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Lamplighter by pengxiang



March 2011 Volume 56             Issue 5


                                                        03			W o m e n i n U n i f o r m

                                                        As more women join the
                                                        armed forces, questions of
                                                        equality in the service grow.

Special Edition:                                        09	   Artists and Activists
Wo m e n ' s H i s t o r y
                                                        Women who use their artwork
                                                        to promote equality and
Tribute from the Lamplighter to
                                                        awareness of women's issues.
the efforts and the triumphs of
women from the past
and present.

                             O P - E D C O L U M N 03

                             S A Y A N Y T H I N G 05
                                                        10	   Brandi Chastain
                             I P O D F E A T U R E 08
                                                        An exclusive interview with
               P O P - C U LT U R E R E V I E W 09      Olympic Medalist Brandi
                                                        Chastain on leveling the
                                EDITORIAL         11    playing field for women.

           BRIEFS                                Women's Rights: An Interview
Abigail	Alvarez,	2011

Italian Feminists Fighting
                                                 with Ms. Deeter
                                                 Christina	Quisno,	2011
for a Better Future
On February 13, a significant number of
Italian feminists, including many men, set       So many women of my
out for the streets to protest against Italian   generation feel they are equal
Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s personal      to men. Do you agree?
behavior, cultural values, and social policies   As women, we are encouraged
towards women. The primary complaint is          to      think       that       equal
Berlusconi’s degrading depiction of women        opportunities exist. This belief is
in his privately-owned television station.       so embedded in our social and
According to the protesters, women are           individual culture  that  today
highly sexualized and are a mere decoration      we  often forget that there
for his game shows. Protesters also opposed      are shortcomings in terms of
the controversial Prime Minister’s dalliance     our  actual  equality.  In terms of
with Moroccan dancer, Ruby Heart-Steeler.        pay, discrimination, and general
Berlusconi will be formally tried before a       treatment as women, we are
court. Not only are the feminist protesters      not equal yet. 
advocating for women’s dignities but also            There                 are      		                                             
setting better prospects for women in Italy.     components                of          “It has
                                                 discrimination           in
Spain Seeks to Protect                           our society. Women             suddenly become              Is the feminist movement still alive?
Women Against                                    are     underpaid        in    un-feminist to be            Not enough. Unfortunately, Somewhere
                                                 the work force even                                        along the line, the word “feminist” began to
Domestic Violence                                though  the number                 a feminist.”            receive outright negative connotations.  It
Spain joins the effort, along with other         of     degrees       awarded                               became associated with notions of women
Western countries, to eradicate domestic         to         women              have                         who are too aggressive, too angry, when they
violence through the implementation of           increased.  Women are consistently            used in      are simply striving to advocate equality. I am
harsher punishment. Newly passed laws            the media and advertising to sell various products. This   distressed by the negative connotations of
against domestic violence protect social         has contributed to the objectification of women. Take      the word. 
environments such as the workplace, school,      Hillary Clinton: her physical assessment is frequently         There is also nothing wrong with wanting
and church. However, the home remains the        brought to the forefront when discussing her               to be feminine and still be a feminist,  yet
main setting for violence against women.         political career. We are quick to judge females            several young women have the idea that the
Associations in Spain, such as Asociacion        based on appearance significantly more than males.         two concepts are mutually exclusive. Maybe
Aspacia, are in charge of the rehabilitation                                                                we need a new word for our generation. It has
of male aggressors that have committed           In your opinion, is the Equal Rights Amendment             suddenly become un-feminist to be a feminist.
violence against women. Unfortunately, the       still relevant?
majority of women do not denounce their          Absolutely. Males hold rights; women             “We      What rights should we be
aggressor, making this process harder to         have to prove that they have rights.       are encouraged fighting for today?
tackle.                                          However, the constitution needs to                            Women should be free
                                                 be made explicit to deem women         to think that equal from discrimination.
Women's Rights                                   and men equal. For instance, the opportunities exist.” Women should have the full
                                                 Nineteenth Amendment explicitly                              range of choice in their lives
in Hong Kong                                     gives women the right to vote.  Yet                         and all opportunities should
Despite being one of the most advanced cities    there is still enough discrimination                     be available to them. 
in Asia, Hong Kong still faces opposition        embedded in society that legalizing equality is
                      continued on page 12       critical.

Women in the Armed Forces                                                                                                BRIEFS
Michelle	Lee,	2013
    The most terrifying aspect of tradition is           The units of the National Guard following          Stephanie	Han,	2011
its natural way of dictating the history that         World War II included no women amongst
follows it. Even in today’s relatively open-          their ranks. However, by the time the Gulf War        Indra Nooyi
minded times, a concept                                                             began in 1991, more     Indra Nooyi is currently the Chairperson and
like women serving                                                                  jobs became available   Chief Executive Office of PepsiCo Incorporated.
in the armed forces                                                                 to women, including     Nooyi graduated from Yale School of
remains controversial.                                                              fighter pilots and      Management and is now a Successor Fellow of
Even today, only some                                                               command positions,      Yale Corporation. Brendan Wood International
Western nations allow                                                               which often exposed     considered Nooyi one of “the TopGun CEOs.”
women to take active                                                                these women to
combat          positions.                                                          direct enemy attack.    Oprah Winfrey
    People often put                                                                    Today,     many     Oprah Winfrey, a producer, philanthropist,
forth scientific reasons                                                            women have received     actress, and television host, has been named
to discourage women                                                                 the same honors as      one of the most influential women in the world.
from serving, such                                                                  men. For instance,      Born to a teenage single mother, Winfrey went
as that the female skeleton is less dense and         Sergeant Leigh Ann Hester was awarded                 through adversity. However, Winfrey’s speaking
therefore more prone to injury. Some male             the Silver Star, the third highest U.S. combat        talent allowed her to win an oratory contest,
soldiers also express distrust in a woman’s ability   decoration. Although nurses had been given this       which gave her a full scholarship to Tennessee
to trust her fellow soldier in a critical time or     honor before, Hester became the first female to       State University. Now, Winfrey is the richest
maintain audacity when it is needed most.             receive it for her direct participation in combat.    woman in entertainment.

