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Kitchen orner by pengxiang


									Wednesday, February 8, 1978                                                                   GULF ISLANDS DRIFTWOOD                                                                      Page Seventeen

     K            itchen
                                           By Marianne Goodrich \
                                                                                                 Hunt-Sowrey named by Gulf
                                                                                                 Islands Legion branch meeting
                                                                                                Annual general meeting of the
                                                                                              Gulf Islands Branch of the Royal
                                                                                                                                 poned twice, owing to matters
                                                                                                                                 beyond the control of the branch.
                                                                                                                                                                       guide the branch past the major
                                                                                                                                                                       milestone into its 51st year:
    Pies origninated in      ancient        ...Empty the two boxes of frozen                  Canadian Legion, was held at         W.C. Thomson was in the chair,      president, W. W. Hunt-Sowrey;
Greece, according to legend. Later,         strawberries into a saucepan and                  Saturna on January 27.             and 15 members were present.          first vice-president, J. M. Dought;
the Romans conquered the Greeks,            bring to a boil, over low heat.                     This meeting had to be post-       Two of the charter members of       second vice president, H. Mac-
and learned from them the art of            Blend the cornstarch with the cold                                                   the branch are still with the         Farlane; Secretary, C.J. Halliday;
making pastry. The Romans filled            water. Add to the strawberries and                                                   branch, Comrade Arthur Ralph, of      Treasurer, H. MacFarlane; im-
                                                                                                                                 Saturna, presently in the Veteran's   mediate past       president,   W.
their pastries with beautiful fruits
from near and far.
                                            cook, while stirring, until slightly
                                            thickened. Remove from heat.                      SPCA to meet                       Hospital in Victoria, and P.H.        Thomson.
    The flaky tender pastry we know         When cool, pour into the shell.                                                      Grimmer, of Pender.                      Appointed were, sergeant - at -
today was developed about 1790              ...Beat the egg whites until firm,                                                     In addition, D.A. New, MM, of       arms, A. Wardlp; press and pub-
and each country soon perfected its         then add the sugar gradually, while
                                            beating. Spread over the straw-
                                                                                              February 11                        Galiano, has been a member of this
                                                                                                                                 branch for all its 50 years.
                                                                                                                                                                       licity, W.W. Hunt-Sowrey; service
                                                                                                                                                                       officer, H. MacFarlane; Padre,
own national specialty: the flans
from England, the Napoleons and             berries. Bake in a 325 oyen just                                                       Following officer were elected to   Rev. J. Dangerfield, M.B.E.
other puff paste delicacies from
France, the fruit-filled strudels
                                            long enough to brown the mer-
                                            ingue slightly.                                   Mahon Hall
from Germany.                                                ***                                                                                    A.R. HARDIE 4 ASSOCIATES
DEVONSHIRE MINCEMEAT PIE                    FAVOURITE COCONUT TARTS                    The General Meeting of the Salt ;                            BRITISH COLUMBIA LAND SURVEYORS
1 unbaked pie shell                         Make 10 Baked Tart Shells              Spring Island Auxiliary of the
2 cups mincemeat                            1 cup sugar                            SPCA will be held Saturday, Feb.                                  P.O. Box 3, Ganges, Salt Spring Island
2 beaten eggs                              2 tbsp. cornstarch                      11, at Mahon Hall at 1 pm.                                               A.R. Hardie, B.C.L.S.
2 cups sour cream                           '/z tsp. salt                              Don Adams, secretary-manager                                                537-5502                          tfn
2 tablespoons sugar                         % cup butter                           of the Victoria Branch of the SPCA,
1 teaspoon vanilla                          1 tsp. vanilla                         will explain the services provided
...Line a 9 inch pie plate with the        2 tsp. lemon juice                      by the branch.
pie shell of your choice.                   1 cup water                                The services to be provided on
...Fill with the mincemeat. Bake in        3 egg yolks, slightly beaten            Salt Spring Island will be outlined
a 425 pre-heated oven for 20                V* cup butter                          by members of the executive. Also
minutes.                                    1 tsp. vanilla                         the Financial Committee Chairman
 ...Mix together the eggs, sour             1 cup moist shredded coconut           will address the membership on
cream, sugar and vanilla. Pour              Vt cup chopped filberts                the plans for a fund raising
over the mincemeat after the 20
minutes of baking. Bake another 8
                                            Vi cup toasted coconut                 campaign on the island. General
                                            ...Mix sugar, cornstarch and salt in and sustaining memberships will
                                                                                                                                                            ones m
minutes. Cool.                              saucepan. Stir water in gradually. be sold at the meeting, so interest-
...Refrigerate the pie for 1 hour
and serve.
                                            cook over medium heat, stirring ed persons are encouraged to
                                            constantly, until mixture boils. Boil . attend.
                                             1 min.                                    A short film "The Family
COFFEE CREAM PIE                             ...Remove from heat. Stir at least Chooses a Pet" will be shown at
  Baked pie shell                           half of hot mixture into egg yolks. the end of the business meeting.
  l'/2 cups strong coffee, freshly          Then beat into hot mixture in
  made                                      saucepan.
                                            ...Boil 1 min. longer, stirring             A CRYSTAL CLOAK
 2 squares unsweetened chocolate
  '/2 cup cream                            constantly. Remove from heat. On feathery feet the snow descends
   A cup sugar                             Continue beating until smooth.           Unfelt, unheard, but not unseen,
 '/a cup flour                             ...Stir in butter, vanilla, lemon Beneath its weight the pine tree
 % teaspoon salt                           juice, 1 cup coconut and filberts.
 3 egg yolks                                ...Pour into cooled baked tart bends,  But doesn't it make the world look
 Vt tsp. vanilla                            shells. Sprinkle Vi cup coconut clean?
,1/8 tsp. cinnamon                         over top.                                                      -JohnHealey
 Sweetened whipped cream                                     ***
 ...Bake pie shell. Set aside to cool.     BANBURY TARTS
 ... Put coffee in top of double boiler.   Make pastry for one-crust pie. Roll

 Add chocolate. Cook until choco-          into large square 12x12". Cut into
 late is melted.                           nine 4" squares.
 ...Mix cream with sugar, flour and         '/2 cup raisins, chopped
 salt. Blend. Add to mixture in             '/2 cup sugar
 double boiler. Stir until thick. Cook     1 '/z tbsp. fine cracker crumbs
 20 minutes.                               1 egg yolk
 ...Add beaten egg yolks. Stir well.       '/2 tbsp. soft butter                                   (MUCH MORE THAN JUST PLYWOOD)
 Continue cooking for 5 minutes and
 then remove from stove. Blend in
                                           Dash of salt
                                           1 tbsp. lemon juice
                                                                                                            We stock:
 vanilla and cinnamon.                     1 tbsp. grated lemon rind                                HARDWOODS     WOOD MOULDINGS
 ...When almost cold, pour into pie        2 tbsp. chopped walnuts                                    Ash, Oak, Birch            , nri/CCTC
 shell. Chill. Top with sweetened          ...Mix all ingredients.      Spread                        Walnut, Teak               LUUIIOt 1 9
 whipped cream at serving time.            filling over half of each square.                          Mahogany
                    ***                    ...Moisten edges, fold into tri-
FROZEN STRAWBERRY PIE                      angles and press edges together                          WATCO STAINS
Baked pie shell                            with tines of fork. Prick tops.                          STANLEY TOOLS 60 DIFFERENT PANELS
2 boxes frozen strawberries                ...Bake at 450 for 12 to 15 minutes
2 tablespoons cornstarch
2 tablespoons cold water
                                           or until delicately browned.
                                                                                                  Super Specials                                                                  Paneling
3 egg whites                                  In 1976, Canada's private house-                                                                                                  Colortone Panels
6 tablespoons sugar                        holds totalled 7.1 million of which                 Reject Bifold Panels       1.59 EA
...Line a 9-inch pie plate with                                                                                                                                               \Vi pee.        2.39
                                           5.6 million (78.6%) were family
pastry of your choice, bake and cool
on a cake rack.
                                           households and 1.5 million (21.4%)                  Reject Doors 2'6"x6'8"oNiY4.99»A                                                  Driftwood Oak
                                           were non-family households.
                                                                                               4' x 4' Ceiling Tiles      2.49                                                        6.79
                                                                                                                                                                                 Samoan Blue
                NOTICE OF INTENT                                                               Door Skins                   99°                                                          4.99
                                                                                                                        Interior Flat Latex                   Pre Cut Studs
        Application for a 4D' (Neighbourhood Public House) licence                                                       White - Tinting included             2"x4"x92V4"
            It is the ioten^sn Oi the undersigned to apply; pursuant                                                                                          Nails
      to thG provisions of the Liquor Control and Licensing Act, to
      the General Manager, Liquor Control and Licensing Branch,
                                                                                                                         Quarts 3.55                          21/4" Bright Common^13.49
      Victoria, B.C. for a Neighbourhood Public House licence to
      operate a licensed establishment on the premises situated at                                                       Gallons 10.88                        31/4" Bright Common #so13.49
      Vesuvius Bay, Salt Spring Island.
               Lot 1, Sec. 10, R3W, Plan 23440, NSSIC.L.D.
                                Donald E. Small (Name of Applicant)                             Pre Finished Shelving                BifOld DOOrS I -Rotary Mahogany
                                                                                                  Il"xlO*         16" x 8'
            The above type of licence permits the sale of all types of
      alcoholic beverages by the glass on the premises between the                                 3.69           5.29              30 24.20 4o36.29 i5-o40.50' 6o47.19
      hours of 9.00 A.M. and 11.00 P.M. and also permits the sale
      of beer and B.C. Cider by the bottle for consumption off the
      premises.                                                                                   Windsor
            Residents or property owners located within a 6 block
      area or-Vi mile radius of the proposed site are requested to
      Register any objections by writing to the General Manager,
      Liquor Control and Licensing Branch, P.O. Box 640, Victoria,                                 Below Valcourt Centre
      B.C. V8W 2P8.
                                                                                  3-3              Phone: 537-5579
Page Eighteen                                                                    GULF ISLANDS DRIFTWOOD                                                          Wednesday, February 8, 1978

    Box 250,
    Ganges                                 CLASSIFIED ADS.                                                                                                            4 pm,
            For Sale                                For Sale                               For Sale                            For Sale                                 For Sale
      ALL CLASSIFIED ADS                                                                                                           LOCAL                     B50 J.D. Finaldrives. Oliver O.C.
     MUST BE PAID IN CASH                    Fisher Stoves                         THE FURNITURE SHOP
                                                                                      Furniture Repaired                 Brown Eggs                          12 - good undercarriage. T.D. 15
         No Classified Ads                   Come and see our Models             Fine Furniture Made to Order                                                tracks and rollers. D.4. Caterpillar
       taken over the phone.                        On Display!                   Message Phone 537-5612 or                                                  Hydraulics. 1967 Kenworth Cumm-
Classified Ads sent by mail must                                                                                             Fresh - Flavourful              ins 5 and 4 S.Q.D. Contact Cariboo
                                              HOMEWORTHY LIMITED                        Eves. 537-9228
be accompanied by cheque or
money order.
                                                      BOX 905
                                                  GANGES, B.C.                          Pegasus
                                                                                                                                $1.10                        Tractor Parts, Box 4268, Quesnel,
                                                                                                                                                             B.C. V2S3J4. Phone 992-5354 5-1
          Classified Rates:                        (PH. 537-5114)                                                                                              Cigars from around the world!
                                                                                                                             Large & Extra large
$1.50 minimum up to 25 words,
           6 cents a word
                                                                                       OF CANADIAN ART
                                                                                                                            FOXGLOVE FARM &
                                                                                                                             GARDEN SUPPLY
                                                                                                                                                             Famous names from Mexico, Phil-
                                                                                                                                                             lipines, Jamaica and Cuba. Send
    $2.25 col. inch semi-display                                                                                                  537-2012                   for free brochure. Write 'CIGARS',
                                                                                      (Formerly Little Gallery)
           Monday, 4 pm
                                               Haircutting                                MOUAT'S MALL
                                                                                                                                                             252 Cullen Drive, Winnipeg, Man.
                                                                                                                                                             R3R1X5                           5-1
                                                      and                       Paintings and prints by West Coast     Kenton House                          One B flat clarinet and one set size
 Check your Fire Insurance Policy or
 contact us to see if you are insured ;
                                                Hairstyling                     artists, Indian and Eskimo art,
                                                                                ceramics, bronzes, Quebec wood           Gallery                             8 mens roller skates. 537-5184 5-1
 for today's replacement value. S.S.                   at                       carvings, brass, picture framing,                                            Competent seamstress available in
                                          EUROPEAN HAIR DESIGN                                                              Blackburn Road                   Fulford. Phone 653-4544          5-2
  Insurance Agency - 1972 - Ltd.,                                               restoring, books, artists supplies,   ANTIQUES AND ART OBJECTS
 537-5527.                        alt.    Tues, thru Fri. 9 am to 5 pm          etc.                                                                         Garage Sale - Sat. Feb. 11 - 10 am
                                            Rainbow Road 537-5121                                                         By appointment only
 Water Treatment, taste, odor, iron                                                      Open 10 am to 5pm                     537-2224                      till 4 pm. Corner of North Beach
                                                                       tfn               Monday to Saturday                                                  and North End Roads. Sale in-
 removal filters, water softeners.                                                                                                            tfn
 CSA approved Electric Ekco heat-           NOW OPEN IN SIDNEY                                537-2421                                                       cludes large quantity of hand tools
                                                                                                                tfn           EARLY BIRD                                                      5-1
 ing panels. R.R. Alpen Ind. Equip-
 ment Ltd., Box 831, Victoria, B.C.
 V8W2P9. Ph. 382-4122             alt.
                                             The Dog Shop                          Light Bulbs!                         Fruit tree Sale                      Garage Sale - United Church
                                                                                                                                                             basement on Friday, Feb. 24,
 We want used cameras, flashes,
                                         All breed grooming & supply
                                                 Appointments                         40 W& 100 W ONLY                  10% Discount                         sponsored by Mizpah              5-1
                                                                                                                                                             Hay for sale $2 per bale. 537-2184
 tripods, gadgets, etc. that you              656-4732 or 656-3259
 don't use. Salt Spring Photo &
 Print Shop. McPhillips Avenue •
                                                                       tfn         Special Price                             ON ALL VARIETIES                eves. Ask for Ed.                5-1

