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									                                                                                                                             G r a d u at e 2 0 1 1 - 2 0 1 3

                                                                                                                                                                applied psychology




n e w yo r k u n i v e r s i t y   st ein ha rdt s c ho o l o f c u lt u re , e du c at i on, and h u man de v e lop me nt                                                  2 0 1 1 - 2 0 1 3 g r a d u at e b u l l e t i n
                                                                                                              G r a d u at e 2 0 1 1 - 2 0 1 3

steinhardt school of culture,
education, and human development
announcement for the 121st and 122nd Sessions

New York University
Washington Square
New York, New York 10003

NOtICe: The policies, requirements, course offerings, schedules, activities, tuition, fees, and calendar of the school and its departments and
programs set forth in this bulletin are subject to change without notice at any time at the sole discretion of the administration. Such changes
may be of any nature, including, but not limited to, the elimination of the school or college, programs, classes, or activities; the relocation of or
modification of the content of any of the foregoing; and the cancellation of scheduled classes or other academic activities.
   Payment of tuition or attendance at any classes shall constitute a student’s acceptance of the administration’s rights as set forth in the
above paragraph.
Table of Contents
      an introduction to new york university . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4

             The Schools and Colleges of the University . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4

             New York University and New York . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5

      an introduction to the steinhardt school of culture,

      education, and human development . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9

      academic departments and programs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10

             Program and Concentration Codes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10

             Application Deadlines . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13

             Classification of Courses; Course Number Prefixes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14

      admission . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .156

      registration and advisement . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .159

      tuition, fees, and expenses . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .165

      student activities/school and university services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 171

      community service . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 174

      graduate study/general requirements . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 175

      degree and certificate programs

             as registered by the new york state education department . . . . . . . . . . 182

      calendar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 187

      map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 191

      travel directions to the washington square campus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .193

      index . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .194

      frequently called numbers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 197
an introduction
to New York
                                     he founding of New york university in 1831 by a                 The result of the founders’ foresight is today a university
                                     group of eminent private citizens was a historic             that is recognized both nationally and internationally as
                                     event in american education. in the early 19th               a leader in scholarship. of the more than 3,000 colleges
                                     century, a major emphasis in higher education                and universities in america, only 60 institutions are
                          was on the mastery of Greek and latin, with little attention            members of the distinguished association of american
                          given to modern or contemporary subjects. The founders of               Universities. New York University is one of the 60. Students
                          New York University intended to enlarge the scope of higher             come to the University from all 50 states and from over
                          education to meet the needs of persons aspiring to careers              130 foreign countries.
                          in business, industry, science, and the arts, as well as in law,           The University includes 18 schools, colleges, and institutes
                          medicine, and the ministry. The opening of the University of            at major centers in manhattan, brooklyn, abu dhabi (Uae),
                          london in 1828 convinced New Yorkers that New York, too,                and Shanghai. in addition, the University operates a branch
                          should have a university.                                               campus program in rockland County at St. Thomas aquinas
                              The first president of New York University’s governing              College. Certain of the University’s research facilities, notably
                          council was albert Gallatin, former adviser to Thomas                   the Nelson institute of environmental medicine, are located
                          Jefferson and secretary of the treasury in Jefferson’s cabinet.         in Sterling forest, near Tuxedo, New York. although the
                          Gallatin and his cofounders said that the new university was            University as a whole is large, its divisions are small- to
                          to be a “national university” that would provide a “rational and        moderate-sized units—each of which has its own traditions,
                          practical education for all.”                                           programs, and faculty.

                          The Schools, Colleges, institutes, and Programs of the University
                          (in order of their founding)

                          1832   college of arts and science             1900    leonard n. stern school of business       1965   tisch school of the arts
                          	      cas.nyu.edu                                     www.stern.nyu.edu                                www.tisch.nyu.edu

                          1835   school of law                           1922    institute of fine arts                    1972   gallatin school of individualized study
                          	      www.law.nyu.edu                                 www.nyu.edu/gsas/dept/fineart                    www.nyu.edu/gallatin

                          1841   school of medicine                      1934    school of continuing and                  1972   liberal studies program
                          	      school.med.nyu.edu                              professional studies                             www.liberalstudies.nyu.edu
                          1865   college of dentistry                                                                      2006   institute for the study of the
                                 www.nyu.edu/dental                      1934    courant institute of                             ancient world
                          	      (including	the	College	of	Nursing		             mathematical sciences                            www.nyu.edu/isaw
                          	      [1947],	www.nyu.edu/nursing)                    cims.nyu.edu
                                                                                                                           2010   new york university abu dhabi
                          1886   graduate school of arts and science     1938    robert f. wagner graduate                        nyuad.nyu.edu
                                 www.gsas.nyu.edu                                school of public service
                                                                                 wagner.nyu.edu                            1854   polytechnic institute of
                          1890   steinhardt school of culture,                                                                    new york university
                                 education, and human                    1960    silver school of social work                     www.poly.edu	(affiliated	2008)
                                 development                                     www.nyu.edu/socialwork