                                                                            Op	Ed:	A	Woman's	Place          Michelle Obama
Women in Politics:
                                                                                                            Before becoming First Lady, Michelle Obama,
                                                                                                            a graduate of Princeton and Harvard Law, was
                                                                                                            known for her service to Chicago. In 2005,
Sarah	Morris,	2012                                    Kristina	Flathers,	2011                               she was VP for Community and External
   Throughout the party’s history, the                   Michele Bachmann, a representative from            Relations for the University of Chicago Medical
Democrats have been the chosen political              Minnesota, previously served in the State             Center. She led the development of the South
party of many of our country’s most influential,      Senate. She is the third woman, and first             Side Health Collaborative, a network of 19
inspiring, and successful women. From past            Republican woman, to represent Minnesota              community-based primary care and social
women, like Eleanor Roosevelt, to present             in Congress. Although she grew up in a                service providers offering comprehensive care
female Democrats, such as Hillary Clinton and         Democratic family, Bachmann became a                  regardless of the patient’s ability to pay. In 1997,
Nancy Pelosi, Democratic women have and               Republican during her senior year of college.         Obama launched UC’s Community Service
are playing significant roles in our country at a     She received her J.D. degree from Oral                Center which offers opportunities for service
national level. Recent polls have shown that 41%      Roberts University and an LL.M. degree in             learning and volunteerism. The Center now has
of women identify themselves as Democrats             tax law from William & Mary Law School.               over 2,000 volunteers at over 150 community
while only 25% regard themselves as Republican.          Bachmann is a supporter of the                     non-profit organizations in the Chicago area.
   Today, only a few key positions in our             Tea Party movement and also founded
government are filled by women: Hillary               the House Tea Party Caucus in 2010,                   Maggie Doyne
Clinton as Secretary of State (and a serious          which now numbers 52 representatives.                 Maggie Doyne left on a post-college trip to
candidate for President in 2008), 17 members             We may be seeing a lot more of Bachmann            Nepal and never came back. With the building
of the Senate, 76 representatives, and 6              in the months to come, especially as parties          of the first orphanage in the name of her new
governors. Nancy Pelosi has just recently             begin to organize potential presidential              organization, the Kopila Valley Children’s
been replaced as Speaker of the House.                campaigns. Bachmann has stated that she               Home, she has brought 30 children off the
   We have a long way to go in politics               will only run for president if “God calls me          streets of Nepal and into a secure home. Her
and in general, but the women of the                  to do it.” However, in January 2011, the              Gap Year decision to travel and offer service has
Democratic Party are forces to reckon                 media speculated that she will bid for the            led to the founding of her orphanage and plans
with, and progress is the only option.                Republican nomination for President in 2012.          for building a community center and school.

