2011 Maryland Leadership Seminar

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					The 33rd Annual

  2011 Maryland
Leadership Seminar
                May 27 – 29, 2011
             Mount St. Mary’s University
                 Emmitsburg, MD
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         Cunningham Falls State Park
Welcome HOBY Ambassadors

  May 27, 2011

  Congratulations on being selected by your school to attend the 2011 Hugh O’Brian Youth (HOBY) Maryland Leadership
  Seminar. You should be honored that your school has recognized your leadership abilities and chosen you to attend
  the seminar.

  You are about to embark on the HOBY seminar adventure. The next three days will provide you with a unique
  opportunity to interact with leaders in a wide variety of fields as well as more than 200 of your peers from around
  Maryland. I am confident that HOBY will be a significant event in your life.

  Over my 15 years as a HOBY volunteer, and as a former Maryland ambassador myself, I have learned many things from
  the speakers and activities. Equally important, however, was what I learned about myself. Through the friendships that
  I established at the seminar and the students I met, I learned that I could help make a difference. One of the greatest
  thrills in life is giving of yourself in volunteerism and seeing the benefit to others.

  Over the next three days, you are in control of your own experience: you are encouraged to adapt it to fit your own
  unique circumstances. That is why at HOBY our goal is for you to learn “how to think, not what to think.”

  This HOBY seminar is one of more than 70 seminars held each year across North America. I am proud of the team
  of volunteers, most of them seminar alumni. Maryland’s HOBY volunteers and speakers have contributed thousands
  of hours to plan this weekend. Not one has been paid; in fact, ALL the volunteers here this weekend has taken time
  off from work and family AND contributed financially to be here with you. Why would they do this, you ask? Two
  simple reasons:

  We believe in YOU – the person you are and the person you will become. You are our FUTURE – each of you represents
  our brightest hopes for the present and the future. At this seminar we have future teachers, doctors, lawyers, scientists,
  architects, engineers, philosophers, artists, mothers, and fathers; in one way or another you WILL make a difference.

  This honor comes with added responsibility – to get as much as you can out of the next three days and to apply what
  you have learned back at your schools, and in your homes and communities. I hope that you leave the Maryland
  Leadership Seminar with the motivation and passion to make the best of yourselves.

  Best wishes for a bright future,

  Aaron M. Bernstein
  Chair, 2011 Maryland Leadership Seminar

                                                                                       The 2011 HOBY Maryland Leadership Seminar   1
    The Future is Yours

             Spring 2011

             Welcome HOBY Ambassadors:

             Congratulations on being selected to attend the Maryland Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY) Seminar. You
             were chosen for the honor of representing your schools because of the outstanding leadership potential you have
             demonstrated. The purpose of this HOBY seminar is to teach you how to think – not what to think. You will get from life
             what you put into it, and that applies to a HOBY seminar too. We want to awaken in you that magic genie of self-esteem
             so important to any success. You were selected to attend HOBY because you are special: think special and you will
             always be special.

             You will make many new friends this weekend – hang on tight to them – you have many more years of meaningful
             futures to share. You will also realize that a great many volunteers gave a great many hours to make this weekend
             possible. These volunteer speakers, staff, and committee members give their hours freely because they believe in the
             future of the United States and recognize that you outstanding young people represent the future.

             You have been challenged this weekend to do what has been modeled for you. I sincerely encourage you to return to
             your own communities and seek out meaningful ways that you can use your leadership for community service.

             I don’t have any children of my own, but I’ve got a couple of hundred thousand like you out there who I’m proud to call
             my family. So, shine bright my friends; you are my tomorrow and the future is yours. I wish you love and Godspeed!


             Hugh O’Brian, Founder

             Please visit our website at

2   The 2011 HOBY Maryland Leadership Seminar
A Letter from President Obama

                                The 2011 HOBY Maryland Leadership Seminar   3
    Welcome to Mount St. Mary’s University

4   The 2011 HOBY Maryland Leadership Seminar
On Behalf of HOBY Maryland

   May 27, 2011

   Welcome 2011 HOBY Ambassadors! On behalf of the Maryland Board of Directors, Maryland Leadership Seminar
   Foundation, Inc. it is my pleasure to welcome you to our 33rd annual seminar. We hope that these three days will
   May 28, 2010
   provide a significant positive impact on your skills and help you continue to be active citizens in your communities.
   Welcome and HOBY Ambassadors! On actively participate in the discussion
   Listen to 2010 question our speakers, behalf of the Maryland Board of Directors, groups, get your hands dirty in Cunningham
   Maryland Leadership Seminar meet the business and community leaders to our
   State Park, and personally Foundation, Inc. it is my pleasure to welcome you attending the seminar.
   32nd annual seminar. We hope that these three days will provide a significant positive
   impact on your skills and help you continue to be active citizens in your communities.
   Listen to and the ability to seek actively participate in the it expands, will get
   Knowledge,question our speakers,it and the experiences discussion groups, shape your future. As outstanding young men and
   your hands dirty in Cunningham State
                                          decision making meet the business and
   women it offers opportunities for Park, and personally in the arts, industry, science, education, and government that will
   community leaders attending the seminar.
   affect not only yourselves but others.
   Knowledge, the ability to seek it and the experiences it expands, will shape your future.
   As outstanding young men and women it offers opportunities for decision making in the
   arts, industry, one step in a continuing process will affect not only yourselves
   HOBY is justscience, education, and government thattowards recognizing and fulfilling your goals. It takes a step forward to
   but others.
   succeed. You have to decide on the actions you will take. Will I try a little harder? Should I help that friend? Do I reach
   HOBY just one step in a continuing process towards recognizing volunteer with
   for thatisgoal? Twenty-eight years ago a friend asked me to and fulfilling yourHOBY. If I said no instead of certainly yes,
   goals. It have step forward to succeed. You 1000 speakers the meeting will
   I wouldtakes amissed hearing more than have to decide onandactions youover 6,000 sophomores. But the best part, was
   take. Will I try a little harder? Should I help that friend? Do I reach for that goal?
   Twenty-seven years ago Brian asked me to volunteer with HOBY. If I said no instead
   seeing HOBY Alumni a friendYee ‘86, Michael Seelman ‘89, Alecia Frisby ‘96, Tracy Wertheimer ‘04, Robby May ‘04,
   of certainly yes, would Bernstein hearing 1,030 speakers valued young adults. There are many more out there. They keep
   and especiallyI Aaronhave missed ‘96 grow to become and meeting 5,790
   sophomores. But the best
                                 to help seeing HOBY Alumni Matthew Barnhill ’86, Brian
   coming back to HOBYpart, was the next class of ambassadors. What will you do when asked? Or why wait to be asked.
   Yee ’86, Michael Seelman ’89, Anna Custer ’88, Alecia Rohrer ’96, Andre Ferrell ’96,
   and especially Aaron Bernstein ’96 grow to become valued young adults. There are
          your weekend with HOBY. Get to know the help the next class of
   Enjoymore out there. They keep coming back to HOBY to all-volunteer committee and the ambassadors from our
   ambassadors. What will you do when asked? Or why wait to be asked.
   23 counties and Baltimore City. Cherish your new friends and continue to think, dream, and act on your goals.
   Enjoy your weekend with HOBY.
   You are Maryland’s future! Get to know the all-volunteer committee and the
   ambassadors from our 23 counties and Baltimore City. Cherish your new friends and
   continue to think, dream, and act on your goals. You are Maryland’s future!
   Sincerely, with HOBY Hugs,
   Sincerely, with HOBY Hugs,

   Carol A. Applegate
   CarolA. Applegate
   President MD Board of Directors
   2010 HOBY
   2011 HOBY MD Board of Directors

                                                                                           The 2011 HOBY Maryland Leadership Seminar   5
    The HOBY Story                                                        The Freedom to Choose
    In the summer of 1958, Hugh O’Brian received the invitation that
    would change his life forever. At the time, O’Brian had already           Unfortunately, a very small

    made a name for himself as an actor portraying the legendary              number of our young people seem
                                                                        to attract most of the news. They are
    lawman Wyatt Earp on television and appearing in numerous
                                                                        in the public eye because they have
    films. When he received a cable from Dr. Albert Schweitzer
                                                                        stolen cars, vandalized schools, created
    welcoming him to French Equatorial Africa for a visit, he did
                                                                        disturbances – in some way rebelled
    not hesitate to accept. O’Brian had long admired the German         against society. These headline-makers
    doctor-missionary-theologian-musician, and within two weeks         represent only a small part of our
    he arrived at Dr. Schweitzer’s remote hospital complex in Africa.   teenage population. It is a fact that 98.7
    During his visit, O’Brian spent his days assisting the volunteers   percent of our young people are law-
    in the hospital and his nights with Dr. Schweitzer discussing       abiding, constructive citizens. There
    global peace and world politics. During their discussions, Dr.      is too much focus on the negative. It is
    Schweitzer told O’Brian that he felt “The most important thing      time we accent the positive – pat the
    in education is to teach young people to think for themselves,”     good guys and gals on the back – let
    which O’Brian would never forget.                                   them know there are rewards for being
                                                                        responsible members of the community.
    After an inspiring nine days, O’Brian prepared to return to
                                                                        I do NOT believe we are all born equal
    America. Before saying goodbye, Dr. Schweitzer took O’Brian’s
                                                                        – CREATED equal in the eyes of God,
    hand and asked, “Hugh, what are you going to do with this?”
                                                                        YES – but physical and emotional
    It was these words combined with his unforgettable visit that
                                                                        differences, parental guidance,
    compelled Hugh O’Brian to form Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership        varying environments, being in the
    (HOBY). Two weeks after returning from his 1958 visit to Africa,    right place at the right time, all play
    O’Brian put together a prototype seminar for young leaders.         a role in enhancing or limiting an
                                                                        individual’s development. But I DO
    From 1958 to 1967, leadership seminars took place in Los
                                                                        believe every man and woman, if given
    Angeles for sophomores from California. In 1968 the scope of        the opportunity and encouragement
    the HOBY program grew to include national and international         to recognize his or her own potential,
    participants which led to the expanded eight-day global             regardless of background, has the
    leadership seminar called the World Leadership Congress             Freedom To Choose in our world. Will an
    (WLC) held annually. In an effort to include more students          individual be a taker or a giver in life?
    nationwide, three-day and four-day HOBY Leadership Seminars         Will that person be satisfied merely to
    were instituted in 1977 in which high schools throughout the        exist, or seek a meaningful purpose?
    country may nominate a sophomore to attend a HOBY seminar           Will he or she dare to dream the
    in their state.                                                     impossible dream?