 537-5141                          tfn
                                                  Attention                           2/49c                                 FOXGLOVE FARM &
                                                                                                                             GARDEN SUPPLY                     Clearance Sale
 We supply fireplaces by Heatilator                                                                                             537-2012
.& Spincraft, air-tight heaters by           DO IT YOURSELFERS
  Atlanta & Ashley (USA) Efel You'll like our city prices on all
                                                                                  GULFSTEAM PLUMBING &
                                                                                    ELECTRICAL SUPPLY                    GULFSTREAM PLUMBING
                                                                                                                                                                Central Hall
  (Belgium) Morso (Denmark) Jotul your plumbing, electrical and light-                 Valcourt Centre                     & ELECTRICAL SUPPLY                          Next Saturday
  (Norway) Supra (France) and Sel- ing needs.                                        Your Lighting Centre             Your Plumbing & Electrical Centre                 10 am to 1 pm
  kirk Chimney Systems. G.K. Ar- Let our knowledgeable staff help                          537-5733       tfn                        ***                                      **
  nott 537-2098                    4-3 you with your problems.                                                        Did you know we also have a full       Final disposal of left over items and
                                            GULFSTREAM SUPPLY                       Baby Chicks                                  selection of:               donations received too late to be
         ALCAN                                  Valcourt Centre
                                                                                        WE CAN TAKE
                                                                                                                        * BATTERIES
                                                                                                                        * FLASH LIGHTS
                                                                                                                                                             included in last Saturday's Rum-
                                                                                                                                                             mage Sale.
         GUTTER                                                        tfn            YOUR ORDER NOW.                   * LIGHT BULBS                             Everything priced to sell
                                                                                                                        * LAMPS
  - Baked enamel finish in white or
  brown                                       Beaver Stoves                           FOXGLOVE FARM
                                                                                      & GARDEN SUPPLY
                                                                                                                        * LIGHTING FIXTURES
                                                                                                                        * FLUORESCENT FIXTURES
                                                                                                                                                             ONE OIL STOVE
                                                                                                                                                             ONE OIL STOVE
     QUALITY INSTALLATIONS                 Regular price at our dealers $295.             537-2012                      * GRO-LITES                          ONE ELECTRIC STOVE
         FREE ESTIMATES                    Save 20% by buying direct from                                               * TOOLS                              You may still donate by leaving
           Call Brian Belts                us. SSO cheaper than a Bear! Same            MEN'S & LADIES                  * DUCTING                            something at Central Hall any day
              537-5708                                                                                                  * LAMP SHADES &                      this week.
                                                 HUGH'S MACHINERY                       Suede                             ACCESSORIES                                   Thank You
 Two d<x>r electric fridge, across-the
 top freezer, excellent condition
                                                                                       Wallabies                             Drop by and see us at
                                                                                                                               Valcourt Centre                         EVEN MONEY

 $150 537-5444                      tfn                                                                               YOU'LL LIKE OUR COT PRICES
 Propane     Nordic      Construction             Firewood                                   BYGREB
                                                                                                                                  537-5733                   Children's Wear
 Heater for rent.
 400.000 BTU's.
                           100.000 to
                       Gulf Islands           SEASONED, SPLIT MAPLE
                                                                                   On Clearance                                                       tfn
                                                                                                                                                                      ARE HAVING AN
                                                                                         Men's Reg. 41.00                LOOKING FOR BARGAINS?
 Propatie Gas.                                  You pick up, $40/cord
               537-2233                               537-2588
                                                                                          NEW PRICE                            CHECK OUR
                                                                                                                                                                  Even $ Sale
                    •               tfn                                                     29.95
                                                                                         Ladies Reg. 29.95
                                                                                                                                 Price                               STARTING FEB. 2nd
 Fresh, unpasteurized, no addi-
 tives, no preservatives. Apple juice
                                                        DELCO                              NEW PRICE                           Counter                        SHOES ARRIVING THIS WEEK
 $3 imp. gal., vinegar $2.40 imp.
 gal. Container not included - Bring
                                               Battery Sale                                 17.50                                      at
                                                                                                                            MOUAT'S TOP FLOOR                Thomas Organ, 2 manual French
 vour bottle. Bezzola's 743-5393 tfn                  List $49.95                                                              Specials Changing             provincial styling nice condition,
                                                     SALE $39.88                      MOU AT'S TOP FLOOR 5-1                    They Don't Last              asking $950. Electric floor polisher
 S.S. Lumber. 6530 Ford Road,                      E3000 Y59 Series                                                                                          $15 Ph. 539-2258                 5-1
                                                                                                                      New 40 gal. propane glass lined hot
opposite Forest Museum, up
 Drinkwater Road, second road on
                                                 (Approx. 70 amp. hr.)
                                                                                           Utility                    water tank - never used - $50          Inglis heavy duty 3 cycle, 2 speed
 your right, Duncan 7/8" x 12                                                           2 x 4 x 6' - 55c              T-shaped double decked white           automatic washer in excellent con-
                                                                                                                                                             dition. $289. General Electric auto-
 cedar bevelled siding (kiln dried)
 $210 M: 2 x 6 fir 18c ft; 2 x 4
                                            Used Outboards                              2 x 4 x 9 2 % " -88c
                                                                                        4 x 4 x 6 - 1.69
                                                                                                                      masonite counter with stainless
                                                                                                                      steel legs $12. Ideal for store or     matic dryer, multi-temperature,
 hemlock $150 per sling load; 1 x 6                                                     1 x 4 x 6 - 48c               workshop. Above are bargain pric-      multi-cycle with lint filter. $165.
                                            5'/2 HP Johnson           $125.00                                                                                Both completely rebuilt - under
 fir board 1 Ic lineal ft., 2 x 4 cedar
 $250 M; 2 x 4 hemlock utility 14 ft.
                                            7'/2 HP Ted Williams
                                            50 HP Mercury
                                                                                         Cubbon                       es. 537-2954
                                                                                                                                     AS OF
                                                                                                                                                             warrantee. Phone 537-9501, 9422
 lengths $175 M          112-746-5041.                                                   Building Supplies                                                                                    tfn
 Delivery to Salt Spring $18        tfry                  USED
                                                                                             537-5564           5-1        January 27,                       Temporary power pole $100
Dry fir firewood. 6 foot lengths $22
per cord. IVct delivered 653-4431                Chain Saws                         Soccer Boots                       THE FORMER OWNERS OF THE
                                                                                                                                                             537-5668 after 6.00 pm
                                                                                                                                                             Prawns, fresh & fresh frozen.
                                                                                           Reg. 13.95                                                        $1.75/lb. Minimum order 3 Ibs.
                                                  Clear Out                           Spec. 9.95                             Village                         Phone 537-2201 between 5 pm - 6
Radio communications for the Gulf
Islands. Box 645, Ganges. Phone
                                                   1-2071 Pioneer 16''baf
                                                   WAS $99 NOW $79.88                       Reg. 15.50
                                                                                                                            Jean Shop                        pm
                                                                                                                                                             1 B & W Admiral 20" TV $50. It

Hal Fryer 537-9203 or 653-4429 tfn                                                                                        SJCF ARD AND LORRAINE              works. 653-4459           5-1
Alfalfa Hay $105 ton; Alfalfa grass
                                                 12073 PIONEER 16" BAR               Spec. 11.50                           HENDERSON RESUMED
mix $95 ton. 653;4361.              tfn
                                                  Was $110 NOW $89.88
                                                                                A good time to catch up with
                                                                                growing feet.
                                                                                                                             MANAGEMENT AND
                                                                                                                         OPERATION OF THE ABOVE
 13 year old mare, Arabian quarter               I-P40 PIONEER 24" BAR                MOUAT' S TOP FLOOR 5-1
cross. 15 hands. Western saddle,                    Was$215 NOW$179                                                               BUSINESS                   Corn, oats and barley flattened ana
bridle and brushes. $400. 537-5027                           ***                                                                                       S-1   mixed with molasses. Feed to all
                                                                                                                      Radial arm saw, motor needs
8 x 1 0 walk in cooler for sale. Apply
Ralph's Meat Market. Ganges 5-1
                                             1-P50 PIONEER 28" BAR (new)
                                                    WAS $225 NOW $189
                                                                                       Peninsula                      rewinding $35 537-9736 after 6 pm
                                                                                                                                                             farm animals even chickens. Qual-
                                                                                                                                                             ity grains, fair price.
5 cycle automatic dishwasher.
                                             I-CP55 McCULLOCH 24" BAR
                                                                                       Chimney                        ULEFOS - New in B.C. Quality
                                                                                                                                                                    FOXGLOVE FARM
Brand new. Offers. 537-9311        5-1
Electric floor polisher $25; 7 tube
                                                    Was $140 NOW $109
                                                                                        Service                       Norwegian wood heaters. Ideal for
                                                                                                                      cabin, home. 3 attractive models.
                                                                                                                                                                    & GARDEN SUPPLY
                                                                                                                                                                        537-2012                 •
Connecto Heater $45; Electric 24"                                                         CLEANING OF:
                                                1-2400 PIONEER 28" BAR                       •Chimneys                $260-$540 Write ULEFOS, Box            Stamp Collection: U.S.A., Hawaii,
stove $20 653-4459.                5-1              Was $158 NOW $119                                                 91686, West Vancouver, B.C. V7V
                                                                                             •Stoves                                                         etc. 10 binders. 95% complete last
Garage sale Sat. Feb. 11 9.30 am.                            ***                             •Furnaces                3P3                              5-1   60 years. Unusual items, blocks
lawnmower, trunk, tools, kitchen                 1-750 PIONEER 36" BAR                       •Fireplaces              For sale or hire - 1976 - 1240 Volvo   and covers; annotated worthwhile.
items, and more. Austin, corner of                  Was $175 NOW $139                        •Boilers                 rubber-tired Loader. 3.3 yd. buck-     No dealers, - private sale. Phone:
Vesuvius Bay Road and Sunset                                 ***                Serving the Gulf Islands since 1951   et. 3100 hours. Machine like new.      537-5450                       5-1
Drive. 537-5727                    5-1               NELSON MARINE                     l " i nppoiminc nt call        Apply Box 906, Lake Cowichan,
Remington electric typewriter                             537-2849                                                    B.C. VOR 2GO Phone 749-3920              DEADLINE FOR CLASSIFIEDS
537-9840.                          5.1                                    5-1                                         after 5pm                        5-1          MONDAY4PM
 'Wednesday, February 8, 1978                                               GULF ISLANDS DRIFTWOOD                                                                            Page Nineteen