             BRIEFS                                   Giving to the Victims
Vanessa Woodard, 2012
                                                      of the Earthquake & Tsunami
                                                          All have heard of                                                     The cite offers a short-
What’s the Deal                                       the epic earthquake that
                                                                                 A section of Minamisanriku, Japan. The area
                                                                                                                                time video to explain
with the PAC?                                                                    was particularly hard hit by the tsunami, and
                                                      occured off Honshu,                                                       how to choose the
One of the roof beams is being replaced in                                       officials said the number of dead there would
                                                      Japan’s most populous                                                     international      issue
our Performing Arts Center. The school has                                       almost certainly exceed 10,000.
                                                      island, on March 11. It                                                   of your choice. You
ensured the safety of the students while being        generated a devistating                                                   may also make a $10
prompt about the necessary repairs. It has been       tsunami which swept                                                       donation to tsunami
deemed unsafe for students to be in the PAC           over the northern part                                                    relief   by      texting
during the repair process. As a result, the Ecco/     of the country. The                                                       JAPAN to 50555.
Accents Show has been pushed back, but all            tsunami led to what
events will be occurring. Our up-coming spring        has become a growing                                                          SavetheChildren.
musical is going to be presented on a stage being     nuclear         disaster                                                  org is another well-
constructed in Bertrand Hall. The current plans       at    the    Fukushima                                                    established          site
are for the PAC to re-open in early May.              Daiichi          nuclear                             for       international
                                                      plant in Okuma, on                                                        giving. They identify
                                                      the     northeastern     shores      of     Japan. the earthquake and tsunami as one of their
All-Girls and the Feminist                                Many students have asked what they rolling targeted relief efforts.There is a link
                                                      might do to help those in need during that allows you to help Japan’s youngest
Movement                                              this tragic time of disaster and loss. The victims, and you may learn of their on-going
Although the benefits of an all-girls school may      following agencies, international, national, efforts via Twitter. You may make online
not seem exactly apparent as we sit in math           and local, are managing donations, work donations, connect via email, or make a
or history class wondering what school would          teams, and medical and humanitarian aid. $10 donation by texting JAPAN to 20222.
be like with male counterparts, every time we
sit down in class we participate actively in the      Donate Online or By Text                                 Help is also needed closer to home. The
mission of the Women’s Rights Movement that               The Red Cross announced an initial               Santa Cruz Harbor was affected by the
began 160 years ago. There was no education for       contribution of $10 million to begin their           tsunami current. The working harbor remains
women then, but now we sit in class taking for        efforts toward the disaster. already    closed to vessel traffic. Every day the harbor
granted what Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth           has a video up, explaining their response to         is closed, an estimated $206,000 in local
Katie Stanton fought so hard to achieve.              the disaster and offering a variety of ways to       revenue is lost. A local agency, Bay Federal
                                                      give or get involved in relief efforts. They offer   Credit Union, a Red Cross partner, has set
All-girls schools encourage girls to find out who     links to help you donate funds, find a volunteer     up a donation fund for the disaster in Japan
they are, to think outside of the box with relative   opportunity that matches your objective and          and also established a second fund to provide
impunity, to learn in a personalized environment,     location, or find a blood donation drive near you    aid to local residents who were displaced
and to develop and demonstrate self-confidence.       targeted to the disaster in Japan. Redcross offers   when their boat residences were damaged in
It encourages us to find our voice, to speak up -     a Facebook app that updates you on the status of     the Santa Cruz Harbor. Go to to
and to speak out. It generates a developed desire     your donation. You may also text a donation of       learn of ways to donate to this local concern.
to achieve without the burden of stereotypes,         $10 from your phone by texting REDCROSS
and to contribute and share.                                                                               Empty shelves at a grocery store in Ichinoseki.
                                                      to 90999. Charges will appear on your wireless
                                                      bill or be deducted from your prepaid balance.
So just remember, feminism isn’t just about
protests and picket signs. It’s about appreciating has also launched a Japan
what was accomplished by the Women’s Rights           Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund up. This
Movement and about taking advantage of every          non-profit connects you to the causes and
opportunity to learn and to grow that presents        countries you care about. You select projects
itself to you now - by taking advantage of            you want to support, make a tax-deductible
everything Santa Catalina has to offer.               contribution, and get regular progress updates.                             

                                                                       Say	Anything
Cosmetic Surgery                                                                                          PULPIT
Student	Body
                                                                                             C h e l s e a : A Wo m a n i n P o w e r
The Prompt:                                                                                  Chelsea	Hanlock,	2011

Many young women have undergone cosmetic

                                                                                                                                                   image by Alex O.
surgery. Do you think that it is reasonable for
minors to have surgeries done only because they
 perceive that it will improve their appearance?


   I believe that cosmetic surgery                I believe that facial surgeries should         As a woman in a position of power, I cannot help but
for appearance is unnecessary. There          be saved for people with birth defects         use this Women’s History Month to continue blazing the
can be complications, so if you do not        or who have been in severe accidents,          trail that the prominent women of past decades have set for
need cosmetic surgery, you should not         and money should be given to those in          me. In an effort to be as effective as possible in the offensive
get it. Cosmetic surgery brings up two        need rather than those who are having          to elevate the position of women, I have chosen to share the
questions. First, should we change what       surgery done just for their cosmetic           key to my meteoric rise to power in the hopes that you will
God gave us? Second, it is our body, so       appearance. However, if people are             take my message and spread it to the masses.
shouldn’t we be able to do what we want       willing to pay for their surgery, then it is
with it? The answers to these questions       up to them what operations they would          Rule 1:
can vary depending on religious views         like to have, so they should be able to        Never hesitate to deign to interact with the common
and opinion. I think that you should          have cosmetic surgeries if they want.          people. The issues that the average folk face often need
keep your body as it is unless you have a                         Rachel Davison, 2014       immediate attention because pacifying their qualms will
medical reason for cosmetic surgery.                                                         keep you safely in power.
                    Ellen Gustavon, 2014          Plastic surgery and breast implants
                                              are fine for people who really want            Rule 2:
    I think that it is wrong for a minor to   them. But the public, especially actors,       Maintain a persona of both openness and intimidation.
have surgery to improve her appearance.       need to realize that by making their           These powerful qualities will seem contradictory to those
I believe that young women should show        bodies “perfect,” they are trying to be        untrained in the delicate art of forging new paths; however,
their true face and appearance. Getting       this fantasy figure. Being a dignified         they reflect much of the same qualities of the yin and yang.
surgeries done is like putting on a mask.     human being is about embracing                 Exuding a spirit of openness will allow new ideas to pour
A woman should show her true features.        one’s individuality and imperfections.         in for which you can take credit for, while intimidation
Young women should not be ashamed of          Unless we have severe accidents or             demands the necessary level of respect that will deter the
how they look.                                birth defects, by getting plastic surgery,     discontented from expressing their concerns.
                      Kaysha Nguyen, 2014     people are telling the world they are
                                              uncomfortable with how they are born.          Finally, Rule 3:
                                                                      Cindy Chu, 2012        Feign busyness and exhaustion to keep the public aware
                                                                                             of the weight your job carries and confident that you
                                                                                             are dedicated to effecting change, while in reality you
                                                                                             are secretly basking in the privilege of your position.
                        Next Month’s Say Anything Topic:                                     Constantly hinting that a major reform is in the works
                                                                                             but never producing evidence or results is often the most
      SATs, SAT subject tests, ACTS...are they really necessary in
                                                                                             effective method in this situation. Use these tips with
       determining an applicant's admittance to a particular college?                        caution. Results have proven to be successful, but then
        Do colleges put too much stock in standardized test scores?                          again, not everyone can be me.

