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					               Allied Health Division                       Status                     Notes

                    Dental Hygiene                        Completed
            Dental Laboratory Technology                  Completed
 Food Service Admin - Dietetic Tech - Nutrition Care         On list       Contacted Contacting Margaret Gargfoot 10/23/08
            Health Information Technology                    On list       Contacted
           Medical Laboratory Technology                  Completed
              Medical Office Assistant                    Completed
    Mental Health Assistant - Alcohol Counseling            On Hold                    Trying to edit w/out faculty member with issues
     Mental Health Assistant - Substance Abuse              On Hold                    Trying to edit w/out faculty member with issues
                        Nursing                             On Hold                    Dr Ranne retired and need to contact again
           Occupational Therapy Assistant                    On list                   5/5/08 emailed
               Ophthalmic Dispensing                      Completed
Radiologic Technology: Radiation Therapy Technology          On list       Contacted
                   Respiratory Care                       Completed
                 Surgical Technology                         On list       Contacted 10/26 got email from Regina
           Emergency Medical Technology                  In Production

        Business & Public Service Division

              Business Administration                       Completed
 Business: Business Administration (Transfer Option)        Completed
           Computer Information Systems                   Spring 2009                  10/10/08 talked to Louise Spring Production
               Criminal Justice/Police                   In Production
                   Criminal Justice                    Editing Summer 09
                     Culinary Arts                          Completed
                   Early Childhood                        Spring 2009                  10/7/08 talked to Martha
              Emergency Management                                                     Rosa Gonzalez completing questionnaire
             Fire Protection Technology                   Completed
           Hotel Restaurant Management                    Completed
                 Office Management                        Completed
                      Paralegal                                                        5/5/08 emailed
            Physical Education Studies                    Completed
               Recreation Leadership                      Completed
             Court Reporting Certificate                  Completed

       Engineering & Technologies Division

 Architectural Technology - Construction Technology       Completed
                Automotive Technology                      On list         Contacted
        Automotive Trades: Autobody Repair                 On list         Contacted
        Building Management & Maintenance                  On list         Contacted 9/2/08 contacted Andy
            Civil Engineering Technology                  Completed
            Computer Repair Technology                    Completed
 Construction Management Engineering Technology           Completed
                         CADD                             Completed
          Electrical Engineering Technology                                            9/2/2008 contacted Anthony Dalessio
                  Engineering Science
                 Industrial Technology                    Completed
                Mechanical Engineering Technology                       Editing Summer 09
                 Telecommunications Technology
        Visual Communication Tech - Graphic Arts & Printing                                             Waiting for New Equipment

                       Liberal Arts Division

         Communication and Media Arts - Communication Arts                   Completed
                             Computer Science                                Completed
                 Liberal Arts & Science - General Studies                      On list    Contacted
   Liberal Arts & Science - Humanities & Social Science/Humanities           Completed
 Liberal Arts & Science - Humanities & Social Science/Social Science    Editing Summer 09
Liberal Arts & Science - Humanities & Social Science/Childhood Ed 1-6
        Liberal Arts & Science - Mathematics & Science/Science             Completed
          Liberal Arts & Science - Mathematics & Science/Math
                                    GIS                                    Completed
                           Teaching Certificate                             On list         Contacted            Trying to come up with format

                         Special Programs
                        Amonia Refrigeration                                 On list        Contacted             Waiting on Marv for script

                          Casino Gaming                                      Completed
                          EMT/Paramedic                                 Editing Summer 09
         Department                 Video Name

   Career Resource Center            DISCOVER
     Tutoring/Mentoring          Tutor Training Video
      Advanced Studies
Document Construction Projects
        GET IT 2006
     President Welcome
  Opening Day Session 2006
        College Day
        Title III Video
      Distance Learning
      Graduation 2006
    Status        Notes

Editing/On Hold   Waiting for Deb Schmitt to set up more interviews
         Project Name             Status

GPA Calculator          Completed
ECC Enrollment Guide    Completed
Surveys                 Completed
Virtual Tour            In Production
Website Redesign        In Production
Online Orientation      In Production

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