4   aN INtrOduCtION tO New yOrk uNIverSIty The STeiNhardT SChool of CUlTUre, edUCaTioN, aNd hUmaN develoPmeNT bUlleTiN 2011–2013
                           New York University and New York
                           New yOrk uNIverSIty                          and to research academic freedom and         materials and work with faculty and
                           LIBrarIeS                                    promote public discussion of its history     graduate students in every field of
                           The elmer holmes bobst library,              and role in our society. Tamiment’s          study at NYU. The staff also includes
                           designed by Philip Johnson and               robert f. Wagner labor archives              specialists in undergraduate outreach,
                           richard foster, is the flagship of a         contain, among other resources, the          instructional services, preservation,
                           six-library system that provides access      archives of the Jewish labor Committee       electronic information, and digital library
                           to the world’s scholarship and serves        and of more than 200 New York City           technology.
                           as a center for the NYU community’s          labor organizations.                            The libraries of New York University
                           intellectual life. With four million print      The barbara Goldsmith Preservation        collections include more than 5.1 million
                           volumes, 68,000 serial subscriptions,        and Conservation department in bobst         volumes, over 6 million microforms,
                           50,000 electronic journals, half a million   library comprises laboratories for book,     480,000 government documents,
                           e-books, 105,000 audio and video             film, and audio/video conservation. its      142,000 sound and video recordings,
                           recordings, and 25,000 linear feet of        preservation projects often provide          and a wide range of electronic
                           archival materials, the collections are      training for students in many aspects of     resources. bobst library is visited by
                           uniquely strong in the performing arts,      book, paper, and media preservation. in      more than 6,800 users per day and
                           radical and labor history, and the history   a groundbreaking initiative funded by        circulates about one million books
                           of New York and its avant-garde culture.     the andrew W. mellon foundation, the         annually.
                           The library’s website,	library.nyu.edu,	     division of libraries in 2008 completed         The Grey art Gallery, the University’s
                           received 2.8 million visits in 2008–2009.    development of rationales and strategies     fine arts museum, presents three to
                              bobst library offers 28 miles of open     for all aspects of moving image and          four innovative exhibitions each year
                           stacks and approximately 2,500 seats         audio preservation, consulting with          that encompass all aspects of the visual
                           for student study. The avery fisher          a variety of other institutions to           arts: painting and sculpture, prints and
                           Center for music and media, one of the       identify and test best practices and         drawings, photography, architecture
                           world’s largest academic media centers,      disseminating them throughout the            and decorative arts, video, film, and
                           has 134 carrels for audio listening and      archival community.                          performance. The gallery also sponsors
                           video viewing and three multimedia              beyond bobst, the library of              lectures, seminars, symposia, and film
                           classrooms. last year the center filled      the renowned Courant institute of            series in conjunction with its exhibitions.
                           more than 70,000 research requests for       mathematical Sciences focuses on             admission to the gallery is free for NYU
                           audio and video material. The digital        research-level material in mathematics,      staff, faculty, and students.
                           Studio offers a constantly evolving,         computer science, and related fields.           The New York University art
                           leading-edge resource for faculty and        The Stephen Chan library of fine             Collection, founded in 1958, consists
                           student projects and promotes and            arts at the institute of fine arts (ifa)     of more than 5,000 works in a wide
                           supports access to digital resources         houses the rich collections that support     range of media. The collection primarily
                           for teaching, learning, research, and        the research and curricular needs            comprises late 19th-century and 20th-
                           arts events. The data Service Studio         of the institute’s graduate programs         century works; its particular strengths
                           provides expert staff and access             in art history and archaeology. The          are american painting from the 1940s to
                           to software, statistical computing,          Jack brause real estate library at           the present and 20th-century european
                           geographical information systems             the real estate institute, the most          prints. a unique segment of the NYU
                           analysis, data collection resources, and     comprehensive facility of its kind, serves   art Collection is the abby Weed Grey
                           data management services in support of       the information needs of every sector of     Collection of Contemporary asian
                           quantitative research at NYU.                the real estate community. The library       and middle eastern art, which totals
                              The fales library, a special collection   of the institute for the Study of the        some 1,000 works in various media
                           within bobst library, is home to the         ancient World (iSaW) is a resource           representing countries from Turkey to
                           unparalleled fales Collection of english     for advanced research and graduate           Japan.
                           and american literature; the food            education in ancient civilizations from
                           Studies Collection, a rich and growing       the western mediterranean to China.          tHe LarGer CaMPuS
                           trove of cookbooks, food writing,            Complementing the collections of the         New York University is an integral part
                           pamphlets, paper, and archives dating        division of libraries are those of the       of the metropolitan community of New
                           from the 1790s; and the downtown             libraries of NYU’s School of medicine,       York City—the business, cultural, artistic,
                           Collection, an extraordinary multimedia      dental Center, and School of law.            and financial center of the nation and
                           archive documenting the avant-garde             The NYU division of libraries             the home of the United Nations. The
                           New York art world since 1975. bobst         continually enhances its student             city’s extraordinary resources enrich
                           library also houses the Tamiment             and faculty services and expands its         both the academic programs and the
                           library, the country’s leading repository    research collections, responding to the      experience of living at New York Uni-
                           of research materials in the history of      extraordinary growth of the University’s     versity.
                           left politics and labor. Two fellowship      academic programs in recent years and           Professors whose extracurricular
                           programs bring scholars from around          to the rapid expansion of electronic         activities include service as editors for
                           the world to Tamiment to explore the         information resources. bobst library’s       publishing houses and magazines; as
                           history of the Cold War and its wide-        professional staff includes more than        advisers to city government, banks,
                           ranging impact on american institutions      30 subject specialists, who select           school systems, and social agencies;

5   aN INtrOduCtION tO New yOrk uNIverSIty The STeiNhardT SChool of CUlTUre, edUCaTioN, aNd hUmaN develoPmeNT bUlleTiN 2011–2013
                          and as consultants for museums and             famous for its contributions to the          national origin, ethnicity, citizenship
                          industrial corporations bring to teaching      fine arts, literature, and drama and         status, veteran or military status,
                          an experience of the world and a               its small-scale, european style of           age, disability, and any other legally
                          professional sophistication that are           living. New York University makes a          protected basis.
                          difficult to match.                            significant contribution to the creative        inquiries regarding the application
                              Students also, either through course       activity of the village through the high     of the federal laws and regulations
                          work or in outside activities, tend to be      concentration of faculty and students        concerning affirmative action and
                          involved in the vigorous and varied life       who reside within a few blocks of the        antidiscrimination policies and
                          of the city. research for term papers in       University.                                  procedures at New York University may
                          the humanities and social sciences may            University apartment buildings            be referred to mary Signor, executive
                          take them to such diverse places as the        provide housing for over 2,100 members       director, office of equal opportunity,
                          american museum of Natural history,            of the faculty and administration, and       New York University, elmer holmes
                          the museum of modern art, a garment            University student residence halls           bobst library, 70 Washington Square
                          factory, a deteriorating neighborhood,         accommodate over 11,500 men and              South, 12th floor, New York, NY 10012;
                          or a foreign consulate.                        women. many more faculty and students        212-998-2352. inquiries may also be
                              Students in science work with their        reside in private housing in the area.       referred to the director of the office
                          professors on such problems of im-                                                          of federal Contract Compliance, U.S.
                          mediate importance for urban society           a PrIvate uNIverSIty                         department of labor.
                          as the pollution of waterways and the          Since its founding, New York University         New York University is a member of
                          congestion of city streets. business           has been a private university. it operates   the association of american Universities
                          majors attend seminars in corporation          under a board of trustees and derives        and is accredited by the middle States
                          boardrooms and intern as executive as-         its income from tuition, endowment,          association of Colleges and Schools
                          sistants in business and financial houses.     grants from private foundations and          (Commission on higher education of the
                          The schools, courts, hospitals, settle-        government, and gifts from friends,          middle States association of Colleges
                          ment houses, theatres, playgrounds,            alumni, corporations, and other private      and Schools, 3624 market Street,
                          and prisons of the greatest city in the        philanthropic sources.                       Philadelphia, Pa 19104; 215-662-5606).
                          world form a regular part of the educa-           The University is committed to            individual undergraduate, graduate,
                          tional scene for students of medicine,         a policy of equal treatment and              and professional programs and schools
                          dentistry, education, social work, law,        opportunity in every aspect of its           are accredited by the appropriate
                          business and public administration, and        relations with its faculty, students, and    specialized accrediting agencies.
                          the creative and performing arts.              staff members, without regard to race,
                              The chief center for undergraduate         color, religion, sex, sexual orientation,
                          and graduate study is at Washington            gender and/or gender identity or
                          Square in Greenwich village, long              expression, marital or parental status,

