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									 Today’s Teen Online creates first ever photo shoot by and for teens. The entire staff of photographers,
     models, director, and assistants were ages 13-21 . They showcased summer styles for teens.

July 17th, 2010--Boca Raton, FL—Today’s Teen Online released photos this week from their first ever
by-teens-for-teens photo shoot. The online magazine’s mission is to provide media experience for teens
ages 13-21 and which is exactly what they did earlier this month.

Started in 2004 as a local print publication, Today’s Teen re-launched as a national online magazine in
May of this year under the direction of 20-year-old executive director and Editor-in-Chief, Ilana

“Our entire crew—models, photographer, assistants, were all teenagers,” said 20-year-old Editor-in-Chief
Ilana Jacqueline. “It was an experiment. A learning experience.”

Which is really what the non-profit organization is all about.

The community outpouring to assist the project was astonishing.

On a National level companies such as Union Bay,Ben Amun Jewlerey, Voda Swimwear, Becca Swimwear.
Trunkettes, and Straw Studios donated their summer lines. Locally. the Deerfield Beach Howard Johnson
provided an oceanfront hotel room for the models and crew to set up, and Mona Lisa Pizza even catered
the event.

“Our crew had a great experience,” said Richard Danko, one of the male models and crew members.
“They were excited to piece together the outfits and scope out locations for the shoot. Everyone had a
say and worked together as a team. I think it really bolstered their confidence to see what they could
throw together in just a few weeks.”

The magazine is planning another shoot for back-to-school in late August, and with the experience under
their belts, they are more excited than ever.

To view photos, videos, and articles by the Today’s Teen staff and to learn about how you can support
teens with hands on media experience please visit



Ilana Jacqueline


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