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									   WEEKLY OBSERVER                                                             JUNE 9, 2010                                                                    ISSUE 1350

      IRS Change Recognizes G/L:
          Change Recogniz
                    ecognizes                                                                Obama Extends Benef its For
                                                                                                             Benefits For
           California Couples                                                                artner
                                                                                            Partners         ederal ork
                                                                                                            Feder Wor ers
                                                                                            Partners Of G/L Federal Workers
                                                                                               WASHINGTON, D.C. (Observer             by Senators Joe Lieberman and
                                                                                          Update) - The White House has               Susan Collins and Congresswoman
                                                                                          announced that President Barack             Tammy Baldwin, would extend to the
                                                                                          Obama had signed an executive               same-sex domestic partners of Fed-
                                                                                          order extending benefits for partners       eral employees the full range of
                                                                                          of gay federal workers, reported On         benefits currently being enjoyed by
                                                                                          Top Magazine.                               Federal employees’ opposite-sex
                                                                                                                                      spouses. I look forward to signing it
                                                                                                   “I am proud to announce that       into law.”
                                                                                          earlier today, I signed a Memoran-
                                                                                          dum that requires Executive agencies                Solmonese cheered the
                                                                                          to take immediate action to extend to       president’s renewed call for passage
                                                                                          the same-sex domestic partners of           of the bill, adding that the federal
                                                                                          Federal employees a number of               government needed to catch up to a
                                                                                          meaningful benefits, from family as-        majority of Fortune 500 companies
                                                                                          sistance services to hardship trans-        which already offer such benefits.
                                                                                          fers to relocation expenses,” Obama
                                                                                          said in a statement.
      WASHINGTON, D.C. (Observer             age 62.”
                                                                                                                                          Pride Parade
                                                                                                   The Human Rights Cam-
Update) - For the first time, the IRS will
recognize same-couples in California                 Same-sex couples cannot file         paign, the nation’s largest gay rights         In SLC Draws
                                                                                                                                            SLC Dra
                                             joint federal tax returns under the          advocate, said the move was a
as a unit for tax purposes under a new
ruling by the agency, reported               Defense of Marriage Act, but in Califor-     “positive step,” but added that it also             hrong
                                             nia, community-property rules compli-        serves as a reminder of the inequality           SALT LAKE CITY (Observer
                                             cate the issue and call for interpreta-      that exits. “All employees should be        Update) - The Pride Parade boister-
                                             tions.                                       treated equally and without discrimi-       ously filled the heart of Salt Lake City
        The Wall Street Journal re-
                                                                                          nation, whether they are straight or        for what organizers believe will be
ports on the change, which reverses a
                                                     According to the Journal, ”An        LGBT [Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or             another record year in the event
2006 IRS ruling and may also affect
                                             IRS spokesman said the shift is due to       Transgender] and this is certainly a        celebrating Utah’s diversity, reported
Nevada and Washington state couples.
                                             a 2007 change in state law. That             positive step in that direction,” Joe       the Salt Lake Tribune.
         “Specifically, the agency said      change dealt with the way the state          Solmonese, president of the group,
                                             calculates income for California taxes.      said.                                               Though focused on the les-
nearly 58,000 couples who are regis-
                                             Nevada and Washington state are also                                                     bian, gay, bisexual and transgender
tered as domestic partners in California
                                             community-property states that recog-                 The new order goes beyond          community, Utah’s second-largest
must combine their income and each
                                             nize domestic partnerships, and so           what the president ordered last June,       parade drew thousands of friends and
report half of it on their separate tax
                                             couples there may also be affected.”         but isn’t likely to mollify gay activists   family who came out for the weekend-
returns. Same-sex couples account for
                                                                                          because the partners of gay and             long Utah Pride Festival to enjoy the
an estimated 95% of the state’s
                                                     Some critics charge the new          lesbian federal employees remain            entertainment and camaraderie.
domestic partnerships; partnership sta-
tus is also available to heterosexual        ruling contradicts the Defense of Mar-       blocked from access to primary
                                             riage Act.                                   health insurance and pension ben-                   “Everybody’s being them-
couples in which one partner is over
                                                                                          efits.                                      selves, and that doesn’t’ happen all
                                                                                                                                      the time,” said Rebecca Robert, who
  UofA Offers Domestic-Partnerartner                                                              Full benefits cannot be ex-         drove from Logan to watch the parade
                                                                                          tended to gay federal employees             and support her friend Kristin, a
      Benefits For Employees
      Benefits For Employ                                                                 because of the Defense of Marriage          lesbian. “It’s a great thing to do.
                                                                                                                                      Everybody deserves the right to be
   TUCSON (Observer Update) -                offering,” said Allison Vaillancourt, UA     Act (DOMA), the 1996 law that defines
When the state cut health benefits for       vice president for human resources.          marriage as a heterosexual union for        who they are.”
domestic partners last year, University                                                   the federal government. A bill intro-
of Arizona president Robert Shelton                  The city of Tucson, Pima             duced by New York Congressman                       Parade watchers clapped,
said school officials should come up         County and other major employers offer       Jerrold Nadler that would repeal the        danced and hooted on the sidelines
with a way to help them buy separate         benefits for domestic partners.                                                          at the usual floats — with political
                                                                                          law has gained little traction.
coverage, the Arizona Daily Star re-
                                                                                                                                      candidates, banner-carrying spirit
ported.                                               Liz Sawyer, a UA staff member               “The limitations of these new       teams, rousing musical acts and
                                             in the English department, called the        benefits however serve as a glaring         horse-drawn carriages — as well as
        Now, the university is offering      new plans wonderful. Sawyer is a
special medical, dental and vision                                                        reminder that the Defense of Marriage       lots of people dressed in the LGBT
                                             spokeswoman for OUTReach, a cam-                                                         community’s emblematic rainbow col-
insurance plans for employees with           pus group that has lobbied for domes-        Act [DOMA] ultimately stands in the
domestic partners. The plans don’t use                                                    way of providing true equality to LGBT      ors and more than a few marchers
                                             tic-partner benefits at the UA for many
any state money but have similar             years. “It’s really nice to know that even   Americans,” Solmonese said.                 dressed in drag.
premiums.                                    though the state is not committed to
                                             equality, our university is. This adminis-             Both houses of Congress,                  Warm, sunny skies infused
         The new state law, which            tration has been so supportive of the        however, are preparing to vote on a         the crowd with happy energy. The
changes partner benefits by redefining       LGTB (lesbian, gay, transgender and                                                      celebration’s headliners included co-
                                                                                          bill that would bridge the gap.
the word “dependent,” was signed in          bisexual) community. We’re just all                                                      median Sandra Bernhard, singer
September 2009 and will take effect on       breathing a huge sigh of relief,” she
Oct. 1. The new plans will kick in on that                                                        Openly lesbian Wisconsin            Martha Wash and the gay dance
                                             said.                                        Representative Tammy Baldwin’s              company, the D.C. Cowboys. A man
day, too. A dependent will then be a
“spouse under the laws of this state,”                                                    Domestic Partnership Benefits & Obli-       dressed as the fictional Mormon
                                                      About 20 people left the univer-                                                housewife character, Sister Dottie S.
which excludes unmarried domestic            sity over frustration with the new law and   gations Act (DPBO) would carve out
partners.                                                                                 an exception to the law. The legisla-       Dixon, stepped up to be grand
                                             in some cases, job offers were rejected
                                             or reconsidered, according to                tion cleared key committees in both         marshal for the parade. The theme of
        The university wanted to cover                                                    houses of congress late last year.          the Pride Festival was “Our History;
                                             Vaillancourt. At the time the law change
