The great skate debate by pengxiang


									APRIL - MAY 2008     ISSUE 31    Priceless                                                                                                                

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The great skate debate             By Shane Scanlan

Skaters are on thin ice at                      Council officers reported that current signs      Council management recommended                     Wow, this
                                                                                                                                                     is amazing
                                                suggesting that skateboarding was not allowed     three-months more education through its
Docklands but escaped being                     in Docklands were, in fact, incorrect. Using a    Skate Safe Ambassador Program at a
banned at the latest Melbourne                  skateboard per se is not illegal in Docklands.    cost of $10,000. This has been accepted
                                                                                                                                                     Check out our new e-docknews at
City Council meeting on                         To be liable for prosecution, the skateboarder
                                                                                                  by the Council.
March 25.                                       must be observed “to be endangering,              In its report to Council, the Community
                                                                                                                                                     We’ve been distributing the Docklands
                                                intimidating or unduly obstructing or hindering   Services Committee pointed out that
                                                                                                                                                     Community News as PDF ever since we
Councillor Peter Clark had proposed that        any other person, causing a nuisance,             skateboarding had gained legitimacy as
                                                                                                                                                     started in 2005. But our latest innovation
skateboarding be banned from the entire         adversely affecting the amenity of the public     a means of sustainable transport for
                                                                                                                                                     is truly worth a look.
Docklands precinct, but failed to get the       space, and/or destroying, damaging, marking,      young people.
support of the Council.                         or defacing any property”.                                                                           Using a Flash-based technology, the
                                                                                                  It also reminded the Council of its policy         experience is very similar to the real thing.
Cr Clark believes the skaters are destroying    “Enforcement is also complicated by the           in relation to young people: “To create an         You can lift the corners of the page to turn
public property and have failed to respond to   fact that skaters are predominately young         inclusive, fair and healthy city where every       over. Don’t you love that noise?
an education campaign. He also proposed a       people and generally minors,” the council’s       young person can benefit from vibrant and
skate park for Docklands.                                                                         cohesive communities, where young people           Sign up for a electronic copy of the
                                                Community Services Committee report said.                                                            Docklands Community News for a chance
                                                                                                  are listened to, their right respected and their
The Council’s Community Services Committee      The committee reported that local law officers                                                       to win a dinner for two at James Squires
                                                                                                  unique contribution and potential is realised.”
had earlier reported “low resident tolerance”   had increased their presence in Docklands                                                            Brewery or copies of the latest Alumbra
to skateboarding in Docklands as well as                                                          Have your say                                      in the House music CD “Verano 2008”.
                                                and had been passing on the message that
damage to public and private property.
                                                skating in areas such as NewQuay was “not         We want to know what you think. Should             Go to
But instead, the Council has opted to further   encouraged” and the officers had been             skateboarding be banned in Docklands?
educate skateboarders.                          requesting skaters to “move elsewhere”.           Go to
DCN          ISSUE 31             2

Docklands Community News
Level 3, 414 Bourke Street
Melbourne 3000
Tel: 9602 2992 Fax: 9602 2929
                                                        The parking paradox                                By Shane Scanlan                               The Council also believes that Docklands is         ■   Audit loading zones;
Advertising                                                                                            over supplied with residential parking. It is       ■   Look at introducing one-way streets to get
Krisztina Strzebonski                                   Parking – the great Docklands                  pushing for less than one space per dwelling            more space for parking.
                                                                                                       in the CBD and of the maximum residential
Tel: 9602 2992 Fax: 9602 2929                           paradox – is the subject of                                                                       level of two per dwelling in Docklands, it          It’s solution for longer term visitors to Docklands
                                                        a recently-released City of                    says: “This may be higher than required             is to “use more sustainable transport”.
Reader contributions are welcome.                       Melbourne report which                         in Docklands where there are alternative
Please send articles and images to                                                                     transport modes.”                                   The report also acknowledges that potential                               indicates that there is both not                                                                   visitor parking in residential blocks is
Deadline for June/July 2008
                                                        enough of it and too much of it.               At the same time, the draft plan                    scarce, expensive or is being sold as public
                                                                                                       acknowledges Docklands residents’                   parking. However, the Council says these are
edition is 16 May 2008                                                                                 concerns about a scarcity of visitor
                                                        While acknowledging resident concerns                                                              commercial matters for owners corporations
                                                        that parking is a scarce and precious          parking, inappropriate restrictions and             to sort out.
                                                        commodity, the council doesn’t really          lack of enforcement.

 DOCKWORDS                                              approve of it because parking encourages                                                           For those illegally parking in disabled, taxi
                                                                                                       There are 602 on-street parking spaces              and loading zones or generally overstaying
                                                        the environmentally unsustainable practice     in Docklands. 30 spaces are less than
                                                        of motor car usage.                                                                                their allotted time, the draft plan says:
                                                                                                       15 minutes, 280 are less than three hour,
How many words of four or more letters can
                                                                                                                                                           “A stronger enforcement presence is
                                                        Its vision for Docklands is a place where      91 are unrestricted, 57 are subject to ticket
  you make from the letters in this grid?                                                                                                                  required in Docklands.”
                                                        residents, workers and visitors rely on        machines, 54 are loading zones, 17 are
  All words must contain the centre letter.             public transport and innovations such          for the disabled, 29 are for taxis, 23 are for      And on the issue of the public illegally using
      No proper nouns, foreign words                    as car-sharing schemes. The reality is         permit zone construction vehicles and 21 are        off-street resident parking, the Council
          or plurals ending in ‘s’.                                                                    classified as “other” – leaving 428 for visitors.   believes it can use Part 7A of the Road Safety
                                                        vastly different.
                                           QRST                                                        To help this situation, the Council                 Act to prosecute the offenders.
ABCD                                                    The draft CBD Parking Plan (Incorporating

             A R E
                                           UVWX                                                        proposes to:
EFGH                                                    Docklands) reveals that 34 per cent of                                                             “The highest form of City of Melbourne
                                           Y Z A B
IJKLM                                                                                                  ■ Remove parking restrictions after 7.30 pm,        participation would be for City of Melbourne
                                           CDEF         visitors to Docklands drive. The CBD figure
                                                        is 19 per cent. Some 51 per cent of all          except near Telstra Dome;                         officers to regularly patrol the parking facility,”

             U O S
R S T U                                                                                                    Charge for parking in areas of high-demand;     the draft plan says.
                                           LMNO         visitors to the CBD arrive by train. For       ■
                                           PQRS         Docklands, that figure is only 17 per cent.
HIJKL        E W H                         X Y Z A
                                                        For the last 30 years, the City of Melbourne
                                                        has attempted to restrict motor car use