    Five decades later, HOBY is still inspiring young people all        I believe every person is created as the
                                                                        steward of his or her own destiny with
    over the world to develop their leadership and critical-thinking
                                                                        great power for a specific purpose: to
    skills to achieve their highest potential. Currently, more than
                                                                        share with others, through service, a
    8,500 tenth graders, representing almost as many high schools
                                                                        reverence for life in a spirit of love.
    nationwide, attend HOBY Leadership Seminars each year. These
    seminars are run by over 4,000 volunteers with community
    leaders, business executives, educators, and parents involved in
    every seminar. Each seminar strives to follow the HOBY motto
    of teaching students, “how to think, not what to think,” thus
    ensuring that Dr. Schweitzer’s hope for young people lives on.

6   The 2011 HOBY Maryland Leadership Seminar
Hugh O’Brian Visionary, Legendary Humanitarian
Though actor Hugh O’Brian has appeared in a hundreds of television shows            honored him with their premier award for overall philanthropic excellence as a
and movies through the decades, there is one role with which he is immedi-          volunteer, fundraiser and philanthropist. This is the only time one individual has
ately identified: that of frontier lawman Wyatt Earp. O’Brian played the lead       received the award in all three categories. Notre Dame honored him with the first
role in the “Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp,” a top-rated series aired on ABC        “Pat O’Brian Memorial Award” in 1984. That same year, The Family Counseling
television from 1955-61, catapulting him to stardom.                                Service honored O’Brian with its first National Family of Man Award.

                                                                                    In 1989, he received the 60th Annual American Education Award presented by
The Early Years                                                                     the American Association of School Administrators. This award is the
                                                                                    oldest and most prestigious award that the education
But becoming a star was not always his ambition. He almost became a lawyer.
                                                                                    profession bestows. O’Brian joins Norman Rockwell,
Born April 19, 1925 in Rochester, New York (as Hugh J. Krampe), O’Brian             Lyndon Johnson, Helen Keller, Walt Disney, and Bob
attended school at New Trier High School in Winnetka, Illinois, and Kemper          Hope as a recipient of this most significant award. On
Military School in Booneville, Missouri. In high school, his sports activities      June 2, 1990, the Los Angeles Business Council
were divided among football, basketball, wrestling and track, with O’Brian          awarded O’Brian its 6th Lifetime Achieve-
winning letters in all four sports. After a semester at the University of Cincin-   ment Award in recognition of outstanding
nati with studies charted toward a law career, O’Brian, at 17, enlisted in the      achievement, working within the framework
Marine Corps. He became the youngest drill instructor in the Corps’ history,        of the American Free Enterprise System. In 1992,
and during his four year service won a coveted Fleet appointment to The             O’Brian was inducted into the Great Western Performers
Naval Academy. After passing the entrance exams, he declined the appoint-           Hall of Fame, and in 1993, O’Brian was awarded the
ment, intending to enroll at Yale to study law.                                     Lifetime Achievement Award from the Franklin
After serving four years, and receiving his honorable discharge from the            Mint. In 1994, O’Brian was awarded the
Marine Corps, O’Brian went to Los Angeles where he planned to earn money            Freedoms Foundation’s Private Enterprise
for his Yale tuition. There he met Hollywood movie stars Ruth Roman and             Exemplar medal, in 1995 the American
Linda Christian, who introduced him to a little theater group. When a leading       Celtic Globe Humanitarian Award from
man became ill, O’Brian substituted. Originally, he felt the acting experience      the Ireland Chamber of Commerce, in
might be helpful in his legal career; however, he got such good reviews in          1995 the Epsilon Sigma Alpha (ESA,
Somerset Maugham’s play “Home and Beauty” that he decided to enroll at              Int.) Vision Award, and in 1997 the
UCLA and continue his theater appearances as an avocation while continu-            KNX Newsradio Man of the Year
ing his quest for a college education. About a year later, Ida Lupino saw one       Award and the Central City Associa-
of his performances and signed him to play his first starring role in the film      tion of Los Angeles’ Treasures of Los
“Young Lovers” which Lupino directed. This brought him a contract with              Angeles Award.
Universal Studios. During his first year under contract, he enrolled at Los         O’Brian has been awarded honor-
Angeles City College and managed to amass 17 college credits in addition to         ary degrees by several prestigious
making five pictures at Universal.                                                  institutions of higher learning. He
O’Brian left Universal after three years to guest star in numerous television       has received honorary Doctorates
shows and in such films as “Broken Lance” and “No Business Like Show Busi-          of Humane Letters from Saint Mary
ness.” His “big break” came when he was chosen to portray the legendary             of the Plains College in Kansas,
lawman Wyatt Earp on television. Shortly after the series debuted in 1955           Lebanon Valley College in Pennsylva-
as the “first adult western,” it became the top-rated show on television, and       nia, Bloomsburg University in Bloomsburg,
O’Brian became a much-discussed talent. During its seven-year run, “Wyatt           Pennsylvania and Green Mountain College,
Earp” always placed in the top 10 television shows in the nation. In 1972-73,       Poultney, Vermont, as well as an honorary
he starred in the action series, “Search.”                                          Doctor of Laws degree from Saint John’s
                                                                                    University in New York. In the summer of
                                                                                    1987, O’Brian was presented with an honor-
Broadway and More                                                                   ary Doctor of Public Services degree from
O’Brian starred on Broadway in “Destry Rides Again,” “First Love,” and in the       the University of Denver. Each university
Broadway revival of “Guys and Dolls.” He also starred in the national com-          honored O’Brian for the outstanding work
pany of “Cactus Flower,” “The Odd Couple,” “The Tender Trap,” “A Thousand           he has undertaken on behalf of youth
Clowns,” and “Plaza Suite.” He has been a guest on numerous television and          throughout America and the world.
radio shows including the Today Show, the Larry King and Jim Bohanan                In 2002, O’Brian received the coveted Humani-
Shows, Charlie Rose’s Nightwatch and The Pat Sajak Show. Recent credits             tarian Award from Lions Clubs International,
include “The Shootist,” “Killer Force,” “Game of Death,” “Twins,” and numer-        presented to him during ceremonies in Osaka,
ous appearances on “Fantasy Island,” “Love Boat,” the T.V. series “Paradise,”       Japan. The award, which recognized his devotion
“Gunsmoke II,” “Murder, She Wrote,” “L.A. Law,” and a Kenny Rogers Gambler          to youth programs, carried a $200,000 prize, which
IV movie, “The Luck of the Draw: The Gambler Returns,” and “Wyatt Earp:             O’Brian donated to his organization.
Return to Tombstone” – a made-for-TV feature movie.
                                                                                    The National Social Studies Association presented
                                                                                    O’Brian its Spirit of America award in 2003 recognizing
Honors                                                                              his career and his influence on leadership and history
In 1972, O’Brian was awarded one of the nation’s highest honors, the Freedom        among students.
Through Knowledge Award, sponsored by the National Space Club in as-
                                                                                    In 2006 Hugh O’Brian and HOBY were awarded the
sociation with NASA. In 1973, he was honored by the American Academy of
                                                                                    Excellence in Education Award by the National Association
Achievement. In 1974, he was awarded the George Washington Honor Medal,
                                                                                    for College Admission Counseling for outstanding
highest award of the Freedom Foundation at Valley Forge, as well as the Globe
                                                                                    commitment to education and supporting access to higher
and Anchor Award from the Marine Corps. In 1976, the Veterans of Foreign
                                                                                    education for all students.
Wars honored him with an award. He is the recipient of the AMVETS Silver
Helmet Award, and in 1983, the National Society of Fund Raising Executives          O’Brian lives in a hilltop home overlooking Beverly Hills.

                                                                                                              The 2011 HOBY Maryland Leadership Seminar                  7
    HOBY in Maryland
    2011 marks the 33rd annual HOBY Maryland
    Leadership Seminar. The first Maryland Leadership
    Seminar was held in 1979, after Hugh O’Brian contacted the Maryland
    Jaycees – a service organization that continues to offer invaluable support to
    the Maryland seminar. From our humble beginnings with 46 represented high
    schools, the Maryland seminar has grown to consistently serve students from
    public and private high schools in the state. Likewise, our all-volunteer planning
    committee and staff reflects the growing involvement of our HOBY alumni – more and
    more former ambassadors are volunteering their time as committee members, staff, speakers
    and facilitators. Be sure to visit our website ( for more information on
    Maryland’s program.

