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									                                            UPW ARD BOUND
                                           Fall 2010

University of Cincinnati
   Clermont College

Inside this issue:                                     Upward Bound Summer Academy 2010: Success by Design

                                  Yes, they say the building boom is at a standstill; well, that made it that much easier for
Success by Design           1     Upward Bound students at the University of Cincinnati Clermont College to study some
                                  aspects of building and design during the Summer Academy 2010. Beginning with a
                                  discussion about how virtually every success in life begins with some design, our summer
Tutoring                    2
                                  focus was on planning, design and architecture. In daily classes of English Literature and
                                  Composition, German Language, Math and Science, taught by summer faculty Oak Martin,
Ohio TRiO Acheiver          2     Mariam Nasrati, Christel Brown, and Andrew Sevachko, UB students examined these topics
                                  from many different perspectives. What really went down in the planning stages of the
                                  U.S. Constitution? What does it take to come up with a well written Amendment to the
Senior Spotlight            3     Constitution? Who were the movers and shakers in the world of German architects (not just
                                  in Germany, but around the world)? What are some of the essential mathematical processes
                                  that are necessary to designing a building, and what are the physics behind a successful
Upcoming Events             3
                                  design for a strong and safe structure? Trying to find the answers to these questions led our
                                  students into some great research, experimentation and project work, completed throughout
ACT/SAT Test Info           4     the six week academy.

Staying in the classrooms all summer is never our style…..part of our 2010 summer experience was journeying out in search
of…..the impressive and historic architecture in downtown Cincinnati, on an Architreks Walking Tour, a visit to learn about
the planning and building of the breathtakingly beautiful Cathedral Basilica of Covington (with a quick side visit to the
Newport Aquarium….something fishy about that?), and a “behind the scenes” tour of Cincinnati’s Union Terminal Building –
a real architectural gem. Just before the 4th of July weekend, we were privileged to have a visit from some historical time-
travelers. Historian Randy Conover and his self-proclaimed sidekick Debbie came in full early-American costume and in full
early-American character to immerse our students in what it must have been like to live during the times that shaped the
roots of our country, during the American Revolution. It truly opened our eyes to the realities and sacrifices that were faced by
our founding fathers and mothers. At the end of our 5th week, we were all treated to some simple, all American fun with a trip
to Kings Island.
We ended our six weeks with an evening of presentations, a game show, and a bridge building competition…..who knew that
balsa wood and glue could hold so much weight! We saw some truly innovative and effective designs – our UB students are a
creative bunch! The following week, we set off for a wonderful three day trip to St. Louis, which included (of course) a pod-ride
                                     to the top of the Gateway Arch, a tour of the old courthouse, a delicious lunch at the
                                     Hard Rock Café, and time to see the
         Please check our web site
                                     luxurious design of Union Station. We
         for event dates and more
         detailed info about the     also visited Grant’s Farm, had a very
         Upward Bound program.       interesting bus tour of downtown St.
                                     Louis, spent a relaxing and informative
                                     walking tour of the Missouri Botanical
                                     Gardens and the historic Climatron, had
                                     great fun at the Incredible Pizza
                                     Company and Arcade, and finished up
                                     with a trip to Cahokia Mounds as we
                                     made our way back home. Our Summer
             clc.uc.edu/ub           Academy 2010 ended with fond farewells
                                     and with everyone looking forward to
                                     seeing each other again in October.
  Fall 2010
                                                                                                                         Page 2

Are you having trouble with your Algebra homework? Are you planning to take the ACT this year? Do you need to
work on your time management skills? If you answer yes to any or all of these questions, then you need to participate
in Upward Bound tutoring.
Your Upward Bound tutor, Amanda Luttrell-Smith, is available to set up sessions with you in
order to help you achieve academic success. She will come to your respective school and meet
with you during a study hall or an elective class. During your tutoring session, you can get help
with homework, prepare for an exam, or tweak your study skills.
You can contact your tutor to set up a session by sending her an email at amanda.luttrell-
smith@uc.edu or by calling the Upward Bound office at 513-558-7432. Be sure to take advantage
of this great program the next time Amanda is at your school.

                                    Ohio TRiO Achiever Award

                            Daniel Carpintero, 2010               Daniel was given this award based on his out-
                            Goshen graduate, was                  standing achievements. While at Goshen H. S.,
                            selected to receive the Ohio          Daniel participated in Blood Donation Drives, the
                            TRiO Achiever Award at the            Warm Hands Project, aid for the local battered
                            2010 Ohio TRiO Student                women’s shelter, and countless other causes. He
                            Leadership Conference in              was a member of the National Honor Society,
                            Columbus, Ohio. Students              Clermont County Gifted Program, class officer,
                            participating in any of the           Student Council representative, and a member of
                            Ohio TRiO programs were               both the football and wrestling teams. Daniel is
                            eligible to be nominated for          currently pursuing his Bachelor’s degree at Berea
                            consideration.                        College in Berea, KY with plans of attending medi-
                            Selection criteria was based          cal school in preparation for a career in Radiology.
      on the student’s positive demonstration of leader-          He was awarded Berea College’s Pinnacle Award
      ship in his or her community, grade point average           and a full scholarship.
      as well as the student’s enthusiasm and motivation
      to succeed.