                          Senior University administration
                          John sexton, b.a., m.a., Ph.d., J.d.,          bonnie s. brier, b.a., J.d., Senior	         debra a. lamorte, b.a., J.d., Senior	Vice	
                          President                                      Vice	President,	General	Counsel,	and	        President	for	Development	and	Alumni	
                                                                         Secretary	of	the	University                  Relations

                                                                         lynne p. brown, b.a., m.a., Ph.d., Senior	   alison leary, b.S., Executive	Vice	
                          david w. mclaughlin, b.S., m.S., Ph.d.,
                                                                         Vice	President	for	University	Relations	     President	for	Operations
                                                                         and	Public	Affairs
                                                                                                                      linda g. mills, b.a., J.d., m.S.W., Ph.d.,
                          michael c. alfano, d.m.d., Ph.d.,
                                                                         catherine casey, b.S., Senior	Vice	          Senior	Vice	Provost	for	Undergraduate	
                          Executive	Vice	President
                                                                         President	for	Human	Resources	and	           Education	and	University	Life;	Associate	
                          robert berne, b.S., m.b.a., Ph.d.,             Global	Support                               Vice	Chancellor	for	Admissions	and	Finan-
                          Executive	Vice	President	for	Health	                                                        cial	Aid,	New	York	University	Abu	Dhabi
                                                                         dalton conley, b.a., m.P.a., m.S., Ph.d.,
                          richard foley, b.a., m.a., Ph.d., Vice	        Senior	Vice	Provost                          dianne rekow, b.S., b.S.m.e., m.b.a.,
                          Chancellor	for	Strategic	Planning;	                                                         m.S.m.e., d.d.S., Ph.d., Senior	Vice	
                                                                         martin s. dorph, b.S., m.b.a., J.d.,
                          Chair,	Faculty	Advisory	Committee	on	                                                       Provost	for	Engineering	and	Technology;	
                                                                         Executive	Vice	President	for	Finance	and	
                          Academic	Priorities                                                                         Provost,	Polytechnic	Institute	of	NYU
                                                                         Information	Technology
                          diane c. yu, b.a., J.d., Chief	of	Staff	and	                                                ron robin, b.a., m.a., Ph.d., Senior	Vice	
                                                                         norman dorsen, b.a., ll.b., Counselor	
                          Deputy	to	the	President                                                                     Provost	for	Planning;	Senior	Vice	Provost	
                                                                         to	the	President
                                                                                                                      of	New	York	University	Abu	Dhabi
                                                                         katherine fleming, b.a., m.a., Ph.d.,
                                                                                                                      k. r. sreenivasan, b.e., m.e., m.a., Ph.d.;
                                                                         Senior	Vice	Provost	and	Vice	Chancellor,	
                                                                                                                      hon.: d.Sc., Senior	Vice	Provost;	Special	
                                                                                                                      Adviser	for	Science	and	Technology	
                                                                         paul m. horn, b.S., Ph.d., Senior	Vice	      to	the	Vice	Chancellor	of	New	York	
                                                                         Provost	for	Research	                        University	Abu	Dhabi	

6   aN INtrOduCtION tO New yOrk uNIverSIty The STeiNhardT SChool of CUlTUre, edUCaTioN, aNd hUmaN develoPmeNT bUlleTiN 2011–2013
                           deaNS aNd dIreCtOrS

                           roger bagnall, b.a., m.a., Ph.d.,            thomas J. carew, b.a., m.a., Ph.d.; hon.:      patricia rubin, b.a., m.a., Ph.d., Judy	
                           Director,	Institute	for	the	Study	of	the	    M.A.,	Dean,	Faculty	of	Arts	and	Science	       and	Michael	Steinhardt	Director,	Institute	
                           Ancient	World                                (beginning	July	1,	2011)                       of	Fine	Arts	

                           gérard ben arous, b.S., m.Sc.,               dalton conley, b.a., m.P.a., Ph.d., Dean	      matthew s. santirocco, b.a., b.a.
                           Ph.d., Director,	Courant	Institute	of	       for	Social	Sciences,	Faculty	of	Arts	and	      [Cantab.]; m.Phil., m.a. [Cantab.], Ph.d.;
                           Mathematical	Sciences	(beginning	            Science                                        hon.: m.a., Seryl	Kushner	Dean,	College	
                           September	1,	2011)	                                                                         of	Arts	and	Science;	Associate	Provost	
                                                                        robert i. grossman, b.S., m.d., Saul	J.	
                                                                                                                       for	Undergraduate	Academic	Affairs
                           Jess benhabib, b.a., m.Phil., Ph.d.,         Farber	Dean,	NYU	School	of	Medicine;	
                           Acting	Dean,	Faculty	of	Arts	and	Science	    Chief	Executive	Officer,	NYU	Hospitals	        ellen schall, b.a., J.d., Dean,	Robert	
                           (through	June	30,	2011)                      Center                                         F.	Wagner	Graduate	School	of	Public	
                           lauren benton, b.a., Ph.d., Dean	for	        peter blair henry, b.a., b.a., Ph.d., Dean,	
                           Humanities,	Faculty	of	Arts	and	Science      Leonard	N.	Stern	School	of	Business            fred schwarzbach, b.a., m.a., Ph.d.,
                                                                                                                       Dean	of	Liberal	Studies,	Faculty	of	Arts	
                           charles n. bertolami, d.d.S., d.med.Sc.,     Jerry m. hultin, b.a., J.d., President,	
                                                                                                                       and	Science
                           Herman	Robert	Fox	Dean,	College	of	          Polytechnic	Institute	of	NYU
                           Dentistry	                                                                                  malcolm n. semple, Acting	Dean,	
                                                                        robert s. lapiner, b.a., m.a., Ph.d.,
                                                                                                                       Graduate	School	of	Arts	and	Science
                           alfred h. bloom, b.a., Ph.d.; hon.: ll.d.,   Dean,	School	of	Continuing	and	
                           Vice	Chancellor,	New	York	University	        Professional	Studies	                          daniel l. stein, b.S., m.S., Ph.d., Dean	for	
                           Abu	Dhabi	                                                                                  Science,	Faculty	of	Arts	and	Science	
                                                                        carol a. mandel, b.a., m.a., m.S.l.S.,
                           mary m. brabeck, b.a., m.S., Ph.d., Dean,	   Dean	of	Libraries                              lynn videka, b.S.N., m.a., Ph.d., Dean,	
                           Steinhardt	School	of	Culture,	Education,	                                                   Silver	School	of	Social	Work	
                                                                        geeta menon, b.a., m.a., Ph.d.,	Dean,	
                           and	Human	Development
                                                                        Undergraduate	College,	Leonard	N.	             susanne l. wofford, b.a.; b.Phil.
                           mary schmidt campbell, b.a., m.a.,           Stern	School	of	Business	                      [oxon.], Ph.d., Dean,	Gallatin	School	of	
                           Ph.d.; hon.: d.f.a., d.h.l., Ph.d., Dean,	                                                  Individualized	Study	
                                                                        richard l. revesz, b.S.e., m.S., J.d.,
                           Tisch	School	of	the	Arts
                                                                        Dean,	School	of	Law	