                                                                                    The Evolutio
                                                                                                                               •       Prominent in emerging
                                                                                                                                       women’s rights
                                                  •     Activist against slavery                                                       movement
                                                  •     Reached millions of                                                    •       First woman on U.K.
                                                        readers                                                                        Medical Register
                                                  •     Wrote more than                                                        •       First woman to graduate
                                                        twenty books                                                                   from medical school
                                                  •     Famous for Uncle Tom’s
                                                        Cabin, a first American                                                           1821 - 1910

    •       Paul Revre advocated for this
                                                        novel with an African-                                                     Elizabeth Blackwell
                                                        American protagonist                                                       A Woman in Medicine
            brave woman
                                                  •     Her novels became
    •       First woman to gain a
                                                        instigators for the Civil
            military pension
    •       Impersonated a man to serve
            in Revolutionary War
                                                           1811 - 1896
                  1760 - 1827                          Harriet Beecher
            Deborah Sampson                                Stowe
               On the Frontline                       An Abolitionist Writer

            An Early American                                                                                                           The Salvation Army
                                                                                     Elizabeth Stanton & Susan
                Activist                                                                                                               Evangeline Booth
                                                                                             B. Anthony                                      1865 - 1950
             Abigail Adams                                                                1815 - 1902, 1820 - 1906
                 1744 - 1818
                                                                                                                                   •     Founded Salvation
                                                                                    Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady                  Army
        •     Wife of John Quincy                                                   Stanton were the leaders of the women’s        •     Officer of the corps in
              Adams                                                                 suffrage movement.        Both leaders               Marylebone
        •     Second First Lady of                                                  believed women needed to influence             •     Traveled the world
              United States                                                         society more and should be granted equal       •     Fourth General of
        •     Activist of Women’s                                                   rights with men to achieve those goals.              Salvation Army
              Rights                                                                They spoke out against injustice
        •     Opponent of Slavery
                                                Braving the Unknown
                                                                                    and fought for equality in reshaping
        •     Very politically active                  Sacagawea                    social structure. The National Woman
                                                       1788 - 1812                  Suffrage Association was founded by
                                                                                    Stanton and Anthony. This committee
                                            •    Interpreter and guide              has recognized strong women for
                                                 for the Lewis and Clark            over a hundred years. The society
                                                 expedition                         we live in today would not be in
                                            •    Traveled thousands of              existence without the tireless work
                                                 miles in unexplored                of these two incredible individuals.
                                                 America with an infant
                                            •    A symbol of women’s
                                                 worth and independence
                                                 for NAWSA

on of Women
                                        •      First American woman and youngest          Benazir Bhutto was born in 1953 into a Pakistani political
  Marie Curie was the first female             astronaut to enter space                   family. She came to the U.S. at the age of 16 to attend
  Nobel Laureate, sharing the Nobel •          Left NASA to work for Stanford             Harvard University and then studied at Oxford University.
  Prize in Physics with her husband •          Included in National Women’s Hall of       Bhutto was later elected as a leader of the Pakistan
  and a colleague. She was a physicist,        Fame                                       People’s Party and was elected Prime Minister of Pakistan
  graduating top in her class. Her •           Included in Astronaut Hall of Fame         in 1988. While serving as Prime Minister, she addressed
  main contribution to the scientific                                                     hunger, health, and housing and brought electricity
  field was regarding radioactive                            1951 -                       and education to where it was not present. After being
  elements. Her studies gave the world                  Sally K. Ride                     dismissed from her office, Bhutto and her family fled to
  a better understanding of atoms                                                         exile in London, England. Upon her return to Pakistan, an
                                                      Woman in Space                      attempt was made to assassinate Bhutto, but she survived.
  and the nature of nuclear physics.
  Curie coined the term “radioactive”                                                     However, on December 27, 2007, Bhutto was killed in
  and discovered both radium and                                                          a bomb attack. As the first female prime minister of an
  polonium. She was awarded a second                                                      Islamic country, Benazir Bhutto has made an impact
  Nobel Prize before her death in 1934.                                                   on modern politics in Pakistan and the Middle East.

