Kiaraville In A Class Of Its Own by pengxiang


									                                            ISSUE   08

                                     Living Life Large

Kiaraville: In A Class Of Its Own
New Sizzling Design Frontier
Epitomises i-ZEN’s Brave New World
                                                           State-of-the-Art Splendour Places
                                                           Kiaraville In Mont’ Kiara’s Superleagues

                                                           State-of-the-art splendour places Kiaraville in Mont’ Kiara’s
“ Kiaraville fuses                                         superleague of luxurious condominiums. Touted as the
  innovation and                                           counterpoint to SENI Mont’ Kiara’s unrivalled élan, Kiaraville is
                                                           taking a well-deserved bow in the spotlight with a mesmerising
  design finesse.”                                         arsenal of lifestyle touches to woo discerning homemakers.

     The best of tech-inspired design claims
     the spotlight this month as Kiaraville woos
     discerning homemakers with its bevy of stellar
     facilities. One’s domestic and fitness instincts
     are given full reign with top-notch sporting
     amenities and a nursery that inspires your child’s    The stunning residential abode pays homage          Professional fitness centre operator, Candi
     creativity and learning. Fine-tune your adrenaline    to today’s lifestyle of modern families; with       Soo, has been engaged to manage the gym’s
     rush with Kiaraville’s personal trainers and tap      a homage to onsite nursery and gymnasium            private training facilities. One can flex to body
     into the latest trends that are making waves in       which are a gadget aficionado’s fantasy.            beautiful perfection and special training or
     the health and beauty worlds.                                                                             exercise programmes can be customised to
                                                           Kiaraville is distinguished by the redoubtable
                                                                                                               individual needs and workout schedules. Apart
     Further afield, we revisit i-ZEN’s promise of style   bronze sculptures flanking its resplendent
                                                                                                               from personalised training, a wide range of
     and sophistication through new endeavours in          entrance. The rotund figures of musicians in
                                                                                                               trendsetting workouts are available such as the
     Vietnam and discover the cutting-edge medical         the unadulterated music-making joy were the
                                                                                                               Gymstickin, Barbell Matrix and the perennially
     hub that will pave our way forward.                   inspirations of New York-based Malaysian art
                                                                                                               popular aerobics. Some may even explore the
                                                           maestro Eng Tay.
     In the upcoming festive celebrations, you are                                                             more convivial dance workouts such as the
     invited to relish the culinary and leisure treats     Sited over 6.74 acres of land, Kiaraville           ‘Masala’ – an energetic group exercise influenced
     brought to you by your i-ZEN privileges as            comprises of five different towers. Unique to       by Bollywood and Bhangra music or the Yogataal
     you continue to live well in this city filled with    Kiaraville’s innate exclusivity, is the inclusion   which inventively fuses yoga moves with
     infinite surprises!                                   of one-on-one personal training services for        contemporary music.
                                                           all its residents at its exclusive gym. Wrestle
                                                                                                               One of the highlights which gives the seal of
                                                           away the anxieties of a hard day’s work on
                                                                                                               approval to Kiaraville’s claim of being ‘The
                                                           a slew of cutting-edge barbells and high-end
                                                                                                               One to Own’ is understanding the needs of its
                                                           Italian-made Technogym training equipment.
                                                                                                               residents. Families with young children can
                                                           The exquisitely-built aerobics room with
                                                                                                               leave their kids at the nursery with total peace-
                                                           special lightings and sound systems and two
                                                                                                               of-mind. The expertly-rendered childcare and
                                                           private training rooms, complete the 4,000
                                                                                                               parenting centre was designed in consultation
     MR LAI VOON HON                                       sq-foot fitness buff’s dream.
                                                                                                               with child development specialist Jan Deboer,
     President / CEO
     Ireka Development Management Sdn Bhd                                                                      and functions as both a nursery and childcare

                                                                                                                                   For sale/leasing enquires,
                                                                                                                                kindly call 016 3094 559 or
                                                                                                                              email to