                           board of Trustees
                           martin lipton, b.S. in econ., ll.b., Chair   Joel s. ehrenkranz, b.S., m.b.a.,              courtney sale ross, b.a.
                                                                        ll.b., ll.m.
                                                                                                                       william c. rudin, b.S.
                                                                        laurence d. fink, b.a., m.b.a.
                           ronald d. abramson, b.a., J.d.; hon.:                                                       suresh sani, b.a., J.d.
                           d.f.a.                                       Jay m. furman, b.S., J.d.
                                                                                                                       John sexton, b.a., m.a., Ph.d., J.d.
                           khaldoon khalifa al mubarak                  h. dale hemmerdinger, b.a.
                                                                                                                       constance silver, b.S., m.S.W., Ph.d.
                           phyllis putter barasch, b.S., m.a., m.b.a.   Jonathan m. herman, b.a., J.d.
                                                                                                                       lisa silverstein, b.a.
                           maria bartiromo, b.a.                        charles J. hinkaty, b.S., m.S.
                                                                                                                       Jay stein
                           marc h. bell, b.S., m.S.                     mitchell Jacobson, b.a., J.d.
                                                                                                                       Joseph s. steinberg, b.a., m.b.a.
                           william r. berkley, b.S., m.b.a.             richard d. katcher, b.a., ll.b.
                                                                                                                       Judy steinhardt, b.a., ed.m.
                           daniel J. brodsky, b.a., m.U.P.              richard Jay kogan, b.a., m.b.a.
                                                                                                                       michael h. steinhardt, b.S.
                           heather l. cannady, b.a., J.d.               Jerry h. labowitz, b.a.
                                                                                                                       chandrika tandon, b.a., m.b.a.
                           arthur l. carter, b.a., m.b.a.               kenneth g. langone, b.a., m.b.a.
                                                                                                                       daniel r. tisch
                           evan r. chesler, b.a., J.d.                  Jeffrey h. lynford, b.a., m.P.a., J.d.
                                                                                                                       John l. vogelstein
                           william t. comfort, iii, b.S.b.a., J.d.,     kelly kennedy mack, b.a., m.b.a.
                                                                                                                       casey wasserman, b.S.
                           ll.m. (in Taxation)
                                                                        donald b. marron
                                                                                                                       anthony welters, b.a., J.d.
                           michael r. cunningham, b.b.a., m.a.,
                                                                        howard meyers, b.S.
                                                                                                                       shelby white, b.a., m.a.
                                                                        constance J. milstein, b.a., J.d.
                                                                                                                       leonard a. wilf, b.a., J.d., ll.m. (in
                           florence a. davis, b.a., J.d.
                                                                        david c. oxman, b.a., ll.b.                    Taxation)
                           barry diller
                                                                        John paulson, b.S., m.b.a.                     william d. Zabel, b.a., ll.b.
                           gail drukier, b.S.
                                                                        lester pollack, b.S., ll.b.                    charles m. Zegar, b.S., m.S, m.S.

                                                                        catherine b. reynolds, b.a.

7   aN INtrOduCtION tO New yOrk uNIverSIty The STeiNhardT SChool of CUlTUre, edUCaTioN, aNd hUmaN develoPmeNT bUlleTiN 2011–2013
                          Life trustees                                  helen l. kimmel, b.a.                        henry taub, b.S.

                          diane belfer                                   thomas s. murphy, b.S.m.e., m.b.a.           lillian vernon

                          mamdouha bobst, b.a., m.a., m.P.h.;            l. Jay oliva (President emeritus), b.a.,     robert f. wright, b.a., m.b.a.
                          hon.: l.h.d.                                   m.a., Ph.d.; hon.: d.h.l., litt.d., ll.d.,
                                                                                                                      baroness mariuccia Zerilli marimò
                          John brademas (President emeritus),
                          b.a.; d.Phil. [oxon.]; hon.: d.C.l., l.h.d.,   herbert m. paul, b.b.a., m.b.a., J.d.,
                          litt.d., ll.d.                                 ll.m.                                        truStee aSSOCIateS

                          geraldine h. coles                             e. John rosenwald, Jr., b.a., m.b.a.         bruce berger, b.S.

                          John J. creedon, b.S., ll.b., ll.m.            william r. salomon                           leonard boxer, b.S., ll.b.

                          maurice r. greenberg, ll.b.; hon.: J.d.,       marie schwartz                               Jane eisner bram, b.a., m.S.W., Ph.d.
                          ll.d.                                                                                       betty weinberg ellerin, b.a., J.d.
                                                                         larry a. silverstein, b.a., ll.b.
                          henry kaufman, b.a., m.S., Ph.d.; hon.:                                                     norman goodman, b.a., J.d.
                                                                         Joel e. smilow, b.a., m.b.a.
                          l.h.d., ll.d.
                                                                         sheldon h. solow                             marvin leffler, b.S., m.b.a.

