                                                Scholarship; and Wilmington College for
association for the Blind, little Sisters of
                                                                                                the John W. Sullivan Scholarship.
the poor and St. rita’s School for the Deaf.

                                                Students attending Miami University in
                                                Oxford, OH, are beneficiaries of support from
                                                the Margaret E. Sullivan Trust for the Sarah
                                                Sullivan Scholarship.

                                                                                                                         2007 Annual Report   11
 family, co-trustee and agent foundations

     WARRinGTon FAMiLy FoUnDATion
     2007 GRAnTS: $746,428        ·   2007 MARkeT VALUe: $10,065,117

        elsie Holmes Warrington (1915-2003),         lawyer. He also was trustee of the           research, and union Bethel.
     John W. Warrington’s sister and youngest        Cincinnati art Museum, taft Museum,              John Wesley Warrington (1846-1921)
     daughter of George H. Warrington,               Cincinnati Music Hall, Cincinnati            was a farmer who joined the 110th ohio
     formed the Warrington Foundation                Symphony orchestra, american School of       Infantry and fought in the Civil War
     in 1997 to memorialize her family and           oriental research, and union Bethel.         battles of Winchester, the Wilderness and
     continue their philanthropy. She was an            George Howard Warrington                  Cold Harbor. after the war, he became
     avid supporter of the Cincinnati Historical     (1872-1940) was a scholar, art collector,    a distinguished lawyer and advisor to
     Society, the Cincinnati art Museum, the         and distinguished lawyer. He also was        presidents Hayes, Garfield and taft. He
     taft Museum, the Cincinnati Zoo and             a member of president Wilson’s war           also was judge of the uS Court of appeals
     Botanical Gardens, and many other               administration, trustee and founder of       for the Sixth Circuit.
     charitable organizations.                       the university of Cincinnati, and trustee        trustees of the Foundation are leslie
        John Wesley Warrington (1914-1996)           of the Cincinnati art Museum, College-       Warrington Bailey Hardy, Samuel Bailey,
     was a scholar, art collector, decorated         Conservatory of Music, Institute of          Jr., John Warrington Bailey, and Daniel
     World War II officer and distinquished          Fine arts, american School of oriental       allen Bailey.

     CoRALe B. WoRkUM TRUST                          THRee ARTS                                   MAe WARD
     2007 GRAnTS: $242,096                           SCHoLARSHip FUnD                             SCHoLARSHip TRUST
     2007 MARkeT VALUe: $4,389,299
                                                     2007 GRAnTS: $33,000                         2007 GRAnTS: $22,316
                                                     2007 MARkeT VALUe: $1,028,651                2007 MARkeT VALUe: $627,396
        the Corale B. Workum trust supports
     scholarships for men and women at the              the three arts Scholarship Fund              Mae Ward was a school teacher in
     university of Cincinnati and interfaith         provides for scholarships to female          Boyd County, Kentucky, for 43 years.
     students of ancient and modern Hebrew           students of music, painting, drama and       During her career, she observed many
     religion at Hebrew union College-Jewish         the arts.                                    students who had good grades and were
     Institute of religion.                                                                       active in their school, churches and com-
                                                                                                  munity, but could not earn scholarships.
                                                                                                     Based on an idea from another
                                                                                                  scholarship trust, Mrs. Ward established
     eDGAR k. SpRinGMAn                              e. pAUL AnD GARneT                           this trust for students graduating from
     SCHoLARSHip FUnD                                THoMpSon TRUST                               Boyd County, Kentucky, high schools.
     2007 GRAnTS: $52,500                            2007 GRAnTS: $16,515
     2007 MARkeT VALUe: $1,167,748                   2007 MARkeT VALUe: $487,766

        edgar K. Springman lived on a farm             e. paul and Garnet thompson had
     near Goshen, ohio. Before his death at         no children of their own, but, as teachers,
     age 50, he drew up a plan to annually          felt a strong commitment to help children
     award scholarships to deserving                obtain a good Christian education.
     graduates of Goshen High School for a          they established their trust to provide
     college or university education.               scholarships to students attending
                                                    rose Christian School in ashland,
                                                    Kentucky; Kentucky Christian College
                                                    in Grayson, Kentucky; and asbury
                                                    College in Wilmore, Kentucky.

12   The Foundation Office at Fifth Third Bank
The Foundation Office
at Fifth Third Bank

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