10th Anniversary Belfast Event Reunites Northern Ireland Peace by pengxiang


                                        Year in Review
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Suite 502
Arlington, Virginia 22201

Phone 703.841.5843
Web www.us-irelandalliance.org

10th Anniversary Belfast Event Reunites
Northern Ireland Peace Negotiators

More than 300 guests gathered in Belfast in April to                gether on the same stage, fourteen of the negotiators for
hear the negotiators of the Belfast Agreement discuss               the 10th anniversary of the Agreement.
the historic negotiations, which brought about an end               The world’s press descended on the event which includ-
to the decades-long conflict and ushered in an era of               ed Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern, former US Sena-
peace, culminating in the restoration of the Northern               tor George Mitchell, General John de Chastelain, John
Ireland Assembly in 2007. The US-Ireland Alliance                   Hume, Gerry Adams, Mark Durkan, Sir Reg Empey,
hosted this event which, for the first time, brought to-            David Andrews, Liz O’Donnell, Secretary of State for

 Trina Vargo                               Mary Lou Hartman                                      Paul Hayes
 President                                 Director of Mitchell Scholarship Program              Irish Liaison
 vargo@us-irelandalliance.org              hartman@us-irelandalliance.org                        paul.hayes@beachhutpr.com
                                Wales Paul Murphy, Monica McWilliams, Lord                  George J. Mitchell Scholarship program and
                                Alderdice, Dawn Purvis, and David Adams.                    their peers (young leaders between the ages of
            2008                Video tributes of former Secretary of State                 22 and 35) from Northern Ireland and Ireland.
     Year in Review             for Northern Ireland Mo Mowlam and David                    Other guests included former US Ambassador
                                Ervine were shown.                                          to Ireland, Jean Kennedy Smith, Academy
                                It was generally agreed by the panel that ‘trust’           Award winner Jim Sheridan, Academy Award
                                might not have been achieved but ‘understand-               nominee Terry George, Baroness May Blood,
                                ing’ was and that that was crucial to a positive            Geraldine Hughes, Sharon Corr, Sir George and
                                outcome. It was also noted that the process is              Lady Quigley, US Consul General to Belfast,
                                still a work in progress. The event was mod-                Susan Elliot, Sir Hugh Orde, and several of the
                                erated by BBC presenter, Noel Thompson.                     island’s university presidents.
                                The majority of the audience consisted of the               A dinner at the Europa followed and included
                                nearly 100 alumni of the US-Ireland Alliance’s              performances by Duke Special and Maura

                   Photos by:
              Arthur Allison,
Pacemaker Press International

                                Lord Alderdice, Sir Reg Empey, General John de Chastelain

                                                                                            Taoiseach Bertie Ahern, Dawn Purvis, Gerry Adams

                Page 2

                                Anne Marie and Noel Smyth                                   Duke Special, Sharon Corr, Senator Mitchell
                                                                                                      Year in Review

the negotiators                                    Senator Mitchell and Hope Patterson

Senator Mitchell and Noel Smyth                    Liz O’Donnell, Senator Mitchell, Dawn Purvis

Geraldine Hughes, Maura O’Connell, Emily Jeffers   Liz O’Donnell, Jean Kennedy Smith, John Hume

                                                                                                      Page 3

Senator Mitchell, Liz O’Donnell, Paul Murphy       Mary Lou Hartman, Michael Longley, Lucy Caldwell
                 O’Connell, as well as a reading by Michael                        and the event may be viewed in its entirety on
                 Longley. Mitchell Scholarship program Director                    the US-Ireland Alliance website (www.us-ire-
       2008      Mary Lou Hartman introduced the graduating                        landalliance.org)
Year in Review   class of Mitchell Scholars and Senator Mitch-
                 ell presented them with their class rings, a gift                 Major supporters of the event were Alburn, the
                 from Cross Atlantic Capital Partners.                             US Department of State’s Bureau of Education-
                                                                                   al and Cultural Affairs, The Atlantic Philan-
                 Tyrone Productions recorded the symposium                         thropies, and Quinlan Private.

                                         Michael Longley     Senator Mitchell and Class of 2008

                                                                                   Monica McWillims and Senator Mitchell

                     Michael Murphy, Art Chan, Ahadi Bugg-Levine, Colin McCrea

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                                                                                   Secretary of State Paul Murphy and David Andrews
Jim Brooks, Fiona Shaw and Colm Meaney
Honored at Third Annual “Oscar Wilde:                                                             2008
                                                                                                  Year in Review
Honoring The Irish In Film
We honored producer James L. Brooks, and        mance. Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova
actors Fiona Shaw and Colm Meaney at our        (who would win an Oscar three nights later)
third annual “Oscar Wilde: Honoring The         also sang for the intimate crowd of 350 people
Irish in Film” pre-Academy Awards party in      and Glen joined Duke on stage to conclude
February at the Wilshire Ebell, Los Angeles.    a magical evening. (Since our event, Jim has
Charlie Koones, CEO of Rockmore Media and       filmed an episode of The Simpson’s which will
former President and Publisher of The Variety   be about an Irish pub closing and it includes a
Group, served as emcee. Belfast musician Duke   performance by Glen and Marketa.)
Special wowed the audience with his perfor-     Jim Brooks brought the audience to their feet

                                                                                                  Photos by:
                                                                                                  Alberto Rodriguez,
                                                                                                  Getty Images

Glen Hansard and Duke Special

Charlie Koones and Jim Brooks                   Jim Brooks and Hans Zimmer

Colm Meaney, Fiona Shaw, Trina Vargo            Colm Meaney and Jim Brooks                        Page 5
                 with the tale of his confused upbringing – his     was glad her mother wasn’t in the audience to
                 father always told him he was Irish and so         hear her tell that joke.
       2008      naturally he was bewildered when he learned        The event was created to honor the Irish in film
Year in Review   his grandfather’s name was Bernstein. But he       and bring together people in the entertainment
                 was thrilled to be made an honorary Irishman,      industries in the US and Ireland. The Alliance
                 thus making his father an honest man. Colm         hosted a long list of Irish and “honorary Irish”
                 talked about his transatlantic career and his      at the event, including JJ Abrams, Jeff Berg,
                 pride of having a foot in both the Irish and US    Eric Stoltz, Doug Wick, Lucy Fisher, Hans Zim-
                 film worlds. Fiona spoke of being in town at       mer, Kirsten Sheridan, Michelle Burke Winter,
                 the time of the Oscars and eloquently quoted       Richard Sakai, Donal Logue, Janet Hirshenson,
                 the Yeats poem, Sailing to Byzantium, which        Jane Jenkins, John Carney, Geoffrey Gilmore,
                 begins with the line ‘that is no country for old   Orian Williams, and Mike Hagerty. Previous
                 men.” She brought laughs with a joke that she      honorees include Van Morrison, Terry George,
                 said had been told to her by Brenda Fricker        Bill Monahan, Neil Jordan, Jim Sheridan and
                 when they filmed My Left Foot and said she         David Holmes.

                                                                    Glen Hansard

                 JJ Abrams and Donal Logue                          Orian Williams, Bernadette Moley, Eric Stoltz

      Page 6     Marketa Irglova and Glen Hansard                   Colm Meaney, Fiona Shaw and Jim Brooks
Three-time Academy Award-winner and 12-             Gosling in Fracture. Onstage, she received
time Emmy Award-winner, James L. Brooks             a Tony nomination for her performance as
began his television career as a writer and later   Medea in 2003. She recently was nominated           2008
produced television hits such as Taxi, The Mary     for another Olivier for her role as Winnie in       Year in Review
Tyler Moore Show, Rhoda, Lou Grant, Room            Samuel Beckett’s Happy Days. She recently
222, The Tracey Ullman Show, and The Simp-          directed, to rave reviews, her first opera --
sons. He began working in film in 1979 when         Vaughan Williams’ Riders to the Sea (based on
he wrote the screenplay for Starting Over,          the Synge play) for the English National Opera
which he co-produced with Alan J. Pakula. In        at the London Coliseum.
1983, he earned three Academy Awards for
Terms of Endearment, which he wrote, pro-           Born in Dublin, Colm Meaney left school at the
duced and directed. Also on his long list of        age of 17 to apprentice as a fisherman, but his
writing, directing and producing credits are        love of acting led him to enroll in drama classes
War of the Roses, Say Anything, Big, I’ll Do        at The Abbey, Dublin’s national theater. In
Anything, Bottle Rocket, Jerry Maguire, and As      1982 he made his Broadway debut in “Break-
Good as It Gets.                                    ing The Code,” opposite Derek Jacobi. Colm is
                                                    perhaps best known for his role as Chief Op-
Cork-born Fiona Shaw is a veteran of both           erating Officer Miles O’Brien on the television
stage and film, seen most recently as Harry Pot-    series, “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” and “Star
ter’s nasty aunt, Petunia Dursley in the series     Trek: The Next Generation.” He also appeared
of Harry Potter movies. Her career extends          in Kings, The Commitments, The Dead, Con
well beyond that, dating back to her first major    Air, Under Siege, Far and Away, Layer Cake,
role as Dr. Eileen Cole in Jim Sheridan’s 1989      Intermission, This Is My Father, The English-
Oscar Award winning film, My Left Foot. She         man That Went Up A Hill But Came Down A
went on to roles in 3 Men and a Little Lady,        Mountain, and Into The West.
Persuasion, Jane Eyre, The Butcher Boy, and
The Black Dahlia, among others. Last year she       Major event sponsors included The Variety
played opposite Anthony Hopkins and Ryan            Group, Quinlan Private and American Airlines.