                                                     beauty salon, laundrette and cafeteria. Besides
                                                     that, well-known food and beverage outlets
                                                     are just within walking distance as Kiaraville
                                                     is located opposite Soho KL and Solaris Mont’
                                                     Kiara, the latest lifestyle caucus of gastronomy
                                                     and entertainment in this enclave. This alchemic
                                                     mix of state-of-the-art flair and homegrown
                                                     comforts bodes well for the jet-setting
                                                     professionals who choose Kiaraville as a
                                                     ‘cut above the rest’.

centre. Babysitting services will soon be added
to provide parents with child-free time to explore
Kiaraville’s facilities, such as the 32-metre
swimming pool, wading pool, linear play
pool and an infinity-edge adult’s pool.
Residents are invited to relax over a cocktail on
German-made Rausch outdoor furniture around
the pool deck. Also available are the designated
sporting amenities like the tennis courts,                                                              Fast Facts
squash courts and sauna rooms, completing the
                                                                                                        • Kiaraville is located at one of the highest
salubrious 5-star resort feel.
                                                                                                          points of Mont’ Kiara, with a panoramic view
Residents can benefit from the condominium’s                                                              of the Kuala Lumpur City Skyline.
manifold facilities. Kiaraville will soon be
                                                                                                        • Kiaraville is strategically located away from
equipped with convenience store, hair and
                                                                                                          the hustle and bustle of city traffic, yet
                                                                                                          close enough to resonate with the pulse of
                                                                                                          a vibrant city living. Located within a 6 km
                                                                                                          radius to the Central Business District of
                                                                                                          Kuala Lumpur, it is easily accessible and is
                                                                                                          just 10 mins away from Bangsar, Damansara
                                                                                                          Heights, Desa Sri Hartamas, Bandar Utama
                                                                                                          and Mutiara Damansara.

                                                                                                        • Within this exclusive residential enclave of
                                                                                                          Mont’ Kiara, there are three international
                                                                                                          schools, namely the Mont Kiara International
                                                                                                          School, Garden International School and
                                                                                                          French International School.

                                                                                                        • Safe neighbourhood with burgeoning
                                                                                                          affluent international community, well-
                                                                                                          supported by exciting choices of F&B and
                                                                                                          lifestyle outlets.

     Cross-over Fashion Paves
     Way For Eclectic Designs

     Creative intersections in art, architecture and gourmet cuisine
     are fast permeating every facet of today’s design world. With
     cutting-edge furniture taking pride of place from living spaces to
     boardrooms, Citi-ZEN dissects the form from the functionality with
     i-ZEN’s design maestro and furniture enthusiast Lai Voon Poh.

                                                                                                                                        ‘Hiroshima Chair’ by Naoto Fukasawa -
      ‘Box’ Sofa by Autoban De La Espada - Honest and yet quirky, with attention to detail
                                                                                                                                        Ergonomic pared down simplicity, beautifully-made

     Q: What are your top picks for furniture trends                  Q: Can furnitures be inventive as well as user-                  Q: How do we meld retro pieces like the egg
     that are headlining today’s design climate?                      friendly and functional?                                         chair with a more contemporary Scandanavian
                                                                                                                                       masterpieces in a relatively confined space?
     The design world of today is very eclectic indeed                To me, function and use is of paramount
     with many design dynamisms, trends and                           importance. Being inventive means innovating                     If you have a limited space to work on, I would
     perspectives. To me, it is getting to be like the                without sacrificing the basic need of function. That             suggest that you take the ‘less is more’ approach.
     vibrant and energetic fashion world. I cannot say                said, you do get some avant-garde inventions that                It is all well and fine to experiment and clash
     whether this augurs well for the industry but it is              simply take your breath away. Again, I compare                   retro-classics with modern icons. Do not be afraid
     certainly generating many innovative ideas. My                   this to fashion. You may notice that some designs                to try different combinations, but the trick is not
     top pick has to be the cross-over of architects                  by Comme Des Garcon or Viktor & Rolf may never                   to over-do it or populate the space with too many
     in furniture design. Visionary British furniture                 be worn in the real world. These are in fact show                pieces. Exercising restraint is the key.
     company, Established & Sons, are bringing the                    pieces and often end up being a collector’s item.
     ideas of heavyweight architects such as Future                   It is like buying art. Zaha Hadid produced some                  Q: Are ergonomic considerations in furniture
     Systems, Zaha Hadid and Caruso St John to the                    gorgeous sculptural pieces for Established & Sons’               designs as pervasive today?
     wider public.                                                    which may not be functional-friendly but you do
                                                                      know how investment-friendly it definitely is!                   When you are contemplating a decision to buy
     Q: How has furniture designs changed and                                                                                          a chair, sofa or bed, you need to make sure it
     adapted itself, according to our increasingly                                                                                     is ergonomically-friendly as you are bound to be
     sophisticated aesthetic and cultural needs?                                                                                       spending a lot of time in it. You need to shop
                                                                                                                                       around and try out the furniture to make sure
     I think the answer to that is in the availability of                                                                              you feel comfortable. As a customer, we have the
     choice. There is something for everyone out there                                                                                 responsibility to be selective and ultimately decide
     in the market, be it in the very mass-produced                                                                                    on the best furniture. For example, a Herman
     furniture industry or the high-brow collector’s                                                                                   Miller Aeron office chair is very well-designed and
     scene. Ideas from high-end furniture designers                                                                                    I would really recommend investing in one if you
     are trickling down and diffusing into the high                                                                                    are seeking ultimate comfort and luxury.
     street, much like the fashion industry. Habitat
     furniture brand led by Tom Dixon is exemplary
                                                                        ‘Aqua’ Table by Zaha Hadid (Limited Edition in white Carrara
     of that trend.                                                     marble) Inspired by ‘water in motion’, this is a serious
                                                                        collector’s item.