both gay and heterosexual relation-                                                                                                   Our Future,” partly in recognition of the
ships because “in order for us to be         was announced, the state coverage
                                             applied to 40 same-sex partners and                   In announcing the new ben-         40th anniversary of the first gay-pride
competitive, to be able to attract                                                                                                    parade in New York.
                                             130 opposite-sex partners of university      efits, Obama reiterated his support for
talented people, we need to be able to
offer benefits that other employers are      employees.                                   DPBO: “This legislation, championed
PAGE TWO                                                                  JUNE 9, 2010                                                             WEEKLY OBSERVER
                                                                                         An Evening With
                                                                                          Sonia Sanchez
                                                                                             June 16
                                           card and other incentives! You are
   H2O - Kicking Off                       invited to attend a two-day seminar
     Pride 2010                            providing education on sexuality and
     TUCSON (Observer Update) -            intimacy between men. All men who
Come kick off Pride Week 2010 in           have sex with men or are attracted to
Tucson on June 19 and get WET at           men, and are 18 or older are invited.
H2O located at the Radisson Suites at
6555 E. Speedway. Entertainers in-                  Seminar Goals and Topics:
clude singer/songwriter Eric Himan         Learning about healthy sexuality;
along with Tucson’s own Namoli             Sexuality across the life span; Under-
Brennet!                                   standing effects of fear, violence and
                                           abuse; Sexual identity formation;
        Food & beverages will be           Developing assertiveness and em-
provided, cash bar with drink dis-         powerment; Male intimacy and rela-              TUCSON (Observer Update) -
counts all day. Swim and enjoy             tionships; Breaking isolation and         Spend an evening, Wednesday, June
episodes of Absolutely Fabulous with       developing networks; Bisexuality and      16, 5:30 p.m., at the Dunbar School
Patsy & Edina on the big screen.           sexual diversity; Being sexual in the     Auditorium, 325 W. Second St. (ASL
Room rates start at only $69 for a 2       age of HIV/AIDS and, sexual func-         interpreter will be provided) with re-
bedroom suite!                             tioning.                                  nowned poet Sonia Sanchez as she
                                                                                     reads from her works and discusses
         Tickets are $15.00 in advance               Continental Breakfast and       her poetry at the 12th Annual Author
or $20.00 at the Door and will be          Lunch Provided both days! All partici-    Presentation of the Pima County Public
available at For more     pants will receive a $75 gift card and    Library’s Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and
information, contact David at Tucson       other incentives! For more informa-       Transgender (GLBT) Services Com-
                                           tion visit, or contact      mittee.
Pride, 520-622-3200.
                                           Cesar         at     520-628-7223,
                                                                 Ms. Sanchez will read from her
  Senior Pride Senior                                                                book, Does Your House Have Lions?,
    Prom June 12                            Paula Aboud House                        a book-length poem memorializing the
     TUCSON (Observer Update) -                                                      life and death of her brother, who died
Late Bloomers and friends of any age          Party June 19                          from an AIDS-related illness. Arizona
are invited to Senior Pride’s Senior                                                 Public Media’s Laura Markowitz will
Prom, Saturday, June 12, 4 to 9:30 p.m.,                                             interview Ms. Sanchez, who will take
Metropolitan Community Church, 3269                                                  questions from the audience after the
N. Mountain Ave. just north of Fort                                                  interview. Ms. Sanchez will remain to
Lowell.                                                                              sign her books following the presenta-
                                                                                     tion. Her books will be available for
         Couples and singles are wel-                                                sale before and after the event.
come. Unlike the proms you may
remember from your high school days,                                                         Sonia Sanchez is a poet,                    P.O. BOX 50733,
this prom is not formal — just come as                                               playwright, mother, activist, professor,         TUCSON, AZ 85703
you are.                                                                             and international lecturer on black            (520) 622-7176 (Voice)
                                                                                     culture and literature, women’s libera-     Computer FAX ()792-8382
        Dance to appropriate music                                                   tion, peace and racial justice. She is      ComOffice
                                                                                                                                 Com Office Hours: 9a.m.-6p.m.
and partake of light refreshments.                                                   most often associated with the Black              Monday thru Friday
Meet up with old friends and make new                                                Arts Movement. The annual GLBT
ones. As always, donations to Wing-                                                  author event is made possible through          Office Closed Thursdays
span ( will be gratefully                                               generous funding from the Friends of        792-8382puter FAX (520)792-2
accepted. If you need transportation                                                                                              Observer on the World Wide Web                 :
                                                                                     the Pima County Public Library.
or can provide it, please call 520-888-         TUCSON (Observer Update) -                                                
                                           Come meet Tucson’s LGBT State                                                         E-Mail:
6673. For more information, contact
                                           Senator, Paula Aboud, Saturday,               Utah City Passes                                  ——————————
Linda Thomas, 520-624-1779.
                                           June 19.
                                                   From 5 to 6:30 p.m., at 5153 E.
                                                                                        Anti-Discrimination                            EDITOR/PUBLISHER:
                                                                                                                                              Bob Ellis
 Man2Man Seminars                          Circulo Las Cabanas, Paula will be               Ordinance                                   ARTS & GRAPHICS:
                                           discussing the issues of concern, a
    Up coming                              review of this last Legislative Session         WEST VALLEY CITY (Observer                        Gary Clark
      TUCSON (Observer Update) -           and answering your questions.             Update) - The West Valley City Council             MANAGING EDITOR:
Attend a Free Weekend retreat, June                                                  has approved an anti-discrimination                     Mark Kerr
26-27, 8:30 to 5 p.m. at SAAF, 365 S.               Please RSVP, by June 12,         ordinance to protect gay and                       Special      Events      Photos:
Euclid, for Gay, Bisexual, and Ques-       by calling Elaine Clark (520) 514-        transgender residents from discrimina-                  Bill Morrow
tioning Men, and receive a $75 gift        7129.                                     tion in housing and employment mat-                   Hunter Johnson
                                                                                     ters, reported the AP on ABC 4 in Salt                 Amanda Irvin
                                                                                     Lake City. The council voted 5-1 in               Contributing Columnists
                                                                                     favor of the ordinance on Tuesday. No                  Mark R. Kerr
                                                                                     one spoke publicly against it.                        Jack Melichar
                                                                                                                                 Publication of names or photos of any person
                                                                                             The measure is similar to           or organization in the OBSERVER is not to be
                                                                                     ordinances passed in several other               construed as indication of the sexual
                                                                                     places, including Salt Lake City, Salt        orientation of such person, organization or
                                                                                                                                      advertisers or any employees thereof.
                                                                                     Lake County, Park City and Logan.
                                                                                     Others also are considering ordi-           Opinions that are expressed in Letters to the
                                                                                     nances. West Valley City Mayor Mike            Editor or columns by contributors are not
                                                                                     Winder will sign the ordinance on           necessarily those of the OBSERVER, its staff
                                                                                                                                     or advertisers. OBSERVER assumes
                                                                                     Tuesday at City Hall. Winder called          responsibility for its own editorial policy only.
                                                                                     passage of the measure a historic
                                                                                     event for Utah’s second-largest city.           Although OBSERVER has many fine
                                                                                                                                 advertisers, we do not accept responsibility for
                                                                                                                                  any claims made pertaining to their products
                                                                                               Councilman Russ Brooks voted                     and/or services.
                                                                                     against the ordinance, saying the city is                           *
                                                                                     just following Salt Lake City. Fines for      Permission to reprint (except for separately
                                                                                     landlords or employers found to violate     copyrighted material) is granted when credit is
                                                                                                                                           given to the OBSERVER.
                                                                                     the ordinance will be up to $1,000.                                *
WEEKLY OBSERVER                                                                  JUNE 9, 2010                                                        PAGE THREE
       HUD Grantees Must Be LGBT
           Grantees         LGBT                                                            Pride Parade In Salt Lake City
                                                                                                   arade         Lake
                                                                                                                  Continued from Page One
     WASHINGTON, D.C. (Observer Update) - The U.S. Department of Housing
and Urban Development announced that it will now require grant applicants
seeking HUD funding to comply with state and local antidiscrimination laws that
protect lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals.

