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									FOREST EUROPE Ministerial Conference –
Tree planting with school children
United Nations’ International Year of
LEAF International (Learning about Forest) invites
all schools to plant trees for a sustainable future
in connection with the FOREST EUROPE
Ministerial conference held in Oslo Norway on
14-16 June in the UN’s international Year of
Forests – 2011.

This global campaign will run from April 15th to
July 1st, and schools from around the world are
invited to participate.

FOREST EUROPE aims at visualising how we can secure our forests and their benefits for
today’s children and the generations to come through both significant decisions at the
Ministerial Conference in Oslo and all activities linked to the conference. The tree planting
project for school children plays a key role in this context.
This event is a practical way of enhancing environmental and global education. It connects
children all over the world to focus on forests as a way to fight climate change. The planting
of trees symbolize hope and the continuity of life. The campaign increases awareness of
climate change and the variety of ecosystems on the Earth. Trees can be seen as the lungs of
the world and by increasing their number the entire Earth will benefit from it - also its

How to get involved
We hope that your school will participate in this campaign
and use it as part of the schools teaching curriculum. Tree
planting gives a perfect opportunity to spend a day outdoor
and to discuss issues such as the photosynthesis, carbon
cycle and biological diversity amongst other subjects.

Register your school at Each
participating school will receive a certificate for participation
once a report is delivered.

We urge everyone to contact local press to attract attention
about the forest as the most cost effective CO2 cleansing
machine in the world, and that your school participates in
creating a better environment and helping fight climate
Receiving this invitation means your country is participating in a worldwide network working
for a sustainable future through environmental focused education. In the International Year
of Forests we will make an extra effort and together with the European environmental
ministers we will highlight the importance of forest by planting trees in the spring season of

              For more information contact:
              Mr. Bjørn Helge Bjørnstad,
              international coordinator LEAF
              Ph: +47 61 14 82 00 (Norway)
 1. Plant only indigenous tree species, typical for your climate and dominant tree
    species in your region.
 2. Get tree seedlings from local providers and find sponsors for them.
 3. Choose suitable places for trees and dig the holes in advance. If you need some help
    contact local experts.
 4. Find students who will plant trees.
 5. Involve local people from your community to take part.
 6. Prepare to take photos and videos during the occasion.
 7. Get local media involved.

 1. Go to your tree planting site and gather around the tree seedlings.
 2. Students plant trees together with teachers and invited guests.
 3. Arrange a group photo, where students and audience gather around the tree
    seedlings. If you don’t want your picture to be published or used for commercial
    purpose please state so. Please state the name of the photographer.
1. Please send a very short report including:
       a. Name of your school.
       b. Your city.
       c. Your country.
       d. The number of participants.
       e. The number of trees planted.
       f. Include one photo of your event. If you don’t want your picture to be
          published or used for commercial purpose please state so. Please state the
          name of the photographer.
       g. A copy/scan or link to any press related material covering the event.
       h. If you have recorded a video clip, please don’t send it to us, but put it online
          (like Youtube) and add the link in the report. We will then forward these links
          onto our website together with the photo.
2. Send your report to LEAF at this address:
3. Remember to take care of your trees!

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