                                                                                                                                             for local business
MNOP                                                    through a parking limitation policy. Despite
                                                        this policy, the number of car spaces in the
       Target: 21 words – Private
                                                        city has doubled.
          31 words – Sergeant
           38 words – Captain                           Under City Council planning rules, new
                                                        commercial developments are restricted
 Solution to be supplied in next issue                  to providing only five car spaces per 1000     Onboard Docklands, the                              Or, if you’re a local business operator
                                                                                                                                                           seeking to provide a service to the Docklands
                                                        square metres of floor space. In Docklands,    Docklands Community Website,                        Community, then Onboard is the place to list
Solution to Puzzle from last edition                    where the State Government controls
                                                        planning through VicUrban, 30 spaces can
                                                                                                       is the place to go to find details                  your details. Onboard currently receives well
  abri, akin, aver, bake, bane, bank, bare, bark,                                                                                                          over 3000 site visits each month.
 barn, beak, bean, bear, brae, bran , earn, knar,
                                                        be provided. The Council believes the figure   of Docklands-based businesses.
nave, near, rain, rake, rank, rare, rave, rear, vain,   in Docklands should be 11.                                                                         Onboard is a free resource for the Docklands
 vair, vane, vena, vina, airer, baker, barer, barre,                                                   With dedicated directory pages that can             community. Visit the site to become a
                                                        The report acknowledges that it has no real
 brain, brake, brank, brave, break, briar, knave,                                                      be targeted on specific precincts or sorted         registered user and then you can add your
                                                        control of this but concludes: “Effective
   naevi, naive, raker, raven, raver, ravin, reran,
                                                                                                       by business category, Onboard Docklands             information to the Onboard Directory.
   arrive, banker, barker, barren, braver, naiver,      use and review of current planning scheme
 ranker, ravine, vainer, varier, barkier, riverbank,    provisions will be an important tool to        helps you find the local business you’re            You can find the site at
                                                        manage Docklands growth.”                      looking for.                              
                                                                                                                        DCN          ISSUE 31            3

           VicUrban has launched the first                And what better way to do it, than to walk the
                                                          talk – using real residents and workers who
           ever national brand campaign                   have already chosen to make Docklands
           for Melbourne Docklands,                       their own.
           promoting your inner-city                      The ‘Make it your own’ campaign comprises
           waterfront domain for exactly                  a series of print ads featuring a selection

  Making   what it is – a premier place to                of Docklands locals espousing the benefits
                                                          of the Docklands lifestyle. Shot in studio
           live, work and invest.                         with elements of their own home or working

                                                          environment around them, the images were
                                                          later placed up against some stunning
                                                          panoramic backdrops of Docklands –
                                                          demonstrating how our chosen ambassadors
                                                          have personalised the Docklands experience
                                                          that is available to all.

 your own …                                               So meet (if you haven’t already) Emilio and
                                                          Carol Bortignon, Paul and Sarah Cherny and
                                                          Stephen Sacco – and find out how they have
                                                          chosen to make Docklands their own ...
                                                          Emilio and Carol Bortignon
                                                          Enjoying a passion for love, laughter and
                                                          all things Italian, Emilio and Carol said
                                                          ‘arrivederci’ to the family home in the
                                                          suburbs and created a new nest at                Stephen Sacco
                                                          Docklands. The couple revel in their             Stephen is the DVD Content Manager
                                                          cosmopolitan lifestyle and value being part      for BigPond Movies and works at Digital
                                                          of a close, warm community.                      Harbour. An outdoorsman at every given
                                                          “We always wanted to have a city view, to live   opportunity, Stephen cycles to work and
                                                          by a river or to be near the sea. At Docklands   spends his lunchtimes running the ‘Bolte
                                                          we’ve ended up with all three. How fantastic!”   Bolt’ or simply strolling along the water’s
                                                                                                           edge to admire the boats.
                                                                                                           “Docklands has a relaxed, peaceful
                                                                                                           ambience about it. It’s open and clean, full of
                                                                                                           great cafes, beautiful water views and with a
                                                                                                           great sense of space. I really like that.”
           Paul and Sarah Cherny
                                                                                                           The ads will run in The Age Good Weekend
           In 2004 Sunny Lifestyle Group Managing                                                          Magazine, The Weekend Australian
           Director Paul Cherny decided to make                                                            Magazine, The Financial Review Magazine,
           Docklands home. Today the outlook has                                                           the Qantas in-flight magazine, The Australian
           never been sunnier for Paul and Sarah.                                                          Way and BRW.
           The newlyweds are in love with the
           convenience and diversity of their sparkling                                                    Developed in partnership with ING Real
           waterside location.                                                                             Estate (Waterfront City), MAB Corporation
                                                                                                           (NewQuay), Mirvac (Yarra’s Edge), Lend
           “Whether heading to the airport, going                                                          Lease (Victoria Harbour), Atlantic Group
           downstairs to grab a bite or picking up                                                         (Central Pier) and Digital Harbour, VicUrban
           groceries… everything’s easy at Docklands.                                                      is aiming to both highlight the umbrella
           Being near the water is brilliant and the                                                       brand of Docklands as a whole, as well as
           views from our apartment are incredible.                                                        the individual precinct offerings within it.
           Life at Docklands looks and feels
           different everyday.”                                                                            To find out more about the campaign or
                                                                                                           to register for the brochure, go to
DCN          ISSUE 31             

Nicole is picked by
         Pocket Book    Story & photo by
                        Bart Strzebonski

Talented Docklands writer                          “I thought this was very interesting and
                                                   wondered what kind of a person would make
                                                                                                    Writing has always been a passion for Nicole
                                                                                                    and having completed a degree in journalism,
Nicole Taylor has fulfilled a                      such an offer. The story just grew from there    she found further success by having her work
lifelong dream by having her                       and the finished product is quite different      published in The Age and West Melbourne
                                                   from what I started out writing and how I
short story published.                             thought it would end up,” she said.
                                                                                                    News. The talented writer also spent time co-
                                                                                                    writing and editing a play titled Fantasbojou
Entitled “The Advertisement”, the story            The book has been published by ‘Pick a           which was performed in 2002.
takes place in post-war Sydney. The                Pocket Book’ based in North Melbourne.
                                                                                                    Perhaps one of her greatest achievements
main character Anna, chances upon an               The group specialises in short stories and
                                                                                                    was winning the 2000 VUT Award for
advertisement too good to be true: rent-           provides support and guidance to up-and-
                                                                                                    Excellence in Creative Writing, a substantial
free accommodation. As she tries to                coming writers.
                                                                                                    achievement in a very competitive field.
ingratiate herself to the imposing writer of the   Nicole stumbled upon the small independent
advertisement, the truth about Anna’s past         publisher by chance. But she has been thrilled   Lovers of short stories are urged to visit the
and current circumstances begins to unravel.       with the outcome of her fortuitous discovery.    Pick a Pocket Book website which contains
                                                                                                    work from many aspiring artists.
The idea for the story came to Nicole after        “I approached the publisher, Marlene Meier
seeing an advertisement in the London              hoping she could give me some feedback           “I believe ‘Pick a Pocket Book’ is a great
Review of Books which offered rent-free            about my work but she ended up liking what       means of publishing new writers as well as       For anyone wishing to obtain a copy of
accommodation in exchange for some light           I had written and decided to publish a story     providing them with another outlet for their     Nicole Taylor’s short story ‘The Advertisement”
domestic duties.                                   of mine,” she said.                              work,” Nicole said.                              log onto

   21 straight

                                                                      Fi yer cto
                                                                       bu s V
                                                                        nd s ri

   months of

   record sales...

    the red carpet experience
    really delivers.
    The owners of the 8,700 properties
    we sold in the last 12 months say
    we’ve ticked every box as well as
    achieving a record of over $3 billion
    in annual sales.
    Such outstanding results have made Barry Plant
    Victoria’s largest residential real estate network.* With
    64 offices covering Port Melbourne, Geelong, the
    Mornington Peninsula, Ballarat and Echuca, you can be
    sure we’ll find the right buyer for your home.
    So if you’re thinking of selling, call your local Barry Plant
    Docklands office for a free appraisal and discover how
    the red carpet experience can deliver record breaking
    sales and service for you.
    * Based on number of sales.