          “We’re using every avenue to shut the door against discrimination,” HUD
secretary Shaun Donovan said in a statement. “Today, we take an important step
to insist that those who seek federal funding must demonstrate that they are
meeting local and state civil rights laws that prohibit discrimination based on
sexual orientation or gender identity.”

         An estimated 20 states and the District of Columbia currently prohibit
discriminating against people in housing on the basis of their sexual orientation,
and 12 states plus the District of Columbia have the same prohibition on gender
identity discrimination, according to a release from HUD.

        HUD spokesperson Brian Sullivan said the department had “limited
authority” as it specifically relates to LGBT people since cities and states do not
have uniformed policies and no federal law protects LGBT people against dis-                      Pride Center spokesman           as a key factor in the annual event’s
criminatory housing practices.                                                            Michael Westley declined to esti-        growing popularity.
                                                                                          mate the crowd’s size, but noted
        “We can’t be making law, but we went as far as we could,” he said.                revenues and attendance seemed to                 The parade had nearly 90
                                                                                          be up from last year’s record 20,000     floats. Afterward, about 120 vendors
          Sullivan added that the adjustment was not a regulatory change but              attendees. “Yesterday was tremen-        tended booths on the festival
instead an administrative requirement. Traditionally, HUD has required all appli-         dous,” he said at the festival grounds   grounds to tout businesses, political
cants for competitive grant funding to comply with all applicable federal fair            on Washington Square. “It exceeded       candidates and causes, such as the
housing and civil rights requirements including those expressed in Fair Housing           our expectations by 100 percent.”        gay-rights advocacy group Equality
Act; Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964; Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of   Westley credited a greater public        Utah.
1973; and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act.                                acceptance of the LGBT community

          The department has been taking a series of steps to make several                of borrowers and not on unrelated factors or characteristics such as sexual
aspects of housing fairer across the board for LGBT people. In addition to the            orientation or gender identity.
notice published today, HUD intends to propose new regulations that will clarify
that the term “family,” as used to describe eligible beneficiaries of HUD’s pro-                   Finally, HUD will commission the first national study of discrimina-
grams, includes otherwise eligible LGBT individuals and couples. Sullivan said            tion against LGBT people in the rental and sale of housing. The department
HUD was “in the process of developing” this new rule but he declined to estimate          is currently seeking online public comment from interested parties in how it
when the change might be completed. The department’s proposed regulations will            might design this new study. Sullivan said the study itself would be
clarify family status to ensure that its core housing programs are available to all       “groundbreaking” but that they did not yet know how the information would
families, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.                      be utilized once it’s collected.

