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TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                           Pages
1. Introduction                                                              3
2. The purpose of this centre                                               3
3. staff members                                                            4
3.1. Staff members qualification requirements                               4
3.2. In service training                                                    4
3.3. Performance assessment                                                 4-5
3.4. Subject allocation                                                     5
3.5. Character and integrity                                                5
3.6. Stipend scale based on                                                 5-6
3.6.1. Service delivery/ good performance                                   6
3.6.2. Based on long service                                                6
3.6.3. Based on position occupation.                                       6
3.6.4. Discipline of staff members.                                  6-7
3.7.1. Offences that will call for a hearing and discipline after hearing. 7
3.7.2. Offences that will lead to immediate dismissal after hearing.       7
3.7.3. The verdict for staff members.                                      7
3.7.4. Immediate dismissal.                                                7-8
3.7.5. Other offences.                                                     8-9
4. The Principal.                                                          9
4.1. Qualification requirements                                            9-10
4.2. The role and duties of the principal & deputy principal.              10-16
4.3. The deputy principal duties.                                          16
4.4. The summary of the duties of the Principal.                           16
5. The inspector.                                                          17
5.1. Qualifications of the Inspector.                                      17
5.2. Inspector duties/responsibilities/roles.                              17-18
6. Marketing Director.                                                     18
6.1. Qualifications and requirements                                       18-19
6.2. Job description. Of the marketing director                           19-20
Sharon Baptist Community Empowerment         1     Centre
Registration Number: 2002/003251/08 under section 21 Department of Trade and Industry [dti]
7. The Technicians                                                   20
7.1. Qualifications                                                  20
7.2. Job descriptions.                                               20-21
8. Financial manager.                                                21
8.1. Qualifications.                                                 21
8.2. Job description                                                 21
8.3. Some general guidelines to keep finances secure.                21-22
8.4. When to hire a bookkeeper?                                      22
8.5. The type of the bookkeeper that is needed.                      22-23
9. Partners.                                                         23-26
9.1. Why partners and from where are they from?                      26-27
9.2. Other partners, from where, how do we enhance each other, their
duration with Sharon, & financial implications.                      27-28
10. Board of Directors.                                              28-31
11. Graduations.                                                     31-32
12. Students.                                                        32
12.1. Their studies must be of great value.                          32
12.2. Their payments.                                                32-33
12.3. Their performances.                                            33-34
12.4. Code of conduct for staff members/teachers.                    34-35
12.5. Misbehaviour/misconduct of students and teachers.              35-38
12.6. Tests and Exams.                                              38-39
12.7. Centre trips & authorization.                                  39
13. Learning environment.                                            39
13.1. Availability of Computers.                                     39-40
13.2. Furnisher.                                                     40
13.3. The program and time allocation                                40
14. Conclusion.                                                      40

Sharon Baptist Community Empowerment         2     Centre
Registration Number: 2002/003251/08 under section 21 Department of Trade and Industry [dti]

   Any organisation for its proper running and success, it needs policies
   that will guide the organisation to achieve its goals. The main reason or
   purpose of an organisation is to fulfil its purpose with great value and
   make the intended persons glad for the production that is offered to the
   intended persons. The intended purposes for the persons will never be
   achieved if the organization has no rules and principles that will safe
   guard the interests and aspirations of any organisation.
   The equipping of men and women in our societies with skills that will
   help to alleviate poverty. The training of our students with dignity and
   introducing the love of God in action through these skills development
   endeavours. The centre stood for doing its work with all professionalism
   and respect of all individual enrolled as students of this Christian centre
   To represent God in all respect in the manner in which we carry out the
   business of human empowerment and in the manner in which respect
   and dignity is afforded to all our students as we depend entire on God’s
   wisdom in dealing with all the problems mad available to us by the
   The respect of our human resources [staff members] and the protection
   of our students against all attacks from the evil one will be our uttermost
   Praying for our students daily in spite of their different denominational
   background, they will all be treated the same, which will be with respect
   since they are created in the image of God. We will not hesitate to pray
   and offer spiritual, emotional and mental counselling when requested or
   when circumstances present such a need.

Sharon Baptist Community Empowerment         3     Centre
Registration Number: 2002/003251/08 under section 21 Department of Trade and Industry [dti]
   Staff members are of different duties, ranging from cleaners, teachers,
   marketing director, principal, inspector, financial managers/gress, and
   drivers. All these people are very important to this centre and are to be
   treated with all respect at all times. All these staff members will be
   carefully chosen and they are all expected to co-operate with the
   leadership or management of this centre at all times. Protocols must be
   followed in all what is supposed to be done, ranging from problems
   solving and information seeking.
   3.1. Staff members’ qualifications.
   All staff members who are teachers are expected to submit their
   Curriculum Vitae. The least standard for teachers should be grade 12
   and a further training in computer literacy and teaching methods will be
   of the highest requirements. Good track records of where they worked
   before will be an advantage for any person to be enrolled as part and
   parcel of this centre.
   3.2. In service Training.
   The Staff members will be taken through and in service training from
   time to time to assure good and acceptable education delivery to our
   students. The Centre will be responsible for all the training as part and
   parcel of the personal development of these volunteers with this centre.
   All staff members of this centre are obliged to attend all these in service
   trainings. The A+ program is compulsory for all the teaching fraternity
   3.3. Performance assessment of all teachers.
   The staff will from time to time be assessed for their performance as they
   are expected to the fullest by this centre. Those that will be responsible
   for teachers’ assessment will be the Principal, Inspector and the board of
   directors. One of the ways of assessment of these teachers will be an
   interview with students individually singled out by the inspector,
   principal or board of directors using their own judgments and criteria in
Sharon Baptist Community Empowerment         4     Centre
Registration Number: 2002/003251/08 under section 21 Department of Trade and Industry [dti]
   choosing the students for interview. A record book will be kept by all
   stakeholders to record their own findings as they assess the performance
   of teachers through students’ interview. Teachers will be expected to re-
   apply for their post on an annual basis and the decision to absorb them
   for the next year entire lies with the centre management. However the
   centre has the right to dismiss the volunteering teacher if be found guilty
   of serious offences that concerns the centre and the decision of the
   management will be final.
   3.4. Subject allocation to staff members.
   This centre will stay committed to professionalism in whatever we teach
   in our End User Computing. Teachers will be encouraged to know all the
   subjects or courses, but in addition, teachers are expected to specialize
   with at least two courses. There will be a circulation of these teachers
   from one satellite to another for enhancement of our students through
   capable teachers in their subject specialization. The teachers will be
   expected to be ready to serve anywhere where possible as much as this
   centre would appreciate teachers, to be nearer their homes. When needs
   arises outside, the teachers’ co-operation is very important to assist in
   this regard.
   3.5. Character and Integrity of teachers.
   Since this centre is a Christian institution, all teachers are expected to
   have God’s given characters, and be man and women of highest integrity
   as we execute the work we believe as a centre that it is God’s acts of love
   to our communities. Your character is the diplomacy that you always use
   to pursue students to be interested in their studies in spite of what
   interpretation they were having. It is not enough to teach if your
   character is doubtful. When questioned it is where your real character
   will be exposed. The manner in which you will be answering the
   students exposes your real character. Character makes a person.
   3.6. Stipend scale based on.
Sharon Baptist Community Empowerment         5     Centre
Registration Number: 2002/003251/08 under section 21 Department of Trade and Industry [dti]
   Stipend to start with is the money that the centre or employer is able to
   thank the volunteer, whereas the salary is the payment that the worker
   deserves. The centre since it is non-profit making, NPO not NGO. NGO
   stands for Non Governmental Organization. They depend on donations
   and they are able to pay a full salary, but churches are NPO’s which
   means they are Non-Profit –Organisation. Therefore there is a vast
   difference between these two terms. Sharon Computer Centre belongs to
   the Sharon Baptist Church which is a Non-Profit –Organisation. NPO
   No. Thus the centre gives stipend and not a salary.
   The stipend scale is based on the following projections:
      3.6.1.     Service delivery/good performance.
      Teachers are expected to perform to their maximum ability as we
      empower the community with skill development. Lack of good
      performance or poor performance will not be tolerated since those
      who came for training want to receive proper education. Thus lack of
      performance will result in dismissal of the teacher from this volunteer
      job with due respect.
      3.6.2.     Based on long service.
      However the centre will appreciate a long standing and performing
      teacher as much as they can. No money figure mentioned here. But
      what is deemed fit by the management due to the availability of funds,
      the teacher or teachers will be appropriately appreciated.
      3.6.3, based on position allocation.
      The stipends will be determined by the positions occupied by the
      individual teachers, such as the Principal, Inspector etc. You will be
      appreciated according to the amount of work you are doing.
   Proper understanding of why the centre exists is very important to be
   understood by all the teachers. No teacher will be discipline ignorantly.