Duke Special and Glen Hansard                       Kirsten Sheridan                                    Page 7
Year in Review

                                                                    Mike Hagerty and Colm Meaney

                 Fiona Shaw                                         Doug Wick, Barbara Mandel, Jim Brooks, Jeff Berg

                 The Ebell of Los Angeles

      Page 8

                 Neil Jordan                Michelle Burke Winter                          Tim Murphy
10th Class of Mitchell Scholars Selected
The US-Ireland Alliance announced the 2009-           child of Robert F. Kennedy and the former
2010 George J. Mitchell Scholars on Saturday,         Lieutenant Governor of Maryland; Eileen Marie                Year in Review
22 November, after a day-long finalist selection      Collins, a former NASA astronaut and the first
process in Washington D.C.                            woman pilot of the space shuttle; Ireland’s Am-
                                                      bassador to the United States, Michael Collins;
The Scholars were selected after a rigorous           Jane Mayer, a well-known writer for The New
application process that drew 300 applications        Yorker whose work includes path-breaking jour-
from over 150 colleges and universities across        nalism on American policy on torture (she was
the country. The process culminated in a final        a 2008 finalist for the National Book Award for
interview before a selection committee com-           her book The Dark Side); Matt Flannery, CEO
posed of eminent leaders in many fields. This         of Kiva.org, the pioneering social entrepreneur-
year’s committee included: David Simon, creator       ship site; Dr. Margaret Hamburg, the former
of several celebrated television shows including      Commissioner of Health for New York City
The Wire and winner of Emmy and Peabody               and a Senior Scientist with the Nuclear Threat
Awards; Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, the eldest         Initiative; Rachel Rebouche, a former Mitchell
                                                                                                                   Photos by:
                                                                                                                   Carol Clayton

Aidan Cassidy, Jeff Kendall, Sarah Wappett            Amanda Wetzel, Arsalan Suleman, Michael Solis, Lisa Yu

Breeana Detwiler, Rebekah Emanuel, Christina Faust,   Jonathan Benton, Dean Pittman, Tom Murray
Neil Ferron, Alec Schierenbeck, Sarang Shan

                                                                                                                   Page 9

Rebecca Aslakson, Eileen Collins, Trina Vargo         Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, Maureen O’Connell, Cliff Sloan,
                                                      Judge Merrick Garland, Mary Lou Hartman
                       Scholar and a leader at the National Partner-                     mott and poet Paul Muldoon have also served
                       ship for Women & Families; and Christopher                        on the Mitchell selection committee.
       2008            Schroeder, an award-winning internet pioneer
Year in Review         who is CEO of an influential network of health                    “This is the tenth anniversary of the George
                       web sites.                                                        Mitchell Scholarships and the tenth anniver-
                                                                                         sary of the historic Good Friday Agreement.
                       The Mitchell Scholarship selection committee                      These twelve young men and women represent
                       has long attracted prominent national figures                     exactly the kind of courage and optimism that
                       such as Former National Security Advisor Tony                     perfectly commemorates and builds on the in-
                       Lake, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Samantha                      credible legacy of Senator Mitchell,” said Mary
                       Power, and President-elect Obama’s foreign pol-                   Lou Hartman, Director of the George Mitchell
                       icy advisor Jim Steinberg. Author Alice McDer-                    Scholarship program.

                     Carolina Chavez, Stanton Jones, Dawn Hewett    Chris Schroeder, David Buckley, Adam Harbison

                       Christina Faust, Neil Ferron                                      John Velasco, Mary Lou Hartman

      Shane Colvin

    Page 10

                       Joanne McGlinchey, Mary Lou Hartman, Jim McGlinchey               Michael Adamsky, Breanna Detwiler, Leah Gates
                                                                                                                Year in Review

Mary Lou Hartman, Sharon Waxman, Margaret Hamburg   Matthew Baum

Michael Collins, Norman Houston                     Nate Wright, Bernadette McFadden

Orla O’Hanrahan, Jane Mayer                         Rebekah Emanuel, Matt Flannery, Dean Pittman, Trina Vargo