   Docklands 759 Bourke Street 9936 9999
   Port Melbourne 83 Bay Street 9681 9000                    
                                                                                                                                                         DCN         ISSUE 31           

NewQuay goes
to the dogs
Hundreds of dogs will parade with their owners on the NewQuay
Promenade at Docklands on April 13 as part of a fundraiser for
Cancer In Kids @ the Royal Children’s Hospital (CIKA).
Consisting of 12 categories, Pooches on the Promenade will involve dogs of all shapes,
colours and sizes, competing with their most fabulous hair do’s and grooming prowess.
MAB Corporation’s NewQuay General Manager Richard Cookesley said: “This event is a
great, fun way for Melbourne residents to help raise funds for an important organisation
such as CIKA.”
CIKA, which is an auxiliary of the Royal Children’s Hospital, works to increase the
awareness of cancer in children and to encourage financial support to aid research into
children’s cancer.
“The event has previously been run on a smaller scale in Melbourne’s suburbs, but
relocating to Docklands makes it much more accessible for residents across the city,”
Mr Cookesley said.
To enter phone Don Jones on 0411 744 542. A $10 entry fee applies.

                                                Pooches on Parade                                                                            Some results were:
                                                                                                                                             Best dog in show and best groomed
                                                                                                                                             - June with Belle;
                                                Popular Docklands vet                      Master of ceremonies Jim kept everyone
                                                                                                                                             Best dressed - Missy owned by
                                                                                           informed as the day went on and Bernie was
                                                Ann Dynon hosted the                       kept busy selling raffle tickets. The dogs were   Melissa Schone;
                                                Flemington Pooches on Parade               beautified prior to judging by Suzanna, Tenik     Biggest dog - Axel owned by Brian Kelly;
                                                on March 2 which raised                    and Karen in the dog pamper tent.                 Smallest dog - Millie owned by
                                                about $2000 for Cancer In                                                                    Barbara Miller;
                                                                                           The humans were pampered in another
                                                                                                                                             Dog with most spots - Peggy owned by
                                                Kids @ the Royal Children’s                part of the tent by Annette from Nutimetrics.
                                                                                                                                             Kerrie Huy;
                                                                                           There were some great stalls – home-made
                                                Hospital (CIKA).                                                                             Oldest dog - Isaac owned by Saltan
                                                                                           jams and chutneys, Royal Children’s Hospital
                                                Some 53 dogs and their owners attended     produce, jewelry, cakes and lemonade by           Head; and
                                                and were entertained by Mario Cassar and   Jude and Katie. The Rotary Club was kept          Dog most like its owner - Rocky owned
                                                the Kuhuna Daddies.                        busy cooking delicious sausages.                  by the Dawson family.
DCN   ISSUE 31   

Minister breaks new
   ground at Victoria
              HarbourPlanning Minister Justin Madden in March helped break ground
                     on the latest residential development to get underway in Victoria
                     Harbour, Docklands.
                     Aboard a piling rig, Mr Madden helped              “However, a thriving successful community
                     drive in part of the concrete support base         requires a balance and the right infrastructure
                     of The Montage – Victoria Harbour’s third          and facilities can deliver that balance – and
                     residential apartment building set to add          that’s what we’re seeing emerging
                     another 85 dwellings to the approximately          behind the big business and residential
                     3000 apartments currently built or under           towers that were among the first to
                     construction in Docklands.                         become associated with Docklands.”
                     Mr Madden said with the Docklands population       Maurice Cococcia, General Manager
                     expected to grow and diversify significantly       Victoria of Lend Lease, said: “With the
                     over the life of the project, the recent bout of   Safeway supermarket scheduled to
                     activity had been planned to ensure all the        open in April and the boutique specialty
                     community’s needs continue to be met.              stores of the Merchant Street offering
                     “There is no doubt that Docklands is firmly        a unique retail strip tucked between
                     establishing itself as a significant extension     parks and the waterfront area opening
                     of Melbourne’s CBD, with a stream of major         by mid-year, the area will be well and
                     corporations confirming they’ll make it their      truly thriving by the time the Montage is
                     home in recent times,” Mr Madden said.             completed in 2009.”
                                                                                                                                                            DCN          ISSUE 31           

Lady Chelmsford traged
February 17 was a sad day
for Docklands Chamber of
Commerce President Keith
Rankin as his 33 metre historic
showboat Lady Chelmsford
went to the bottom of
Victoria Harbour.
Mr Rankin was driving through Lilydale           Lady Chelmsford was in the process of being
when a call came through from Docklands          restored and was due to be taken to Hastings
that the vessel’s automatic pumps were           for extensive refitting above the deck line.
discharging water.                               Mr Rankin is in discussions with his insurers
Twenty minutes later the former Sydney           on the fate of the vessel. The cost and
Harbour ferry was completely submerged.          appropriate method of raising the vessel had
                                                 not been determined.
Lady Chelmsford has been a feature of
Docklands for many years. She featured in        When first commissioned in 1910, Lady
our first edition in May-June 2003.              Chelmsford was originally steam powered.
                                                 In July 1933 she became Sydney Harbour’s
According to Mr Rankin, it is not yet known
                                                 first diesel powered ferry.
what caused the tragedy. He said divers had
inspected the vessel but she was lying on her    Her varnished timbers, brass and copper
port bilge and the rest of the hull could not    fittings and general elegance will be
be seen.                                         sorely missed.

   Car sharing comes                                                                             Have a say on
   to Docklands                                                                                  Future Melbourne
   Docklands will soon benefit from car sharing with the                                         The City of Melbourne has been working with the Melbourne
   introduction of nine car share spaces.                                                        community over the past twelve months to develop a new
                                                                                                 long-term plan for the city.
   Since the City of Melbourne introduced a car sharing scheme in 2005, there has been
   a 25 per cent reduction in car usage and car ownership by car share members.                  Called Future Melbourne, this plan will guide the City of Melbourne’s decisions and
                                                                                                 actions to 2020 and beyond.
   Car sharing allows members to rent cars by the hour or by the day. Rental includes
   petrol, insurance, cleaning, maintenance and registration.                                    The plan will include actions that need to be taken to ensure the city is prepared for
                                                                                                 future changes, as well as longer-term aspirations and ideas.
   Council provides car spaces reserved specifically for car share cars which can be
                                                                                                 A draft of the plan is being developed in an online ‘collaborative environment’. This is
   accessed easily and returned for the next user.
                                                                                                 a website you can visit now to view and make comments on the working draft of the
   The City of Melbourne has the highest number of car share spaces in Victoria with 29          Future Melbourne plan.
   locations distributed throughout its municipality. This forms part of its commitment to       The draft online plan will be open to public comment on Saturday 17 May.
   increase access to sustainable forms of transport.
                                                                                                 Comments received before Saturday 14 June will be reviewed and considered for
   The Council is continuing to work with car share providers to further extend the network of   inclusion into the final plan.
   car sharing spaces into suburbs such as South Yarra, East Melbourne and Kensington.
                                                                                                 Visit to view the draft Future Melbourne plan. From
   To find out more, or to register to take part in the new car sharing scheme in                17 May, the plan will be available for comment online, at public libraries or from the
   Docklands, visit                                                          Melbourne Town Hall.
DCN          ISSUE 31         8

                                                                                                          development for
                                                                                                          Stadium precinct
                                                                                                          A $300 million sustainable development has been announced
                                                                                                          for Docklands’ North East Stadium Precinct (NESP).