    The HOBY Selection Process
    Each September, HOBY Sophomore Registration Kits are sent to 22,000 public, private and charter high schools
    in the United States. All tenth graders are eligible for selection to attend one of the three- or four-day weekend
    seminars held in their area each spring. A sophomore leader may be selected by each school and is certified
    by the principal.

    HOBY’s seminars focus on the theme “Empower. Lead. Excel.” while encouraging the young leaders toward
    responsible citizenship, including community service and volunteerism.

    Seminar Program and Curriculum
    The curriculum for this Leadership Seminar is             By developing and understanding effective and
    based on HOBY’s vision to motivate and empower            compassionate leadership, we hope you will be able
    individuals to make a positive difference within          to realize your leadership potential, and take action
    our global society. HOBY believes students like you       in your homes, schools, workplace, communities
    represent the future leaders of the world – leaders       and the world.
    in business, education, government, or any field you
                                                              Your HOBY experience will help you develop
    choose – because YOU are someone who will make
                                                              leadership from three perspectives:
    a difference.
                                                                1. Personal Leadership;
                                                                2. Group Leadership; and
                                                                3. Leadership for Society.

                                                              We will focus on your individual growth in order for
                                                              your leadership to make a better world and a better
                                                              society for yourself and others.

                                                              Everyone at HOBY believes in your ability to be a
                                                              leader and affect the future for all of us. So, stand
                                                              out and be outstanding! Show us who you are and
                                                              what you can do. HOBY is your open door to a life of
                                                              leadership and service. We can’t wait to learn what
                                                              potential you will unlock through HOBY.

8   The 2011 HOBY Maryland Leadership Seminar
World Leadership Congress
Held at Loyola University Chicago in Chicago, IL from      medicine, education, philanthropy and much more.
July 23 – July 30, the HOBY World Leadership Congress      In addition, the weeklong schedule is set in the
(WLC) is an opportunity to interact with youth from all    backdrop of some of the greatest cities in the U.S.
over the United States and the world. All participants     WLC students learn to think globally and critically,
from the state HOBY Leadership Seminars are eligible       enhance their leadership skills, and meet students
to attend this weeklong, intensive, educational program    who share a desire to lead and make their schools,
on a first paid, space-available basis.                    communities and countries better places. For more
                                                           information on the WLC, visit
The WLC program includes coming face-to-face
with today’s top leaders in business, government,

How Will You Lead Through Service?
Leadership for Service:
HOBY’s Commitment to Volunteerism
As you will learn this weekend, one of the most            Each Ambassador is challenged to return to his/
powerful ways to show leadership is through service        her community and conduct at least 100 hours of
to others. HOBY believes so strongly in the idea of        community service in the year following the HOBY
servant leadership that we answered the call and a         Leadership Seminar.
created an initiative that challenges all Ambassadors to
                                                           Ambassadors are asked to make a year-long
continue their HOBY experience long after the seminar
                                                           commitment to strengthen their communities through
concludes. Leadership for Service (L4S) is HOBY’s
                                                           volunteerism, and to track their success by logging
service-leadership program intended to prepare young
                                                           their hours on the HOBY website, in the
people to contribute to their communities through
                                                           Alumni section. Since the implementation of HOBY’s
service-learning and volunteerism.
                                                           Leadership for Service program in 1998, participants
The objectives of Leadership for Service are:              have logged over 1,000,000 volunteer service hours.

 •	 To inform Ambassadors about the role and impact        Through HOBY’s Leadership for Service
    of community service;                                  programs, Ambassadors gain the tools, passion
 •	 To facilitate setting short-term community             and commitment to serve others. To help young
    service goals;                                         people realize the personal and social benefits
                                                           of volunteerism and service, HOBY awards each
 •	 To provide opportunities to connect with               Ambassador who successfully completes and logs
    community service organizations; and                   100 hours a special recognition packet, which
 •	 To provide documentation of program impact             includes recognition by the White House and the
    and effectiveness.                                     President’s Student Service Award.

          I don’t know what your destiny will be, but one thing I do
           know: the only ones among you who will be really happy
               are those who have sought and found how to serve.”
                                                           Albert Schweitzer, 1952 Nobel Peace Prize Winner

                                                                            The 2011 HOBY Maryland Leadership Seminar   9
     HOBY’s Vision
     To motivate and empower individuals to make a positive difference within our global society through
     understanding and action based on effective and compassionate leadership.

     The HOBY Mission
     To inspire and develop our global community of youth and volunteers to a life dedicated to leadership, service
     and innovation.

     HOBY’s Core Values
     Volunteerism is the heart and soul of our organization. We appreciate the myriad contributions of our volunteers,
     and recognize the power of thank you and of giving back. We seek to promote and encourage service among
     our stakeholders. We recognize and value the positive accomplishments that volunteers can achieve by
     working together. We believe that volunteers are positively impacted by our programs as much as the youth and
     communities we serve.

     Integrity forms the foundation of our organization. We demand the highest level of ethics. We grow our
     organization based on interactions that promote mutual trust and respect with our stakeholders and partners.
     We strive to ensure the highest level of organizational effectiveness by continually reviewing our programs and
     processes to improve quality and efficiency.

     We strive to continually raise our programs and business to new levels of excellence. We encourage
     entrepreneurship and innovation in business, education, and social responsibility. We develop creative solutions
     to address challenges and to utilize opportunities. We believe that leadership skills can and should be continually
     improved and refined.

     We value and embrace diversity. We seek out views that reflect all walks of
     life, and reflect those views in our programs. We are sensitive to the special
     needs and diverse backgrounds of individuals. We give all individuals an
     equal opportunity to be heard and to benefit from our programs.

     Community Partnership
     We value community partnerships. We recognize the importance of working
     with community organizations to strengthen our supportive network. We
     value the input we receive from our community partners, and strive to work
     together cooperatively and constructively for the betterment of all.

10   The 2011 HOBY Maryland Leadership Seminar
HOBY Maryland Corporate Board
The following individuals make up the Board of Trustees of the Maryland Leadership Seminar Foundation, Inc.,
the non-profit organization that presents the annual Hugh O’Brian Maryland Youth Leadership Seminar and
Community Leadership Workshops (CLeWs).
President                Carol A. Applegate, Research Coordinator, Greater Baltimore Medical Center
Vice Preseident          Michael Seelman*, Senior Government Manager
Treasurer                Elaine Williams, Financial Analyst, Baltimore County Board of Education
Seminar Chair            Aaron M. Bernstein*, Science Teacher, The Frost School, Lodge Program,
                         Sheppard Pratt Health System
Alumni Advisor           Brian Yee*, Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army
Trustees                 Matthew Barnhill*, Senior Vice President of Market Research,
                         Black Entertainment Television
                         Dennis Lane, Past District Governor, Maryland/South Delaware District
                         of Optimist International
                         Gregory Siers*, Global Events-Manager, Live Production
                         Greg Van Suetendael, CSCP, Purchase Agent, Reliable Churchill, LLC
                         Anne Yakaitis, Social Studies Department Chair, Corkran Middle School

Seminar Directors
The following people have contributed significant time and resources to the development, planning, and
presentation of the Maryland Leadership Seminar. Their dedication is evident in the high quality program provided
to the Ambassadors. There is NO paid staff. Volunteers are the life of the Maryland Leadership Seminar and provide
thousands of hours of their time to support the mission of HOBY and the Maryland Leadership Seminar Foundation.
Chair                    Aaron M. Bernstein*, The Frost School, Lodge Program, Sheppard Pratt Health System
Programming              Greg Van Suetendael, Reliable Churchill
Operations               Brandon Pettit*, Administrative Assistant, National Shrine
Facilitators             Alecia Frisby*, Staff Attorney, Legal Aid Bureau, Inc.
Team Alumni              Tracy Wertheimer*, Lighting Designer, Traces of Light Designs
Corp. Fundraising        Greg Van Suetendael, Reliable Churchill
Parent’s Program         Anne Yakaitis, Anne Arundel County Schools
Student Recruitment      Jason Ott*, Montgomery County Public Schools
WLC Judging              Tracy Wertheimer*, Lighting Designer, Traces of Light Designs
Registration             Danita Frisby, State Farm Insurance
Cooperating Orgs.        Carol Applegate, Greater Baltimore Medical Center

Seminar Chairs 1979 – Present
1979   Joe Pippen                       1990   Larry Bohn                        2001   John J. Schissler, III
1980   Joe & Val Byers                  1991   Kent Shaffer                      2002   John J. Schissler, III
1981   Joe & Val Byers                  1992   Marilyn Young                     2003   Carol A. Applegate
1982   Mel Castle                       1993   Joseph Olenik                     2004   Carol A. Applegate
1983   William Fraze                    1994   Carol A. Applegate                2005   Carol A. Applegate
1984   Paul Moran                       1995   Carol A. Applegate                2006   Carol A. Applegate
1985   Veronica Bohn                    1996   Carol A. Applegate                2007   Carol A. Applegate
1986   TJ Manning                       1997   Cathleen Hutchins                 2008   Carol A. Applegate
1987   Melanie Clore Stewart            1998   James Hofmann                     2009   Aaron M. Bernstein*
1988   John William DePauw              1999   John J. Schissler, III            2010   Aaron M. Bernstein*
1989   Larry Bohn                       2000   Jonathan Weinstein*               2011   Aaron M. Bernstein*

                                                                             The 2011 HOBY Maryland Leadership Seminar   11
     HOBY Spirit Award Recipients
     Every year, Hugh O’Brian Youth Maryland selects one outstanding volunteer to receive the HOBY Spirit Award. Recipients are
     Maryland HOBY alumni or long-term volunteers who have shown immense and exceeding dedication to the program while
     also going on to become successful professionals as they have graduated high school, college, and beyond. HOBY Maryland
     recognizes these individuals with the HOBY Spirit Award and asks each year’s recipient to speak at the closing ceremonies.

