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We contribute software to projects in which tailor-made simulators are developed to match the
specific requirements of customers. This involves the following aspects:

      Traffic models
      Data communication
      Scenarios
      Graphical User Interfaces
      Realtime driver performance analysis and feedback
      Database design and development
      Controle center applications for multiple simulator controle

Here a a few examples of tailor-made projects we have been involved in.

                                    User Interfaces (GUI)

Examples of graphical user interfaces for the control of one or more driving simulators
simultaneuously and realtime visualization of driver data:

                             ANWB Driver training simulator

For the Dutch ANWB automobile association a driving simulator has been developed that is
integrated in the driver training curriculum of their driver schools. All aspects of driver training
are handled by the simulators, ranging from learning how to start the car to driving on a highway
in high traffic density.
                                                       Instruction and feedback is carried out
autonomously by the system relieving the instructor so he or she can monitor up to four
simulators simultaneously. This strongly contributes to the high cost-effectivenes of these

ST Software provided most of the simulation software: It delivered the traffic simulation and
scenario control software and has developed the script modules for the driving lessons and driver
performance monitoring. ST Software also designed the road infrastructure in the logical and
graphical databases. Mirage-3D extended the graphical databases with culture elements (houses,
trees and road environment) and created the graphical vehicle models. TNO participated with
                                                        research and validation studies.
                                                        SimuTech delivered the driver vehicle
                                                        mockups and interfacing hardware for
                                                        the cabin actuators.

                                                          Some figures:

                                                          - Three large graphical databases have
                                                          been build: a highway database with a
                                                          roadlength of 108 km, a database of a
                                                          builtup area (city driving) with 48 km
                                                          roads, and a database with a rural
                                                          landscape with a total roadlength of 47

- A total of 19 driving lessons, each 20 minutes of continuous driving have been made. The
contents vary from procedural training of all aspects of vehicle control, like gear switching,
steering, starting to viewing strategies to driving on all relevant types of roads: complex multiple
intersections, mini- and large roundabouts, various types of entries and exits on highways and so
on. A total of about 500 instructive scenarios have been developed for this project.

- The driver performance monitoring and feedback system detects over 200 different types of
driver errors in a total of 20 different categories or driver tasks. Verbal feedback (with human
voice recordings) is presented to the trainee during the lessons if an error is committed. All
instructions are also presented verbally by the system. During the lessons errors and verbal
feedback are presented to the instructors through graphical user interfaces. After each lesson a
summary report for the student is printed by the system.

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