                                                                                                      Planning Minister Justin Madden                  “The Lacrosse Docklands will feature a 21-level
                                                                                                                                                       city-facing tower and 18-level water-facing
                                                                                                      said the development known                       tower that will create a precinct to add to
                                                                                                      as the Lacrosse Docklands                        Melbourne’s ever growing CBD community,”
                                                                                                      would receive the VicUrban                       Mr Madden said.

                                                                                                      Ecologically Sustainable Design                  The development will also see 300 SoHo
                                                                                                                                                       (small office/home office) apartments,
                                                                                                      (ESD) Award of Merit.                            120 serviced apartments, and more than
                                                                                                      Features will include:                           5000 square metres of retail space.
                                                                                                      ■   A blackwater treatment plan which will       VicUrban CEO Pru Sanderson said the
                                                                                                          re-use 70 per cent of stormwater; and        development was in line with VicUrban’s
                                                                                                                                                       vision for the entire stadium area.
                                                                                                      ■   Rainwater from roofs will be used to
                                                                                                          flush toilets and podium water will be       “The proximity to both Southern Cross
                                                                                                          used for irrigation.                         Station and the CBD, combined with easy
                                                                                                      “The Lacrosse Docklands development will         access to the Docklands waterfront makes
                                                                                                      see 550-600 residents call the place home.       this a prime area in which to deliver an active,
                                                                                                      As well, two new entry points have been          integrated development unique to this part of
                                                                                                      created to the Telstra Dome concourse for        the world,” Ms Sanderson said.
                                                                                                      people coming over the Latrobe St bridge,”       “The project will also further strengthen the
                                                                                                      Mr Madden said.                                  diversity of the Docklands wider community,
                                                                                                                                                       bringing in additional residential, retail and
                                                                                                      VicUrban has entered into a development
                                                                                                                                                       commercial opportunities.”
                                                                                                      agreement with 675 La Trobe St Pty Ltd – a
                                                                                                      joint venture between Pan Urban and Halim        Construction is scheduled to begin in mid
                                                                                                      Group, to develop the site.                      2008 with completion in 2010.

Showcasing our unique
past, present and future
Docklands locals, past                            According to Project Manager, Sherwin
                                                  Akbarzadeh of Portable Content, Talking
and present, are currently                        Docklands would-be video diarists are a
recording their lives on video                    diverse bunch. Some have seen the area
for the making of an exciting                     advance from its industrial, maritime roots,
                                                  including a couple of old wharfies, a factory
documentary about the people                      worker, and a seaman. There are others who

                                                                                                      Farmers  Market
who live and work in the area.                    know the docklands only as an exciting,
Talking Docklands is a collaborative              modern hub and are represented by a
project between Open Channel, the City            student, an artist, a business owner and a

                                                                                                      comes to Docklands
of Melbourne and Portable Content. Open           young professional.
Channel’s Executive Producer, Gai Dunlop          “We’re providing the diarists with the
said: “This project is a wonderful showcase       equipment and, for those who don’t have
for real Docklands stories. The idea of Talking   much experience, some basic training on
Docklands is to inform and document this          how to use it. It is anticipated that we will use
embryonic city within a city.”                                                                        Docklands Farmers Market opened for              fresh meats, Docklands Farmers Market
                                                  about two or three minutes worth of material
                                                                                                      business at Waterfront City on March 29          offers something for every household.
Following a recent call for entries, eight        from each participant,” Mr Akbarzadeh said.
                                                                                                      and will continue on the first Saturday of the
people have been chosen to undertake                                                                                                                   Not only does the Farmers Market provide
                                                  “By bringing these unique backgrounds               month for the rest of the year.
autobiographical video diaries that will                                                                                                               the Docklands community with quality fresh
                                                  and experiences together, the Talking
culminate in the creation of a ‘video quilt’.                                                         With over 40 stalls selling fresh, locally       produce, it offers an opportunity to learn from
                                                  Docklands project hopes to reflect the rich
“It will let us into their world and give voice                                                       made produce including organic fruit and         the producers themselves about the nutrients
                                                  community tapestry in this diverse and
to the community living and working in                                                                vegetables, homemade condiments, bread,          and ingredients - plus you might even find
                                                  ever-changing precinct.”
Melbourne’s most rapidly evolving precinct,”                                                          free range eggs, cheeses, local wines, herbs     out a few innovative recipes that are sure to
Ms Dunlop said.                                   Talking Docklands will be launched in June.         and spices, homemade pasta, honey and            impress at your next dinner party!
                                                                                                                             DCN           ISSUE 31             

                                                               Vale Len Reddoch
  Fashionable                                                  The Docklands Community

                                                               News notes the sad passing
                                                               of Dockland’s oldest resident,
                                                               96 year-old Len Reddoch, who
                                                               passed away in mid-March.
  Melbourne’s newest waterfront destination, Central Pier
                                                               Len was one of the modern pioneers of
  Docklands, was a bustling fashion hub when it hosted this    Docklands, having moved into the Arkley
  year’s L’Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival (LMFF) in March.   building at NewQuay in 2002.
                                                               Many Docklands residents will remember
                                                               seeing Len ambling toward the tram stop on
Having rolled out the red carpet for
                                                               Harbour Esplanade, or later whizzing along
international A-list celebrities including Hugh
                                                               the esplanade towards the station on his red
Jackman and Giselle Bundchen, Central Pier
                                                               mobility scooter.
is Melbourne’s premier events, cultural and
community precinct.                                            Active and acute right into his mid-90’s, Len
                                                               was also a regular at many local events.
Famous faces were not the only people
spotted clinking champagne flutes, as                          His life had a progression of links to
Central Pier opened the LMFF official bar                      Melbourne Docklands which were outlined           Vale Len Reddoch, our oldest Docklander
and restaurant at Sumac in Shed 14 for                         in an article that graced the front page of the   - we extend sympathies to his family
all fashionistas to enjoy, before moving a                     first of the Docklands Community News.            and friends.
few doors down to Peninsula for the major
runway shows.
The party continued at Alumbra in Shed 9,
where audiences were treated to a true VIP
experience enjoying sumptuous cocktails
and fabulous music.                                                                                                 Community
                                                                                                                    The Docklands Community
                                                                                                                    Association meeting will be
                                                                                                                    held at The Hub on 9 April
                                                                                                                    from 7pm. The agenda
                                                                                                                    will include:

                                                                                                                    1. Development of full and social
                                                                                                                       membership types;
                                                                                                                    2. Clarification of the status and voting
                                                                                                                       rights of business entities that may
                                                                                                                       wish to become members of the
                                                                                                                       association; and
                                                                                                                    3. Clarification of anomalies in
                                                                                                                       the election of committees and
                                                                                                                    The meeting is open to all DCA
                                                                                                                    members and residents or home
                                                                                                                    or business owners who join on
                                                                                                                    the night.
                                                                                    Photos: Carla Gottgens