Sharon Baptist Community Empowerment         6     Centre
Registration Number: 2002/003251/08 under section 21 Department of Trade and Industry [dti]
   All the staff members are supposed to have the full knowledge about the
   policies of this centre before any discipline can be executed.
   Like any organization for its portfolio and good standing in its service
   delivery, the company must uphold its integrity at all costs, thus the life
   style of our staff members is very important to this centre.
      3.7.1.     Roles must be given to staff members that outline what is
                 regarded as misconduct in our own perspectives.
      3.7.2.     Staff members will be called for a hearing either for final
                 warning or dismissal it all depends on the types of offences
                 and judgment will be carried out after the outcome of the
      3.7.3.     The verdict reached by the board of directors will be final and
                 the discipline will be executed in four phases:
      A written warning as a first offender.
      suspension without pay
      Dismissal after suspension and a re-carried of offence.
      Dismissal without any warning.
      3.7.4.     Immediate dismissal without warning entails offences such
      Exams irregularities: that involves falsified marks,
                        exposure of question papers before the exam time,
                        assisting students with answers during the exams,
                        tempering with results, approval of certificates that the
                        student do not deserve.
      Student matters: that involves stealing of students’
                        valuables, such as cell-phones, watches etc. Hatred from
                        the teacher towards students who might not have co-
                        operated with you.
      Ethical issues: such as encouraging division amongst the
                        staff members and amongst the students. Sexual affairs
Sharon Baptist Community Empowerment         7     Centre
Registration Number: 2002/003251/08 under section 21 Department of Trade and Industry [dti]
                        amongst staff members and students. Speaking bad
                        about your centre being a teacher and failed to follow
                        the right protocol if you have problems with some of the
                        leadership of the centre and other educators. Gossiping
                        about staff members to the students thus discrediting
                        other staff members.
      3.7.5.     Other offences that will lead to suspension and final dismissal
                 after warning letters.
      Correcting a staff member in front of students whether
                        harshly or politely. This must not happen. Rectify the
                        mistake in closet and thus rectify the mistake with
                        students the following day with all wisdom applied.
      Wrong subject matter given to students without asking
                        any assistance from your fellow colleagues.
      Betrayal of your centre and speaking lies about your
                        stipends, in which way? Saying that there is no token of
                        appreciation at all from the centre. Telling the students
                        to give you an offering for survival since the Centre is
                        unable to give a token of appreciation to teachers.
      Found not co-operating with the centre management,
                        you will be called for a hearing and your case will be
                        listened at and an amicable solution will be preferred.
      Absenteeism without pre-arrangement and apology to
                        the principal is regarded as a serious offence. No
                        teacher must ask for a permission not to be at school
                        from another tutor, this is also regarded as misconduct.
      Taking money from students in the name of the centre
                        for yourself is a serious financial mismanagement.
      Failure to give the receipt to the student after
                        submission of payment receipts must never happen.
Sharon Baptist Community Empowerment         8     Centre
Registration Number: 2002/003251/08 under section 21 Department of Trade and Industry [dti]
      None capturing of data for the present students in the
                        main office computer is a serious irregularity.
      Giving students wrong information about the centre
                        will not be tolerated.
 Using the centre office equipments and the phone for
                        personal gain and financial gain is regarded as a serious
                        offence that can lead to immediate dismissal.
 The vehicles of the centre will not be used for personal
 Graduations are for all teachers as the duties of the
                        graduation are many and cannot be executed by few
                        people. Apologies in writing will only be acceptable.
 There will be no salary advises that will be above what
                        the tutor is earning. If one teacher‘s writes such a salary
                        advise that is inflated, this will result in immediate
                        summon that can end in immediate dismissal.
 In-service-training is for all the teachers unless pre-
                        arrangement is done with the principal and a written
                        apology be send in advance.
This post is demanding, thus a capable efficient person is needed for this
post. This is indeed a post of higher responsibilities. Concentration is indeed
the greatest element of focus in this regard as far as this position is
4.1. The qualification of a principal.
The principal must have a teacher’s diploma and the highest education she
might have achieved. The principal in our context must be also computer
literate, and it is advisable that the principal must have a drivers’ licence.
The most important attribute for the success of the principal is effective
collaboration with his staff members, board of directors, the inspector and
Sharon Baptist Community Empowerment         9     Centre
Registration Number: 2002/003251/08 under section 21 Department of Trade and Industry [dti]
other stakeholders from other departments of education and social
development and the learners. Another key for the success of the principal
in her/his duty is communicating effectively with students, staff, parents
and community members allows the principal to have a strong lasting and
successful working partnership that benefits the learning process and
encourages investment in education program
The Principal is part of a Divisional Administrative Team whose function is
to support and assist the schools in meeting the overall objectives of the
Division and the needs of individual students.
The role of the Principal is to provide leadership, direction and co-
ordination within the school.
The Principal's main focus should be to develop and maintain effective
educational programs within his/her school and to promote the
improvement of teaching and learning with his/her school. The Principal
should strive to create an organization and or climate which foster student
and teacher growth.
In fulfilling this role the Principal shall work under the supervision of the
Superintendent of Schools and within the provisions of the Public Schools
Act, the Department of Education and Training regulations, and Board
The duties of the School Principal are all encompassing as all aspects of the
schools operations are either directly or indirectly under his/her
jurisdiction. In general terms of the Principal shall be responsible for: (a)
the detailed organization of the school; (b) the development of the
instructional program; (c) the assignment of duties to and the supervision
of members of his staff and: (d) the general operation of the school facility.
The amount of time a Principal will be able to devote to administrative
duties will vary according to the size and grade level of the school, the
amount of time released from teaching, and the demands of a particular
Sharon Baptist Community Empowerment         10 Centre
Registration Number: 2002/003251/08 under section 21 Department of Trade and Industry [dti]
year. However the following are all included n the powers and
responsibilities of the Principal.
1. Leadership and Climate
   a) Continually endeavour to improve the operating effectiveness of the
       school for which he is responsible.
   b) Keep informed of current practices and techniques relating to school
       programs, teaching and administration by attending meetings and
       professional development conferences, and reading professional
   c) When not involved in teaching duties, to devote as much time as
       possible to the supervision of the school; observing methods of
       instruction and endeavouring to improve the efficiency of the staff
       and the school in general.