                                                                                                                Jonathan Brestoff

                                                                                                                Page 11

Sara Cormeny, Laura Taylor                          Tom and Carol Wheeler
                                   Matthew Baum will gradu-             to the idea that music therapy has the power
                                   ate from Yale with bachelor’s        to heal. He led a program to educate middle
       2008                        and master’s degrees in Molec-       school students about the value of higher
Year in Review                     ular, Cellular, and Developmen-      education to help reduce teen dropout rates.
                                   tal Biology. Matt is particularly    He presently serves as student body president
                                   passionate about the treatment       of more than 12,000 students, helped create a
                                   of mental health and bipolar         campus and community sustainability move-
                 disorder and is dedicated to alleviating suffer-       ment, and has been active in Big Brother for
                 ing among those who suffer from psychiatric            four years. Shane performs with a number of
                 illness. Research he initiated in a Belgian lab led    musical groups at MSU, including a barbershop
                 to an important discovery in the field of Fragile      quartet and a six-man a cappella group. Shane
                 X syndrome and the transformation of short-            will study music therapy at the University of
                 term memories into long-term memories. Matt            Limerick.
                 is also an artist and athlete. He won a grant to
                 create a bronze sculpture that will be installed                         A 2008 Truman Scholar, as
                 at Yale when he graduates. He is president                               well as a Udall Scholar,
                 of the Yale wrestling team and a member of                               Breanna Detwiler will
                 the Yale rugby club. In addition, he helps to                            graduate from Elon University
                 coordinate a community-based organization                                in North Carolina with a major
                 that works to address the needs of high-risk                             in Environmental Science.
                 communities in New Haven. Matt will pursue                               Bre’s passion for environmen-
                 a master’s in neuroscience at Trinity College          tal justice led her to found Elon’s Community
                 Dublin.                                                Garden, a project that has attracted over 70
                                                                        volunteers and has produced enough to service
                                  A 2008 summa cum laude                a community organization that provides meals
                                  graduate of Skidmore College          to the homeless. In addition, Bre is the student
                                  with a double major in Chem-          coordinator at Elon Academy, a 3-year college
                                  istry and Exercise Science,           access program for first-generation, under-
                                  Jonathan Brestoff is cur-             represented, low-income high-school students.
                                  rently in his first year of a joint   Her vision and activism has led to greater ties
                                  MD/PhD program at the Uni-            between the university, local families, and
                 versity of Pennsylvania in Genetics and Gene           community organizations. Bre has assumed a
                 Regulation. Jonathan is particularly focused           number of leadership roles on campus, includ-
                 on research that will lead to the prevention           ing co-founding and organizing the Campus
                 of metabolic diseases, such as type-2 diabetes         Climate Coalition, created to help move the
                 and obesity. His cutting-edge research led him         university towards clean energy. Breanna will
                 to the discovery of an anti-obesity compound,          study environmental management at Queen’s.
                 which he has submitted for a patent. As an
                 undergraduate, Jon was elected to a number of                            Upon graduating magna cum
                 leadership roles on campus, including student                            laude from Yale in 2007,
                 body president. He created and became the                                Rebekah Emanuel was
                 president of the Skidmore Nutritional Action                             honored with two of its highest
                 Council (SNAC), an educational program that                              awards – the Haas Prize for
                 teaches proper nutrition and healthy eating. He                          Fundamental Humanity and
                 is a competitive ice hockey player and an avid                           the Sewell Cup Prize, awarded
                 runner. He will study global health at Univer-         to a senior for “outstanding scholarly achieve-
                 sity College Cork.                                     ment and creative promise.” Since then she has
                                                                        worked with the Ugandan Parliament focus-
                                  Shane Colvin will graduate            ing attention on gender-based crimes, lived in
                                  from Montana State University         Israel for a year studying narratives of death
                                  summa cum laude with three            and their impact on politics and civil society,
                                  majors – Cell Biology and Neu-        and, as the recipient of a Simon Fellowship for
                                  roscience, Chemistry/Biochem-         Noble Purpose, will work in New Delhi, seek-
                                  istry, and Music. Shane has a         ing to improve care for the terminally ill. She
                                  passion for music that he seeks       created a “Bulldogs in Yale” Ugandan project
    Page 12      to incorporate into his chosen field of medicine.      that enables Yale students to do internships in
                 Like Oliver Sacks, Shane is deeply committed           that country. Rebekah is a talented artist who
has received a number of grants to pursue her                          Adam Harbison is a 2008
sculpting. She will pursue a master’s in a cross                       graduate from the University
border human rights law program at Queen’s                             of Alabama. He is presently a      2008
University Belfast and NUI Galway.                                     Truman-Albright Fellow with        Year in Review
                                                                       the Appalachian Regional
                 Christina Faust is a Foun-                            Commission, a federal-state
                 dation Fellow at the University                       partnership that fosters eco-
                 of Georgia, the university’s        nomic and social development of the region, to
                 most prestigious academic           which Adam. His passion to address the health
                 scholarship, awarded to only        needs of the rural poor have led him to forge a
                 86 undergraduates out of            new $500,000 oral health initiative to provide
                 25,000. She is enrolled in a        dental care to children across rural West Vir-
joint bachelor’s/master’s program in ecology.        ginia. While an undergraduate, Adam served as
Christina explores the nexus where the health        founder and president of UA’s Colleges Against
of humans, animals, and ecosystems meet. Her         Cancer chapter. He created the Tobacco Tool-
research on the role of bivalve mollusks in          kit, a tool designed to assist campuses in the
filtering pathogenic viral particles from streams    adoption and enforcement of smoke-free poli-
has been called “revolutionary,” and she has         cies. Adam served as national advocacy chair
presented her findings at multiple scientific con-   for the organization, overseeing the work of
ferences. Christina helped organize a national       more than 350 chapters. He was named to the
campus-based effort to raise awareness of cli-       USA Today All-USA College Academic Team.
mate change on college campuses, founded the         Adam will study rural development at Queen’s
Go Green Alliance, a campus and community            University Belfast.
organization focused on sustainability issues, is
co-president of Habitat for Humanity, and has                          A 2007 graduate of North-
played on the nationally ranked UGA rugby                              western, Lauren Parnell
team for four years. She will study immunology                         Marino now lives in Uganda,
and global health next year at NUI Maynooth.                           working with a fair trade
                                                                       organization. She received
                  Neil Ferron is an award-                             several grants to research
                  winning poet, author, and                            fair trade in Guatemala and
                  playwright and 2005 gradu-         Uganda. Lauren’s activism and commitment
                  ate of Santa Clara University.     to social justice led her to start the Northwest-
                  He is the founder and artis-       ern University Public Interest Program, which
                  tic director of 12th Avenue        recruits and places 15-20 graduating seniors in
                  Drama, a small Seattle-based       non-profit organizations throughout Chicago.
theater company. His play, “Sweet, the Breath        She founded the Global Engagement Summit,
of Children,” was awarded a Seattle Times            a week-long summit that focuses on interna-
Critic’s Pick. As an undergraduate, Neil trav-       tional volunteerism and helps to fund social
eled to Calcutta to work for six months in an        entrepreneurs. Lauren also co-chaired The
orphanage run by the Missionaries of Charity.        Northwestern Community Development Corps,
His experience there, as well as his work with       which promotes community action and advo-
homeless teenagers at a shelter in California,       cacy and sends over 500 students to community
has shaped much of his writing, which attempts       service projects. Lauren spent a year as a Public
to balance grace with a social justice message.      Interest Fellow with the Interfaith Youth Core
He won a Canterbury Fellowship to work on a          before returning to Uganda. She will study
series of short stories that focused on his time     Gender, Globalization and Development at NUI
in India. He was also awarded a first place          Galway.
prize by the Academy of American Poets for his
poem, “In its proper place,” and a Santa Clara                        Alec Schierenbeck is
Review Editor’s Choice for one of his short                           a senior at Grinnell College
stories. Neil will study playwriting at Trinity.                      and a Truman Scholar. He
                                                                      won national attention for
                                                                      his leadership in fighting for
                                                                      students’ rights to vote and for
                                                                      getting students to exercise that   Page 13
                                                     right. Alec served as president of the Campus
                 Democrats at Grinnell. His leadership attracted     resolution opposing the bill. Sarang was cred-
                 attention and he was elected to run the state-      ited for his role in the defeat of the bill. Sarang
       2008      wide College and Young Democrats of Iowa.           has also conducted research in the field of
Year in Review   As president during a caucus year, Alec worked      theoretical neuroscience and developed textual
                 to turn out the youth vote. As a result of his      analysis software to help map data. Sarang will
                 efforts, 52,000 young Democrats caucused in         pursue a master’s in mathematical physics at
                 Iowa, representing an increase of 30,000 from       University College Dublin.
                 the last presidential caucus in 2004. His success
                 as a state leader led Alec to be elected as Vice-                      Michael Solis is a Princeton
                 President of the College Democrats of America                          in Latin America Fellow and
                 at the Democratic Convention in Denver. He                             Researcher, working for Human
                 will study Equality Studies at University Col-                         Rights Watch and the Latin
                 lege Dublin.                                                           American Faculty of Social Sci-
                                                                                        ences in Santiago, Chile. He is
                                 Sarang Shah will graduate                              conducting research on human
                                 from Georgia Tech with a ma-        rights, political discrimination in Venezuela,
                                 jor in Physics and Public Policy.   global security, arms control, and conflict reso-
                                 Sarang founded a number of          lution. He graduated from Princeton in 2008.
                                 student initiatives geared to-      He was named a Luce Scholar and worked for
                                 wards environmental activism        a year in South Korea for the National Human
                                 and political dialogue, includ-     Rights Commission of Korea. While there he
                 ing a campus-wide recycling program, a water        wrote extensively about human rights-based
                 conservation campaign, and a Yellow Jacket          issues, such as former Korean sex slaves, im-
                 Round Table to bring together student leaders       migrant rights, and discrimination against those
                 to discuss and help solve campus issues. When       suffering from HIV/AIDS. He co-founded and
                 Sarang learned of a State bill that he considered   runs the Hmong Action Network, which is dedi-
                 would inhibit free speech on campus, he fought      cated to halting the repatriation of the Laotian
                 passionately against it, testifying before the      Hmong from Thai encampments. Michael is
                 State House Committee on Higher Education,          fluent in four languages. He will study interna-
                 raising awareness on campus, and authoring a        tional human rights law at NUI Galway.

                 Class of ’08 Graduates
                 In May, the end-of-year retreat for
                 the Scholars began and ended in
                 the west of Ireland. The Scholars
                 took their annual trek to Glenstal
                 Abbey, where they enjoyed af-
                 ternoon tea with the Benedictine
                 monks who run the Abbey. They
                 toured the grounds of the priory
                 and learned about the indigenous
                 plants and trees and the history of
                 how they came to be growing on
                 Irish soil. They visited the pri-
                 vate underground chapel, learned
                 about the rare Russian icons
                 stored there and attended Vespers.
                 Later, the Scholars went to the
                 O’Suilleabhain’s family farmhouse, Jimmy Soni, Samantha Power, Art Chan at UCC graduation
                 where they spent the night listening
                 to Irish music. Micheal O’Suilleabhain, the evening’s host, is the head of Culture Ireland and runs
                 the Irish World Music Centre at the University of Limerick. His sons, Eoin and Moley, are equally
                 musical, as were the faculty members invited to the dinner. Jeff Benedict, a Mitchell Scholar from
    Page 14      Appalachia, played the piano and the guitar and serenaded the crowd with an old Appalachian tune.
                               Sarah David, Morgan        Trina & Scholars at
                               O’Sullivan, Art Chan,          Glenstal Abbey
                               Erin Stevens
                                                                                                           Year in Review

The next day, the Scholars took off for Dingle, where they climbed Mt. Brandon with Trina
and Mary Lou, the second highest mountain in Ireland; toured the peninsula; and took a
cooking class in traditional Irish cooking.

And some of the Scholars completed the year by being the guests of producer Morgan
O’Sullivan at Ardmore Studios where The Tudors was filming. A description of the day on the
set, written by Scholar Art Chan, may be found on the Alliance’s website.