   It’s Espresso
   and Caramel
   crunch time…

    Cnr Bourke St & Waterview Walk, Docklands Ph 9642 0244
DCN   ISSUE 31   10

         2 0 0 8
Co NTe MPo rA2
                      And the
                      w inner
                         is….                         ering has
                                     tist Dan Wollm
                      Melbourne ar                st prize in this
                                      $10,000 fir
                      taken out the               lpture Award
                      year’s Con  tempora Scu
                       his piece Wat
                                         the USA, Dr W
                       Originally from                  ash University
                                       ulpture at Mon
                       lectures in sc                nt in every
                        and has be  en a participa                      .
                                                      ption in 2005
                                       since its ince
                                                           t to Cameron
                                        cond prize wen
                        The $5000 se                      g Test Rig.
                                         s Wind Drawin
                         Robbins for hi                              ures are
                                                 outdoor sculpt
                         Some   33 large scale                  ril 20.
                                             klands until Ap
                         on  display at Doc
                                                                                                        DCN   ISSUE 31   11

               ora took o
    on March                 n an auto
                15 with th              motive the
    “Motor” e               e opening              me
               xhibition a               of
                            t Central P the
   Curated                              ier.
              by Jason
   dozen art              Waterhou
             ists                    se, about
  year when gave their take on                   a
               Melbourn                  the time o
                           e revs up                f
  Contemp                             .
            ora Directo
 the artists              r Marg Ha
             transform                rris said
somethin                 ed a blan
           g significa              k space in
short spa               nt in an a              to
           ce of time              mazingly

  Victoria Harbour
  Young Artist Initiative
   The Victoria Harbour Young Artist Initiative         An example of the work includes ‘AS4602’
   is an exciting and unique addition to the            which utilises existing pylons with an
   Contempora Festival of Sculpture & Public            arrangement of fluorescent orange vests.
   Arts at Docklands.                                   This work is intended to become a light-
                                                        hearted tribute to the tradesmen whom,
   Targeting our next generation of artists
                                                        while integral and highly visible during the
   and in conjunction with the Victorian
                                                        construction phase, on completion of site
   College of the Arts, it invites students to
                                                        projects can become a forgotten memory.
   respond to a specific environment and
   develop a sculptural piece that connects             Sponsored by Lend Lease, the initiative
   and integrates with the surrounding                  is extremely important in providing the
   public space.                                        opportunity for students to develop their
                                                        skills in looking at environments and
   The chosen environment is the Water Plaza,
                                                        responding to this in the work they create.
   a just completed waterfront plaza located on
   the promenade of Victoria Harbour.                   It allows artists to produce new works in
                                                        relation to the sites context, informing them
   The young artists selected are: Klara Kelvy;
                                                        of the conceptual parameters involved
   Ben Woods; Ren Gregoric and Natalie
                                                        and performance criteria of artworks once
   Holloway; Marcin Wojcik; and Rachael
                                                        situated in the public realm.
   Bauman and Aerin Langworthy
                                                        Lend Lease Development General
   Their works are being displayed at the
                                                        Manager, Maurice Cococcia, said he
   Water Plaza as part of the Contempora
                                                        hoped the initiative continued as part of
   Festival from April 2 to 20.
                                                        Contempora every year.
DCN      ISSUE 31         12

 The Moment of Truth                                                                      PICNIC TIMe
 HAS ArriVeD!                                                                                        Victoria Harbour
                                                                                          To celebrate the one year anniversary of Dock 5 and the impending
                                                                                          arrival of The Mosaic and The Montage, Victoria Harbour hosted
                                                                                          a harbour-side picnic for all purchasers and
                                                                                          residents on February 24.
                                                                                          In addition to great food, Americas
                                                                                          Cup hero John Bertrand attended
                                                                                          representing the Alannah and
                                                                                          Madeline foundation and played
                                                                                          host for the day. There was Bocce,
                         By Guy Mason, Docklands Church Minister                          mini-golf, a live band and D’Albora
                                                                                          Marinas took residents out on the
                                                                                          water for tours of the harbour.

 The highly controversial show, ‘The Moment of Truth,’ has hit                            Maurice Cococcia, Lend Lease
                                                                                          Development General Manager for
 Aussie shores with a bang.                                                               Victoria said the day was a great
 For those who’ve not yet seen the show, here’s the gist: contestants in search of big    opportunity to get everyone together
 bucks answer questions about their work, family, relationships, sex life, hopes and      and celebrate living at Victoria Harbour.
 dreams. Pretty straight forward stuff, right? But here’s the catch; each question must
                                                                                          “It was a great success with nearly
 be answered truthfully. If they lie, the polygraph test (taken before the show) will
                                                                                          250 purchasers and residents
 stop them in their tracks and they go home empty handed. As you can imagine, the
                                                                                          attending. Victoria Harbour is still an
 tension is unbearable as people unmask their lives before billions of viewers at home
                                                                                          infant but the strength of community
 – making it a ratings winner!
                                                                                          that already exists indicates to me that
 As I watched this program it became increasingly evident that we all have things         it will become a community that lasts
 in our lives that we don’t want others to know about; so either we lie or avoid the      forever,” he said.
 questions. The Moment of Truth is yet to find anyone who’s been willing to go the
 distance and answer all questions truthfully. This presents a deeper question for us;
 is there anyone who we can trust to be honest and open with us?
 The Bible talks about a God-man from Nazareth in the first century named Jesus who
 performed amazing miracles and said powerful stuff about this world and our lives.
 Interestingly, he made bold claims, one of which was that he was without sin, ie, he
 loved God and others completely and perfectly. This of course means he never told a
 lie. Now I know in my life, that I could never make such a comment and mean it. But
 Jesus did, and what’s more, no one ever proved this wrong. He was always honest,
 always loving, always generous, always serving and always perfect!
 This is good news for many reasons. It means we can trust the things he had to say
 about life and the world we live in. It also means we can bring our questions to him,
 knowing we will also receive an honest and truthful response.
 At Docklands Church we have been encouraging people to think about some of the
 bigger questions of life. We’ve had some great responses – why is there suffering in
 the world? What will heaven be like? What does the Bible say about divorce? Is it ok
 to be rich? What about sex outside of marriage? What does the Bible say about the
 spiritual realm, tarot cards, people who speak to the dead? And so on …
 This month we will choose the top 10 questions as voted by the community. These
 will become the basis of a series of talks at Docklands Church. This will be an
 exciting time and I encourage you to come along and be part of the fun. We meet
 every Sunday at 10.30am at James Squire Restaurant, Waterfront City.
 In addition you might like to pose a question to this column which I would
 be happy to address in the next issue. Send your question to
 Peace and love,
 Guy Mason
                                                                                                                                                           DCN          ISSUE 31            13

Mirvac unveils                                                                                                                                      Networking
Laanecoorie Reservoir 10:09am Docklands
                                                 at landmark urban art site
                                                                                                                                                    Docklands is to have its
                                                                                                                                                    own networking club for
                                                                                                                                                    business people.