   d) Keep the inspector fully advised as to the conditions and needs of the
   e) Suggest appropriate changes in and ensure adherence to approved
      policies, practices and procedures within his area of responsibility.
2. Programming
   a) Co-ordinate and foster the development of programs within the
       school to best meet the needs and interests of the students. This
       includes the establishment, supervision, and evaluation of special
       education programs where a child needs one.
   b) Assist the teaching staff in the development, implementation,
       modifications, and selection of curriculum materials, and keep the
       inspector informed as to any modifications in or substitution of
       approved courses.
   c) Develop and support a high degree of student morale through
       curricular and extracurricular activities and services and co-

Sharon Baptist Community Empowerment         11 Centre
Registration Number: 2002/003251/08 under section 21 Department of Trade and Industry [dti]
       ordinate the participation of all members of the teaching staff in the
       extracurricular program.
3. School Organization and Staffing
    a) Participate with the School Division Office in the selection of
        professional, clerical and support staff.
    b) Be responsible for the preparation of timetable, class lists and
        schedules, and supervision schedules and be responsible for their
    c) Hold regular staff meetings for the purpose of discussing educational
        and administrative matters.
    d) Be responsible for the proper registration and transfer of students in
        the school and for the maintenance of up-to-date student
        cumulative records.
    e) Maintain or direct the maintenance of other records and files, and the
        preparation and submission of reports as required.
    f) Establish appropriate procedures for the control of all school
        textbooks, materials, equipment, etc.
    g) Have authority over Faculty of Education Students accepted at his/her
    h) Where there is no Vice-Principal, designate a member of the teaching
        staff of that school to assume the duties and responsibilities of the
        Principal in the Principal's absence and inform the staff of the person
4. Professional Development
    a) Promote the professional and academic growth of his staff through
    Meetings, in-service training and personal contact.
b) Take an active role in the selection, planning, and implementation of
professional development activities for the staff in cooperation with the

Sharon Baptist Community Empowerment         12 Centre
Registration Number: 2002/003251/08 under section 21 Department of Trade and Industry [dti]
Superintendent's Office and the Division's professional development
5. Staff Supervision and Evaluation
    a) As building administrator the Principal is responsible for the daily
        supervision of the school, its students, facilitators, professional and
        support staff, volunteers, and personnel from outside agencies.
    b) See that every teacher shall be on duty in the school at least 10
        minutes before the opening of the forenoon session, and at least five
        minutes before the opening of the afternoon session.
    c) Shall evaluate the effectiveness of each member of the staff in
        accordance with the establishment plan and shall forward written
        reports to the Superintendent.
    d) Be responsible for the development and conduct of an orientation
        program for all teachers new to his staff.
    e) See that instructions are prepared for the guidance of substitute
6. Student Control and Supervision
    a) Establish a climate in which students can develop self-discipline.
    b) To have disciplinary authority over each student while on school
        premises, while going to and from school, while riding on school
        buses and while taking part in authorized school activities.
    c) To have authority over activities sponsored and conducted by the
        student organizations of his school.
    d) Be responsible for the provision of supervision of students and
        student activities in the school buildings, on school grounds, while
        loading or unloading from school buses, or involved in field trips or
        other student activities sponsored by the school.
    e) Work cooperatively with outside agencies such as Community Health
        Services, Children's Aid Society, Child Care and Development
        Services, etc.
Sharon Baptist Community Empowerment         13 Centre
Registration Number: 2002/003251/08 under section 21 Department of Trade and Industry [dti]
    f) Responsibility to refer to the Public Health Nurse, any child who
        appears to have a communicable disease or to be in need of attention
        for other health reasons.
    g) The Principal shall be present with inspector if they interview pupils
        for any misconduct.
    h) See that no pupil is allowed to leave the school grounds on errands
        without his/her express permission.
7. Student Evaluation and Reporting
    a) To familiarize himself with the general pupil progress and to assist in
        its improvement.
    b) Co-ordinate and/or direct the evaluation of student progress and
        achievement and the provision of regular reports to parents as
        required by Board Policy.
8. Communication and Public Relations
    a) Maintain communications with parents or guardians regarding the
        total school program, student achievement, placement and
    b) Inform parents of the school activities through newsletters,
        information nights, parent/teacher conferences, etc.
9. Budgeting and Buying
    a) Be responsible for the administration of the instructional supplies
        budget for school and the safe keeping of monies or materials that
        belong to the school or the school division. Establish procedures for
        the purpose and receipt of materials and supplies necessary to
        support the instructional program. Ensure that there is a system of
        accounting for monies from student activities, student fees, gifts or
        other funds belonging to school or to any student group within the
10. Health, Safety, Plant Supervision