        Authorities at the Federal Housing Administration also intend to instruct                 “We are very intent on building a body of evidence and seeing
lenders that FHA-insured mortgage loans must be based on the creditworthiness             where that leads us,” he said.
PAGE FOUR                                                  JUNE 9, 2010                                                       WEEKLY OBSERVER

                                                     COMMENTA RY. . . .                                 by Deb Price

                                                                     A Very Gay Time
                                                                       Very Gay Time
                                     “So tell me, America, how do    game, too. One of my favorites was
                            I introduce Joyce?” I posed that         Harry Guest, who at 80 started                          What hasn’t changed is the
                            question back in May 1992 in the first   sparring with me. “Remember the                importance of being out. Poll after
                            column I ever wrote. That debut was      agenda; the purpose is to                      poll shows that people who know
                            an earthshaking breakthrough — a         straighten out us straights. ... I don’t       gay people are far more likely to
                            nationally syndicated, weekly            know why I am hetero except it                 support equality. That’s the commu-
                            column in mainstream newspapers          seems perfectly natural, and I                 nity service reward of coming out.
                            about life from a gay perspective.       wouldn’t have it any other way. You
                                                                     have to teach me that you feel the                      Other rewards are personal.
                                    Over the next 18 years — and     same way.”                                     I once wrote about our kitchen’s
                            about 900 columns — I introduced my                                                     “travel wall,” which is covered with
                            readers, mostly heterosexuals, to a               Others were angry to find a           vacation photos of Joyce and me. A
                            gay couple — Joyce and me — and          lesbian columnist in their hometown            reader responded with a heart-
                            countless other wonderful people we      paper: “How dare you make your                 breaking confession: She and her
                            met along our journalistic adventure.    life seem interesting and worth-               partner of two decades were so
                                                                     while.”                                        closeted they had no pictures of
                                     One was 87-year-old                                                            themselves together. None.
                            Christine Burton, creator of Golden                Since my column began 18
                            Threads, a pen pal group for older       years ago, so much has changed                         Mixing shame and fear
                            lesbians. When I asked her about         legally, politically and socially for          inside a closet poisons individuals
                            dating a mere 58-year-old, she           those of us who’re gay: Then,                  and couples. If you’re stuck there,
                            laughed: “If you’re going to blame       presidential candidate Bill Clinton            seek coaching from joyfully, openly
                            me for robbing the cradle, I’m going     was quietly saying gays should be              gay couples. Beyond that, as Betty
                            to say, ‘What do you want me to do?      allowed in the military; last week,            Berzon, author of “Permanent
                            Rob the grave? Everyone my age is        the full House and the Senate                  Partners,” so wisely urged, pool
                            dead.’”                                  Armed Services Committee voted                 your money, work as a team and
                                                                     to repeal the ban on gays serving              assume permanence.
                                     Another was a mom who’d         openly.
                            embraced her gay adult child with                                                                Now, as I write my last
                            the help of P-FLAG and sported a                  Then, state legislators and           column, Joyce and I are preparing
                            button that read, “I’d rather have a     judges routinely pointed to sodomy             for our newest adventure: Thanks to
                            bigot think I’m a lesbian than a         laws in denying basic rights; now,             the Neiman journalism fellowship
                            lesbian think I’m a bigot.”              thanks to the Supreme Court, no                I’ve won, we’re moving to Massa-
                                                                     such taint of criminality shadows              chusetts for a year. Imagine living
                                      Gay readers told me about      gay Americans.                                 where your marriage is recognized.
                            coming out — and its rewards.                  And of course, then, the                 We’re definitely game. This happily
                            Hampton H. Stennis, who took             question of how to introduce Joyce             married gay couple leaves you with
                            President George W. Bush’s war on        had no easy answer. Readers                    a few words we’ve tried to live by
                            gay marriage very personally,            offered plenty of ideas, from                  ever since 1992: Don’t let fear
                            shared his “Big Gay Letter,” which he    “partner in perversity” to “lovemate.”         choose your path.
                            sent as a coming-out email full of       In 2001, the Netherlands started the
                            fury, wit and pain to more than 120      gay-marriage snowball rolling. We                      (Deb Price of The Detroit
                            relatives and friends.                   wed in Canada two years later. So,             News wrote the first nationally
                                                                     now the answer is “spouse.”                    syndicated column on gay issues,
                                    Heterosexual readers were                                                       and which this is reprinted from.)

                                           GLAAD Group Goes After Bill O’Reilly
                                           GLAAD Group                 O’Reilly
                                                    Ter       Sugg
                                                For Terrorist Suggestion
                                  NEW YORK (Observer Up-             before hanging up.                             for allowing O’Reilly a platform for
                            date) - Calling a The O’Reilly Factor                                                   this insulting and irresponsible
                            segment on a gay McDonald’s ad                    The son is joined by his              commentary.”
                            “insulting and irresponsible,” the Gay   father, who comments on the class
                            & Lesbian Alliance Against Defama-       photo: “Too bad your class is all boys,                  A McDonald’s spokesper-
                            tion (GLAAD) issued a call to action     you could get all the girls.” The son          son said the purpose of the cam-
                            Thursday against Bill O’Reilly and       smiles thoughtfully at his father, then,       paign was to “show society the way
                            Fox News, reported On Top Maga-          as the camera pulls away, the pair             it is today without judging.”
                            zine.                                    begin to converse.
                                                                                                                            “There’s obviously no
                                     In the segment, O’Reilly               O’Reilly hounded Skinner                problem with homosexuality in
                            linked being gay to terrorism while      about whether the ad made her hungry           France today,” the spokesperson
                            discussing with Fox News anchor          for McDonald’s. She eventually                 added. France, however, recog-
                            Jane Skinner a gay-inclusive             answered that she was always hungry            nizes gay and lesbian couples with
                            McDonald’s ad campaign running in        for McDonald’s.                                a union similar to a domestic
                            France. “Instead of evaluating the                                                      partnership, not marriage, and does
                            commercial in a fair manner, O’Reilly              The campaign is “part of an          not permit gay adoption.
                            used the occasion to defame the          overreaching campaign called Come
                            LGBT community, suggesting that          As You Are,” Skinner explained. “So
                            McDonald’s might begin marketing         they show people in different walks of
                            to terrorists simply because the         life. This happens to be their gay-
Your 401k might not be in   company produced a gay-friendly          friendly ad.”
  great shape buy why       television commercial,” GLAAD said.
     shouldn’t YOU                                                           “OK,” O’Reilly responded. “Do
                                    The campaign titled Come         they have an al-Qaeda ad, you know,
   PERSONAL                 As You Are (Venez Commee Vous            come as you are? You know?”
                            Etes) includes a gay television ad
    TRAINER                 which suggests a teenager is about                In calling for the action alert,
       Private Gym          to come out gay to his father over a     GLAAD said programs such as The
                            meal at McDonald’s.                      O’Reilly Factor “have a responsibility
     $20/Hour !!!                    In the ad, the son sits in a
                                                                     to cover issues with a level of respect
                                                                     and civility.”
    Call ANDREW             booth while looking at his class
    520-909-4649            photo when his cellphone rings. “I                “Bill O’Reilly failed to live up to
                            was just thinking about you,” he says.   that standard in making these defama-
                            “I was just looking at our class         tory remarks,” the group added. “Fox
                            picture.” “I miss you too,” he adds      News Channel is equally accountable
WEEKLY OBSERVER                                                       JUNE 9, 2010   PAGE FIVE