                                                                                                                                                    Called Peer to Peer, the club will be
                                                                                                                                                    run by magazine editor Tara Strong
                                                                                                                                                    and will meet on the last Thursday
                                                                                                                                                    of every month.
                                                                                                                                                    Its aim will be to create a
                                                                                                                                                    regular informal meeting for
                                                                                                                                                    networking and socialising in a
                                                                                                                                                    relaxed environment.
                                                                                                                                                    Ms Strong said the idea for the club
                                                                                                                                                    arose from conversations with local
                                                                                                                                                    business owners, newly arrived
A photographic interpretation of Victoria’s drought-ravaged                                                                                         workers and businesses who want
                                                                                                                                                    to do business in Docklands.
landscape has been selected as the latest urban art installation
at the Tower 1 billboard site at Yarra’s Edge.                                                                                                      “People have told me they want a
                                                                                                                                                    place to go on a regular social and
                                                                                                                                                    business networking level to meet
Laanecoorie Reservoir 10:09am by Rodney       The Laanecoorie Reservoir image of parched       to feed livestock with grain or relocating           other people who are working or
Dekker aims to illustrate the ramifications   earth was taken immediately following a          them. The last option is to sell and loose           have a business in Docklands, or
of drought.                                   summer storm in January 2007. A young            generations of breeding. This photograph             are interested in doing business in
                                              girl is captured playfully running through the   aims to depict a consequence of that                 Docklands,” she said.
Dekker has a strong interest in
                                              water overflow before it evaporated into the     drought,” Dekker said.
documenting social and environmental                                                                                                                “Many small to medium businesses
                                              gaping cracks created by the drought.
stories. Since December 2006 he has                                                            Mirvac’s urban art program encourages                that operate out of apartments in
photographed various aspects of drought       “With empty reservoirs, dry watercourses,        artists to consider relevant themes, in              Docklands can feel a little isolated,
in New South Wales and Victoria in many       scant pasture and little soil moisture,          particular, the strong water focus, urban            as they don’t have a way to connect
separate road trips.                          farmers are increasingly finding                 interface and the indigenous and industrial          with the other businesses around
                                              themselves with failed harvests and having       history of the Docklands site.                       them. Also, with the arrival of the
                                                                                                                                                    large corporate companies and
                                                                                                                                                    their employees and with more to

NeW buzz for this business
                                                                                                                                                    come, people are searching for a
                                                                                                                                                    way to get to know more about how
                                                                                                                                                    they can be involved in Docklands,
                                                                                                                                                    their new working environment.”

                                                                                               Docklands businesswoman                              In addition, Peer to Peer will offer
                                                                                                                                                    companies the opportunity to
                                                                                               Sandy Ewing recently won                             sponsor nights, giving them a
                                                                                               a jetski in a competition for                        platform to introduce themselves
                                                                                               Aquavista lessees.                                   to the Docklands corporate market
                                                                                                                                                    or share their latest news, whether
                                                                                               In our photo MAB Corporation Managing                it be the launch of a new product,
                                                                                               Director Andrew Buxton presents Sandy with           strategy or initiative, in a relaxed
                                                                                               her Yamaha VX Cruiser jetski.                        and informative environment.
                                                                                               Sandy moved her personalised match-making            For information regarding
                                                                                               business to Aquavista Towers in July 2007.           membership or sponsorship,
                                                                                               “The fantastic modern feel of Aquavista reflects     call 0437 388 896.
                                                                                               our culture, while the location is perfect for our
                                                                                               corporate business,” Sandy said.
DCN   ISSUE 31   1
                                                                                 DCN        ISSUE 31        1

                   Docklands Worker’s Guide To:
                                                finding a great

                        1    James Squire       12   Bopha Devi     23 The Quay Bar       35 Centrocelli Café
                        2    Hot Chocolate      13   Liquid         24 Waterside Bistro   36 Gusto Bakery
                        3    Starbucks          14   Renzo’s café   25 Livewire           37 Gloria Jeans
                        4    Kebabbque          15   Re Juice       26 Nandos             38 The Nixon
                        5    Red Rooster        16   Brot           27 Spud Bar           39 Lot 50
                        6    Goodday Mate       17   Livebait       28 Souvlaki Way       40 Iku- Izakaya
                        7    Moored             18   Berth          29 Subway             41 Yarra’s EdgeBar
           25-36                                                                              and Cafe
                        8    BCM Bar            19   Medici         30 Sush- Noodles
                        9    Kobe Jones         20   Lounge Room    31 Café 23            42 Promenade Café
                        10   Bellissimo         21   Fish Bar       32 Scooters           43 Café Bouquet
                        11   Victoria Harbour   22   Achelya        33 Harbour Café       44 Watergate Café
                                                                    34 Lamore             45 Summit

DCN          ISSUE 31         1

  You are what
  you Stress!
  By Sara Picken-Brown

  Can’t shift that tyre of fat from your stomach? It might not be
  what you put in your mouth that’s fully to blame, but how you
  handle stress that’s the culprit.

Richard S Lazarus defined stress as feeling       bunch of hormones called corticotrophin              So don’t stress man! Easier said, than
that “demands exceed the personal and             releasing factor (CRF). They’re responsible          done huh? Exercise is a good place to
social resources the individual is able to        for charging you up, increasing the heart rate       start as it creates an endorphin (feel good
mobilise.” The “demand” can be a change           and getting you ready to kick the sweet              hormone) release into the body. Regular
of any kind which requires the body to adapt.     liberty out of your attacker or run for the hills.   exercise helps as an outlet of frustration,
The response is automatic and immediate.          “Great,” you might say. “I’ll just stay stressed     muscular tension and it cultivates increased
Eustress (good stress) helps us perform           and I’ll loose weight.” I am afraid the              self-esteem and self-efficacy, low forms
better and distress (negative stress) causes      prognosis is not quite so rosy. Many short           of which are a known source of
upset or makes us sick.                           bursts of stress increase the activity of the        psychological stress.
                                                  sympathetic nervous system, increasing the
How is stress making you fat though? Put in       amount of insulin released into the body             Ultimately the type of activity you undertake
simple terms, what you stick in your mouth        causing blood sugar levels to drop, thus             should be enjoyable and be a pursuit that
winds up in your bloodstream and gets             prompting ‘binge eat’ when the stress                you find fulfilling for social or goal oriented
stored as fat if you have surplus. Under          has passed.                                          reasons. It is advised that you ask a

stressful situations the body releases                                                                 professional Trainer at the gym for advice
glucocorticoid hormones (cortisol, insulin,       Ever had any of these symptoms when                  on what exercises and modalities are best
adrenalin). One of the many roles of insulin is   stressed? Tired, headache, insomnia, muscle          for you.

                                                                                                                                                         is on the
to store fat and prevent fat metabolisation.      aches/stiffness (especially neck, shoulders
                                                  and low back), nausea, trembling, anxiety,           As with anything, moderation and listening to
This storage is generally most prevalent
                                                  anger, frustration, worry, fear, irritability,       your body is the key. Too much activity and
around the mid-section, cue spare tyre.