Bipartisan Support Continues
Bipartisan support for the George J. Mitchell          Dodd (CT), John Kerry (MA), Robert Menen-
Scholarship remained strong as Capitol Hill            dez (NJ), Barbara Mikulski (MD), Barack
voted to provide $500,000 in continued fund-           Obama (IL), Jack Reed (RI), Charles E. Schum-
ing for the scholarship program. President Bush        er (NY), Sheldon Whitehouse (RI), Republican
signed the bill into law.                              Olympia Snowe (MN) and Independent Demo-
                                                       crat Joseph Lieberman.
Under the strong leadership and backing of
Congressman Peter King (R-NY) and Joseph               The Mitchell Scholarship program was created
Crowley (D-NY), a letter of support was initi-         in 1998 with an endowment from the Irish
ated to Congresswoman Nita Lowey (D-NY),               Government at the initiative of Prime Minis-
Chairwoman of the subcommittee responsible             ter Bertie Ahern. In February 2007 the Irish
for State Department appropriations. The               Government announced that it would match
House members who supported the success-               whatever the Alliance raises, up to 20 million
ful educational initiative were: Thomas H.             euros, to establish a permanent endowment
Allen (D-ME), Xavier Becerra (D-CA), Henry             for the program. Derek Quinlan, the founder
E. Brown (R-SC), Michael Capuano (D-MA),               and head of Quinlan Private, is spearheading
William Lacy Clay (D-MO), William Delahunt             the initiative to help raise funds in the private
(D-MA), Brian Higgins (D-NY), Sander Levin             sector. Nearly $6 million has already been com-
(D-MI), Stephen F. Lynch (D-MA), Carolyn               mitted to the endowment with million dollar
McCarthy (D-NY), Jim McDermott (D-WA),                 commitments being made by Derek & Siobhan
James McGovern (D-MA), Michael McNulty                 Quinlan, Bernard & Moira McNamara, Pat
(D-NY), Michael Michaud (D-ME), George                 and Teresa Mooney, Garrett & Maeve Kelleher
Miller (D-CA), Richard Neal (D-MA), Frank              and an anonymous donor.
Pallone (D-NJ), and Donald Payne (D-NJ).
                                                       Other significant financial support is provided
In the Senate, Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT)            by John & Cearuil Morrissey, Anglo Irish
chairs the relevant subcommittee and Senator           Bank, the Northern Ireland Department for
Judd Gregg) is the Ranking Member. Senator             Employment and Learning, BD (Becton, Dick-
Edward Kennedy (D-MA) and Senator Susan                inson & Company), Bombardier Aerospace
Collins (R-ME) annually lead the Senate effort.        (NI) Foundation, and Cross Atlantic Capital
They were joined by Democratic Senators Max            Partners. Universities in Ireland and Northern
Baucus (MT), Sherrod Brown (OH), Joe Biden             Ireland contribute housing and tuition to the
(DE), Maria Cantwell (WA), Benjamin Cardin             Mitchell Scholars.
(MD), Hillary Rodham Clinton (NY), Chris

                                                                                                           Page 15
                     Irish Retain The Cup In The US-Ireland Alliance
       2008          Golf Challenge
Year in Review
                     Class of ‘09 Mitchell Scholars Arrive in Ireland
                     The Irish summer arrived just in time for the September US-Ireland Alliance Golf Challenge, which
                     was played at Doonbeg Golf Club. But the weather didn’t help the Americans as the Irish retained
                     the cup 7 points to 5 points. After the first day’s play of four balls, the US and Ireland were all
                     squared. In the second day’s play of singles, the Irish won 5-3 and it came down to the final matches.

                     The US-Ireland Alliance hosts this golf challenge to introduce American executives to leaders in
                     Ireland. Alliance president Trina Vargo said, “we had hoped the American win at the Ryder Cup
                     would propel us to victory. We had the inspiration, but unfortunately, not the putts.”

                     Catherine Fontana and Travis Green                   Mark Byrne, Chris Rosson, Ryan McCartney, Jose Canto

                     Laurence Crowley and Tony Condon                     John Dewberry

      John Bresnan

        Photos by:
        John Kelly

    Page 16

                     Liam Donohoe                                         Ryan McCartney, Chris Rosson, Tyler Dillard, Adam Tart
                                                                      Year in Review

Laurence Crowley, Trina Vargo, Buddy Darby   Buddy Darby

                                             Charlie Koones

Laurence Flavin                              Adam, Erin, Ryan, Lara

                                                                      Page 17

Mary Ann O’Brien and Nick Pappas             Joe O’Malley
                      Laurence Crowley, former Governor of the                               Telecom; Laurence Flavin, head of business de-
                      Bank of Ireland, captained the Irish team while                        velopment for Quinlan Private; Liam Donohoe,
       2008           Buddy Darby, Doonbeg owner and founder and                             Country Manager for Apple in Ireland; Andrew
Year in Review        CEO of Kiawah Resort Associates, captained                             O’Rourke, partner at Hayes Solicitors; Tony
                      the US team.                                                           Condon, UCD’s Director of Development; and
                                                                                             Joe O’Malley, a partner at Hayes Solicitors.
                      In addition to Buddy and Trina, the US team
                      included: Jack Shafer, former CEO of Allied                            The ninth class of George J. Mitchell Scholars
                      Domecq; John Dewberry, Chairman and CEO                                and Scholarship Director Mary Lou Hartman
                      of Dewberry Capital; Mark Byrne, Chairman of                           arrived in Ireland in time to attend the final
                      Flagstone Reinsurance Holdings; John Bresnan,                          night’s dinner of the golf tournament. They
                      Managing Director and Group Head, Global                               then headed to Galway where they were guests
                      Markets Capital Management, Wachovia;                                  of honor at a reception at NUIG, visited the
                      Charlie Koones, former publisher of Variety                            Aran Islands, attended a Druid performance of
                      and CEO Rockmore Media, and Nick Pappas,                               Martin McDonagh’s The Cripple of Inishmaan,
                      Managing Director, Eastdil Secured.                                    and learned about Irish history from Gearoid
                                                                                             O Tuathaigh; Irish stereotypes in film from Rod
                      In addition to Laurence, the Irish team included                       Stoneman; the Irish language from Dr. Louis de
                      Mary Ann O’Brien, CEO, Lily O’Brien’s choco-                           Paor; and enjoyed an Irish music performance
                      lates; Tom Byrne, VP of Finance with British                           by Mary McPartland.

        Tyler Dillard, Travis Green, Chris Rosson, Adam Tart, Jose Cantos   Lara Janson, Erin Rhoda, Catherine Fontana, Katie Boyle,
                                                                            Victoria Moore, Andrea Laidman

    Page 18

                      Andrew O’Rorke, Catherine, Katie, Erin                                 Jack Shafer and Buddy Darby
Scholars Meet President McAleese
Ulster Bank Hosts Reception                                                                          Year in Review
Thanksgiving in Dublin
In November, the Mitchell Scholars visited Aras an Uachtarain to have tea with President Mary
McAleese. The President spent an hour talking with the Mitchells about Northern Ireland, the
US-Ireland relationship, the Lisbon Treaty, her upcoming trip to the US and the recent election of
Barack Obama. Tim O’Connor, the President’s Adviser and Ireland’s former Consul General to New
York, also met the Scholars. That evening Ulster Bank Chairman Sean Dorgan hosted a reception
for the Scholars and guests at Ulster Bank headquarters on Georges Quay. The following day, Trina
and Paul Hayes cooked Thanksgiving dinner for the Mitchells.

Brendan Tuohy and Oisin Hanrahan                   Eoin O Suillebhain, Lara Janson, Paddy Cosgrave

President McAleese and Mitchell Scholars           Sean MacCarthaigh and Erin Rhoda

                                                                                                     Page 19

Thanksgiving dinner at Paul Hayes’                 Sean Dorgan and John Morrissey
    Year in Review

                                                                  Catherine Fontana and John Hegarty

President McAleese and Mitchells

                 Photos by:
              Patrick Bolger

             Page 20

                                   President McAleese and Trina
Equal Justice Works
In October, Equal Justice Works, the leading public interest law organization, awarded Senator                                         2008
George Mitchell its prestigious annual award. The honor pays tribute to a leader whose life exem-                                      Year in Review
plifies a passion for public service. Senator Mitchell’s role as a peacemaker in Northern Ireland was
a central theme of the award ceremony. Equal Justice Works invited the George Mitchell Scholars to
attend the event and gave them special recognition during the ceremony.
                                                                                                                                       Photos by:
                                                                                                                                       Jay Mallin

                                                                                                                                       Courtesy of:
                                                                                                                                       Equal Justice Works

L-R: Sarah Wappett, Cynthia Romero, Amanda Wetzel, Nate Wright, Melissa Boteach, John Velasco, Senator George Mitchell, Dawn Hewett,
Kathleen Romig-Krepps