8   aN INtrOduCtION tO New yOrk uNIverSIty The STeiNhardT SChool of CUlTUre, edUCaTioN, aNd hUmaN develoPmeNT bUlleTiN 2011–2013
INtrOduCtION tO tHe

Steinhardt School of
Culture, education, and
human development
                          the Steinhardt School of Culture, education, and Human              Steinhardt’s faculty and students continually evaluate and
                          development is a professional school with a wide range              redefine processes, practices, and policies in their respective
                          of undergraduate and graduate programs, all designed                fields. They bring global and community perspectives to their
                          to advance knowledge, creativity, and innovation at the             studies and research and to their careers.
                          crossroads of human learning, culture, development, and well-          Welcome to NYU Steinhardt. We are proud to have you be
                          being. our integration of education, media studies, health, and     part of our tradition of excellence and our vision for the future.
                          the arts into a single college makes us unique in the nation
                          and offers unrivaled opportunities for inquiry and exploration.
                          many of our programs are especially committed to activities        administration
                          aimed at improving the urban environment for communities,
                          families, and children.                                            mary m. brabeck, b.a., m.S.,       claude blenman, b.a., m.a.,
                              at the graduate level, the school prepares aspiring and        Ph.d., Dean                        Director,	Faculty	Affairs
                          current professionals from a diverse range of backgrounds and
                                                                                                                                Judith costello, b.S., Director,	
                          experiences to enter or advance their careers in many areas        patricia m. carey, b.a., m.a.,
                                                                                                                                Institutional	Research
                          of human development including health, the arts, culture,          Ph.d., Associate	Dean	for	
                          and media in addition to teacher education, leadership, and        Student	Affairs                    lee frissell, b.a., m.a.,
                          applied psychology. We offer specialized professional and                                             Director,	Field	Projects
                                                                                             perry halkitis, b.a., m.S.,
                          scholarly education within the context of one of the country’s     Ph.d., Associate	Dean	for	         bart grachan, b.a., m.S.T.,
                          premier centers for scholarly and creative inquiry, applied re-    Research	and	Doctoral	Studies      m.a., Director,	Community	
                          search, and field-based practice. our students find a warm and                                        College	Transfer	Opportunity	
                                                                                             robert a. knight, b.a.,
                          supportive environment in which they can explore new ideas                                            Program
                                                                                             m.b.a., Associate	Dean	for	
                          and practices with faculty and student colleagues. They work
                                                                                             Administration	and	Finance         kathy heins, b.a., m.a,
                          with researchers, scholars, and teachers who are intellectually
                                                                                                                                Director,	Development
                          adventurous and socially conscious. They learn in the expan-       beth c. weitzman, b.a.,
                          sive environment of a great research university and use the        m.P.a., Ph.d., Associate	Dean	     roger ho, b.a., m.a., Director,	
                          urban neighborhoods of New York City and countries around          for	Academic	Affairs               Human	Resources
                          the world as their laboratory. They embrace the challenges of
                                                                                             lindsay wright, b.S., Ph.d.,       Jeffrey lane, b.a., m.a.,
                          our complex and interconnected world.
                                                                                             Associate	Dean	for	Planning	       m.a., Director,	Administrative	
                              The school traces its origins to 1890, when New York
                                                                                             and	Communication                  Services	and	Information	
                          University established a School of Pedagogy. With its found-
                          ing, the University achieved another milestone in american         erich dietrich, b.a., m.a.,
                          education. it was the first time that a graduate school for        Ph.d., Assistant	Dean	for	         John s. myers, b.a., m.a.,
                          preparing teachers was established in a major university,          Global	and	Academic	Affairs        Director,	Enrollment	
                          placing the School of Pedagogy at equal rank with other                                               Management
                                                                                             barbara kotlikoff, b.a.,
                          professional schools, such as law and medicine. from its           Assistant	Dean	for	                debra weinstein, b.a., m.a.,
                          earliest years, NYU Steinhardt recognized the importance of        Development	and	Alumni	            Director,	Publications	and	
                          diversity, and includes women among its first doctoral             Relations                          Creative	Projects
                          graduates and african americans in its student body and
                                                                                             leslie brown, b.a., Executive	     david a. Zapotocky,
                          faculty in the early 20th century.
                                                                                             Director,	Financial	Planning	      b.S., m.a., Ph.d., Director,	
                              Today, NYU Steinhardt offers a broad array of programs
                                                                                             and	Operations                     Registration	Services
                          and classes, including on-campus and study abroad courses
                          during winter and summer sessions; outstanding fieldwork           Jeanne bannon, b.a., m.a.,
                          sites for applied practice; award-winning faculty; and excep-      Director,	Student	Services
                          tional academic and research opportunities. Through rigorous
                          research and education, both within and across disciplines,

9   INtrOduCtION The STeiNhardT SChool of CUlTUre, edUCaTioN, aNd hUmaN develoPmeNT bUlleTiN 2011–2013
Program and Concentration Codes
                                                                   COdeS      deGreeS                                                 COdeS      deGreeS
(See page 184 for            art and art Professions                                              early Childhood and elementary education
teacher certification        art Therapy                           arTT       m.a.†               Positions of leadership: early
programs)                    Studio art                            arST       m.a.                   Childhood and elementary
                             Studio art                            arSa       m.f.a.                 education                        elld       adv. Cert., Ph.d.
                             visual Culture—Costume Studies        arCS       m.a.‡
                             visual Culture                        avCe:vCl   Ph.d.‡              education and Jewish Studies
                                                                                                  education and Jewish Studies        edJS       m.a.
                             arts administration                                                  education and Jewish Studies        eJST       Ph.d.
                             Performing arts administration        aadP       m.a.
                             visual arts administration            arva       m.a.                education and Jewish Studies and
                                for-Profit Sector                  arva:fPS   m.a.                Hebrew and Judaic Studies (dual
                                                                                                  degree Program with Graduate
                             Bilingual education                   bilN       Ph.d.               School of arts and Science)         eJhJ       m.a. + m.a.