              1867 - 1934                                                                                       1953 - 2007
            Marie Curie                                                                                      Benazir Bhutto

            Helen Keller                                      Amelia Earhart                                       Woman in Politics
              1880 - 1968                                         1897 - 1937                                        Golda Meir
                                                                                                                       1898 - 1978
   When Helen Keller was 19 months          Amelia Earhart was a barrier-breaking, bold, inspirational
   old, she contracted an illness, which    woman. She was the first woman to fly solo across            •   Awarded the Israel Prize
   is known as scarlet fever today.         the Atlantic Ocean, the first woman to fly to the            •   Leader during the Yom Kippur War
   Keller nonetheless managed to be         dizzying height of 14,000 feet, and the first woman          •   Outspoken advocate for common
   the first deaf-blind person to earn      to attempt a global flight. Earhart was unstoppable,             people
   a Bachelor degree in Arts. Keller        her success born by the refusal to conform to what           •   Nicknamed “Iron Lady”
   did not give up on herself when she      society wanted her to be. She won 3rd place in the           •   Fourth Prime Minister of Israel
   found out she was different than         First Women’s Air Derby and was elected president
   others. Despite the isolation barrier    of an all-female flying club called the Ninety-Nines.
   of a completely lack of language,        She also set a transcontinental speed record and made
   she learned to communicate               many shorter journeys that were the first of their kind.
   with others by signs. Keller grew        Earhart, as her final feat, attempted a flight to circle
   up to be an American author,             the world. However, her devastating and mysterious
   political activist, and lecturer.        disappearance in the middle of the Atlantic, her old
                                            stomping ground, cut her journey short. Her loss
                                            was greatly mourned, but despite the sadness of this
                                            death shrouded in mystery, Earhart’s legacy pushes
                                            on, a legacy of courage, passion, and doing what
                                            is best and most liberating for future generations.

            Arts &
    Lotanna's iPod                                 Women in Entertainment:
Brooke	Kim,	2011
                                                   A Driving Force for Change
                      1. “Get Some”                Clemintine	Yost,	2011
                          by Lykke Li                   It’s no question that women have changed Heaven (1927), Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans
                                                   the world. The same is equally true for the (1927), and Street Angel (1928) earned her the
                                                   movie industry, both American and                                    international recognition as the
                      2. “Sister Betna”            British, the internationally adored                                  Best Actress for 1928. Prior to her
                          by The Very Best         starlets, and the globally anticipated                               Academy Award, the most famous
                                                   Oscar and BAFTA Awards that                                          and celebrated stars of the screen
                                                   showcase the most talented women                                     were men, but Gaynor changed this
                      2. “Gordita”                 in entertainment.                                                    pattern when she stepped into the
                          by Shakira (Feat.            Born in 1865, Dame May Whitty                                    realm of the world’s most famous
                          Residente Calle 13)      was a regular face in London’s                                       people. Even after her death in                                Theatreland of the West End (a                                       September 1984, Janet Gaynor has
                      4. “Heart It Races”          theatre district of equal stature to                                 remained in the top ten of the most
                                                   New York’s Broadway) and a dual    celebrated actors and actresses of all
                          by Architecture In
                          Kelsinki                 nominee for the Oscar for Best Actress in a time.
                                                   Supporting Role. Her proven brilliance on the                  In an era when all women wore skirts,
                                                   screen earned her Alfred Hitchcock’s praise in Katherine Hepburn wore pants. Born in 1907,
                      3. “Cold War”                his film The Lady Vanishes (1938) where Whitty she holds the record for the most Best Actress       by Janelle Monae         performed in the role of the Vanishing Lady. Her Oscar wins of any actress to date, with four
                                                   work was consistently deserving of decoration. wins out of twelve nominations. She described
                                                   Sadly, the founding of BAFTA                                         herself in this way: “I’m an atheist
                      4. “Warp”                    (the British Academy of Film and                                     and that’s it. I believe there’s nothing
                          by The Bloody            Television Arts) wasn’t until 1947,                                  we can know except that we should
                          Beetroots (Feat. Steve   which came too late for Whitty who                                   be kind to each other and do what           Aoki                     passed away in May 1948.                                             we can for other people.” Hepburn
                                                         Whitty is remembered for                                       lent her name to many liberal social
                                                   her philanthropy and multiple                                        and political causes. In a time where
                      6. “Casa”                    nominations for the Oscar for Best                                   family planning was taboo and
                          by Natalia Lafourcade    Supporting Actress. She was a                                        deemed socially unacceptable even
                                                   beautiful starlet of both stage and                                  for people who aligned themselves
                                                   screen, who showed the world that an                                with the liberal sect, Katherine
                      5. “Nantes”                  actress is more than a pretty face and                              Hepburn saw a civic need for birth        by Beirut                that a lower-class Liverpool girl could rise to control and general knowledge on the subject.
                                                   international spotlight and be a member of a In 1985, because of her dedication to serving
                      6. “Pon de Floor”            male-dominated order of government in the her community, she received the Humanist Arts
                                                   United Kingdom.                                        Award of the American Humanist Association.
                         (Chewy Chocolate
                                                     Unlike Whitty, who was nominated                                     In 2010, The Hurt Locker not only
                          Cookies Remix)
                                                   twice for an Oscar but never won,                                   won the Oscar for Best Picture, but
                          by Major Lazer           Janet Gaynor, born in October 1906,                                 its director, Kathryn Bigelow, became
                                                   was the recipient of multiple awards,                               the first woman in history to win the
                                                   including the first Academy Award                                   Academy Award for Best Director,
                      7. “Into the Galaxy”         for Best Actress in 1928. In a male-                                topping James Cameron, the director
                         (Chateau Marmont          dominated world and only a few years   of the science fiction film, Avatar.
                           Remix)                  after the women’s suffrage movement                               Bigelow is best-known for cult horror
                          by The Midnight          won the passing of the 19th amendment film, Near Dark (1987), the bank robbery/surfer          Juggernauts              in 1919, Gaynor’s performances in Seventh action picture, Point Break (1991), and the
                                                                                                                                       Continued on page 12