OK City Pol Likens Gays To

      OKALHOMA CITY (Observer Update) - One of Oklahoma City’s council
members voted against issuing a special event permit for the upcoming gay
pride celebration because it runs counter to his Christian beliefs, reported.

          “I don’t want my vote to be construed as support, because I really
don’t support that, the same way that I wouldn’t support a group of, say,
pedophiles who wanted to assemble,” council member Brian Walters said,
according to Oklahoma City’s Journal Record. “I would not vote yes on that
either, [or] men who beat up their wives. Anything like that.”

      Walters was the only council member to vote against the permit.
Oklahoma City Pride is scheduled for June 25-27.
PAGE SIX                                                             JUNE 9, 2010                                                     WEEKLY OBSERVER

                                                                                          ‘Golden Girl’
Douglas J. Newman, P.C.                                                               Rue McClanahan Diesand in film,
                                                                                                 ing in television, on stage
                                                                                   NEW YORK (Observer Update) -
                                                                                                                         appearing in the Jack Lemmon-
           A T T O R N E Y                       A T          L A W         Rue McClanahan, the Emmy-winning
                                                                            actress who brought the sexually liber-      Walter Matthau vehicle “Out to Sea”
                                                                                                                         and as the biology teacher in “Starship
           Corporations . Limited Liability Companies . General Business
                                                                            ated Southern belle Blanche Devereaux
                                                                            to life on the hit TV series “The Golden     Troopers.”

               Wills . Trusts . Estate & Estate Tax Planning . Probate      Girls,” has died. She was 76, reported
                                                                            the Associated Press on                  She stepped in to portray
                                                                                                                         Madame Morrible, the crafty head-
                2650 North Country Club Road . Tucson, Arizona 85716                Her      manager        Barbara      mistress, for a time in “Wicked,”
           Phone 520-325-2053 . Fax 520-325-2274 .        Lawrence said McClanahan died Thurs-         Broadway’s long-running “Wizard of
                                                                            day (June 3) at 1 a.m. of a stroke.          Oz” prequel.

                                                                                    She had undergone treatment                   In 2008, McClanahan ap-
                                                                            for breast cancer in 1997 and later          peared in the Logo comedy “Sordid
                                                                            lectured to cancer support groups on         Lives: The Series,” playing the slightly
                                                                            “aging gracefully.” In 2009, she had         addled, elderly mother of an institu-
                                                                            heart bypass surgery.                        tionalized drag queen.

                                                                                     McClanahan had an active                    During          production,
                                                                            career in off-Broadway and regional          McClanahan was recovering from
                                                                            stages in the 1960s before she was           2007 surgery on her knee. It didn’t
                                                                            tapped for TV in the 1970s for the key       stop her from filming a sex scene in
                                                                            best-friend character on the hit series      which the bed broke, forcing her to
                                                                            “Maude,” starring Beatrice Arthur. After     hang on to a windowsill to avoid
                                                                            that series ended in 1978, McClanahan        tumbling off.
                                                                            landed the role as Aunt Fran on
                                                                            “Mama’s Family” in 1983.                              McClanahan was born Eddi-
                                                                                                                         Rue McClanahan in Healdton, Okla.,
                                                                                    But her most loved role came in      to building contractor William
                                                                            1985 when she co-starred with Arthur,        McClanahan and his wife, Dreda
                                                                            Betty White and Estelle Getty in “The        Rheua-Nell, a beautician. She gradu-
                                                                            Golden Girls,” a runaway hit that broke      ated with honors from the University of
                                                                            the sitcom mold by focusing on the           Tulsa with a degree in German and
                                                                            foibles of four aging – and frequently       theater arts.
                                                                            eccentric – women living together in
                                                                            Miami.                                              McClanahan’s acting career
                                                                                                                         began on the stage. According to a
                                                                                     “Golden Girls” aimed to show        1985 Los Angeles Times profile, she
                                                                            “that when people mature, they add           appeared at the Pasadena (Calif.)
                                                                            layers,” she told The New York Times         Playhouse, studied in New York with
                                                                            in 1985. “They don’t turn into other         Uta Hagen and Harold Clurman, and
                                                                            creatures. The truth is we all still have    worked in soaps and on the stage.
                                                                            our child, our adolescent, and your
                                                                            young woman living in us.”                             She won an Obie – the off-
                                                                                                                         Broadway version of the Tony – in
                                                                                       Blanche, who called her father    1970 for “Who’s Happy Now,” playing
                                                                            “Big Daddy,” was a frequent target of        the “other woman” in a family drama
                                                                            roommates Dorothy, Rose and the              written by Oliver Hailey. She reprised
                                                                            outspoken Sophia (Getty), who would          the role in a 1975 television version; in
                                                                            fire off zingers at Blanche such as, “Your   a review, The New York Times
                                                                            life’s an open blouse.”                      described her character as “an irre-
                                                                                                                         pressible belle given to frequent
                                                                                    McClanahan snagged an                bouts of ‘wooziness’ and occasional
                                                                            Emmy for her work on the show in 1987.       bursts of shrewdness.”
                                                                            In an Associated Press interview that
                                                                            year, McClanahan said Blanche was                     She had appeared only spo-
                                                                            unlike any other role she had ever           radically on television until producer
                                                                            played.                                      Norman Lear tapped her for a guest
                                                                                                                         role on “All in the Family” in 1971.
                                                                                    “Probably the closest I’ve ever
                                                                            done was Blanche DuBois in ‘A                         She went from there to a
                                                                            Streetcar Named Desire’ at the Pasa-         regular role in the “All in the Family”
                                                                            dena Playhouse,” she said. “I think, too,    spinoff “Maude,” playing Vivian, the
                                                                            that’s where the name came from,             neighbor and best friend to Arthur in
                                                                            although my character is not a drinker       the starring role.
                                                                            and not crazy.”
                                                                                                                                  When Arthur died in April
                                                                                     Her Blanche Devereaux, she          2009, McClanahan recalled that she
                                                                            said, “is in love with life and she loves    had felt constrained by “Golden Girls”
                                                                            men. I think she has an attitude toward      during the later years of its run. “Bea
                                                                            women that’s competitive. She is friends     liked to be the star of the show. She
                                                                            with Dorothy and Rose, but if she has        didn’t really like to do that ensemble
                                                                            enough provocation she becomes               playing,” McClanahan said.
                                                                            competitive with them. I think basically
                                                                            she’s insecure. It’s the other side of the            McClanahan was married six
                                                                            Don Juan syndrome.”                          times: Tom Bish, with whom she had a
                                                                                                                         son, Mark Bish; actor Norman
                                                                                     After “The Golden Girls” was        Hartweg; Peter D’Maio; Gus Fisher;
                                                                            canceled in 1992, McClanahan, White          and Tom Keel. She married husband
                                                                            and Getty reprised their roles in a short-   Morrow Wilson on Christmas Day in
                                                                            lived spinoff, “Golden Palace.”              1997. She called her 2007 memoir “My
                                                                                                                         First Five Husbands … And the Ones
                                                                                    McClanahan continued work-           Who Got Away.”
WEEKLY OBSERVER                                                            JUNE 9, 2010                                                                   PAGE SEVEN