                             Business education                                                   education and Social Policy         edSP       m.a.
                             Workplace learning                    beWl       adv. Cert.
                                                                                                  educational Communication
                             Communicative Sciences and disorders                                 and technology                      edCT       ed.d., Ph.d.
                             Communicative Sciences and
                                disorders                          CSdP       Ph.d.               educational Leadership
                             Communicative Sciences and                                           educational leadership, Politics,
                                disorders                          CSdm       m.S.†                  and advocacy                     elPa       m.a.
                             Communicative Sciences and                                           educational leadership: School
                                disorders                          CSdC       adv. Cert.             building leader                  elSb       m.a.
                                                                                                  educational leadership: School
                             Counselor education                                                     district leader                  elSd       adv. Cert.
                             Counseling and Guidance               CNGU                           educational administration          edad       ed.d., Ph.d.
                                School Counseling K–12             CNGU:CGS   m.a.*
                                bilingual School Counseling K–12   CNGU:CGb   m.a.*               educational theatre
                                Counseling and Guidance            CNGU:CGU   adv. Cert., Ph.d.   Teachers of educational Theatre
                             Counseling for mental health                                            in high Schools                  edTh       adv. Cert., ed.d.,
                                and Wellness                       CmhW       m.a.†                                                              Ph.d.
                             Counseling Psychology                 CNPS       Ph.d.†              educational Theatre in Colleges
                                                                                                     and Communities                  edTC       m.a., ed.d., Ph.d.
                             dance and dance education
                             dance education                       dade       Ph.d, ed.d          english education
                             Teaching dance in higher                                             Teachers of english language
                                education and the Professions      dahP       m.a.                   and literature in College        eNGC       m.a., adv. Cert.
                             abT Pedagogy                          dahP:abT   m.a.                english education
                                                                                                  (Secondary and College)             eNGe       Ph.d.
                             digital Media design for Learning     dmdl       m.a., adv. Cert.       literature, reading,
                                                                                                     media education,
* leads to New York State    drama therapy                         drmT       m.a.†                  Composition education,
 certification.                                                                                      Curriculum development           eNGe:lrm   Ph.d.
† Professional license                                                                               applied linguistics              eNGe:aPl   Ph.d.
‡ Students are no
 longer admitted into this

10    aCadeMIC PrOGraMS The STeiNhardT SChool of CUlTUre, edUCaTioN, aNd hUmaN develoPmeNT bUlleTiN 2011–2013
                                                                  COdeS      deGreeS                                                    COdeS      deGreeS
                           english as a Second Language/                                          Piano Performance                     mUPP       m.m.
                           teaching english to Speakers                                               Collaborative Piano               mUPP:CPi   m.m.
                           of Other Languages (teSOL)                                                Solo Piano                         mUPP:SPi   m.m.
                           Postbaccalaureate Study in TeSol       TePb       adv. Cert.           instrumental Performance              mUiP       m.m.
                           Teachers of english to Speakers of                                     Jazz Performance                      mUiP:JiP   m.m.
                              other languages/College             eNTC       Ph.d.                vocal Performance                     mUvP
                           Post-master’s Study in TeSol                                              Classical voice                    mUvP:Clv   m.m.
                              in College                          TSol       adv. Cert.              music Theatre Performance          mUvP:mTP   m.m.
                           Teachers of english toSpeakers of                                      vocal Pedagogy                        mvPd       adv. Cert.
                              other languages                     TSol       m.a.                 vocal Performance: Classical voice/
                                                                                                     vocal Pedagogy                     mvPr/Clv   m.m.
                           environmental Conservation                                             vocal Performance: music Theatre/
                           education                              eNYC       m.a.                    vocal Pedagogy                     mvPr/mTh   m.m.

                           Food Studies                                                           Nutrition and dietetics
                           food Studies                           food       m.a.                 Clinical Nutrition                    hoNd:CNU   m.S., Ph.d.
                           food Culture                           food:CUl   m.a.                 foods and Nutrition                   hoNd:fNU   m.S., Ph.d.
                           food Systems                           food:SYS   m.a.
                           food Studies and                                                       Occupational therapy
                              food management                     hofd       Ph.d.                occupational Therapy                  oThr       m.S.†
                                                                                                  occupational Therapy                  oThS       d.P.S.
                           Foreign Language education (noncertification)                          advanced occupational
                           foreign languageeducation              fled       m.a.                    Therapy: Generic                   oThG       m.a.
                           Teachers of foreign languages                                          research in occupational Therapy      oThX       Ph.d.
                              in Colleges                         flPm       adv. Cert.
                                                                                                  Physical therapy
                           Higher and Postsecondary education                                     Physical Therapists                   PThP       m.a.
                           higher and Postsecondary education     hiPS       Ph.d.                   Pathokinesiology                   PThP:KiN   m.a.
                           higher education administration        hiae       ed.d.                research in Physical Therapy          PThr       Ph.d.
                           higher education and Student affairs   hiSG       m.a.                 Physical Therapy                      PTPS       d.P.T.†
                                                                                                  Physical Therapy for Practicing
                           History of education                   hSed       m.a., Ph.d.             Physical Therapists                PTPP       d.P.T.
                                                                                                  orthopedic Physical Therapy           PTho       adv. Cert.
                           International education
                           international education                iNTe       Ph.d.                Psychology
                              Cross-Cultural exchange                                             educational Psychology                PSYe       m.a.
                              and Training                        iNTe:Cii   Ph.d.                   General educational Psychology     PSYe:Ped   m.a.
                              Global education                    iNTe:Ged   Ph.d.                   Psychological measurement
                              international development                                              and evaluation                     PSYe:Pme   m.a.
                              education                           iNTe:CoP   Ph.d.                human development and Social
                           international education                iNTS       m.a., adv. Cert.        intervention                       hdSi       m.a.
                                                                                                  Psychological development             PSdv       Ph.d.
                           Mathematics education                                                  Psychology and Social intervention    PSSi       Ph.d.
                           Professors of mathematics and
                              mathematics education in Colleges maeC         Ph.d.                School Psychology
                                                                                                  School Psychology                     SCPT       Ph.d.†,‡
                           Media, Culture, and Communication                                      School Psychologist                   PSSP       adv. Cert.*
                           media, Culture, and Communication      mCCd       Ph.d.                Professional Child/School Psychology PSCh        Psy.d.†,‡
                           media, Culture, and Communication      mdCC       m.a.
                                                                                                  Sociology of education
                           Music and Music Professions                                            Sociology of education                Soed       Ph.d.
                           music business                         mUbG       m.a.                 education Policy                      Soed:edP   m.a.
                           music Performance and Composition      mUPC                            Social and Cultural Studies           Soed:SCS   m.a.
                              Composition                         mUPC:CmP   m.a., Ph.d.
                              Performance                         mUPC:Per   m.a., Ph.d.          Special education
                           music Theory and Composition           mTaC       m.m.                 Special education learning Consultant SelC       adv. Cert.
                              Scoring for film and multimedia     mTaC:fmS   m.m.
                           music education                        mUSe                            teaching and Learning
                              for College and                                                     Teaching and learning                 Tled       ed.d.
                              University faculty                  mUSe:mCU   m.a., ed.d., Ph.d.   Teaching and learning                 TlPd       Ph.d.
                           music Teacher K–12                     mUSe:meS   adv. Cert., ed.d.,
                           music Therapists                       mUST       m.a.†
                           music Technology                       mUmT       m.m.
                           music Technology                       mUTd       Ph.d.