Women in the Arts: Contemporary                                                                                    The Scene
Artists & Activists                                                                                        The Oprah Winfrey Network
                                                                                                           Allison	Fithian,	2011
Isabelle	Williams,	2011
                                                                                                           If I were to
                                        Judy Chicago                                                       ask you who
                                                                                                           the       most
                                        Feminist, Artist, Author, and Educator                             successful
                                        The Dinner Party                                                   woman        in
                                                                                                           America is,
                                        This controversial piece was a collaborative effort led by         nine     times
                                        Judy Chicago and portrays place settings for 39 mythical           out of ten,
                                        and historical women. According to Ms. Chicago, the                you     would
                                        purpose of the piece is to “elevate female achievement in          automatically
                                        Western history to a heroic scale traditionally reserved for       reply, “Oprah
            men.”                                                              Winfrey!”
                                                                                                           Since 1985,
                                                                                                           The      Oprah
Lauren Greenfield                                                                                          Winfrey Show              

Artist, Filmmaker, and                                                                                     has consistently been broadcast and is one of
                                                                                                           the top daytime TV programs in America. We
Girl Culture
                                                                                                           all know what an amazing woman Oprah has
                                                                                                           always been and now, with the debut of her new
Girl Culture is a photographic essay and
                                                                                                           TV network, she is on her way to taking over
exhibition that traveled throughout the country.
                                                                                                           the TV world.
It portrays the lives of young teenage girls in
                                                                                                                The Oprah Winfrey Network is like The
America, focusing on the pressures that society
                                                                                                           Oprah Winfrey Show, but it is on 24/7. Oprah
and pop-culture places on them. Greenfield also
                                                                                                           has successfully created the new TLC, except
directed the HBO documentary THIN and
                                                                                                           that because she is Oprah, in a battle between
photographed the Fast Forward project, which
                                                                                                           the two networks, Oprah will win. The question
showed the lives of adolescents in Los Angeles.
                                                                                                           is not will the Oprah Winfrey Network be
She was named by American Photo as one of
                                                                                                           successful, but, rather, how successful can it
the 25 most influential photographers working
                                                                                                           get? With a plethora of new shows about to
                                                                                                           be broadcast, from the self-help talk shows to
                                                                                    All Photos:
                                                                                                           the reality series about women behind bars, this
                                        Kiki Smith                                                         network is sure to tug at your heartstrings and
                                        Artist, Feminist, and Activist                                     become every woman’s favorite network. So go
                                                                                                           home, snuggle on the couch with a blanket, and
                                        The Singer                                                         prepare to stay there because you are sure to be
                                                                                                           hooked the moment you click on that channel.
                                        The Singer was one of many of Kiki Smith’s pieces displayed
                                        in her exhibition called Sojourn. This exhibition explored
                                        creative inspiration and the cycle of life in relation to
                                        women artists. Smith strives to show the women in her art
                                        engaged in creative activities as opposed to the stereotypical
                                        depictions of women as objects that are often created by
                                        male artists. She has also been an advocate for battered
                                        women and other social issues through her art and public

                         Interview: Olympic Medalist
                         B r a n d i C h a s t a i n o n Wo m e n ' s S p o r t s
                         Alex	Opechowski,	2011                                                              Your new foundation, ReachUP!, works to
                                                    work myself, and that I earned all the playing time
                            You know her best       through hard work.                                      empower young women. How do you see this
                         from the striking image                                                            being accomplished?
 Photo by Patti Giobetti that   made headlines      What changes have you seen in women’s sports            ReachUP! is an organization that will use
                         around    the     world.   since the famous 1999 World Cup?                        technology to close the gap between dreams
Fists clenched in victory, jersey removed           The biggest change in women’s sports is the             and reality, desire and know-how, mentors
and sports bra exposed to the cameras and           number of girls and women participating.                              and young girls, [in addition to
cheering crowds, Brandi Chastain became             Specifically in soccer,                                                creating] a voice for those who
an icon as she celebrated her World-Cup-            but across the board,                                                  have something powerful to
winning penalty kick. This moment, reported         I have seen every                                                       share. Likewise, ReachUP! will
on the covers of Time, Newsweek, and Sports         corner of America,                                                       support other organizations
Illustrated, forever changed women’s sports.        and now globally,                                                        that work to support young
    Chastain, now playing for California            boom with females                                                         girls in our communities
Storm and focusing on her newly-                    taking part and taking                                                    across the country.
launched ReachUP! Foundation, took                  charge of their health
the time to answer a few questions about            and wellness through                                                         Do you have any particular
what it has taken--and will take--to                positive competition.                                                         words of wisdom or a
level the playing field for women.                                                                                                mission statement that you
                                                    Are       there       any                                                      live by?
What are you most proud of in your career so        challenges you perceive                                                        I don’t have a specific
far?                                                to still be present for                                                         mantra        or     mission
I am most proud of my return to the National        female athletes today?                                                           statement, but my drive
team after being cut post the 1991 World Cup        The biggest challenge                                                            is to be better today than
victory. I was left off the 1995 World Cup          is still the same: how                                                            yesterday. I want to show
team but never gave up, continued to train, and     to create and sustain                                        Getty iSoc        and live a life that makes
ultimately that fall I was asked to come into       professional       women’s                                                not only myself feel good, but to
camp, and I was the best player I had ever been.    leagues. It is hard for me to comprehend how            influence those who see me to want the same
I was selected back to the team and played          men’s professional players can haggle over tens of      thing for themselves. What happens then is
every minute in the 1996 Olympic Games. I           millions of dollars for single contracts and we can’t   a sort of pay-it-forward domino effect [that
delighted in the fact that I had to do all the      get a league to survive for less.                       occurs] without even trying.