             Hatch: Gays Worship                                                          Family Research Council
              Poltics Not Religion                                                            Supports Death
                                                                                        NEW YORK (Observer Update) - The Family Research Council is a
                                                                                    sponsor of murder, wrote James Withers, the contributing editor to the

                                                                                             That is not Friday morning hyperbole. Joe, at Joe.My.God, found
                                                                                    out FRC walked the halls of Congress fighting a resolution that denounced
                                                                                    Uganda’s proposal to legally lynch gays. Two lobbyists were paid $25,000
                                                                                    to lobby the Senate and the House. Apparently their work wasn’t successful
                                                                                    in the Senate because that body passed its resolution on April 13. How-
                                                                                    ever, it “remains languishing in the House almost four months after being
                                                                                    referred to the Foreign Affairs Committee. Did the FRC’s lobbying kill it?”

                                                                                            This support for state sanctioned murder should not surprise.
                                                                                    Remember when Ugandan MP David Bahati said he had private support
                                                                                    from American evangelicals? More than likely he meant these kooks. And
                                                                                    who can forget FRC’s Peter Sprigg? He wants gay sex to be a criminal
                                                                                    offense and ‘mos deported. Sprigg is the same “scholar” who said gay
                                                                                    rape would increase if DADT was removed.

                                                                                              It wasn’t like the organization had much credibility to begin with, but
                                                                                    it will be fun to see how they dance around this. Oh, they will probably speak
                                                                                    in reverent tones about their rights as citizens to participate in the process.
                       Utah Senator Orrin Hatch                                     Fair. However, any news organization that invites an FRC opinion and does
                                                                                    not ask why it supports the death of Ugandan gays, is doing a disservice.
     ST. GEORGE (Observer Update) - At a public event Tuesday, Utah
senator Orrin Hatch said gays and lesbians have replaced religion with politics,             If the folk over at FRC had the courage of their convictions, like their
reported                                                              kissing cousins at Westboro Baptist Church, they would embrace this
         “Gays and lesbians don’t pay tithing; their religion is politics,” the
Republican senator said to a crowd of 300 at Dixie State College in St. George,
Utah. He added that his those in his party should also organize more like gay
rights activists, union members, environmentalists, and personal injury lawyers
do for the Democrats.

          Harry Knox, the religion and faith program director at the Human Rights
Campaign, condemned Hatch’s words. “Senator Hatch is certainly right that
many of his fellow Republicans could learn a lot from LGBT people’s dedica-
tion to equality,” he said in a statement Thursday. “But there is no denying that
there are millions of LGBT Americans who every day give their time, talent, and
money to local churches, synagogues, and temples all over the country. LGBT
religious leaders are often the very ones revitalizing moribund churches and
institutions. These committed religious leaders are working to provide a loving
alternative to the hopeless hatred people like Senator Hatch call sound doc-

                                                                                                                                         Community Bars
                                                                                                                             1. THE BIZ
                                                                                                                                         2900 E. Broadway 318-
                                                                                                                             2.    IBT’S
                                                                                                                                          616 N. 4th Ave. 882-3053
                                                                                                                             3.        VENTURE-N
                                                                                                                                          1239 N. 6th Ave.    882-
                                                                                                                             5.    WOODY’S
                                                                                                                                          3710 N. Oracle Rd,
                                                                                                                             6. COYOTE MOON PUB
                                                                                                                                          915 W. Prince Rd.      293-

                                                                                                                              8. COLORS FOOD & SPIRITS
                                                                                                                                         5305 E. Speedway 323-

                                                                                                                                  A.     MCC -    METROPOLITAN
                                                                                                                                                COMMUNITY CHURCH
                                                                                                                                       3269 N. Mountain - 292-9151

                                                                                                                                  B.      CORNERSTONE FELLOWSHIP
                                                                                                                                       2902 N. Geronimo   - 622-4626

                                                                                                                                  D.     WINGSPAN
                                                                                                                                   430 E. 7th Street -624-1779
                                                                                                                              E. S.A.A.F. - 375 S. Euclid 628-7223
                                                                                                                              G. TIHAN - Tucson Interfaith HIV-AIDS
                                                                                                                                    Network - 1101 N. Craycroft
                                                                                                                                       Suite 301 - 299-6647
                                                                                                                                 H. EON YOUTH CENTER
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                                                                               * Certified Trainer
                                                                              FREE CONSULTATION
                                                                                  * Body Work