     2003   Michael Seelman*                                        2007   Anna Custer*
     2004   Jennifer Cupani Porter*                                 2008   Don Awalt
     2005   Aaron M. Bernstein*                                     2009   Greg Van Suetendael
     2006   Matthew Barnhill*                                       2010   Andre Ferrell*

     Thank you to the Mount St. Mary’s University Staff
     Dr. Thomas Powell, University President                        June Miller, Assistant to the University President
     Marianne Dempsey, Director, Conferences                        Karen Buck, Administrative Assistant,
     & Special Programs                                             Office of Conferences and Special Programs
     Michael Post, Dean of Admissions                               Drew Braun, Conference Assistant
     Dawn Alexander, Catering Manager                               Justine Miller, Conference Assistant

     A Special Thank You from the Chair
     As chair of the all-volunteer HOBY Maryland Seminar, there     together our largest ever team of adult volunteers who
     are always friends I need to acknowledge for their extra       work with our ambassadors all weekend. My entire
     effort in supporting the goals of the committee.               recruitment team, with special thanks to Jason Ott, who
                                                                    worked on recruiting all of the participating high schools.
     Greg Van Suetendael, Director of Programming, has
                                                                    And last but not least, Carol Applegate and our Corporate
     worked countless hours to recruit speakers, and
                                                                    Board who constantly make me look good by filling in all
     has organized an outstanding schedule of panelists,
                                                                    the gaps and getting us the necessary fundraising dollars.
     volunteerism, activities, discussions, and fun. Danita
     Frisby, Director of Registration, made all the phone calls     Lastly, my parents, Sheri and Steven Bernstein, and my sister
     to make sure more than 200 ambassadors turned in their         Robyn, you have all always supported me in my own HOBY
     forms in a timely fashion. Tracy Wertheimer and Brandon        journey these last 15 years; you’ve even become a part of my
     Pettit, Team Alumni and Operations Directors, have the         volunteer team – I wouldn’t be here without your constant
     responsibility of arranging the minute by minute daily         support and love.
     tasks of operations and leading 25 plus high school
     Alumni from early morning through late night duties.           Aaron M. Bernstein,
     Alecia Frisby, Director of Facilitators, worked hard putting   2011 Seminar Chair

     Thank you to our Day Volunteers
                                                                      Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership
     Danita Frisby
                                                                      Maryland Leadership Seminar, Inc. is a 501(c)(3)
     Jimmy Harris
                                                                      foundation supporting leadership development
     Mary Ellen Hoffman                                               of high school sophomores in Maryland.
     Justine Lottermoser*
     Sayre Posey*
                                                                      Aaron M. Bernstein, Seminar Chair
     Anne Yakaitis
                                                                      1215 Simmons Drive
                                                                      Rockville, MD 20851
                                                                      678-667-HOBY (4629)
     * designates HOBY alumni

12   The 2011 HOBY Maryland Leadership Seminar
Key Seminar Volunteers
Cooperating Organizations
OPTIMISTS CLuBS | Dennis Lane, Maryland South Delaware Optimists
KIWAnIS CLuBS | Christine M. Semon, Kiwanis Club of Suburban Frederick
JunIOR CHAMBER OF COMMERCE (JAYCEES) | Carol Applegate, Towson
GEnERAL FEDERATIOn OF WOMEn’S CLuBS | Anne Yakaitis, Woman’s Club of Linthicum Heights, Inc.
LIOnS CLuBS | Douglas MacLeay, West Arundel Lions

Group 1    Alecia Frisby*, Staff Attorney, Legal Aid Bureau, Inc.
           Assistant Facilitator: Kester Wilkening*
Group 2    Scott Gautney*, Student, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Group 3    Kayla Tufares*, VISTA Coordinator, Stevenson University
           Assistant Facilitator: Chelsey Baturin*
Group 4    Jason Ott*, Teacher, Montgomery County Public Schools
Group 5    Robyn Bernstein, Graphic Designer, United Communications Group
Group 6    Alexandra Williams, Student, Temple University
           Assistant Facilitator: Bobby Lardy*
Group 7    Christine Semon, Social Services, Shared Support Maryland, Inc.
           Assistant Facilitator: Emily naviasky
Group 8    Christine Czuhajewski*, Music Therapist, Opportunities for Positive Growth
Group 9    nicholas Rehak*, Tool Maintenance Technician / IT Support at St. Bernard Project, New Orleans
Group 10   Derrick Millard*, Student, Temple University
           Assistant Facilitator: Jennifer McSparron*
Group 11   Martina Sahre, Postdoctoral Fellow, US Food and Drug Administration
           Assistant Facilitator: Bryan Womack*
Group 12   Catherine nwosu*, Telerecruiter, Inova Blood Donor Services
           Assistant Facilitator: Carson Debonis
Group 13   Caitlin Van Suetendael*, Graduate, James Madison University
           Assistant Facilitator: Chelsea Feinstein*
Group 14   Rachel Diamond, Auto Claims Processor, State Farm Insurance
           Assistant Facilitator: Charles Melesh*
Group 15   Dan Jordan, Sales, GXS
           Assistant Facilitator: Patricia Leveroni*
Group 16   Josh urban, Musician and Instructor, Rock God Music, LLC
           Assistant Facilitator: Andrea Danton*
Group 17   Anderson Wells, Student, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
           Assistant Facilitator: Soliel Grant*
Group 18   Art Sprinkel Jr., Manager, State Farm Insurance Co.
           Assistant Facilitator: Hunter Scofield*
Group 19   Robby May*, Teacher, KIPP: Gaston College Preparatory
           Assistant Facilitator: Karen Stefansky
Group 20   Tyffany Stroman, Student, Temple University
           Assistant Facilitator: Montay Henson*
Group 21   Andrew Woods, Student, High Point University
           Assistant Facilitator: Taylor Zickefoose*
Group 22   Brice Gaston*, Avionics Technician, United States Air Force
           Assistant Facilitator: Justine Cerruto*
Group 23   Ashley Sprinkel-McDowell
           Assistant Facilitator: Sophia Gauthier*
Group 24   Jeffrey Ware
           Assistant Facilitator: Andrew Tolbert*

                                                                               The 2011 HOBY Maryland Leadership Seminar   13
     HOBY Alumni Association of Maryland
     What happens after your HOBY seminar is over? You become a HOBY Alumnus.
     Welcome! You are now a part of the family of fellow HOBY           •	 Apply for highly competitive college and
     Alumni who number 375,000 strong!                                     university scholarships like the Moorehead-Cain
     Being a HOBY Alum is special. HOBY alumni serve their                 and Robertson Scholarships
     communities; they lead in their schools and communities;           •	 Participate in additional educational and
     they go on to realize success in a number of areas. In short,         leadership programs and seminars such as
     they change the world.
                                                                           Presidential Classroom, Foundation for Teaching
     Being an active member of the HOBY Alumni Association                 Economics’ “Economics for Leaders” and Youth For
     means having access to numerous opportunities exclusively             Understanding’s study abroad program
     available to HOBY alumni, including leadership and
     educational programs, scholarships and grants.                     •	 Log their Leadership for Service hours at
                                                                  in the alumni section by July 1, 2012
     Don’t let your HOBY experience end on Sunday. Make sure
     you stay active in the HOBY Alumni Association.                 For more information on opportunities available to HOBY
                                                                     alumni and to stay involved visit the Alumni section of
     Current alumni:                                        and
       •	 Return to volunteer at HOBY Leadership Seminars
          and the World Leadership Congress

     Team Alumni
     The Maryland Team Alumni are recent participants in state seminars. As high school and college age volunteers, they are
     instrumental in keeping the seminar on task. Responsibilities range from registration, newsletter, Talent Show, and clean up,
     to cheering section and facilitation. We could not operate without their steady stream of enthusiasm and helping hands!
     Director of Team Alumni          Tracy Wertheimer*, Lighting Designer, Traces of Light Designs
     Director of Operations           Brandon Pettit*, Administrative Assistant, National Shrine
     Database Manager                 Teressa Ferraro*, Student, University of Maryland, College Park

     Ambassador Staff
     Benjamin Allen*             St. Mary’s Ryken                    Zachary McGee*             Boonsboro
     Andrew Boratenski*          DeMatha                             Chavi Rehani*              Allegany
     nytiah Calloway*            Potomac Senior                      Michael Robinson*          Urbana
     Matthew Coplai*             Towson                              Elizabeth Sines*           Southern Garrett
     Jordan Coyne*               Albert Einstein                     Kyndrah Smith*             Harford Tech
     Julia Cranska*              Glenelg                             Lorena Smith*              Carver
     Ethan Ferraro*              Urbana                              Erica Steinhoff*           Urbana
     Justin Finamore*            Urbana                              Caroline Studnicky*        Severn
     Chris Frye*                 North County                        Valarie Timms*             Northeast
     Marylyn Harrell*            Annapolis                           Ankur Vaidya*              Western Tech
     Matt Hockney*               Danville                            Steven Wang*               N. Hagerstown
     Brandon House*              Calvert                             Theodore Wilkening*        Eleanor Roosevelt
     Mark LaPointe*              River Hill                          Jay (Haoyue) Zhang*        St. John’s Catholic
     Gloria Marino*              Patterson Mill

     Community Leadership Workshops (CLeWs)
     Community Leadership Workshops (CLeWs) are one-day versions of our state seminar that invites neighborhood or county-
     wide schools to send a group of freshmen to interact and learn valuable leadership skills. CLeWs are hosted by community
     service clubs with minimal costs. HOBY alumni are encouraged to join the planning teams.

