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									Your Guide to Freelance Writing
Great, you’ve decided you would like to do some freelance writing for magazines, Ezines,
newspapers, and online content. Sadly so have millions of others, so how do you plan to stand
out among your competition? It’s really simple

   You must be memorable
   You must do it better
   You must be more competitive

Experts in their field are in demand and that applies to freelance writers too. While there may
be millions of writers out there, some have poor English or they do not understand structure. In
other words, they’ve just called themselves a writer without anything to back that claim up.

When marketing your freelance writing don’t be too general. For example, if you are trying to
get something published in a Fishing magazine don’t send a letter to the editor suggesting an
article on fishing, or an article on fishing in California. It’s too vague and it will never get you
any work. A better proposal might be on the top five lures for ocean fishing.

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One of the first things you need to do is research the markets.

   Consumer magazines usually pay the most. These are the magazines you find in store. They
    are all kinds – men’s, women’s, sports, photography, entertainment, romance, and religion.
   Literary magazines pay very little and some don’t pay at all. However they are very
    prestigious and are great to jump start your career getting you the recognition you need.
    These are often published by universities, colleges, and other similar organizations. They
    look for scholarly works.

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   Trade journals will vary greatly in what they pay. You can really let your expertise shine
    through in these journals and at the same time you can earn some money, which is one of the
    reasons for their popularity.
   Ezines are an online method to get your works published and the pay varies significantly.
    Ezine articles are usually in circulation much longer than magazine content. Most Ezines
    don’t pay directly except through the byline, but the money is in writing Ezine articles for
    other website owners.
The Writers Market is an excellent resource for freelance writer. It’s printed annually and
includes a compilation of more than 1000 book publishers, and 2000 magazines. There are also
some excellent online tools that can help you including:
   Absolute Write – Weekly Ezine with marketing tips, market guidelines, and writing contests
   Writers Weekly – Market and writers guidelines published weekly
   Writer’s Digest – Searchable database of markets
   Writing for Dollars – Searchable database, and a biweekly newsletter presenting market
   Freelance Writing –Find freelance writing jobs. Learn how to freelance.
   Freelance Writing Organization International –One Of The World’s Largest, Free, Online
    Writing Resource Sites
   All Freelance Writing – A site packed with resources on freelance writing jobs, markets,
    and e-course, along with a blog and plenty of fun stuff.
   Freelance Writing Success –Resources, articles, advice and writers’ markets for anyone
    who wants to make money as a freelance writer or copywriter.
   About Freelance Writing-A community resource for freelance writers, editors, copywriters,
    bloggers, authors, and self-publishers, plus a freelance writing jobs .

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