Rockin' by gegeshandong



Section I   Walk Forward x2, Forward Shuffle, Rock Step, Shuffle l/2 Turn Left.

  t-z       Step right forward. Step left forward.                                       Walk Walk      Forward

  3&4       Step right forward. Closeleft besideright. Step right forward.               Shuffle Step

  5-6       Rock left forward. Recoveronto right.                                        RockStep       On the spot

  7 &8      Shuffle l/2 turn left stepping Left, Right, Left.                            Shuffle Turn         left

Section 2   Walk Forward x2, Forward Shuffle, Rock Step, Shuffle l/2 Turn Left.

  t -2               forward.Stepleft forward.
            Steprig,ht                                                                   Walk Walk      Forward

  3&4                              left
            Stepright forward.Close besideright. Stepright forward.                      Shuffle Step

  5-6       Rock forward.Recover
                left           onto right.                                               RockStep       On the spot

  7&8                                   Left, Right,Left.
            Shufflel/2 turn left stepping                                                Shuffle Turn   Tufning left

Section 3   Toe Switches,Walks Forward x2, Toe Switches,Walks Forward x2.

   1&       Slideright toe to touchforward.Returnright toe to stepbesideleft.            Right&         On the spot

   2&            left                Return toeto stepbeside
            Slide toe to touchforward.    left             right.                        Left&

  3-4       Stepright forward.Stepleft forward.                                          WalkWalk       Forward

   5&       Sliderighttoeto touchforward.
                                        Return                   left.
                                             righttoeto stepbeside                       Right&         On the spot

   6&                                           left
            Slideleft toe t0 touchforward.Return toe to stepbesideright.                 Left&

  7-8       stepright forward.step left forward.                                         WalkWalk       Forward

Sectlon4    Rock Step 1/4 lhrn Rt8ht, Right Chasse, Cross, Side, Coaster Step.

   l-2      Rock right forward acrossleft. Recoveronto left.                             RockStep       On the spot

    &       Keepingweight on left pivot 1/4 turn right.                                  &              Turningright

  3&4       Step right to right side, Closeleft besideright. Step right to right side.   Side    Side
                                                                                             Close      Right

   5-6      Cross left wer right. Step right to right side.                                  Side

  7&8       Step left back. Close right beside left. Step left forward.                        Step
                                                                                         Coaster        On the spot

4 Wall llne Dance:- 32Counts.

Choreographed byr Anita    (Canada)
                       McNab            2004.

Music Suggestlon:-'Some
                      Beach' l7 bpm) Blake
                          [1       by    Shelton 'Blake
                                               from   Shelton's & Grill'CD,I6-count
                                                             Barn                intto,

Ortginally Choreographed to:- 'Rockin'Pneumonia'
                                           {t l6 bpm) Ronnie
                                                    by                     Fever          intro.
                                                               from'Linedancer 5'CD,32-count


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