       HOBY Maryland is always welcoming new volunteers! To get involved complete the annual volunteer application at It only takes five minutes to get started on the path to making the world a better place through HOBY.

14   The 2011 HOBY Maryland Leadership Seminar
Schedule of Events: Friday, May 27, 2011
7:45 am               Ambassador Registration | MacCaffrey Lounge
8:00 - 9:30 am        College Tours & Getting to Know You Activities | Knott Auditorium
                      Carol Applegate, Corporate Board President, Maryland Leadership Seminar, Inc.

9:30 - 10:00 am       Facilitator Group Time | Knott Auditorium
10:00 - 11:00 am      Welcome to HOBY | Knott Auditorium
                      Carol Applegeate, Corporate Board President, Maryland Leadership Seminar, Inc.
                      Dr. Thomas Powell, President, Mount St. Mary’s University
                      Greg Van Suetendael, Director of Program
                      Aaron Bernstein*, Chair, 2011 Maryland Leadership Seminar
11:00 - 11:15 am      Break
                      PHASE I: PERSOnAL LEADERSHIP
11:15 - 11:45 am      Phase I Introduction: Personal Leadership
                      Jonathan Weinstein*, President, Line of Sight
11:45 am - 12:30 pm   Phase I Keynote: Leadership & Motivation | Knott Auditorium
                      Chris Bowers, Motivational Speaker, Bowers Success Development
12:30 pm              Walk to Cafeteria
12:30 - 2:30 pm       Phase I Activity: Career Lunch | Patriot Hall
                      Aaron Bernstein*, MD Governor Proclamation
2:20 - 2:35 pm        Walk to Knott Auditorium
2:35 - 3:20 pm        Phase I Activity: What is Your Opinion? | Knott Auditorium
                      Tracy Wertheimer*, Lighting Designer, Traces of Light Designs
3:20 - 3:40 pm        Break & Energizer

                      PHASE II: LEADInG GROuPS
3:40 - 4:10 pm        Phase II Introduction: Leading Groups | Knott Auditorium
                      David Schroeder, Director of Brand Management, Bacchus Importers, Inc.
4:10 - 5:30 pm        Phase II Activity: Leadership Labs | Knott Auditorium
                      Tracy Wertheimer*, Lighting Designer, Traces of Light Designs
5:30 - 6:25 pm        Dinner | Patriot Hall
6:30 - 8:00 pm        Phase II Panel: How do you recruit and lead a diverse team?
                      Knott Auditorium
                      Kenny Capone, Public Policy Coordinator, People on the Go
                      Debbie Weed, District Manager, Victoria’s Secret
                      Ruth Anne Callaham, Executive Director, Food Resource
8:00 - 8:40 pm        Leadership for Service (L4S) Preparation: Invasive Species
                      Knott Auditorium
                      Alicia norris, Park Ranger
8:40 - 8:50 pm        Aluminium Tab Award | Knott Auditorium
                      Carol Applegate, Research Coordinator, Greater Baltimore Medical Center
                      Jay Zhang*, Student, St. John’s Catholic
8:50 - 9:00 pm        Break
9:00 - 10:00 pm       Phase II Activity: Fallout Shelter | Knott Auditorium

                      Alecia Frisby*, Staff Attorney, Legal Aid Bureau, Inc.
10:00 - 10:30 pm      Announcements & Group Time
                      R. Barry Titler, Director, Mount St. Mary’s University Office of Public Safety
10:35 pm              Walk to Dormitories

                                                                                The 2011 HOBY Maryland Leadership Seminar   15
     Schedule of Events: Saturday, May 28, 2011
      6:45 - 7:15 am              Wake up
      7:15 - 7:30 am              Group Photo | Library
      7:30 - 8:00 am              Breakfast and Drive to Service Project
      8:00 - 11:15 am             Leadership for Service (L4S) Activity: Park Beautification
                                  & Invasive Species Removal | Cunningham Falls State Park
      11:15 - 11:45 am            Drive back to Mount St. Mary’s university
      11:45 am - 12:15 pm         Clean up | Dormitories
      12:15 - 1:00 pm             Lunch | Patriot Hall
      1:05 - 1:35 pm              Leadership for Service (L4S) Post-Project: Discussion and Reflection
                                  Knott Auditorium
                                  Kayla Tufares*, VISTA Coordinator, Stevenson University

                                  Phase III: SOCIETAL LEADERSHIP
      1:35 - 2:05 pm              Phase III Introduction: Societal Leadership | Knott Auditorium
                                  Paul Manuel, Director of Leadership, Mount St. Mary’s University
      2:10 - 3:40 pm              Phase III Panel: What Kind of World Will You Inherit? | Knott Auditorium
                                  Gregory Kane, Columnist, Examiner
                                  Helene Yee*, Vice President, Interpublic Group
                                  Dr. Anne Spence, Professor, UMBC
                                  Travis Mason*, Public Policy and Government Affairs, Google
      3:40 - 4:00 pm              Break
      4:00 - 4:55 pm              Optional Religious Services or Alternate Activity
                                  Catholic Mass | Mount St. Mary’s University Seminary, St. Bernard’s Chapel
                                  Jewish Services | Knott A
                                  Muslim Discussion | Knott B
                                  non-Denominational Christian Service | Knott Auditorium
                                  Alternate Activity | Patriot Hall, Cardinal Keeler Dining Room
      5:00 - 5:45pm               Dinner & Phase III Activity | Patriot Hall
      5:45 - 5:50pm               Walk to Knott Auditorium
      5:50 - 6:35pm               Phase III Activity: Community Service: “Food” for a Hungry Society
                                  Knott Auditorium
                                  Jerry Edwards, Meals on Wheels
                                  Carol Applegate, Heifer International
                                  Alecia Frisby*, Americorps
                                  Catherine nwosu*, Americorps
                                  nicholas Rehak*, St. Bernard Project
                                  Caitlin Van Suetendael*, Harvest for the Hungry
      6:35 - 6:45 pm              Break
      6:45 - 9:05 pm              Talent Showcase | Knott Auditorium
      9:10 pm                     Dance & Ice Cream Social | Purcell Hall
                                  Brandon Pettit*, Owner/DJ, Five Star Entertainment

                                  Ice cream courtesy of Mount St. Mary’s University
      11:00 pm                    Announcements/Walk to Dormitories

16   The 2011 HOBY Maryland Leadership Seminar
Schedule of Events: Sunday, May 29, 2011
7:00 am                   Wake up
7:40 - 8:10 am            Breakfast | Patriot Hall
8:20 - 9:20 am            Where Do We Go From Here? | Knott Auditorium
                          Brian Yee*, Alumni Advisor, HOBY Maryland
                          Caitlin Van Suetendael*, Graduate James Madison University
                          Robbie May*, Teacher, KIPP: Gaston College Preparatory
                          Christopher Frye*, Student, North County High School

9:20 - 9:35 am            Break
9:35 - 10:35 am           SMART Goals: Goal Setting | Knott Auditorium
                          Hunter Scofield*, Student, College of Southern Maryland

10:35 - 10:40 am          Stretch
10:40 - 11:40 am          Future Kits, Thank You Writing and Group Time
                          Knott Auditorium
                          Carol Applegate, President, Maryland Leadership Seminar, Inc.