             For Sale                          Cars, Trucks                         Work Wanted                                For Rent                                 For Rent
                                                                                                                    Hobby farm, close to Fulford Large 2 bedroom suite with fire-
            Pots&                        GULF ISLAND                        Mother needs work. Will do most
                                                                            any type. 653-4222.              tfn    Harbour, 40 acres. Nice clean 3 place 1 mile from Fulford. Avail-
                                                                                                                    bedroom, 2 storey house, full able until May 1 - $160 per month.
       Potting Soil                      XUTOSALES                          Licensed mechanic available for
                                                                            automotive repairs. Reasonable
                                                                                                                    basement. Large barn and several 653-4526 or 537-9355                    5-1
          Sale                              LTD.                            rates. Ask for Gerry. 537-2214, call
                                                                                                                    outbuildings. Call 746-7935 after 6 Block bldg. 1150 sq. ft. - light and
                                                                                                                    pm                                tfn heat, suitable for workshop or
 This is the time of year to give aid    Upper Ganges Rd., Ganges, BC       after 10 am.                     tfn
 to your drooping house plants. Buy                                                                                 1 and 2 bedroom furnished house- storage - close to Ganges 537-5615
                                                                            Man available for odd jobs. Interior                                                                             5-1
 now at 10% off. 25% off on misting
                                             1975 Austin                    and exterior work. Ph. 537-2352 tfn
                                                                                                                    keeping cottages, cablevision for
                                                                                                                    monthly rental. No pets please.                Coming Events
                                                                            Reliable couple with experience
                                                  Marina                    will caretake small Island marina.
                                                                                                                    537-2214                          tfn
                                                                                                                    Lake view housekeeping cabins. , Leisure Lanes - Open Bowling by
                                               2 DR. RADIO, AUTO            Have maintenance skills and know-
               537-2012                                                                                             Off-season rates available. Free appointment, Sunday 1-4, Fri. &
                                                                            ledge of boats. Write J. Carnes
               Boats               ~
                                                   $2050                    2532 Vancouver St., Victoria, B.C.
                                                                                                                    use of games room, library, row Sat. 9-11.537-2054.
                                                                                                                    boat for registered guests. Sauna Valentine's party at the Springwat-
                                                                            V8T4A7                           2-4    on request. Call 537-2205 or write: er Lodge (Mayne Island) featuring
 SUPERB SURFER 24' Sedan cruis-               1974 Pinto
                                           3 dr. Hatchback, auto, radio
                                                                            Housecleaning and other house-
                                                                            hold chores. Babysitting, compan-
                                                                                                                    RR 1, Ganges. BC VOS 1EO          4-8 Bogwater February 10               4-2
 er, command bridge and crew boat                                                                                   2 cabins for rent and a large 2
 models. Factory to you saves $$$.                                          ion help. Experienced 537-5472 5-2      bdrm. house. Overlooking Trinco- There will be a public gathering
 Surfer Marine, 678 Anderton Road,                $2350                              Help Wanted                    mali Channel. 537-5332            tfn Sat., Feb. 11 to share the teachings
                                                                                                                                                           of Sydney Banks an enlightened
 Comox, B.C. V9N 5B8. Phone                                                                                          West Coast architecture, duplex, man. His truth enables those who
 339-5733                      2-4_          1974 Austin                   EARN $200 monthly part-time;              sky lights and stained glass. 2-3 listen to raise their level of con-
                                                                                                                     bdrm. Secluded, near Ganges. sciousness. Cedar Beach Resort
             Livestock                                                     $1,000 full time. Easy to succeed
                                                Mini                       with our training. Write Fuller           $255 and $225 per month 537-2588 Lakehouse, 7.50 pm, donation of $2
 Quarter horse gelding 15 H.H.                    2 Dr., 4 speed           Brush Company, c/o Box 108, 808,         Small, 2 bdrm. A-frame house. requested. For further information
 gentle, $250. Halter, bridle and                                          207 West Hastings St., Vancouver,
 brushes extra. 537-9284 or                        $1650                   B.C. V6B 1H7, or Mr. T. Diamond,
                                                                                                                    3 bdrm. trailer on % acre lot.
                                                                                                                                                       tfn please call 653-4525
                                                                                                                                                                  BAHA'I TEACHINGS
537-9533                          5-1                                      R.R. 3, Kamloops, B.C. V2C5K1
                                                                                                             Jfn    537-9245                          tfn          (Hidden words #40)
 Two cows and one heifer (all
 registered Herefords) bred to a bull
                                            1973 Toyota                    Artist to illustrate children's story.   2 bdrm. duplex. Stove & fridge. Wert thou to speed through the
                                                                                                                    $165/mo. Carpeted. References. immensity of space and traverse
 from a famous Colorado herd.
 Good, well bred animals eat no
                                                  Mark II                  Portfolio would help.
                                                                           Jezrah 653-4369
                                                                                                              5-1   537-2392 or 537-5731              tfn the expanse of heaven, yet thou
                                                                                                                                                           shouldst find no rest save in
                                            2 Dr. H.T.,6cyl.,4speed                                                 Extra large 1 bedroom furnished submission to Our command and
 more than poor ones. Buy one
 animal, get two. Steaks on the hoof               $2350                               Deaths                       suite - wall to wall carpet, lots of humbleness before our face.
                                                                                                                    closet and cupboard space. Close to
 from FOXGLOVE FARM                                                                                                                                                      537-5643
        & GARDEN SUPPLY                                                    COLLCUTT         After a lengthy         Ganges - lovely view - electric heat            539-2834 (Galiano)       alt
              537-2012                     1973 Toyota                     illness, Sydney Ray Collcutt aged
                                                                           78 years of Vesuvius Bay passed
                                                                                                                    - fully self contained. Good refer-
                                                                                                                    ences. Adults only - no pets.                 THE ROBYN CROSS
 Mobile Homes, Trailers                           Celica
                                              4 cyl. 4 speed, radio
                                                                           away in the Lady Minto Hospital,
                                                                           February 4, 1978.
                                                                                                                    537-2537                         tfn               Gulf Islands
                                                                                                                                                            CLASSICAL BALLET SCHOOL
Camper fully equipped '76 model.
                                                                           He leaves to mourn his loving wife
                                                                           Kathleen at home. No service at
                                                                                                                           HMS                                Classes for children & adults
                                                                                                                                                                    Keep Fit Classes
$4100 or will take 25'-27' trailer in
trade. Cash up or down. 537-2473                                           the family request. Flowers grate-
                                                                           fully declined, donations may be
                                                                                                                        Ganges Apts.                          Tues. Galiano; Wed. Mayne;
                                                                                                                                                           Thurs. Pender; Tues. Fri. aft., Sat.
1975 Ambassador 12 x 60 mobile
                                  5-1        1973 Ford                     made to either B.C. Heart Founda-                  Small But Nice                 am. Salt Spring - St. George's
                                                                                                                                                                      Church Hall.
                                                                           tion-Treasurer of Heart Fund,
home. Set up on .72 acres with
panoramic view of Stuart Channel.
                                              4 cyl. 4 speed, radio
                                                                           Bank of Commerce, Ganges, or
                                                                                                                    Ground floor bachelor suite. Cov-
                                                                                                                    ered parking available. Ideal for           Call evenings 7 to 9 pm
                                                                           B.C. Cancer Fund, 1900 Fort St.,         elderly person. Partly furnished -
$32,000 or offers. Terms available.                                                                                                                                                         tfn
Contact Mr. Bush at 537-5587 tfn                  $1550                    Victoria. Arrangements by Good-
                                                                           man Funeral Homes, Ganges.
                                                                                                                    sorry no pets or children.
                                                                                                                         537-2670 or 537-5179 eves.
       Affordable                                                                                        5-1                                                       Ceramics
                                           1971 Toyota                            Card of Thanks ~
                                                                                                                    2 bdrm. apartment in Ganges, $200
                                                                                                                     537-5412                         tfn Spaces available for daytime or
        Housing                                 Mark II                    We wish (o thank all the people          2 room furnished bachelor suite, evening classes. N.C.M.A. certi-
                                          4 Dr. 4 cyl., 4 speed, radio     who supported our bottle drive in        Vesuvius area, available imme- fied teacher. Phone Mrs. A. Delany
Complete range of 2 & 3 bdrm.                                                                                       diately $125 month. 537-2.186 or 537-5316 for more information. $1
                                                                           early January. Special thanks to
single & double wides. Mel
Sumner 537-5779            tfn               $1650                         Tom Gossett and the staff at
                                                                                                                    Two room shop - would be perfect
                                                                                                                                                      tfn per lesson. NO registration fee 1 -6
                                                                           Foxglove for their extra contribu-
                                                                                                                                                                 ANNUAL MEETING
         Cars, Trucks                    1971 Plymouth                     tion: •     Students travelling to       for appliance repair shop or similar
                                                                                                                    business. 537-2186 (eves)        tfn    FULFORD COMMUNITY HALL
                                               Station Wagon               Quebec and the grateful parentsS-1
1973 Mazda pickup 45,000 miles,                                                                                     Small shop, newly decorated. Ideal          THURS. FEB. 9 - 8 p m
                                           V/8Auto, radio, P.S., P.B.       Warm thanks to all those who sent                                                                              4-2
good condition, includes aluminum                                           condolences in the recent loss of       for a craft shop or variety store.
canopy, $1,800. 537-2953.       tfn           $850                          our wife and mother Tina. From          Available immediately. 537-2186
                                                                                                                    (eves.)                          tfn
                                                                                                                                                               EVERYONE WELCOME
'67 Cortina GT good tires, radio,
new battery, new starter, body fair
                                                                            the Cawker family.               5-1                                               Avon
will run but needs rings. Offers.         1970 Datsun                       I wish to extend my sincere thanks
                                                                           to all in Lady Minto Hospital for the
                                                                                                                    Warm comfortable furnished 1 & 2
                                                                                                                    bedroom cottages with a view, fully    Makeup Display
Ph. 537-2953                    tfn          Station Wagon, 4 cyl.          kindness given to my husband            insulated. Cablevision, No pets.
'66 Ford van, offers 537-5031 tfn                4 speed, radio             Sydney Ray Colcutt during his long
                                                                            illness. Also to Dr. Dixon and
                                                                                                                    537-2585                          tfn        &
 '75 Toyota 4 dr. sedan. Like new,
low mileage $2700 537-2548     5-1                 $850                    Wooldridge for their constant care.
                                                                                                                    Furnished 2 to 3 bedroom trailers
                                                                                                                    and site rentals in tranquil mobile
                                                                                                                                                               FILM DEMONSTRATION