11   aCadeMIC PrOGraMS The STeiNhardT SChool of CUlTUre, edUCaTioN, aNd hUmaN develoPmeNT bUlleTiN 2011–2013
Teacher Certification Programs*
Preservice leading to initial Certification
                                                               COdeS      deGreeS                                                COdeS   deGreeS
                          art education                                                     Social Studies education
                          Teaching art, all Grades             aaPei      m.a.              Teaching Social Studies 7–12         SSST    m.a.

                          Bilingual education for teachers                                  Special education
                          bilingual education for Teachers     bilm       m.a.              Special education: early Childhood   SeeC    m.a.
                          Post-master’s Study in                                            Special education: Childhood         SeCh    m.a.
                             bilingual education               bilC       adv. Cert.

                          dance education                                                   duaL CertIFICatION PrOGraMS
                          Teaching dance, all Grades           daTC       m.a.
                                                                                            Childhood education/
                          early Childhood and elementary education                              Special education: Childhood     CSeC    m.a.
                          Childhood education                  Ched       m.a.
                          early Childhood education            eCed       m.a.              early Childhood education/Special
                                                                                                education: early Childhood       eSee    m.a.
                          educational theatre
                          educational Theatre, all Grades      edTa       m.a.              educational theatre, all Grades
                          educational Theatre, all Grades                                      and english 7–12                  eTed    m.a.
                             and english 7–12                  eTed       m.a.
                                                                                            educational theatre, all Grades
                          english education                                                    and Social Studies 7–12           eTSS    m.a.
                          Teaching english 7–12                eNGl       m.a.
                                                                                            teaching a Foreign Language 7–12/
                          english as a Second Language (teSOL)                                 teaching english to Speakers
                          Teachers of english to Speakers of                                   of Other Languages (teSOL),
                             other languages (TeSol),                                          all Grades                        flTS    m.a.
                             all Grades                        TSoG       m.a.
                                                                                            Studio art/teachingart, all Grades   arfa    b.f.a./m.a.
                          teaching French as a
                             Foreign Language                  flTf       m.a.

                          Foreign Language education
                          Teaching a foreign language 7–12
                             Chinese                           flCe       m.a.
                             mandarin                          flCe:maN   m.a.
                             french                            flfh       m.a.
                             German                            flGN       m.a.
                             hebrew                            flhW       m.a.
                             italian                           fliN       m.a.
                             Japanese                          flJe       m.a.
                             latin                             fllN       m.a.
                             russian                           flrN       m.a.
                             Spanish                           flSh       m.a.

                          Literacy education
                          literacy b–6                         liTb       m.a.
                          literacy 5–12                        liTC       m.a.

                          Mathematics education
                          Teaching mathematics 7–12            mThe       m.a.

                          Music education
* many of these           Teaching music, all Grades           mUSa       m.a.
 programs are
 approved by the          Science education

 department of            Teaching biology 7–12                SblY       m.a.
                          Teaching Chemistry 7–12              SChY       m.a.
 veterans affairs.
                          Teaching Physics 7–12                SPhY       m.a.
 Please consult
 with the office of
 Graduate admissions
 for further

12   aCadeMIC PrOGraMS The STeiNhardT SChool of CUlTUre, edUCaTioN, aNd hUmaN develoPmeNT bUlleTiN 2011–2013
Teacher Certification Programs
in-Service—for Students holding initial Certification leading to Professional Certification
                                                               COdeS         deGreeS                                              COdeS   deGreeS
                          art education                                                         Math education
                          Teachers of art, all Grades          areP          m.a.               Teachers of mathematics           mThP    m.a.

                          Bilingual education for teachers                                      Music education
                          bilingual education for Teachers     bilm          m.a.               Teaching music, all Grades        mUSa    m.a.
                          Post-master’s Study in bilingual
                             education                         bePm          adv. Cert.         Science education
                                                                                                Teachers of biology 7–12          SblP    m.a.
                          Childhood education                                                   Teachers of Chemistry 7–12        SChP    m.a.
                          Childhood education                  CheP          m.a.               Teachers of Physics 7–12          SPhP    m.a.

                          dance education                                                       Social Studies education
                          Teachers of dance, all Grades        daTP          m.a.               Teachers of Social Studies 7–12   SSSP    m.a.

                          english education
                          Teachers of english 7–12             eNGP          m.a.

                          Foreign Language education
                          Teachers of Chinese 7–12             flCP          m.a.
                             mandarin                          flCP:maN      m.a.
                          Teachers of french 7–12              flfP          m.a.
                          Teachers of German 7–12              flGP          m.a.
                          Teachers of italian 7–12             fliP          m.a.
                          Teachers of Japanese 7–12            flJP          m.a.
                          Teachers of latin 7–12               fllP          m.a.
                          Teachers of russian 7–12             flrP          m.a.
                          Teachers of Spanish 7–12             flSP          m.a.

application deadlines
                          It is always advisable to apply early,          MaSter’S aNd advaNCed
                          since many programs have very firm              CertIFICate PrOGraMS
                          deadlines. it is the responsibility of the      deadlines vary by program. Specific
                          applicant to ensure that all materials are      dates are posted in the online
                          in the office of Graduate admissions by         application Guide located at www.
                          the appropriate deadline. all deadlines         steinhardt.nyu.edu/guide. Candidates
                          are “in-office” and not postmarked              may also contact Graduate admissions
                          deadlines. The office of Graduate               at 212-998-5030 or steinhardt.
                          admissions reserves the right to return         gradadmissions@nyu.edu.
                          any application that arrives after the
                          deadline. Should any deadline fall on a
                          weekend or official holiday, the in-office      SPrING SeMeSter PrOGraMS
                          deadline will be the next business day.         Several master’s and advanced
                                                                          certificate programs and the d.P.S.-
                          dOCtOraL PrOGraMS                               oThS review applications midyear in
                          Ph.d. and ed.d. programs (fall only)—           the spring semester. To determine if
                          december 15                                     a program reviews applications in the
                                                                          spring, please visit the online Graduate
                          d.P.T. entry-level program PTPS                 application Guide at www.steinhardt.
                          (summer only)—december 1                        nyu.edu/guide.