11:40 am - 12:50 pm       Keynote: Reflections on Life | Knott Auditorium
                          Sandy Queen, Director of Fun

12:00 - 1:20 pm           Parents Lunch Program | Patriot Hall
                          Anne Yakaitis, Teacher, Anne Arundel County Schools
                          Carol Applegate, President, Maryland Leadership Seminar, Inc.
                          Valerie Timms*, Student, Northeast High School
                          Janet Timms, Parent

1:25 - 1:35 pm            College Options: Total College Success | Knott Auditorium
                          Greg Van Suetendael, Purchase Agent, Reliable Churchill, LLC

1:35 - 1:55 pm            Lighten up! | Knott Auditorium
                          Sandy Queen, Director of Fun

1:00 - 1:55 pm            Ambassador Closing Lunch | Cardinal Keeler Dining Room

2:00 - 3:30 pm            Closing Ceremonies | Knott Auditorium
                          Carol Applegate, President, Maryland Leadership Seminar, Inc.
                          Aaron Bernstein*, Chair, 2011 HOBY Maryland Leadership Seminar

Aluminum Pop Tops for Tots
In partnership with the Maryland/South Delaware            towards children’s cancer research. Last year
District of Optimist International, HOBY recycles          alone, HOBY delivered 262 pounds of pop-tops,
aluminum pop-tops and donates the funds                    the proceeds of which were matched
collected to cancer research at the Johns                  by a contribution from Optimist
Hopkins Hospital Children Center. Pop-tops are             Jim Hubbard.
recycled for the cash value of aluminum at 75
cents a pound. Within the past 9 years, HOBY
has recycled almost 2,000 pounds of aluminum

                                                                                The 2011 HOBY Maryland Leadership Seminar   17
     Meet our Keynote Speakers
                          Jon Weinstein
                          Jon has embraced leadership roles starting in high school and throughout his adult life. He enrolled in Dickinson College when
                          he graduated from high school in New York. The wave of national pride during Ronald Reagan’s presidency led Jon to enlist in the
                          Army ROTC program, through which Jon was able to pay for college and discover his passion for service and politics. Jon then
                          transferred to Boston University, where he organized students to become civic activists and volunteered. Graduating in 1989 with a
                          Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations, Jon was commissioned as an officer in the U.S. Army Reserves. After completing BU,
                          Jon moved to Washington, D.C. to earn his Master’s Degree in International Studies at The American University.

                          Several years ago, Jon founded Line of Sight, a management consulting firm headquartered in Ellicott City. Jon and his team
                          focus their expertise primarily on the public sector – helping local, state, and federal government organizations improve their
                          management discipline and performance.

                          Jon has hosted a business radio program, delivered numerous presentations in the US and abroad, and has published books,
                          chapters, and articles on a variety topics, including management in State Government organizations. Jon and his business partner,
                          Tim Jaques, recently co-authored the book, “Achieving Project Management in Success in the Federal Government,” published by
                          Management Concepts in 2010.

                          David Schroeder
                          A graduate of Archbishop Curley 1978, he continued his education at Johns Hopkins University 1983, and graduate studies at
                          Towson University and St. Mary’s Seminary.

                          David started The Wine Merchant in Lutherville in 1982 and sold it 19 years later. He taught computer science and Microsoft
                          applications to the Middle School and High School Freshman at Loyola Blakefield. He also served as the Middle School athletic
                          director and disciplinarian plus coached football, wrestling and lacrosse. After four rewarding years, he left to go back into the
                          wine business.

                          Currently, David is Director of Brand Management at Bacchus Importers. He coaches lacrosse in Overlea, Howard County University
                          and Cockeysville Rec Junior programs.

                          He is married for 27 years to Judy with two children, Matthew at Muhlenberg College, and Emily a Maryvale Prep HOBY alum 2007.
                          David loves flyfishing, watching his children grow, and reading motivational books.

                          Dr. Paul Manuel
                          Dr. Manuel is the Director of the Institute for Leadership Studies and Professor of Political Science at Mount Saint Mary’s University.
                          He holds a B.A./M.A. from Boston University, a M.T.S. from the Weston Jesuit School of Theology and a Ph.D. from Georgetown
                          University. He is the author of five books and numerous scholarly articles. Previously, Dr. Manuel was Department Chair and
                          Professor of Politics at Saint Anselm College. He co-founded the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College and
                          served as its Executive Director. Dr. Manuel has served on the Executive Council of the New England Political Science Association,
                          is a Research Fellow at the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs at Georgetown University, and was a Visiting
                          Scholar at the Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies at Harvard University.

                          Chris Bowers
                          Chris Bowers’ life is dedicated to the positive influence and motivation of students through the use of humor. He is a dynamic
                          storyteller and his hilarious tales serve to emphasize the lessons he is trying to convey. In high school and college, Chris began
                          speaking in front of audiences such as Student Council, Key Clubs, and Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Seminars. He graduated
                          from Ball State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. In 1996, he began his professional speaking career with
                          Challenge Leadership Programs, a student leadership development company located in Indianapolis, IN. After six years of
                          incredible success throughout the country, Chris ventured out to start Bowers Success Development, LLC.

                          Chris has appeared as the keynote speaker for Indiana’s Student Council Representative Assembly and Iowa’s 4-H State Conference.
                          He has spoken at HOBY seminars for high school sophomores in Indiana, Michigan, Iowa, Florida, Nebraska and Ohio. Chris was
                          the highlighted keynote speaker at HOBY’s World Leadership Congress in Washington, D.C. as well as at their Training Institute
                          for National volunteers in Arizona. He has given workshops at LEAD, the Nevada State Student Council and PRIDE International
                          conferences. Chris appears in over one hundred middle and high schools a year.

                          Sandy Queen
                          Because of her energetic stage presence and great sense of humor, Sandy Queen is known internationally as a dynamic trainer
                          and speaker. Her unique blend of insight into human nature along with over thirty years of working with young people helps her
                          connect with her audiences on a personal level. Her message? Lighten Up! This is the only life you have! Her ability to use humor,
                          even for serious topics, has gained her a widespread for helping young people take a look at their lives, attitudes, and decisons in a
                          way that is enlivening and enlightening.

18   The 2011 HOBY Maryland Leadership Seminar
HOBY Sponsors
Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Programs are supported entirely through the generosity of private, corporate and
community sponsors. We thank the following individuals, organizations, and corporations whose donations made
this weekend possible.
*   Registration Fee and Sponsorship
( ) Number of sponsorships (if more than one)

Maryland Federation of Women’s Clubs                           Maryland Jaycees
GFWC Charles County Womans Club, Inc.                          Crescent Cities Jaycees (2)
GFWC Jr. Woman’s Club of Westminster, Inc.*                    Jaycee Crab Corp
GFWC Junior Womans Club of Chevy                               MD JCI Senate
GFWC Western Maryland Community Club                           Northern Baltimore County
GFWC Wicomico Woman’s Club, Inc.                               Towson Jaycees
GFWC Woman’s Club of Laurel* (2)                               Waldorf Jaycees (3)
GFWC Woman’s Club of Linthicum Heights, Inc.*                  Western Maryland Jaycees
Severn Town Club, Inc. (2)
South Arundel Club, Inc.
                                                               Maryland Kiwanis Clubs
The Joppatowne Women’s Club, Inc.                              Kiwanis Club of Crofton (2)
The Woman’s Club of Glyndon, Inc.                              Kiwanis Club of Cumberland (2)
The Woman’s Club of Westminster, Inc.*                         Kiwanis Club of Frederick (2)
Wednesday Club of Sandy Spring                                 Kiwanis Club of Greater Westminster (3)
                                                               Kiwanis Club of Mid Montgoemry
                                                               Kiwanis Club of Mount Airy
Maryland/South Delaware District
                                                               Kiwanis Club of Rockville (20)
of Optimist International                                      Kiwanis Club of Severna Park (2)
Breakfast Optimist Club of Dundalk                             Kiwanis Club of Suburban Frederick (3)
Cockeysville Optimist Foundation* (4)                          Kiwanis Club of Towson Timonium (4)
Cumberland Valley Optimist Club                                Kiwanis Club of Westminister (2)
Greater Jackonsonville Optimist
Hollywood Optimist Club
Northwest Baltimore Optimist Club*
Ocean City / Berlin Optimist (2)
Optimist Club Foundation of Rockville
Optimist Club of Annapolis (4)
Optimist Club of Calvert, Prince Frederick (2)
Optimist Club of Dundalk (4)
Optimist Club of Frederick (2)
Optimist Club of Freedom District, Inc.*
Optimist Club of Mechanicsville*
Optimist Club of Randallstown
Optimist Club of Salisbury*
Optimist Club of Seventh District (3)
Optimist Club of Solomons*
Optimist Club of St. Maries (3)
                                                               [At HOBY] I learned to combine
Optimist Club of the 4th District, Chaptico*                   vision, enthusiasm, and
Talbot Optimist Club (2)
The Hereford Optimist Club
                                                               determination into a powerful
Third District Optimist Club                                   force for change.”
Timonium Optimist Foundation, Inc. (2)
                                                                                                   – 1986 HOBY alum
Westminster Optimist Club (2)