                                                                                                                                                               Picture courtesy from Malaysia Tatler

Q: What colours and textures of furnishings or
furnitures work best for the quintessential
i-ZEN home?

There isn’t a strict guideline that dictates which
colours, textures or styles that we should adopt in
an i-ZEN home for instance. It is all about meeting
the needs and demands of our discerning buyers,
and making them feel comfortable at home. But
what an i-ZEN home is all about is offering the
best in the five elements of style, service, security,
sophistication and soul.

Q: Fashion designers like Missoni are launching
their own furnishing lines. What are your thoughts
on this trend?

I am less enthusiastic about this trend as
compared to architects launching their own
furniture designs. Though there are some
commendable designs by Armani Casa, Missoni
and Bottega Veneta, but in my opinion, they are                        ‘North’ by Amanda Levete, Future Systems - Sculptural Mobius-strip inspired console in this season’s hot colour

more about marketing their brand or lifestyle
concepts rather than actual design per se. It is all                                                                                  Please contact 603-62036688 or email
about living in an interior in which Armani would                                                                            for any enquires or to
live in, wear the clothes which he may wear and                                                                                       set up an appointment for his interior consultation.
live a life as how he would live it!

  ‘Crash’ by Ferruccio Laviani - Intricate and complex origami-inspired storage unit makes this a cut above the rest

     Celebrity-style Skin
     For The Festive Season

     We often think we have the entire
     lowdown on skin. It construes all
     seven layers of our prized face and
     figure, it is the tell-tale of negligent
     grooming and a fragile ally in the
     uphill battle against signs of age.
     Powder, paint and camouflage it all
     you like, but there’s no disguising
     that a dewy, luminous complexion is
     the evergreen beauty staple that has
     never entirely upstaged makeup in
     the beauty compartment.