Sharon Baptist Community Empowerment         14 Centre
Registration Number: 2002/003251/08 under section 21 Department of Trade and Industry [dti]
    a) Develop and foster a sense of pride and respect for school property so
        that the facility is an attractive place.
    b) Ensure that all reasonable precautions are taken to safeguard the
        health and general well being of his staff and pupils of his school. To
        this end he shall see that pupils and staff are adequately trained to
        make effective any plans necessary for their safety.
    c) Establish procedures whereby the access of visitors to the school can
        be monitored and controlled. This would include access by
        salespersons, guest speakers and former students.
    d) Organize and supervise patrols where applicable, make readily
        available first aid supplies and treatment.
    e) Inspect the school grounds and school buildings to see that they are
        free from hazards which might cause accidents and he shall notify
        the proper authorities of any conditions which need to be remedied.
    f) In the event of where damage is serious and appears to have been
        deliberate, it shall be reported to the police department in addition to
        the Division Office.
    g) Report any accidents or injuries of students or staff to the
        Superintendent's Office on the forms provided.
    h) Conduct fire drills as required by regulations and see that all
        personnel within the school are familiar with all procedures to be
        followed in case of a fire. Fire exit signs shall be placed in each room.
    i) Establish effective controls governing the use of any medication, pain
        killers (aspirin, etc.) by students in the school.
    j) Assume responsibility for the general cleanliness and maintenance of
        his school.
    k) Be responsible for the direction of the work of Caretaker in the
        routine cleaning of the school premises. If difficulties arise, they shall
        be reported through the Secretary-Treasurer.

Sharon Baptist Community Empowerment         15 Centre
Registration Number: 2002/003251/08 under section 21 Department of Trade and Industry [dti]
    l) Work with the Secretary-Treasurer in the planning of capital projects
        and the routine maintenance of school buildings and grounds.
    m) The Principal shall control use to be made of school buildings and
        grounds in accordance with Board Policy.
4.3. Duties of the Vice-Principal
The Vice-Principal shall, in the absence of the Principal, assume the duties
and responsibilities of the Principal.
Other duties of the Vice-Principal shall be those worked out by mutual
agreement with the Principal.
4.4. Summary of The duties of the Principal.
      Plan class curricula
      Set school budgets
      Help with behaviour management of both the staff members and the
      Staff development
      Assessment to the progress of classroom learning.
      Oversee the exam papers or appoint relevant tutors to deal with
      quality exam papers.
      Assessment of exam results as she/he must present these results to the
      Report his/her discovery of classroom problems and teacher’s
      behavioural problem to the inspector.
      Bring about innovation and educational upgrade for his/her staff
      members by initiating in-service –trainings from time to time and this
      is called staff educational development.
       Arrange meetings between the staff and the inspector and topics to be
      discussed for the furtherance of the education program of the school.
      Decide with the board of directors issues that pertain to the increase
      of school fees prayerfully.
      Perform administrative duties with the office manager/gress
Sharon Baptist Community Empowerment         16 Centre
Registration Number: 2002/003251/08 under section 21 Department of Trade and Industry [dti]
Must      carry the       teachers’     qualification and          some degrees           with
He/she must be a good communicator and experience in human relation.
He/she must be of a good character and able to absorb pressure.
He/she must have a driver licence.
He/she must be having an advance computer literate qualification.
He/she must be a confidential person at all costs.
He/she must be a real parent and peace maker at all costs.
His/her      Christian     values     must     be    desirable      since     this   is       the
Christian centre.
He/ she must be a person of integrity and self-control. [Man and woman of
his/her word]
He/she must of a good judgment during disputes and crises resolutions.
He/she must be committed to the course of this centre whole heartedly.
   5.2.1. Supervise the healthy coordination of the whole school.
   5.2.2. Assess the quality of teachers and the fulfilment of the curricular.
   5.2.3. Work hand in hand with the principal for the furtherance of the
   objectives of the School.
   5.2.4. Sit in the decision meetings for policies of the centre.
   5.2.5. Assist the board of directors to stay in course always in their
   5.2.6. Evaluate the exams whether they are of the acceptable standard
   according to the department of education.
   5.2.7. Assist with the management of the centre in all respects.
   5.2.8. Approve the hiring of volunteers and recommend some tutors to
   be taken as volunteers.
   5.2.9. Supervise the department of finances to do their work effectively.
Sharon Baptist Community Empowerment         17 Centre
Registration Number: 2002/003251/08 under section 21 Department of Trade and Industry [dti]
   5.2.10. Intervene where there is a disputer between the Principal and the
   5.2.11. See to it that school auditing is done timeously by the qualified
   bookkeepers and auditing company.
   5.2.12. Be involved in the changing of policies and enforcement of the
   centre policies.
   5.2.13. Give final decision in the dismissal and hiring of the tutor.
   5.2.14. Address parents meeting and intervene in a dispute between a
   teacher and a parent.
   5.2.15. Encourages self-esteem of students in their studies.
   5.2.16. He is a liaison officer of the Centre with any department of
   education and development inclusively health and security.
   5.2.17. He is to maintain that the harmony in the centre reign and
   progress is achieved.
   5.2.18. He delegate members of the board of directors to do special task
   when necessary such as inspection of payments by students, the keeping
   of good payment records, the settling of disputes amongst the teachers
   and amongst the students, represent the inspector and the principal
   where they are invited when they are absent, addressing the parents
   with the mandate of the inspector. Etc.
   5.2.19. Decides together with the board of directors for re-location of
   5.2.20. Decide together with the Board of directors, Church Committee
   and the principal on the increment of fees and increment of stipends for
   the volunteers.
He must be in possession of a certificate in marketing. He must be
matriculated and computer literacy will be an advantage since all his
notification will be drawn from a computer.
Sharon Baptist Community Empowerment         18 Centre
Registration Number: 2002/003251/08 under section 21 Department of Trade and Industry [dti]
He must be zealous in his work as a marketing director.
He must have a driver’s valid driver’s licence.
He must be a good intelligent communicator and peace loving.
His character must be without any question in the community.
6.2. His duties and responsibilities.
6.2.1. He is the driving force towards proper marketing for students.
6.2.2. He is the driving force to market the school in all sectors and to all
the people.
6.2.3. He is to use all the media he deem fit for the publicity sake.
6.2.4. He must have a budget that will enable him to reach his target as far
as marketing is concerned.
6.2.5. He is accountable to the Principal, Inspector and board of directors
for his reporting purposes of the field covered as far as marketing is
6.2.6. He will be requested to help where necessary with the distribution of
questions papers and collection of mark sheet, until someone who has a
driver licence can come on board for this task.
6.2.7. He is responsible of printing of marketing materials and distribution
of these pamphlets and make follow-up where marketing was done.
6.2.8. He is to keep record of the places he visited for marketing and the
results of his marketing.
6.2.9. He will be allowed to use the vehicle for the sole reason of his
marketing work as he will be expected to go to all the satellites
communities for marketing.
6.2.10. He must have an access to the computers and have enough paper
and printing rights to effectively do his work.
6.2.11. The advertisement must always be checked by the principal and the
office administrator for proof reading and affirmation of the information
that is going out whether is well written and represents the centre well.