Class of ‘01                                                           from conflict regions and throughout the
                                                                       United States to transform conflict. Erin, her
•	Ned	Augenblick (Mathematical Science/                                husband Daniel Junge, and daughter Harper
  UCD) finished his fourth year of the PhD                             live in Denver.
  program in Economics at Stanford. He is
  writing his dissertation on political economy                     •	Traci	Donovan (Human Rights & Law/
  and behavioral economics.                                           NUIG) is working as an attorney for Jones
                                                                      Day in New York.
•	Rebecca	Blustein (Old and Middle Irish/
  Maynooth) is an Editor for admissions                             •	Mikela	French (Irish Studies/Queen’s) is
  consultants Accepted.com. In February, she                          clerking for Justice Joel Horton on the Idaho
  married Aaron Larks-Stanford. They live in                          Supreme Court. She also continues to work
  Los Angeles.                                                        closely with the University of Idaho Legal
                                                                      Aid Immigration Clinic and as a volunteer
•	Erin	Breeze (Peace and Development                                  English teacher for the Boise office of the
  Studies/UL) is the Associate Director of                            International Rescue Committee.
  Seeking Common Ground, a nonprofit                                                                                                   Page 21
  organization that works with young adults                         •	Desha	Girod (International Peace Studies/
                              Trinity) is a postdoctoral fellow at the           as working directly with clients in the TV,
                              Center on Democracy, Development and               movie, gaming, music and web publishing
          2008                Rule of Law at Stanford University where           industries to develop integrated marketing
   Year in Review             she manages the program Evaluating                 solutions.
                              International Influences on Democratic
                              Development. Her research focuses on the         •	Tommy	Vitolo (Applied Mathematics/
                              influence of external actors on political          DCU) continues his PhD work in Systems
                              and economic development. In 2009, she             Engineering at Boston University, juggling a
                              will join the faculty of the Department of         thesis and journal article submissions.
                              Government at Georgetown University.
                                                                               Class of ’02
                            •	Winnie	Li (English/UCC) is currently
                              raising finance for her next film, CURFEW,       •	Peter	Frosch (International Relations/
                              to begin shooting in Northern Ireland in           DCU) works in Washington, D.C. as an
                              Spring/Summer 2009. She recently associate         appropriations and foreign policy aide
                              produced FLASHBACKS OF A FOOL,                     to Congresswoman Betty McCollum of
                              starring Daniel Craig and THE BROKEN, a            Minnesota. He lives in Baltimore with his
                              horror film starring Lena Headley, which will      wife Anne, who is a third year medical resident
                              be released in the US and UK in January. She       at the University of Maryland hospital.
                              is hoping to complete a novel in 2009.
                                                                               •	Dawn	Hewett (Ethnic & Racial Studies/
                            •	Gabe	Paquette (Culture and Colonialism/            Trinity) graduated from Yale Law School,
                              NUIG) is a Lecturer in the History                 moved to DC, passed the Oregon Bar Exam,
                              Department at Harvard University.                  visited New Zealand with her mom, then
                                                                                 started a new job at Arnold & Porter, LLP.
                            •	Rachel	Rebouche (Human Rights and                  She is a litigation associate working primarily
                              Law/Queen’s) is an associate director of           in the field of international arbitration
                              adolescent health programs of the National         representing sovereign governments in
                              Partnership for Women & Families in                investor-state arbitrations.
                              Washington, DC. Rachel works primarily
                              on issues relating to adolescents’ access to     •	Bree	Hocking (Peace & Development/UL)
                              reproductive health services. She also teaches     lives in Oregon where she is a contributing
                              family law and comparative family law as           writer for Eugene Magazine and is at work
                              an adjunct professor at American University,       on a collection of short stories. She also
                              Washington College of Law.                         volunteers at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum
                                                                                 of Art and the Friendship Foundation of
                            •	Rebecca	Reichert	Aslakson                          International Students.
                              (Biomedicine/UU) is an assistant professor of
                              anesthesiology and critical care medicine at     •	Matt	Huenerfauth	(Computer Science/
                              The Johns Hopkins Hospital. She divides her        UCD) is an assistant professor of computer
                              time between clinical work and research. Her       science at The City University of New York
                              research involves improving communication          and is teaching courses on computational
                              between health providers and intensive care        linguistics and assistive technology for people
                              unit patients/patient families, end-of-life        with disabilities. In 2008, the National
                              care for surgical intensive care patients, and     Science Foundation awarded him a five-
Alexander Thomas Aslakson
                              improved characterization of catheter-related      year Faculty Early Career Development
                              blood stream infection rates for hospitals. In     (CAREER) Award, which is given to faculty
                              the fall, she started her PhD studies at Johns     members at the beginning of their careers
                              Hopkins. She and her husband, Erin, had            and is one of the NSF’s most prestigious
                              their first child, Alexander, in November.         and competitive awards. The $580,000
                                                                                 award will support his research on computer
                            •	Laela	Sturdy (Multimedia Studies/Trinity)          animations of American Sign Language for
                              works as a Group Manager for Google/You            people who are deaf.
                              Tube in New York City where she directs
                              marketing and sales strategy for Google’s        •	Ehrin	(Johnson)	Armstrong
          Page 22             Media and Entertainment team. She leads            (Biotechnology/UU) completed internal
                              the team’s industry outreach efforts, as well      medicine residency at Massachusetts
  General Hospital and has started a                 criminal law and environmental law. He lives
  cardiology fellowship at University of             in New York with his wife, Joanna, who is
  California, San Francisco.                         a litigation associate at Paul, Weiss, Rifkind,   2008
                                                     Wharton & Garrison LLP. This year Ben             Year in Review
•	Jennifer	Lambert (Politics/UCD) is                 served as a reader of Mitchell Scholarship
  teaching at Furman. She conducted research         applications.
  about Islamist groups in Morocco this past
  summer. She hopes to join the Foreign            •	Lisa	Yu (Comparative Ethnic Conflict/
  Service.                                           Queen’s) graduated from Notre Dame Law
                                                     School and is a Presidential Management
•	Kathleen	Long (Government/UCC)                     Fellow working in the Asylum Division of the
  became engaged to Kevin Acton, a native of         Department of Homeland Security.
  Downpatrick, Co. Down, Northern Ireland.
  They met during her last trip to Ireland as      Class of ’03
  a staff member of the US-Ireland Alliance
  in 2005, so she in essence thanks Trina for      •	Matt	Alexander (Peace and Conflict
  serving as matchmaker in her spare time.           Studies/UU) continues to serve as President
                                                                                                       Daniel Donnelly Krepps
  Kathy and Kevin recently moved to Paterson,        of Fusion International, a non-profit
  New Jersey and will wed in September 2009.         organization that he founded in 2004.
  Kathy serves as Director of Development            Fusion´s mission is to alleviate poverty,
  for New Jersey Community Development               mitigate conflict and promote dignity in
  Corporation, a non-profit based in Paterson        marginalized communities across the world.
  that focuses on neighborhood revitalization,       In the past four years, Fusion has served
  positive youth development, education,             nearly 2200 people in Colombia, South
  affordable and supportive housing, the             America, including internally displaced
  preservation of the Great Falls Historic           persons, ex-child soldiers, disabled persons,
  District, and direct public-policy innovation.     single mothers and ethnic minorities.
                                                     Matt has given guest lectures this year at a
•	Michelle	Miles (Anglo-Irish Lit/Trinity)           variety of universities in Colombia on social
                                                                                                       Matt Alexander at work in Colombia
  continues to work towards her PhD in               entrepreneurship, comparative peace processes
  English at Emory University with a focus           and forced displacement. Matt also serves on
  on modern and contemporary Irish poetry            the advisory board of Atlas Corps and is an
  and postcolonial studies. She is currently         honorary member of the Rotary Club.
  writing a dissertation entitled, All the Dead
  Voices: Communicating Across the Grave in        •	Mariyam	Cementwala (International
  Contemporary Northern Irish Poetry, which          Human Rights Law/NUIG) graduated with
  focuses on the translation and adaptation          her J.D. from UC Berkeley and was sworn
  of classical Greek and Roman epics into            into the California Bar last year. She is a
  Northern Irish lyric.                              lawyer at the Washington, D.C. law firm of
                                                     Wilmer, Cutler, Pickering, Hale and Dorr.
•	Kathleen	Romig	Krepps (Applied Social
  Sciences/UCC) continues her work as a            •	Hal	Frampton (Geography/Maynooth)
  Social Security analyst at the Congressional       is an associate at Parker Poe Adams &
  Research Service. She and Andrew welcomed          Bernstein in Charleston, South Carolina.
  a new addition to their family, Daniel             He primarily represents parties in real estate
  Donnelly Krepps, who was a huge hit at the         development transactions.
  Mitchell Scholar Summer Party.
                                                   •	Jeannie	Huh (Community Health/Trinity)
•	Julia	Rosenbloom (Classics/Queen’s) is a           graduated from Vanderbilt Medical School
  third-year medical student at the University       and is a a resident in orthopaedic surgery at
  of Pennsylvania, planning to become a              Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio,
  surgeon. She is still reading Greek and            Texas. A West Point grad, she is a Captain in
  keeping up with friends made in Belfast.           the US Army.