     For the fast approaching Christmas season,               Men’s skins are approximately 15% oilier than        skin. Miracle foods like tofu have kept Japanese
     shelf the overwrought concealer in favour of             that of their female counterparts and are more       women inviolably youthful for years. Brown rice
     a restorative diet of natural foods and organic          prone to blemishes. Cleansing products with          and antioxidant foods like Shitake mushrooms
     creams; aimed at restoring lilt and evanescence          natural marine extracts such as algae and easily     and organically-grown tomatoes have also been
     to brow-beaten skin. Each person’s complexion,           obtainable lavender and almond oil combine to        credited with promoting an unlined complexion
     like much of the rest of one’s body, has its own         make a sublime remedy for dehydrated, mixed          and an effervescent glow. Coupled with sufficient
     particular needs and characteristics. Genes,             consistency skin of both men and women.              rest, exercise and a positive disposition, the
     environmental impurities, stress and inadequate                                                               battle against the march of time could possibly be
     nutrition can wreck havoc on the skin’s tissue           Renew and rejuvenate further with a daily vitamin    staved off for some time yet.
     patterns and moisture levels. A continuous barrage       B5 supplement you can easily down in between
     of such factors evokes catastrophic mid-week             boardroom meetings and the unofficial six
     breakouts and a sallow, dismal complexion.               o’clock cocktails. Taking care of one’s skin can      Exclusive Promotion for i-ZEN
                                                              be a challenge as well for new and adolescent-        Privilege Card Members*
     Skincare specialists often advise a personalised         saddled mom; with back-to-school curriculums
     consultation of one’s skin condition and lifestyle       in full swing and post school meals waiting to        Pamper yourself with a free Custom-Blended
     before touting the right prescriptions to get skin       be made. Don’t let your appearance fall by the        Pure Oxygen Spray Mask Treatment worth
     looking at its best. Specifically-selected ingredients   wayside and opt for a ten-minute beauty routine       RM200 (one session only), and nominate a
     like the antioxidant AHA and chemical whiteners,         of handy exfoliator, paired with an easy-to-apply     friend of yours to enjoy the same indulgence,
     combined with top of line custom-blending                moisturising cream. For a quick, easy fix, slather    in the next visit for free!
     technology, mean that cleansing regiments and            on over-the-counter pharmaceutical products
                                                                                                                    *Terms & Conditions
     products are kept unique to each person.                 which heed the ten-minute beauty rule - the time      • Validity period: 15 November - 15 February 2009.
                                                              savior for overworked, frazzled urbanites.            • Offer is not exchangeable for cash and is only valid upon
                                                                                                                      confirmation of reservation.
     In collusion with most trends in health, hair and                                                              • Card members must mention the usage of i-ZEN Privilege
     beauty, skincare is rapidly forging new ground           Often lost in the confusing minefield of product        Card upon RSVP and to present the card before
                                                                                                                      experiencing the treatment.
     with those more traditionally associated with            speak, is the undeniable primacy of diet in           • Nominated friend must be above 25 years old and
     machismo, rather than moisturizers.                      influencing the quality and composure of one’s          subject to confirmation of RSVP.

                                                            i-ZEN Projects
                        Starhill Gallery – (03) 2144 8861
                          The Gardens – (03) 2282 8861

                                                            Construction Progress
                                                            September 2008

Customer’s Testimonial

It was a pleasant surprise when I entered
MTM’s Skincare Centre in Starhill Gallery, and
I was greeted by the friendly MTM Consultant
and served with a cup of warm, refreshing
                                                             Works are in progress at transfer floor for Block A, plaza level for Block B, level LG2 for Block C, level LG1 & LG2 for Block D. Retaining wall and
green tea. I did not have any expectations or                suspended driveway structure works are progressing well
pre-conceived ideas of MTM’s services, but I
was delighted that for the next 20 minutes of
my visit, the MTM Consultant took me through
a series of questions to determine my skin
type / profile and also to discover some of
the possible areas of my skin that requires
treatment. Indeed, this is an important step to
ensure that I get ‘customised’ treatment and
not just ‘off-the-shelf’ products.

As today’s customers continue to evolve
to be more discerning, MTM has definitely
differentiated itself with the Custom-blended
skincare that is specially-formulated and
uniquely-blended to meet the specific                                                                                                      Structural works completed at Level 36 for Radiant/Ideale
                                                            Diaphragm wall and piling works completed. Ground to                           block and Level 28 for Kallista block. Structural works at
solutions required. To top it all, I was further            Level 12 (bz hub), Level 2 (Office Tower) and Basement                         podium, architectural and M&E works for both blocks are
reassured as the ingredients were made from                 floors structural works are progressing well                                   progressing well
natural ingredients such as citrus, almond oil,
Ginseng essence as well as seaweed and aloe
vera. Over the next 1 hours, not only was I
pampered with the most delicate care by the
                                                            Complimentary Shuttle Services
consultant, but I managed to also indulge in                Travel between The Gardens Mall and
the relaxing dimly-lit treatment suite. It was a            Mont’ Kiara with comfort and ease.
total ‘body and soul’ rejuvenating session!
                                                            The complimentary shuttles run at two
                                                            convenient times daily, servicing the
                                                            following locations:

                                                            - Taxi stand at Kiaraville, servicing
                                                               residents of Kiaraville and Villa Aseana

                                                            - Bus stop outside Villa Mont’ Kiara,
                                                              servicing residents of i-ZEN@Kiara I
                                                              and i-ZEN@Kiara II

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    06                                             Chin Yew’s Solo                                                19th National Real
     Expo “The Luxury                                          Exhibition                                                     Estate Convention
     Collection”                                               9 August 2008 - Official                                       25 to 27 August 2008 - Mr Lai
                                                               launch of debut art exhibition                                 Voon Hon shared his insights
     25 to 27 July 2008 -
                                                               titled ‘The Boy Who Loved                                      on ‘Design and Construction
     SENI Mont’ Kiara drew
                                                               Clouds’ by artist Chin Yew                                     Strategies’ at the 19th National
     keen interests during
                                                               at Art Salon @ SENI                                            Real Estate Convention
     the Expo
     held at the Kuala Lumpur
     Convention Centre

                                                                                                                                (L-R) Mr Choy Y.K, Ms Lillian Tay, Dato’ Ir. Low K.K, Mr Jun
     “The Outlook of the Luxury Property Market in             Artist Chin Yew jumping for joy during the opening               Palafox Jr., Dr Tan L.M, Mr Suyanto Osman and
     Malaysia” forum, moderated by Mr. Lai Voon Hon            of his solo exhibition                                           Mr Lai Voon Hon

     (L-R) Mr Anthony Wong, Mr Lai, with Mr Ken Tsurumaru
     and Mr Patrick Grove from Group

                                                               (L-R) Early supporters of Chin Yew, Mr and Mrs Lee,              (L-R) Mr Choy Yue Kwong presenting souvenir
                                                               artist Chin Yew and Mr Spencer Wing                              to guest speaker, Mr Lai Voon Hon

     National badminton player Koo Kien Keat (2nd from left)
                                                               (L-R) ) Mr Spencer Wing, Ms Celia Yap, Chin Yew, Ms Margaret Lim and Ms June Cheong at the debut
     enquired about SENI Mont’ Kiara during the expo

Mid-Autumn                                                  Aseana Notches Up New Vistas
Festival Party                                              In Vietnam With Queen’s Place
And Dance
12 September 2008 - Guests
gathered at Kiaraville to
celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival

Mr Lai Voon Hon and Ms Stephanie Chai and Ms Hannah

                                                            Aseana Properties Limited (’Aseana’) has made an         Delivering an endorsement for the company’s
                                                            indelible mark on the Vietnamese property scene          Vietnamese foray, Chairman of Aseana Properties
                                                            with Queen’s Place project, a mixed development of       Limited, Dato’ Mohammed Azlan bin Hashim said,
                                                            residential abodes and commercial offices in Ho Chi      “We are delighted to receive the Investment
                                                            Minh City. The prolific City Centre project is located   License for the Queen’s Place development.
                                                            on approximately 8,400 square metres of land and         Queen’s Place is expected to change the urban
Chinese instrumental performance by talented musician,
Ms Lee Ying Ying                                            is jointly undertaken with Binh Duong Corporation, a     landscape of District 4 in Ho Chi Minh City,
                                                            Vietnamese property firm in Ho Chi Minh City.            bringing an improved quality of life, work and
                                                                                                                     leisure to the area.”
                                                            Queen’s Place, another of Aseana’s property
                                                            development venture into Vietnam, will comprise
                                                            twin residential towers, office spaces, serviced
                                                            apartments and a contiguous retail area. Queen’s
                                                            Place is strategically situated in District 4,
                                                            adjacent to District 1 which is the central business
                                                            and commercial district of Ho Chi Minh City. With
                                                            a commuting time of less than five minutes to the
                                                            City Centre, Queen’s Place is expected to become
                                                            the destination of choice for businesses and
                                                            consumers who need quick and easy access to the
                                                            city’s lifeline.
Dancers of William & Luisa DanceWorld spiced up the party

     International Hi-Tech Healthcare Park To
     Set A New Medical Frontier In Vietnam