                                                  impatience, short tempered (we all know              the wrong type can be deemed stressful on
Insulin resistance is developed over time with
                                                  someone in the office like this), yelling,           the system so speak to a trainer about how
the constantly elevated levels of cortisol
                                                  swearing, blaming, poking your finger in your        to maintain balance.
preventing the insulin hormones from
behaving normally. The body over                  eye ... just checking you were still reading.        If stress is becoming difficult to manage
                                                  The long term build up of the glucocorticoid                                                           Health conscious Docklands resident
compensates and produces far more insulin                                                              support is available. The Hub Docklands is        Sara Picken-Brown is looking to hold
than it really needs, fat burning stops for       hormones actually begin to diminish memory           an information service for the local
                                                  and concentration. Regular exposure causes                                                             information seminars for locals on health,
longer periods and more storage occurs.                                                                community and more in depth advice is             stress management, nutrition and exercise
                                                  neuronal damage leading to memory loss
                                                                                                       available from Beyond Blue or your GP   .         strategies.
At the very beginning of a stressful situation    (alzheimer’s), high blood pressure, diabetes,
the body shuts down the gut. The                  immune and reproductive problems. So in a                  For more information visit
glucocorticoids released by the pituitary         nut shell stress is actually killing your brain              or
gland suppress appetite. As do another            cells and damaging your body.                                           email
                                                                                                                                                   DCN          ISSUE 31          1

                                    Docklands Community Calendar
         Date and Time                           Event                        Venue and Location                              Description & Contact details
Saturday, April 5                   RACV 2008 Fly the Flag Rally      Fox Classic Car Collection                Over 150 classic vehicles will assemble at the Fox Classic Car
                                                                      Cnr Batman’s Hill Drive                   Collection to start the RACV-sponsored 2008 Fly the Flag Rally.
Doors open: 7.30am – close 9.30am
                                                                      & Collins Street Docklands                The car collection of trucking magnate Lindsay Fox will be open for
Rally cars arrive from 7.30am                                         Entrance off Batman’s Hill Drive          viewing prior to the flag of.
– flag off 9am
                                                                                                                Door donations for charity would be gratefully accepted.
                                                                                                                Further information at:

Saturday, April 5                   Farmers Market                    Waterfront City Piazza, Waterfront City   Become passionate about the food you put on your table by
                                                                                                                heading down to Docklands Farmers Market to select from a
8.00am – 1.00pm
                                                                                                                smorgasbord of delicious fresh and gourmet produce.

Sunday, April 13                    Pooches on the Promenade          NewQuay Promenade                         As a fundraiser for Cancer In Kids @ the Royal Children’s Hospital
                                                                                                                (CIKA), hundreds of dogs will parade with their owners on the
11am – 1.30pm
                                                                                                                NewQuay Promenade at Docklands.
Parade starts at 12.15pm
                                                                                                                All Pooches will be judged on their finest Sunday hair-do’s and
                                                                                                                outfits. $10 entry fee.
                                                                                                                To enter phone Don Jones on 0411 744 542.

Until April 20                      Contempora2 Festival of           Docklands                                 The Docklands will transform into a showcase of modern art when
                                    Sculpture 2008                                                              it hosts the exciting six week Contempora2 Festival of Sculpture
                                                                                                                2008, which will see large scale sculpture, public art projects,
                                                                                                                events and forums taking place throughout the precinct.

Until June 22                       Disco on Ice at Waterfront City   Waterfront City Pavilion,                 From $7 for participants $3 skate hire and spectators
                                                                      Waterfront City Docklands Drive
DCN           ISSUE 31           18

City of                                              Get active and engaged
Melbourne                                            With the rapid expansion of the Docklands and more companies relocating their operations to the
                                                     area, Melbourne City Sports (MCS) has started lunchtime programs.
Welcome to                                           MCS realised the need to expand its
                                                     operations to ensure the corporate and
                                                                                                      On offer were a range of activities including
                                                                                                      mini basketball, bocce, volleyball and a free
                                                                                                                                                      MCS will also be conducting a series of
                                                                                                                                                      FREE Community Movie Nights which

International                                        residential communities have access to
                                                     programs and services to get active and
                                                     social within their community.
                                                                                                      yoga session. Giveaways included drinks,
                                                                                                      snacks and vouchers with one lucky
                                                                                                      participant walking away with a new pair of
                                                                                                                                                      are held outdoors on an inflatable movie
                                                                                                                                                      screen with viewers welcome to bring
                                                                                                                                                      along their own picnic dinner. The first of

Students                                             During February, MCS held its first Docklands
                                                     Come ‘n’ Try Day at The Hub to give the
                                                     Docklands community a taste of the lunchtime
                                                                                                      Brooks runners.
                                                                                                      The Yoga session received great feedback
                                                                                                                                                      these events was April 4 at Yarra Park
                                                                                                                                                      along Yarra’s Edge. The next event will
                                                                                                                                                      be on May 17.
The City of Melbourne recognises the                                                                  and as a result, MCS is introducing Yoga-
                                                     corporate activities available and promote the   Pilates Fusion commencing Thursday,             For more information about the FREE
contribution international students make to          upcoming programs coming to the area.
the cultural and social life of the city, and will                                                    April 17 at The Hub. The program will run       movie nights or to register for Yoga-Pilates
be welcoming all international students with         Although the weather proved to be a little       for 10 weeks, 12.00pm – 12.45pm at $100         Fusion, contact Melbourne City Sports
a free event on Sunday, 27 April 2008 from           gloomy, attendance was promising with            per participant. Keep you eyes out also for a   at, visit
11am to 4pm.                                         approximately 50-60 people from various          new soccer program to commence later in
                                                     organisations participating.                     the year.                                       or call 9347 3532.
This year the event will be a fun-filled
‘treasure hunt’ where international
students can get together to explore the
city and learn about the products and
services it has to offer. International
students can walk and tram their way
                                                        On tour for a cure
around Melbourne as they hunt for clues                 35 cyclists left Federation Square on March 31 on a 1200
and prizes.
                                                        km ride to raise money to fund cancer research.
The event will begin at Melbourne Town
Hall at 10am where students can pick up                 Known as Tour for a Cure, the riders will raise money for the Prostate Cancer
a passport and map before heading off at                Foundation of Australia, the National Breast Cancer Foundation and Camp Quality.
11am. The treasure hunt will take students              Becoming a Tour de Cure cyclist is not to be taken lightly. Each cyclist must commit to
to key sites in the city and there will be spot         raising $10,000 in donations in order to participate, and must leave their families and
prizes and clues along the way. The day will            business to participate in the 9 day event, as well as train aggressively in the months
finish at Federation Square at 2pm with an              leading up to it.
official welcome by the Lord Mayor, prizes
and entertainment.                                      The group hopes to raise $2 million. To donate, visit
                                                                                                                                                                             DCN          ISSUE 31            1

                                                        SERVICE directory
          To include your business details in the Community News Service Directory, phone 9602 2992.

