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From accountant to zoo-keeper this document is a comprehensive list of careers connected to agriculture. There are the obvious listings such as dairy farmer and fruit grower but also the more obscure ones such as turfgrass specialist and soil chemist.

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									    A Partial List of the Many Careers Linked to Agriculture

Accountant                    Crop Utilization Specialist     Golf Course Superintendent
                              Customer Support Technician     Government Administrator
Advertising Agent
                              Dairy Farmer                    Grain Elevator Manager
Advertising Executive
                                                              Grain Farmer
Ag Loan Advisor               Dairy Quality Assurance Off.
                                                              Grain Merchandiser
Agribusiness Manager          Development Technician
                                                              Greenhouse Manager
Agricultural Attaché          Distribution Specialist
Agricultural Educator         Doctor – Ag related sector      Herd Manager
Agricultural Engineer         Ecologist                       Horticulturist
Agricultural Journalist                                       Human Nutritionist
Agricultural Salesperson                                      Human Resources Manger
Agriculture & Mkts. Dept.                                     Hydrologist
Agronomist                                                    Insurance Agent
                              Environmental Consultant
Animal Breeder
                              Environmental Educator          International Trade Analyst
Animal Ecologist
                              Environmental Engineer          Irrigation Engineer
Animal Nutritionist
                              Environmental Law Officer       Journalist
Animal Scientist
                              Environmental Technician
Appraiser                                                     Kennel Manager
                              Equine Establishment Mgr.
                              Equine Instructor               Labeling Specialist
                              Equine Trainer
Biochemist                                                    Land Use Planner
                              Experimental Mechanic
                                                              Landscape Architect
Biologist                     Export Marketer
                                                              Landscape Contractor
Biophysicist                  Exposition Manager
                                                              Lawn & Gardern Writer
Botanist                      Farm Management Consultant      Lawyer
                              Farrier                         Livestock Buyer
Buffalo/Beefalo Farmer
                              Field Representative            Livestock Producer
Business Manager
                              Financial Analyst               Livestock Production Specialist
Cash Grain Farmer             Fish & Wildlife Specialist      Lobbyist
Cattle Producer               Fisheries Technician            Logger
Chef                          Florist                         Machinery & Equipment
Chemist                       Food Broker
College Faculty Member        Food Editor
                                                              Marine Biologist
Commodity Broker              Food Inspector
                                                              Marine Scientist
Communication Specialist      Food Processing Engineer
                                                              Market Analyst
Computer Systems Analyst      Food Sales Representative
                                                              Marketing Manager
Conservation Officer          Food Scientist
                                                              Meat Quality Assurance Off.
Consultant                    Food Service Specialist
                                                              Medical Technologist
Controller                    Food Technologist
Cooperative Extension Spec.   Forester
4-H and Youth Specialist      Forest Products Engineer        Naturalist
Copywriter                    Fruit Grower                    Natural Resources Technician
Credit Analyst                                                Nature Interpreter
Crop Scout
                              Geneticist                      Nematologist
                              Global Positioning Technician

Nurse                              Research Technician            Turfgrass Specialist
Nursery Manager                    Retail Manager                 Turkey Producer
Nutritionist                       Rural Development Specialist   Urban Forester
Ornithologist                      Rural Sociologist
                                   Sales Representative           Vegetable Grower
Parsitologist                      Sanitarian
Park Ranger                                                       Veterinary Technician
                                   Scale Clerks
Pest Management Specialist                                        Videographer
                                   Science Writer
Pharmacist                                                        Vintner
                                   Securities Broker
Plant Production Manager                                          Warehouse Manager
                                   Seed Production Specialist
Program Specialist
                                   Seed Scientist                 Waste Management Specialist
Physical Therapist
                                   Sensory Analyst                Weed Scientist
Plant Breeder
                                   Sociologist                    Wetland Scientist
Plant Ecologist
                                   Sod Farmer                     Wholesale Manager
Plant Pathologist
                                   Soil and Water Engineer        Wildlife Biologist
Plant Physiologist
                                   Soil Chemist                   Wildlife Rehabilitator
Pork Producer
                                   Soil Conservationist           Wildlife Technician
Public Administration Specialist
                                   Soil Scientist                 Winery Employee
Public Policy Analyst
                                   Stable Manager                 Zoo Keeper
Public Relations Specialist
                                   Structures Sales Rep.
Quality Control Specialist         Structures Specialist
Radio/Television Broadcaster       Technical Service Rep.
Range Manager                      Territory Aftermarket Mgr.
Real Estate Appraiser              Territory Sales Manager
Recipe Modification Specialist     Test Technician
Recreational Equipment Spec.       Thoroughbred Manager
Remote Sensing Scientist           Timber Buyer
Reproduction Specialist            Toxicologist
Research Scientist                 Tractor Operator
                                   Truck Driver

Adapted from Farm Bureau

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