     Upward Bound UC Clermont is proud to have Daniel as a distinguished UB alumnus.
Page 3                                                                                                          UPWARD BOUND

                                                 Senior Spotlight
Congratulations to our graduating Seniors! We are proud of the fact that all of our seniors have been accepted to college
and are making plans to continue their education. Please note: At this time very little scholarship information is available.
Miranda Brierly was Franklin-Felicity High Schools 2010 Valedictorian and has plans of pursuing a degree in Psychology.
Miranda was a 2 year Upward Bound participant.
Daniel Carpentero was selected as the Ohio TRiO Leadership Award winner in 2010, is a graduate from Goshen High School
and 2 year Upward Bound participant. Daniel is attending Berea College in Berea, Kentucky and is currently doing his
undergraduate work in preparation for medical school.
Samantha Cox is a graduate of Bethel-Tate High School and Grant Career Center. Samantha participated in Upward Bound
for 4 years and plans to pursue her education in Fire Fighting and Paramedics.
Angel Crase participated in Upward Bound for 3 years and is a graduate of Franklin-Felicity High School. Angel is attending
the College of Mount Saint Joseph in Cincinnati and is studying Graphic Design.
Angela Crider is a graduate of Western Brown High School; she was an Upward Bound participant for 2 years. Angela is
currently enrolled at Berea College in Berea, Kentucky studying Psychology.
Christopher Ernst participated in Upward Bound for 4 years; he is a graduate of Georgetown Sr. High School. Chris is
attending Morehead State University in Morehead, Kentucky and majoring in Art Studio/Graphic Design.
Tracy Faddis is a 3 year participant in Upward Bound; she is a graduate from Williamsburg High School and Grant Career
Center. Tracy is enrolled at ITT Tech in Norwood studying Law Enforcement.
Jenay Frederick, a 4 year Upward Bound participant, graduated from Bethel-Tate High School and Grant Career Center.
Jenay is pursuing her education in Baking and Pastry at Sullivan University in Louisville, Kentucky.
Kevin Griffin is a graduate from Batavia High School and a 4 year Upward Bound student. Kevin is attending Hocking
College in Nelsonville, Ohio. Kevin is working toward his degree in Digital Game Design.
Jennifer Herrington is a 4 year Upward Bound participant and Goshen High School graduate. Jennifer has plans of
pursuing her education in Nursing.
Kirstin James is a graduate from Goshen High School and a 4 year Upward Bound participant. Kirstin is currently enrolled
at Northern Kentucky University and working toward a degree in English.
Nicole Lindsley graduated from Amelia High School and was an Upward Bound participant for 3 years. Nicole is attending
Clermont College and will be pursuing her degree in Radiology Technology.
Jami Lyons is a graduate from Western Brown High School and is a 2 year Upward Bound participant. Jami is currently
attending Clermont College with plans of completing her degree in Computer Networking.

                            Upcoming Events and Saturday Academy Schedule
                   11/ 17 Wednesday College                          02/26
                   Visit (Denison University)
                                                                     03/02 (date is tentative-TBA) Weekday College
                   11/ 20                                            Visit
   12/04                                                             03/12
   12/11 Holiday Event (Playhouse in the                             04/16
                                                                     05/14 Final Saturday Academy
    Field trips may be planned to be held on regularly scheduled Saturdays; advance notice will be given. ****Dates
    are subject to change. This almost never happens but is occasionally necessary. Advance notice will be given if
    any changes are made.****
    University of Cincinn
                      UC East
  Clermont College at

Upward Bound
1981 James E Sauls Sr Drive
Batavia, OH 45103

Phone: 513-558-7432
Fax: 513-732-1534
Web site: clc.uc.edu/ub

                                                           ACT/SAT Tests Information

                                 Below are the test dates for 2010-2011, including deadlines to register. Please
                                 remember, Upward Bound will provide two registration fee waivers for each test
                                 (ACT/SAT) to each UB student during the course of his or her participation; fee
             “The Thinkers”      waivers do not cover late registration, but do cover all parts of the ACT/SAT
                                 Tests, including the Writing portion.
                                 The ACT is an admission requirement at many colleges and universities. The
                                 test evaluates your college readiness in the areas of English, Math, Reading and
                                 Science. The writing portion is often used as a placement tool for college English
                                 classes. Your scores are also used for advising, course planning and scholarship
                                 Tests are scheduled on Saturday mornings 6 times throughout the year at several
                                 locations in our area. The regular test begins at 8am and takes 3 hours. The
                                 writing test is a 30 minute essay test that is designed to measure your writing
                                 skills. The test will provide a writing prompt, as well as 2 points of view on the
                                 topic. You are then asked to defend, and supply support for your point of view.
                                 You will not be graded on your opinion, only on your ability to express it.

     STAFF MEMBERS               To register online for the ACT, go to http://www.actstudent.org/. To register
                                 online for the SAT, go to http://sat.collegeboard.com/register . For a fee waiver
Daniel Schneider                 code, UB students should contact Amy Thomas or Bonnie Laube, well in advance
                                 of the registration deadline.
513-558-7437                                             ACT Test Dates and Deadlines
Bonnie Laube                     December 11, 2010 (registration deadline: November 5)
Program Coordinator              February 12, 2011 (registration deadline: January 7)
                                 April 9, 2011 (registration deadline: March 4)
                                 June 11, 2011 (registration deadline: May 6)
Amy Thomas
Student Development Specialist   If you are interested in brushing up before you take the test, or simply for
                                 additional information visit: www.actstudent.org
                                                          SAT Test Dates and Deadlines
Amanda Luttrell-Smith
                                 November 6, 2010 (registration deadline: has passed)
Academic Tutor
                                 December 4, 2010 (registration deadline: November 5, 2010)
513-558-7432                     January 22, 2011 (registration deadline: December 23, 2010)
Tammy McCall                     March 12, 2011 (registration deadline: February 11, 2011)
                                 May 7, 2011 (registration deadline: April 8, 2011)
Administrative Secretary
513-558-7432                     Upward Bound at the University of Cincinnati Clermont College encourages life-long
                                 learning through a learning community that enables high school students in Clermont and
                                 Brown Counties to develop and enhance the intellectual, cultural and social skills neces-
                                 sary for success in postsecondary education.

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