                                                                                  The 2011 HOBY Maryland Leadership Seminar   19
     HOBY Benefactors
     The following individuals rose above and beyond,
     donating $500 or more towards sponsoring economically
                                                                  Gift in Kind Donations
     disadvantaged schools:                                       Bacchus Importers, Ltd.
                                                                  Aaron M. Bernstein*
     Jane K. Awalt                                                Robyn Bernstein
     Newth Morris                                                 Sheri Bernstein
     Dr. Thomas Powell,                                           Caribou Coffee
      Mount St. Mary’s University                                 Chef’s Expressions
                                                                  The Finamore Family
                                                                  Flexprint Graphics
     Corporate Sponsors
                                                                  Fritz Printing
     Bacchus Importers
                                                                  Alecia Frisby*
     Chef’s Expressions
                                                                  Giant Food
     Line of Sight
                                                                  Maryland Screen Printers
     Medex Global Solutions
                                                                  Wes Moore – TASTYKAKES
     Middleton & Meads Co., Inc.
                                                                  Mount St. Mary’s University Office of Admissions
     Port Tack, Ltd.
                                                                  Mount St. Mary’s University Office of the President
     RBY Event Planning, LLC
                                                                  Nestle Water
     Severna Park Elks Lodge #2482
                                                                  Brandon Pettit*
                                                                  Roma’s Café
     Individual Sponsors                                          Hunter Scofield*
     Patrick and Carol Applegate                                  Greg Van Suetendael, CSCP
     Don and Kathy Awalt                                          Tracy Wertheimer*
     Dennis Bauerschub                                            Sylvester Wojtsiak – TASTYKAKES
     Steven & Sheri Bernstein
     Barbara J. Crain
     Anna Custer-Singh*
     Debbi Locicero
                                                                  Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership
     Jeffrey G. Middleton, MD                                     (HOBY) – and its countless
     Joyce Ohler
                                                                  volunteers – have developed
     Clarence Peoples
     Greg Van Suetendael                                          a way to educate America’s
     Paul Welliver                                                next generation in the art and
     Mark Wertheimer
     Ltc. Brian K. Yee*
                                                                  purposes of leading a free
     In addition, the Seminar Board of Directors, all
                                                                  people; and that is an enduring
     Facilitators, Assistant Facilitators, Ambassador Staff,      and significant achievement.”
     and numerous seminar volunteers have made a personal
     financial contribution to the organization, not to mention                                      – Mikhail Gorbachev,
     donating an uncountable number of volunteer hours.                                  Former President of the Soviet Union

       HOBY Maryland is always welcoming new donors and sponsors! To get involved, please contact Aaron Bernstein
       at or 678-667-HOBY (4629). Get started on the path to making the world better a better
       place through HOBY.

20   The 2011 HOBY Maryland Leadership Seminar
Career Lunch Participants
Kathy Awalt, Volunteer

Justin J. Bedard, Senior Archaeologist, URS Corporation

Sheri Bernstein, Biologist/Technical Writer, National Institutes of Health (retired)

Sandi Bourget, Senior Account Manager, Inova Blood Donor Services

Roger Eve, Managing Partner, Eve Industries, LLC

John Finamore, Sr., VP, Regional Operations, Penn National Gaming, Inc.

Alecia Frisby*, Staff Attorney, Legal Aid Bureau, Inc.

Dave Hartman, President, Hartman Business Technology

Marie Hartman, VP Sales & Marketing, Hartman Business Technology

Bruce Kirby, President & CEO, MEDEX Global Group

Bill Krause, Teacher, Mount de Sales Academy for Girls

Annette Merz, President, Finsecure, LLC

Seth Meyers, Financial Advisor, The Capital Financial Group

neil Middleton, CEO, Middleton & Meads Co., Inc.

Jeffrey G. Middleton, M.D., Dermatologist, Self Employed

Martina Sahre, Postdoctoral Fellow,
US Food and Drug Administration

Jonathan Weinstein*, President, Line of Sight, LLC

Paul Welliver, NATA Certified Athletic Trainer & Licensed
Massage Therapist, MD SportsCare & Rehab

Dave Werkmeister, Account Executive – West Region,
Barcoding Inc.

Marc Wertheimer, Managing Partner,
Wertheimer & Ciazza, LLC

Aaron White, Program Director, Underage
and College Drinking Prevention Research,
National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

Greg Yakaitis*, BIA Cordon Bleu, Inc., Sales & Product
Development Manager

Robyn Yakaitis, Meeting Manager, President, and Owner,
RBY Event Planning

                                                                              The 2011 HOBY Maryland Leadership Seminar   21
     HOBY Ambassadors
      First         Last Name       High School                           First       Last Name     High School

      Valerie       Acker           Walt Whitman High School              Jared       Dean          Queen Annes County High School
      Olivia        Adams           Pikesville High School                Nicholas    DeMichele     Mountain Ridge High School
      Robert        Adams           Sparrows Point High School            Andrew      Desrochers    Glenelg High School
      Azeezat       Adeleke         North Point HS For Science,           Darby       DeStafano     Queen Annes County High School
                                    Technology & Industry                 Darius      Dobre-Mofid   South Hagerstown High School
      Joanna        Aguilar         Seneca Valley High School             Bryan       Doherty       John Carroll School
      Jose          Almario         River Hill High School                Craig       Dougherty     Boy’s Latin School of MD
      Mark          Altemus         Georgetown Prep. School               Laura       Ebsworth      Fallston High School
      Alexis        Alvarez         Bishop McNamara High School           Rachel      Edoror        Lansdowne High School
      Maria         Alvarez         Northwest High School                 Anthony     Ellis         Rockville High School
      Christopher   Ambrosini       Archbishop Spalding High School       Ryan        Emerick       Excelsior Academy
      Nicholas      Amole           Annapolis Sr. High School             Ashley      Erickson      Cambridge South Dorchester HS
      Dion          Anderson        Westlake High School                  Lissette    Escobar       Poolesville Jr/Sr High School
      Nikeohores    Argeroolos      The Park School Of Baltimore          Pablo       Escobosa      Broadneck Sr High School
      Katherine     Armstrong       Long Reach High School                Lanre       Faderin       Glenelg Country School
      Patricia      Bai             Dulaney High School                   Megan       Fantom        Hereford High School
      Juliana       Balla           Academy of the Holy Cross             Christian   Finamore      Middletown High School
      Kelly         Barnhard        Oakdale High School                   Liam        Finn          The Harbour School
      Emily         Bishai          Towson High School                    Russell     Fiol          Harford Technical High School
      Emily         Biskach         North Dorchester High School          Anyen       Fon           Laurel High School
      Kathleen      Boyle           Easton High School                    Ronald      Forster       Patuxent High School
      Cara          Brack           Southern Garrett High School          Lauryn      Froneberger   Western High School
      Caroline      Brigham         Great Mills High School               Patricia    Fuentes       Carver Center for Arts & Technology
      Krishna       Broadwater      Northwestern High School              Rachel      Fulton        Holly Grove Christian School
      Katherine     Brodt           Indian Creek School                   Molly       Gavin         Highland View Academy
      Eleni         Brown           The Calverton School                  Cameron     Gaynor        Stephen Decatur High School
      Madison       Bruffy          James Hubert Blake High School        Scott       Gee           Worcester Preparatory School
      Diaza         Byas            Sollers Point Technical High School   Angela      George        Dulaney High School
      Camille       Calhoun         Archbishop Spalding High School       Chariah     Ghee          Riverdale Baptist School
      Emily         Caron           Havre de Grace High School            Julia       Gill          St. Paul’s School for Girls
      Ryan          Carter          Glenelg High School                   Josephine   Grant         Francis Scott Key High School
      Lance         Casimir         St. Mary’s Ryken High School          Timothy     Grossnickle   Middletown High School
      Christian     Castro          Mount Saint Joseph High School        Genevieve   Grundy        The German School
      Sarah         Cheney          La Plata High School                  Sarah       Hamad         Mount Hebron High School
      Julia         Cholewczynski   Catholic H.S. of Baltimore            Patricia    Hanson        Joppatowne High School
      Kathryn       Christiansen    Athens Area High School               Sydney      Harper        John F. Kennedy High School
      Amelia        Clark           St. John’s Catholic Prep              Rebecca     Harton        Marriotts Ridge High School
      Jeb           Cliber          Walkersville High School              Savannah    Hatch         South River High School
      Alfred        Cohen           Eleanor Roosevelt High School         Kimberly    Hildreth      Parkside High School
      Amanda        Cohen           The German School                     Nicolas     Holocker      Century High School
      Alfredo       Colina          Gaithersburg High School              David       Howlett       Kenwood High School
      Nicole        Convissar       Severna Park Sr High School           Abigail     Hoyt          Broadneck Sr High School
      Samantha      Coronel         Holton Arms School                    Brandon     Huguley       Maurice J. McDonough High School
      Joseph        Coshun          Francis Scott Key High School         Gabrielle   Hunt          Patapsco HS & Center For The Arts
      Mark          Covington       Indian Creek School                   Frantzie    Jeannot       Mount de Sales Academy
      Rebecca       Cox             Leonardtown High School               Sara        Johnson       Mercy High School
      Christina     Cropper         Severna Park Sr High School           Candace     Johnson       Reservoir High School
      Abigayle      Culp            Manchester Valley High School         Lauren      Jones         Perryville High School
      Olivia        D’Amato         Atholton High School                  Chanelle    Jones         North East High School
      Amanda        D’Ambrosio      Queen Annes County High School        Brianna     Jones         Bel Air High School
      Alison        Dart            Catoctin High School                  Leslie      Joy           North Caroline High School
      Urvashi       Dayalan         Allegany High School                  Bethany     Jung          Oldfields School

22   The 2011 HOBY Maryland Leadership Seminar
First         Last Name     High School                          First        Last Name          High School