Sharon Baptist Community Empowerment         19 Centre
Registration Number: 2002/003251/08 under section 21 Department of Trade and Industry [dti]
6.2.12. The information on notices must carry the centre official stamp or
6.2.13. He will be responsible for the quotations for students and
companies who will be requesting such information. He is vested with the
power to make suggestions for better quotations when the company’s
students are many.
6.2.14. Let the marketing director be creative in his advertising work and
be free to use the office manageress to help where necessary if he deem fit.
He/she must be well qualified to repair the computers. He was must be
computer literate and have an A+ knowledge in full. Computers will be
repaired at the centre and not outside the centre premises.
a) To identify the faults with the computers and report those faults to the
   office manageress who will report the faults to the Inspector for parts
b) He must identify the parts needed for repair.
c) He must specify the time frame for the computers to be repaired.
d) He must go around checking the performances of centre computers.
e) He must report any computer taken to another centre.
f) He must keep the record of the number of computers the centre is
g) He must check and update the anti-virus software in tall the computers.
h) He must update the software of these computers from time to time.
i) He is expected to help with the back-up system of all the work in our
j) He must facilitate the learning process of all other teachers of this centre
   in A+ course.

Sharon Baptist Community Empowerment         20 Centre
Registration Number: 2002/003251/08 under section 21 Department of Trade and Industry [dti]
k) He must report all the computers repaired to the principal and office
   Working knowledge of bookkeeping and accounting.
   Be computer literate with matric and above matric qualifications.
   8.2.1.    Bookkeeping of all the expenses of this centre.
   8.2.2.    payments of the staff members in time
   8.2.3.    Control all purchase and record all the purchases and income of
             the centre.
   8.2.4.    Balances the books by keeping all the receipts and present the
             books for auditing to the auditing company.
   8.2.5.    Responsible for the payments of all the rents and services
             inclusively phones and internet services.
   8.2.6.    Responsible for making follow-up for students’ payments in
             working together with the board of directors and the principal.
   8.2.7.    To give financial statement to the meeting of the board of
             directors and Church committee.
   8.2.8.    To be responsible for making the budget of the centre through
             the help of the principal and the budget must be approved by
             jointly the church committee and the School Governing Body
             [Board of directors] in our case.
   8.2.9.    Keep the balance sheet of the budget income and expenditure.
   8.2.10. Collect on the monthly basis as he makes the report bank
             statements that will tally with his books in his income and
             expenses balance sheet.
   8.2.11. Bring suggestions and recommendations where he feels it is
             necessary as far as usage of the finances of the centre is
Sharon Baptist Community Empowerment         21 Centre
Registration Number: 2002/003251/08 under section 21 Department of Trade and Industry [dti]
   8.2.12. He must be taken for in-service –training from time to time to
             sharpen his accounting skills.

-- Save all receipts, even if not required by the IRS.

-- If you need help or advice, hire a professional.

-- Track reimbursable expenses.

-- Don't pay for business expenses with personal accounts.

-- Classify employees properly to avoid IRS problems.

-- Reconcile the books with the bank statement each month.

-- Back up your files.

-- Deduct sales tax from the total sales.

-- Keep accurate records of petty cash.

-- Use check books as much as possible.

-- Use a deposit company book for track records.

-- Right your checks accurately as to avoid any forgery.

-- Checks must be signed by two of the three and not one person.


What is book keeping?

Sharon Baptist Community Empowerment         22 Centre
Registration Number: 2002/003251/08 under section 21 Department of Trade and Industry [dti]
In short, bookkeeping keeps track of your daily, weekly, monthly, and
annual income and expenses. In simpler terms, bookkeeping keeps track of
your business’s cash flow.

While a startup business may allow for self-management, as a business
grows, it is typically in your best interest to hire bookkeeping help.
Someone who specializes in the field can, in the long run, save you time
and money. The details involved in maintaining accurate books can be
overlooked when you are caught up with running a business. When you
find yourself skipping steps or putting bookkeeping tasks aside for later, it's
time to look for a professional.


1.    Your      bookkeeper        must      have      a    basic      understanding           of
bookkeeping/accounting terms. They should have a basic understanding of
the difference between the five basic types of accounts (assets, liabilities,
equity, income and expenses).

2. They must be detail oriented. You need someone who's going to be able
to focus on the little things: This will enable the big things to take care of
themselves. You don't have time to babysit them; they need to be able to
take charge and take care of all the little things that need attention when it
comes to your basic financial operations.

3. They must have an understanding of the big picture. If you buy a piece of
equipment, are they going to understand the concept of setting up the asset
and liability accounts? Do they know how to allocate the payment to
interest expense and liability principal reduction?

4. They must have a willingness to follow through. You want someone
who'll ensure that projects and questions are followed through to
completion. They need to be responsible for the follow through because

Sharon Baptist Community Empowerment         23 Centre
Registration Number: 2002/003251/08 under section 21 Department of Trade and Industry [dti]
you're just too busy to be the one in charge of project completion. You're
there to assist with questions, but the financial projects have to be
something they're in charge of.

5. They must have monthly financial statements available by the 10th of the
following month. The three basic financial statements include the balance
sheet, the profit/loss statement and the cash flow statement.

6. They must understand how to do proper job costing. It's important that
they are tracking all the costs by item and job detail. Job costing is critical to
the success of knowing how much your projects are truly cost. You have to
be able to depend on their information to be reliable.

7. They must have a basic understanding of your industry. While this is
something that can be learned, you'll be miles ahead on the learning curve
if the person you hire has a general understanding of your industry. And
while bookkeeping for a retail store, hair salon, internet service business
and many others have the same basic bookkeeping fundamentals; it's not
exactly the same. Each industry has different terms and insider aspects that
can only be learned on the job, so be sure to look for someone with
experience in your industry.

8. They must have good communication skills. If your bookkeeper doesn't
understand something, they've got to be willing to ask for clarification or
help. Communication is critical so that you'll have a good understanding of
what's taking place in the office without you having to be the one doing the
day-to-day work.

9. They must be computer literate. The days of doing almost anything by
hand are long gone. You must have a computerized bookkeeping system to
be able to get quality reports. Your bookkeeper should not only know the
basics of your bookkeeping software but should also be familiar with Word,
Excel, e-mail and the internet.
Sharon Baptist Community Empowerment         24 Centre
Registration Number: 2002/003251/08 under section 21 Department of Trade and Industry [dti]
10. They must be interested in continuing their education. They should be
committed to enhancing their skills with additional classes or self-study to
ensure that they're staying up to date with the accounting skills your
business demands.