                                                                                              Goodall overcame the time’s prevailing belief that
A Wo m a n o f C o n v i c t i o n                                                        chimpanzees were different from human beings and suggested
                                                                                          similar human interactions. She also discovered that chimpanzees
Pia	Park,	2011                        Internationally renowned for her studies of         have an active thought process through her observations of the
                                  chimpanzee interactions and behaviors, Jane Goodall     animals constructing simple tools to achieve their daily meal
                                  became a catalyst of the “green movement”as an animal   in their natural habitat. Goodall went against the common
                                  welfare activist. Born in London, England, Goodall      practice of disassociating oneself from the subjects and instead
                                  began her lifelong passion for animals in Tanzania,     made unique relationships by naming each chimpanzee.
                                  East Africa, where she worked as an secretary to            The Jane Goodall Institute, which was established in 1977
                                  Louis Leakey, the celebrated anthropologist and         and is now based in Arlington, Virginia, was created for the
                                  paleontologist. After earning her PhD in ethology       well-being of all living things. Through her research, she was
                                  from Cambridge University in 1965, she returned         able to break away society’s mindset that animals are very
                                  to Tanzania to continue her research and later          different from humans and promote the idea that we should

                                  established the Gombe Stream Research Centre.           give equal love and respect to all living things around us.

 http://uplo Romanum_Pano
Twenty-First-Century Feminism
Isabelle	Williams,	2011,	Co-Editor-In-Chief
                                                        Because the oppression of women is less won’t face opposition, but our sojourn could
                                                    visible today, young women have an aversion be even more rewarding because it may
    During a recent Journey Day, my classmates to the concept of feminism. They see feminism directly result in greater personal success as
and I met with a woman who called herself a            as radical protests and bra-burning by well as opportunities for future generations.
“radical feminist,” and I was surprised         The           women who want to be more like             Our role to play in the progression of
by the reactions I saw in my opportunities men, but that’s not what modern feminism is to take the opportunities our
classmates and the discussions                                     feminism needs to be about. foremothers gained for us, opportunities to
that took place afterwards. While      we have here in                 Because of the radical vote, to work, and to be respected. We need
opposition to anything deemed
“radical” did not surprise me,
                                                                    connotations    that
                                     America were not with the word feminism,come to take these as well as men. We need to we
                                                                                                 our can perform
                                                                                                                      opportunities and prove that
some people expressed resentment           inevitable.            generation has outgrown the this against the male-dominated status quo
to the concept of feminism as a whole.                         term, but we need to realize that of many workplaces and fields and prove our
I never expected to encounter such feelings                the concept of feminism is still relevant. gender’s abilities. The feminists of the twentieth
in the majority of students at Santa Catalina, a Young women feel that being a feminist century gave us the chance to prove ourselves
school that prides itself in empowering women. somehow makes them less feminine because, as equals in many forums, but now we, the
I have thought about what my classmates said in order to gain equality, past generations of women of the twenty- first century, must
over the past few weeks, and I think their feminists had to be so radical to gain attention. do the proving. If we succeed, our children
sentiments may reflect our demographic as a             Modern feminism must evolve from the will expect and not just permit women to
whole: our generation doesn’t like the concept feminism of previous generations, and a critical hold an equal place with men in all aspects
of feminism. I heard my classmates say that component of this is that the women who of life. We can do this by climbing corporate
feminists are extreme, bitter, and man-haters, support feminism must not be afraid to be ladders, leading armies, winning elections, and
fighting battles that no longer need to be fought. feminine. True equality for women will only advocating for ourselves and other women.
    I think these feelings come from a generation come when women are free to be as                  If               I hope that my generation will
gap between the young women of today and feminine as they desire without                                                be have the vision to recreate
the feminists of yesterday. My generation being discriminated against.                   we succeed, our                   feminism for the twenty-
has opportunities that our predecessors only            We must be thankful       children will expect and first century and value the
dreamed of. We at Catalina especially are to the women who rallied                                                            efforts of feminists’ past.
privileged with opportunities that would not in the streets for the              not just permit women to We need to appreciate
have existed, even here at Catalina, to our vote, for equal pay, for
mothers and grandmothers. These opportunities fair treatment; the battles
                                                                                  hold an equal place with their fight in and own way,
                                                                                                                               their efforts