Balloons, Parties, events                               Legal                                             Pharmacy                                             Veterinary
The Confectionery & Party Shop                          Docklands Lawyers                                 Southern Cross Pharmacy                              Flemington Veterinary Hospital
We put the life into every party, and parties into                                                                                                             Full Veterinary Services plus:
                                                        ß   Business and Commercial                       Hours: Mon to Fri 7am – 8pm & Sat 9am – 5pm
everyone’s lives!!                                                                                                                                             ß Dental              ß Kitty Kinder
                                                        ß   Property & Apartment Transfers                Southern Cross Station
• Balloon Décor       • Delivery & Set-up               ß   Franchising & Intellectual Property           Shop C8, 99 Spencer Street, Docklands                ß Grooming            ß House Calls
• Helium hire         • Party & Tableware               ß   Leasing & Licences                            Ph: 9600 0294                                        ß Hydrobath           ß Weight Loss Clinic
• Piñatas             • Gift Packages                   ß   Taxation                                      Fax: 9600 0594                                       ß Endoscopy           ß Ultrasound
Let your imagination run wild!                          ß   Companie                                      Email:
                                                                                                                                                               ß Boarding            ß Puppy Pre School
323 Bay Street, Port Melbourne                          ß   Asset Protection
                                                                                                                                                               Dr Anne Dynonß & Dr Uttara Kennedy
Ph: 03-9646 9577
                                                        ß   Trade Marks                                   Victoria Harbour Pharmacy & News
                                                                                                                                                               Ph: 9376 5299
                                                                                                          Hours: Mon to Fri 8am – 6pm & Sat 9am – 1pm
                                                                                                          ß Pharmacy           • Newsagency
Chiropractor                                            Medical                                           ß Tattslotto         • Bill Express
                                                                                                                                                               187 Mt Alexander Rd (Cnr Kent St) Ascot Vale
                                                                                                          ß Giftware           • Next to Medical Centre
                                                                                                          ß Same day dry cleaning (3 garments -$13.95)
                                                                                                                                                               Port Melbourne Veterinary Clinic
Melbourne City Chiropractic                             Victoria Harbour Medical Centre                                                                        Friendly professional pet healthcare
                                                                                                          Shop 3, 800 Bourke Street, Docklands
A proper functioning nervous system is vital to great   Hours: Monday - Friday (8am - 6pm)                                                                     ß Hydrobath
                                                                                                          Ph: 9642 0774
health and vitality. Your nervous system controls       NOW OPEN SATURDAYS (9am - 12 noon)                Fax: 9642 0775                                       ß Pet food &
every tissue, organ and function in your body. At       ß 6 experienced GPs                               Email:               ß Pet care products also available
Melbourne City Chiropractic, we have easy, safe and       - Physiotherapist                                                                                    Open 7 days a week
effective ways of improving your nervous system to           - Chiropractor                                                                                    Mon - Fri 8am to 7pm
enhance your health and wellbeing.
Just a 5 min stroll from Southern Cross station
                                                          - Podiatrist &
                                                             - Massage Therapist
                                                                                                          real estate                                          Sat - Sun 9am to 5pm
                                                                                                                                                               For advice and appointments
between King and William Streets.                       ß Men’s and Women’s Health                                                                             Ph: 9646 5300
                                                        ß Immunisation/Vaccinations and Travel Medicine   Barry Plant
Exchange Tower                                                                                                                                                 Web:
                                                        800 Bourke Street, Docklands (below NAB)          Licensed Estate Agents                               109 Bay Street, Port Melbourne
Suite 1112, 530 Little Collins Street, Melbourne
Ph: 8686 5611 •Email:           Ph: 9670 7040                                     21 straight months of records sales…
                                                                                                          so if you’re thinking of selling, call your local
                                                                                                          Barry Plant Docklands office for a free appraisal
Dental                                                  optometrist                                       and discover how the red carpet experience can         HOW TO ADveRTISe
                                                                                                          deliver record breaking sales and service for you.
NewQuay Dental Cosmetics                                Eye Spy Eyecare                                   Docklands 759 Bourke Street 9936 9999
                                                                                                                                                                IN THIS NeWSPAPeR
Dr Joseph Moussa a member of the Australian             Hours: Mon-Fri 9-5.30 pm Sat. 9-1 pm
Dental Association provides:                            ß Eye examinations bulk-billed                    Port Melbourne 83 Bay Street 9681 9000
                                                                                                                                                                The Docklands community is a vibrant and
ß Teeth Whitening • General & Cosmetic Dentistry        ß Boutique range of exclusive imported eyewear
                                                                                                                                                                eclectic mix of home owners and renters
ß Dental Implants • Inlays, Onlays, Crowns & more       ß Prescription Sunglasses
                                                                                                          Butler & Co                                           who share a passion for living.
We are equipped with the latest technology              ß Contact Lenses
available in dentistry today.                           ß HICAPS facility                                 Licensed Estate Agents                                Research shows that our community is very
For an appointment please call: 9602 5587               350 Bay Street, Port Melbourne                    OVER 15 years’ experience in residential and          mobile and lifestyle-oriented.
Emergency: 0412 777 612                                 (opposite Town Hall)                              commercial property, Butler and Company               Join the growing number of businesses
Web:                       Please phone 9646 2244 for an appointment.        can help with all property types, problems            speaking directly to our community through
                                                                                                          and decisions.                                        the Docklands Community News by phoning
                                                                                                          “The Docklands Precinct Specialists”                  us on 9602 2992 or email advertising@
internet                                                Podiatry                                          BUY RENT SELL                                We design, print
                                                                                                          Level 1, 1002 High Street, Armadale                   and distribute the Docklands Community
SuperNerd                                               Victoria Harbour Podiatry                         Ph: 9509 9666                                         News to all businesses and residents.
High speed internet & telephone bundles at              NOW OPEN SATURDAYS                                Fax: 9509 9655                                        Ring now for a rate card and to discuss
great prices:                                           ß General Footcare & Maintenance                  Email:                       how best to position your selling
ß ADSL Broadband plans from $24.95 monthly                                                                Web:                           proposition.
                                                        ß Diabetic’s/High Risk Care
ß ADSL2+ Broadband plans from $33 monthly
ß Bundle Telephone services with ADSL to                ß Sports Injuries/Rehabilitation
                                                                                                          Lucas Real Estate
  save even more!                                       ß Biomechanical Assessments
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Docklands Community Sports Page

Pentanque                                 unwind with the Coffee Ride
season closing                            The Docklands Cycling Group has been enjoying a fortnightly
                                          social ride since the beginning of February. These rides have
There are only two more                   been selected along bike trails around inner Melbourne, and
Petanque dates for the year               have been an easy 15km distance – suitable for anyone.
- 11 April and 9 May so
come along to experience                  Cyclists have enjoyed these rides that            Upcoming rides are:
the sport.                                combine exercise and socialising whilst           Sun April 6:     St Kilda
                                          seeing interesting sites of inner Melbourne
Venue:          Point Park, Yarra’s       from a cycling perspective. The Coffee Break      Sun April 20:    Carlton
                Edge, Docklands           during the ride is always a highlight where a     Sun May 4:       Albert Park Lake
                                          quality café is chosen for the group to           Sun May 18:      Along the Yarra River
Time:           5.30pm until 8.00pm
                                          relax in, and enjoy the spoils of a
Contact:        Jackie and Rod Phillips   well-earned drink.                                Rides begin at 3pm and finish around
                Mob 0417 362 585                                                            5pm – meeting at ‘Cow in a Tree’
                                          The Coffee Ride is an initiative from the         (Central Pier, Docklands).
Dates:          Friday Evenings           Docklands Church, which sees this venture
                11 April and 9 May        as a great way to contribute to the life of the   For more information please contact:
                                          Docklands community, and all are welcome.         Chris Griffioen 0421 075 009
Equipment                                                                          or
and training:   Supplied free             The rides start and finish at Docklands on        Heather Crow 9681 9726
                                          Sunday afternoons (every fortnight).    

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