 Accurate Accounting & Business Solutions

       Specializing In Small Business, &
  Insividual Tax, Accounting & Bookeeping

         Accounting & Retail Software
          Consultation & Instllation

              Free Consultation



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                                                                   Tucson, AZ 85732
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          etirement Par for Charles
     The Retir       arty                Woody Recently
  At The Retirement Party for Charles At Woody’s Recently
PAGE TEN                                                                   JUNE 9, 2010                                                       WEEKLY OBSERVER

                 Poet’s Corner
                              CAPITOL PUNISHMENT

                               BY Ron Rose - Tucson                                        CLASSIFIED ADS ARE 25¢ PER WORD, $5.00 MINIMUM
                             Off they go, in single file                                  FOR RENT                                EMPLOYMENT
                          Aged men, who seldom smile                                                    WANTED:
                                                                                       HOUSE MATE WANTED Room for                      We need a houseman to clean
                                                                                       rent. Full house privileges. Your own     house on regular basis and do some
                         Men in charge of making laws,
                                                                                       full bath. With nice private back yard    light yard work. Experience required.
                         Suffer now from ‘Man-I-Pause’.                                with hot tub. Must like dogs. $350/mo.    Some handyman skills needed. Must
                        Let young women run the show                                   403-2295                         1350     be reliable, honest, and have refer-
                       The guys already stole our dough                                     ROOMMATE             WANTED          ences. Call Marc at 881-4582, 8am-
                           A lobby here, a lobby there,                                FURNISHED ROOM FOR RENT      RENT.        8pm                            1351
                      These men had lots of cash to share,                             Includes Private bathroom, utilities,
                       So, Harry Reid and Boeander too                                 cable-TV, garage, home gym, pool-spa
                                                                                       access. Northwest Tucson. 15 minutes
                        And all you “Man-I-Pausal” crew                                                                          SPECIAL RATES for students and
                                                                                       from downtown. Call 991-8782 1353
                          The jig is up, we know it’s true                                                                       seniors.            PROFESSONAL
                        Let’s see what gifted women do.                                     SERVICES                             MASSAGE.           Ecstatic Tantric
                                                                                                                                 Sessions! A GREAT healing expience!
                          Change is good. I do confess                                        ALTERATIONS AND RE-
                                                                                       PAIRS. Let me keep your clothes           Creating a sacred space for 28 years.
                      You grumpy men have made a mess                                                                            Marc- 881-4582, 8 am - 8 p.m. Touching
                                                                                       fitting properly and in good rrepair.
                                                                                       Experienced - Economical - Prompt.        men with compssion since 1981.
                                                                                       Merle Hudson, (520)888-7264 in Tuc-                                1350
        Lady Gaga, Cybil Shepherd                                                      son.                           1356

        Highlight Gay Media Awards
      SAN FRANCISCO (Observer                Australian gay glossy Attitude in 2008.
Update) - Cybill Shepherd and Lee
Daniels were honored for their gay                    Ask Not, a documentary on
advocacy Saturday night at the final         the military’s ban on open service, won
installment of the 21st annual GLAAD         in the Outstanding Documentary cat-
Media Awards in San Francisco,               egory, while The Stonewall Riots: 40
reported On Top Magazine.                    Years Later, a film that chronicles the
                                             gay rights movement, took home the
         Shepherd, who played les-           Outstanding Digital Journalism prize.
bian for three season on Showtime’s
groundbreaking drama The L Word,                     Robert Hanson, president of       FedEx’s rank as a top employer by         of Memphis. “One of the things we’ve
was given the Golden Gate Award,             Levi Strauss Americas, was given the      gay rights groups. In 2007, the com-      learned about cities is that the more
while openly gay Precious director           San Francisco Local Hero Award for        pany was dropped from Diversity Inc.’s    diverse they are the more they attract
Daniels took home the Davidson/              championing marriage equality in the      annual Top 50 Companies for Diversity     creative people, the more they attract
Valentini Award. Wilson Cruz and Jai         business community.                       list.                                     people that are innovative and moti-
Rodriguez joined the show’s host                                                                                                 vated to improve their communities,”
writer-comedian Bruce Vilanch on the                   The GLAAD Media Awards                  Batts says the change will help   he said. The change comes at the
stage.                                       recognize excellence in 41 categories     the company attract and retain a more     request of employees.
                                             including newspaper content, syndi-       diverse workforce, a boost for the city
        Lady Gaga won in the Out-            cated columnists and comic books.
standing Music Artist category for her       Awards were rolled out in a series of
most recent album The Fame Mon-              ceremonies. ABC took home the most                       Missing Lesbian Mom
ster. Chely Wright – the 39-year-old         awards in television during a New York
country music star who recently came         ceremony in March. During the award’s                       In El Salvador?
out lesbian – performed for the crowd.       second installment in Los Angeles,
Also performing was Australian re-           Director Tom Ford’s film about a gay
cording artist Sam Sparro, who an-           man’s journey after the loss of his
nounced he is gay on the cover of            lover, A Single Man, won for outstand-
                                             ing film.