•	Ben	Trachtenberg (International Studies,         •	Emily	Mark (Art History/Trinity) was
  UL) is a visiting assistant professor at           awarded her PhD in Art History from               Page 23
  Brooklyn Law School, where he teaches              University College Dublin in 2008. In
                               September she began her new position as            DCU) runs a high school retreat program
                               permanent Lecturer in Art History and              for a group of Catholic parishes in New
         2008                  Cultural Policy at UCD, where she teaches          Jersey. The program is expanding due to
  Year in Review               and researches across both subjects. Emily         growing demand, and will be adding retreats
                               is currently finishing a book about the            for college students as well. Mark also
                               commemoration of the Irish Famine, and             coordinates rebuilding outreach to New
                               pursuing research on the global development        Orleans. In January, he will be leading 60
                               of migration museums and related artworks.         volunteers on the group’s seventh work trip.
                               She and her husband Des FitzGerald live in
                               Dublin.                                          •	Sarah	Wagner-McCoy (Anglo-Irish Lit/
                                                                                  UCD) is in the fourth year of her PhD in
                             •	Georgia	Mjartan (Political                         English Literature at Harvard University,
                               Communications/UU) has served as Executive         where she also serves as a Freshman Proctor.
                               Director of Our House for the last 3 years.        In June, she married Ryan Ghan, who
                               Our House is a comprehensive program for           completed a Masters in Urban Education at
                               working homeless families and individuals          Harvard and is now teaching middle school
                               that provides housing, education, childcare        in South Boston.
                               and after-school and summer programs.
                               Georgia is helping found a free medical,         •	Amanda	Wetzel recently graduated with
                               dental and pharmaceutical clinic for the           a J.D. from Columbia Law School and a
                               uninsured. The clinic opened in December.          Master 1 and Master 2 in French law and
                               Georgia is a finalist for the 2008 Nonprofit       private international law from Université
                               Executive of the Year award, a state-wide          Paris I, Panthéon Sorbonne. Since June,
                               honor. She is married to Dominik Mjartan,          she has been working on treaties as junior
                               who is Vice President at Southern Bancorp,         counsel on the staff of the U.S. Senate
                               the nation’s largest rural development bank.       Foreign Relations Committee.
Cataline Chirinos O’Rourke

                             •	Joanna	Pearson (Anglo-Irish Lit/UCD)             Class of ’04
                               is currently in her second year of the MFA
                               program in creative writing at the Johns         •	Dariush	Afshar (Economic Science/UCC)
                               Hopkins University Writing Seminars.               is pursuing a dual MBA/MA in International
                               She will return to complete her final year         Studies from Wharton and the Lauder
                               of medical school at the Johns Hopkins             Institute of UPenn in Philadelphia.
                               University School of Medicine, and graduate
                               in 2010.                                         •	Alexandra	Chirinos (Human Rights
                                                                                  Law/Queen’s and NUIG) graduated from
                             •	Seena	Perumal	Carrington                           Harvard Law in May and is clerking for
                               (International Human Rights Law/NUIG)              Judge Legrome Davis in the U.S. Court
                               serves as Chief of Staff of the Massachusetts      for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania in
                               Division of Health Care Finance and Policy         Philadelphia. She and her husband, Allen,
                               – a state agency critical to implementing and      have a daughter, Catalina, who turned one
                               ensuring the success of the Commonwealth’s         and is starting to talk in both English and
                               historic health care reform legislation. As        Spanish. This summer she and her husband
                               CoS, Seena seeks to improve the effectiveness      took a trip to Ireland after the bar exam and
                               of the agency’s programs, communications,          spent a week traveling throughout the west
                               and operations.                                    coast and visiting the towns where his family
                                                                                  came from.
                             •	Davin	Quinn (Creative Writing/Queen’s)
                               is currently a fellow in psychosomatic           •	Cassie	Farrelly (Irish Theater & Film/
                               medicine and consultation psychiatry at the        Trinity) recently joined the New York City
                               Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.          Department of Education as Special Assistant
                               He is also a second-year candidate in the          to the Chief Financial Officer, the office
                               MGH Center for Psychoanalytic Studies. He          providing financial oversight of the City’s
                               recently returned from a trip to Buenos Aires,     1400 schools. She remains board chairman
                               where he learned to dance the Argentine            of Origin Theatre Company which, in
          Page 24              tango.                                             September, launched the “1st Irish 2008,”
                             •	Mark	Tosso (Political Communications/              a three-week festival producing the North
  American premieres of works by 13 Irish            Arsalan is joining the law firm of Debevoise
  playwrights at venues across New York City.        & Plimpton in New York as a litigation
  Plans for the 2009 festival are underway.          associate.                                       2008
                                                                                                      Year in Review
•	Moira	Herbst (International Relations/           •	Jasmin	Weaver (Equality Studies/UCD)
  UCC) is a journalist at BusinessWeek.              continues to live in DC with her husband
                                                     Noah Purcell. She is working for the union
•	John	Kiess (Comparative Ethnic Conflict)/          coalition, Change to Win, as a Campaign
  Queen’s) is the fourth-year of his PhD in          Legislative Director for a national campaign.
  the Theology and Ethics program at Duke            Noah is clerking for Justice David Souter on
  University. He married Ana Ponce in June.          the United States Supreme Court.

•	Jana	Kiser (International Studies/UL) will        Class of ’05
  take a temporary leave of absence from
  her role as executive director of Global         •	Monica	Bell (Equality Studies/UCD)
  Learning, a nongovernmental organization           will complete her J.D. at Yale in January
  that provides innovative educational               2009. She returned to Yale in January
  programs in Latin America. Supported by            2008 after serving as the South Carolina
  a Stevens Fellowship, Jana will travel to          Political Director for Senator John Edwards’
  Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Uganda, Kenya             presidential campaign. For the six months
  and Thailand in order to study best-practice       following law school, Monica will work in
  teaching methods in progressive schools,           Washington, DC for the Legal Aid Society of
  outdoor educational settings, and refugee          the District of Columbia and the Half in Ten
  camps. Upon return, she intends to write a         campaign, a joint anti-poverty effort between
  handbook tailored for educators and parents        the Center for American Progress Action          L-R: Arsalan, Binish, Alison, Simon,
  in underserved communities who would               Fund, ACORN, the Leadership Conference           Noah, and Jasmin

  like to improve children’s learning and life       on Civil Rights, and the Coalition on Human
  preparation with minimal material resources.       Needs. After taking the bar exam, Monica
                                                     will clerk for Judge Cameron McGowan
•	Robbie	Majzner (Health Promotion/                  Currie of the United States District Court for
  NUIG) is currently in his last year of medical     the District of South Carolina.
  school at Harvard and is applying for
  residency program in pediatrics. He spent        •	David	Buckley (Comparative Ethnic
  last year living in Jerusalem and hopes to         Conflict/Queen’s) continues to pursue
  return to there soon.                              his PhD in Government at Georgetown
                                                     University, where he is also a Research
•	Michael	Osofsky (Criminal Justice/                 Associate with the Berkley Center on Religion
  Queen’s) is starting a new job. He is              and World Affairs. His research examines the
  setting up the Hong Kong office and Asian          intersection between religion and politics in
  operations for Global Hunter Securities, a US      comparative perspective. David lives on the
  investment bank with offices in New Orleans,       Georgetown campus with his wife Jessica,
  Houston and Newport Beach.                         who works in Georgetown’s Department of
                                                     Residence Life.
•	Simon	Rodberg (Anglo-Irish Lit/UCD)
  married Alison MacAdam in June. Simon            •	Michael	Gale (Zoology/NUIG) is currently
  and Alison, who spent a semester in Dublin         working for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife
  in college, first started dating while Simon       Service in Washington, DC as the Special
  was in Ireland. After completing his fourth        Assistant for the Office of External Affairs.
  year teaching English at a charter school in       Michael also sits on the Board of Directors
  Washington, D.C., Simon is writing a novel         for SustainUS, the U.S. Youth Network
  and working as a freelance writer and editor.      for Sustainable Development. In his spare
  Alison is the editor of All Things Considered      time, he is involved in a community band,
  at NPR.                                            a volleyball league, and fire dancing while
                                                     engaging on green issues in the nation’s
•	Arsalan	Suleman (International Peace               capitol.
  Studies/Trinity) married Binish Hasan in                                                            Page 25
  August. Binish is currently a 3L at NYU.         •	Ryan	Hanley (Civil Engineering/Trinity)
                                     has been working as a management                     since finishing his Mitchell year, first as an
                                     consultant in the Chicago office of Bain &           Analyst at McKinsey & Co. and currently
              2008                   Company for the last two years. Outside              as an Associate at the private equity firm
       Year in Review                of the office, he serves as chairman of the          New Mountain Capital. At New Mountain,
                                     board for the 4K for Cancer, a non-profit            Bobby is part of a team that invests in and
                                     organization he founded, overseeing their            manages private companies with a total
                                     aggressive growth strategy. He is currently          value of $5 billion. In August, he attended
                                     applying for business schools and planning           the Olympics in Beijing (as an observer, not
                                     on returning to school in Fall ‘09. He hopes it      a competitor), where he cheered on the U.S.
                                     will be in someplace warmer than Chicago.            Mens’ Volleyball team to the gold medal.