Nkosazana     Kemraha       Northwestern High School             Jackson      Rau                Winters Mill High School
Allison       Kendrick      Albert Einstein Senior High School   Alessandro   Rebaudeengo        Our Lady Of Good Counsel HS
Bennett       Ketter        St. Frances Academy                  John         Recchia            St. Anselm’s Abbey School
Stephen       Kind          Paint Branch High School             Mary         Reich              Governor Thomas Johnson HS
Derek         Klahre        Damascus High School                 Katherine    Rhodes             Gunston Day School
Claire        Klingenberg   Snow Hill High School                Jake         Ritterpusch        Chesapeake High School
Kristen       Kreimer       Winters Mill High School             Courtney     Rochvarg Ross      Bryn Mawr School
Steven        Kurapaty      Boonsboro High School                Adan         Rodriguez          Arundel Sr. High School
Heather       Lamb          Connelly School of Holy Child        Kendall      Roy                Calvert High School
Alexandria    Lebo          Excelsior Academy                    Stephanie    Safsten            Linganore High School
Keirsten      Lee           Winston Churchill High School        Alyssa       Savage             Northern Garrett High School
Alice         Lee           Mount Hebron High School             Joel         Schaefer           Annapolis Area Christian School
Connor        Lee           North County High School             Evan         Schwartz           Sherwood High School
Michael       Leonard       Baltimore Lutheran High School       Ben          Seto               North County High School
Dalton        Leonard       Southern Sr High School              Jacob        Shpiece            Rockville High School
Dadrianna     Lineberger    Central Sr High School               Marquise     Singleterry        Kent Island High School
Chengyu       Liu           Thomas S. Wootton High School        Shakiriah    Smalls             The Chelsea School
Nathaniel     Locke         Beth Tfiloh Community High School    Kaitlin      Smith              St. Andrew’s Episcopal School
Jordan        Luber         Arundel Sr High School               Treasure     Smith              Elkton High School
Tyler         Luby          Jarrettsville                        Hadeem       Smith              Frederick Douglass High School #450
Christine     Lukban        Huntingtown High School              David        Smith              Urbana High School
Gaurav        Luthria       Hammond High School                  Dreama       Stafford           Colonel Richardson High School
Taylor        Lyles         Wheaton High School                  Emily        Stair              Bohemia Manor High School
Erin          Lyons         South Carroll High School            Margaret     Stevick            Seton Keough High School
James         Marlett       Thomas Stone High School             Sarah        Sunday             Allegany High School
Victor        Marquart      Leonard Hall Jr. Naval Academy       Jessica      Swarner            St. Maria Goretti High School
Saeeda        Mazyck        Northwood High School                Simone       Szollos            Centennial High School
Danielle      McCants       St. Vincent Pallotti High School     Samantha     Topper             Governor Thomas Johnson HS
Christopher   McCurry       Walter Johnson High School           Katherine    Torres-Hernandez   Elizabeth Seton High School
Chelsea       McMullen      Highland View Academy                Taylor       Trumbower          Landon School
Marissa       McPhail       Old Mill Sr. High School             Kenneth      Valle              Watkins Mill High School
Jodie         McSparron     Hancock Middle Sr. High School       Grace        Victor             Franklin High School
Peter         Meehan        North Harford High School            Summer       Villarosa          St. John’s Catholic Prep
Anthony       Meely         Potomac High School                  Taylor       Wade               Lackey High School
Allison       Merriken      Salisbury Christian School           Savannah     Walker             Westminster High School
Glory         Mgboji        Patterson Mill Middle/High School    Madeline     Webb               Sts. Peter & Paul High School
Samara        Miller        Aberdeen High School                 Courtney     Webb               The Tome School
Shoshana      Mish          Fallston High School                 Lauren       Weicht             Williamsport High School
Ari’Elle      Moore         Bowie High School                    Lindsay      White              Notre Dame Preparatory School
Kaila         Morris        Perry Hall High School               Tori         White              Chopticon High School
Brad          Mullen        Worcester Preparatory School         Kayla        Wiley              Institute of Notre Dame
Olivia        Nallin        Bishop Walsh High School             Challon      Williams           Duval High School
Saachi        Nangia        Holton Arms School                   Christian    Williams           DeMatha Catholic High School
Kyle          Nemeroff      The Bullis School                    Cedric       Williams           Baltimore City College High School
Jamie         Nicholson     Tuscarora High School                Edward       Williams           Glen Burnie High School
Omosade       Olaiya        Dr. Henry A. Wise, Jr. High School   Laura        Winalski           St. Maria Goretti High School
Catherine     Osborne       Rising Sun High School               Janna        Wisniewski         Mercy High School
Nicholas      Palazzo       Archbishop Curley High School        Robin        Wivell             Catoctin High School
Darshan       Patel         Meade Sr High School                 Anna         Woepke             Severn School
Kisha         Patel         Brunswick High School                Brittany     Wood               Cristo Rey Jesuit High School
Radhika       Patel         Western School of Tech.              Courtney     Wright             Greensburg Salem High School
Laina         Pisano        Clarksburg High School               Kristin      Yocum              Northeast Sr. High School
Rebecca       Postowski     Edgewood High School                 Jonathan     Yowell             Wicomico Sr High School
Tracey        Pyser         Franklin High School                 Lindsay      Zachman            North Carroll High School
Andrew        Qian          Clarksburg High School               Emma         Zyriek             C. Milton Wright High School
Samuel        Quade         Chopticon High School

                                                                                      The 2011 HOBY Maryland Leadership Seminar        23
     Leadership Worksheet                                                                                       Personal


     Define a Leader: _________________________________________________________________________

     Personal Leadership                                                                                                      Society
     My Leadership Strengths Are:                                    Leadership Skills I Need to Work On:

     Group Leadership
     My Leadership Strengths are:                                    Leadership Skills I Need to Work On:

     Society Leadership
     My Leadership Strengths are:                                    Leadership Skills I Need to Work On:

     Leadership for Service SMART Goals
                                            Worksheet and Action Plan
      Making Your
      Goals SMART:                          Developing Your SMART Goals:
        Specific                            What do you want to do? How will you do it? What skills will it require to meet
         Measurable                         your desired outcome? Can it be done? What is the timeframe for completion?

                                            GOAL: __________________________________________________________________
                                            Benefits of achieving this goal: ______________________________________________
                                            What obstacles may stand in the way of achieving this goal? _____________________
                                            Are there any special skills/knowledge that will be needed to achieve this goal?
      Planning for Success:
      Step 1: Identify your goal.
                                            Who can help you achieve this goal? _________________________________________
      Step 2: Outline the benefits
      from reaching this goal.              Action Step: ________________________________ Deadline: ___________________
      Step 3: Identify and assess any       Action Step: ________________________________ Deadline: ___________________
      obstacles to reaching this goal.
                                            Action Step: ________________________________ Deadline: ___________________
      Step 4: Identify the skills or
                                            Action Step: ________________________________ Deadline: ___________________
      knowledge required to reach
      this goal.                            Action Step: ________________________________ Deadline: ___________________

      Step 5: Identify individuals,         Action Step: ________________________________ Deadline: ___________________
      groups and organizations to           Action Step: ________________________________ Deadline: ___________________
      work with to achieve this goal.
                                            Action Step: ________________________________ Deadline: ___________________
      Step 6: Establish a plan of
                                            Action Step: ________________________________ Deadline: ___________________
      action to reach this goal.
      Step 7: Determine a
      completion date for the goal.
                                            Don’t Forget to Log Your Service Hours!
                                            HOBY’s Leadership for Service Program rewards and recognizes ambassadors who
      Step 8: Evaluate the process
                                            complete 100 hours of community service within one year of the completion of their
      and your success in achieving
                                            HOBY seminar. Log your hours into the L4S system by visiting HOBY’s website at
      the goal.

24   The 2011 HOBY Maryland Leadership Seminar
Cooperating Organizations                           Maryland Leadership
Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership is fortunate          Seminar WLC Judges
to have the cooperation of many outstanding
                                                    Ronnie Bohn, President, Maryland JCI Senate
The following organizations endorse Hugh            Drew Braun, Conference Assistant,
O’Brian Youth Leadership:                           Mount St. Mary’s University

 •	 Albert Schweitzer Leadership for Life           Ann Lane, Member, Jacksonville Optimists
 •	 American Association of School
                                                    Dennis Lane, Past Vice President,
                                                    Optimists International
 •	 American Chamber of Commerce Executives
                                                    Justine Miller, Conference Assistant,
 •	 America’s Promise – The Alliance for Youth
                                                    Mount St. Mary’s University
 •	 American Humanics, Inc.
                                                    Tom Parran, III, Governor, Maryland/South
 •	 The American Red Cross
                                                    Delaware Optimists
                                                    Tim Poole, President, Maryland Junior Chamber
 •	 AYUSA International
                                                    of Commerce
 •	 College Options Foundation
                                                    Michael Seelman*, Senior Government Manager
 •	 The Congressional Award
 •	 Corporation for National Service                Tracy Wertheimer*, Lighting Designer,
                                                    Traces of Light Designs
 •	 Council of Chief State School Officers
 •	 Foundation for Teaching Economics               Elaine Williams, Financial Analyst, Baltimore County
                                                    Board of Education
 •	 Military Order of the World Wars
 •	 National Association of Manufacturers           Helene Yee*, Vice President, Interpublic Group

 •	 National Assn. of Secondary School Principals
 •	 National Catholic Educational Association
                                                                   HO   BY Maryland WLC
 •	 National FFA Organization                                 2010                                Gro
                                                     T   he
 •	 National Management Association
 •	 National Parents Teachers Association
 •	 National School Boards Association
 •	 Optimist International
 •	 Oxfam
 •	 People To People
 •	 Points of Light & Hands on Network
 •	 Presidential Classroom
 •	 United Nations Foundation
 •	 US Chamber of Commerce
 •	 US Junior Chamber of Commerce
 •	 Young Marines
 •	 Youth For Understanding USA

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