11. They must be willing to make a strong commitment to your business. If
you're hiring a part-time bookkeeper, it's essential that you find someone
who will make your business a priority. Don't let your part-time
bookkeeper "squeeze" their responsibilities to you into their personal life.
This is one of the biggest issues I see with many small businesses. The
owners allow their bookkeepers to do their work whenever they have time.
But by doing this, you're enabling them to put your business at the bottom
of their "priority" list. You need someone who's focused on ensuring things
get done.


Bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing clerks handle financial records for
many small businesses. ONLINE. May 03, 2006|By

If       you                                                              want           your
company                                                                   to            truly
function                                                                  in a profitable
way,      it's                                                            critical that you
set                                                                       expectations for
your                                                                            bookkeeper
before you                                                                bring them on
board.                                                                    Good financial
records                                                                                       are
                                                                          fundamental to

Sharon Baptist Community Empowerment         25 Centre
Registration Number: 2002/003251/08 under section 21 Department of Trade and Industry [dti]
the success of your business. If you can't rely on your books--or your
bookkeeper--then how are you going to know where your business is
headed? Set these expectations for your bookkeeper so they'll be a
successful part of your team. You'll be setting your business up for success.


   9.1. PARTNERS.

   Due to our affiliation with the Baptist Convention of South Africa our
   mother body, also due to the magnitude of growth and projects by our
   churches, partners are forwarded to us by the BCSA in a long and short
   term basis. They are to work hand in hand with our local churches, as
   we exchange skills, spiritual vitality and learn one another’s cultures as
   we share the gospel of Jesus Christ. We have partners from Germany
   who are here with soccer/sports ministry and they are part and parcel of
   the centre/computer centre and help where they are able to help with
   the skills they have. At the church they help as sound engineers and also
   with children’s ministry.

   They are hosted by the church members and culture is being exchanged
   in many ways, in the manner they interpret the way we do things and
   the way also they do things we as a church learn also from them. We use
   to have volunteers at first being of the same sex and the second group
   was a mix sex, meaning a boy and a girl. Our policy stand for one same
   sex either girls or boys because this will be of great help to the church as
   far as arrangement of accommodation and care is concerned. These
   reasons will be officially convey to our partners.


Sharon Baptist Community Empowerment         26 Centre
Registration Number: 2002/003251/08 under section 21 Department of Trade and Industry [dti]
   9.1.1. They will share their skills with the Sharon Baptist Church and its

   9.1.2. They will be sound engineers as they train our youths these skills.

   9.1.3. They will share their sports ministry with our community and also
   with our young who will ensure continuity even after the volunteers are

   9.1.4. They learn as much as possible skills and ways of doing things and
   worship styles of South Africa as we exchange cultural differences.

   9.1.5. The church or executive of the church will seek to listen to
   volunteers’ concerned and help with information as much as possible.

   9.1.6. The church will liaise with the office of the volunteers and give
   report /assessment of what is happening in this church relationship with

   9.1.7. We have other volunteers who are our partners in Zambia,
   Swaziland and now Malawi.


      a) They pay their transport fee to South Africa.

      b) They must be allowed by their churches to come for training.

      c) They will be trained for free and taken care of accommodation and
           food wise by the Centre during their stay with the Sharon Baptist

Sharon Baptist Community Empowerment         27 Centre
Registration Number: 2002/003251/08 under section 21 Department of Trade and Industry [dti]
      d) They will be hosted for training for a period of a month; therefore
          we need to arrange a budget for them in advance.

      e) We shall not have more than 4 partners for training per month
          and per quarter.
      f) We shall have only 4 partners for training per six months that
          means per year it will be 8 partners. In the first six months and the
          last six months. This will help the church to arrange funds,
          accommodation and all necessary care in between.

      g) Their transport usually is up until Johannesburg and the Church
          need to arrange transport to fetch them from Johannesburg to and

      h) The mission team will once a year visit these countries according to
          the needs that will arise.

      i) The partners in study will go through the trainings that we can
          afford offering without really pay extra money to other people for
          assisting us to train these partners.

                             10. BOARD OF DIRECTORS.
                            SHARON COMPUTER CENTRE.
                                   1. INTRODUCTION
The smoothest running of this centre is our primary objective. The joy and
the conduciveness of this centre will result in quality education for our
nation. Hence this structure dully appointed to oversee and bring changes
where needed is its main objectives. The structure want to objectively bring
about the atmosphere of learning that would enhance quality technological
education in its fullest.

Sharon Baptist Community Empowerment         28 Centre
Registration Number: 2002/003251/08 under section 21 Department of Trade and Industry [dti]
Due to the magnitude of the work of the Sharon Computer centre, a board
of directors was appointed to evaluate the work thoroughly. The term of
operation of the board of directors is three years.
The names of the following people were appointed.
      Motimela Winifred Mosetsanagape-gape
      Crisp Ramsay
      Bonokwane Cecilia
      Modisaotsile Evelyn
      Alec John
   1. Inspection of the satellite condition of work.
      The teaching environment
      The welfare of the teachers in all these satellites.
      The safety of the students and the safety of the teachers in these
      The safety of the teachers outside where they stay.
      The condition of furniture for the teachers outside.
   2. Interview of the teachers to find out whether they are happy with
      their work.
   3. Interviewing students to find out their satisfaction as far as learning
      process is concern.
   4. Assessment of teaching process in the class situation whether is it up
      to standard.
   5. Assuring students about our concern about them concerning quality
   6. Assuring teachers about the support they have from the centre for
   7. Inspecting the condition of the computers and that there is no three
      students on one problematic computer.