                                   •	Nick	Johnson (Drama Studies/Trinity)               •	Paul	Musgrave (Politics/UCD) has left the
                                     completed his PhD on Beckett this October and        Nixon Library in Yorba Linda to become a
                                     is now a full-time lecturer in Drama at Trinity      Ph.D. student at Georgetown University.
                                     College Dublin. He has directed five productions
                                     on stage this year, including 100 Minutes 2008     •	Cindy	Romero (Comparative Ethnic
                                     at Project Arts Centre and the award-nominated       Conflict/Queen’s) is Assistant Director of the
                                     play The Common Will in the Dublin Fringe            Program on Transatlantic Relations at the
Paul Musgrave gives Paul Hayes       Festival, both with Painted Filly Theatre (where     Atlantic Council of the United States, a DC
  and Mary Calpin a tour of the      he is artistic director). He translated Ernst        based think-tank that promotes constructive
                 Nixon Library
                                     Toller’s Masse Mensch and directed a bilingual       leadership and engagement by the Atlantic
                                     production at the Volksbuehne Theatre in Berlin      community in meeting the global challenges
                                     during the summer.                                   of the 21st century. At the Atlantic Council,
                                                                                          Cindy has focused on Georgia and the
                                   •	Smith	Lilley (International Studies/UL)              Caucasus and provided research assistance
                                     continues to serve as an officer in the US Air       for two publications on Georgia. She will
                                     Force and is now an Assistant Professor of           also collaborate as co-rapporteur for a policy
                                     Aerospace Studies at St. Joseph’s University         paper on transatlantic cooperation on Russia.
                                     in Philadelphia. At St. Joe’s he is a cadre          She recently travelled to Georgia, including
                                     member for the Air Force Reserve Officer             Gori, to witness the aftermath of the August
                                     Training Corps and teaches air power history         conflict.
                                     and doctrine. Before beginning his current
                                     assignment in August, he spent two years at        •	Brandon	Thibodeaux (Peace & Conflict
  Smith Lilly and Jessica Sparks     McGuire Air Force Base, where he last served         Studies/UU) is in his final year of law
                                     as the executive officer to the commander            school. Over the summer he worked for the
                                     of the 305th Maintenance Group, a unit of            Department of Justice-Antitrust Division in
                                     over 1,000 personnel responsible for the             Washington, DC. He recently accepted a
                                     sustainment and launch of 55 C-17 and KC-            post-graduation clerkship with United States
                                     10 aircraft. Smith’s wife, Jessica, is a second-     District Judge Donald Walter of the Western
                                     year resident physician at the Children’s            District of Louisiana. He is excited about
                                     Hospital of Philadelphia.                            being able to stay in Louisiana. His legal
                                                                                          publication, The Civil Law Commentaries,
                                   •	Kesav	Mohan	(International Relations/                will be putting out its first issue.
                                     DCU) spent Spring 2008 studying in
                                     Australia. He worked for two law firms in          Class of ’06
                                     Houston, TX and Milwaukee, WI. He is
                                     in his last semester of law school. He has         •	Liza	Anderson (Ecumenical Studies/
                                     traveled to Belgium, Luxembourg, Sweden,             Trinity) is a second year student in the M.Div.
                                     and Denmark, and Antarctica. His company             program at Harvard Divinity School. She
                                     is going to release a new Firefox extension,         is focusing on monastic studies and staying
                                     the Ca$hback Extension soon. He is currently         busy with Syriac, Greek, and Classical
                                     looking for venture capital firms interested         Armenian. She hopes to become an Anglican
                                     in supporting low-capital investment Internet        nun.
                                     ideas with built in revenue models.
                                                                                        •	Melissa	Boteach (Equality Studies/UCD)
               Page 26             •	Bobby	Mulcare (Economic Policy/NUIG)                 is currently pursuing a Master’s of Public
                                     has lived and worked in New York City                Policy part-time at The George Washington
  University. She married Adam Kaplan in             digital sound processing and choral
  June and is working at the Jewish Council          composition. Mike was invited to be a guest
  for Public Affairs (JCPA) in Washington, DC,       composer and to present a paper at the             2008
  where she serves as a Senior Policy Associate      International Computer Music Conference            Year in Review
  and the coordinator for JCPA’s national anti-      (ICMC) 2008 held at Queen’s University
  poverty campaign. In these capacities she          Belfast.
  represents the JCPA on Capitol Hill on issues
  related to poverty, immigration, hunger,         •	Geoff	Swenson (Comparative Ethnic
  housing, and health care. She also co-chaired      Conflict/Queen’s) is currently in his third year
  the national effort, “Fighting Poverty with        at Stanford Law School and a fellow at the
  Faith” a project endorsed by over 20 national      Stanford Center on International Conflict and
  faith-based organizations and nearly 100           Negotiation. He is also currently working
  cities across the country, designed to elevate     on the Afghanistan Legal Education Project
  the issue of poverty in the 2008 elections.        to help develop the country’s first modern
                                                     law school curriculum. He is currently
•	Ben	Cote (Peace & Conflict Studies/UU)             writing a criminal law textbook for use at
  married Tami Weerasingha, in Pennsylvania          the American University of Kabul. He spent
  in August, after they returned from a year in      last summer at the law offices of Simpson
  Sri Lanka. They are both currently in their        Thatcher and Bartlett in New York and
  first year at Michigan Law School.                 London.