2 - C - 60 Super stock tires on                                            The thoughtfulness of the hospital       park. Reasonable rents. Call                 FEB. 16, THURSDAY
Mazda, wide rims $100 537- 2473                                            administrator Mr. Bethune, nurses        537-2588 9 to 5                  tfn                1TO3PM
                                  5-1        1968 Ford                     and staff. He especially enjoyed
                                                                           the lovely birthday party held
                                                                                                                    2 bedroom, carport separated du-         GANGES UNITED CHURCH,
                                                                                                                                                                     UPPER HALL
                                                                                                                    plex - range & fridge. $260
Free .68 Ford. Good for parts.
537-2702                  5.!                    Falcon                    January 26 in Extended Care. Such
                                                                           kindness from all will always be
                                                                                                                    537-5751                                     Refreshments served
                                            4 dr. 6 cyl. Auto, Radio                                                  3 bdrm. trailer-all services in.
                                                                           remembered. Kathleen Collcutt 5-1
             Wanted                                $950                                                               Maliview subdivision. 537-9311              Gulf Island
Old sawmill, small, any condition.
                                                                                  Wanted to Rent                      after 7 pm.                    5-2
                                                                                                                      3 bedroom house, 1 mile from
Phone 537-2117 after 6
Good home for neutered female
                                            1968 Volvo                     Responsible married         Galiano
                                                                           couple seek permanent 1-2 bdrm.
                                                                                                                      Ganges, available March 15. Ref-
                                                                                                                      erences required. Write Dept. E,                START NOW
                                             2 Dr., 4 Cyl, 4 Speed
cat. 653-4208                   5-1                                        house on Galiano. By April 1st.            Driftwood, Box 250, Ganges.    4-3 Painting classes for adults starting
Family man, 9 yr. resident, refer-
ences, maintenance skills, needs
                                                   $650                    Island references available.
                                                                           539-2085                         5-1       2 bedroom house, with washer &
                                                                                                                                                              February 7 - Every Tuesday
                                                                                                                                                                 10 session course - $10
                                                                                                                      dryer, fridge & stove, fireplace,                 1pm-3pm
large old farmhouse in return for                                          Large house in decent condition
caretaking duties. Ph. 653-4540 SI         1967 Toyota                     and at reasonable rent by steady
                                                                           working local man with excellent
                                                                                                                      with W/W carpets. Available Feb.
                                                                                                                      15. $300 per month. 537-2546 5-1
                                                                                                                                                              United Church Hall, Ganges
                                                                                                                                                           INSTRUCTOR: BILL WHEATON
A two-three bedroom house in
Ganges to be used as a drop-in
                                                Corona                     island references. Contact Mrs.
                                                                           Jason 653-4369                   5-1
                                                                                                                      Small trailer close to Ganges.
                                                                                                                      $125/mo. Available immediately
                                                                                                                                                               For information: 537-5765
center for teens. Reasonable rent            4 Dr., 4 Cyl., 4 Speed
                                                                                                                      537-5482                       5-1
would be very much appreciated.
For further information please
                                                    $600                   Wanted to rent or least with option,
                                                                           3 or 4 bedroom home, preferably            Small house in trailer court, rock     The Wool Shed
                                                                                                                      fireplace $175 per month. Electric
phone 537-5027 or 537.-2850     5-1                                        furnished, on the water. Please call
                                                                                                                      heat included. 537-2588 9-6    5-1        Spin-In
                                            1966 Dodge
                                           Pick up, Slant Six, 3 speed
                                                                           Gill Smith immediately at 537-2205
                                                                                                            5-1       Available March 1st. Large 1 Every Wednesday afternoon come
                                                                           Business couple would like clean           bedroom furnished suite close to and join us - Use our facilities,
A colorful Peruvian baby hat with
ear flaps on Beaver Pt. Rd. on Feb.
                                                    $600                   bright 2-3 bedroom home. Please
                                                                           call Larry or Chris, 537-5314 days,
                                                                                                                      Ganges. Seaview$180 plus utilities carders and spinners.
                                                                                                                      537-5760                       5-1          1.30PM TO 4.30PM
2. Will finder please return to Box                                        537-5787 evenings                5-1       Good furnished 1 bdrm. cottage in         Fee $2 50 including tea
#81, Mayne Island along with their
name and address for postage
                                          1965 Valiant
                                         4 dr. sedan, slant 6 cyl., auto
                                                                                REHABILITATION CLASS                . Walker Hook area. Ph. 537-5824 • j
                                                                                                                      Lower duplex, 1 bdrm. suite, water
                                                                                                                                                                       653-4464          3.3

refund and reward.               5-1                                       The Rehabilitation Class needs a           front lot, semi furnished, perma-       Valentine Tea
 Steel gas Jerri can with gas on
Epron Road - North End Road or
                                              $600                         home of its own for the remainder
                                                                           of this calendar year. The class
                                                                                                                      nent. $145 537-5695            5-2
                                                                                                                                                            ST. GEORGE'S HALL 2 - 4 PM
 Sunset Drive on Sunday, Feb. 5
537-2392                          5-1
                                        IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A
                                        CAR OR TRUCK, CHECK OUR
                                                                           consists of 12 to 15 students,
                                                                           between 14 and 18 years of age. If
                                                                                                                          2 Bedroom                                 TUES. FEB. 14th
                                                                                                                                                           Sponsored by Afternoon Branch
                                        PRICES FIRST.
                                         OPEN MON. TO SAT. 9am-6pm
                                                                           you have a place you would like to
                                                                           rent us, please write to Rehabilita-
                                                                                                                            Duplex                                      A. C. W.
 DEADLINE FOR CLASSIFIEDS                        PH. 537-5732                                                        Brand new, references if possible.
      MONDAY4PM                                                            tion Class, Box 129, Ganges, B.C.                       537-9680                     MORE CLASSIFIED
                                                  DO1735A                  or Telephone 537-2213           5-1                                               ON PAGE TWENTY TWO
 Page Twenty                                                                      GULF ISLANDS DRIFTWOOD                                                          Wednesday, February 8, -1978

         Coming Events                        Coming Events                           Business Service                      Business Service                            Real Estate

11.                              5-1                Lrenerai                             vjciicr<ii                       carpet Laying                        0.7 acre lot on Trincomali Heights -
General meeting of South Salt                    Meeting                             Contracting                                      JOBS
                                                                                                                                                               level & treed lot in beautiful
                                                                                                                                                               sub-division over St. Mary Lake.
Spring Resident's Association at         Election of new Board Members                 * NEW HOMES                                                             $14,900 or offers. Terms available.
Nan's Coffee Bar, Tuesday, Feb.                 Wed Feb. 15, 8pm                        * ADDITIONS                      ERSKINE ENTERPRISES LTD.              Contact Mr. Bush 3t 537-5587 tfn
 14 at 7.30pm                   5-1             Community Centre      5-1             * RENOVATIONS                          Alan Cunningham
                                                                                         * FRAMING                                                             Near new, rustic cedar siding
Garage sale - United Church             Come and bring your friends to the                                                        537-5831                     home on beautifully treed % acre
basement on Friday, Feb. 24                                                           Large or small jobs                                       4-2
                                        Valentine Dance on Feb. 11.    5-1           Contract or Hourly                                                        lot, just 5 min. walk from sandy
sponsored by Mizpah             5-1                                                                                                                            beach. 3 bedroom, 1 '/2 bath,
Writers, bring your writings, lead-
ers bring your excerpts, thinkers,
                                               Fun Shoot                             12 years experience
                                                                                PHONE 537-5004 AFTER 5.30 PM             Harbour's End                         fireplace, W/W carpet, large
                                                      At the                                                                                                   workshop. Asking $59,500 Call
bring your thoughts. Listeners,                 ROD & GUN CLUB                      GENERAL TRUCKING
                                                                                                                         Fully Qualified Staff on duty
                                                                                                                                                               owner at 537-5708                tfn
bring your ears. Sunday, Feb. 12,            SATURDAY* SUNDAY                                                                                                  "Retiring? Adult-oriented, factory-
1.30 Community Centre. Sponsor-                                                               537-5663                    INBOARDS- STERNDRIVE-
                                                   FEB. 18, 19                                                                                                 built housing developments on
ed by the Hudson Kimball Memor-          Starting each morning at 10 am*        Let Tom Do It. Wallpaper and                   OUTBOARDS                       Vancouver Island - Lower Main-
ial Fund Impetus. Phone 537-2919                                         5-1    painting, tiling, ceramic walls and     *OMC PARTS & ACCESSORIES               land and Okanagan Valley. Info.
   - •                          5-1                                             floors. Vinyl and Lino, Flagstone       *JOHNSON DEALER                        Box 4002. Stn. A, Victoria, B.C.; or
      GULF ISLANDS NDP CLUB                 "Band Aid"                          and Quarrie. Evenings 537-5188,
                                                                                Tom Valquardsen                   3
                                                                                                                        *MARINE HARDWARE
                                                                                                                        *AUTHORIZED     MERCRUISER
                                                                                                                                                               Box 822, Summerland, B.C." 3-4
                                                                                                                                                               Exchange 3 bdrm. home (could be
 Annual Meeting                                 Dance                                                                    DEALER
                                                                                                                                                               two apartments) in Burnaby for
                                            Sat. March 4 ,                       K.M. Ellingson                                   537-2932      tfn
                                                                                                                                                               home on Salt Spring. 653-4451 or
  Pot-luck supper
   Thursday, Feb. 16, Opm.                           at the
                                                                                 & Son Co. Ltd.
                                                                                    BUILDING CONTRACTOR
                                                                                                                               Hugh's                          434-2917 (Burnaby)               5-1

  Secondary School Home EC. Room              HIGH SCHOOL GYM                        539-2148 (Mayne Island)                  Machinery                           MILLER & TOYNBEE
   Members and friends welcome                  To the music of                               656-6239            tfn
                                        Whee Three and High School band                                                 Factory approved, service for Tec.     Waterfront acreage: 2.98 acres,
                                                                                           ALBATROSS                                                           223' W/F on water system. South-
        Gong Show                            TICKETS - $6 a couple                                                      & Briggs & Stratton engines.
                                                                                                                                                               ey Point. $55,000
                at the
                                                For Information
                                              537-2241 or 537-2784
                                                                                 Shoe & Harness                         Repairs to all makes of garden
                                                                                                                        equipment. Parts in stock.
                                                                                                                                                               1.5 acres North End Road. 2 wells,
                                                                                     Repair                             537-5070                       5-1
                                                                                                                                                               level with some arable ground.
  Activity Centre                                      Notice
                                                                                      Next to Harbour Grocery                La Fortune                        Open to offers!!!
                3 pm                    A.A. Meetings Fridays 8 pm. Open               8.00 - 5 pm - Tucs. - Fri.                                              1.13 acres Donore. Vendors attend-
                                        meetings last Friday of month
                                        537-2322.537-9212.537-2135. tfn
                                                                                        8.00 - noon - Saturday'
                                                                                                                             Contracting                       ing University, require money.
                                                                                                               __ 4-4             Fully equipped for           Potential Bargain!!
       Sun. Feb. 12                     Winemakers (and other beverage             ./. MARIANNE GOODRICH                       any type of construction                        ***
                                                                                                                                                               REVENUE $130 P/M will assist
                                        drinkers) Make recycle volunteers                                                       INCLUDING FORMS
             Tickets $2.50              happy and wash out your bottles                                                         FOR FOUNDATIONS                with the purchase of this quality
       Children under 12-$1.00                                                                 TEACHER                                                         home and matching guest cottage.
                                        before you bring them to the depot,                        of                    Over 15 years of building homes
         Tickets at Etcetera            also remove the caps and metal                                                    On Salt Spring and the Islands       2 storey, marine view. Asking
                                                                                           PIANO & VOICE                                                       $63,500
          Book & Stationery             collars. Flatten and wash and                                                              *FRAMING
                                                                                         Church Road - behind                                                     KEVIN BELL (EVES.) 537-5833
                                        remove lables from cans. Tie                          High School                          *FOUNDATIONS
                       '         5-1    newspapers in bundles. Thanks.               For enquiries call: 537-5661                  *FINISHING                    340' WATERFRONT ON 5 ACRES
                                         Recycle - Saturdays 10-1                                                                  *RENOVATIONS
         Winter                                                                   _ tfn
                                                                                                                                   *CABINETS                             COMPLETE PRIVACY
        Workshops                           Homemakers
                                            THIS COMMUNITY SERVICE IS
                                                                                     Salt Spring                                By contract or hourly
                                                                                                                                CALL STEVE 537-5345 tfn
                                                                                                                                                                        1 MILE FROM GANGES