Sharon Baptist Community Empowerment         29 Centre
Registration Number: 2002/003251/08 under section 21 Department of Trade and Industry [dti]
   8. Checking the payments done by the students whether it is well
      recorded by teachers and that the students are encouraged to pay in
   9. See to it that the study manuals and exercise books are available for
   10.        To motivate students to take their work very serious.
   11.        To update the students about exams and conditions that pertains
      to exam, such as
      No exams if there is no payment.
      Unfaithfulness during the exams, whereby a student assists another
      student with answers, will result in immediate dismissal of the
      If one misses an exam, there should be a qualifying factor towards
      that if not the student will not be allowed to right that subject.
      That marking will be done in the marking centre as to assure quality
      education and uniformity in what they are writing.
      That the results will be final and any query remarking that will cost
      R50.00 will be allowed.
      That certificates are not issued at any time when the student need it,
      there is a time allocated for the printing of the certificates for
      administration purposes.
      That students need to claim their certificates immediately after the
      graduation those who were not in the graduation.
      That no student will graduate later with another group if he she failed
      to graduate now, that is called graduated in absentia.
   12.        Student’s affairs will be handled by the board of directors, and
      be reported to the Inspector and the Committee of the church and
   13.        Misbehaviour of teachers will be dealt about by this committee.
   14.        Teachers’ interviews will be done by this committee.
Sharon Baptist Community Empowerment         30 Centre
Registration Number: 2002/003251/08 under section 21 Department of Trade and Industry [dti]
   Finally they need to report their findings to the Church committee and
   the Inspector the sooner they are back from their inspection tour.
   The inspection tour must be done twice a month in all the satellite.
   An inspection book must be kept to record all their findings and the full
   report with some recommendation should be typed and presented in a
   typed form for record sake.
   10.       GRADUATIONS.
   The graduations will be held twice a year meaning that the first two
   quarters will be combined together and the last two quarters will also be
   combined together.
   A central venue such as Mmabana will preferable be used as to cut off
   lot of costs.
   Belts are provided as already paid for in the student registration fee.
   Students that will be absent are expected to collect their certificates
   within a week’s time.
   If the certificate is not collected within a week’s time; a penalty of an
   R100.00 will be levied [charged] upon the owner of the certificate. The
   reason is to avoid any kind of corruption by allowing these certificates to
   stay with the centre as students after some years will claim that they
   have not received their certificates.
   No certificate will be issued or given to any student after a period of a
   month. The student will be forced to re-write his or her exams as the
   certificate will be regarded as expired in our premises, this is done to
   avoid any kind of corruption in certificate issuing after the certificates
   were issued at the appropriate time.
   During the graduations mistakes on the certificates must be reported to
   the satellite tutor and the mistakes will be rectified at the office and not
   on the spot since we will not be having all the necessary office

Sharon Baptist Community Empowerment         31 Centre
Registration Number: 2002/003251/08 under section 21 Department of Trade and Industry [dti]
   No third party will be allowed to speak on behalf of the students, the
   management of the centre is matured enough to accept their mistakes
   and rectify the mistakes done on the certificates amicably. If deem fit if
   someone stays far, the certificate will be posted by the centre’s own costs.
   During the graduation we are not responsible for any lost of the
   graduation gowns and caps and certificates of the graduates. Each and
   every graduate must take full responsibility of his/her belongings.
   No provisions of food and drinks to both the students and parents during
   our graduations.
   Merit awards certificates are only given to those who obtained 90%and
   above on four subjects only.
   Unruly students and their next of kin disrupting the graduations, the
   centre has no option but to summon the police to calm the situation
12.1. Their studies must be of great value
Our students must be treated will all respect. Our teachers should be
capable of delivering what these students came for. The role that says “the
customer is always right” must be put into practice. Batho Pele must prevail
in this centre.
Students complain must be attended with all dignity and let there be a fare
deal with all the students. The students are not having the same educational
back ground, as much as we will take students starting with grade 10
upwards, still their mental capacity is not the same, and thus pre-cautions
in dealing with students should really be taken serious. Elderly students
might have some serious problems of not being in the classrooms for quite
a long time, thus patience and more time must be created in order to help
the situation. English will be the medium of instruction in this centre.
12.2. Their payments

Sharon Baptist Community Empowerment         32 Centre
Registration Number: 2002/003251/08 under section 21 Department of Trade and Industry [dti]
Students are expected to pay their fees in time as to enhance the centre to
be able to run its affairs effectively. Students with no payments will be
excused from their studies until they have settled their payments. If the
payment is too late, the student will try his/ her studies the next quarter.
Fees will be levied or increased on the yearly basis as to be able to cope up
with the inflation rate and petrol hike and yearly rental increment from the
landlords. This year the increment was 21 percent due to high costs of
running this centre. The fees are as follows:
      Registration that include belts, textbook, photos and administration is
      Tuition fee is at R1, 200.00 which is payable in three months period.
      Monthly is R400.00.
Payment is strictly done at the bank all payments. Registration is done at the
FNB bank no. 62007595046 and Tuition fee is done at ABSA bank. Account
No. is 9076197157 savings.
      Receipts must be handed over to the teachers for them to give out
      centre receipts for record sake and bookkeeping purposes. The centre
      receipts must be stamped with the centre stamp for it to be official
      and legal.
      The principal and the bookkeepers and the board of directors if need
      be, are responsible for students financial matters.
12.3. Their performances
The students’ performances or assessment will be carried out from time to
time by the principal and the inspector. Ways and means of improving the
student’s performances will be provided and counselling in some instances
will be conducted by the principal and the inspector for emotional and
spiritual counselling if need arises. No students will be given marks that
he/she doesn’t deserve, they will be regarded as misconduct and such
misconduct is heavily punishable with dismissal of all offenders, the
teacher and the student who received what she doesn’t deserve, if it is
Sharon Baptist Community Empowerment         33 Centre
Registration Number: 2002/003251/08 under section 21 Department of Trade and Industry [dti]
discovered that negotiation was entered to, for such an unfair marks
transaction. See the misconduct information here below.
12.4. Code of conduct for this centre staff members.
 These codes of conduct will enrich us all to have good relationship in this
   1. Life full of dedication to serve as if we serve God himself.
   2. Life full of the fear of the Lord.
   3. Know what I am doing as the nation builder through this centre.
   4. Change my style of living this is a Christian centre.
   5. Trust God at all times for a better relationship.
   6. Have the right relationship with God.
   7. To be always spirit-filled and spirit-led as I communicate with
      people both students, parents and staff members.
   8. Spend enough time in prayer before you come to work.
   9. Consultation with other staff members is very vital for effective
      working relationship with the students.
   10.     Understanding of people attitudes and never act as they do or as
      they push you to act.
   11.     Be patient in listening and be slow to answer.
   12.     Treat students as kings and queens and treat students as equals
      though they are not age wise and academic wise.
   13.     Treat students as your bosses for it is through them that we are
      having this centre. Without students we cannot have this centre.
   14.     If you have a problem with a student, and you cannot solve it,
      please let someone come to your rescue, do not continue with that
      situation on your own.
   15.     If you have a problem with a subject, consult with other
      teachers for assistance, we are here for the students and not for

Sharon Baptist Community Empowerment         34 Centre
Registration Number: 2002/003251/08 under section 21 Department of Trade and Industry [dti]
      ourselves. Please do not attempt to teach something which you do not
      understand, because you will confuse yourself and the students.
    16.    Never have relationship with students that will put this centre in
      bad names, e.g. love affairs, borrowing money with students, and any
      kind of favour like using the student cell phone.
    17.    Never promise what you cannot provide.
    18.    Never speak badly about another teacher in front of the students
      and never back bite one another as staff members, as this will defeat
      the purpose of our existence.
    19.    Your problem is our problem, do not stay with that problem let
      us know as to help where we can.
    20.    Never be afraid to apologise to the students, staff members,
      principal, board of directors and to the inspector where necessary,
      and this is not a sign of weakness, but this is indeed assign of
    21.    Never take people for granted/but respect is the great weapon
      for, good relationship.
    22.    Avoid all the unnecessary student teacher relationship.
    23.    Do not keep grudges with other teachers and your principal,
      and inspector (Pastor) it is most dangerous.
    24.    Prayer less life is most dangerous.
    25.    Do not reply to any person what you do not know concerning
      this centre.
    26.    If you are not happy with whatever you might have come
      across, please consult your principal.
                               SHARON COMPUTER CENTRE