•	Lily	Jeng (Biomedical Engineering/UL)            •	Richard	Waters (Biotechnology/UCC)
  is in her third year of a Ph.D. program in         is in his second year at Duke University
                                                                                                        Melissa Boteach and Adam Kaplan
  Biological Engineering at MIT, where she           School of Medicine. He’s now on the wards
  is working on articular cartilage tissue           and is loving it. He’ll be spending his third
  engineering. She has presented her work            year of medical school in Moshi, Tanzania
  at several national conferences, including         at a patient-care and clinical research site,
  the Orthopaedic Research Society and the           a collaboration between Duke and the
  Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine         Tanzanian government. Cycling and enjoying
  International Society. In her spare time, Lily     beautiful NC, he’s also become involved in
  serves on the executive committee of the           and excited about a student organization
  housing complex she lives in, organizing           called Universities Allied for Essential
  social events and advocating for residents’        Medicines working with universities to
  rights.                                            increase access to medicines in developing
•	Aaron	Rabinowitz (Economic Policy/
  NUIG) is currently a doctoral candidate in       •	Markus	Weisner (Fire Safety Practice/
  Health Policy at Harvard University and just       Trinity) works as both a firefighter for the
  began his first year at Harvard Law School.        Charlottesville, Viriginia Fire Department
  Aaron recently became engaged and will get         and as a public safety consultant for the
  married in October 2010.                           TriData Corporation. Markus finished an
                                                     associates’ degree in Paramedic Medicine this
•	Brittany	Schick (International Security &          spring, and spent the summer learning how
  Conflict Studies/DCU) is continuing her U.S.       to sail catamarans in the Outer Banks.
  Air Force service in Mons, Belgium, where
  she is working in a strategy position for        •	Carie	(Windham)	Page (Irish History
  Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe,         and Politics/UU) is talking technology and
  the central command of NATO military               pedagogy as the program coordinator for the
                                                                                                        Carrie Windham and Jon Page
  forces. She is working on her German and           EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative, a non-profit
  French as she travels around Europe and            association dedicated to advancing higher
  has acquired an addiction to competing in          education through the use of information
  triathlons.                                        technology. In March, she married Jon Page
                                                     in Charleston, SC. They live in Raleigh, NC,
•	Mike	Solomon (Music Composition/                   where Jon is an associate copywriter for
  Queen’s) is working on a PhD in Music              MedThink Communications.
  Composition at the University of Florida. His                                                         Page 27
  principal areas of research are algorithmic
                               Class of ’07                                           while studying in Jerusalem on a Dorot
            2008               •	Karly	Burke (Biomedical Engineering/NUI
     Year in Review              Galway) works at the Whitehead Institute,          •	Daniel	Preysman (Journalism/DCU) is
                                 where she is studying gene transcription             in his second year of law school at Harvard
                                 regulation in erythroid progenitor cells.            University, splitting his time between courses
                                 She has begun studying Korean with the               and volunteer activities at a local farm, a
                                 hope of becoming conversational one day.             community development corporation and an
                                 She volunteered for the Barack Obama                 urban mentoring program.
                                 presidential campaign and is continuing her
                                 involvement in the grassroots movement.            •	Sarah	Sexton (Peace & Development/
                                                                                      UL) is in her second year of law school
                               •	Kathleen	Claussen (International Politics/           at University of California, Berkeley.
                                 Queen’s) is in her second year at Yale Law           She enjoyed her summer clerkship at
                                 School where she co-directs the Forum on             Insight Center for Community Economic
                                 the Practice of International Law and is a           Development where she focused on tax-
                                 member of Yale’s Supreme Court Clinic. She           exemption issues, entity structuring and
                                 spent last summer studying comparative               worker-cooperative creation. This fall,
                                 law in Santiago, Chile and working in the            in addition to her classes, she was as an
                                 Appellate Division of the Legal Aid Society in       extern at the United States Department of
                                 Washington, DC.                                      Agriculture, Office of the General Counsel
                                                                                      working on Rural Development and Farm
                               •	Adar	Cohen (International Peace Studies/             Services cases.
                                 Trinity) is enrolled in the PhD program at
                                 the Irish School of Ecumenics, conducting          •	Victoria	Sprow (Creative Writing/Trinity)
                                 most of his research from Chicago, where             will complete her MFA in Fiction at the Iowa
                                 he also teaches and mentors at-risk youth            Writers’ Workshop in May. Her work has
                                 through a partnership between the I Have             appeared most recently in Fiction Magazine
Matt Haney at the Democratic     a Dream Foundation and Civic Leadership              and The Greensboro Review. She also teaches
                                 Foundation. In February, he will participate         undergraduate Literature and Creative
                                 in a track two peacebuilding delegation to           Writing at the University of Iowa.
                                 Iran, traveling to five cities for discussions
                                 with civil society and religious leaders.          •	John	Velasco (International Studies/UL)
                                                                                      recently moved to Washington, DC to pursue
                               •	Kara	Cook (Anglo-Irish Literature/UCD)               a research position in international relations.
                                 is in her first year of law school at the            He recently finished a one-year appointment
                                 University of California Berkeley. She plans         as a California Executive Fellow in the Office
                                 to study international environmental law             of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger where
                                 and is currently writing a short article for the     he served as an advisor on education and
                                 Ecology Law Quarterly about new regulatory           border issues. While a fellow, John served
                                 standards in the Clean Air Act.                      as a principle planner for an international
                                                                                      conference focusing on green technology in
                               •	Matthew	Haney (International Human                   the US-Mexico border region that brought
                                 Rights Law/NUIG/Queens) is in his second             together local, state, and federal elected
                                 year of law school at Stanford. Since his            officials. In addition, he worked daily with
                                 return from Ireland, Matt played a leadership        the Governor’s Secretary of Education on
                                 role in President-Elect Obama’s campaign             the development and implementation of
                                 in California and was selected to serve as an        education policy with a specific focus on 8th
                                 alternate delegate to the 2008 Democratic            grade algebra.
                                 National Convention in Denver.
                                                                                    •	Sarah	Wappett-Kendall (International
                               •	Aaron	Kurman (Peace & Conflict Studies/              Security & Conflict Studies/DCU) was
                                 UU) is in his first year at Stanford Law             named the Deloitte Fellow for Emergency
                                 School. This past summer, he was a head              Preparedness and leads a project on
                                 counselor at Seeds of Peace International            improving the disaster readiness of the
             Page 28             Camp. Last year, he volunteered with Seeds           National Capital Region’s nonprofit
                                 of Peace and the Jerusalem Policy Forum              organizations. She also researches for
  Georgetown’s Center for National Security           youth. She completed her dissertation in
  and the Law. Sarah is in her second year at         Comparative Ethnic Conflict at Queens
  the Georgetown University Law School and            University in July and moved to New York         2008
  hopes to pursue a career as a government            City where she works for the New York            Year in Review
  attorney practicing national security law.          Police Department Counterterrorism Bureau
                                                      as an Intelligence Research Analyst.
Class of ’08
                                                    •	Brendan	Hayes (Development Studies/
•	Allison	Barlow (Meteorology/UCD) was                UCD) is currently living in Malawi with his
  recently married to Michael Mabrey (also            fiancée Carrie Golitko, where he is working
  training to be a Navy pilot) in Florida. She is     on an HIV prevention project with a local
  currently in primary flight school hoping to        family planning organization.
  select helicopters.
                                                    •	Sean	Healy (International Security and
•	Jeff	Benedict (Musicology/Maynooth) is a            Conflict Studies/DCU) and his wife Carolyn
  Second Lieutenant in the Army and is busy           are currently stationed at Fort Leonard Wood
  studying for his law exams at the University        Missouri where he is awaiting the start of
  of Louisville, where he began law school one        the Engineer Captain’s Career Course. In
  week after returning from Ireland (and three        the meantime he’s advising an Engineer
  weeks before finishing his Masters’ thesis          Mine Dog training unit and taking Arabic
  for NUI Maynooth). He’s involved in the             lessons from a Saudi Arabian classmate. He’s
  International Law Society and the Christian         scheduled to remain at Fort Leonard Wood
  Legal Society at school, plays the piano            until he finishes the Career Course and a
  at church, and maintains a killer workout           Master’s Degree from the Missouri University
  schedule. Jeff will receive his promotion to        of Science and Technology in Engineering
  First Lieutenant the summer after next, and         Management next October.                         Alison Barlow and Michael Mabrey
  is subsequently guaranteed a post in the U.S.                                                        at Naval Academy chapel
  Army Judge Advocate General’s (JAG) Corps         •	Bernadette	McFadden (Social Research/
  upon his graduation from law school.                Trinity) recently joined the Institute of
                                                      Medicine of the National Academies of
•	Arthur	Chan (Contemporary Migration                 Science as a Research Associate for the Board
  and Diaspora Studies/UCC) spent June in             of Health Care Services. An excerpt of her
  Dublin conducting field research for his            master’s dissertation on the challenges of
  thesis, an ethnography of Chinese migrant           ensuring the management of Dublin’s public
  entrepreneurs in Ireland. After leaving Cork        spaces is inclusive of persons experiencing
  at the end of July, he traveled to Phnom            homelessness will soon be published in a
  Penh, Cambodia on a Young People For                quarterly homeless magazine.
  the American Way grant to produce a
  documentary short for A Second Chance,            •	Frank	McMillan (Political Philosophy/
  a non-profit organization created to ease           Queen’s) has stayed on in Belfast and is
  the transition of Cambodian-American                currently working for the Participation and
  deportees in the wake of the Patriot Act. He        the Practice of Rights Project. He works
  has since moved to New York City, where             with residents and young people across
  he is currently serving as Assistant Producer       north Belfast to help them advocate for their
  on his first off-Broadway play, “Sleepwalk          economic and social rights.
  With Me,” at the Bleecker Street Theatre.
  Comic Mike Birbiglia wrote and performs           •	Scot	Miller (Environmental Studies/Trinity)
  the one-man comedy with, among others,              moved to Berlin last summer to begin a
  Marc Turtletaub, Peter Saraf (“Little Miss          Robert Bosch Foundation Fellowship.
  Sunshine”) and Nathan Lane producing.               He now works for Bundnis 90/die Grüne
  Arthur has also begun improv training at the        (the German Green Party) in the German
  Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.                   Bundestag and will spend next spring at
                                                      an environmental consulting and advocacy
•	Sarah	David (Ethnic Conflict/Queen’s)               firm in Berlin. When he is isn’t running
  spent her year in Belfast working with Public       around the German parliament, Scot likes
  Achievement, an organization committed to           to cycle around Berlin, explore the millions     Page 29
  reinforcing civic engagement with Belfast’s         of restaurants and pubs in the city, and visit
                                  friends back in Dublin.
            2008                •	Jimmy	Soni (Politics/UCC) continued his
     Year in Review               writing and research through the summer,
                                  and finished the Chicago Marathon in
                                  October. In the fall, he started work as
                                  an analyst at McKinsey and Company in

                                •	Erin	Stevens began training at Fort
                                  Benning, Georgia. She is currently at the
                                  Military Intelligence Basic Officer Leadership
                                  Course at Fort Huachuca, Arizona and
                                  plans to join the 1st Cavalry Division, Fort
                                  Hood, Texas in February 2009. She married
                                  Lieutenant Michael Long in July, and finished
                                  her dissertation.

                                •	Nate	Wright (International Human
                                  Rights Law/NUIG) has taken a position
                                  as Policy Associate at The Center for U.S.
                                  Global Engagement in Washington, DC,
                                  where he worked directly on their Impact
                                  ’08 campaign. Impact ’08 worked to
                                  encourage politicians and specifically the
                                  presidential candidates to elevate support for
                                  development assistance and diplomacy.

Erin Stevens and Michael Long

             Page 30
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