     Aseana Properties Limited
     has blazed yet another trail in
     Vietnam with the recent in-
     volvement in the development
     of Vietnam’s largest Interna-
     tional Hi-Tech Healthcare Park
     in Ho Chi Minh City. The first
     all-encompassing international
     healthcare hub in Southeast
     Asia showcases a holistic, fully
     integrated healthcare environ-
     ment for both patients and
     medical practitioners. Aseana
     will be responsible for plan-
                                                            provide upscale healthcare services to a Ho Chi         Laboratory
     ning, developing and market-                           Minh City’s population of 8 million; as well as         The Hospital Laboratory is projected to provide a
     ing the International Hi-Tech                          other parts of Vietnam and the world over.              comprehensive, high-quality laboratory services to
                                                                                                                    physicians, patients, and the community.
     Healthcare Park, with Ireka                            Spanning a phased development period of nine
     Development Management Sdn                             years, the Healthcare Park will entail a state-of-      Research Centre and Medical Suites
                                                            the-art private hospitals set amidst a clutch of        The designer Medical Suites will cater to
     Bhd (wholly-owned subsidiary                           commercial, hospitality and residential properties      Medical Professionals and Specialists including
     of Ireka Corporation Berhad)                           – conjoined under a common healthcare theme.            Dental Specialists, Anti-Ageing Specialists and
                                                                                                                    Fertility Specialists. All suites will also have
     as the Development Manager.                            The International Hi-Tech Healthcare Park               broadband connectivity.
                                                            encompasses 4 main components, namely:
     This pioneering effort occupies an estimated area                                                              2. Education Facilities:
     of 37.54 hectares and is set in the heart of Binh      1. Healthcare Facilities: World-Class                      International Quality Education
     Tan District; a convenient 10 km (30 minutes)             Medical Professionals
     drive from Ho Chi Minh’s Central Business District                                                             Institute of Medical Science and
     (District 1). Accessible highway link with Vietnam’s   Tertiary Care and Teaching Hospital                     Technology (IMT)
     Tan Son Nhat International Airport further             The Hi-Tech Teaching Hospital and Centre Of             IMT is set to advance knowledge and education
     enhances its standing as a strategic hub for world-    Excellence will have a capacity of up to 500 medical    in science, technology, and other areas of private
     class medical facilities for the infirmed.             students in the first year of operations, and will be   and public scholarships. The Healthcare Park will
                                                            fully-equipped with cutting-edge equipment and          have International Hospital, Research Centre,
     The International Hi-Tech Healthcare Park is           telemedicine facilities. The International Hi-Tech      Laboratory, and Medical Suites, situated close to
     conceptualised to place Vietnam – a destination        Healthcare Park will be the first in Vietnam to         the world-class Convention Centre.
     better known for industrial production and tourism     debut telemedicine, which allows physician-patient
     - on the roadmap of international medical tourism.     or physician-student interaction via an interactive
     This prestigious new establishment is slated to        audio-video communication system.