Sharon Baptist Community Empowerment         35 Centre
Registration Number: 2002/003251/08 under section 21 Department of Trade and Industry [dti]
      This centre is striving for the best of all its learners and teachers. The
      following will be regarded as misbehaviour from both the learner and
      the teacher.
      That which we consider as misconduct and offenses

      Misbehaviour/Offense      or            Punishable/Action
      1. No respect between the     A hearing will be conducted
      teacher and students from     and a verdict will be
      both camps; e.g. exchange of  informed by the outcome of
      vulgar words.                 the     hearing.    Harsher
                                    punishment will be carried
                                    out which might be
                                    suspension for a period of
      2. Love relationship between No toleration of such
      a tutor and the student, both behaviour,        immediate
      males and females.            dismissal of both will take
      3. Cheating by teachers in Immediate dismissal of both.
      stealing question papers for
      4. Cheating by a teacher who The Teacher will be
      will change the report to suspended for a period of
      impress the students.         three weeks without pay.
      5. Bulling other learners by You will be called for a
      not allowing them to use hearing.
      computers.                    Surely the outcome will be

Sharon Baptist Community Empowerment         36 Centre
Registration Number: 2002/003251/08 under section 21 Department of Trade and Industry [dti]
      6. Speaking bad about your You will be called for a
      centre, without consulting us hearing, and the out come
      about your dissatisfaction.    will depend on what you
                                     really meant by what you
                                     said about the centre.
      7.    Ill-treatment of other You will be called to come
      students by laughing at their and account for your actions
      slow performance or any and the verdict will be
      proven action of ill- passed..
      8. Literal and intentional When proven guilty that you
      breaking down of our did that intentional, you are
      computers.                     going to pay all the costs of
                                     that computer’s repair.
      9. Inciting other students to Parents will be called to sort
      rebellion without following that problem with us.
      protocol to present your case.
      10. Stealing computer parts If found, you will be called
      by both teachers and for a hearing and the out
      students.                      come will surely be severe
      11. Any broken computer You will be called for an
      must be reported to the staff explanation       of     what
      members do not try to repair happened and the verdict
      either the software or the will follow thereafter.
      hardware. If you try to do
      that, it is regarded as
      12. Not paying your fees This is a serious offense that
      having been given the money parents will be called to help

Sharon Baptist Community Empowerment         37 Centre
Registration Number: 2002/003251/08 under section 21 Department of Trade and Industry [dti]
      by parents.                             us with such a situation.
      13. The stealing of personal            This is a serious offense that
      belongings, e.g. cell phones,           will be handed over to the
      Bank      cards,     spectacles,        police.
      money etc.
      14. Telling lies and suspected          When discovered that such
      that you are telling lies.              an    action    has   been
                                              committed, a hearing will be
                                              conducted, with serious

12.6. Tests and Exams
These tests and exams are very official and legal, and if any person will take
them very simple and irregularities be found, culprits both teachers and
students will immediately be dismissed by the board of directors and the
inspector after a hearing.
Marks given to students are always moderated and are therefore final,
remarking is R100.00 per subject.
Re-writing of a subject after having obtained between 33-39 % of your
marks, it will be R100.00 per subject. No rewriting with a total fail,
meaning having received below 33% of your marks. The student will have
to repeat that subject or module and the certificate will not bear that
Having passed 5 subjects you are entitled a certificate without the sixth
failed module. Having passed four subject and failed two subjects as equal
to a total fail, and no certificate will be issued. The student has to repeat the
whole course.
Marking of students scripts will be done by independent teachers at a
central marking centre.

Sharon Baptist Community Empowerment         38 Centre
Registration Number: 2002/003251/08 under section 21 Department of Trade and Industry [dti]
Invigilating of students will be done by neutral teachers and not the same
satellite teachers as to avoid any favouritism by the same teachers of the
satellite. It is the centre responsibility to distribute the teachers for
invigilation accordingly.
12.7. Centre trips with students principles
Trips for students must be arranged by the centre with the teachers
involved in the different satellites. Though the trips will fully be arranged
together with the authorization by the board of directors, indemnity forms
must be filled by both the parents and the students that will be on the trip.
13. Learning environment.
Education must take place in a conduciveness [acceptable, favourable]
learning environment. Thus it is the responsibility of this centre through
the board of directors to see to the conduciveness of the learning
environment. This entails cleanliness and well furnished class rooms. Good
ventilation and easily accessible sanitation for our students.
13.1. Availability of Computers.
Students for the beginning two must share one computer for learning
purposes and thereafter each student must learn to work independently,
thus there must be enough computers for the number of students enrolled
in a classroom situation.
Each classroom must not exceed 12 students at the most. The centre must
provide spacious classrooms for the twelve students not to be squeezed.
Enough computers avoid students fighting over one computer. The
computers must be the latest with the latest programmes on the market. No
student must qualify to be computer literate if he/she has not done the
whole course in full. Subjects or modules offered are as follows:
   a) Computer practice.
   b) Computer Theory
   c) Ms office 2003/2007, viz Ms Word, Ms PowerPoint, Ms Excel, Ms
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Sharon Baptist Community Empowerment         39 Centre
Registration Number: 2002/003251/08 under section 21 Department of Trade and Industry [dti]
   d) Typing
   e) Internet and Websites browsing
13.2. Furnisher
The centre furnishers that include computers must be up to date and of an
acceptable standard.
13.3. The program and time allocation and assessment report.
The programs that are taught in this centre are allocated three months of
learning period. The three months include also tests, assessments in the
form of assignments, inspector assessing the learners’ performances, the
principal also assessing the learners’ progress and progress report received
from the teachers or demanded from the teachers by the principal and
The learning material [textbook] must be up to standard and the syllabus
must be completed. Learners are to be encouraged to have computers of
their own at home for assignment purposes, since the assignments must be
submitted typed.
   14.        CONCLUSION
   These Sharon computer centre policies are binding to all that uses them
   and that are a part and parcel of what is happening in this centre. The
   violation of these policies is regarded as a serious misconduct that will
   be punishable with serious hearing that might results in immediate
   dismissal without any given notice and payment.
   These policies are reviewable after each and every quarter and
   amendments if necessary will be done from time to time on quarterly

Sharon Baptist Community Empowerment         40 Centre
Registration Number: 2002/003251/08 under section 21 Department of Trade and Industry [dti]

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