are so immense that very few women around they fought mean that men in all aspects of life. advancing our own culture
the world have been given a greater chance at we don’t need to burn our                                                    to a place where women are
equality than us. Because we are given so many bras and hide our femininity                                             fully expected to be equal and
opportunities, we do not see the need to fight for to be feminists. Our generation                                helping women around the world on
women’s equality, since we feel we already have it. must reinvent feminism. It may be time to their own journeys to equality. The resentment
    The fact is, we’re sheltered here at Catalina, coin a new term to label our journey because that the “radical feminist” encountered from my
empowered but sheltered, and, even with our the word feminism is imbued with tinges of classmates made me worry that my peers do not
education and our confidence, the world we’ll masculinity and radicalism, and the future of realize that it was radical feminists who made the
face beyond high school still discriminates feminism needs to shed these stereotypes— opportunities we take for granted today possible.
against women in ways we have yet to experience feminism in the coming years must make                   The opportunities we have here in America
here at school. Women are often paid less than women’s equality commonplace, not radical, and were not inevitable; women around the world
their male counterparts in the workplace, passed make femininity a means and not a deterrent to are denied basic human rights because of their
up for promotions in favor of ambitious men, opportunity. This evolution of feminism must gender. Hopefully by remembering that women
and expected to sacrifice careers and salaries be the journey undertaken by our generation. around the world are still controlled by their
to raise families while their husbands work.            It’s a role that I believe we should see husbands, forced to cover their faces, and abused
It is true that in America such discrimination as an honor because, unlike the role of past without hesitation, we will value the effort and
is shrinking, but it isn’t gone yet, and it will feminists, we can go about this task within passion of feminists in our own culture. Our
only continue to shrink with our effort. our day-to-day lives. This doesn’t mean we                                              continued on page 12

International Briefs                            Twenty-First-Century                                     Women in Entertainment
Continued from page 2                           Feminism                                                  Continued from page 7
against women’s rights. There are only eleven   Continued from page 11                                    dramatic war film, The Hurt Locker (2009).
women in the Hong Kong Legislative                                                                            Not only did The Hurt Locker win the Oscar
Council and no women in the judiciary               freedom is the result of the work of feminists,
                                                                                                          for Best Picture, but also the BAFTA Award
Court of Final Appeal. In addition, women       both male and female, people who believed
                                                                                                          for Best Film and a nomination for the 2010
earn significantly less than men according      that women were people, not property, with
                                                                                                          Golden Globe Award for Best Drama. In
to government data.                             a right to life, freedom, and choices. We need
                                                                                                          addition to The Hurt Locker’s success, Bigelow
                                                to appreciate their efforts and continue their
                                                                                                          became the first woman to win the Directors
Traditional attitudes about women are the       fight in our own culture and around the world.
                                                                                                          of America Award for Outstanding Directing,
main reason for the current status quo of           We are some of the most privileged women
                                                                                                          the BAFTA Award for Best Directing, and
women in Hong Kong. The clash between           on earth, and we must not be adverse to feminism
                                                                                                          the Critics’ Choice Award for Best Director.
British rule and the Asian dynamic accounts     because it is our past, and, if we are lucky, it is
                                                                                                          Kathryn Bigelow is an inspiration to all women
for the complexity of social matters.           our future. It is time for twenty-first century
                                                                                                          because she boldly marched into this male-
                                                feminism—the journey within our everyday
                                                                                                          dominated industry and walked away with a
                                                lives to make equality universally expected.
Hardship Faced By Female                                                                                  place in Time Magazine’s Time 100 list of the
                                                                                                          most influential people for 2010.
The recent sexual assault on CBS
correspondent Lara Logan in Egypt has
                                                  Well-behaved women                                    The Lamplighter Staff
trained a spotlight on the danger, ever-          seldom make history.
present but little-discussed, facing female
                                                          Laurel Thatcher Ulrich                      Editors in Chief-     Lauren Bishop
journalists in zones of upheaval. Female
journalists continue to challenge the                                                                                       Isabelle Williams
traditionally male-dominated field. It has                                                            Production Editor- Cindy Chu
been found that crowds are a potential                                                                Proof Editor-         Elizabeth Clark
                                                   Valentine’s Day                                    Cover Editor-          Jinny Kim
danger for women journalists reporting
from war zones and riots. A greater                at Catalina                                        International Editor- Natasha Tabibian
challenge, however, is the harassment they                                                            National Editor-      Michelle Lee
face that is perpetrated by male colleagues        Our thanks to the Santa Catalina                   Timeline Editors-     Jinny Kim
and local men. Most women journalists              Parents’ Association for the                                              Jenna Sitenga
have experienced it, but not everyone speaks       hot chocolate and cookies they                     A&E Editor-           Monica Kim
of it. The most dangerous countries for            provided to us on Valentine’s Day.                 Forum Editor-         Alex Opechowski
female reporters include Iraq, Pakistan, and                                                          Faculty Advisor-      Robin de la Llata

       Sudoku                                      The Beginning
                                                  Chelsea	Hanlock,	2011;	Libby	McPherson,	2011;		Alex	Opechowski,	2011


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