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									      Scuderi Group Showcases its Split-Cycle Engine at RIVE 2011, the
     Largest Green Motoring Event of its Kind in the World, in Alès France
  Stephen Scuderi, Vice President and Patent Attorney of Scuderi Group, Presents How the
              Scuderi Engine is Ready to Meet the Standards Set by the EU
         Commission to Significantly Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2012

London – 14 July 2011 – Scuderi Group LLC, the engine development company that is re-
engineering the conventional four-stroke engine to advance fuel efficient engine design,
showcased its Scuderi™ split-cycle engine last week at RIVE 2011 (les Rencontres
Internationales des Voitures Ecologiques), the largest green motoring event of its kind in the
world, which takes place annually in Alès in the South of France.

Mr. Stephen Scuderi participated in a panel discussion on the “Future of Green Vehicles” and
delivered a rousing speech to an audience of French Parliamentary ministers, automakers,
energy suppliers and mobile services providers, to present how the development of the ICE
(the internal combustion engine) is the most effective way to reduce greenhouse gas
emissions, as to quote Mr. Scuderi, “it buys the time for non fossil fuel technologies to
overcome the challenges they face to enter the global market, such as cost, operating range
and power density.”

Mr. Scuderi underlined the relevance of the engine’s latest promising laboratory test results
(achieved in a software simulation in a Nissan Sentra), which prove that the Scuderi engine
will meet EU Commission standards. These standards demand that passenger vehicles must
reduce C02 emission levels to 130 grams per kilometer by 2012 and that vehicles will be
required to lower emissions even further in the next decade to 95 grams per kilometer. He also
highlighted that Europe is very involved in the engine’s R&D, quoting Bosch Engineering
and Powertrain Technology Ltd. (in Shoreham, England) amongst some of Scuderi Group’s
EU partners.

To hear a podcast of Stephen Scuderi’s presentation, visit:

In closing the panel discussion, the Deputy Minister for the Seine-Maritime region and the
President of the Automobile Study Group at the French National Assembly, Mr. Alfred
Trassy-Paillogues, said, “It is clear from Mr. Scuderi’s presentation that the Scuderi split-
cycle engine has enormous potential in our global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
by 2012 and we look forward to following its development.”

Marc Teyssier d'Orfeuil, the founder and delegate general of the Paris based Green Car Club,
which represents more than 100 French Parliamentary Ministers, added, “We are delighted to
have welcomed Scuderi Group to the second year of RIVE. Mr. Scuderi made a very
convincing presentation. The Scuderi engine is a pragmatic solution that should be recognised
so that today’s citizens act in favour of environmentally friendly transport solutions. »

Scuderi Group LLC is in discussions with 15 of the world’s top 20 engine manufacturers.
About the Scuderi™ Engine

The Scuderi Engine divides the four strokes of a combustion cycle between
two paired cylinders - the left cylinder functions as an air compressor,
handling intake and compression, while the right cylinder handles
combustion and exhaust. Key to Scuderi’s split-cycle design is that it
compresses the air before it fires. By optimizing the split-cycle concept,
the engine when fully developed will reduce NOx emissions up to 80
percent and improve fuel efficiency by 50 percent, compared to a
conventional gasoline engine. The engine requires one crankshaft
revolution to complete a single combustion cycle and is projected to have
higher torque, thermodynamic efficiency, and lower emissions than
possible with today’s engines.
About Scuderi Group

Based in West Springfield, Mass., with offices in Frankfurt, Germany, and
Nagoya, Japan, Scuderi Group has developed a revolutionary engine
technology anticipated to replace many of the standard internal
combustion engines used in applications such as cars, trucks,
lawnmowers, boats, agriculture equipment, etc. Securing $80M in funding
to date, Scuderi Group’s business model is to license its technology to
qualified engine manufacturers worldwide. The company’s global patent
portfolio contains more than 476 patent applications filed and 154 issued
in 50 countries. For more information, please

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States. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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