             FEB. 17-19
                                              AVAILABLE TO ALL AGES
                                         For more information phone the
                                                                                      Property                            Quality Homes
                                                                                                                                                                 Wonderful wide view over the
                                                                                                                                                                 Harbour, good arable land. Fruit
            FEB. 24 - 26 "
                                         co-ordinator through the hospital
                                          switch board at 537-5545, local 08,
                                                                                  Let us take good care of all your              *ALTERATIONS
                                                                                                                                                                 and nut trees. 1800 sq. ft., 4
                                                                                                                                                                 bedroom, 3 year old carefree,
               HOURS:                     between 9.30 am - 12 noon.              Salt Spring property needs.                    *ADDITIONS                      comfortable, cedar home. Garage/
 Friday night 7.30 pm - 10.00 pm          Monday to Friday                   tfn           Call Martin Lipsky                    *RENOVATIONS                    workshop/studio & outbuildings.
    Saturday 10.00 am - 5.00 pm                 REHABILITATION CLASS                            537-2588                         "KITCHEN CABINETS               All services, sunshine & room for a
     Sunday 10.00 am - 3.00 pm            The Gulf Islands Secondary School             Box 1012, Ganges, B.C.                   Qualified Tradesmen             pony!
   FEES - $25 including materials         is now operating a Rehabilitation _                                      tfn         Satisfaction guaranteed
 Accommodation & meals available                                                                                                     AL DAV1SON                  Asking $135,000 - TRUSCOTT -
                                          Class. The class is intended for
         THE WOOL SHED                    students aged 14-18, either in
                                          school or. not. who experience
                                                                                     Handcarved                                    CONSTRUCTION
                                                                                                                                 R.R. 1, Ganges, B.C.                           537-2604
 Small Hall Ball                          difficulty in the regular school              Signs                                           537-2392           tfn
                                                                                                                                                                 New 2 bedroom house, overlooks
                                          system. If you wish to make further
                With the
           LOYAL CENTRAL
                                        ' enquiries about the class please            of Wood                                        Real Estate
                                                                                                                                                                 Trincomali Channel. 537-2293 5-2
                                          write to Rehabilitation Class. Box          Figureheads and Sculpture                                                  More potential purchasers. I'm in
      SALT SPRING TEMPERANCE              129. Ganges. BC                    5-1        TOM VOLQUARDSEN                                                          need of listings; both lots and
                  AND                                                                       Nights. 537-5188        alt For Sale by Owner - Gracious, 3 homes. Call Jake at Jeffs and lets
      DIXIELAND JAZZ ENSEMBLE                  Business Opportunity"                                                    bdrm.. 2 storey home set on Vi acre see if we can't move that property
             SAT. FEB. 25
                                           Well-established (10 years) retail            Custom                         of sea view property at corner of of yours that you want to sell.
        Sat. Feb. 25                                                                                                    North End and North Beach Road. 537-5577 or 537-2832 Jeffs Realty
                                           business in Ganges. Apply Drift-
                                           wood, Dept. C. Box 250, Gangestfn
                                                                                         Cabinets                       This custom built home offers W'all (Gulf Islands) Ltd.                  5-1
                                                                                          By contract or hourly         to wall carpet, bay windows,              1975 Ambassador 12 x 60 mobile
          AT CENTRAL HALL                 Jewellery store for sale in Central          CUSTOM CABINETS AND
                 9-12                      Fraser Valley. Good location good                                            beautifully faced rock fireplace, 2 home. Set up on .72 acres with
                                                                                         INTERIOR FINISHING             bathrooms and many more features panoramic view of Stuart Channel.
           AS AGENTS FOR                   net profit. Apply Box #110, c/o
        ISLAND COLOUR LABS                808. 207 West Hastings St., Van-               537-5046                   tfn too numerous to mention. Lots of $32,000 or offers. Terms available.
                                                                                                                        wood panelling and a feeling of Contact Mr. Bush at 537-5587 tfn
            IN VICTORIA                   couver. B.C. V6B 1H7              .4-2   Ploughing. Rototilling. Haying. warmth and elegance throughout.
        WE ARE PLEASED TO                  Village Jean Shop. Ganges, B.C. brush cutting, pesthole digging. This is truly a home for the quality                   $1.50 Minimum up to 25 words
  INTRODUCE THE FOLLOWING -                537-5014 or 537-5017          • 5-1 653-4403                          __jf n conscious buyer. Priced at assess-         6 cents a word
       PROCESSING SPECIAL                  Vacant, newly renovated C-2 retail                                                                                      $2.25 col. inch semi-display
                                                                                                                        ed value. To view please phone
                                           store with bachelor suite on main
                                           street near Chilliwack. Value
                                                                                     Spencer Log                        537-2953                           tfn      DEADLINE FOR CLASSIFIEDS
                                                                                                                                                                            MONDAY 4PM
 12 Exp. Reg. $4.50.. .SPEC. $3.50
 20 Exp. Reg. $5.99. .. SPEC. $4.99
                                           $45,000 Many possibilities. Cash            Homes
 36 Exp. Reg. $9.95. .. SPEC. $8.95
                                           or trade. Call 823-6226 after 6 pm         Serving all-the Gulf Islands
                                                                              5-1 *Quality custom built log homes
                                                                                                                                            John Liver
 Machine printed enlargements
 from any size negative, except 110        An exciting business unlike any- *Conventional Homes                                           Galiano 539-2119
 size:                                     thing in the community. This *Roofing & Re-roofing                                            BLOCK BROS.-GULF ISLANDS SERVICE
              5 x 7 $0.99                  complete product and merchandis- *Renovations & additions
                                           ing concept can be operated as part                Mike Spencer                                          METRIC EQUIVALENTS
              8 x 1 0 $2.95                of an existing business or as a             Box 292, Ganges, 537-2905                           93 M2= 1001 sq. ft. 1 M=39.4 inches
     PLUS ONE PHOTOGRAPHY                                                                    Hank Knudson                                    4047 M2=l Acre            4.5L=1 Gallon
                                           separate outlet. Contact, the 'Ac-
         Mouat's Mall, Ganges              center'. 105 - 6001, 196A St.,                R.R. 1, Galiano Island                                       40.47 HA=100 Acres
                537-9453                                                                         539-2394           tfn                                 1.61KM=lMile
                                           Langley, B.C. V3A 1A8. Phone
  DID YOU KNOW? 75% of the                 533-2333                           5-1
  people in the Dominican Republic
  suffer from starvation and severe
                                                                                   Backhoe Work                                                        GALIANO ISLAND
                                                                                                                           3 YEAR OLD HOME, Walking distance of village, ferry, stores,
                                                                                              New Machine                  school, church, moorage & community hall, 3 bedrooms, large living
  malnutrition.                                                                          Experienced Operator
  MONDAY,           FEB. 13       ST.                                                                                      room with fireplace, deck & nice view. Beautiful lot selectively
                                                                                               Merv Walde                  cleared. Fenced landscaped garden. Large recreational workshop in
 GEORGE'S HALL 7.30 pm. A                                                                        653-4329                  basement. $15,000 down. P.P. $60.000.
 WORLD RELIEF AND DEVELOP-                                                                                          tfn
  MENT EVENT.                                                                                                              PANABODE LOG HOME - 45 M. S. W. WATERFRONT: 3 bedrooms.
                                                                                                                           Large living room with fireplace & deck. $67,000.
 Argelia Tejada, our Third World
 Visitor, will he with us to speak
                                                                                        Mohawk                             2.77 HECTARES - 91.4 METRES WALK-ON WATERFRONT Smooth
 about her home/and. The Dom-
 inican Republic. There will be a
                                                                                       Carpentry                           sandstone with fabulous view across the Georgia Straits to Vancouver
                                                                                                                          & Coast Mountains.
                                                                                                                           MANY OTHER PROPERTIES ON GALIANO, PENDER & SALT
 slide show. If you can come at 6.30.                                                   Quality Custom Framing             SPRING.
 bring something for a pot luck, and                                                   Wesley Voth - Duncan. BC
 have supper with Argelia. Every-                                                                748-0598                                       Block Bros. 3479 Dunbar, Vancouver
 one welcome. .                   5-1                                                                               5-4
Wednesday, February 8, 1978                                                GULF ISLANDS DRIFTWOOD                                                                              Page Twenty-one

                                                                               The sudden turn in the weather                                                noon, but it turned into a few more
                                                                           last week caught several people off                                               days, they live way up on Lords

                                                                           Mr. ana Mi:                                                                         not manage driving it in the snow,
                          Gulf Islands Division                                                                          BY MARY ELLEN HARDING                 so they wisely stayed over until it
                                                                           to Ganges to stay for what they
                                                                           thought would be only the after-                                                    was safe for them to get home.
   SELLING? BUYING? RELOCATING? APPRAISAL? MORTGAGE?                                                                                                               The regular Lions Club meeting
                                                                                                                                                              on Thursday evening was called
                              We Can Help!
              Call Jim Leake 943-7862 (Tsawwassen)
                                                                                                         B.C. LAND &                                          off, due to the cold and snow
         Office, 6380 No. 3 Road, Richmond, BC 278-3531                                                     INSURANCE                                             The annual meeting of the
                                                                                                                                                              Galiano Golf and Country Club will