      First Major Playwriting Award
         Named For Gay Couple
     NEW YORK (Observer Update)              miere at a nonprofit theater. The
- An annual $150,000 prize has been          foundation said it’s the first major
established by the foundation of Tony-       award for playwrighting to be named in
winning playwright-director Arthur           honor of a gay couple.
Laurents and partner Tom Hatcher.
                                                     The 92-year-old Laurents
        The Laurents/Hatcher Foun-           wrote the books for “Gypsy” and “West
dation Award will be given for an            Side Story.” Hatcher was Laurents’
unproduced, full-length play of social       partner of 52 years. The actor and real
relevance by an emerging American            estate developer died in 2006. Sub-
playwright. The prize includes a             missions from invited applicants will
$50,000 cash award for the selected          be accepted June 15 to Sept. 15. The
playwright and a $100,000 grant for          first award recipient will be notified          SAN SALVADOR (Observer Update) - A woman who has gone missing
production costs of the play’s pre-          March 15, 2011.                           with her 8-year-old daughter has reportedly fled the United States,just as the
                                                                                       custody battle between her and her former lesbian partner advances, reported

FedEx To Extend Partner Benefits                                             

      To G/L Employees                                                                          Lisa Miller and her biological daughter, Isabella Miller-Jenkins, are
                                                                                       believed to be in El Salvador, according to the Associated Press. In January,
       MEMPHIS (Observer Update) -           huge deal,” Will Batts, executive         Miller failed to appear in court for a mandated custody swap. She and her
Shipping giant FedEx will begin offer-       director of Memphis Gay and Lesbian       daughter are believed to have been in El Salvador since September.
ing health benefits to the partners of       Community Center, told the network.
gay and lesbian workers, local Fox                                                              Janet Jenkins, Miller’s former partner, was granted custody by a judge
affiliate My Fox Memphis reported.                   Gay employees in California       after Miller and her daughter disappeared. Her attorney, Sarah Star, says Miller
                                             have received similar benefits from the   and Isabella hopped the border into Juarez, Mexico, and then flew to San
         FedEx, which is headquar-           company since lawmakers approved          Salvador, the capital of El Salvador.
tered in Memphis, announced the              an expansion of a domestic partner-
change last week but the policy won’t        ship law in 2003. The lopsided policy
take effect until January 1, 2012. “It’s a   was responsible for downgrades in
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PAGE TWELVE                                                                   JUNE 9, 2010                                WEEKLY OBSERVER

      port:                Lack
    Report: Most Hospitals Lack
     LGBT Non-Discrimination
       WASHINGTON, D.C. (Observer             tives, including powers of attorney,
Update) - President Barack Obama’s            for patients with same-sex partners.
April memorandum ordering hospitals
to ensure visitation rights for same-sex               The Joint Commission, an
partners will radically change how the        independent health care accredita-
vast majority of U.S. healthcare              tion group, also recently an-
institutions currently treat gay and          nounced that it would accredit
lesbian patients, a new study finds,          health care facilities based on
reported                        nondiscrimination policies that
                                              include LGBT patients and their
          According to a report released      families. The updated policy is
Monday by the Human Rights Cam-               scheduled to go into effect before
paign Foundation, 93% of health care          January 1, 2011.
facilities surveyed currently lack
comprehensive nondiscrimination                        “They are the gold stan-
policies for LGBT patients. Forty-two         dard when it comes to accredita-
percent of hospitals do not include           tion,” said HRC vice president of
sexual orientation in patient’s bill of       communications and marketing
rights language.                              Fred Sainz. “Without accreditation,
                                              insurance companies won’t work
         Such disparity can lead to           with you. You can’t get government
disastrous consequences, as was the           money. Various finance agencies
high-profile case of Lisa Pond, who           won’t work with you. It’s necessary,
died in 2007 of a brain aneurysm at a         for hospitals to function, to become
Miami hospital while vacationing with         Joint Commission–accredited.”
her partner of 21 years, Janice
Langbehn, and their adopted children.                  Together, the Joint Com-
                                              mission standards and the White
         “I was promised I’d be able to       House directive “mean that even in
see her, but in the ensuing five to six       states like Mississippi that don’t
hours, no one came to get me, no one          have nondiscrimination laws,
offered to bring me back to see her,”         hospitals will be the safe havens,”
Langbehn said at a Monday press               Sainz said.
conference in San Francisco. “It’s not a
gay right to hold your partner’s hand                  The HRC’s Healthcare
when they’re dying. It’s a human right.”      Equality Index analyzed 178 health
                                              care facilities nationwide on criteria
         Langbehn sued Jackson                including visitation rights for same-
Memorial Hospital after officials barred      sex partners, staff diversity training,
her and the couple’s children from            and employment nondiscrimination
visiting Pond as she lay dying in a           rules for LGBT staff.
trauma unit.
                                                        Eleven health care facili-
          A federal judge dismissed the       ties, including Rush University
suit in September, ruling, “Decisions as      Medical Center in Chicago and
to visitation must be left to the medical     Beth Israel Medical Center in New
personnel in charge of the patient,           York, received perfect scores
without second-guessing by juries and         based on index criteria. Kaiser
courts.”                                      Permanente, which operates 36
                                              hospitals nationwide, was the only
        Obama’s April memo directed           health care network to receive a
Secretary of Health and Human                 perfect score.
Services Kathleen Sebelius to issue
new rules within 180 days for LGBT
patients and their families at any facility
                                                        Because many states
                                              prohibit marriage equality, civil
                                                                                             COMMUNITY FRIENDLY
                                                                                                                          Free Inspection
receiving government funding through          unions, or domestic partnership
Medicare and Medicaid — the vast              rights for same-sex couples, Ellen                                       with mention of this ad
majority of health care facilities in the     Leonard, vice president for health
United States.                                plans and hospital operations at
                                              Kaiser, said that the organization’s
         The new rules should “respect        explicit nondiscrimination policy
the rights of patients to designate           means that a person who purports
visitors,” according to the memo, and         to be the partner of a patient and                                 520-622-3500 or 520-623-0644
bar discrimination on the basis of            requests visitation will be admitted                                          Fax 520-624-6574
gender identity as well as sexual             to do so. “We don’t ask for [docu-
orientation. Appropriate guidelines           mented] proof, it’s not necessary
would also respect advance direc-             for visitation rights,” Leonard said.          2208 N. Stone Avenue, Tucson, AZ 85705

    Glee, Maddow Nominated                                                                   COMPLETE CAR CARE
     For Television Critics
      NEW YORK (Observer Update) -                     Comedic actress Jane
Rachel Maddow’s eponymous news                Lynch is also up for recognition in
show on MSNBC has been nominated              the Individual Achievement in
for a Television Critics Association          Comedy category for her role as
award for the second year in a row,           Sue Sylvester on Glee. The hit Fox reported.                        show is nominated in three other
                                              categories, including Program of
        The show is up against 30 for         the Year.
30 on ESPN, America: The Story of Us
on the History Channel, Life on the
Discovery Channel, and The Daily
Show on Comedy Central in the
Outstanding Achievement in News and
Information category.

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