                          d.P.S. program oThS (fall or spring)—
                          march 15 for fall or November 1 for

13   aCadeMIC PrOGraMS The STeiNhardT SChool of CUlTUre, edUCaTioN, aNd hUmaN develoPmeNT bUlleTiN 2011–2013
Classification of Courses
                          The following pages contain descriptions of the courses offered at the Steinhardt School of Culture, education, and
                          human development.
                                all courses at New York University are assigned a two- to five-letter program code as a prefix, followed by a two-letter
                          level (undergraduate/graduate) school identifier and a one- to four-digit course number. Within a given department/program,
                          courses are listed in numerical order.

                          for example:                                                            ■   a hyphen between the numbers (e.g. eNGed-Ue.1601-1602)
                                                                                                      indicates a two-semester course in which the first course
                                                                                                      (eNGed-Ue.1601) is a prerequisite for the second course
                                        eNGed-Ue.1601                                                 (eNGed-Ue.1602)
                                                                                                  ■   a comma between the numbers (e.g. eNGed-Ue.1601, 1602)
                          enged-ue.1601 indicates a course in english education in                    indicates a two-semester course in which the first course
                          the Steinhardt School of Culture, education, and human                      (eNGed-Ue.1601) is not a prerequisite for the second course
                          development for juniors and seniors,                                        (eNGed-Ue.1602,) which may be taken as a stand-alone
                          enged         indicates the course is in the Program in english         ■   Undergraduate courses in the Steinhardt School of Culture,
                                        education                                                     education, and human development are required to meet
                                                                                                      for 15 hours per unit which includes four or nine and one-half
                          ue            indicates the course is given at the undergraduate            hours of outside study per class meeting
                                        level in the Steinhardt School of Culture, education,     ■   Graduate courses in the Steinhardt School of Culture,
                                        and human development                                         education, and human development ate required to meet
                                                                                                      for 10 hours per unit, which includes seven hours of outside
                          The four digits after the decimal indicates both eligibility                study per class meeting
                          to take the course and the course number within the given               ■   Undergraduates within 12 units of the baccalaureate may
                          department or program:                                                      upon approval of their advisor and the instructor of the
                                                                                                      course register for a 2000 level course.
                                                    eligibility                                   ■   Undergraduates within 32 units of the baccalaureate may,
                          1–999                     freshman, sophomore                               upon approval of their advisor, the instructor, and the
                          1000–1999                 junior, senior                                    chairperson of the department offering the course, register
                          2000–2999                 master’s, doctoral                                for a 2000 level course.
                          3000–3999                 doctoral
                          4000–4999                 cross-school courses restricted to specific
                                                    majors within approved schools

Course Number Prefixes
                          dePartMeNt/PrOGraM                              COde                    dePartMeNt/PrOGraM                             COde

                          administration, Leadership and technology       aMLt-Ge                 Humanities and Social Sciences in
                          business education                              hPSe-Ge                 the Professions                                HMSS-Ge
                          educational leadership                          edled-Ge                education and Jewish Studies                   eJST-Ge
                          educational Communication and Technology        edCT-Ge                 history of education                           hSed-Ge
                          higher education                                hPSe-Ge                 international education                        iNTe-Ge
                                                                                                  Philosophy of education                        Phed-Ge
                          applied Psychology                              aPSy-Ge                 Sociology of education                         Soed-Ge
                          american Sign language                          aSl-Ge
                                                                                                  Interdepartmental research Studies             reSCH-Ge
                          art education                                   arTed-Ge                Media, Culture, and Communication
                          art Therapy                                     arTT-Ge                 (graduate)                                     MCC-Ge
                          art Theory and Critical Studies                 arTCr-Ge
                          arts and humanities education, Studies in       ahUm-Ge                 Media, Culture, and Communication
                          Costume Studies                                 arCS-Ge                 (undergraduate)                                MCC-ue
                          Studio art                                      arT-Ge
                          visual arts administration                      arva-Ge                 Music
                                                                                                  dance education                                mPade-Ge
                          Communication Sciences and disorders            CSCd-Ge                 drama Therapy                                  mPadT-Ge
                                                                                                  music Therapy                                  mPamT-Ge
                                                                                                  Performing arts administration                 mPaPa-Ge
                                                                                                  educational Theatre                            mPaeT-Ge
                                                                                                  music education                                mPame-Ge

14   aCadeMIC PrOGraMS The STeiNhardT SChool of CUlTUre, edUCaTioN, aNd hUmaN develoPmeNT bUlleTiN 2011–2013
                          dePartMeNt/PrOGraM                           COde                 dePartMeNt/PrOGraM                          COde

                          Music and Music Professions                                       Physical therapy                            Pt-Ge
                            Strings                                    mPaSS-Ge             teaching and Learning                       tCHL-Ge
                            Jazz                                       mPaJZ-Ge             bilingual education                         biled-Ge
                            Percussion                                 mPaPS-Ge             Childhood education                         Chded-Ge
                            brass                                      mPabr-Ge             early Childhood and elementary education    eCed-Ge
                            Woodwinds                                  mPaWW-Ge             english education                           eNGed-Ge
                            Piano                                      mPaPe-Ge             environmental Conservation education        eNYC-Ge
                            voice                                      mPavP-Ge             foreign language education                  flGed—Ge
                                                                                            language education                          laNed-Ge
                          Music and Performing arts                    MPaIa-Ge             literacy education                          liTC-Ge
                          music business                               mPamb-Ge             mathematics education                       mThed-Ge
                          music Technology                             mPaTe-Ge             reading recovery                            rdreC-Ge
                          Theory and Composition                       mPaTC-Ge             research methods in Teaching and learning   TlrSC-Ge
                                                                                            Science and mathematics education           SCmTh-Ge
                          Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health   food-Ge              Science education                           SCied-Ge
                                                                       NUTr-Ge              Social Studies education                    SoCed-Ge
                                                                       PUhe-Ge              Special education                           SPCed-Ge
                                                                                            Teachers of english to Speakers of
                          Occupational therapy                         Ot-Ge                  other languages                           biled-Ge
                                                                                            Teaching english as a Second language       TeSol-Ge

15   aCadeMIC PrOGraMS The STeiNhardT SChool of CUlTUre, edUCaTioN, aNd hUmaN develoPmeNT bUlleTiN 2011–2013
82 Washington Square East
New York, NY 10003-6680

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