                                                                                                              AGENCY LTD.                                     be held on Saturday, Feb. 11, at
                                                                                                                                                              their clubhouse, at 8 in the
                                                                                                                                                              evening. There will be reports from
MILLER&TOYNBEE                       «JES, B.C.
                                                                               LITTLE EFFORT TO RUN IT. The beauty of this relatively new
                                                                               home is that it takes so little housekeeping to run it. But that's not the
                                                                               only advantage. It also boasts a living room with acorn fireplace, 2
                                                                               bedrooms, laundry and workshop. There are sliding glass doors on to
                                                                                                                                                              their committees, and election of
                                                                                                                                                              officers for the following year.
                                                                                                                                                                  It is with deep regret that we
                                                                                                                                                              record the sudden death of Robert
                                                                                                                                                              Lowery, the eldest son of Tomand
                                                                               an extra large sundeck with an unobstructed view of St. Mary Lake.             Laura Lowery, of Campbell River.
 Small comfortably furnished home on 31.6 m (104') of sandy beach.             Only $51,000                        **«                                        He was killed in a car crash.
 Ready to move into. $59,500                                                   STARTING OUT OR SLOWING DOWN? In either case your needs are                        Besides his loving parents, he
                                   ***                                         limited, and so are your means. Now, this little 2 bedroom home may            leaves one brother, two sisters,
 2 bedroom factory built home on view lot. Within walking distance of          be just what you seek. Nicely located across from St. Mary Lake.              grandparents, and numerous
 beach. $39,500                                                                Living Room with wall to wall, carport, etc. Priced at $42,500 - Offers        uncles and aunts. On Galiano his
                                  ***                                          considered. CALL US NOW. ^                                                    aunt and family are the Ralph
 Like new this 3 bedroom home on a small acreage offers the ultimate                                                                                          Stevens family.
 in country living plus a magnificent view. Owner asking $76,500               THINK BIG! If your house is bursting at the seams trying to                        The Tom Lowerys are well-
                                  ***                                          accommodate your growing family           consider this nearly new home.      known former residents of Galiano.
 New 2 bedroom home. Requires some finishing and its ready to move             It has a living room with fireplace, separate dining room, 3 bathrooms,       We are all thankful to the roads
 into. $49,800 as is. Approximately 5 minute walk to St. Mary Lake.            5 bedrooms, large sundeck and double carport. Priced well below               crews, who worked hard to keep
                                  ***                                          replacement cost at $65,000        „.„,„,                                     our roads clear for us during the
 2 bedroom home offered at $41,900. Brand new. Vendor may take low             RAINBOW ROAD - 1 acre - only $5,000 down. Full price $13,500                  recent snow, which was up to eight
 terms.                                                                                                         ***                                          inches in some places. Colds and
                                  ***                                          GANGES HEIGHTS - Fabulous view lot. $23,000 with terms.                       the old flu' bug have hit many of
 3 bedroom home plus barn on nicely landscaped property. 1.10 ha.                                               ***                                          the folks on the islands, and we do
 (2.74 ac.) Good soil for raising vegetables or for pasture. $49,500 on        0.73 acre close to Ganges - $12,500                                           hope for their early recovery.
 terms.                                                                                                         ***
                                                                               1.28 acres on Cusheon Lake Road. With lake view - $17,600                     THE PROMISED LAND
 2.18 ha. (5.40 ac.) A pleasant wooded property on a quiet road. Priced                                         ***                                          The female form, however shaped,
 at just $26,000                                                               0.75 acres St. Mary Highlands - $16,500                                       That manifests itself undraped,
                                   ***                                                                                                                       Will never tempt a man to stray
 Level lightly treed view lot. Garden soil. Priced at $19,000, terms
                                                                                   Pearl Motion 537-2248                                                     Like Eve in fig-leaf negligee.
                                                                                                                                                                                   -John Healey
 Just listed, view lot on cul de sac. Priced at $19,000. Partly cleared.
 Small wooded building lot. Vendor asking $11,000.
 Serviced lots in St. Mary Highlands - $17,000 each.
                                                                                                                                                   REALTY LTD.
                                   ***                                                                                                                      (GULP ISLANDS)
 Resort business for sale - enjoy making your living or supplement that                                                                                        BOX 750
 retirement income in a pleasant area. Please contact for particulars.                                                                                       GANGES, B.C.
                 BERT TIMBERS (Eves.) 537-5391
               HARVEY HENDERSON (Eves.) 653-4380                                Dockside Office—Mouat's                                    Mall         537-5056
                                                                                                                                                            Calf Anytime
                                                                                 OCEAN VIEW
                                                                           ®     With access across the road. Secluded yet sunny,
                                                                                                                                         MAYNE ISLAND COTTAGE
                                                                                                                                         $19,500 Over an acre near Miners Bay - ideal for
                                                                                 cleared for lots of gardening, or lawn. .40 Ha (1       starter or weekends. Phone Don or Mary.
                                                                                 ac.) 2 Bedroom bungalow with 3A basement and
                                                                                 large sundeck. Priced to sell $54,500.                                  LOT & ACREAGE
                                                                                 Just because I'm old, don't pass me by. I've            TWO TO TWELVE ACRES
                                                                                 been rejuvenated and as good as new. 2 bedroom          Close to Ganges, these treed lots range in size
                                                                                 bungalow set among the trees. Water and hydro.          from 1 .83 to 12 acres, and in price from $18,500
                                                                                 Fairly close to Ganges. Asking and Anxious,             to $35,000 You name the terms. Call Don.
                                                                                 $54,500.                                                ROW-ROW-ROW!
     GULF ISLANDS BRANCH                                                         Two good homes left, so call Jake Javorski              On Weston Lake. Here is an ideal waterfront lot
                                                                                 537-2832.                                               to build a summer home or all-year residence.
                                                                                 FOUR BEDROOMS                                            Bring your reasonable offers with $10,000 down.
                 Lots & Acreages                                                 One level. Located at "Central", with future
                                                                                 potential this building would lend itself to many
                                                                                                                                          Call Don or Mary.
                                                                                                                                          HIGH VIEW PROPERTY - $48,000                          m
 ESCAPE TO YOUR PRIVATE PARADISE!! - Build your dream home                       uses. Needs some interior finishing, but has lots        4.5 acres above Vesuvius Bay with total view.
 on this spectacular seaview lot. South west exposure. Easy access,              of room for a family home. Asking $45,000 Phone          Subdividable, tentative approval has been given.
 power and water. $27,900                                                        Don or Mary                                              Beautiful home sites. To view call Don or Mary.
 FIVE ACRE "FARMETTES" - Several wooded 5.05 acre (2.04 ha.)
 parcels on main road, with hydro and phone available. Level and                 PRICED TO SELL - BRING OFFERS                            JUST LISTED
 sunny, with good soil. $25,000 each. Low down payment.                          This 3 bedroom, one-level home on over 2 acres           Choice level lot on piped water. Septic system
 RETREAT COVE, GALIANO - Over 15 wooded acres with approx.                       has lots of room for a family. Very large living         installed .319 Ha (.79 ac) some ocean view.
 500' W/F. Professionally built float, ramp and partially completed              room with dining area and fireplace plus family          Lower Beddis Road. Priced to sell $17,900. Call
 trestle. Creosoted piles etc. About 1 '/z acres of meadow. Water rights         room. Needs some redecorating. Phone us and              Jake.
 on creek. Power & phone. Foreshore rights. $120,000 MLS                         talk price. Phone Don or Mary                            EXCELLENT BUILDING LOT
                                                                                 THIS ONE'S ON THE LEVEL! - REDUCED                       On Dean Road - ask about the price.
                   Quality Homes                                                 Spic and span - three bedrooms - family room
                                                                                 with fireplace - across the front sundeck and a
                                                                                                                                          CEDAR LANE LOT
                                                                                                                                          Water and hydro, well treed, asking $15,900.          m
 ST. MARY'S LAKEFRONT - Modern 2 BR cedar bungalow with                          fantastic view over St. Mary's Lake. Now only            Call Jake.
 attached self-contained guest suite or office - with its own P.P.!!              $55,000. Call Don or Mary                               VIEWS
 Approx. 150' W/F. Nearly 1'/2 acres (.60 ha.) for garden. $88,500                CASTLE IN THE AIR                                       Samson Narrows - St. Mary Lake and mountains,
 MLS Good Terms.                                                                  What a beauty this spectacular home is ! But it         on cul-de-sac, paved road, water and hydro. .70
 NEW RANCH-STYLE HOME - centrally located in sunny Booth                          needs the right person who will appreciate the          Ha (1.74 ac.) asking $24,900 with $5,000 down.
 Valley. Separate DR., 2 BRs., P.P. Ideal retirement home. $49,900                cedar workmanship, the exquisite stained glass          MOBRAE AVENUE
 NEAR SHOPS & HOSPITAL - If you need three bedrooms, this well                    and the exciting change of-levels with decks           One of remaining view lots, on water and hydro.
 maintained attractive home is just what you are looking for. Central             looking out to an expansive view with westerly         Close to Golf Course and Portlock Recreation
 sunny location, and tastefully decorated throughout. Excellent level,            exposure. A fun house for the young-at-heart.          Park. Asking $17,500.
 landscaped lot with good garden area. See this one for value. Now only           Let me show it to you. All this for $74,900 Call       SOME NEW 4.05 Ha (10 ac.) lots on Isle View
 $44,500 Extremely low down payment required from a qualified              m      Mary                                                   Drive. $32,500 - $38,500.
 purchaser. Phone for details.
 RETIRED PRAIRIE FARMERS - Grow your own on 1.21 (.49 ha.)
                                                                           m      CLOSE TO GANGES
                                                                                  $51,500 This two bedroom home is nicely
                                                                                                                                         Call Jake Javorski about these
                                                                                                                                         properties at 537-5577 or 537-2832.

 surmy acres close to Ganges. Piped water. Excellent soil. Large                  finished on the main floor. Large living room has                         COMMERCIAL
 cross-fenced area with horse stall, hay storage and chicken house.               fireplace and wall-to-wall carpeting. Full base-        WATERFRONT COMMERCIAL
 Some fruit trees. Modern 3 BR mobile home with attached extra BR.                ment is insulated and gyproced with room for            In beautiful downtown Ganges this existing
 and storage area. Appliances incl. Only $42,500 MLS                              in-law suite, second bathroom and laundry room.         business can stay as is or do your own thing in
 EXTRA LIVING SPACE - Finish the high basement of this Lindal                     Four appliances and drapes stay. All this on 3A         this attractive shingled shop with living quarters.
 Cedar home for extra room. 3 BRs., 2 baths, extensive deck. Beautiful            acres. Phone Don or Mary.                             ! Call Don for all the details. Now Priced Right.
 lake view. Now only $49,900
 POTENTIAL COMMERCIAL - near Valcourt Centre. Ideal location for
 home-craft shop with living accommodation. Delightful private                                                       537-5056         JAKE JAVORSKI
 garden. Asking $44,900
            J. DALE NEILSQN               ANN FOERSTER                                  SMALL                                         ROD SCOTT                                  65222,
           (Evenings) 537-5161           (Evenings) 537-5156
 Page Twenty-two                                                                  GULF ISLANDS DRIFTWOOD                                                               Wednesday. February 8, 1978

                                                                                                                                        by St. George               does not yet know what I have
   Too late to Classify                                                                                                                                             done.
                                                                                                                                                                      I assure you, however, that I will
                                                                                                                                                                    how many cherries he gets from
Bank of Montreal 537-5524      5-1
                                                                                                                                                                    that tree this spring.
Burgoyne Bay U.C.W. Tea and
                                                                                      HE'S NOT DEAD Yl                                                              NO MORE WORRY
                                                                                                                                                                          Never mind the speculation,
Bake sale at the home of Mrs. Ruth                                                                                                                                  I'm just revelling in the fact that I
Wagg. Ganges. 2pm, Feb. 14. 5-1                                                                                                                                     no longer have to worry about that
                                            Some readers of Driftwood may       look at the dragon she said in a           As I stood in the doorway
BUSINESS SERVICE                         remember the problems that I had       very terse voice, "Get rid of that                                                  haunting chunk of chicken wire. On
   W1LDWOOD LANDSCAPERS                                                                                                  pondering this conundrum, I heard          the other hand, I surely hate to
                                         last year with Dillon's Dragon.        damned thing right now!"                 a slight rustle. There, in the back
        Box 14, Ganges, B.C.                                                        "Yes, darling" I replied as she                                                 think of the Dragon's reaction
      537-9322 537-2991 eves.               Hating to throw away even a                                                  corner was Dillon's Dragon with a          when he finds out that I have
                                                                                strode back to the house.                nasty smirk on his face. Not only
FOR RENT                                 battered chunk of chicken wire with        A,s I took him by the tail he                                                   handed over my caretaking re-
                                         stones wedged into the mesh, I left                                             that but his chicken wire body was         sponsibilities. We have         been
Log cabin, all electric plus wood                                               looked at me so appealingly that I       just bloated and his breath reeked
stove. Own garden. $145 537-2352         it drooped over the garden fence.      just couldn't cast him into the                                                     friends for years.
                                         Always in my mind was the                                                       of apple juice.                               I also wonder what my neighbour
                                tfn                                             bush. Instead, 1 quietly opened the         In anger, I took him by the scruff
                                         possiblity that Dillon might return.   garage door and found him a very                                                    will think when he realizes the
 FOR RENT                                   To many passer-by, the dragon                                                of his neck, dragged him down the          responsibility that I have wished on
 Cozy 2 bedroom home on Rainbow                                                 snug home in a back corner. As I         road to one of my neighbours and
                                         was probably an eyesore. To me it      never fed him in winter*, I clean                                                   him.
 Road. Fireplace, secluded setting,      was a friend with whom I discussed                                              tucked him under a fruit tree.                Which neighbour? I ain't saying!
 1 years lease desired. $225 Imme-                                              forgot about him.                        Fortuately for me, my neighbour
                                         the advisability of mowing the             There was an added reason for
 diate possession. 537-2655     5-1      lawn, whether I should dig all the     my forgetfulness. My garage is too

                                         carrots up before frost settled in
                                         and other urgent matters.
                                            He was most co-operative but
                                                                                small for my car. Hence, I use it as
                                                                                a catchall for the myriad of things
                                                                                                                           Salt Spring Lands
                                                                                that my wife tells me to throw in
                                         didn't want to do anything "today"                                                           Box 69, Ganges                         537-5515
                                         He explained that if one left, even
                                                                                the garbage. I know, however, that
                                                                                any of them may come in useful
                                         the most pressing projects, they       one of these days, or years.                                        SALT SPRING ISLAND
                                         would still be there tomorrow.                                                      10 acres, some arable, well treed with fir & cedar, paved road. $30,000
          VALDY                             He was a complete balm to my
                                                                                APPLES AS WELL
                                                                                    This fall I was given several            5 acres, driveway to flat arable building site. Terms. $22,500
On Tuesday, February 14, at the          conscience and a moral support to       large boxes of apples. My garage,           1.46 acres on Broadwell Rd., piped water, paved road, arable creek
        Activity Centre                  me against the strong urgings of       being unheated and damp, was the             frontage. Terms. $20,000
     8 pm - tickets $3 each              my wife.                                ideal place for them and that is
                            5-1                                                                                              5 acres on main road, 1 acre average zoning. $23,500
                                         HE HAD TO GO                            where I stored them.
           DRIFTWOOD                       One day my wife came out to my           A few weeks ago I went out to                              CALL MEL TOPPING Eves. 537-2426
               FOR                       car which I park beyond the             get a bucket of apples as my wife           2.84 acres, 2 miles from Ganges. $17,000 Terms
          PHOTOCOPIES                    Dragon's roost. After one quick         wanted to bake some pies. Imagine           Comfortable building lot, piped water, paved road, southern
                                                                                 my surprise when I found that               exposure. $15,000
             MACAULAY NICOLLS MAITLAND & CO. LTD.                                nearly every apple on the top of            2
                  Marine Drive, West Vancouver                                   each box had had large bites taken           /3 acre seaview, Walker Hook, close to public access, arable. $17,000
                       926-6811 Anytime                                          out of them.                                5 acres, fully treed. $21,000 - 10% down payment
                                                                                    My first thought was that a                                   CALL BOB TARA Eves. 653-4435
  I service the Gulf Islands specializing on the "Fenders" North and             colony of rats had made their               3.81 Acres seaview, southern exposure, near beach, in 1 Acre zone,
  South, situated to the south of the B.C. Gulf Island chain. We have a          winter quarters under my garage             Vesuvius. $70,000 Terms.
  continual inventory of properties ranging from low priced lots, homes          and were most happy to know that
                                                                                                                             Lakeftont cottage, 0.94 Acre, 120' frontage, southern exposure.
  and large acreages. When you wish to buy or sell please call                   they could feast themselves to their
                                                                                 heart's content till spring.
          TED DEVER 629-3371 Collect for fast efficient service                    -If this was so, I knew the answer.       Attractive home fronting on usable beach, nicely treed with seaview.
                                                                                 The Salt Spring Island rat "is a            At an affordable price of $65,000
                                                                                 pushover for certian           baits.                          CALL JIM SPENCER Eves. 537-2154
                                               "THE HOMEF1NDERS''                Whether these baits kill the rats or         SPECTACULAR VIEW ACREAGE!
                                                                                 the rats get the hint after a severe        Only 10 minutes from Ganges looking out over many other islands.
                                                  Gulf Islands Office            stomach ache and move elsewhere,            Views of Van. Island, Mainland & USA. 15+ acres with straight firs
                                                Box 570, Ganges, B.C.            I do not know, but they disappear.          for log house & arbutus for beauty. Power & road to site. Some arable
                                                                                                                             land. Only 10% down. Full price $45,000 Payments to suit. Offers
     wall                                          537-5521
                                                                                    Anyway, I bought quantities of
                                                                                 the tastiest poison and also set half       considered!

