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Maintain for six years accurate records of all spirits received and used or disposed of in any manner whatsoever and make the
records available for inspection by officers of the Department of National Revenue or members of the Royal Canadian Mounted
Police at any time during usual business hours.

Department: Pharmacology          Purchase order no. _______________ Date Received _______________________
Supplier: _______________________ Invoice no. ____________________ Packing slip _________________________
Carrier ________________________ Bond no. _____________ Drum no. ____________ Revenue no. ______________
Type of alcohol 95% v/v           Quantity (L) ___________ Strength (%) _____________________

DISBURSEMEMT                           Use separate sheet for each drum – One or more sheets can be used as necessary

Date               Quantity              Usage (see below)                           Signature

Date drum emptied ______________________        Total amount dispensed (L) _________________________________

a) dehydrating body tissue             g) used as solvents           m) histology (study of tissue)
b) dehydrating body cells              h) used as disinfectants      n) preparation of tinctures
c) dehydrating plants                  I) used in cytology           o) slide preparation
d) staining solution                   j) cancer tests               p) compounding germicidal solutions
e) preservation of animal parts        k) dermatology (prep of lotions( q) other uses – specify
f) preservation of human body parts    l) blood stain preparation

Please forward a copy of this form to purchasing when drum is empty

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