International Primary School                              4. Community Facilities: Rejuvenating
The International Primary School will meet the               Health and Leisure Facilities
needs of expatriate professionals working and
living within the International Hi-Tech Healthcare        Residents’ Clubhouse
Park, and covers pre-school and primary                   Facilities include a swimming pool, yoga centre, gym,
school curriculums.                                       tennis court, games room, community hall, music room
                                                          and reading area to promote a healthy lifestyle.
3. Support Facilities: Comprehensive
   Commercial & Retail Facilities                         3-Star Hotel & Convention Centre
                                                          The 3-star hotel with room service offers shuttle
Medical Retail Mall & Corporate Offices                   transfers to buildings within the Healthcare Park       Aseana Properties Limited (“Aseana”)
A Medical Retail Mall and Corporate Offices are           and is linked to a Medical Retail Mall as well as       ( is a leading
within walking distance, offering.integrated facilities   a world-class Convention Centre, providing the          property development company listed on
such as the wellness centre, sport and fitness            perfect venue for conferences, conventions and
                                                                                                                  the Main Market of London Stock Exchange.
centre, retail and food and beverage outlets.             other events.
                                                                                                                  Aseana was established to take advantage
                                                                                                                  of the upmarket segment of property
Serviced Apartments
Housed in the business centre, the serviced                                                                       development opportunities in Vietnam
apartments are ideal for those seeking affordable                                                                 and Malaysia. Product innovation and
stays during international conferences, seminars,                                                                 commitment to excellence are hallmarks
medical training and research work at the                                                                         of Aseana, with the aim be the premier
International Hi-Tech Healthcare Park.                                                                            investment gateway for investors and
                                                                                                                  homeowners. Ireka Development Management
                                                                                                                  Sdn Bhd (“IDM”), building on its much-
                                                                                                                  celebrated i-ZEN brand (
                                                                                                                  my) of luxury properties in Malaysia, has
                                                                                                                  been appointed by Aseana as the exclusive
                                                                                                                  Development Manager responsible for the
                                                                                                                  day-to-day management of its property
                                                                                                                  portfolio as well as the introduction and
                                                                                                                  facilitation of new investment opportunities.
                                                                                                                  IDM is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ireka
                                                                                                                  Corporation Berhad (, a
                                                                                                                  construction and property development group
                                                                                                                  listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia.
                                                                                                                  Ireka is a major shareholder of Aseana and
                                                                                                                  is the company behind prestigious Malaysian
                                                                                                                  landmarks and developments such as The
                                                                                                                  Westin Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya Government
                                                                                                                  Administrative offices, one Mont’ Kiara
                                                                                                                  integrated commercial development, SENI
                                                                                                                  Mont’ Kiara resort residences and Technology
                                                                                                                  Park Malaysia.

Taste The Pinnacle                                                           The i-ZEN promise of exquisite lifestyle is best embodied in our exclusive
                                                                             i-ZEN Privilege Card. Dine and shop to contentment; luxuriate in exotic idylls
Of Fine Living With                                                          and tap into cutting-edge health and wellness trends with our esteemed i-ZEN
                                                                             Privilege Card partners.
i-ZEN Privilege Card
 Accommodation                                 Accommodation                            Accessory & Gift                                Wellness, Beauty & Fitness                Wellness, Beauty & Fitness

                                                                                                                                        Gurney Plaza – (04) 222 8000
                                                                                        The Carat Club: Bangsar - (03) 2284 8618        Subang Parade – (03) 5163 3000
                                                                                        The Love Diamond: Mid Valley - (03) 2287 9929   1 Utama – (03) 7718 8000                  Starhill Gallery – (03) 2144 8861
 (03) 2731 8333                                +62 361 775 111                          The C. Club: Pavilion KL- (03) 2141 8260        Bangsar Village II – (03) 2092 8000       The Gardens – (03) 2282 8861

                    Wellness, Beauty & Fitness                       Wellness, Beauty & Fitness                Food & Beverage                               Food & Beverage

                    Lot 10 Shopping Centre - (03) 2143 3429
                    Hartamas Shopping Centre - (03) 6201 4429
                    Subang Parade Shopping Centre - (03) 5633 3429
                    Damansara Perdana - (03) 7710 4429               (03) 4256 8833                           (03) 2300 1955                                 (03) 2162 7789 (G)

Please indicate the property of interest
to you by marking ( ) where appropriate.
o i-ZEN@Kiara I                                                              Tel                                  O                                       H
o i-ZEN@Kiara II
o i-ZEN@Villa Aseana
                                                                                                                  Hp                                      Fax
o Tiffani by i-ZEN
o Kiaraville
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o one Mont’ Kiara Office Suites
o one Mont’ Kiara Retail Space

                                                                             Please send your registration of interest to us at:
o Rental                        o      Purchase -
                                                                             i-ZEN PROPERTY SHOWCASE
                                           Occupancy                         G-1, Kiara II, No. 1, Jalan Kiara, Mont’ Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
                                           Investment                        or fax to (03) 6203 6868

For enquiries, please contact
tel: (03) 6203 6688                                                                                                                                                                        7atenine, Kuala Lumpur
fax: (03) 6203 6868
Leasing/Subsale Enquires:
tel: (60) 16 3094559
No 1, Jln TPK 1/6, Taman Perindustrian Kinrara
47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel (03) 8075 7222 | Fax (03) 8075 7333

G-1, Kiara II, No. 1, Jalan Kiara, Mont’ Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: (03) 6203 6688 | Fax: (03) 6203 6868


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