                                                FULL COOPERATION
                                                 TO ALL REALTORS
                                                                                  a dozen traps, placing them with
                                                                                 consummate skill and baited with
                                                                                 their favourite cheese. I just had to
                                                                                                                              NEAR BEDDIS BEACH
                                                                                                                             2 Acres rocky & interesting serviced property with exciting view of
                                                                                                                              Ganges Harbour, private access road. At $17,500, it must be a rare
                                                                                 catch rats! I also removed all the           bargain at today's price.
  2 HA. (5 AC) southern exposure valley view over lake, live in this             apples that had had bites taken out
  lovely 3 BR home and let the revenue from the '5 cottages pay the              of them.                                     BACHELOR'S PARADISE!
  mortgage. $93,700                                                              NOT GONE!                                    Almost 6 acres, partly fenced. Distant seaview. Very comfortable 1
  178' PRIME WATERFRONT, easy beach access, 2 BR home, piped                            Imagine my surprise when, a           bedroom trailer with power & water. Treed, quiet. Close to Fulford
  water, orchard. $83.900                                                        week later, 1 opened the garage              Ferry. $7000 down. Full price $27,000 Balance at 10% - $250/mo.
  2 HA. (5 AC.) close in, southern exposure, across from trout fishing           door with an air of expectancy.                                 CALL DICK TRORY Eves. 537-2236
  lake. $25,000                                                                  There were the unsprung traps, the           High view lot overlooking Ganges Harbour, water, 2.5 acres (1.01
             BETTY VALDEZ 537-5521 (Days) 537-9754 (Eves.)                       poison bait was still there but there        Hectares) $24,500
                                      ***                                        were no dead rats iri or out of the           Two pleasantly wooded lots at junction of Bridgman and Beaver Point
  WOULD YOU LIKE TO DO SOME FARMING?                                                                                           Roads.
                                                                                 traps. Worst af all new bites had
  If yes, then this is for you. 14.43 Ac. (about Vi cleared)., terrific soil,    been taken out of juicy apples. All           5.30 Acres (2.14 Hectares) $24,500
  fantastic seaview. lots of sun, small barn, near new 3 BR home. Bui            my early training in Salt Spring              5.19 Acres (2.09 Hectares) $25,600
  best of all. this for only $95,000                                                                                                             CALL IVAN MOUAT Eves. 653-4463
                                                                                 Island rat catching had gone for
  WOULD YOU LIKE TO MOVE TO SALT SPRING ISLAND -                                 nought!                                                                   GAUANO ISLAND
  but have a house to sell in the lower mainland (or know of somebod. in            Not only that, I was completely            Woodland homesite, over an acre, water system, near golf course &
  that situation)? Let us arrange a trade. We have a vendor who would                                                          store, swimming beach in walking distance. $16,000
  like to re-locate in the Abbotsford, or surrounding, area who is willing
  to trade. Come in and talk it over.                                                                                          For family fun, log cabin on 1.26 acres, beach access nearby, 750 sq.
  WELL BUILT, SUNNY. CLOSE-IN                                                                                                  ft. including galley kitchen, 1 BR, sleeping loft, electric heat, acorn
  (a few minutes walk to school & shopping). If these are some of your          Boat finds                                     fireplace, sundeck, carport. $49,500
  requirements, then this 3 BR. double carport home with large, fenced,                                                        2 acres cedar forest on quiet road, power & phone lines, adjacent to
  backyard is for you. Really well priced at only $53,300                                                                      tree farm with miles of hiking trails. Good terms on $18,000
  YES. HARRY - you can still buy a lot here for $13,000. It is 1.67 ac,         rock in                                                                  Galiano Branch Office
  nicely treed, serviced, and only approx. 1.5 miles from Ganges.                                                                               JEAN LOCKWOOD 539-2250 anytime
            ROLF DAMMEL 537-5521 (Days) 537-5124 (Eves.)                                                                                                    FENDER ISLAND

  BUIfcDING LOTS - from $12,500
                                    ***                                         harbour                                        LOW PRICED LOTS
                                                                                                                               Large selection of '/j to '/i acre treed lots. Serviced with piped water,
  ACREAGE - 11-f with superb view to mainland - garage/cabin                        The Canadian Hydrographic                  power & phone. Some on sewer. Priced from $5900 to $8000
  serviced etc. $55,000                                                          Service found the rock a few years
  HOMES - Fulford area $29,500 & $46,000                                         ago. No doubt others found it                   37 acre homestead, several acres in pasture, fruit trees. Older 2 BR
  VIEW HOMES - St. Mary Highlands $67,500                                        before and others since. But on                 basement farmhouse. Offers to $75,000
  Sky Valley with 2 acs. $78,500                                                 Monday morning it was found                     3.43 acres level farmland. Rich soil. Old cottage. Good well, fruit
  WATERFRONT HOMES - exc. Post & Beam. Year round moorage                        again, this time by a Ganges man.               trees. Power & phone. $27,500
  $112,000                                                                          The rock is situated off the west                           CALL MANFRED BURANDT 629-3271
  SMALL FARM - 1600 sq. ft. home & outbuildings. $129,000                       end of Deadman's Island in Ganges
  BUSINESS OPP. - W/S, store, 3 BR home. $82,500                                Harbour and Bruce Hildred, owner                    SALT SPRING LANDS LTD. BOX 69, GANGES, B.C. 537-5515
  Revenue property $64,500                                                      of the schooner Anna V. Pagan,
            TONY HOLMES 537-5521 (Days) 537-2758 (Eves.)                        found himself sitting on it at about
  PROPERTY BARGAINS                 ***                                         8 am Monday.
  4 acres with great seaview. Driveway roughed in. $27,900
  Choice of Vi ac. lots from $6,500 within walking distance of the sea.
                                                                                    The accident occurred when the
                                                                                linkage to the clutch broke on one
                                                                                                                         ^SUBSCRIBETODAY                                                              1
                                                                                                                         :•:•. Enclosed is ( ) for one years subscription to DRIFTWOOD.
  Secluded seaview cottage set in a rose garden. The owner wants to sell        of the boat's two engines, leaving       ::•:• $7.00 per year in Canada, Foreign: $15.
  so bring OFFERS. MLS 30171                                                    the clutch in gear. Hildred knew he
                                                                                was close to the rock but believed
  Small, old cottage on *A acre lot. Only $19.000 MLS 29159                                                              SJ Name
  Semi-waterfront lot on the sunny side of Fulford Harbour. $24,500             he would be able to get past it. His
  NEW LISTING - one of a kind home built by a craftsman. 2000 sq. ft.           judgement proved wrong, howev-           ijif: Address                                                                 $*.
  with many built in antiques. Priced many thousands below                      er, and the boat was stranded for
  replacement cost. A new MLS                                                   about four hours until the tide had                                                                                        ».».

  To view these or other island properties, please call:
           RON MCQUIGGAN 537-5521 (Days) 537-9220 (Eves.)
                                                                                risen enough to refloat her.
                                                                                    Minor damage was sustained to
                                                                                                                                              Clip and send to DRIFTWOOD, BOX 250.
                                                                                                                                                       GANGES, B.C. VOS 1EO
                                                                                the boat's keel.
                                                                                  GULF ISLANDS DRIFTWOOD                                                                      Page Twenty-three

Controversial goals                                                                                                     GardenClub draws up
Salt Spring girls put on good game                                                                                      schedule for year
                                                                                                                           The executive committee of the      on the following Mondays: April
to lose out to Victoria University 3-0                                                                                  Salt Spring Island Garden Qub met
                                                                                                                        at the home of president, Charles
                                                                                                                        Orchard, on January 25 and drew
                                                                                                                                                               17, May 15, September 18, October
                                                                                                                                                               16 and November 13.
                                                                                                                                                                 Notice will be given advising of
                                                                                                                        up the following schedule.             subjects to be discussed and if
      BY MALCOLM LEGG                    wall for the Wanderers.                 O'Sullivan, Denise and Michelle           Regular meetings will be held at    there are any changes in dates.
Salt Spring Wanderers, 0                     In the mid-field Karen, Donna       carried the load. Although they        8 pm in the United Church Lower
University of Victoria, 3                and Shauneen split the duties and                                              Hall at Ganges on the following           At the first workshop, on Mon-
                                                                                 were only able to create a few
    A rejuvenated Wanderers team         came up with strong, hard-tackling      scoring chances they worked hard       Wednesdays: February 15 (see ad        day Feb. 13 in the Upper Hall of
travelled to the University of           games. In fact, Shauneen came the       throughout the encounter.              in this issue), March 15, April 19,    the United Church, Mr. Maybee
Victoria and came up with a              closest to scoring for the Wander-                                             May 17, June 21 (Garden Parry),        will discuss the pruning of fruit
sparkling performance, although          ers when she broke clear on the            The Wanderers and their "New        July 19, September 13, October 18      trees, bush fruits and soft fruits.
they were on the losing end of a 3-0     right side, but her shot just sailed    Look" are on the way back, and         and November 15.                       He will also give a short talk on
decision against the league lead-        wide of the upper right hand corner     within weeks the team should find         Advance notice will be given        grafting. At 1.30 on the same day,
ers.                                     of the net.                             their winning ways again. Well         regarding guest speakers and other     the Chrysanthemum Qub will dis-
    Actually the score might have            Up front, Cathy Price, Gerry        done girls!                            activities on those dates.             cuss cuttings, their care and plant-
been much closer except for two                                                                                            The club will hold workshops        ing. The latter discussion will take
rather controversial goals scored                                                                                       from 10 am to 12 noon on Monday,       place at the home of Mrs. Elsie
                                                                                                                        Feb. 13 and Thursday, Mar. 16 and      MacDonald, Ganges Hill.
by the U. Vic. team. Their first tally
was directed into the Salt Spring                      DOWN THE GUTTER
goal with a hand and their third
score occurred with three U. Vic.
                                                                           . with Ken Collins
players offside. Both times the
referee ruled in U. Vic's favour and
                                                                                                                                   construction co. ltd.
on the play in the game they were
deserving victors, as they controll-         This season has seen a marked       Ladies with her 785 and Ken
ed a great deal of the play.             improvement in quite a few bowl-        Collins for the men with his 842.         "Design & construction of beautiful homes"
    Even so, the Wanderers put up        ers who have switched to spot           He also came up with two other
a dogged fight to the bitter end and     bowling.                                triples of 782 and 767.
the local girls played very cohesive-        It is a proven fact that the spot
ly, considering the recent changes                                                   i would like to wish Pat Byron
in their line-up.
    The Wanderers over the last
                                         bowler will beat the pin bowler
                                         time and time again. The reason
                                         being that it is much easier to hit
                                                                                 all the best as he leaves for new
                                                                                 pastures. I have known him both as           Annual General Meeting
week have cleaned house and                                                      a bowling buddy and a golfing
                                         the spot at fifteen feet than the
regrouped themselves as a team
once more. The "New Look"
                                         headpin at sixty feet. You will also
                                         become more efficient at picking
                                                                                 partner and last but not least as a
                                                                                 very good friend, we'll all miss you                 GALIANO ISLAND
featured three new faces, Karen
Hale, Denise de la Franiere and
                                         corner pins. I can remember a
                                         schoolteacher in Kitimat who had            Our kids will be competing                       HOUSING SOCIETY
Cathy Price, with more on the way.       pin bowled for twenty years. He         shortly in the four steps to stardom
Karen played a sound game in the
mid-field and added some much
                                         asked for some help about spot
                                         bowling and within two years his
                                                                                 competition. It will be held at the
                                                                                 Town and Country Lanes in Victor-
                                                                                                                                         Sat. - Feb. 25 - 2 pm
needed experience to the squad.
    Denise showed a lot of poise
                                         average had gone from 189 to an
                                         unbelievable 245. If you do switch
                                                                                 ia. The senior boys single rep will
                                                                                 be Jamie Marshal and the Senior                           Community Hall
and hustle as a striker and Cathy        to spot bowling your average will       Boys team will consist of Andy
played with a lot of desire on the       invariably drop a few pins to start     Fisher, Kevin Noble, Scott Web-             This is your opportunity to participate in the discussion on the
wing. With continued improve-            with, but if you persevere you will     ster, Brent Dawe, and Brent Duke.           annual report and the election of officers and directors for
ment these three girls will greatly                                                                                          1978.
                                         soon reap your just reward. If you      The senior girls rep will be Susan                                                                         5-1
improve the Wanderers' classy            don't understand what spot bowl-        Marleau. For the Juniors the single
style of play.                           ing means, don't be afraid to ask       reps will be Julie Collins and Kevin
BEST OF SEASON                           Ruth or myself for some advice, we      Kline. The team reps will be for the
   The remaining eight players           arc only too willing to help.           girls Paula Hughes, Elaine Mos-
came up with some of their finest
soccer of the season, showing some
of their old-time flair and desire.
Shauneen Spence, Donna Moulton
                                             The 300 games recorded the
                                         past two weeks are as follows, Ken
                                         Collins (315-324) Carol Kaye (346)
                                         Bob Akerman (328) Shannon Dick
                                                                                 tad, Kenna Marshal, Trene Kaye,
                                                                                 and Lisa Hughes. The boys will be
                                                                                 Gordon Hitchcock, Patrick Sloan,
                                                                                 Victor Piperno, Greg Duke, and
and Michelle Anderson shared the
goal-keeping duties and all three
played very capably in the nets.
    The defence came up really big
                                         (347) Bunty McNally (348) and
                                         finally Julian Valcourt with 302.
                                            The Hot Shots the past week
                                                                                 Eddy Chew.
                                                                                     The bowlers of the month for
                                                                                 January were Carol Kaye and Ken        for this
as Sunday Byron returned to the          were Leo (he does miss sometimes)
line-up and added some solid             Toutant (810) Walter Carlson (705)      BOWLING TIP OF THE WEEK
experience to the back four. Cathy       Anne (Cookie) Lane (766) Pat                Don't rush your approach to the
Anderson, Teresa Byron and Cathy         Byron (701) Julian Valcourt (791-       foul line. A nice slow approach will
Jones combined with Sunday to            782-762) and the Top Dogs of the        leave you better balanced than a                 from our
create an impregnable defensive          week were Bunty McNally for the         fast one. After all the whole secret             representative,
                                                                                 of this game is to be balanced as
                                                                                 you make your delivery.
                                                                                                                                  M. Wilson
      Fernwood Movers                                                                                                             who will be at:
                                                                                                                           Salt Spring Island-
                                                                                                                           Harbour House Hotel
                                                                                                                                  February 15th
                                                                                                                                    If you require financing to start, modernize or
                                                                                                                                    expand your business and are unable to
                                                                                                                                    obtain it elsewhere on reasonable terms and
                                                                                                                                    conditions or if you are interested in the
                                                                                                                                    FBDB management services of counselling
                                                                                 save                                               and training or wish information on
                                                                                 CENTRAL                                            government programs available for your
                                                                                                                                    business, talk to our representative.

                         AGENTS FOR ATLAS
                                                                                 give a dollar
        537-2041                             385-6771                            for renovations
            GANGES                               VICTORIA                        deposit at Bank of
                                                                                 Montreal or mail to                                  FEDERAL
                           537-2389                                              box 484 ganges be                                   BUS/NESS
                             RESIDENCE                                                                                               DEVELOPMENT BANK
                  • Local and Long Distance Moving
                  • Heated Storage
             We aim to please and you move with ease.                            hall
                                                                                 society                                             Opening new doors to small business.
  Page Twenty-four                                                                  GULF ISLANDS DRIFTWOOD                                                    Wednesday, February 8, 1978

Central sale raises over $2,000 for                                                                                                                           MONDAY TO THURSDAY

hall renovation fund as 400 attend                                                                                                                              FRIDAY, 9 AM to 9PM

                                                                                  Raeside, Tess Kyle, Sharie Lomas;                                           SATURDAY, 9 AM to 6 PM
    The Giant Rummage Sale, or-            all concerned, said Walters, and is
ganized to help the renovation             certainly an outstanding essay in      door control, Ed Allen; hardware,
Fund at Salt Spring Island's Cen-          community co-operation; some           Ed Rubright; agricultural, Elma
tral Hall, is over and it was an           gave; others bought; all benefitted.   Rubright; hall control, Brian Con-
outstanding success, reports                   It was also an outstanding         don, raffle, Margaret Cunning-
Chairman Be'vis Walters.
    Full and final figures are not yet •
available, but it is known that more
than $2,000 has been taken.
                                           example of just how valuable the
                                           service rendered by a local news-
                                           paper, in this case Driftwood - can
                                           be, said Walters afterwards, for
                                                                                  ham; gasoline draw, Brenda Corn-
                                                                                  wall; refreshments, Sharie Lomas;
                                                                                  staffing, Mary McMurdo; cash
                                                                                  control, Mary McMurdo, Arvilla
                                                                                                                          MiracleWhip 1 .28
     Whatever the total finally            although the cause was good, the       Walters.
proves to be, the Hall Fund will get
every cent of it. There will be no
deductions, as the chairman has
paid for all the advertising, print-
                                           need could not have been made so
                                           widely known had it not been for its
                                               Bevis Walters who spearhead-
                                                                                      "To each and everyone a
                                                                                  sincere thank you," said Chairman
                                                                                  Walters.                                Margarine x™*""] .78
                                                                                                                          Special "K"ssr1. 22
ing and other expenses.                    ed the drive to make the sale a
    More than 100 persons sent
items to be sold, and more than 400
turned up to buy them. It was
                                           reality, stated that he wished to
                                           thank "all the wonderful people
                                           who pitched in and helped to the
almost an entire sell-out.                 limit".                                                                        SALADA ORANGE PEKOE
                                                                                  to live it                                                                       PAPER 120's 3.58

    Some donations arrived too late        HELPERS
to be included in the sale, so an              The helpers who contributed so                                                                                      PAPER 60's   1 .98
extra "Must Be Sold" sale will             much to the success were organiz-
take place at Central Hall on
Saturday next, between 10 am and
                                           ed as follows: pick-up, Bevis
                                           Walters, Brenda Cornwall; make-        up in May                                                                        GAUZE 60's   2.1 8

 1 pm to get rid of the final items,
 regardless of price.
    The outstanding success of the
                                           ready, Margaret Macintosh, Lillian
                                           Horsdal, Ena Eckloft, Mary Mc-
                                           Murdo; pricing, Mary McMurdo,
                                           Margaret Macintosh; wrapping.
                                                                                      The Seaforth Highlanders of
                                                                                  Canada with headquarters in Van-
                                                                                  couver, will be celebrating its 200th
                                                                                                                          Applesauce 79
 giant rummage sale, is a tribute to                                                                                      PEPPERIDGE FARMS
                                           Olive Mouat, Nan Merkely, Joan

                                                                                                                          LayerCakes 1.18
                                                                                  birthday, May 12, 13 and 14 in the
                                                                                  coast city.
                                                                                      Ex-Seaforths throughout the
When Woody Fisher made                                                            province are cordially invited to
                                                                                  attend the activities at the Seaforth

his predictions before visit
                                                                                  Armoury at 1620 Burrard. There
                                                                                  will be a special church parade on
                                                                                  Sunday, May 14.
                                                                                      The Vancouver regiment was
                                                                                                                          Granola    1.37          GREENAWAY
                                                                                                                                                   •REG. »HONEY RAISIN
                                                                                                                                                   •NUTTY 2 Ib. bag

     It is 18 years since the British Columbia Premier, W.A.C. Bennett,
 with his Cabinet, visited Salt Spring Island. The event is recalled by the
 visit of the Cabinet of Premier W.R. Bennett to Saanich and the Islands
                                                                                  among the first Commonwealth
                                                                                  troops to land in England after
                                                                                  leaving BC in December, 1939. It
                                                                                  saw action in Sicily, Italy, France,
                                                                                                                          Coffee     3J9       M.J.B.
                                                                                                                                               1 Ib. tin

 last week.                                                                       Holland and Germany.                                                                               C
     It is 18 years since the publisher of Driftwood, Woody Fisher made a
 forecast of events for the historic meeting.
                                                                                  Winners                                 Tomatoes                         IMPORTED
                                                                                                                                                           6 x 7's           29 Ib
      He had a 12-point.program and here is it:
     Being brave and hold. Driftwood, makes the following predictions
 concerning Premier W.A.C. Bennett on his day in the Gulf Islands:
                                                                                   at Central                             Peppers                     MEXICAN GREEN          39 Ib
 No. 1 He will board the ' 'Delta Princess ' ' at Swartz Bay and no one wHl
 collect his fare.
No. 2 He will cross from Swartz Bay to Fulford Harbour on the ' 'Delta
Princess ' ' and it won 't sink.                                                   Saturday
                                                                                                                          Squash                MEXICAN ZUCCHINI             39 Ib
No. 3 He will be smiling
No. 4 He will shake hands                                                                                                                           MEAT
                                                                                      In the draw for the embroidered

                                                                                                                          Cross Rib
No. 5 He will say the Gulf Islands are the Hawaiian Islands of Canada.            fireside stool. 174 tickets were
No. 6 He will repeat prediction No. 5. 23 times during the day.                   issued, and Ed Eklos was the one
No. 7 He will ride from Fulford to Ganges and never notice the                    who put his hand in the bag and
dangerous cun>es.

                                                                                                                          Blade Rsts.^ 1.19
                                                                                  drew the winning ticket.
No. 8 He will ride from Fulford to Ganges and not once will he be off the             It belonged to Barbara Smith,
black-top la try the dust-choked side roads.                                      and the stool was delivered to her.
No. 9 He won't recognize the building between the bakery and the                      Door prize of 20 gallons of
ffwel/en' store.                                                                  gasoline: winning ticket is num-        FRESH

                                                                                                                          PorkPicnicRsts. 89
No. 1(1 1 1 won 'i rain \lt wouldn 'l dare]                                       bered 627, and was drawn by
No. 11 He will make a speech
                                                                                  Deborah Gisi. Holder of this ticket
No. 12 He will announce the next election dale!
                                                                                  may telephone 537-5793 to collect.
                                                                                                                          Whole or Shank Cut

                                                                                         TIDE Standard Time)
                                                                                                   TABLES                 Fowl            jy
                                                                                                                                         5 Ib. approx. bag


                                                                                                                          Turkey          49?      DRUMSTICKS
                                                                                                                                                   5 Ib. bag approx.

                                                                                                   1845             9.4

                                                                                   II             0005              4.4                        ROCK COD
                                                                                                  0740             11.1
                 Harbour Hnitae Hntel
                              FRIDAY. FhB. 10
                             SATURDAY, FEB. I I



                                                                                                                          Cheese        1.89       MILD CHEDDAR                         !b
                        Valentine Dinner
                         10 07.. T-Bone           $9.50
                                                                                                                    8.9   Cabbane Rolls 1.89
                        Chicken Cordon Bleu $8.50
                       *Dessert - Slrnwhcrn Shorten)"'
                                                                                   1.1            0220
                                                                                                                            I Offe Special of the week
                       *Boltlc of BuM>l\ Included
                       *Flo\vers for all ladies on Fob 1 I
                             Brian Smith at piano



                                                                                                                          Liver Trim-- 2.90
                             FOR RESERVATIONS

                   537-2133 537-2247



                                                                                                                          Beef Sausage 8.90
                                $2.50 - $3.50                                                     0425              8.4
                         DINING ROOM HOURS:                                       WH              1000             10.1
             Mon.-Fri. 7am-2pm Sat.            9 am -2 pin                                        1745              4.3     K& R           n ne
                                                                                                                                               °        collect: 537-5424
                       6 pm-8 pi.i            ti pm - 4 pm
                     (9pm-Fri.'s) Sundays 9 am - 2 pin
                                              ') pm - 8 pm

                                                                                                                            Your Food Store

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